Good Knives Make Canning Easier

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Earlier tonight, I drove down to Pumpkin Market (a fabulous little shop that primarily stocks food that is locally farmed, raised, grown and produced) and picked up 100 pounds of roma tomatoes. I have a four-day weekend coming up and am going to be spending most of that time applying myself to these tomatoes.

The bulk will be canned whole, but there’s also quite a lot of chopping for salsa, slicing for dehydrating and dicing for pint canning in my future. In preparation for this canning marathon, I’m gathering jars, restocking my lid supply and making sure my go-to knives are sharp.

salsa prep

I believe that knives are the unsung heros of the home canning kitchen. When I talk canning equipment, I always mention funnels, jar lifters and sturdy stock pots, frequently failing to mention the paring and chef’s knives that make it all possible. Thing is, having good, sharp cutlery makes an incredible difference in your canning experience, as well as the quality of the product you produce.

As you can see from the picture at the top of this post, I’m a fan of knives and I have a wide variety. I particularly love a good paring knife and up until recently, my favorite one was that orange-handled Messermeister one you see next to the black-handled shears. It cost about $6, held an edge nicely and was easy to spot in a sink of dirty dishes. But then, some new knives entered my life.

grape tomatoes

Back in June, while I was up in New York attending the Fancy Food Show, I met a representative from CUTCO at the Food Fete. I told her about the volume of canning I do and she thought I should try their knives. Soon after, she sent me their Kitchen Classics Set*. It includes a slender chef knife, a trimmer (it’s become my go-to knife for separating melons from their rind) and a compact paring knife.

Before trying these knives, I’d always been a little bit scornful of CUTCO products. Mostly, it was an aesthetic thing. I thought those molded plastic handles were kind of ugly. But having spend some time with them, I am now a total convert. They are so light and comfortable to hold. I find that they are now the knives I reach for first.

Photo courtesy of CUTCO

The folks at CUTCO have been nice enough to offer one of my readers that same Kitchen Classics set they sent me. To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this post and tell me about your favorite knife (paring? chef? Santoku?). All entries must be received by Saturday, September 4, 2010 by 11:59 p.m. After that time, comments will be closed. I’ll do my best to post the winner promptly.

*Disclosure! They sent it to me at no cost, in the hopes that I’d use it and review it. However, I only talk about the stuff I truly like, so had these knives been lackluster, I wouldn’t be raving about them here.

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407 responses to “Good Knives Make Canning Easier”

  1. I’m probably not going to win since I believe I’m the first comment (and first comments never win!). But I cook daily and I own only one knife! It is a large chef’s knife that my dad bought me when I went away to college…9 years ago. And it’s never been sharpened. This is obviously a dire situation. I keep meaning to buy new knives, but I don’t want to buy cheap ones and money is tight and… I could obviously use a new knife!

  2. My current multi-purpose favorite is a 4″ parer by Wusthof. It’s the right size for my little hands and makes all the cutting of smaller items go quickly!

  3. Cool! I have to agree about the aesthetic– those handles just aren’t attractive. But if they work well, what a pleasant surprise! Books and covers, or knives and handles? πŸ™‚ My favorite knife is a red-handled (see) Santoku that holds an edge nicely. I’m a gal of simple tastes and frankly, little space. I’ve been hearing raves about some German knives I’d like to try someday though. Maybe after vacation…

  4. As a graduation gift, my parents gave me the beginnings of my own kitchen. At first I only had one knife: a basic little paring knife, brand forgotten, with a white plastic handle. I have cut just about everything with this knife– I probably used it on bread at least once before I got a longer serrated knife. Can I tell you my favorite thing I’ve cut with it so far? That would be a zillion wormy, scavenged quinces chopped up for some seriously under-sweetened jam, made with a bunch of friends in a dorm kitchen. Each fruit probably takes a year off the blade’s life, but the jam sure is exciting.

  5. Lately I’ve been using my lovely Kyocera ceramic paring knife that is awesome for canning, especially slicing/splitting peaches and plums. It has a ceramic blade that never needs sharpening and actually stays sharp!

  6. It’s hard to pick a favorite. I’ve assembled a collection of mostly WΓΌsthof and J.L. Henckels knives, so I guess you could say I’m a bit partial to German steel.

    I have a no-name serrated knife that I adore- it’s super sharp and great for tomatoes and extra thin slices of homemade bread. My trio of Victorinox paring knives came with a small curved one that’s great for trimming and garnishing.

    An often unmentioned benefit of good sharp knives: cutting yourself with one, as I am sadly doing far too often, doesn’t hurt! πŸ˜€

  7. I want these knives, I need these knives! My favorite is a big, cheap chef knife and it’s my only one that will cut through anything. I recently had a friend who had previously worked for Cutco and he ALWAYS talked about the knives and how good they were, I’d love to try them! Plus with all the preserving I’ve been doing, I’ve realized I need a better knife…

  8. My favorite knife is my roommate’s Global 16 cm chef knife–I love its versatility and ease of use. I would love to have a set of knives to call all my own, though!

  9. I have two favorites, neither of which is high-end. One is a basic chef’s knife that’s the right size for my hands, although I have to say after last weekend’s salsa fest (which was only 20 lbs. of tomatoes and associated onions/peppers, not your 100!) I discovered a little tiny projection of the handle on one side above the tang(?) that really started to irritate me 2 hours into the chopping. I now have a better knife on my dream list.

    The second one is also pretty basic. It has a blade about 6″ long and is perfect for melon rinds.

    I read long ago that there are “knife cooks” and “pan cooks,” by which the writer meant to ask which of these you find most essential to the way you cook. I’m a knife cook; I’ll make do with any pan (although the nice lightweight aluminum Cowgirl Cookware and Man Pans made by Lloyd Industries in my hometown of Spokane really, really rock).


  10. I am not sure what to call my favorite knife. Maybe it’s a paring knife? It’s about 6 to 7 inches I think. Global. And I love it. But I don’t have two out of the three knifes pictured in your post – that really little one and the bigger serated one! Those look incredibly useful.

  11. My dad sold Cutco knives back during the fifties and I loved growing up learning how to cook using them ( and they have lasted ).. Since I had to restart my home when I became a grown up I have picked them up here and there as I could. they are wonderful and they never quit giving. They are always the right knife for the job!

  12. I use a bread knife for everything. From slicing tomatoes to removing the rind from watermelon, my bread knife is the only thing I trust to be sharp and stabby enough to do the job. What I would do for a set of decent knives!

  13. My current favorites are two JA Henckels paring knives, a 6″ or 8″ KA chef’s knife, and some other random 10″ chef’s knife. All for varying purposes, but I’m constantly, constantly! washing those ones. And hubby’s constantly sharpening them up for me since we cut/chop/whatever everything so. darned. often.

  14. My favorite is the bread knife. I go through about a loaf of french bread a week, so a good bread knife is super helpful when I shop to late to have Safeway slice my bread πŸ™‚

  15. We’re still learning but right now I use our paring knife the most and my husband uses “the big choppy one.” His words. I’ve just started to learn canning and preserving in the last year so we’ve got a way to go.


  16. I swear by my Santoku knife to the point where i have it tattooed into a full vegetable and fruit sleeve on my arm! As a personal chef and caterer, I tend to reach for three knives daily – the aformentioned santoku, my paring knife and my serrated edge knife. I tend to use my Santoku during canning often when making pickles (which in our apartment means every other day as I usually have literally a dozen cans of pickles rotating at all times due to their popularity on sandwiches). I use my paring knife when seeding serrano red peppers to make and can my hot sauce. My bread knife is often used for not only bread (again, an often cited occurrence as I bake nearly every day) but for most tomatoes. I’ve had my same set of knives since culinary school and haven’t gotten around to purchasing new ones due to tight funds (independent personal cheffing is not as glamorous for the wallet as one may think) – one day I may add a bread knife onto another arm to compliment the French loaf in my current sleeve – man. Knives!

  17. For cutting tomatoes, I am ashamed to admit, I adore my Dollar Tree serrated steak knives. But for everything else I use a solid chef knife. I do love the heft and bulk of my butcher clever I got at the Asian market, but seldom do I have the need to whack anything with it. Maybe I should go get a watermelon, just to be able to use it πŸ™‚

  18. my favorite knives, i don’t know the name brand, but it’s a block of knives that my husband got as a wedding gift at his first wedding… not to me… but i was there… yes, long story… his ex wife never did like me, althought i didn’t know that until after she ran off with her drug dealer… lol….
    anyway, they have a much better blade on them thatn the set i had, i reach for his instead of mine anymore… i should throw mine out…. his can’t ever go away because they were from his grandmother, but they can be put on the memory shelf if i get better blades…

  19. It’s strange but I too use serrated steak knives for cutting things like tomatoes. A couple of my big Henckels have broken … the tip came off my big knife … and the handle broke on another.

