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May 4, 2009(updated on October 3, 2018)

jars of herbs

Today was opening day for the Headhouse Square Farmers Market. During the season, it is one of the highlights of my week. Sunday mornings, my friend Shay and I meet up there right around opening at 10 am to do our grocery shopping, walking on the same bricks that shoppers strolled 200 years ago. Last year, we made friends with several of the vendors, including Mark the egg man (his hens lay the most beautiful, multi-colored eggs that have vividly orange yolks) and Tom from Culton Organics, who wears a jaunty red kerchief around his neck when the weather is hot. We’re hoping to get to know even more farmers and vendors this year, as it makes the shopping experience even more satisfying.

Once we’ve exhausted our budgets, we get a drink, find a spot of curb and hang out for a bit to chat and people-watch. Unfortunately, today it wasn’t possible to pull up a chunk of curbstone, as Philly was treated to a day-long soaking rain. The drizzle didn’t seem to keep people away from the market though, the space under the Shambles was packed and everyone seemed delighted to be there, rubbing elbows once again with their favorite farmers.

One of the best things about this market is that the farmers put a great deal of energy into making their products look as lovely as possible. The displays include antique crates, bentwood baskets and natural slabs of slates upon which they write names and prices. One set-up that particularly caught my eye was the one you see above, of neatly bundled herbs, tucked into jars. This is something you could do in your own home, to extend the life of your cut herbs. The one addition I’d make would be to drape a plastic bag with a few holes cut out over the herbs. They last an amazingly long time that way, and look quite nice, to boot.

If you want to see more of my pictures from the market today, I’ve added them to my Headhouse set from last year and the year before, which you can find here.

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2 thoughts on "Herbs in Jars"

  • Hi Marisa,

    i just saw your comment over on dorie greenspan’s site and i needed to come by immediately and check out your blog. i love it! i am a fellow (in my case newbie) food blogger on just this subject! so i am very, very, excited to discover your blog! I will be checking back often!

    the philly farmers market looks awesome. i have a week to go up here in the berkshires of MA to get to my first farmer’s market of the season.

    Tigress, thanks so much for stopping by! I checked out your blogs as well, and immediately added them to my feed reader! Thanks! -Marisa

  • When I saw that photo, I thought you had bought all those, and was trying to imagine how you’d use them all up before they went bad!

    I wish my favorite local market was a little more like yours. It’s amazing, but the herb section is crowded insanity and no visual flair.

    Monika, my market is amazingly beautiful. I just love how the farmers put so much energy into making their tables look nice. -Marisa