Hey Portland! Take a Canning Class With Me!

May 8, 2012(updated on December 6, 2021)

Hey Portland, OR readers! I’m coming to town June 13-17. I’m going to eat pumpkin curry from Monsoon Thai, snuggle my adorable nephew, teach a class at Kitchencru and sign some books at Powell’s on Hawthorne (and in the process, fulfill a long-held dream).

I’m so looking forward to this trip. However, there’s something that’s causing me a bit of stress and that’s the fact that registration for the June 14 strawberry lemon jam class has been super slow. So much so that I’m wondering if I might need to cancel it (since the space is pricy and all).

I hate to do that because I love teaching these classes. They give me a chance to hang out with all you nice folks who read this blog, answer your canning questions in person and get some much-needed human interaction.

If you’re a Portland-based person and you were thinking of taking that class with me, I’d really love it if you’d consider signing up. If you’re not based in Portland but have a friend in PDX who’s always wanted to learn to can, point them in my direction. Better yet, buy them a ticket to the class.

One more thing. I know that for lots of you, money is tight. If you want to take this class but can’t swing the fee ($60 + 4.29), shoot me an email (foodinjars AT gmail dot com) so we can work something out.

And, if you’re not Portland-based, there are still classes to be had. Click here to check the full list!

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22 thoughts on "Hey Portland! Take a Canning Class With Me!"

  • This has nothing to do with your canning class (which I wish I could attend, but it’s on the other side of the country from me), but I just wanted to let you know how excited I was to get an email from Amazon telling me your book will be shipping a week early! Hooray!

  • I have friend visiting from out of town that week, but I’ll check to see if they want to learn some canning! Either way, I’ll definitely come by the book signing. I’m so glad you’re headed to pdx!

  • Love your blog and have already pre-ordered the cookbook from my favorite little bookstore! I’m experiencing a little East/West coast envy…but keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll visit Minnesota someday!

  • I’m in! And trying to talk my daughter into coming down from Seattle to take the class with me… 🙂

  • I’m hoping to get your book soon. Looks good. Also you should come down to the South sometime.


  • Marisa,
    Guess what came in the mail today? Ah so patience is a virtue. HA

    Ooohh I can’t wait till the little people go to bed and I can read you cover to cover!
    Yippie for you and the book and me for getting to read it.

  • I want to come so badly, but I have a baby due the 4th and am not sure said baby and I will be up for it. I am excited that you are coming to Portland and here’s hoping you get a full house so that the next time you come I can sign up!!! (and here’s hoping I can talk my hubby into driving up for the book signing, it is his birthday weekend after all…) 🙂 Good Luck and enjoy the Pacific NW!

    1. That definitely sounds like you’d be cutting it close with a new little person! Hope I’ll see you at the book signing, though!

  • I just signed up and I hope it goes ahead! I got your book (thanks Amazon!) today and have already skimmed it cover to cover. 🙂 Great stuff and I love the smaller quantities because I can make every kind and not have an overwhelming amount of preserved edibles.

    1. Kirsten, I’m sorry that you find the price a little steep. My book tour is entirely self-funded, so I’m simply charging enough so that I can cover my costs for the space and the trip.

  • It makes sense to have a copy of the book available at the class to buy at a discount- the class is expensive

    1. Saige, the very cheapest way to buy the book is to order it on Amazon. They charge less than even I can. And I do know that the class is pricy, but travel is expensive!