  20. i don’t own my favourite knife yet, but i love the heft of my mom’s henkles chef knife and my step-dad’s bread knife that he brought with him from england when he immigrated in the late 60s. the bread knife has a wood handle with the word Bread in raised letters and a good serrated blade.

  21. We have a couple serrated CUTCO’s, and they’re really nice. I use them all the time.
    But my favorite knife is the santoku, it seems to have the wacking power I need most often. πŸ™‚

  22. My favorite knife is a little Opinel pocket knife. I take it everywhere with me, and it cuts through anything, and it keeps sharp forever. A dear friend gave it to me after they heard my husband wouldn’t buy me a knife. He thinks it’s bad luck to give your wife sharp objects.

  23. My fiance has some Globals that I’m not allowed to touch, but when he’s not looking, I love using his vegetable knife πŸ™‚

  24. All of my knives are hand-me-downs. The best one is really long, fairly sharp, and was left behind by a previous resident of a house that I lived in years ago. Certainly that knife didn’t stay in the house when I moved out, and that knife is now referred to as “the good knife.” The rest are really poor quality knives that probably shouldn’t even be referred to as knives. I would love to have some new ones, but saving up is difficult. I especially think a good chef knife would change my life (and maybe even take the title of “the great knife!”).

  25. I dream to can. In other news, I love my tiny red serated victorinox paring knife. It has been with me for six years and is sharp and can handle anything. Fruit, vegetables, stubborn plastic packaging, meat, bread, cheese, etc etc.

  26. I was horrified when my husband shelled out big bucks for a couple of Shun knives. But he handed me one, pointed me at a whole watermelon, and said, “Try it.” Wow! I sliced open that watermelon like butter. They’re not the most comfortable knives, but they are sharp & impressive!

  27. I think my favorite knife is my porcelain Kyocera knife with the pink handle. It never dulls and slices beautifully through most everything. If I’m cutting something that needs a more substantial blade then I use my Wustof Santoku knife. Probably the one I use the most, though, is my basic Wustof paring knife. It really does almost everything that I want a knife to do. I love them all, it’s so hard to pick a favorite (and I have a lot of knives)!

  28. I am so not a classy knife person. In the land of decent-ish knives, I have: 1 chef’s knife that a friend left at my place and ended up giving to me (so it couldn’t have been too expensive), which I use for amazing things I could never do before like peeling winter squash and… erm… peeling winter squash, and three lengths of basic CutCo serrated knives that I adopted when my mother decided she was going to be a proper knife person. And first thing I did was package them all up and send them back to the company to be sharpened, which they did graciously. Do you know if they sharpen their straight edge blades, too? And so I guess they’ve lasted at least 10 years or so now and are the closest I really have to decent knives. ~g~ So while I’m curious and have room in my life for more knives, let’s just call this a comment and not an actual entry in the drawing. Nice photography – your cutting boards make it look like you have quite a lot of space to work in for breaking down those tomatoes.

  29. My favorite knife is this little paring knife that is actually my grandmother’s. I have no idea what the brand is…if it was marked, it has long since worn off. I love that little guy, fits just right into my hand. But, like I said, it’s my grandmother’s knife…sure could use a nice shiny set myself haha.

  30. Oh how I would love to have these knives. Oh how I need these knives. I just can’t afford to go out and restock anything right now and like someone above me, I’m embarrassed to admit to using some dollar store steak knives as an all purpose pairing, slicing, dicing knife. I do have a santuko knife that is of good size that I got on a clearance rack at Target, along with a couple of serrated bread knives. As much canning as I do, I need these……..please πŸ™‚

  31. Great giveaway! I have to confess I’m enamoured of knives – my own Henckel 8-in Chef and paring knives, a Shun 10-in Chef, and some Wusthoff paring knives. I have my heart set on a Kramer knife but at $300 per inch, it’s a good thing the waiting list is over a year! I have used and enjoyed Cutco knives and promise that if they move to my house, they’ll be sharpened before and after each use as well as washed, dried and put away immediately after use, plastic handles or no. Last weekend, it was all I could do not to snap at my buddy who, knowing no better, put the chef’s knife tip down in the sink. The chef and paring knives are used multiple times a day and are the most prized and cared-for implements in the kitchen.

  32. I only have two decent knives. The others are barely adequate. The one I like the most I paid over thirty dollars for. That’s quite an expense for me. It’s a very nice LamsonSharp chopping knife. It says Rosewood on the blade. I’m not sure if that is the type of wood on the handle or the name given to the model or series of the knife. It’s high carbon stainless steel and made in Shelburne MA USA.

  33. i don’t know what brand my favorite is but i do know that i take it regularly to be sharpened by this old amazing man at the farmer’s market. i hadn’t used a properly sharpened knife before that and it CHANGED my life.

  34. i am on the hunt for good knives, in fact i have requested my chef brother buy my some for christmas for no less than 5 years now….I am still using the 2 chef’s knives i bought at IKEA. …..

  35. Love my big Henkel chef knife, in need of a decent paring knife, but there are so many kitchen things on my “to buy” list!

  36. I love the Cutco knife in the middle of the last picture – I can’t remember what it’s called – a vegetable trimmer? I used to have one and used it for pretty much everything. I would absolutely love this set – those knives were the best I’v ever used!

  37. I don’t know where i got my favorite knife….. but i know where it is now. I keep this unbranded beauty tucked under the edge of the cold frame and it’s always ready to slice off a waiting pepper, slice up a tomato or …. dig into the soil to extract a tough potato. It has a wood handle, a well weathered blade, and yes i keep it very sharp. This natural hero lets the kitchen blades stay in their happy home.

  38. I have two Henckels knives (large chef’s and small paring) that have seen daily use for almost 15 years now – they were wedding presents. At the same time I received a cleaver which I probably have used only a dozen times.

  39. Forty plus years ago my brother sold Cutco knives and I still have some of his original stock. I love them but don’t have a full set as some were lost over the years. Currently my most used knife is a no-name chef knife. It does the job as long as I keep it sharp but it’s nothing special

  40. I love my Pampered Chef 5″ Santoku, and they also have these color coated knives – they’re green, but they do this thing called Help Whip Cancer where they make a few special products for May and October – so I have a PINK one! (It’s a tomato knife) I’m not sure which is actually my favorite because I use the Santoku more, but the other one is pink, so… πŸ™‚

    Anyway, if anyone is actually interested in the Pampered Chef knives let me know, I can help you get one. The regular forged cutlery knives have a lifetime warranty so it’s a good investment in the long run.

  41. My favorite knife at this moment is a small wusthof paring knife that came free with some poultry shears. It’s a cheapo knife but sharp and light, so it’s nice right now. I’ve seen those pretty orange knives and I want one!

  42. I have a very old knife that I use all the time. So old that the wooden handle has indentations from fingers, smooth. I don’t know what the blade is made of but it never needs to be sharpened and is very very thin and dark in color and will rust if left in water.

  43. My favorite knife is an heirloom from a great-grandfather who was a butcher. I have his carbon steel, wood-handled boning knife which is always razor sharp and has unfortunately cut me many times so I am very cautious with it. Would love to win these beautiful knives.

  44. Anyone who knows me knows I love to cook. I recently went away with my husband and another couple, and I cooked dinner for everyone one night. Later on that night my friend told me she was watching me while I was cooking, and that I looked so peaceful and happy. She said she couldn’t recall every seeing me that happy.

    Now, I know I love to cook, but I also know why I was so happy cooking at that vacation house: it had a well stocked kitchen! Of course, every well-stocked kitchen needs good knives, and I often find when I’m cooking in someone else’s kitchen that is the one thing they are really lacking. A bad knife or improper knife for the job will harsh any cooking mellow.

    All that being said, I love my Henckels paring knife and chef knife. I’m a vegetarian, so I do a lot of chopping as it is, and of course, with canning now, the chopping and slicing goes much more smoothly with good knives.

  45. my favorite knife is a little 5in Wustof santoku. It handles better than anything else I have in my kitchen. When it’s really sharp it can do anything. It was a birthday present from the boyfriend, some girls like jewelry I like knives.

  46. I love the cutco knives! thats what I used when prepping and slicing for canning with my Gram and Mom all through my childhood.

  47. When I moved out on my own, I bought an esthetically pleasing knife block at ikea with 5 knives and a steel for $75. 7 years later, I love the 10″ chef knife – great weight, perfect curve of the blade for rocking on the cutting board. The paring knife leaves a bit to be desired. I miss the cheap, grocery store paring knife I pilfered from my mom’s kitchen when I left for school. It was either lost or taken by a departing roommate. The blade was thin almost to the point of flimsiness, but it was sharp and could get into the nooks and crannies without feeling too big in my hand. I’ll have to keep an eye out in the grocery store for a similar one to tackle my 25lb of romas this weekend.

