Giveaway: $150 of Freeze-Dried Food from Harvest Right

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When I was a kid, freeze dried foods seemed magical. They looked like their fresh counterparts, but when you bit into them they were typically crisp and a bit crumbly. The one my sister and I liked the best was the freeze dried ice cream (aka astronaut’s ice cream), because it was such a sweet treat.

Harvest Right freeze dryers

Photo courtesy of Harvest Right

When I started preserving food and was researching all the various ways to do it, I looked into what it took to freeze dry food and discovered at that time, it just wasn’t something that could be done at home. The machines cost tens of thousands of dollars and were far bigger than anything I could fit into my apartment-sized kitchen.

Harvest Right packaging

However, in recent years, a company called Harvest Right has entered the market with a freeze dryer that’s scaled and priced for home use. While not cheap, it allows home users to preserve food in a way that makes it light, easily storable, and still delicious.

Harvest Right apple slices

I’ve not had a chance to try a Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer myself (sadly, this machine is still a bit too big for my little apartment), reading this post over on Our Best Bites made me itch to take one for a spin. However, I have had a chance to try some food dried in one of these magical freeze dryers and I’ve found them to be flavorful, texturally interesting, and really fun to eat.

Harvest Right freeze-dried bananas

For today’s giveaway, Harvest Right wants to give one lucky Food in Jars reader a chance to try some food preserved in their Home Freeze Dryer. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter to win $150 worth of food dried in a Harvest Right machine (to maximize your chances, make sure to enter using all the different options)!

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280 responses to “Giveaway: $150 of Freeze-Dried Food from Harvest Right”

  1. Oh, wow–what wouldn’t I try to freeze dry? Preserve a lot of herbs from the summer for use during the winter months, lots of freeze dried fruits and berries for healthier snacking.

  2. I would love to use this to make snacks from the abundance of organic fruits and veggies that are available in this area. There’s always so much to choose from in the summer and then poof it’s gone. This would be a great way to stretch out the summer season!

  3. I would LOVE to have this as an alternative to freezing (and the possibility of losing everything in an extended power outage)! I’d use it to dry mangoes–I prefer the dried version to its fresh counterpart!

  4. It sounds so fun to play with trying to freeze dry everything. It would be great though for those weeks when our CSA box is just too generous – a neat way to preserve the extra produce for later.

  5. My mouth actually just started watering when I started thinking of answers to this question. I would freeze-dry so much fresh fruit, especially tiny early strawberries and the black-cap raspberries we grow in our backyard.

  6. I would use this to dry herbs and edible flowers to use later. I would also use it to dry fruit for a tasty snack for my kids.

  7. I would use it to freeze dry mushrooms. I use dried porcini’s in so many recipes and those things are expensive!

  8. I would use this to preserve everything I can to reduce food waste and to keep things that can get expensive for later use.

  9. Would love to try this, not had much if any freeze-dried foods yet. But I do love the idea as an alternative to stuffing excess into the freezer or canning it. 🙂 Yum.

  10. I would try to freeze dry anything! Love the idea of this but still too big of an investment. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Oh I like the idea of freeze drying herbs, definitely that first! Then I would try fruit slices just to have as a snack on hand for the toddler.

  12. I’ve always found freeze-dried foods to have an unexpected texture. I’d love to try some that’s been specifically crafted for flavor and taste as opposed to mass production.

  13. My CSA frequently gets out of hand during late summer, I’d love to give this a shot for preserving the extra produce!

  14. I’d absolutely try making my own astronaut’s ice cream. But also I think fruit would be great. And maybe tomatoes as an alternative to oven roasting?

  15. I really wish that freeze-dried foods were more common – there was one brand that was quite popular when I worked at Whole Foods that sold freeze-dried fruit and veggie snacks, but they always were pricier than I could shell out for, and I rarely see other options around outside the backpacking/camping/survival meal market. I love the crispy-yet-melty texture of freeze-dried foods and would love to stash away a fair amount of summer’s fruit bounty especially, in particular because I find eating enough servings of fruit every day to be more onerous than vegetables.

  16. Holy cow, what couldn’t I use it for? As somebody with a nearly 300 square ft garden, my freezer and canner cry mercy at the end of the growing season! This would certainly help lighten the load for those peppers, pears, apples, and tomatoes – tomato powder for the win!

