Homemade Pickles and Yogurt Cheese in the 3191 Quarterly

November 29, 2011(updated on October 3, 2018)

3191 Quarterly

Yesterday afternoon, I met a friend for tea at a local coffee shop. It had been weeks since we’d seen each other and so carved out a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon to reconnect and catch each other up on the happenings in our lives.

By the time we parted, the sun was long since set. The streets were dark and all throughout my neighborhood, living room lamps were turned on. These are the perfect conditions for an inveterate peeper such as myself. I just love catching little glimpses of the lives of others.

3191 picnic spread

I think that’s why blogs with beautiful, intimate photography are so darn popular, they allow us all regular peeks into the homes, kitchens and tables of strangers. One of the first photography websites that captured my attention in this way was 3191 Miles Apart. It’s a partnership between Maria Alexandra Vettese (MAV) and Stephanie Congdon Barnes (SCB). The name comes from the fact that one lives in Portland, ME and the other lives in Portland, OR. There are exactly 3191 miles between the two Portlands.

It’s a project that’s transitioned through several incarnations, from years of daily posts that documented mornings and evenings, to weekly posts and a quarterly magazine. It’s the most recent edition (#5) of the 3191 Quarterly that I want to feature here. It’s been bringing me a great deal of joy.

3191 pickle spread

Not only are the pictures lovely snippets of life, this issue features two recipes that are perfectly aligned with aesthetics of this website. Cucumber dill pickles and homemade yogurt cheese. When the issue arrived, I wished fervently to be able to climb straight into those scenes.

This quarterly is a bit pricier than your standard magazine subscription, but to my mind, totally worth the cost. Until December 11, you can subscribe to issues 5-8 for $99. After that, they’ll only be available individually for $28 an issue.

Disclosure: I paid for my subscription with my limited freelancer funds. No one asked me to write this post, I did it simply because I like the 3191 Quarterly and everything it embodies.

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One thought on "Homemade Pickles and Yogurt Cheese in the 3191 Quarterly"

  • I love MAV and SCB — I live in Portland, Maine, and see glimpses of their work around town. They have such a lovely partnership, and always make such gorgeous things. I know that feeling about wanting to climb into their scenes…and it’s comforting, getting those glimpses of other’s lives.