  48. I’m a big Wusthof fan and I use my chefs knife for just about everything. I think the most important thing is if a knife is sharp and feels comfortable in my hand.

  49. My best friend gave me the best chef’s knife for my birthday a few years ago and I absolutely love it! Some people say it is bad luck for someone to give you a knife as a present, but we still have a great relationship!

  50. I use my pairing knife and my chef’s knife the most. However, they are not the greatest quality and they can cause me a headache sometimes.

  51. My favorite knife my husband picked up at Walmart. It’s a nice long big knife and it does great to chop lettuce and peppers to just the right size as I like them.

  52. I have a wide variety and still haven’t found the “go to” knife. I do love my knife-holder, it’s called Kapoosh and it holds many different shapes and sized knives in a small space.

  53. When I was in college, I wasn’t on the meal plan and so cooked my meals. I needed a good all-purpose knife, and being a poor starving student, I bought a serrated knife from a kiosk in the local mall for $10 (a huge price for me, way back then!) –you know, the ones that say “lasts forever”?! Well, I can tell you, it does! While not incredibly versatile b/c it is so long (but hey, I was young and foolish), I still have that knife and while it doesn’t get much use anymore, I just can’t bear to part with it, I’ve had it so long!

  54. I loved my cutco knives. They are always sharp and work so nicely. While the handle might not be astetically pleasing, I love the way it fits in my hand. That being said, I can never find the knife I want because someone in my kitchen is using it whenever I seem to need it.

  55. I love my Henckels 6″ chef’s knife. I use it for tasks it’s not even truly necessary for (like smashing and chopping a single clove of garlic).

  56. My favorite knife is my mother’s old paring knife. There is no brand but it has worn well. But really I need some better knives. Your Cutco knives sound great and I will look into those.

  57. i’d love to be a knife snob, but i’m just not. i have a block of kitchen aid knives–just the basics, really. and i always find myself grabbing one of the steak knives! well, for cutting up fruit or other snacks–but i have two small children, so that’s fairly often!

  58. My favorite knife is a Chicago Cutlery chef’s knife. it’s been dropped to many times and has a nice sized dent in the blade edge:(

    I can’t bring myself to spend the money on another one though.

  59. My favorite knife is a pampered chef knife. I love that the cover is a built in sharpener. I know that knife is always sharp! πŸ™‚ Would love to try this cutco set.

  60. I have 2 Pampered Chef knives I reach for again and again. A larger one (which was expensive) and their little $1.25 paring knife. Love that little bugger LOL! I too have been chopping alot to make salsa – so I feel your pain this weekend LOL!

  61. My current favorite knife is a generic chef knife. It’s so versatile I can use it for any & every thing. But I like any knife that is good and sharp!

  62. I basically use one knife for everything: my 8″ chef. However, since I keep forgetting to learn how to sharpen it properly, it’s doing a number on my wrists.

  63. I have a longish paring knife that I use the most. The chef’s knife I have is kind of heavy, which is why I probably opt for the smaller/lighter knife. I would love to win the Cutco set!!

  64. I have three favorites (I simply can’t pick just one!!)

    One is the cleaver I picked up at the Asian market for $20. It’s heavy, but the weight of it does all the work for me… whether I’m mincing herbs or slicing up carrots, I only have to rock it a bit and it does a fantastic job.

    Another favorite is my Shun paring knife. The handle is shaped perfectly for my hand, its weight is balanced beautifully, and that little blade slices through everything like butter, even slightly soggy nori-wrapped homemade sushi.

    My last favorite is my sandwich knife. It has a scalloped serrated edge and a 9″ offset blade that cuts cleanly through all of the crusty bread and loaded up sandwiches I can muster (we eat a ton of homemade bread in this house). It also slices neatly through tomatoes!

  65. My brother used to sell for Cutco, and he was mad about those knives, but at the time I was a poor college student who wasn’t passionate about food. Kicking myself now! I love a good chef’s knife, but the two I have are always going dull.

  66. My favourite knives are Henkel. I desperately need new knives, too, as my darling husband used my beloved chef’s knife to set off a mouse trap a few years ago… the knife has a big nick in it right in the middle and I have yet to forgive him for the infraction. Now he’s banned from touching my knives.

  67. I think my favourite is more sentimental than practical. It’s a good Chef’s knife, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the knife with the blue handle with the Cordon Bleu logo on it:) I got it when I did my tour through Europe 8 years ago. Ad part of my graduation gift, my dad signed me up for a one-day Cordon Bleu course in Paris, where I got to tour a market with a chef from a 5-star restaurant. It was a memorable day and I love that every time I go to chop something, I can remember it.

  68. My brother bought infomercial knives for the entire family once for Christmas. They are not as glorious as they once were (and with serrated edges, I can’t sharpen them), but the chef’s knife is still my favorite. I also have an ancient paring knife that my grandmother bought from a door-to-door salesman that is a gem.

  69. I was of the same impression of cutco. Thanks for giving me a different perspective to think about. I live and die by my paring knife. My dad (and recently my husband) makes knives as gifts for the family and I love the chef’s knife he made me 2 years ago for Christmas.

  70. My dad had a knife made for me once upon a time. I love it so very, very much that I packed it with me when we had movers, just to make sure it wasn’t lost.

  71. I’m fairly certain that my favorite knife is a chef’s knife, but not having owned a decent SHARP knife in EVer, I can’t be certain that another knife, requiring less force than I currently exert, wouldn’t steal my heart away. In fact, I perhaps should not be the winner. I would surely lose a finger in less than a week. Good luck to everyone!

  72. I have had a small set of Cutco knives since the early 90s and love them, but my paring knife tip is broken, and two of the other knives have a tiny bit of pitting on the metal. I would love to win a new set!

  73. My absolutely favorite knife is called a forever sharp. I got suckered into buying them after watching a demonstration at Sam’s Club a few years ago. It is a serrated knife and I use it for everything except chopping. It is amazing for cutting tomatoes. It has spoiled me because whenever I have to cut tomatoes anywhere else I always have problems. πŸ™‚

  74. Well I never win these things, but here’s my two cents.

    My brother in law tried to sell those knifes for sometime, which gave me a chance to plan with them. I have two issues with them. One, it’s a stamped bladed, which makes them very hard to resharpen. Two, the chefs knifes are nowhere near wide enough. I don’t have large hands, but every time I used the chefs knifes I’d hit my knucks on the cutting board.

    Really it’s only the chef’s knife I have an issue with. I have a pair of Cutco kitchen shears that I love. The shears are good and heavy, plus the come apart for easy cleaning. Also I hope to get a Cucto bread knife one day.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d use them. I don’t really have a good knife set, just a random assortment of knifes that I’ve collected through the years.

  75. Wow, I would l9ove to have a knife I like. I cant seem to find the right one-one that fits my hands well and cuts and holds an edge. I had one, but it dissapeared. Do kitchen elves steal good knives?

  76. Whatever that middle knife is in the bottom photo (I’m sure it has a name!) is my fav. When we cut up peaches my husband uses the paring knife and I use that one. I like the bigger-ness of it.

  77. We received a Henckel paring knife as a wedding gift 23 years ago and it is still my favorite knife…along with a smaller paring knife that was my grandmothers (no idea of the brand on it). Both are sharp and stay that way!

  78. I discovered Kyocera ceramic knives a few years ago. I only own 2, as they are quite expensive, but they are fantastic — super sharp and I have yet to need to sharpen them (pretty cool!). Bonus? The blades are black!

    But I’d love to win the CUTCO set to keep honing my ninja knife skills.

  79. My favorite knives are Santoku–of various sizes. I got a set of 4, and I’ve pretty much used them for everything, even if it wasn’t the perfect knife. Makes my life a little easier–especially around canning season!

  80. I adore “my” “Partoku” knife from my boyfriend’s knife set. It’s a scaled-down version of the Japanese Santoku knife, and it’s good for just about everything!

  81. My favorite is the paring knife that my grandmother used for everything. It has to be fifty years old and its still my sharpest.

  82. I’m pretty knife challenged at the moment, but I have a great bright orange pairing knife that sees a lot of action. My kitchen would really benefit from new knives! Although I’ll have to keep them under lock and key when my parents visit, for fear of my Dad trying to sneak off with my Cutco knives!

  83. It’s almost embarrassing, but my favorite knife is a chef’s knife I got from Pampered Chef over 10 years ago. It lives in a little honing case, so I can sharpen it as necessary and the weight of it is just right. I keep thinking I’ll upgrade to something nicer now that I’m all grown up and stuff, but then I look at that knife and Dreamweaver starts playing in my head and I get to reminiscing about all the good times we’ve had and then I’m sunk and I go buy a different tool instead. Le Sigh.