  17. Freeze-drying fresh berries–my kids are addicted to the bags from Trader Joe’s, and DIYing them would be so nice.

  18. It would be great to dry all the Italian Plums from our bountiful tree. sundries tomatoes would also be yummy. I also like freeze dried raspberries and figs,

  19. I would use this to preserve fruit and vegetable slices, rather than having them get overripe (or wasting them altogether!)

  20. I’m jumping on board with the giveaways! Freeze drying sounds awesome. Instead of leathery bananas, it makes crispy bananas! Plus, less banana bread means fewer trips to the gym. 🙂

  21. Sadly, I doubt the machine would fit in my kitchen, but if it did I would totally be making fruit and vegetable snacks!

  22. I would try my hand at freeze drying food to go backpacking and hopefully avoid a s much artificial “stuff” while enjoying the outdoors

  23. Freeze drying Berries!!! I’d give up part of the kitchen for that! Wow. I think the future may well BE freeze drying. Think of the space saving – smaller pantry or more food in a smaller space. Think of the power saving – no big clunky freezer!! Sign me up.

  24. I would like to try drying fruit and berries, as well as veggies from my garden. I bet my dog would love some freeze dried green beans in the winter when he can’t have fresh.

  25. I’d love to dry more spices like garlic and onion powder for custom spice blends. I think freeze drying herbs may have better results that air drying.

  26. I’d love to try this! I haven’t really ever had freeze dried fruits. This would such a fun toy to play with. I’d be freeze dry some things out of the garden!

  27. As we do more gardening and preserving and try to be more self-sufficient in our retirement years I can see how this would be a great product for a group such as our church family to own and use. I’d love to win some of their freeze dried products.

  28. What a great way to preserve the best of the ripe fruit of the season!!! while it is low cost a super tasty!!! That is what i would do.

  29. That is so cool! I love freeze dried fruit but it’s too expensive for me to buy normally. I’d be freeze-drying so much during farmers market season.

  30. Oh my gosh! I was just looking into freeze drying, too! Sadly, I think it is out of my reach as well. I would love to make yogurt and fruit snacks for my littles.

    • I didn’t look at the price but if their special is $500 off then I know I could probably buy a used car with what this would cost.

  31. This is my first year participating in a CSA, so I’d use it to freeze dry items that I received an excess amount of. I remember going to Nasa at Cape Canaveral with my family as a child and devouring freeze dried ice cream. It was sooooooo good!

  32. I have heard about these and can’t wait until they are at a price I can afford! Drying berries to put into baked goods and other desserts, or making powders to add flavors and nutrients to other dishes sounds like such a great idea!

  33. My husband and I do a lot of hike throughs- days of carrying all our food and gear on our backs- to have this at home would make prepping for our adventures a lot more fun & wholesome!!

  34. I would freeze dry various fruits so I can enjoy them all year round. Might try some veggies too to add to soups when I wanted to.

  35. I would freeze-dry organic veggies for soups and casseroles. I’d dry fruit for snacks and to add to homemade granola.

  36. We have so much produce that we grow on our urban homestead… I would freeze dry everything that I didn’t can or freeze conventionally. Or things I buy at a really good price. My hubby and I have considered getting one of these beauts…

  37. I would freeze dry so many veggies from my garden!!! And fruit from my bushes. My freezer is stuffed full by the end of the summer.

  38. Oh my gosh, what wouldn’t I try? The space saving would be incredible, and I love freeze-dried foods! Still a ways out of my budget though…

  39. oooh! I would make dried crackers! does that sound boring? also, kale chips! I would sprout seeds & dry them (like buckwheat)! and of couuurse, apple chips. yum yum yum.

  40. I live in the midwest, where we have wonderful produce in the summer, but not so much in the winter. I would freeze dry as much delicious summery goodness as I could to carry me through, and bring a little sunshine, our long winter.

  41. definitely berries. garden vegetables too. I’d never thought about cracker chips before reading the comments above – that sounds interesting.

  42. would use to freeze dry fruits and veggies and of course to make beef jerky for son-in-law.
    Would love to try some freeze dried products.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  43. It would be wonderful for camping and preparing food for an emergency kit. I always get a lot of apples in our co-op basket and it would be great to have another option. Thanks for the opportunity to try these!

  44. I would try just about any fruit or vegetable. Friends bless me with their overabundance- this year it was apples but also broccolini so I would try freeze drying whatever I got my hands on. Plus once freeze dried, it would be so much easier to store.

