Happy Day to All You Mothers!

May 8, 2011(updated on October 3, 2018)

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I hope all you have had wonderful days, full of family, relaxation and plenty of good, homemade foods in jars!

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5 thoughts on "Happy Day to All You Mothers!"

  • This whole canning thing is completely new to me (as in I’ve never done it!) so I don’t have too many creative/new ideas for canning jars.

    One thing I do like to use the few I have for though are games with my daughters. Carrying pom-poms across the room with tongs and placing them in the jars, dropping clothes pins over the back of a chair into the jars, etc. Nothing super exciting but they enjoy them!

    Looking forward to getting to know your site! I’ve always wanted to try canning but been intimidated by the idea. We picked 12lbs of strawberries today though so now seems like a good time to learn!

  • I’ve been canning for a couple of years and got my mother-in-law’s jars. My most unusual use is as a tooth brush holder in my kids bathroom!

  • Saw you have a winner for the canning jars! Yay! Didn’t think I’d win- American canning jars being coveted in Germany is interesting but I can see not a winner. Maybe if I’d mentionned my own Meyer lemons preserved in spices and sea salt, or brewing limoncello and vanilla extract-but honestly no matter! But please please please let us know your favorite ones and the winner’s uses-I read your blog to learn and would love to learn of others uses. Saw you had tons of entries-I groaned inwardly for you, some what, for having to sift through them all. But please share!

    1. Sue, I used random.org to select the winner to keep it fair and impartial. I thought your story was lovely! I do plan on sifting through the comments on that post and pull out some of the tips that I found most helpful, though.