  84. I run a community kitchen – it is hard to keep my knives in good shape. I have one favorite, a santoku knife, that I actually keep guarded in a knife holder my dad made for me. I refuse to let people use it until they have proven their knife-handling worthiness. πŸ™‚

  85. I bought a few Cutco knives several years ago and I reach for the chefs blade all the time. I used these in culinary classes and was smirked at by those using the fancy schmancy German knives. I’ve since invested in a couple of those and while I like them, the one I reach for time and time again is the Cutco. The only knives I like better are the tiny little $2 paring knives from Pampered Chef, these little babies are fantastic.

  86. I LOVE Cutco knives!! Two years ago, my in-laws got each of their sons (and us wives) a Cutco 4″ paring knife. I was appreciative of the gift…however once I got home and used it, was completely blown away!

    They got us a smalle paring knife last year, and as soon as we started to unwrap the box, i squealed in excitement. These would be a great addition to our family, as all of our other non-Cutco knives are starting to dull!

  87. my favorite knife has always been the bread knife. I like it’s funky shape and the smell of fresh hot bread as I slice through it. I’ve also found that it is great for slicing tomatoes!

  88. Well, I’ll never forget my first “real” chef’s nice. Wow, did I become convert on good knives then! I mainly use Wustof and love absolutely love my 6″ serrated slicing knife. I’m sure you’re not supposed to use it as much as I do for just about anything, but I can’t help myslef.

  89. I use an all purpose 5 inch knife for most things. It has been nothing special, but has always done the job for me. I would love a chanc to win the CUTCO knives. I have heard of them recently and this would be a great opportunity to possibly get a set. Thanks…

  90. I finally came to the conclusion that I need to send my trimmer back to Cutco to get sharpened. All of the serrations are pretty much worn off. I hesitate to send it back because I use it ALL THE TIME, now if I had a second set…. I would never be without. How nice would it be:)

  91. This is a three-way tie between my trusty chef’s knife, a small paring knife that I find myself reaching for constantly, and of course a bread knife. The bread knife doesn’t really have any use for canning, though. πŸ™‚

  92. I have 2 that I love…a little teeny-tiny paring knife from Pampered Chef that a couple of bucks. It works great! I also have a small chef’s knife that is my go-to for chopping! Cutco are supposed to be super great! Love to try them!

  93. I have a beautiful Swedish chefs knife that I received for my wedding (from relatives from Sweden!), but I haven’t used it yet in fear of somehow ruining it through some novice knife mistake. So the hand-me-down-knives keep serving their purpose until I get bold and brave and sick of ratty knives.

  94. I too, appreciate a good knife. I have done a lot of canning the last few years and you’re right, it goes soooo much faster when you have the proper utensils. I think my favorite knife is the chef’s knife for chopping most veggies, unless it is something really small. I also love my long serrated knife for bread. We do a lot of baked goods and bread at our house too. Thanks for the chance to win the Cutco knives. I love trying out new kitchen tools. Thanks!

  95. I LOVE my Cutco knives. I was going to comment before I saw the give-away. My brother sold Cutco in college and I bought a set from him. I don’t know what I would do without them. My favorite is the the paring knife–it is the perfect size.

  96. My parents bought cutco knives from a school friend of mine who was trying to make money for college one summer, and they STILL love them. I have a Shun chef’s knife that I’m very fond of, but I also have a bunch of those colorful Kuhn Rikon paring knives. They’re great for camping since they come with a sheath, too.

  97. When I graduated from college, my grandmother gave me a small paring knife and vegetable peeler set just like the one she used and the one my mother has and has always used. While it’s not the best knife, the sentimental value is high and its short stainless steel handle is the perfect size for my hand.

  98. Sounds like I’m sucking up, but I actually got a couple of Cutco chef’s knives as a housewarming gift (from our friend who sells them)–totally my favorites. Something about the shape of the blade just makes them work really well.

  99. My mother taught be how to bake and cook when I was a child. The first sharp knife I was allowed to use was a paring knife. As an adult it is still my go to knife. I am a vegetarian so I use the paring knife to peel, core, and trim many a fruit and vegetable. Along with being small and handy they are a multi-purpose knife as well.

  100. My favorite knife is a serrated whustof that I use for both slicing bagels/bread and quickly chopping up tomatoes. You’re right– knives are so important but it seems like for me, there’s always something ‘more important’ to invest money into for the kitchen. New knives would be amazing!

  101. i love my wusthof knives. i think i’ve had my set for, um, 15 years? the bread knife broke in half one year when i dropped it on my kitchen floor (tile), and they replaced it with no questions. i use the chef knife and the small serrated knife the most (think mini bread knife). i’ve seen the cutco knives, i have to say, i was pretty impressed.

  102. My favorite knife is a paring knife a friend gave us for our wedding. She spent more than 25 years in Africa, and this was the one knife she took with her everywhere. She said it was sharpened down to a nubb. So far, I love mine!

  103. I have a Santoku knife that I use for most tasks, but I’ve been wanting a real chef’s knife with the rounded blade designed for rocking back and forth–it makes it a lot easier to mince garlic, for example.

  104. Several years ago, a friend was starting to sell Cutco knives and came over to do a “rehearsal presentation” for us. We had decided before hand that we were NOT going to buy anything that day. Well, we were so impressed that we bought one of the biggest sets (with the block and steak knives) and have never regretted it. They replaced a set of Henkel knives that I had previously thought were great — until I started using the Cutco knives.

    I LOVE them. I’d still love to win this set as I somehow lost my paring knife and we could certainly use a second chef’s knife for when we’re both working in the kitchen.

    Good stuff.

  105. My favorite knife is my Wusthof chef’s knife that I got for Christmas last year. It’s just the right size & weight–I use it for almost everything.

  106. My Wusthof chef’s knife is the one that I always grab. And am always digging out of the dishwasher or sink and having to clean so I can use it. I need to get a second one!

  107. I love my santoku – the Messermeister chef’s knife I got for Mother’s Day I only use to cut bars of Fels Naphtha when I make laundry soap – but it’s really good at cutting soap!

  108. Love my paring knife. I purchased it from an Amish dry goods store awhile back and use it for everything. Cutco knives have a great reputation and I’d like to try them.

  109. My favorite knife is my Wusthof chef’s knife. It is my one good knife, and I’m grateful for it. However, I’d love to add some more good knives to my arsenal.

  110. I grew up using cutco knives because my mom was a nth generation canner and still is; she grew up on a farm and they canned EVERYTHING! I have this great knife I use when I can now, from Al Mar. It rocks! The blade is easily sharpened and it stays put in my LEFT hand….which for me sometimes I have issues with knives that have shaped handles due to my being a lefty….

  111. My very favorite knife is my Henckels bread knife — I really had to think about putting out the dough (pardon the pun) but I never regretted it. My favorite paring knife is an inexpensive non-brand-name knife that is almost at the end of it’s life!

  112. My favorite knife, for sentimental reasons, is a small paring knife that my grandmother and I each got at Pathmark for free. I think of how giddy she was to get something for free whenever I pull that knife out of the kitchen drawer.

  113. My favorite knife is a rectangular-bladed Japanese vegetable knife: I think it’s a Nakiri bocho. It belonged to a former roommate, whose mom got it for her at a Japanese market, and when she moved out she was nice enough to leave it with us because she said her mom could just get her another one!

  114. I like a big knife, so my favourite is my chef’s knife. But I have small hands, so the handle and weight have to be right. I also like a long, thin knife for finer cutting. I recently bought a Henkel’s set, and I went for mid-range instead of low-range. The handles are nicer and the blades are thinner. Just about perfect!

  115. My favorite knife is an 8″ chef’s knife that I picked up for nothing at a discount store ages ago. Holds its edge no matter what abuse I bestow upon it!

  116. I grew up using cutco knives & never appreciated them until I got married & ended up with a not-so-good set of knives. Now I miss my mom’s set, but I haven’t taken the time to buy new knives for myself.

  117. My go to knife is currently a Pampered Chef Knife my hubby calls the killer knife because it is so sharp. However, I really need a good chef knife also. Would love to have the Cutco knives. We have a few here at our office and I love them. Thank you for sharing.

  118. My favorite knife is my Santoku I received as a gift one Christmas. It was beautiful! It came in this wooden box with a sliding top. All shiny and new! I always feel like “the real deal” when I am chopping with it.

  119. I got a knife block as a Christmas present from a friend several years ago and I love the set. My favorite is the tiny curved paring knife that is perfect for coring tomatoes, peeling apples and peaches or anything else!

  120. I mainly use a $20 knife that we bought from the restaurant supply. It’s actually a pretty great knife–as good as any of the pricier ones I’ve tried. But, I’d love to try the Cutco knives. I’ve heard really good things about them, which surprised me because I always thought of them as an infomercially type of product.