  45. I would freeze dry everything that I could. All that I grow and all that I can get at the farmers market. I love using freeze dried or dehydrated foods. The nutrition is preserved and the flavors are enhanced. It makes cooking both healthy and easy and is even a good way to preserve leftovers.

  46. What a wonderful giveaway. I would use a freeze dryer for berries,peaches and maybe some apples. Green beans are a favorite too.

  47. This is so so cool! Freeze-dried fruit powders are often used in fancy baking recipes (I often see them at specialty baking stores), and I would love to try these out in some of those recipes! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  48. I’m very curious. A friend and I have talked about sharing one of these. It would be nice to see if it’s worth it.

  49. I’ve been wanting one of these machines for forever! OBB sold me on that. But like you, the cost and placement of machine is a problem. Maybe someday ?

  50. How neat is that! I don’t know if it would fit in my kitchen, but I liked the idea someone had about sharing it with a friend.

  51. I make an outstanding snack mix with assorted cereals, nuts and freeze-dried fruits…I’d love to try some different options!

  52. That is so cool! The only down side to freeze dried fruits and veggies is that they are so easy to eat and wouldn’t last!

  53. I camp and backpack with my husband so this would be a great way for do it yourself meals for the trail!

  54. So many options: fruit snacks, additions to our constant supply of nuts and dried fruits, cereal toppings, inclusions in baked desserts and they wouldn’t take up space in my freezer or limited canning shelves.

  55. So glad after reading the post on Our Best Bites, I am not the only one seriously wanting a freeze dryer, even though it is not practical for my home space (or budget)! I would want to try some many things, obviously fruit and veggies, but fun things, too. I have heard marshmallows are good. My husband does a lot of hunting, so freeze dried jerky sounds interesting.

  56. Super fun! I would try this with tons of fruits and veggies and use them with my little one! Also would try bashing up the freeze-dried fruits into a powder and using in cakes and frostings!

  57. I would love to use one of these to dry fruit. My family loves freeze-dried fruit and we have so much fresh fruit available near us, but freeze-dried fruit is too pricey for us to rely on as snacks as much as we’d like.

  58. I would love to be able to make healthy snacks and preserve garden produce in a way other than canning/freezing. It’s sometimes hard to find dehydrated/freeze dried foods that don’t have added suger, etc.

  59. I just saw an ad for this thing in Morher EarthNews and had to look it up. I think this would nearest for snacks for the kids and camping trips. I wonder if you could make soup bases with peppers and onions ready to go?

  60. I think it’d be great for drying the huge surplus of apples that always seems to come my way in the fall. A girl can only make so much apple pie filling, butter, and sauce before the storage for canning jars becomes ridiculous!

  61. It would help to cut down on the waste from my CSA deliveries. At peak times, the bonus surplus is more than I can handle and often items that I can not hot water can.

  62. I’d freeze dry all that food that I typically toss because I haven’t eaten it in time before it goes bad. Yes, that’s horrible, I know.

  63. I could see using this in a different way than my dehydrator. I think it would be great for veggies that would later go into soups and sauces, and it would also work really well for fruits that will be going into dry mixes or cereals.

  64. We do a lot of camping and backpacking. It would be so cool to take home freeze dried food! Especially the fruit from our trees!

  65. I would use it to have snacks/meals for when we are going to the kids’ sporting activities in the evenings and it is hard to have a sit down dinner.

  66. I have been reading about these for sometime now and would love another way to preserve what we grow on our property!

  67. I have a huge garden, and I would definitely use it to preserve my harvest. We are getting a farm in a few years, and I could really put this thing to use.

  68. My husband is going through some tough medical issues.
    If I could preserve some of his favorite fruits… That would be such a nice treat!
    I would love to try to preserve all that I could!
    So wonderful!

  69. This would be perfect for preserving garden fresh veggies/fruits for my family, and make meal preparation and planning so much easier

  70. Ooh, this would be so neat to have! My husband loves to prep, but we have limited resources. This would be a great way to preserve food for the future. And I know my kids and I would love the freeze dried texture!

  71. These freeze dried items are beautiful and the fact that they taste good too! A Winner!!!
    These would be great for road trips, picnics, snacks for the kids at games…wonderful!

