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Canning Discovery Kit

I had every intention of putting up an Urban Preserving post tonight about small batch apricot jam. But instead, I’ve spent the evening working myself into a frothy panic over the cookbook revisions I must turn in tomorrow by 3 pm. Who knew I could get myself so worked up over different styles of fruit measurement?

So I’ve decided to give myself a pass tonight, skip the recipe and move straight on to the giveaway that was going to go at the end of that post. The apricot jam will hold for a day (or two). I know you guys understand.

plastic canning rack

The nice folks at Ball have given me one of these nifty Home Canning Discovery Kits to give away to a lucky Food in Jars reader. These are great for beginning canners, as well as those of you who are fans of smaller batches. That green plastic basket can stand in for canning racks and large pots and will work in any pot that will hold it (and provide a bit of boiling room up at the top).

Here’s the “fine print”:

  1. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post and tell me what you’ve canned most recently. If you have a blog and wrote about that particular canning endeavor, feel free to leave the link.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Thursday, July 21.
  3. Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only (apologies to my more far-flung readers).
  4. One entry per person, please.

Disclosure: Ball (aka Jarden Home Brands) has provided the canning kit for this giveaway. While they didn’t send me a canning kit (the pictures above were from a giveaway I ran last year in which I bought the kit myself), they did send me some of their new canning tools for review (that post will be up when I can wrap my brain around it). Though I didn’t actually express any opinions in this post, had I done so, they would have all been mine and would be totally uninfluenced by the box of goodies. You get the picture.

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942 responses to “Home Canning Discovery Kit Giveaway”

  1. I haven’t canned anything yet this year, but I promise to make strawberry jam if I win. And, if I don’t, I’ll make freezer jam.

  2. Last thing I canned was your strawberry vanilla jam recipe. I made it twice. The first time I cooked it too much, the second time probably not enough. It’s firmed up a bit in the fridge though.

  3. Funny thing is this evening I am making a small batch of your Strawberry Ruhbarb jam from homegrown fruit. I never knew Ball made these kits and wish I had one tonight.It take forever to bring my canning kettle to boil and seems a waste for small batches.I would love this give away and would put it to good use.

  4. I have canned, in this heat, cherry pie, cherry in syrup, apricot pie filling, salsa, spaghetti sauce, pickles, yellow plums in syrup. Just making sure that when the heat of the summer ends, and the cold of the winter starts, that my family is safe for the winter on food.

  5. I’ve been canning dried beans, green beans, blueberry syrup & jam….ok now I’m tired just thinking about it. I probably should have written about it on my blog but I didn’t. This little kit I keep seeing in the store and I’m tempted to pick it up for small batch stuff when I don’t care to break out the 21 quart waterbath canner.

  6. The last thing I put up was mint jelly two days ago. I was going to make strawberry jam today but it is too hot here.

  7. So far this year, I have canned asparagus (raw packed in water), strawberry jam, cherry pie filling, and cherries (raw packed in water). Next up is blueberry jam, tomatoes (made into red sauce and salsa), and homemade chili!

  8. What about those of us that are reading your blog to “gear up” and LEARN to can? I still haven’t taken the plunge, though I do make micro batches (usually one small jar) of jams that go very quickly in our home (on toast, in yogurt, over icecream, to flavor icings, etc.). Last one was a batch of blueberry/lemon compote…only made it 2 days before it was GONE!

  9. I have never canned but it is on my very short list of To Do’s! I mean VERY short list! It will be an exciting new adventure that I hope to pass on to my daughters as well. I would first like to can jams for my 4 kid’s home-made PB & J’s!

  10. I canned some luscious strawberry jam a couple of weeks ago for some new friends from Serbia. They said it reminded them of her mother’s jam which I took as a huge compliment. Summer strawberries are always a good thing to share.

  11. My wonderful canning pro friend came over last weekend and taught me how to can tomatoes. I am now hooked and can’t wait to try more foods!!


  12. I have not canned in about a year. I need to start because I have 10 grandkids and need to feed them when they come here and my husband is out of work right now.

  13. Tried my first batch of watermelon rind pickles. Never had them before so I don’t know what they are supposed to taste like. Waiting for next family cookout to debut them.

  14. I canned Pickled Okra tonight! Would live this kit to process test batches. It’s getting to be so many goodies, so little time season!

  15. So far, I have canned strawberry lemonade concentrate, and whole sweet cherries in light syrup. I made fridge pickles, though, which turned out delicious! Next on the list is blueberry jam, pickled green beans, and salsa. Looking forward to more canning this summer. I’m really enjoying it.

  16. I made some of your garlic dill refrigerator pickles last week! My mom and sister and I made strawberry jam earlier this year. I am just learning about canning, and really love your blog!!

  17. Most recently, I’ve canned rhubarb-strawberry jam for the freezer. And I would like to do some small batch canning since my husband and I are empty nesters. Looks like this would be perfect for that!

  18. I just canned for the first time last weekend, and I loved it. I made a bunch of pizza sauce from a friend’s canning recipe out of 30 lbs. of tomatoes.

  19. I haven’t canned this year…… oh wait why yes I have!!!
    60 jars of chicken stock, chicken, bbq sauce. Those are ones I can all the time so I forgot! Last year I canned over 500 jars of stuff. Jam, sauces, juice, veggies, fruit! Love canning

  20. Plain strawberry and strawberry rhubarb jam. Yum! And I have had my eye on this kit for awhile, would love the basket when I want to do a smaller batch and don’t want to haul out the big canner!

  21. We recently made two off the wall items: cowboy candy and bacon jam. Cowboy candy survived the water bath, but the bacon jam never touched the water. We scooped it out of the jar, I hope that counts.

  22. Most recently? Schug! A deliciously garlic-loaded hot pepper and cilantro Yemenite condiment. And I’d do it again!

  23. I’m on maternity leave, so canning from the garden is in full swing! Today I canned Fire Roasted Tomato Basil soup, chicken breast, bread and butter pickles and chicken stock (we processed meat chickens this weekend!) Tomorrow is more stock, chicken soup, spicy dill pickles, more tomato soup as long as the little one cooperates! I’d love to win this to share with friends interested in canning!

  24. I feel like such a slacker for not having canned anything yet this year. But last year I canned 6 quarts of blueberry pie filling, 15 jars of lemon curd, 5 jars of apple butter, and 6 jars of blackberry jam!

  25. The last thing I canned was 25 pounds of peaches. I did the raw pack method. I love this website & your Facebook page, I’m finding so much inspiration here!

  26. Have wanted to can something for some time now. Have read tons of articles & books on canning. Still afraid I’ll poison someone. Hope the kit will push me bend that. Thanks for the opportunity.

  27. I made homemade small batch jams and jelly this past weekend for the very first time! 28 pints in all of Grape jelly, Strawberry Rhubarb jam, Blackberry jam and very own twist on Kiwi Jam! I tried several different methods…jelly from juice, jams from fresh and frozen fruits and low and regular sugar recipes and I have to say, I am pretty darn impressed with the results! My family definitely approve of my efforts, too, since they went through an entire loaf of bread using up the remnants of jams that didn’t make it to a jar!

  28. My friends have a restaurant where they serve house-made pickles. We decided to experiment one Sunday when the restaurant was closed with zucchini pickles and pickled okra. More veggie experiments to come!

  29. I canned for the first time using your Pickled Carrots and Daikon recipe! My mother helped me and we had such a good time. Being back in my own apartment and far away from mama, I think I’ll stick to small batches that my beau and I can easily work (and eat) our way through. This kit would be a dream to have in our little place!

  30. Apricot jam, nectarine jam and apricot/habanero jam! Lots more to do this summer-just waiting on the next fruit to ripen.

  31. I made raspberry jam with Pomona’s pectin last weekend and then served some of it with bread and brie the other night. yum. If I had this I would have purchased the pie cherries at the market today to make a small batch with them.

  32. I have not canned since my canning supplies were lost (left behind) in moving.. I make fridge pickles and salsa in fridge, but no canning. I live on an Island and to get off the Island to see all the new canning supplies… I will need a whole day…
    I certainly could use the canning gift….

  33. Last week I canned 26 pints of Bread and Butter pickles…which was the first canning of the season for me….with plenty more to come. Would love to win the discovery kit and give it to my daughter so she can discover the wonderful world of canning instead of always raiding my pantry of canned goods!

  34. I made sour cherry lemon verbena candied meyer lemon slice jam, using David Lebovitz’s non-recipe for cherry jam, precious lemon verbena from a friend’s bush, and meyer lemons that I mail-ordered from Rancho del Sol, a family organic citrus farm in San Diego (they have Sorrento lemons available year ’round!). I love to can evangelize, so the canning kit would go to a deserving newbie.

  35. Just made strawberry jam, spiced peaches and cherry bounce! Can’t wait to drink the cherry bounce. I live in Florida, so we have a different canning schedule.

  36. I made bruschetta in a jar today, and will spend the rest of this week putting up (by various devices) tomatoes.

  37. Yesterday…my two kiddos & I canned watermelon jelly…strawberry jam…peach jam…salsa…and sweet & spicy pickles. Needless to say…we are sick of looking at the canning supplies! But…off to can some more tomorrow! I think we will be canning more pickles & more tomatoes! We have more produce than we know what to do with at this point! πŸ™‚

  38. I love small batch canning because it is just me and hubby and a small garden and the farmers market. This year I have made strawberry, blackberry, and will be making peach shortly and blueberry also when they come in season. I also live making hot pepper jelly which lasts me a little bit I’m the only one who eats it. Im in love with canning and my next venture is pressure canning after I get over my fears!!

  39. Today I scored some blueberries, cucumbers and peaches from the farmers’ market. I now have jars of jam, pickles and peaches in a cinnamon-honey syrup cooling on my counters.

  40. Just this evening I made my third attempt at refrigerator pickles. The first one was a mixed review (wrong kind of cucumbers), but since then they’ve been rather successful. The next step is different kinds of pickles and freezer jams.

  41. Just finished a batch of Christmas/cinnamon pickles this morning and took the last 6 jars of bread and butter pickles out of the canning pot before I saw your post. Last week it was boozy plum berry preserves, strawberry Limoncello jam and green tomato “ketchup”. This weekend looks like corn relish and tomato basil preserves. I am forever in debt to my friends with a garden!

  42. Last that I made was watermelon jelly! I haven’t checked it in a couple days to see if it’s set up yet… However, I did make it based off of your recipe!

  43. I canned fig jam, jalapeno and habernero peppers and also sweet pepper relish on Saturday. It was good day of canning.

  44. I’m listening to the happy plink, plink, plink of some Pirate Pineapple preserves I experimented with tonight in my bread machine. Fresh pineapple, brown sugar, Capt. Morgans rum, dash of cinnamon, lemon juice and orange rind. Can’t wait to stir this into my Fage for breakfast.

  45. My last (and currently only) canning adventure was when my Mom and I made apple sauce last fall! We had to borrow pots big enough to can in (I’ve since bought just a canner pot at a yard sale) and stock up on everything needed but we had so much fun! And the apple sauce was so good.

  46. In the past month, I made a pint of pickled onions which are awesome on top of a perfectly grilled burger with lettuce & tomato (thanks again for the recipes!!), carrot cake jam from the BHG Canning Magazine, and just last night I put up three pints of Tongue Pickles (a sweet pickle) made from my husband’s Grandma’s recipe that has been passed down through the family. It’s the perfect recipe for using up all those cucumbers you find growing under the vines that are over grown and full of seeds (why yes, I did go on vacation for two days and come home to about 20 of these very cucumbers, lol).

  47. Most recently, I canned some apricot cherry jam. I am going to make some peach salsa in the next few days…..once I get motivated again! πŸ˜‰

  48. most recently, strawberry rhubarb butter (so good!). i’ve got peach butter planned for later this week, and raspberry picking and jam making for this weekend!