  121. I bought myself a Calphalon set a while ago and am generally pretty happy with it (I like the fully forged blades and handles), but right now I’m struggling with knife sharpening. I tried doing it myself with an old electric knife sharpener and when that didn’t work took them to my local hardware store. Neither worked very well, making me sad. What’s your sharpening solution?

  122. Oh, I would LOVE a set of knives! I’ve also been canning tomatoes like mad, alternating between a little serrated knife (I don’t even know where it came from) to make the x’s and a big chef’s knife (Michael Graves from Target) to chop them.

    I love the Michael Graves knife, except it’s very heavy and the handle is rounded in just such a way that when it’s laying on the counter and you bump it wrong, it can fly up into the air – not good! I have a huge scar on my thumb to prove it!

  123. I already own Cutco knives – the entire collection. My husband was a ‘rep’ in college so that was part (really ALL) of his contribution to our household when we married. I have used them daily for 33 year – and I Know I Am Lucky to have been able to enjoy these in my home. You’re right – the handles aren’t ‘classy’ – but they work great! I actually have purchased an extra trimmer since I find it handy to have 2 when I have someone helping me in the kitchen. The trimmer is my favorite – I love that it can cut a beautiful vine ripened (or even a little over ripe) tomatoe without ‘squishing’ it! I finally bought trimmers for my Mom and 2 sisters so I don’t have to fuss with their icky knives when I visit their homes. Cutco says you shouldn’t put them in the dishwasher – but my policy is pretty much that if it doesn’t go in the dishwasher – I don’t want to use it. So I HAVE put all of my knives in the dishwasher pretty much daily for the trimmer and paring knife – for 33+ years and they are still in wonderful condition. You can’t tell the difference between my daughter-in-laws new sets and mine (except the style has changed a bit). Also – Cutco provides a lifetime guarantee – I have had 2 knives actually break down in the handle area and they replaced them without any question for free. And they will sharpen any of their knives for free – you just pay the shipping. Yes – you can sharpen them yourself at home – but it’s never like the ‘factory edge’ you’ll get from the company. What would I do if I won – I’d have more fabulous knives to share with my friends and family when they’re helping me in the kitchen! Oh – and by the way – Love the kitchen shears and the cooking utensil set also. I’m a Total Fan of Cutco!!

  124. I’ve never had any particularly nice kitchen knives. But my favorite was the one that disappeared. It was a rather generic low-budget utility knife that worked fine and didn’t flex too much. I would love to replace it.

  125. I have a Wusthof Santoku knife that I love and a paring knife that I bought over 10 years ago at church garage sale. It never gets dull and cuts through carrots with ease!

  126. I have a cheap little chef’s knife that is my go to for everything from peeling apples to hulling berries. It is always in reach over the more expensive knives I purchase because they are so pretty.

  127. I just love contests!!

    My goto knife is my 8″ Chef’s knife…big enough for most jobs, nimble enough for delicate work. I just wish I didn’t have to have it sharpened so often!

  128. Oh, my very favorite to use are chef knives. Of course, I’ve got a crappy little IKEA set, so I’m definitely in the running for a new set of knives!!!

  129. I can’t live without my 5″ Santoku! I use it for absolutely everything. I even bought one to leave at my parent’s house five hours away, so it would be ready and waiting if I ever need it while I’m there!

  130. I love my chef’s knife, but the rest of my knife collection has been around since I first acquired my own kitchen, back in sophomore year of college. They were inexpensive then, and while they’ve served me decently, I’ve certainly outgrown them!

  131. My favorite is paring knife in my Chicago Cutlery set. I use it all the time, but it doesn’t stay sharp! I’ve forever resharpening it after every other use.
    Good knives do make all the difference! I miss my knives terribly when I go visit my parents’ house & cook there. They have nothing but cheap steak knives…

  132. My favorite knife right now is my bread knife, just because I went so long without a proper bread knife and it’s made such an enormous difference with all this baking I’ve been doing!

  133. I have a small paring knife from Target, of all places. It has outlasted more expensive knives and still cuts like a demon. That one even gets put in the dishwasher (because really, it’s just a $5 knife, right?). It has a very slight serration on it (is that even a word?), and that seems to keep it going. I don’t even remember the brand, I’ve had it so long.

  134. I’ve got a Kyocera ceramic chopper that I love so much. Even after several years of pretty heavy use and no sharpening, it’s just as scary-sharp as the day I got it and flies through pretty much anything.

  135. I would love to win a good set of knives. My favorite is from OXO Good Grips and is a 4″ Santoku that is a nice small size for almost everything.

  136. My mom once got me 2 nice chef knives for Christmas. I took them in my carry on luggage back to California. You can guess the reaction of the TSA…never saw those knives again!

    I replaced them with cheap knives and have regretted it ever since.

  137. I love the Wusthof chef knife that I got for my wedding. It’s the only knife I have that is worth anything…literally, the rest are from garage sales, goodwill, etc and are not very good knifes nor are they in very good condition.

  138. I spent a couple summers working at a fishery in Alaska, and as part of my job I had to help filet halibut and salmon. The fletching knife I used looked like a longer, wider filet knife so I got used to doing intracate cutting with a larger blade. Because of this I prefer to use a larger chef knife for almost anything. My boyfriend teases me about this sometimes, but I haven’t cut myself yet!

  139. I just started baking my own bread and right now my favorite knife is the long serrated one I bought at the thrift store for $.50. It makes slicing bread so much easier!

  140. I’m a Henckel devotee. I love my big chef’s knife but the paring knife has been invaluable this canning season. Everything else is stained red from all the tomato acid (except me now, I switched to wearing gloves!)) but the knife is in tip-top shape.

  141. I definitely agree that a good set of knives is by far one of the best tools for the kitchen. You can really tell the difference when you use a not-so-great set, it just makes the work less enjoyable and takes more time.

    I’d say the chefs knife is my favorite – it gets the most use, that’s for sure.

  142. I’m always on the hunt for good knives. I was spoiled growing up – I used all the time and now miss desperately my parents carbon steel, guaranteed to rust, sharp as hell Sabatier knives. The 11″ chef knife and the 3″ parer were the ones most used. She had a few stainless steel Sabatier’s as well for cutting up high acid items (like pineapples) but the carbon steel ones were the gotos everyday.

  143. My cutco Trimmer – use it all the time and for small use – the silver handled one that groups sell as a fundraiser – just need to keep it sharp

  144. My go-to knife is my santoku. I bought it 6 years ago and I still use it daily. Also, I am totally jealous of your magnetic strip and your knife collection! The layout of my kitchen does not support magnetic strips for knives, so I have to make do with the traditional knife block πŸ™‚

  145. I have a Wusthof paring knife that I really love. I use it for so much. I’ve actually never heard of Cutco knives before, but I’d love to use them as incentive to Husband, who is still holding onto a cheap nasty 20 year old set that I don’t like at all.

  146. I So Need a really nice set of knives! I have a block of Faberware knives and they are a huge improvement from the ones I use to have, but still not the sleek, sharp lovelies I dream of! My go-to knife in the set is the chefs knife.

  147. I’ve been in the market for a new knife set for a while now, but haven’t been able to find one that both felt good in my hand and was affordable! I’m going to have to look into this set. I think my favorite know is the chef’s knife. It’s the one that I alway grab first, and usually gets the job done. I’ve heard good thinks about the santoku knife, but I’ve never tried it.

  148. My favorite knife is definitely my cheap 8 inch chef’s knife that I bought off amazon. I’m not even sure what brand it is… But it’s served me quite well! Perfect size for me and not intimidating like my roommate’s huge butcher knife.

  149. Living with a professional cook, I quickly learned that knives are the most important and sacred of objects! I can’t believe I used to own a cheap, dull set of knives from Ikea. I threw them out in embarrassment after the second date with the cook. Now I love having constantly sharp knives for all the cooking we do together. I was surprised to find that some of the cheaper, molded handle knives are the best. I happen to love the utility knife for most things. Not so large as to intimidate me, but good in the hand and useful for almost any task.

  150. I love a big chef’s knife–although mine is dreadfully dull at present. I either need to ship them out somewhere to be sharpened. . . or maybe win some brand new knives!

  151. Excellent. I am looking for knives that I love. I have a knife with a ceramic blade that I loved because it’s the first one that I’ve found that can slice tomatoes thinly for sandwiches but I have never had a set. This sounds like a good place to start…

  152. As much as I love my 8 inch Santoku, my favorite has got to be the classic 10 inch chef’s knife, for sheer versatility – melons, lettuce, onions, meat, everything.

  153. I have basically 2 knives that i use – one is a santoku which i use for almost everything, the other is an alaskan ulu which i use for cutting herbs and roots like garlic, ginger & tumeric. i have found the chef knives to be to heavy in my small hand, so i would love to try out the cutco chef knife if it’s as light but still sharp as you say! thanks for offering this contest.