  72. Camping food comes to mind instantly. The light weight would be a boon. But I also remember watching an episode of The British Baking Show where one of the bakers used freeze dried raspberries in a dessert. I’d love to preserve the raspberries from my garden to use all year in all sorts of things.

  73. I would absolutely enjoy trying a variety of freeze dried foods as I have severe dietary restrictions and fruit/vegetables are one of the only things I’m able to eat eat! Being able to freeze dry food would give me more options and variety to my super limited diet!

  74. This would be a perfect way to preserve all of the fruit from our trees! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  75. I’d use a freeze dryer to preserve fruits and veggies from our garden, and from farmers markets. I don’t know much about freeze drying, but I’d like to learn.

  76. I just love the option of having freeze drying any of my fruits and veggies I don’t freeze or can so I can have more shelf/freezer space.

  77. I saw the post on Our Best Bites too. By the end, I was ready to buy. Until I saw the price tag. I would still love one. I’d love to play around with freeze drying fruit and veggies. And maybe some ice cream too.

  78. This would be so awesome for preserving foods for the future. I do a lot of drying but there is no question that freeze drying is superior in taste.

  79. I’d pretty much try to freeze dry everything! Well, at least try different fruits and vegetables, and maybe a meal or two to try to take backpacking.

  80. I would defintately want to dry strawberries. I’ve made muffins with freeze dried strawberries just one time and they turned out great. Usually the fruit will be a bit heavy in muffins, which is always still good tasting, they just spoil faster. When I used the freeze dried berries though, the muffins were quite light and I didn’t have to worry about refrigerating, which is great when we’re camping.
    I wonder how tomatoes would do with this.

  81. Would love to try this out, especially with all the summer produce we will have in the next few months. We can never get through all of it while it’s fresh.

  82. Wow-this is really interesting. It looks like many more thngs can be freeze dried than you would think.
    this could open up a ton more preserving options.

  83. I would love to be able to freeze dry excess produce when it is in season! I like freeze dried food much better than canned.

  84. I would love to expand my abilities to prepare fruits and veggies ahead of time for family trips and vacations, especially using freeze drying and similar techniques which save space and prepared well in advance.

  85. I’ve been looking for a reason to justify one of these! I have some extraordinarily productive raspberry bushes and would love another way to preserve them. ?

  86. I’ve loved the idea of doing this at home as well. Especially since I have a son with food allergies. But it’s out of my price range. Thanks for this chance.

  87. I have a big garden with lots of fruit trees. I would love to be able to freeze dry fruit for easy snacking on the go!

  88. I have signed up for every give away they have had! I would love to have one – one day. They do have layaway options for those of you really interested.

    I would freeze most anything. Garden and fruit harvests especially since they spoil so fast and having them over the winter would be such a nice treat and not having to can all of it! wow.

    I was just in Whole Foods a week ago and was looking at the freeze dried fruits in their snack area – just a tiny bag cost $5-$7! yikes.

  89. Freeze drying would be a GREAT way to store all the bounty of the season that I may not want to pickle or outright freeze.

  90. I’d freeze dry food items we get in abundance. It’d be a great alternative to filling up the freezer.

  91. The exciting possibilities are endless when using it freeze dryer I would try everything from fruits vegetables meats it would be so much fun and healthy for my family!!

  92. If there was a disaster freeze dried food would not spoil like food in a freezer with no electricity. The shelf life is very long. The food tastes good. I have had several freeze dried meals, they were tasty. I have wanted a way to freeze dry food for a long time. glad they have come up with a home model. I want one! We have fruit trees and a big vegetable garden to preserve , also want to put together freeze dried meals for when I don’t have time for cooking

  93. I loved the astronaut ice cream also, first place we got it was Disneyworld! And everything I’ve tried since then has been great!

  94. I’m going backpacking this summer and have been brainstorming ideas of what food to take with me that’s light and flavorful. Some freeze-dried goods would be perfect! I’d be the envy of the trail.

    Congratulations on your newest book!

  95. My kids would love to snack on so many of the fruits. It would be a real time saver for me with packing lunches.

  96. Your freeze-dried ice cream must have been a different brand . . . or you’re a little younger than I am! One family camping trip in the late ’60, we had some freeze-dried backpacking meals . . . the stews/pasta were apparently OK, because I don’t remember them, but the ice cream? Mostly sugar, VERY mild milk-chocolate flavor, and the texture of Styrofoam. Weirdest thing I have ever eaten, bar none.

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