  49. It’s been a while since I canned, but the most recent canning experiment in which I participated was dilly beans. Oh my goodness they’re good! If I can just keep hubby from devouring the entire stash, we’ll be okay. πŸ˜‰

  50. Life has been too busy for me to can this summer, but that blueberry butter from the Can Jam is calling my name. And it would be easy to cook, which is half my battle right now.

  51. This week I made 3 batches of strawberry jam, 1 of strawberry rhubarb and 2 of strawberry balsamic black pepper jam. The strawberry black pepper batches did not set up, but the flavor is wonderful! I got the recipe from food.com…the one you mentioned did not use pectin and I’m a pectin-kinda gal…that said my jam didn’t tighten up!! Unless I find a great way to set up the jam I might try it, but I think I’ll leave it “flowy”….lol

  52. I’ve been hooked on beverage things. This past week I made strawberry and lemon infused vodka and lavender mint simple syrup for limeade. I think I’m trying to pretend that summer has indeed come to the Pacific Northwest!

  53. I usually can things with my mom because I don’t have the tools to do it efficiently on my own! I think this kit would definitely make it easier for me to can things on my own πŸ™‚

  54. After reading all the great things everyone has made….maybe my lowly
    Zucchini Relish will make the grade !
    I made 12 pints today!
    We don’t let anything go to waste around here…if it can be canned,dried or frozen to enjoy later in the year !

  55. I tried {and enjoyed} apple cinnamon jelly, grape jelly, and pepper butter or pepper mustard, plus some dill pickles. I just started canning last year and I really enjoy it!!!

  56. I think the last thing I canned was green tomato chutney and that has been a while ago. Its just me and the hubs now and no longer need those huge batches like I used to do. With that said I am really hoping to get started on small batch canning and try to avoid freezing my tomatoes and other goodies this year.

  57. We’ve been canning blackberry jam! Lots and lots of it! I also have a small backyard vegetable garden with great cucumber plant and am looking forward to doing my first ever pickles using one of your recipes. Can’t wait!

  58. I made strawberry jam a couple of weeks ago. YUMMY! Blueberry season is almost here. I have to look through my cookbooks, but I’m definitely making something good. Dill Hamburger slices coming up soon as well….mmmm…

  59. Last thing I canned was just some simple low-sugar strawberry jam. However, right before that I did a strawberry-kiwi jam with candied ginger that I am dying to try!

  60. I just did blueberry basil preserves and after reading everyone’s comments my list just got a little longer! So much sounds so delicious!

  61. We just canned cherries: cherry almond jam, cherry vanilla jam, cherry-rhubarb jam. Now we’re headed into blueberry and tomato season so we’ll be jammin’ until we salsa.

  62. I’m currently in a bug infested rental… So my interest in canning has been limited to reading all I can about it. But! I’m moving in about a month and I can’t wait to start! I think I’d go with an orangey jam for tea and scones… And try my hand at pickling!

  63. I haven’t canned before, but have big plans for my tomatoes this summer. I’ve been following your blog for a little less than a year, waiting for harvest!

  64. I canned my 1st batch of strawberry jam with my mom a couple of weeks ago. It is so delicous!!! I have been enjoying it on whole wheat english muffins for breakfast. My mom and I are planning on taking my 2yr old son blueberry picking the last weekend of July so we can make blueberry jam too!!! I am so excited … canning is becoming my new hobby

  65. I’m a shut-in on a very small fixed income who loves to cook. My sister has promised me a glut of produce from her garden and I am especially anxious to can tomatoes. My mother and mother-in-law both canned and I want to learn. That’s why I’ve been reading your blog and I’d love to have a starter kit to kick me into gear.

  66. Spicy-sweet garlic jelly and cherry pie inspired jam are two small batch recipes I’ve experimented with this week. The latter was especially good slathered atop a cream cheese’d english muffin. My fingertips are still stained red in some places from pitting by hand!

  67. Fig Jam but it was just 4 small jars! Yummy tho. I have 20 lbs of peaches coming this weekend with Bountiful Baskets so my Peach jam is in the works next weekend!

  68. Last canning adventure was an experiment in pepper jellies. I have made a basic \mixed pepper jelly before, but this year I had an abundance of both Cajun Belles and jalapenos in my garden. I made a batch of milder ‘Green Onion-Jalapeno Jelly’ and another of spicy red hot ‘Cajun Belle Pepper & Garlic Jelly.’ Both are great on a gluten-free cracker, spread with dairy-free cream cheese, but I made a delicious pepper-jelly vinaigrette to top our chicken tender salads for dinner tonight.

  69. Most recently the wife and I have been canning loads of raspberry jam. We pick the raspberries at our neighbour’s house.

  70. i am an absolute beginner and i am eager to learn! every week, i shop at an amazing farmer’s market, buying more produce than i can use. this would be perfect for me to begin my canning adventure! thanks!

  71. Blueberry jam! I have blueberries coming out of my ears at the moment, and am TRYING to remember that come February I’ll miss both them and the sunshine they come with!

  72. I have recently made your Garlic Dill Pickles and they are sitting here awaiting their first taste. I have some yellow beans awaiting some brine to make dilly beans! Can’t wait! And I’m sure I speak for many when I say we understand if you don’t have time for a recipe today or even tomorrow…your cookbook takes precedence and we can’t wait to see it! Carry on!

  73. I canned 18 jars of jam- strawberry and mixed berry! I am looking forward to canning more this summer- pickles, beans, blueberries, and applesauce! I am getting a lot of great ideas from this blog and the posts that people leave behind. So excited! Thanks everyone!

  74. So far I’ve canned peach chutney, blueberry butter & chow chow. The chow chow is a favorite of my extended family. Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. I canned peach ginger jam last night – only my second attempt at making jam, so I’m not sure it’s properly set (I was determined to do it without pectin) but I know it’s delicious. Can’t wait for the apricot jam recipe! And thank you for the inspiration to take up a new kitchen adventure!!

  76. I am very very new to your site, canning and home gardening. So far I love what you have to offer here!! Thank you for sharing all your knowledge! I haven’t yet canned anything as I haven’t yet harvested enough from my garden. Tomatoes are plenty but still green. Strawberries are few and far between probably due to this being their first year. I have however fermented cucumbers, radishes, and made sauerkraut if that counts… πŸ™‚

  77. I made raspberry jam with sugar for myself and I also taught a friend to make sugar free raspberry jam. The raspberries are from my little row of berries outside my kitchen window. I make jam and freeze some for raspberry muffins.

  78. It’s not canning per se, but I started infusions of bourbon cherries, maraschino cherries, and rumtopf (yes, the cherry layer) this weekend. Then last Monday I tried my first jelly with peaches that were turning (your peach oolong jelly, actually!), but so far it hasn’t set up yet. =( Ah well, I’ll either call it syrup or open them up for reboiling and recanning.

  79. I canned cherry jam with a friend a few weeks ago, and that is it. I’m glad to learn from her, but it sure would be helpful to have my own tools!

  80. I just got a nice bounty of peaches from the farmer’s market, and so peach salsa was made and canned. It’s important to have salsa around, don’t you think? My farmer always gives me some kirbys, as well, and so there are always some of your refrigerator dill pickles in the fridge now, too. I threw a jalapeno in one of the more recent batches – can’t wait to try that!!

    I’d love to win this, if for nothing else than that adorable green basket! I could really use that!

  81. I have not canned anything in about 19 years when I canned some peach preserves. I think about it every summer when I buy and pick peaches, bluebarrys and strawbarries, but lack the tools.

  82. Tonight I made TWO things: One jam batch of Strawberry, Blackberry, Rasberry, Sweet and Sour Cherries (whew!) and another jam batch of Strawberry/Rhubarb. I’m hoping to get lots of jam/jellies put up so that I can try my hand at what I really want to do- make relish. I’m a newer canner, and have never made relish before….hopefully I’ll be able to make a fennel onion and a cucumber/zuccini relish….don’t they sound delicious?! Oh yes, and I was having a heck of a time whilst sweating in the kitchen tonight with various boiling pots and canners on the stove…and the metal jar holder in the canner kept falling and knocking over my jars, until I rigged a very strange chopstick holding mechanism to keep it in place. I didn’t even know that the above container for jars even existed. wow.

  83. I have very little experience canning but last week I went out and found a giant canner at St Vinnies. I used it to can 3 x half pint jars of cherry jam one day, then 2 small jars of cherry and rhubarb the next day. I would love this smaller basket to use with the smaller batches.

  84. Just made around 8 jars of golden raspberry freezer jam, but no “real” canning so far yet! The weather is so cold this summer in the Northwest, there is nothing to can yet!

  85. My son just made strawberry syrup. It was supposed to be strawberry jam πŸ˜€
    It tastes yummy on pancakes.

  86. Never canned a thing. I would LOVE too though. I have been scared to invest in equipment because I am not sure if I could do it or not.

  87. I haven’t put up anything yet this year. My garden is slow, slow, slow and I think the birds decided to eat my chokecherries while still green. (I was planning to make chokecherry syrup) I plan to make some strawberry jam soon and pickles too.
    Please toss my name in the hat!


  88. My most recent canning is my first ever – two batches of basic strawberry jam last week. I’m so proud of myself for figuring it all out and doing it all by myself.

    Other than a couple of jars having a bit too much foam in them (so they don’t look as pretty), they’ve turned out great and I’ve impressed my mother-in law. Tayberries are coming into season this week so I’m hoping to do some small batches of tayberry jam next!

  89. I have never canned anything, but plan to make my first attempt with tomatoes this summer. Thanks for the inspiring blog and urban preserving recipes. I love the idea of small batches.

  90. I may have gone a bit overboard canning this summer: Roasted Strawberry and Rosemary Jam, Blueberry Vanilla Jam, Blackberry Jelly, Peach Amaretto Marmalade, Pineapple Ginger Five-Spice Jam, Lime Jam, Blood Orange Marmalade, Mango Jam, Cherry Lemon Preserves, Rhubard Vanilla Jam and Banana Rum Butter. Hmm, maybe I should get busy baking bread…

    Thanks for all your inspiring posts!

  91. Fruit cocktail. From the tail end of apricots, nectarines, plums, and the peach trees just now producing. (plus store bought grapes and pineapple.)

  92. I tried a very small batch of cherry preserves. Too small. Didn’t turn out well. Hoping to try another small batch recipe before summer ends!

  93. I haven’t done a “real” canning session in a while. I guess I’ll have to count 3 pints of organic cherry syrup I made and kept in the refrigerator. Mostly it went into cherry vinaigrette salad dressing. And a little more used for various dessert toppings.
    Cherries are all gone now and so is the cherry syrup. πŸ™

  94. Well, to be honest, I am waiting for my tomatoes to ripen so I can can them. This will be my first time canning. πŸ™‚ So excited and nervous.

  95. Just canned green beans for the first time ever! So much fun, hard work, but oh so much enjoyment later! Had to borrow a pressure canner from my MIL, got to get my own stuff soon!

  96. Last weekend’s jamming project was Nectarine Raspberry Jam. Tomorrow I am working with plums and pluots, recipe still in the deciding phase.

  97. worked on sugar-free blackberry jam today, waiting on the peaches and pears to be ready. Hope to do tomatoes and peppers,too!

  98. My last canning endeavor was also my first; I attempted to make jam out of persimmons from my tree. Needless to say, they appear more like soup than jam, and I haven’t opened them for fear of botulism poisoning… I could really use a starter-kit!

  99. I made a batch of cherry-blueberry jam, with just a touch of vanilla. It came out a little more runny than i’d normally like, but it would be fantastic on yogert or ice cream.

  100. Thanks to your weblog; I made blueberry jam yesterday, watermelon jam today and have strawberry vanilla jam on the stove as I type this. This is the first time that I have canned since I was in college. Let’s hope that the results are better than they were back then….

  101. I have never truly canned anything! I tried freezer strawberry jam last year and it turned out pretty good. I recently discovered your blog and the urban preserving and I think it’s perfect for me. I plan on ordering some vanilla beans and trying blueberry and blackberry very, very soon!