  154. My favorite knife is a serrated knife from a brand called Bonvivan – I got it for my wedding two years ago, and it makes slicing homemade bread the easiest thing ever! It just glides right through any crust.

  155. This is a bit funny–my current favorite knife is one my husband found on the beach while camping in FL. It looks very much like the pictures you posted of Cutco knives, but does not say Cutco on the blade. Don’t know if it’s an older Cutco knife or a knock-off. I have a block full of expensive knives I was given, but like this one better!

  156. My favorite knife is my chef’s knife. My wife and I got it as a wedding present from my parents this spring, and I have been using it nonstop. Emily – my wife – just started her medical residency, and spends a lot of her nights at the hospital, so I have been staying up late – with our dog – using the knife to make and freeze all kinds of stuff so that she can have home cooked meals when she gets off of her long shifts.

  157. I really don’t have a favorite knife. Not of them are worthy of that title. My mom has a set of Cutco knives, and they are fantastic!

  158. funny bc i haven’t been able to like the cutco knives at all when I used them at my friend’s. it’s too light for me, don’t like the grip of the handle.. I’m a weird bird with knives. My favorites are the New West Fusionwood Petty knife (looks like you’ve one of their knives too!) and the Shun Kaji 10″ chef’s knife. Love love love them.

  159. I have a favorite paring knife that I actually got from my mother-in-law. She has a few at home & gave me one when I entered the family. It is definately my favorite knife & one that I use always for my canning in the fall.

  160. I have two Paula Deen knives that have served me well despite their silly brand markings. My parents got them for me for Christmas two years ago and they’re still going strong!

  161. You have intrigued me. My favorite knife used to be one of those cheapy plastic paring knives you buy in a set up two in any big box store (or grocery store) utensil section. Now it is what I believe is called a “utility knife” it is just a bit bigger than most paring knives with blade that is around 4 3/4″ long. My husband bought it and we’ve search high and low for another but never found it (we’ve had it for about 11 years now). I still grab the utility knife before our nice 8″ chef’s knife.

  162. My favorite is a 6″ chef’s knife. Nothing fancy, just a discontinued one from Marshall’s, although I do steel it before each use to keep it sharp. I have larger knives, but in a tiny kitchen, on tiny cutting boards, where I’m often cooking for one… the 6″ has proven to be just fine.

  163. I never thought about having a favorite until my husband lost my paring knife two weeks back. I think that was my favorite, I miss it a lot! πŸ™‚

  164. Oh, I would LOVE these! I have a cheap set of knives in a block that I got years ago and two decent (not great) knives that we got for our wedding. My parents have CUTCO knives and even though they couldn’t afford them when they bought them, they still have them 35 years later!

    Enjoy those tomatos…I’ve put up a few quarts of diced tomatoes so far and hope, hope, hope to find more to do!


  165. I could not live without my inexpensive bread knife, which I need to cut all the homemade bread onto which I smear homemade jam. πŸ™‚ A chef’s and paring knife are the other two essentials. According to Mark Bittman, you can get good quality knives at a restaurant supply store, but I still occasionally drool after the expensive German knives at kitchen supply stores.

  166. I have two favorite knives in my kitchen. One is my 6″ chef knife. I find it to be pretty versatile and functional for so many projects. The other is my bread knife! We make a lot of bread for yummy jams and butters so we are always cutting bread and I love love love my bread knife!

  167. My first job (aside from working on odd jobs with my dad) was selling Cutco knives. While the job did not last terribly long, my impression of their products certainly has. Now that I’m married and my husband and I are enjoying putting up this year’s harvest I can say with certainty my favorite knife is a little curved paring knife we got somewhere (we unfortunately don’t own any Cutco knives, maybe someday when hubby’s done with law school). The concave curve is perfect for peeling apples and the like and the convex curve practically pits the peaches for you! I know that Cutco knives would not only make our canning and freezing easier, but would make our nightly family dinners easier as well. Thanks for such a great blog and the give away, too!

  168. My favorite 2 knives are a set I got at Ikea several years ago. One is a steak size, the other a paring. Both have a slightly serated blade that makes slicing tomatoes & peppers a breeze. They’re definitely my go-to knives for canning πŸ™‚

  169. I love my Martha Stewart knives that I got at Macy’s a few years ago. They hold their edge really well and are easy to hold. My go to knife is the chef’s knife but I love the Santoku and the small paring knives. Good knives, for me, are the key to good cooking!

  170. I like to use a medium sized serrated — it might be a Henckel but don’t quote me. I use it initially, but I am such a gadget person that I have used my slam chop box thingy for dicing for jams and pickle relish and recently for my chutney. It dices in two sizes and it really speeds up the prep time and last but not least, pieces are fairly uniform!

  171. My brother sold these for awhile. I love love LOVE them but didn’t have the money (and still don’t) to buy them. If I won this would be a dream come true.

  172. My favorite knives are actually a set that was sent free with an order from Harbor Freight. There a no name brand but after 5 years of use they are good as new and I’ve never sharpened them!!

  173. When I got married, my mother decided to unload her extra kitchen stuff on me (not that I minded). In this stash, she had these mysterious black handled rectangular knives she said were from her sister. They have no brand name and are apparently from Iran, but they are a dream to use.

  174. I love love love Cutco knives. I too was skeptical . If you are not convinced by their ease of use, light weight and cutability, you will be thrilled when you send them back to Cutco periodically for an overhaul. Yearly when we go on vacation I pack up my knives & send them off to be refurbished as necessary. They come back looking brand new & in some cases they are new. ( I have unfortunately melted the handle of my favorite spreader knife & they sent me a whole new knife. All for the cost of shipping which is aproximately $8. I have had my knives for about 8 years & just got them back from their most recent refurbish& they all are like brand new!!!

  175. Before I got married my future husband always complained about my knives. When we got married his mother gave us a set of cutco knives. I love them all, but my favorite would have to be the trimming knife–and it is always dirty from my husband preparing his lunch for work.
    I’d love to have a second set!

  176. I love my Santoku, but my go-to knives are inexpensive little Victorinox serated knives that are great for slicing everyting! I would really like to see how the Cutco knives compare.

  177. I admit to not having good knives. I got a few from Ikea a few years ago, and they’re fine, but as I learn more about cooking I find myself wanting to learn more about knives, too!

  178. what a nice giveaway – thanks!

    my favorite knife is my ming tsai/kyocera ceramic 6″ chef’s knife. i love my ceramic knives, but would love to try some steel again…it’s been about 10 years.

  179. My favorite knife (and the one I reach for most often) was given to me by my father, a great cook much-missed. It is 12″ steel, heavy and incredibly ugly (like most steel knives, it stains easily), but it takes and holds an edge like a dream. The time it takes me to sharpen it each time I use is well-spent, as my slicing & chopping go by easily and quickly. I am getting older and can begin to feel some arthritis in my hands so will need to move on to a smaller & lighter knife someday, but right now this is the one for me.

  180. thanks for offering the giveaway. I’ve always heard good things about the Cutco knives. My favorite knife is my Victorinox 10 1/4-Inch Curved Blade Bread Knife. It’s super sharp and great for everything from crusty breads to delicate tomatoes.

  181. My favorite knife is my Santoku knife. I had an abundance of tomatillos this summer and wanted to make salsa verde. It was the first time I would be using this knife that my husband bought for me. With a little practice I found that I could finely dice 6 clove of garlic in no time. And the other veggies went just as quickly. The nicest thing of all, was not having to cut one way, then another an keep turning the veggies around like I used to do. I just put my left hand on top of the knife and chopped rapidly with my right in an up-down motion. Could not live without this knife.

  182. My hand-me-down Chicago Cutlery chef’s knife is probably my favorite. It is certainly (and sadly) the very most high end knife in my collection. The rest are suuuuper cheap junk I collected through college.

  183. I couldn’t live without my big ol’ chef’s knife. Use it for almost everything. Good luck with your tomatoes, by the way. You will be one busy girl. We dehydrated so many tomatoes last summer, we are still trying to eat them up. Last night I made devilled eggs with a bit of pesto and some dried tomatoes, diced, mixed in with the yolks and some sour cream/plain yogurt. Yum! The dried tomatoes have also been delicious in cheese balls and in fondue (and, of course, on pasta. Lots and lots of pasta). Happy tomato processing πŸ™‚

  184. I have 2 Cutco knives and I LOVE them. I have the Petite Carver and Spatula spreader and they are great! I do have to say the Petite Carver is my favorite knife I own. I

  185. Favorite knife is a little 3″ paring knife with a santoko edge. I’m sure there’s a fancier name, but that’s the best way to describe it.

  186. I’m kind of surprised at the number of people voting “Santoku.” I got a Cuisinart one for free once and I wasn’t that impressed. Stuff still stuck badly to the sides after being chopped. I ditched it eventually.

