A Harvest Giveaway at Kaufmann Mercantile


Friends, I’m dropping in briefly this morning to share a giveaway partnership I’m participating in (I’ll be back later in the day with a honey-sweetened version of my beloved tomato jam). A few weeks back, the nice folks at Kaufmann Mercantile came to me and asked if I’d contribute a copy of my book to their Harvest Giveaway.

They’ve teamed up with a few food and preserving-minded folks, to offer a lovely assortment of harvest-themed gifts to a lucky winner. The giveaway includes a set of New England Ash Picking Baskets, a collection of jams from Cristina’s at Sun Valley, a signed copy of my book (I’m happy to personalize it for the winner), a one-year subscription to Bon Appetit, and a pair of Cherry Birch Jam & Butter Knives from KM. Just click on the image above and you’ll find yourself on the entry page.


And just one more thing! Kaufmann Mercantile also has an interview with both Cristina and me on their blog right now. It’s a fun read, particularly if you’re curious about how my canning habits shift when fall arrives.

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15 responses to “A Harvest Giveaway at Kaufmann Mercantile”

  1. I entered. Not sure if I entered correctly or not. It just had a block with enter now. I assumed it would be my email address so that is what I entered. Lets hope I was right!! Thanks for the great posts and I am looking forward excitedly to your next entry…I love, love, LOVE homemade tomato ANYTHING!!

  2. I just found this site, My daughter is trying to learn canning and food preserving, I did a lot when I was younger and I do really enjoy it but, I never got into the habit in my own home. I don’t own the equipment or garden space so, the expense and space considerations kind of prevented me from doing it while my daughter was growing up. I would really love to win this. My daughter, granddaughter and I are starting a whole new tradition for our family.

  3. I’ll be back this afternoon for the tomato jam recipe. I just started saving up cherry tomatoes for it, and should have a pound for a small batch in a few days. I also tried your green tomato pickle recipe on a cup of the cherry tomatoes, and I’m going to crack it open for lunch. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. I am reading the fine print… “Void outside the United States, in Canada and Porto Rico….” Not sure about the meaning with that punctuation. I live in Canada. Am I eligible or not?
    Thanks for your help and great contests!

  5. Just a note; I bought your book a month ago and I’m cooking my way through it. It’s now an official cookbook, because it has food stains and notes scribbled in it. 😉

  6. You have such an amazing site! I hope to find your books in a bookstore this weekend in DFW. Our only bookstore closed last month and I hate ordering online…I always want it NOW! We just closed our garden for the fall but I hope to put in a few plants in a greenhouse as well as maybe a small fall garden. I do have one Tabasco pepper plant and some late season okra still chugging on…they should make it until first frost in Nov. These giveaways are great….although I have never won…I have loved canning and preserving for the first time in many years…and our pantry is filling fast…. If you have any amazing apple or pumpkin recipes, please post….hope to get a few bushels in Arkansas in Oct.

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