  102. As soon as I can locate some fresh, local strawberries, I’m making strawberry banana freezer jam. I want to learn how to make cucumber chips or dilled pickles this year, too. I want to become as good a canner as my grandma was!

  103. I canned 8 half-pints of jalapeno jelly tonight was planning on more but half my jalapeno’s ended up on the grill as a side for dinner! This month I have put up 36 pints of salsa, 20 pints of rotel, 10 quarts of tomatoes, 10 quarts of bread and butter pickles, 16 half-pints of jalapeno jelly, 6 half-pints of grape jelly and too many to count half-pint and pints of zuchinni relish. I have 10 bags (2 cups per bag) of blueberries in the freezer that I plan to make blueberry butter with.

  104. Haven’t legitimately canned anything this season but used some mason jars to hold some blackberry infused vodka and also froze some garlic scape pesto in some jars!

  105. I last canned salsa with a group of ladies learning to can. Our next project will be tomatoes. Am really enjoying being with a group and learning some new skills. I am very anxious to try my hand at blueberry lime jam.

  106. Unfortunately, my last canning endeavor was last summer (because this summer I am home with a 2 year old and a 5 week old baby!). But I made pickled cucumbers and pickled baby carrots. They ended up a bit sweet for my taste – I prefer really garlicky pickles – but they looked beautiful!

  107. I last canned blackberry jam and bourbon peaches, way back in September 2010. More recently, I’ve used the jars to hold shrub and fruit syrup concoctions, and tonic extract, but none of those involve hot canning.

    I have to wait until my canning-capable friends are available, because I’m still building my confidence in canning. I recently moved in with my boyfriend, who has a cookpot big enough for canning–now all I’m lacking are some other assorted tools…

  108. The last few things I canned were applesauce, apples, and homemade cranberry sauce. I haven’t been able to can anything this summer because it has just been too hot…but I am already planning the fall canning season! πŸ™‚

  109. I have canned pasta sauce and peaches this year. with such a large family I can buy produce when on sale cheap and in season when its got the best flavor and can them for times when they are super pricey and out of season or when I can’t get to the store. I love my canning, it’s a need in my house not a want to thing.

  110. Most recently I made some half-sour pickles (too salty!), but before that I made some strawberry-rhubarb jam sweetened with honey and agave. It was/is perfect!! But my canning setup is a little bit of a hodgepodge, so I’m crossing my fingers for this giveaway especially.

  111. i haven’t canned anything, ever… but i found a 70s pressure canner at the thrift store that had the weight and everything still in the plastic wrap

  112. I have yet to can anything this season. I have pears on my tree, tomatoes in the garden for salsa and rhubarb in my fridge (just need to pair it with another fruit, maybe strawberries, to preserve). So there ya have it. I am pretty new to canning so this would be perfect for me.

  113. I’ve been canning a ton this summer! My last canning batch was raspberry jam–fresh from my friends patch. Prior to that I did, peach, blueberry, strawberry and rhubarb strawberry jam. Hoping to do another batch of raspberry and blueberry. Hope to win and upgrade from my garage sale stuff I’m currently using.

  114. First and only thing I canned was strawberry freezer jam about a week ago – I’m just getting into it so this discovery kit would be perfect!!!!

  115. We made 18 pints of strawberry preserves out of wonderful Michigan berries. Next will be pickled beets, bread and butter pickles and before the end of summer great-grandma’s chili sauce.

  116. The last thing I canned was pickled rattail radishes. They turned out really well, though a little salty. I’m going to have to work on my pickle brine technique.

  117. I havent canned anything this summer yet, we had too much water and then no rain for so long that we’ve hardly had anything. We do have big boy peas and hopefully will have some to can. I’ve always canned ever since I was 11 years old, I used the pressure cooker by my self. I was tought very young. This would be nice to have.

  118. Super small batch cherry lime preserves! just barely enough to fill two 8 oz jars.

    I just saw the item you’re giving away on sale on homecanning . com today and was thinking about buying it myself, my jars rattle my teeth when processing because I’m afraid they’ll break while bouncing around in my pasta pot. It would be great not to have to set a timer to turn them every 3 minutes…..

  119. I have never canned before, but I am soooo excited to try it!!!!!….I have an entire folder of recipes I want to try; beginning with Caramelized Onion Jam and Strawberry Champagne Jam! πŸ™‚

  120. I just finished canning some apricot/habanero jam and kiwi/jalapeno jam tonight. This previous weekend I canned some tomatoe basil jam, bread and butter pickles. Fourth of July weekend I canned Spicy Dill Pickles in spears and slices, pickled brussel sprouts, berry/peach jam, cinamon basil jelly and green tomato relish. Have jalapenos to pickle tomorrow!

  121. I went to a U-pick cherry orchard a couple of weeks back and picked a boat-load of Benton Cherries. Then I canned some in a light syrup, and some in pie-filling form. YUM. I have yet to try jam. Must do that soon. Thanks for the giveaway!

  122. I have canned strawberry jam, cherry preserves, and will be doing tomatoes, peppers, apple sauce, and anything that comes my way! I would love to win!

  123. Today was strawberry day with my small canning club of six; we made vanilla strawberry jam, balsamic strawberry jam, and plain old strawberry jam. 50 jars total!

  124. This giveaway looks terrific! Last thing we canned was spaghetti sauce and salsa last summer! We’re excited to try pickling jalapenos for the first time here within the next couple weeks. Thanks for all you do!

  125. This week I’ve canned ketchup, apricot bbq sauce, dilly beans, pickles, blackberry ginger sauce and kiwifruit chutney. Needless to say, I’ve been busy.

  126. I recently canned small-batch, low-sugar strawberry rhubarb jam, and was very pleased except that it ended up more like strawberry-rhubarb soup (even with Pomona’s low-sugar pectin! hmph). I can’t wait for my veggies to start ripening so that I can pickle! I’d love to have a little kit for small-batch canning instead of lugging out my huge water bath canner everytime.

  127. I haven’t canned anything yet this year! Last year was my first time canning and it was a blast! I will definitely do more pickles (from my garden) and jam/jelly. I love all the unique jam/jelly you can make yourself – you have very hip recipes!

  128. I recently did some quarts of my dilly beans. Earlier this summer I did apricot jam. I look forward to the persimmons so I can make persimmon chutney.

    • Ahh…are you in Oregon or Washington? Our Bings are overflowing this year (despite the lousy weather!) What will you do with your canned cherries?


  129. Honey! I removed the first of the girls honey supers (I will do it again in August) and canned them in pints. I am a hands-off beekeeper and don’t use any chemical treatments on them. It’s a beautiful golden wildflower honey. I’ll be taking them to the local Farmer’s Market starting tomorrow night.

  130. I’ve not done any actual canning yet. Ever. Total newbie here. I started following your blog in google reader to help get up the gumption to try and get started, as I’ve long been interested in learning. A “discovery kit” sounds like just what the doctor ordered and I promise to blog about my first canning experience if I were to win. πŸ™‚

  131. Most recently, about 50 small jars of key lime marmalade for a baby shower. Up next: blueberry jam for another shower!

  132. I just finished canning beets – I absolutely love them! and bread and butter refrigerator pickles. Can’t wait for the green beans to come in. Getting ready to do some pepper jelly!

  133. Just finished a batch of blueberry jam infused with some ginger – I cut back some of the sugar so I’m hoping for a bit softer of a set.

  134. I’ve canned strawberry and blackberry jams…I’m waiting for the beans and corn to get ripe…and the tomatoes and peppers then its “salsa”time..*L*…..maybe I’ll score some elderberries and pomegranents again this year to make into jelly..

  135. I haven’t canned yet but I bought my first jars today. A dozen half-pint. I’d put that kit to very good use. I haven’t had a kitchen to use for six months and I’ve spent that time reading about canning and slow cooking. Just moved, though so time for action!

  136. This year I just started out into canning and decide to ease into it slowly so I made some Freezer Jam..I”m looking forward to branching out and this kit can surely help in that direction..thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  137. last thursday i made apricot jam. with kirsch.
    tomorrow i’ll be starting on some pickles and some apricot-ginger chutney.

    i’d loooooooove to be lucky on this giveaway.

  138. I canned a triple cherry jam last night. I might be mildly obsessed with this blog, as I started canning last year and spent the last nine months creating my canning schedule for this summer/fall. You inspire the heck outta me! Thanks!

  139. I just finished a batch of Royal Blenheim apricot jam with white wine and vanilla bean. It was my best batch yet!

  140. Just did a one pint batch of spicy plum jelly. It was the result of reading a recipe wrong… Wanted to make jam, but was looking at the procedure for jelly on the Certo pamphlet. Weighed, cooked and strained the plums, then realized I was going the wrong direction. Measured out the correct amount of fruit for the jam and saved the juice and made the spicy jelly. Added some cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and some black peppercorns. I will make that mistake again!

  141. I am very new to canning. I recently made fig and hazelnut spread, canned it, and gave it as a present. Thank you.

  142. My most recent canning adventure has been Blueberry Jam and Strawberry Ginger Ale Jam! Both of them are awesome!!

  143. Well, my most recent venture was a failed apricot jam. This year I am exploring with making no-added-pectin jams and I don’t have the touch yet with telling if a jam is set. Oh well, I guess I will cook it back up tomorrow. Still tastes amazing πŸ™‚

  144. Am afraid am completely new to canning and I have never canned anything. Its something my great-grandmother used to do and I would like to start because I have started a garden and I need a way to store my harvest.

  145. I have never canned anything, but until recently, I’ve never really wanted to can anything. I came across your blog within the last few weeks, subscribed right away, and am hoping that canning will soon be added to my arsenal of food storage techniques. (I say that as if I have an impressive arsenal already…)

  146. I haven’t canned anything yet, and I don’t mean just this year,lol. I am new to canning and would love this set to get me started!

  147. Most recent canning project was Lilac Champagne Jelly. Lovely lilac color, great aroma. I added some cherry juice to the second batch, so it was a bit fruitier. Love to play with flavors. Also really love Pomona’s Universal pectin, so I can control sugar levels in jams and jellies. It gels with acid & calcium, instead of acid & sugar– great alternative to regular sugar laden preserves. Since I have a very well equipped kitchen, I would love to have this kit to give to my young protege, who wants to start canning on her own. She is 13 years old!

  148. I made cherry jam for the first time, with cherries from a neighbor’s tree. Didn’t set up as well as other jams, but it sure tastes good.

  149. I made apple butter for my most recent (and only) canning endeavor. I’d love to try again with some better materials!!

  150. I haven’t canned anything yet, but I’m eager to learn which is why I’ve started reading your blog. I was thinking I would start with something simple – pickled cucumbers and green beans.

  151. I made your blueberry lemon curd, which has received rave reviews from all its tasters! I’m looking forward to the apricot recipe, too.

  152. I’ve never canned before, but I want to start so badly. We just finished the last jar of chow chow left from my Nanny {she passed away recently} and then I tasted some pear relish…now I have a list of things I want to try! I’d love to win this because I am honestly a bit intimidated by what it would require to get started. Even if I don’t win this will surely be on my shopping list!

  153. The last thing I *canned* was apple mustard (which used apple jelly from a friend’s mom’s tree), but that was several months ago. More recently, I’ve been putting up sauerkraut & lacto-fermented ginger beer, but those just live in the fridge and get consumed pretty quickly!

  154. I just did a strawberry rhubarb butter using your recipe and I also did a small batch of blackberry jam (sylvan). Since I started reading your blog (I don’t even know how I discovered you) I have been liberated by the idea of small batch canning. No more feeling overwhelmed or that I don’t have enough fruit to make a jam!

  155. This looks to be a really nice kit. I didn’t know Ball made the baskets also. I have the canning kit that has the funnel, plastic knife that has a magnet on the end for getting lids out of hot water, and jar holder and love it. This new kit with the basket looks like it could be a wonderful addition.