  187. My mom gave me one cutco knife last year and I love it! That is my favorite knife. I end up washing it all the time so I don’t have to use any of my other knives! thanks…

  188. I have a chef’s knife, which is my go to knife but I do love me a long sharp and slightly narrower knife (not sure what they are called.)

  189. My favorite knife is my first real knife I bought when I went away to college( about 8 years ago) and its a small cuisinart santoku knife.

  190. I have an offset serrated knife that I got years ago, which is one of my go-to knives… perfect for tomatoes, bread, melons, cheese, etc. That, and a great little Wusthof paring knife

  191. I do a lot of one-dish meals and so I chop / dice / mince a lot of veggies. My favorite knife is the chef’s knife because it makes all of the above a cinch! I have other knives in my set: santoku, bread, paring, but my all time favorite is the chef’s knife. If I did win, I would take my old set and pay it forward to a friend.

    PS, your pictures of canned foods and of the canning process in general have seriously inspired me to start canning. Once I gather up some basic supplies, I’ll be entering your world of canning and I can’t wait.

  192. I have lots of great knives: Shun, Henkels, Wusthoff. My favorite, though, is a wood handled paring knife that was my grandmother’s. It has a very thin and narrow blade that is more nimble than any other I’ve seen. It reaches in perfectly to core any fruit or to separate skin or rind from fruit or veggie. I love it so much, I’m considering getting a knife maker to make a few extras for me and the rest of my family. (My knife is actually on loan to my mother right now, as she makes applesauce.)

  193. My favorite knife, at the moment is a new paring knife i just picked up. The brand escapes me at the moment, but is wicked sharp, light, and good for all sorts of fruit slicing….which we all appreciate at my house right now! hope i win!

  194. My favorite knife is whichever I can find, since I only have three. I know! It sucks! I have a big huge one, a medium one and a small serrated edge one. They’re so old I have no clue what brand they are. I am also new to canning (I took a class last weekend through Seattle Tilth but have been lurking on the blogs for a few months now) and am RARING to go. Only, it appears I need to add some new knives to the other supplies! I have until my tomatoes and jalapeΓ±os ripen πŸ™‚

  195. I have a Kuhn Rikon paring knife from Williams-Sonoma that I use for EVERY canning adventure. It is the best knife I have ever had, and it was a $12.00 stocking stuffer from my in-laws. I loved it so much I went back and bought the bread knife too.

  196. My favorite knife is a little paring knife that was my moms. It keeps a sharp edge and it is perfect for peeling kiwi, and cutting the cores out of apples.

  197. My favorite knife was a little paring knife with a slightly curved tip. I have no idea who made it but the shape made peeling fruit so easy. The knife got lost somewhere and I know have been using a variety of store bought knives…they all stink. I would love to win a Cutco set. I’ve heard nice things about them.

  198. My Mom received a set of CUTCO knives as a wedding gift – 36 years ago. Still going strong. Recently she met a woman who sells CUTCO knives who informed Mom that the whole set can be replaced, free of charge, at any time. Mom, of course, will never part with hers (she told me, with a cackle, that I can turn ’em in for a new set when she dies. Yep, we’re one of those families).

    My favorite knife? A recently purchased Global 8″ chef. I’m in love.

  199. Love good knives! My current favorite is a Shun angled utility knife. Room for your hand and lots of rocking chopping action, and the blade stays very sharp for a long time. It’s the first one I reach for.

  200. I don’t own any decent knives! I do have a cheap Santoku I’m fond of, though. It makes chopping so much easier. Before I got it I’d be painstakingly slicing veggies with a horrible dull paring knife.

  201. While I own a couple of knives, the only one I ever use is my cheap-o chef’s knife that has a handle that fits my hand perfectly πŸ™‚ There’s nothing better than having a good knife that does exactly what you want it to!

  202. I love my cutco pairing knife. Have had it for 15 years and use it daily! Also, I have beautiful Misono Molybdenum Steel, a gift that I adore!

  203. I am in the market for good knives. I have a santoku knife of dubious quality, and am looking to upgrade. And I have 2 pampered chef paring knives that are okay.

  204. I have a Forever Sharp long blade knife that works great for tomatoes (but not much else)! I’m looking for a shorter length blade chef knife and having trouble finding what I need.

  205. My favorite paring knife, would have to be this ancient saraded one that Im pretty sure my grandmother used. It never dulls and still cute like brand new!

  206. I love love lurv my Cutco! I used to sell it in college and now think it my best kitchen investment. I am growing a LOT of tomato plants this summer (24) so I could bottle a lot of stewed tomatoes. My favorite knife is the trimmer β€” it is the most handy for tomato slicing and dicing, and it is always fought over in my house.

  207. I wish I had a good paring knife. Mine is ancient, brandless, with a wooden handle and a concave blade from repeated sharpenings. I got it at a thrift store nearly 20 years ago when I had no kitchen tools at all, and while I can make it work I’d really like a better one.

  208. my parents took pity on me about 5 years ago and gifted me with a 7.5 inch MAC knife. her name is betsey and when not in use (a rarity) she sits nestled in the high density foam sleeve she was gifted in. she’s seen me thru many culinary successes and failures, and undoubtedly will see me thru many more. her favorite task is chopping veggies for soup. her trusty side kick is a black and silver plastic handled paring knife i picked up at ikea for under 5 bucks who is known as “ol’ faithful”. ol’ faithful makes coring strawberries a breeze. together they are my dynamic knife duo…

  209. I have two favorite knives: 1. My wusthof grand prix II santouku And (here’s the surprise) my RADA knives! I have inherited some of them (paring) from my mom and my grandmother. I have purchased some, including a santouku style knife and a short-fat serrated knife that cuts tomatoes, bread, and just about anything delicate, at an Amish goods store in Ohio (how I kick myself for not buying more!) Plus, they are extremely affordable and keep their edge better than any of the best knives around. And they stand up in the dishwasher!!!
    I love the Rada more than my Furi knives, more than my other Wusthof Classic knives…. what can I say!

  210. I use my 8″ chef’s knife and my paring knife the most. I also keep them on a magnetic rack thingie like you have, which I adore – just reach and cut! I’ve heard good things about the Cutco knives and would love to try them…

  211. Oh, how I could really use a set of new knives! I haven’t bought any nice ones in a long time… actually, *nice* ones meaning never. I have a Henkle set from Target that’s lasted a very long time and much abuse. I grew up using Gerber, and I’ve always wanted a nice set of my own. One day…

  212. My family uses Cutco. I religously use the chef’s knife. Cutco is great b/c they will replace your knives if they are damaged or if your serrated cutco knives go dull. Love me some Cutco!

  213. I use a collection of mismatched antique chef’s knives. My grandma gave them to me and told me that “they don’t make them like this anymore” and to never get rid of them. They have seen me through all kinds of cooking adventures and I always think of her whenever I use them!

  214. I have a Cutco hunting knife that I bought 32 years ago. It still has a great edge on it and still looks great. A friend who sells Cutco stoped in and took pictures of the knife to display for her customers. I’m afraid I cannot give any info on the kitchen set, I don’t have that set but would sure like to have it for my newly acquired hobbies. Canning and gardening.

  215. I’ve heard of cutco knives but have never owned a good pair of knives myself. I do have some regular knives but nothing that I would say was really professional grade or even good. I like chef knives but I also like using my little paring knife for delicate things.

  216. I love, love, love my Wusthoff-Trident tomato knife. Bought it on a recommendation and it’s the knife I go to every single day. It’s a fabulous vegetable slice and does double-duty as a mini-serated knife.

  217. My favorite knife is a serrated bread knife. I’ve only had it a couple of years and I’m still amazed when I cut my fresh bread and it doesn’t squish it!

  218. I use my chef’s knife the most. I try to keep it sharp and take good care of it. I’d love some good smaller knives. My steak knives have gotten pretty beat up because I grab them for small jobs and utility. I’d live to give that CutCo pairing knife a try! (PS. I’m currently recovering from a bad cut received while cleaning my chef’s knife. I’ve learned new respect for sharp knives! Be careful out there!)

  219. I use them all. I mostly match the size of the knife to the size of items I’m cutting. Tonight I gave the paring knife a workout on the cherry tomatoes (now in the dehydrator).

  220. I love little paring knives. They come in fun colors and are so very small and useful. I usually steal my roommates huge knife when I’m cooking, though.

  221. I saw your knife selection and was in envy heaven. Honestly I love tools and the notion of knife variance makes me realize that though I spend 80% of my time with a chef’s knife I love having knives that have a specific skill. That said my serrated bread knife is golden and is an irreplaceable tool.

  222. I feel like an idiot because I don’t even know the correct knife lingo. The one I use in my kitchen all the time is a pretty short knife with a nice serrated edge. Some miracle blade knife my sister gave me. pretty sad, huh.

