Happy Holidays and a Winner

December 27, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)

It just never gets old to look for my book at Powell's.

I’ve been in Portland with my family for the last week and it has been so, so good. My sister, brother-in-law, and nephew flew in the same day I arrived and we spent our time together eating lots of good food (burgers with roasted sprouts! conveyor belt sushi! donuts! turkey!), consuming much excellent Stumptown coffee, and generally enjoying being together in my parents’ cozy house. Emmett came down with a case of crud on Christmas Eve, but managed to muster an appropriate amount of Christmas morning enthusiasm nonetheless.

cuppowbnto winner I’m here for a few more days and will head back to Philly and Scott (he spent the holidays with his mama at our place) on Monday. Expect things to stay quiet around these parts until I get back (I need to soak up at much parent time as possible).

Oh! Just one more thing! The winner of the Cuppow Gift Pack giveaway is #233. Congratulations, Beth!

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9 thoughts on "Happy Holidays and a Winner"

  • yay – thanks so much, marisa! looking forward to the gift pack. i also got a copy of your book under the Christmas tree, and am looking forward to using it (have used many recipes from your site and loved them).

  • If you make it over to the main Powell’s Books location, I posted a glowing recommendation of your book on the shelf several years back 🙂 I think it is still there. Maybe you can autograph it?

  • Please get back to work; I need to be cooking and preserving. I have leftover prime rib bones and beef shanks that I bought on sale and need to make some excellent broth.

    Thanks for this wonderful blog.


  • I got a pressure canner for Christmas!!!!!!! Im so excited . . . . .chicken stock will be my first effort – hopefully next weekend! Welcome to Portland – my home town
    It never gets old going to POWELLS does it . . . . .and it sounds like you found SUSHI LAND 🙂

  • On another note. Cant remember if the recipe for sour cherry spiced jam was in your book or on your web site but I made a batch this summer. It is AMAZING. I roasted a whole pork loin for Christmas dinner – at the last 20 minutes, I put a half pint jar over the top of it and returned to the oven. It provided a very nice sticky sauce/glaze that everyone went bonkers over! The jam was nice and thick so it didnt run off . . . and it was a beautiful shiny red – just gorgeous. Wish I would have thought to take a picture . . . . .Here is to wishing you a prosperous and hopefilled New Year