  156. The last thing I canned was ,
    Alsatian Apricot Jam

    Adapted from Mes Confitures: The Jams and Jellies of Christine Ferber


    * 3 pounds fresh apricots
    * 12 ounces dried apricots
    * 4 cups sugar
    * Juice of 1 lime or equivalent of bottled lemon juice (approx. 2 tablespoons)
    * Juice of 1 orange (approx. 2 tablespoon)
    * Zest of 1 orange (approx. 1 tablespoon) (I’d use half a tablespoon next time
    or a smaller orange. I thought the orange a bit overpowering)
    * 2 Vanilla beans
    * 10 ounces of Gewurztraminer wine


    1. Chop dried apricots (by chopped I’d say diced not Julienned) , place in bowl,
    add Gewurztraminer (you want a fruity sweet wine), soak overnight.
    By the next morning all most all of the wine was soaked in. Next time I think
    I’ll increase the wine to 12 ounces for soaking the dried apricots.
    2. Quarter fresh apricots, remove seeds (I also blanched the apricots so I could slip the skins
    off of them then I quartered them.)
    1. In nonreactive pan, add fresh apricots, sugar, orange zest/juice, lime juice and vanilla
    2. Simmer about 10 minutes, mixing all ingredients together until sugar dissolves
    3. Remove from heat, cover, refrigerate overnight (I like this step. It gives me a chance
    to recover my energy after all that work and gives the fruit a chance to macreate. It
    also gets it ready at the same time the dried apricots are ready.)
    3. Next day, add dried apricot mixture to fresh apricot mixture
    4. Stirring, simmer until thickens, and remove vanilla bean (After I removed the bean, I
    opened them and scraped out the seeds (for those of you who are unfamiliar with vanilla
    beans, the seeds are little more then flecks, like what you see in french vanilla ice cream.)
    and added them back into the mix)
    5. Put the jam in jars and seal in water bath

    This is an absolutly AMAZING flavor.
    Recommended process time using sterilized jars for
    Jam/conserves/jelly in a boiling water canner.
    Process Time at Altitudes of
    Style of Pack Hot
    Jar Size 0 – 1,000 ft 1,001 – 6,000 ft Above 6,000 ft
    or Pints 5 min 10 15
    Recommended process time using un-sterilized jars for
    Jam/conserves/jelly in a boiling water canner.
    Process Time at Altitudes of
    Style of Pack Hot
    Jar Size 0 – 1,000 ft 1,001 – 6,000 ft Above 6,000 ft
    or Pints 10 min 15 20

    It’s fabulous.

  157. I’ve never canned. I’d give the kit to my mom. She makes amazing peach preserves. They are like pie in a jar. She’s just a beginner herself but a kit like this would allow her to hone her skills.

  158. I did watermelon jelly which only makes a small batch. Odd thing about watermelon jelly, it tastes a bit like strawberries. It is also so thick that it is almost set before you put it in the jars. I guess it is a fool proof sort of jelly. I tried scuppernong jelly last year, and it never set.

  159. I started my canning season on Sunday with a small batch of apricot jam. It didn’t turn out as well as last year, so I’ll do at least one more batch of apricots. It’s just the beginning of the season here in Washington.
    Love the green canning rack! I’d like to try it out. My metal on is not too old and already quite rusty.

  160. We picked peaches this week – found jars at Salvation Army yesterday…canning today! Peach jam! Would love to get this for small batches!

  161. This looks like a really nice kit. The canner I have is a little awkward. I like how simple and small this one is. What a nice addition to my kitchen it would make. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  162. Pickled beans, my son and I made them together last night. Though, I didn’t
    actually can them because I don’t have the stuff. I just threw a lid on them and
    stuck them in the fridge. They don’t last very long, anyhow.

  163. I just put up four pints of Jack Daniels Hot Pepper Mustard last night and tonight will be just quarts of Banana Pepper chunks. My pepper plants are just exploding with pepppers this year.

  164. I am a want to be canner. This kit would be a great start. I’ve been following your Blog for awhile – but haven’t been brave enough to give it a try. Maybe now I will !!

  165. I am new to canning and love it! I can’t wait for cooler weather so I can can something the first thing I was taught was grape jelly I have canned applesauce for my first try and it was delicous then I went on to salsa but not a fan of cooked and can salsa I think I need to find a better recipe then I did can fresh tomatoes knowing I would have to throw them out when I went to use them but to my surprise they turned out wonderful I am hooked and cannot wait untill the day I can have my own garden for now I putt around with a garden box :))

  166. I have made Strawberry, Strawberry Rhubarb and Black Raspberry jams so far. Blueberry is next on the agenda as they are ripe for the pickin’ here in Indiana now. I have a lot more canning planned as the season progresses. I am really glad I found this blog, its been great! πŸ™‚

  167. Yesterday was the small-batch blueberry ginger jam ~ YUM!
    It was also day 2 for the carrot-habanero hot sauce I’m making for my niece and nephew’s wedding celebration. BIG YUM!

  168. I canned 2 batches of pickled peppers this past week. My family loves these and they are very easy. I have to make a lot to satisfy all. This is an old recipe that my grandmother used to make in Greece and my Mom taught me to make. I also made freezer pickles that are so easy to make and so delicious. If I put them in a salad, I don’t need to use salad dressing.

  169. This year I have canned nothing…..because I have yet to get the equipment to do it.

    If I won this, that would go a long way towards that goal.


  170. The last time I canned food was when I was a child with my mother. I have been inspired by my wonderful daughter-in-law, Tabatha, to start canning again. Since it is just my husband & me at home, this awesome prize would be perfect for me to get started! Then Tabatha and I could become canning queens!!!

  171. I haven’t canned anything yet this year but the last thing last year was tomatillo salsa. I’d love to have a kit for small batches! Thanks!

  172. Tried my 1st canning with your small batch sour cherry recipe. The flavor is great but the jam is more of a syrup with cherries in it! I need to find a “canning 101” post because I did too much guessing!!

  173. I have canned 16 quarts of pickles, and frozen 3 quarts of beets so far. I am definatly gonna be canning beets, pickles, and tomatoes as they become ready. Thanks so much for the change to win. Terry

  174. I only began canning a couple of months ago and your blog has been a source of true inspiration and information! So far I’ve canned strawberry jam, strawberry preserves, strawberry-rhubarb jam (my husband loves strawberries). I also have a pressure canner and have canned beef and spaghetti sauce. Even my husband has started try it out!

  175. The last thing I just canned was my grandmother’s Bread and Pickle’s. I like them better than dill’s. Once the pickles are gone I use the brine in tuna salad and deviled eggs to give them a kick. Next on my list is Blueberry jam and after that your refer pickles asian style. Thank you Food in Jars.

  176. I have never canned anything. I really want to try and can salsa but don’t even know where to start. This kit would be perfect to get me started!

  177. The last thing I canned was some delicious peach marmalade / jam type stuff. I am not sure what to call it, since it appears to be a crossbreed! It is lovely and wonderful to eat on English muffins. I really truly do love canning. Nothing makes me happier!

  178. made small batch of peach jam a month or so ago. BUT have enjoyed the pickled beets COLD from last summer with sandwiches. These kits look like a nifty idea..Corn on the cob maybe??? love your blog

  179. Picked 20# of blueberries and am working my way through them. Yesterday wa jam and pie filling today is chutney.

  180. This past weekend I made hot & spicy pickles and the previous weekend it was strawberry jam and cherry topping.

  181. The last thing I canned was your small batch stone fruit jam, but I used only Jersey peaches. It is amazing. Excellent method. Thank you!

  182. I have not canned anything because I am unsure of myself in this area. I do not own a pressure cooker due to an accident early in my marriage. I would so love to learn how to can. I do freeze lots of my vegetables though. Thank you for this opportunity.

  183. So far this year I have been experimenting with different flavor jelly/jams. Last weekend I put up a batch of Kiwi/Mango Rum jelly. this weekend I will be working on the passionfruit and pepper jelly.

  184. I, too, have never canned, but my very first garden is coming up a gangbusters and I need to find a way to preserve some of those tomatoes, squash, melons, and beans! Not to mention some of the literally hundreds of figs that will soon ripen and begin plummeting to the ground, coating the grass (and my sidewalk!) is sticky (and slippery!) goo. So learning how to can may actually save my life, or at least a limb!

  185. Hi, Technically I haven’t canned anything as I don’t have the paphernalia but have made different berry sauces with honey (GAPS diet – no sugar) to share and some fantastic refridgerator pickles just this weekend. I found a bag of small asian cucumbers and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. They are changing in complexity day by day as the jar is shrinking, getting better and better so I’ll have to make some more to see how they taste after a more than a week since my son and I are decimating them. I’d really be interested in recipes that don’t have all the sugar content. Any commercial recipes I’ve seen on the news stands all have sugar – for vegetables as well as fruit. And small batch canning is the way to go for me – my kids are in college. Glad to see the equipment is catching up to the consumer. I am nostalgic for the multi generational summer evening canning I participated in as a child, however. Thanks for the recipes.

  186. The last thing I canned was either sweet corn relish or strawberry rhubarb jelly. Next thing should be stuffed hot peppers.

  187. Last thing I canned was beets! My local pick your own was selling them for .59c a pound and I went crazy picking! I canned 7 pints and left the other half in the refrigerator for juicing and fresh eating!

  188. The last thing I canned was dried beans – three big batches! – on the 4th of July. That was my canning therapy after about a month of traveling (June, of all months to be away…).

  189. So far this year my daughter and I have canned 40 lbs of green beans and about 12 jars of strawberry jam. Gearing up for beets, corn, tomatos and pickles. Years ago with my mother we canned every year, rediscovering all of this now.

  190. I love to can and am in the process of canning green beans as I speak and I have a ton of tomatoes waiting. Probably my favorite thing was making jelly from Herbal Raspberry tea bags! So yummy! Thanks, Cheryl

  191. I’ve been thinking ahead to Christmas gifts and have canned strawberry syrup, raspberry syrup and raspberry chocolate sauce.

  192. I’ve been putting up the things that come in small waves. leftover Potatoes from the spring, And the
    freshly new tomatoes! So far only whole tomatoes, but juice coming next! Have done the strawberry
    jam from bounty in my own little patch, 5 batches! Yummy!

  193. Blueberries are at their prime here and I just canned a big batch of Blueberry Ginger jam and blueberry syrup. I have a friend who wants to start canning and I’d love to give this to her.

  194. I have Strawberry Rhubarb jam, cherry pie filling, cherries and cherry jam done so far this year. Hope to do more yet.

  195. I’ve made several batches of freezer jam so far this year — violet, strawberry-rhubarb, and mulberry, and will be making raspberry-nectarine this weekend. I haven’t actually taken the plunge yet to process jam or jelly, although I’d love to start. I need to start gathering the needed equipment. So, fingers crossed that I win this giveaway! =)

  196. I canned my first batch of refrigerator pickles last week after finding the recipe on your site. They are fantastic and I look forward to doing more canning! I would love to have this discovery kit as I *discover* more wonderful ways to eat Food in Jars! Thanks so much!

  197. I made a small batch of raspberry jelly from wild picked raspberries over the weekend… turned out delicious! πŸ™‚

  198. I put up peach preserves this weekend with yummy Carolina peaches. Last weekend I put up hot pepper jelly with peppers from my garden. Delish!

  199. I’ve seen these neat little green basket kits in the store. Very nice for small batches, I bet.
    Made some red current syrup for soda flavoring. It is a beautiful ruby color!

  200. the last thing I canned was corn relish. I would love to do some peach pineapple jam. Thank you for having the giveaway πŸ™‚

  201. Pickles, pickles, and more pickles. Sunday ended with 14 jars of pickles and 6 of pickle relish and I’m planning a massive dilly bean session for this evening.

  202. I have not canned in years, and began with beautiful red tomatoes, they were so pretty until I made peach preserves that make your mouth water! Next came the pickled okra! Today will be salsa, and pickled peaches. I am so excited that I can hardly wait to begin again today. I see a lot of Christmas and birthday presents are in store. My pears look like they will ready in a few days. I just love it!

  203. I’ve never done any proper canning, but I’ve been making lots of refrigerator fruit compotes and would love to try canning!

  204. Spent yesterday canning salsa and pickle relish! Getting ready to do small batch of cherry/blueberry jam.

  205. I have canned several batches of rhubarb jam this year, now waiting on the garden to start producing. I would love to find that basket somewhere for my small batches.

  206. I finished seven pints of pickles over the weekend. Today is raspberry picking day so there will be jam and raspberry chocolate sauce. I love summer.

  207. Yesterday I finished up 39 half pints of strawberry jam. The week before I made 6 pints of your corn relish. For the July 4th BBQ I made your sweet and zesty red onions and used the dilly bean brine to make pickled carrots and cauliflower. I’m waiting for my garden to start producing to continue canning into the fall. I spotted this kit and thought it would be great for small batches.

  208. I soo need this – my homemade racks aren’t working so well!
    The most recent thing I canned was that 25 lb box of peaches! With this crazy heat wave, they needed to get off my counter quick or else they would’ve been wasted. The most interesting thing I made was pickled peaches… Yeah, I never heard of them either until my MIL requested them.

  209. I have never canned, but have lots of online friends who do. This set would be perfect!! My mom used to make the best pickles and blackberry jam when I was very young. I would love to be able to make those for my daughter!

  210. I’ve just completed a crock of my famous whey fermented salsa. All the ingredients (except some spices) are all grown by me or my neighbors.

    Tatsoi, carrots, onions, bokchoi, radishes…too many to list..with all of my fresh herbs…all but carrots and radishes (which I hand slice) go through my ancient manual meat grinder and are then loaded into the also ancient crock.

    I pour whey (from my cheese making) and a tiny bit of salt and hand mix it up…cover and try and have patience while the lacto-bacilli do their thing.

    Then….when it’s to the perfect sourness…..I jar it up and hot water bath.. I will post a photo of the process…love and peace…lynnann

  211. I remember my Mom and Grandmother canning – my Grandmother canned *everything* – and I inherited their equipment, but I’ve always been too intimidated to even start. A small starter kit is just the thing I need to get me over that hump.

  212. I canned my Mom’s “Bread and Butter Pickles” recipe, Some “squash and pepper relish”, and 2 batches of “Strawberry Jelly”. I have 6 tomato plants that I was planning on doing all sorts of recipes with, and the heat has made the birds and squirrels so thirsty they are attacking my beautiful tomatoes! What to do?!

  213. The last and only thing I’ve canned are refrigerator daikon pickles. I am very eager to learn how to can because we have a full CSA share and my husband travels a lot. This week I ate a ridiculous amount of cucumber salad. I wanted to make some pickles, but couldn’t find the right kind of can, I think, in my neighborhood. I would put this to good use, for sure!

  214. Sadly, it’s been too long for me to remember what the last thing was! Probably strawberry jam, 2 years ago? I’ve made smaller batches of things since then, but rather than processing them, I just stick them in the fridge, and they get eaten fast. πŸ™‚

  215. I have not done any canning yet. I just got the Ball jar book from a friend and I’m going to learn this summer. Jam is up first.

  216. my daughter and i recently picked blackberries and then made our own blackberry jam.. it was delish!!! everyone wanted reorders!! lol…

  217. The last thing I canned was an Orange-Peach Marmalade-and it didn’t turn out so hot because it was an ancient recipe that called for a seal of paraffin wax. :-/ Disappointing.

  218. Greetings from my “city garden”. Since I live in a small town and not in the country as I was raised, I just had to have something to get my fingers into. Ha Ha. So my husband and I measured out a nice little garden. Last year I planted it so full that it was just crazy. This year he added on 3″ on in length and width.
    While all of this is exciting, I am still unable to yield enough crop at a time to make a whole canner full of jars. I still have to fill up my water bath even if it is only for 3 jars. This looks like something I would really use. I love this idea and have never seen it before. What a great idea!!
    In answer to your question, I have been trying out pickles this year. I found a new variety (for me) called a bush pickle. It is perfect for a city garden. I am trying to harvest enough to make a go of it. I have some brine waiting in the fridge and waiting on more to grow to make enough of a batch. This does get a little frustrating and I didn’t want to just buy the cukes, I want to grow them. I also have made zucchini sweet pickles and they are curing and haven’t tasted them yet. I grew up with mom canning and it feels so satisfying to grow, process and feed my family with garden goodness. πŸ™‚

  219. I’m up to my ears in tomatoes from the garden, so that’s what we have been making. Peach goods are not far behind.

  220. I am relatively new to canning. My momma and grandmothers always canned, but I never learned until a few years ago. My husband’s grandfather taught us how to pickle peppers… that summer we pickled everything. This summer, however, I have broadened my horizons and learned how to can my super secret BBQ sauce and it turned out amazing. I even made cute little labels for my sauce! I love canning! It’s been so fun learning and even more fun staring at my completed jars!

  221. Oh my, I meant 3′ on length and width. How funny if it was only 3″. Sorry just had to correct this. πŸ™‚

  222. Last thing was 2-day pickled peaches. I haven’t had a chance to try them yet so I need to set up the barbecue.

  223. I have recently pressure canned some cubed white potatoes and tomato sauce. I have also water bathed some strawberry jam! YUM! Thanks for the chance to win!

  224. would you recommend this for the half pint jars? i’m starting to get tempted (very little time and I am afraid they won’t be nearly as good as yours)…if you used this, would it be ok to use half pints stacked on top of each other? do they have to “stand on their own”? Ok, maybe I just want an excuse for getting half pint jars…i think they look adooooorable!

  225. I haven’t canned anything yet, but I have attended several canning classes and hope to can soon. πŸ™‚ Thanks

  226. The last thing canned was pepper relish but it happened last year. The weather in Utah this year was CAAAAAAoooooolllllldddd with lots of rain and snow late in the season. The garden is just getting going now. So maybe in a few weeks I’ll have enough produce to can. But I would absolutely love the Ball canning kit. For small batches it would be a dream.

  227. I haven’t canned in about 20 years and I’m anxious to start again. This kit would be great to get me started.

  228. I believe the last thing I canned was clementines, but it may have been chicken stock. It is still waiting season around here…although I’m glad the canner isn’t going with the crazy heat we are having! The poor air conditioner is working so hard!

    This would be a fun way to try little batches or to gift to a friend who is expressing interest, but is scared of canning!

  229. I just canned for the first time this past weekend! Picked figs from my boyfriend’s tree and canned lemon ginger figs and spiced garam masala shallot figs!

  230. I haven’t canned anything because I don’t have any canning supplies πŸ™ So this would be great for me to get started with!

  231. I am brand spankin’ new to canning! I made nectarine butter and man has canning hooked me. I am looking for my next canning adventure…thinking of jam. =)

  232. I have put up 40 jars of strawberry jam, 10 jars of strawberry rhubarb, and am starting on jalepeno pepper jelly today (if the heat wave allows me). I also have mulberries that need to get jellied and dried for sweet breads this fall/winter. πŸ™‚

  233. I made strawberry jam, which was the first things I’ve ever canned! Pretty basic, but I was quite proud of myself nonetheless πŸ™‚

  234. This is a great little starter kit…I have one, but would love to give one to a friend to get her started! Recently I tried salsa and my 1st batch of plum jam…YUM!

  235. I want to learn how to can. I have put out in a good sized garden this year and plan to can lots of tomatoes, and anything else I can can. I am on a retired person’s budget, so I would dearly love to win this kit!

  236. Last weekend I checked Bread and Butter pickles off my Things to Learn How To List. I can’t wait until they are ready to eat so I can see how I did. I’ve done a lot of canning this year. If I win I will give the set to my nephew, who wants to learn to can with his Auntie. So cute!

  237. I made peach jam yesterday. I live one mile from a peach orchard and the peaches are lovely now. Today I’m going to put up pickled jalapenos. The small set would be ideal for that.

  238. Let’s see, let me count the ways! So far I have canned 7 pints of Honeyed Sunshine Pickles from the Joy of Pickling (Ziedrich), 22 pints (and counting) of bush and pole green beans, 9 pints of Lime Pickles, 2 pints 3 bean salad, 10 half-pints wild blackberry jelly, 6 half pints Wild Blackberry and Roasted Chipotle Pepper Sauce, 6 half pints peach jam with lemon, 4 pints Dilly Beans, 4 pints fresh dill pickle spears, 6 pints bread and butter pickles, and I have more green beans, lima beans and cukes on deck. I also have to can the bumper crop of carrots that I planted on a whim this year. I planted my tomatoes late, so I am still waiting for them to come in, but with 20 Roma tomato plants, I will be canning quarts of tomatoes, spicy spaghetti sauce , and marinara sauce until they come out of my ears! The tomatillos I planted will make lovely Salsa Verde. And I love every minute of it! There is nothing sweeter or more satisfying than hearing that little “pop” when one of my lids seals after coming out of the canner, unless it’s smearing a piece of hearty toasted bread with a good dollop of blackberry jelly, or using my canned beans and tomatoes in wonderful vegetable soup this winter! I would use the canning kit to introduce my daughter and granddaughter to the joys of canning.

  239. I am just about to try some small batch canning. I am trying to get over the fury that was the kitchen when my mother and grandmother used to can bushels of peaches.

  240. I most recently made black cherry jelly and raspberry jam (back-to-back on the same day). My next project will be dilly beans (as soon as I get enough).

  241. WOW that is a very cool and helpful canning item!!!

    I have made strawberry jam and Thursday I am getting some raspberries so probably raspberry jelly….next on the list greenbeans, toms, and more jelly….(everything is late ripening up here)

    thanks for an opportunity to win!! This would come in handy for my canning line up!

    Thanks Melissa from Naches, WA

  242. We are planning our first canning experience. I’ve been picking up various books and tools recommended through your site. I’m thinking strawberry kiwi jam, plums in vanilla syrup and corn salsa. I’m at an APO so I probably don’t qualify for the drawing though. πŸ™‚

  243. This is my first year gardening, other than having a tomato plant or two when I was in elementary school. I’ve had an over abundance of tomatoes and peppers and I can’t seem to give them all away. So I decided it’d be a good year to start canning. I made 6 jars of salsa this past week. I love it! I’m just hoping the 2nd round of cukes I planted will produce well to try to make some pickles!!!

  244. Most recently I made Strawberry Rhubarb jam and Apricot sauce- it was supposed to be jam, but its more saucy. Wonderful though. Havvent had enough garden produce to even use yet-darn MN weather.

  245. I have made peach hot pepper preserves, pickled asparagus, strawberry vanilla jam (though it may end up being sauce, as it is not looking very thick), blueberry jam, pickled peppers, lime sweet pickles, froze some pesto in 4 oz. jars (ha– does that count as canning??), and raspberry jam.

  246. I canned peach jam and blueberry jam……Both are great!
    Yesterday I made tomato sauce and froze it…..If I had the kit I would have frozen it.

  247. I’ve made refrigerator pickles – tons of them! I’d like to try more serious canning – this kit would help me get started! Thanks!

  248. Hmmm, I made some strawberry freezer jam back in June. I have a half a brown grocery bag of green beans I’m going to can up in the next few days. That ball set would come in handy for small batches. My goal this summer is to step outside my canning comfort zone!

  249. this is so neat . I live by myself and sometimes can things for just me this would be so handy. I recently canned some chicken breasts and beef stew . I also made blueberry syrup.

  250. This looks divine! I would love to try canning with this kit. I’ve recently made frozen strawberry jam. Delish!

  251. I ve made Bread&Butter Pickles ,canned green beans,made Pickled Beets,canned Carrots. Just waiting for the tomatoes to come on to make Spaghetti sauce and

  252. Nothing canned thus far. My tomatoes are just starting!! Going to be a great year for our garden the plants are loaded!! :o)

  253. Recently canned some peach butter and currently have a picallili mix working on the counter to can this afternoon. I have the great joy of working for a farmer at a couple of markets, so my life has plenty of fruits and veggies. I love to can and can’t can enough!

  254. Its been so long since I last canned (two years) that I don’t remember the last thing. Salsa, I think. But this week I am doing the jalapeno’s from our bushes before we leave for vacation.

  255. The only thing I’ve ever canned was Peach Butter. I would love to learn how to do more and have been very inspired by your blog! Thank you for the giveaway!

  256. I have way too much yellow squash right now, so I think I will try my hand at canning some of it in a squash-tomato chutney recipe I found. Of course, it is supposed to reach 93 degrees in NY today, so it might not be so much fun to be in the kitchen, canning food!

  257. I have made peach jam, black cherry preserves and want to make some blueberry jam.
    I hae been canning all my life and love your blog!!!

  258. I preserved some sweet cherries as a gift for a friend who recently developed an interest in Manhattans. It was my first time preserving cherries and I was a bit nervous as to how they turned out. He says they are delicious! Now I just have to wait for an invitation to come over for cocktails!

  259. I’ve made strawberry preserves before, but it didn’t last long enough to process! I used it as a filling for a Victoria Sponge and then there was only a little bit left and that went on scones. I’m new to canning, so a “discovery kit” sounds exactly like what I would need!

  260. I’ve never canned anything but I’d love to start learning as I will be starting a veggie garden next spring. Really enjoy the blog.

  261. Last weekend I made the Peach Oolong Jelly. Not only did it taste wonderful but it reminded me that I am indeed a small batch canner. Thanks for everything!

  262. I canned a run of squash relish this past Saturday. My family loves this relish on everything. I end up canning at least 3 runs a year. I started canning four years ago and I love it. We had an outdoor kitchen built just for my canning. It is a very simple structure and it saves a lot of wear and tear on my kitchen. I have just found your web site and I am enjoyiting it tremendously.

  263. I recently canned strawberry jam for the first time, the first batch was runny, the second too stiff! Guess it’s a learning process. I moved on to bread and butter pickles. They look delish! My canning pot is gigantic, I bought it for $5 at an estate sale but takes over an hour to boil so this smaller, starter kit would be perfect!

  264. What a great give away! I took it easy last night any only canned mixed fruit in a light syrup. But last week is another story. At last count we canned over 200 jars of some good stuff, pickles, jams, pototaes, various types of relish. I am going to have some friends over on Aug 13 for a lesson on canning and this would be a great thing to give away at my canning party!

  265. Limes ala William Sonoma’s Art of Preserving. They looked so pretty and I had some just sitting around. Next up is salsa and raspberry something…if my dang garden would produce anything but weeds.

  266. What a great BlOG! As a social media specialist, I appreciate the content and regularity of what you do!

    Last weekend my girlfriend and I got together and made Cherry Jam, Pickles and Canned Peaches…..it came just at the right time too, I was just about out of my stash from last year!

    Thank you for doing what you do!



  267. I just love your blog. I look forward to reading it everyday and seeing what you have made next.

    The most recent thing I have canned is your pickled carrots and daikon. My family loves it! I almost did not have any to put up.

  268. I’ve done freezer strawberry jam, but I can’t wait to try tomatoes this August. So yummy and it would be great to be able to pull them out in January and taste summer!

  269. Most recently I canned sour pie cherries that my ex husband graciously let me come pick at his farm. He still had tons of cherries put up from last year and wasn’t in the mood to deal with them. It was a healing experience for both of us and I ended up canning about 20 pints of cherries.

  270. The last thing I canned was your recipe for refrigerator pickles. They were wonderful! I just recently started following your blog and I’m really enjoying it! Thanks!

  271. Strawberry-Peach Jam, Blueberry-Gooseberry Jam, Strawberry-BayLeaf Jam, Blueberry-Vanilla Jam, Blueberry-Verbena Jam, Strawberry-Lychee Jam, Cherry-Bourbon Jam… Oh, and some diced tomatoes.

  272. It’s peak canning season in the dirty south! I canned wild plum jelly this past weekend and tried a new steel cut oats “canned” recipe that turned out fabulous.

  273. I just did some pickles and I am waiting for enough tomatoes from my garden to do a few raw pack tomatoes. This is my first summer with a garden and first time canning! Hoping that it will be a family tradition from now on πŸ™‚

  274. Most resent canning was Bread & Butter Pickles, 5 quarts, for a total 15 quarts for the summer. Pretty good for our hot & dry summer here in Texas. I’ve also canned green beans, and hot pepper mix for my dear husband, this summer. If I have enough pears I hope to make pear preserves.

  275. Several days ago I made some strawberry jam with balsamic vinegar. It was wonderful. You can’t really taste the vinegar or tell what is in it, but there is a subtle depth of flavor that makes this the best strawberry jam I’ve ever eaten. I found the recipe on the Ball website.

  276. I am obsessed with FIGS! The most recent thing I canned was a small batch of a fig chutney. It was actually leftover from a pork tenderloin meal and I just couldn’t imagine throwing it away. But since I was leaving town for a few days did not want to risk loosing it. It was a delicious concoction with shallots and orange zest. mmmmm…where did I put that…?

  277. I tried canning last year, made a freezer jam. Want to try more. I have so many rasperries and veggies from our garden.

  278. Well, where to begin?! This week I’ve made 24 half-pints of Strawberry Vanilla Jam for myself, 30 pints of Plain Ol Strawberry Jam for work, and taught two classes on how to prepare Honeyed Peaches and Dilly Beans. I’m up to my ears in canning!

  279. I canned 6 jars of black raspberry sauce/syrup on Saturday. Doesn’t seem like much to show for all the bug bites and scratches I endured while picking those berries!

  280. I have not canned yet this year since we are just now getting all of our fresh goodies. Just picked a crate of red pototoes and 1/2 bag yellow potatoes which I am hoping to can. Also planning on dilly beans, dilly carrots, peaches, and yellow squash.

  281. I made my first pickles ever this past Sunday! πŸ˜€ I used just about every pot in the kitchen and ended up with 4 jars. 2 were brined with white vinegar, other with apple cider vinegar. 2 were cut into spears, 1 into rounds, and 1 into little “half moons” to try and pack in as many as possible (bonus: we discovered that the half moons fit beautifully on hot dogs!). And finally, I added garlic to 2 for extra flavor. So much fun, you guys!

  282. I am a little obsessed with canning right now. Every time I go to the farmers’ market, which is at least once a week, I come home with some type of produce to can. I told myself at the beginning of summer that I was going to have one canning day a week. So far, I have canned two kinds of cucumber pickles, beet pickles, watermelon rind pickles, peaches in syrup, peach pie filling, several types of fruit jam, and your wonderful recipe for tomato jam. Today’s canning job is applesauce with apples from my parents’ yard. I would love the Discovery canning kit to make smaller batches of some of my favorites.

  283. Ive made strawberry freezer jam… If that counts! Thank you for the opportunity to win! Growing up on my late grandmother’s canned goods, I would love to learn.

  284. I made the Strawberry-Vanilla jam you posted . . . several times as my husband has eaten or given away the first 2 batches. We’re putting it on Everything, it’s delicious.

  285. I have been a jam-making machine since the first week of June, over nine dozen half-pints and one dozen pints of assorted strawberry, blueberry, & peach jams (single flavor & blends), as well as a batch of peach honey from the skins of one batch; my most recent tho was over 11 half-pints of peach butter from just about 11 pounds of day-old peaches from a local grower… I used one cup of the pre-processor stage peach butter to make a loaf of cinnamon peach bread, which got rave reviews from my kids.
    I still want to try jellies from 100% fruit juice (no sugar added to bottled juice before I cook it into jelly), apple & pear butters/jams/sauces, & some pickles//salsas from my container veggies…

  286. Have cooked chicken this morning – will cool the stock tonight and can it tomorrow. Have also done a couple of great blueberry recipes; a conserve and a preserve. Also tomatoes and more of those on the way. Would love to win the Ball prize – would be a great addition to my canning supplies!!

  287. I just got back from vacationing in Hawaii. When I was there I found a farmer’s market with the most beautiful guavas and papayas. Couldn’ resist. Of course I bought too many to eat, so I made guava jelly and papaya jam on a hot plate!

  288. Oh I would love this! I am starting to get into canning, but I find I do much more and enjoy it more when I do small batches. I hate pulling out the water bath canner for some reason.

  289. My garden hasn’t produced enough to can yet but I am waiting for my pickling cukes to produce and that will be the first thing I can. Thanks for this opportunity!

  290. After receiving another 5 pounds of blueberries from our CSA, I made Blueberry-Lime Jam, Honey Blueberry Plum Jam, Blueberry Vanilla Bean Jam, Banana-Blueberry Jam, JalapeΓ±o Blueberry Jam and Mango Plum Jam (no blueberries πŸ™‚ ) this past weekend since it was 95 degrees and super humid outside!

  291. I have never canned anything but I read your blog religiously. To be honest, the idea of canning scares me a bit (it seems pretty scientific!) but I would LOVE to try. I’ve bookmarked about a hundred of your recipes for the day I get over my fear of canning and give it a try!

  292. So far this summer I have canned bread and butter pickles, hot pepper infused Zinger pickles, and sweet pickle relish! Tonight I am doing pickled beets. I am excited to use your Unfancy Pickled Jalapeno Peppers recipe as it makes the most sense of any I’ve seen! Also, had a request for pickled watermelon rind – need to find a good recipe for canning that as well. Thanks for your great blog!!

  293. Sadly, I haven’t canned anything this summer, but I have a jar of blueberry jam left as a reminder of what I did last summer.

  294. I took advantage of the seasonal fresh fruit–so I made strawberry-rhubarb jam, blueberry jam, and another batch of strawberry jam. Yum!

  295. I haven’t canned anything this season…..yet! My green beans are doing well, hope to can those next week, then peaches, blueberries, tomatoes and spaghetti sauce….and who knows what else.

  296. The only thing I ever canned was one jar of strawberry ginger jam this summer. I’m not sure I did it right since it was opened and eaten within a week. My summer tomatoes are starting to come in and I’d really like to can them for winter recipes.

  297. I love small batch canning and really enjoy your blog (been subscribing since last summer). Most recently I made a batch of the spicy tomato jam you had on your blog last year — so good!

  298. I’d like to try out canning, and the kit looks like a good place to start! The peach oolong jelly you recently blogged about sounds delicious.

  299. Last weekend I canned Apple Pie Jam…9 cups of sugar!…and this last weekend I canned Raspberry Preserves with my daughter and canning buddy. πŸ™‚

  300. Yesterday I canned Oregano Carrots from the Small Batch Preserving book and a Zuchini relish – from same book,(which smelled gross – so we may not like that one) & a very small batch of Blueberry Raspberry Jam. I am new to canning and have been trying small batches of things. I’ve been eyeing that canning kit – i think it would fit perfectly in my Emeril Stock pot. πŸ˜‰ I made a lemon curd last week that I am loving-I was going to give it away for gifts but think i will keep my jars of it istead shhhhhh…

  301. The last thing I canned was 19 x 1/2 pint jars of blueberry jam using a recipe for the food in jars blog. It was delicious!!

  302. I had been thinking about canning some tomatoes or sauce.
    I usually only do a few small jars but, this basket would make me move to larger jars
    thanks for the giveaway

  303. Due to our wet spring, this is the first year since I can remember that my husband hasn’t planted a garden! I will have to make trips to the local farmer’s markets in order to get my fill of canning this summer! I do have some frozen tomatoes, which I’ve never done before, and will be canning tomato juice later this month. I have already used some of them to make some freezer spaghetti sauce.

    Recently we went to a pick your own farm and picked strawberries. I made two batches of strawberry jam. Today I am going to make a small batch of sweet cherry jam!

    I love canning and have been doing it for 36 years! I was hooked when my sister and I tried our hand at making grape jam all those years ago!

  304. My last project was a strawberry/raspberry jam freezer project. I would love to win the canning kit. I do not have a blog. I am not too computer savvy but have about 20 blogs I read daily. Thanks for the chance to enter the giveway. Pat/Central Texas

  305. I just made strawberry-rhubarb jam last week. I have another batch to make that’s glaring at me from my fridge, but it’s been way to hot to heat up my stove for that long.

  306. Shrubs! Peach, cherry, raspberry and blueberry so far. And I have some chopped peaches ready to make into a small batch of jam.

  307. Canned both strawberry and blueberry jam. Waiting for our heirloom tomatoes to ripen. I have plans for them!!!

  308. My most recent canning involved 10 lbs of Jersey fresh blueberries and resulted in- blueberry syrup, blueberry/rhubarb jam, and blueberry pie filling πŸ™‚ yumm

  309. I haven’t canned anything yet, this year. The garden is finally producing. Soon I hope..Thanks for the giveaway.

  310. I’m a newby I love canned items but have never tried it myself. We have a small garden and I would love a canning recipe for cherry tomatoes. Can you use fresh basil in them? My basil has gone nuts too. Thanks.

  311. I made a batch of your Dilly Beans on Saturday, but living out in the country and not wanting to drive in to the grocery store, I used a few substitutions- red pepper flakes instead of cayenne pepper and minced garlic instead of cloves. Luckily I had some fresh dill ready in the garden. Will be making another batch this week and actually follow the directions this time!

  312. The last thing I canned was black & blue jam (blackberries & blueberries); I boiled it too long, though, so it is a bit gummy. Still delicious, though! Particularly in a bit of Greek yogurt!

  313. This will be my first time canning! I am going to start with some black raspberry and strawberry jam! I’m excited and nervous!

  314. I’ve also been slacking so far this season. Still have a couple jars of salsa from the fall and working through my other stuff from last summer. Would love to win this kit!

  315. Just three days ago I canned a batch of lemon and cucumber pickles and a batch of blueberry sauce. So far this year, I’ve done: orange grapefruit marmalade, pineapple lime jam, strawberry vanilla jam (your recipe!), pickled cherries, brandied cherries, bread & butter pickles (triple batch), and the two mentioned above. I have a watermelon sitting at home waiting for me to make watermelon jam and pickled rinds!

  316. I recently made pickled strawberries. I took a cooking class at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in NY and this was one of the featured recipes. Sounds strange but they are delicious!

  317. I’m a newbie canner and recently made a batch of dill pickles from the cucumbers in my garden. My neighbor swears they were as delicious as his mother’s recipe.

  318. I have not canned anything, but I am taking my 1st canning class tonight on tomatoes. My goal is to can spaghetti sauce by the end of the summer.

  319. My 11 year old daughter and I just finished canning cooked strawberry jam, would love to do small batch canning too!

  320. The last thing I have canned was a teeny tiny half batch of pear vanilla jam, so I could really use a smaller canning rack! I keep meaning to dig my rhubarb from last summer out of the freezer and make a batch of rhubarb sauce, but I try not to turn things on in my kitchen when it’s 90+ outside!

  321. Last night I made spicy pickled green beans. I wanted them for just out of the jar enjoyment and Bloody Mary’s too!

    Would love to win this handy canning device.
    Your blog has inspired me to start canning.


  322. My very first experience with canning was last summer. That consisted of white grape and blackberry jelly in adorable half-pint jars with pretty labels. Am waiting for this summer’s grapes to be ready for a repeat performance. Would like to try to other recipes too!

  323. I was there when the farmer’s market opened on Saturday morning. Spent much of the day simmering tomatoes with a little olive oil, garlic, and basil until they were a third of their volume. I smoothed it all out with the immersion blender and then put them up. It’s amazing how many tomatoes go into one little pint.

  324. I most recently made pickled okra and pickled cucumbers from my local farmers market. Next I am trying a ginger blueberry jam recipe I saw recently.

  325. I’ve been enjoying the berry season a lot! Most recently I’ve canned black raspberry preserve and blueberry lemonade jam. Also tried a small batch of mixed berry jam with balsamic. Looking forward to canning tomatoes soon!

  326. I’m a total beginning canner. All I’ve made are refrigerator pickles, which I love! But I’m looking to really get into it – especially now that I have a vegetable garden which should produce a lot of food.

  327. Recently I made some salsa from the tomatoes, onions and cilantro in my yard. Additionally, I made some blueberry freezer jam and utilized Ball’s Freezer Jars. They are very handy …

  328. This weekend my mom and I finally got to can and made some wonderful peach butter and hot pepper butter. It’s because of your blog we finally got going again. Thanks!

  329. I have been in a canning hurricane! Tomatos: bar-b-que sauce, salsa, tomato paste.
    Fig preserves, strawberry jam, pickled asparagus, dilly beans, cherry preserves, etc. It is harvest season so I am making the most of it. I have started canning small batch recently so this would come in handy! I am new to your blog and am thrilled to have found it! Today….30lbs of Peaches! Again!

  330. I haven’t canned but I’ve always wanted to make apple butter or pumpkin butter and I’m hoping to in the next few months!

  331. Arg, I haven’t canned anything this year. I lost all my canning stuff in my move this spring and haven’t really done anything but mope about it since then.

  332. I have not canned in 20 years. I guess the job got in the way, but now I am into it again. I’m becoming more obsessed with controling my food sources, and I think a full shelf of home canned goodness is worth more than money in the bank.
    I intend to do a lot of tomato products later, and can’t wait to do some old fashioned tomato-lemon jam!

  333. I’ve been making a lot of homemade applesauce and marinara but have never jarred my food. I would love to learn and this kit looks perfect!!

  334. How do I love thee canned jams – let me count the ways! I just moved from Oregon back to New York after 22 years. I’m living with my daughter in this tiny two bedroom apartment in Spanish Harlem, and wondering how I am going to continue making jams. I have to admit that I had to leave all of my canning paraphernalia behind, but wow – would I love to have this canning kit to use in my small space; and it’s my favorite color too! Your blog is so inspirational – especially to this urban dweller. I hope I win!

  335. Beans have started coming in so we put up 7 quarts of those over the weekend, we have also had a bumper crop of pickling cukes. So far the jar count is 12 quarts dill spears, 8 pints of dill slices, and 6 pints of bread and butter slices. This weekend we start jams. I found a cucumber and ginger jam I am trying out, in an effort to do something with the cukes instead of pickles, and a bread and butter marinated green tomato recipe. It is summer, this is what we do.

  336. Game to start canning and jamming with my wonderful CSA fruits. Have done a bunch of lactoferments and want to try other methods in general. The photos on flickr are so pretty and inspiring.

  337. The first thing I canned this year was a jar of carrots. They’re also the first thing I have ever canned, so it was a big moment for me.
    They turned out fine (though I did switch regular vinegar for the apple cider vinegar as I did not have any of the latter in the house, so next time I’m going to use the apple cider and see how that works), and I’m hooked. I’ve wanted to get into canning for a while, but as a university student, I don’t have a lot of space, and I thought canning required too much equipment. But then my grandmother set me straight, and now I am eagerly planning out what fruits and veggies I want to stuff in jars and seal.

  338. Purchased a pressure canner just in time for fresh figs only to learn that they do best in a water bath. It was a great way to get used to the pressure caner. So so far: 12 1/2 pints figs and 4 liters tomatoes (under pressure for 10 mins). Love it so much fun!

  339. A batch of sour cherry preserves was my last effort. Unfortunately, I didn’t cook them long enough and the result β€” cherries in pink sugar water. I guess the pendulum swung a little too far in the opposite direction after last year’s fiasco, when I ended up with cherry rubber, which made for fine floor protectors under our living room chairs.

    The plan is to de-can the contents, simmer until somewhere between water and rubber, and then re-can the concoction once again. BTW, living at 6,200 feet provides a challenge with respect to all sorts of cookery. Wish me luck!

  340. Haven’t canned yet, but did try your Cherry Bounce which is hiding away in a nice dark closet until Christmas!

  341. I haven’t canned this year because I don’t have my own canning kit! When I lived at home I helped my mom in her “Salsa Making Factory” she makes the best sweet salsa. We put it in everything at my house-on tacos, in veggie soup, in chili soup, sometimes even in casseroles. I’ve been on the lookout for a canner at a garage sale so I can get to it as soon as my veggies are ready!

  342. Last thing I canned was your recipe for orange creamsicle jelly – so tasty!!! I just bought a bunch of local strawberries and froze them until I get the time to can some good strawberry jam!

  343. We just canned some roasted tomato and tomatillo salsa this weekend. Dreaming up my next project. Maybe blackberry sage jam.

  344. We just canned a batch of dill pickles with cucs from my garden. We had good luck last year with my Suyo Long cucumbers, but this year I grew some Ellen’s Family White that are smaller and have been cultivated for pickling. I can’t wait to open the jars and taste them!!!

  345. I’ve never canned before which is why I’d LOVE to win this to get me started! I spend my days fantasizing about what to can if I could can. In fact, I’m going raspberry picking next weekend so that my first canning project will be chocolate-raspberry sauce!

  346. This weekend I found some perfectly ripe Texas peaches and bought a half bushel. Canned spiced peaches, then next day made plain jam and jam with rum and ginger. All sweetened with Splenda. Been canning to have good food that has little salt and no sugar.

  347. Do refrigerator pickles count? I made those last summer. My 5yo (at the time) niece went crazy for them. Are all small children salt addicts?

    I saw a brochure for this Ball Canning set at the Phoenixville Farmer’s market. It looks so cool. I want one.

  348. I will be honest and say that I have never canned before. However, this year we joined a CSA and my husband works at a local college campus that this year started its own vegetable patch. We just got our first tomatoes yesterday. I would love to be able to “discover” how to can with a kit such as the one you are giving away. I am very enthusiastic about learning how to can but want to approach doing so in a manageable way. The kit from Ball seems like just the ticket. It’s also a very timely giveaway for me because I was already planning to go to your demonstration at Linvilla Orchards this weekend.

    Thank you so much for considering my entry.

  349. I began my canning journey this summer with strawberry, cherry, blueberry, blackberry jams and canned tomatoes. Would love the kit to give my sister as she is just beginning to can also and has been borrowing my canning supplies.

  350. My husband and I just made Garlic Barrel Pickles and Sweet Bread and Butter Pickles with our homegrown Cucmubers. I did not blog about it and I don’t know why. But check back in a few days and you’ll probably see a new post from me with our pickles. http://mrsgardengirl.blogspot.com/. As soon as our tomatoes are ready I’ll be canning some homemade salssa, chutneys & tmato sauces to use all winter long. Keep up the good work, love your blog!

  351. 4 summers ago I put up about 30 jars of bread & butter pickles. Oh how I miss the process! Good news is, depending on the success of my container garden, I hope to make them again in a few weeks.

  352. I did some refrigerator pickled radishes on Sunday – they were delicious and I made them sugar free by using Stevia.

  353. Strawberry and apricot jam, and I just made some red wine vinegar. But I’m not sure if that counts as canning…

  354. Pickled Blueberries, nectarine jam (total disaster!), peach chutney, dilly beans, bread and butter pickles, and quick pickled kholerabi. That was 2 weeks ago. This weekend I slacked and I’m feeling antsy to get some things put up. Got a recipe from my Aunt today for my Great Great Grandmother’s pickled hot peppers that require no stove action at all. One night this week when it is 95 degrees I think I’ll make some! (Here for my recent adventures in canning: http://einsteinsdesk.wordpress.com/)

  355. A few months ago I put up some grapefruit marmalade when prices were still $4.99 for an 18pounds bag. My grandmother’s apricots will probably be next on the agenda.

  356. I just made a batch of marion berry jam. The fruit stand by work has started carrying berries and I couldn’t resist.

  357. I haven’t canned yet – but am planning on making some apple / red currant jam later this week! This will be my first canning attempt so hopefully it will go well…

  358. I made your dilly beans (extra spicy)! I just opened the last jar, so i guess it is about time to make some more.

  359. Sour cherry jam will be canned next week! So, so, so, excited!!! Plus, I’ll be freezing cherries for pies in the holiday season. Did I mention EXCITED!!!!

  360. I haven’t canned anything this season, yet! Due to the cooler than normal and longer spring, my garden has been in a “stalled” state. BUT, I have every intention of canning jalapeno peppers and my special bell pepper relish.

    Thank you for the great give away!

  361. I did a few jars back in the spring of pickled asaragus. I tried out 2 different recipes. Although since then, I’ve started training at a new job, bought a house, and moved into it, so summer preserving has been put on hold. I do want to get a fee things done before the season is out and this kit would be great for some small batch recipes I have planned to do. Great giveaway! πŸ™‚

  362. I will be canning raspberry jelly this afternoon from the juice I extracted overnight from our garden raspberries. As it is just my husband and me at home now I would love to win the small batch canning kit! MK

  363. Last night I did a batch of Plum Jam with deep red amazing Satsuma Plums from my neighbor’s tree. Just pure jam. Plums, a tiny bit of lemon juice and sugar. Exquisite. Sometimes just the essence of a singular fruit uncombined is best. Before that we were in Germany where we captured our part of our sour cherry harvest from our farm in jars and jars of jam and quarts of cherries canned in schnapps. What a joy that basket would be!
    Sue Malick

  364. I have never canned anything! I used to watch my mom when I was a little girl, and now I would love to try. My garden is overflowing with banana-peppers right now. πŸ™‚

  365. My most recent canning was Pickled Cherries using your recipe. I made a small batch last month and they were so delicious that I needed more before cherries disappeared from my farmers market.

  366. I did your refrigerator pickles for my partner with all the dill our farmshare keeps sending us. I’m a bit nervous about honest-to-goodness shelf-stable canning!

  367. I have been experimenting with very low sugar strawberry preserves for my diabetic better half. Have figured out that I can make a batch of 5-6 half pints for aboput the cost of one pint in the store!

  368. I made pickled radishes a couple of weeks ago. I’ve never really canned anything, but I’m determined to learn and understand about preserving food especially since I’m gardening more. This would be an awesome product to start off.

  369. Pickled okra! I’m growing some beautiful veg on my apartment patio, and the okra are just begging for vinegar and spicy peppers.

  370. The last time I truly canned was in 1986 in my mother’s kitchen in Holland. My mom used to can all the fruits and veggies that were in season and we would enjoy them during the winter. Now might be a great time to start again since the process is so much easier now.

  371. Last month I canned 12 jars of hot spicy salsa with peppers and tomatoes from the garden. I have my mom’s old canner, so it must have close to 60 years of use. I do love that old canner but I think I’m ready to come into this century and update my canning tools!

  372. I’m still in swimming in the world of freezer jam (strawberry), but I’d love to add true canning to my repertoire. Thanks!

  373. ooh ooh! That kit would fill in a few of the gaps in my canning tools! πŸ™‚ I just made your gingery blueberry preserves and packed them into the little squished flat half pint jars (I want to poke their bellies). My two-year-old son had a blast licking the leftovers with a tablespoon. It was a very enjoyable afternoon!

  374. Living at high altitude I have been waiting for the fruit to come in..Last year I totally missed them! I have canned a cherry-jalapeno jam and a vanilla rhubarb jam.
    I love the blog! It has been very helpful!

  375. This weekend: thirty lbs of Bing and Royal Anne cherries (some in light syrup, some with brandy — as we call it around here, Christmas shopping). A batch of Mrs Wheelbarrow’s dilly beans. Carrot/Cardamom jam (Christine Ferber). Sour cherry preserves (10 lbs of pie cherries to pit). And last night — 8 jars of raspberry jam from berries I picked (less than 3 hours from farm to jar).

    Must put in a good word for tayberries. If you are in the Portland, Oregon area and can make it out to West Union Gardens in Hillsboro, go pick yourself some of these. They made the most fragrant, delicious berry jam I have ever eaten. And about the nicest u-pick adventure ever. The fields are clean and the berries are big so it goes fast. And they have an amazing selection of crops. I have no connection to the farm other than as a customer: going back for gooseberries and currants this week and other berries as they come into season. No idea what to do with gooseberries yet but I know I want them.

  376. Yesterday I made your garlic dill pickles. I certainly could have used that basket! I had to use a towel in the bottom of my kettle.

  377. I am new to canning. This is my husband and I’s first year and gardening. The garden is doing great. I would love to win this kit. I have never canned before, but am going to learn this summer. I love the thought of saving our own food. It’s great to provide for our family that way. Thanks for the great blog.

  378. Yesterday I did a small batch in the pressure canner of boneless chicken thighs marinated SouthWestern style that were on special at the store. Stuffed them into 3 pints. I’m thinking later they would be nice shredded in a burrito.

    Great contest and would love to win this set to use in one of my smaller pots.

  379. I made pickles last year, kind of by the seat of my pants. combined internet recipes and worked with what I had on hand. end result….. burnt my hands ( while removing them from the boiling hot water!) and pickles you could barely eat! As I have a garden again this year, it would be WONDERFUL to have the proper tools to work with as well as a hard copy of directions. I love your site.

  380. Since my freezer is getting full already, I’ve had to can more this summer, which is good, since I wouldn’t otherwise! I wanted to try something less sugary with my sweet cherries this year, so I made a sweet cherry chutney! Can’t wait to try it with brie and crackers!

  381. The last thing I canned was a double batch of jalapeno jelly. One batch didn’t last very long last year. We love jalapeno poppers dipped in the jelly. It may be a bit redundant, but the spicy and sweet combo is just amazing.

  382. Holy Cow! Almost 600 entries? Well, add me to the list. The last thing I canned was strawberry jam. I’m preparing to make and can stewed rhubarb. I describe it as being “like applesauce, but rhubarb instead of apples.” It’s delicious.

  383. My most recent canning project was peach butter!! It was delicious! I got peaches from the seconds bin at the farmer’s market and they were super yummy.

  384. The last successful canning session was the Kosher dill pickles 2 or three weeks ago. I removed the gasket from my pressure canner to use it as a boiling bath in order to get nine pint jars in by stacking the jars. The canning was a success, but yesterday I was going to put up some purple hull peas which I grew and my wife shelled. These need to go into the pressure canner . I could not find the gasket. We looked for over two hours and still I could not find. Finally in desperation I went ahead and ordered a new one from Goodman’s. I am looking to get it in about 3 or 4 days. I hope the prepared peas hold up in the refrigerator as that is my only recourse to save them now. If not, I will have a giveaway of prepared peas to my neighbors.

  385. Applesauce! I can things like applesauce regularly, plus chili and soup in my pressure canner because prices are getting so high that I feel I must preserve for an uncertain future. It is hard for we seniors to buy what we need now, but to preserve for just my husband and I, this kit would be so perfect, and so loved! That way I can take advantage of sales and local produce which doesn’t come in bulk. I don’t just want it; I need it. I hope I can find one.

  386. I am one of those beginning banners this kit is aimed at. I have the recipes, etc. To try, just need the time and bravery now!

  387. I have made Currant Strawberry Jam and it is wonderful. The first batch did not firm up and we used it for icecream topping and it was the best. The currants and strawberries came out of our garden. I made eight pints and they will not last long.

  388. I’ve made strawberry jam, and I have cucumbers soaking for my grandma’s sweet pickle recipe now. I miss her, and the process of making these pickles brings just a little bit of my grandma into my kitchen. <3

  389. I am new to canning and your blog has been an inspiration. In the last few weeks I have made lemon curd, orange curd, citrus marmalade, strawberry jam and pesto with basil from my garden. I have been using the things I have around the house since I have few canning tools. I only make small batches, so this is the perfect set for me!

  390. So I finally tried canning this summer. And I am obsessed. And not just a little. Your blog and others, as well as some wonderful books have inspired me and I’m now a preserving addict. I love to cook for friends and family so this allows me to literally give it as a gift without hosting huge dinner parties all the time! So far this year: 5 jars of Pineapple Chinese 5-spice jam, 4 jars of Mango Lime Jam, 15 jars of strawberry jam, 4 quarts of peaches in vanilla bean syrup, 4 pints of apricot halves with honey and ginger, 5 jars of Apricot and Vanilla Bean preserves, 4 jars of Pineapple Peach Mint Jam, 5 jars of triple berry jam with lemon, 4 quarts of pickles, 4 jars of pickled radishes, couple jars each of pickled garlic scapes, asparagus, dilly beans, okra and kolrabi, 6 jars of sweet cherry jam, 7 pints of cumin pickled summer squash, 7 pints of pickled beets (3 different varieties), 4 jars of cardamom plum jam, several jars of brandied cherries in red wine (one can never have too much of a drunken fruit, right?), 5 jars of red onion marmalade and 3 jars of hot chili jelly and I have 30 mini jars of blueberry apple jam in queue for favors at my best friend’s baby shower. I’m essentially canning my way through the book: Canning for a New Generation: Bold, Fresh Flavors for the Modern Pantry by Liana Krissoff. Now I can’t wait for raspberries and tomatoes! And yes, working full time with a toddler, and doing all this canning…I don’t sleep much at night!

  391. I just made a small batch of strawberry jam with 2 quarts of beautiful Michicago strawberries from my CSA. It was my first time making real jam, and it set beautifully and tastes wonderful. I just got some sour cherries from my CSA this week, and I think they are destined for some lovely jam as well πŸ™‚

  392. I’ve never canned anything!! I’d really like to try my hand at this summer, so when I cam across this site I immediately signed up for the newsletters in hopes I’d get some tips and ideas on how to can and what to can..so far I’m impressed and have a ton of ideas!! Thanks!

  393. I have never canned anything. Unless you count the harissa I made to put in the jam jar I was returning to a colleague, and that would be a bit of a stretch. The harissa is awesome, though!

  394. I’ve never canned anything – but – this is the year! I have a date on the calendar, 3 friends, a farmers’ market in my neighborhood, and oh yes, tomatoes growing in my backyard! I’m so excited to learn more about this exciting process and make it a part of yearly traditions, especially the yummy eating of canned food in the middle of cold midwest winters! I can’t wait! Yum!

  395. Yesterday, cherry jam. Last week, strawberry margarita jam and peach bellini jam. More than two people can eat!

  396. Made Rhubarb Jam. Turned out tarter than I expected, and I think next years batch will call for Strawberries as well.

  397. This has been my first year of canning anything…I just recently pickled garlic scapes! Hopefully they turn out yummy come winter, the scapes came from my csa and I want to remember all the fresh produce that was around this summer when it’s deep, rainy winter.

  398. I’ve never actually ‘canned’ anything, but I regularly make freezer jam and refrigerator pickles. I suppose I should take the plunge. This Ball kit could be the start of something great!

  399. I have been so inspired to can again since I found your website and met you! I’ve started with some baby steps and made refridgerator pickles a few weeks ago ( just to get the jars out and get the dust off!) and I’m going to tackle some kind of jam next (never done it before), and I am gearing up for some tomatoes next. Thanks for waking up this part of me again!

  400. Wow, thanks for another great giveaway! This would be perfect for me, as I usually can smaller batches. The last thing I “canned” was the refrigerator pickles I made last night, but it has been a while since I processed anything. The next weekend I am in town, I plan to can some peaches in gin syrup, though!

  401. I made strawberry jam and had to process it twice because I was just learning… next up is sauerkraut and salsa! So much food from my CSA! I also live in downtown philly and a smaller canning set-up would be fabulous!

  402. Of course, it’s 95 degrees out, so canning season is in full swing. On Sunday I picked up a flat of blueberries at the farmers’ market, and last night I made a crockpot full of blueberry butter (my favorite thing from last season) and tried my hand at your blueberry ginger jam. The blue jars can join the pink strawberry-rhubarb jam jars already on the shelf as they wait for pickles and tomatoes to join them in a few weeks. Some small batch canning gear would help me not to overheat my poor little house quite so much!

  403. Most recently I did some fermenting of ginger carrots and beet kvass! Looking forward to canning some pickles and tomatoes soon I hope!