  223. I love, love, love my Henckels 6″ chef’s knife. International classic style, it’s the perfect size for my hands. Use it for almost everything! Which means I now really need to get it sharpened… :p

  224. My Global chef’s knife is my most precious kitchen posession. I could sorely do with some quality paring knives. I’ve never had a good one.

  225. I love my Victorinox scalloped edge paring knife the most, though I use my Chef’s knife even more. My dad turned us on to this brand and they are great!

  226. DH had a set of the Cutco knives when we met and I have to say they aren’t bad, we still use them a lot. However, my favorite knife is actually my sister’s Wustof chef’s knife. (I truly covet that knife.) I also love the paring knife that I inherited from DH’s grandmother, it has a stainless steal handle (easy to rinse all the juice off when you are doing a marathon peach peeling session) and is just the perfect shape and size. I’d love to win this set for my MIL who doesn’t own a decent knife. A good basic set would make her life a lot easier and hopefully happier.

  227. I love the chef’s knife my husband found in a little shop….it’s fantastic. I do love my mini paring knives. I have small hands and while his big, heavy knife is amazingly sharp…I like a small quick, light paring knife….I just wish they were better quality.

    Now I know what brand to look for….

  228. My general go-to knife is a paring – I just like a smaller blade. However, this could be because my chef’s knife has not held up well/was on the cheap side…pick me, please :).

  229. Well…preface this by saying that I just use what we have, and have never thought about knives before…but my go-to knife is a Hampton Forge chef’s knife. I sharpen it pretty religiously, and use it for EVERYTHING, bread to onions to cheese to peaches!

  230. My favorite knife would be a serrated trimming knife. I use it for everything i do in the kitchen. However, that is a very limited range of things. My wife enjoys being in the kitchen more on a daily basis. I just help with the canning.

  231. I have had a paring knife for years some gave me, I use it all the time along with my chef knife. I would love to receive these new knives.

  232. My favorite knife is a ECKO flint stainless steel knife that belonged to my mother. I can remember using this knife when I was learning to cook as a child. It has nicks and dings in the blade near the handle, from where she whacked it on stubborn jars to break the seal, the handle is starting to wear from 50+ years of use, yet even though I can only remember sharpening it once in the nearly twenty years I have had it, it never fails to cut or slice with gusto!

  233. Waaay back in 1996, one of my students (I taught trumpet lessons back then) was selling Cutco knives as a summer job. I was moving to Philadelphia at the end of the summer and figured, if I was going to have only one knife, (I had nothing in the way of kitchen utensils) I should have a decent one. Since I could only afford one, I bought the one I figured would be the most versatile. 14 years and 6 apartments later, It’s still my goto knife. I cut almost everything with it.

  234. My favorite knives are the Santoku – different sizes for different jobs. I also have an offset serrated knife I love to use to skin fish.

  235. I so agree that a good kitchen needs good knives. That said, I have a couple of favorites that sit in the chopping block. Those are my first go-to knives. however, I have no idea what brand they are. I do have one larger paring knife from pampered chef that I use quite often. I have never really owned really good knives.

  236. Global 8″ chef’s knife! I actually interviewed to sell Cutcos at one point. I decided I didn’t want a sales job, but really wanted a set of the knives! I’ve never found them for sale, though.

  237. I love my Cutco knives. I have the 9 inch chef, which is fantastic and I also love the serrated boning knife. They are just excellent!

  238. My favorite is my chef’s knife. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s decent. Most of my other knives would fall under “cheap” (though thankfully not “flimsy”). I might be more fond of my Chef’s Mate sharpener than of any of my knives. It did cost more than any of them…

  239. As much as I love to cook, I am pretty lacking in the equipment area. I have a few workhorse pots and pans (cast iron), and a few garage-sale knives. For my needs (which is cooking more than baking), I can almost always rely on my chef’s knife. I’ve been cooking for about 15 years, and that’s still the type of knife that I use daily. I own a butcher’s knife, a serrated knife, and a few miscellany, but they hardly get used. I would certainly love to expand my repertoire, but until I can afford to do so, it’s just me and my chef’s knife at the cutting board, chopping away!

  240. I’m so excited to read this!! I am a long-time canner living in Southwest Michigan where we grow everything except citrus. Which means that I do a lot of canning because there’s so much available here. I have been using a set of Miracle Blade III for about 10 years and have realized during this canning season that I have to start looking for better knives.

  241. My favorite knife is an old wooden-handled chef’s knife I inherited from my mother’s kitchen. I have no idea what brand it is, but it feels so good in my hand.

  242. Hi Marisa! First off, I absolutely love your site. I have recently embarked on a canning adventure, and now I’m hooked! My favorite knife in my kitchen is my Pampered Chef Santoku knife. It is perfectly balanced in my hand and makes chopping so easy. The size seems perfect for any and all kitchen jobs.

  243. I love my Wustof Classics, but I especially love my 12″ Long Slicer – I think of the shop in Paris where I bought it, everytime I pull it out of the drawer.

  244. I have been looking to purchase good knives for awhile. This would solve that issue! Have been enjoying your blog, thanks.

  245. Ohh I would absolutely LOVE to try these!! I try to cook from scratch as much as possible so I do so much cutting and chopping that I could definitely put these knifes to work! πŸ˜‰ My favorite type of knife is probably my Santoku because it is a very multi-purpose knife, although I am also quite fond of my bread knife because if I have that out, it means I’m about to slice into my freshly baked bread! πŸ˜‰ Thank you for doing the contest! πŸ™‚

  246. I really love my Messermeister knives, I love their heft and balance. My particular fave is the paring knife. I don’t use it terribly often, but there’s simply no substitute for a paring knife when you absolutely need one.

  247. My favourite knife is a bread knife, one that won’t squish, saw’s nicely, and is a companion to all my baguette, cheese and jam eating I do πŸ™‚

    As for heavy chopping, I prefer a heavy chefs knife that takes some of the strength out of tough raw squashes.

  248. I use a Victornox Fibrox Chef knife that I bought for $29 bucks. It’s a great knife. It got great reviews by a couple cooking magazines several years ago. It’s the only knife I own except for a little black plastic handled paring knife also by Victornox. I understand CUTCO knives are great and that they last forever.

  249. I don’t have a favortie knife and that makes me very sad. It’s been an issue I’ve been considering for quite some time now. All my knives have come from thrift stores or cheap “starter packages” that my boyfriend or I got when we first moved out on our own 8+ years ago. This post was helpful though! I am deciding that my Christmas gift to myself this year might just be a new set of GOOD knives, so what the hey…maybe I will win them here? Who knows. πŸ™‚ I do love a good paring knife though…I have one cute one with apples on the blade that might not work the best, but it sure is cute.

  250. I love my Kitchenaid chef’s knife! I’m totally clueless about sharpening knives, but it has stayed sharp for years. My brother-in-law sold cutco knives for a summer a few years ago. They’re a little pricey for me, but they’re great knives!

  251. My favorite knife is a chef’s knife. I use it for everything – rarely do I reach for a paring knife, and then only for truly delicate tasks. My old buddy is in need of replacement, though.

  252. My two faves are a super cheapy little light weight paring knife that literally cost less than $1 at the grocery store (they came with either white or black plastic handles!) and a Gehring utility knife. The blade and handle on the Gehring are one piece with a wonderfully shaped and comfortable handle.

    Sure! I would love to win a nice set of new knives! Most of my knives are dull, the point is bent, they are too heavy, or too something else. But they all do get used, at least from time to time.

  253. I have these knives and they are the ones I use all the time. They are great! I would love to give a set to my daughter and daughter-in-law for Christmas!

  254. My favorite is my med size utility which I received for a wedding present. But it badly needs sharpening. I would love to win these!

  255. My favorite is a chefstar paring knife, but would love to try the Cutco! I have just started canning and am enjoying your site!

  256. I have two Cutco knives–the big knife and the smaller serrated one, not the paring knife. I can’t say they’re my favourite, but they definitely hold the edge. Problem is: the handles are slippery. Slippery handle does not equal love with a very sharp knife.

    I have a good Santoku knife, and love it. Also fantastic kitchen shears. Keep both nice and sharp, and I’m a happy canner.

  257. Every once in a while, my mom puts a little Victorinox knife in my Christmas stocking. I LOVE them–they’re the size of a butter knife, have a rounded tip like a butter knife, but have a super sharp serrated edge. They’re perfect for slicing sandwiches, slicing a tomato, or absentmindedly throwing in my bag for a picnic or eating lunch at work. They fill a niche that even my “good” knife set has left out.

  258. My favorite knife is a 6″ Wusthof santoku knife that I got as a wedding present. It’s the perfect size and so nice and sharp! The rest of my knives, I think I bought at Target, so they’re not so great… I could definitely use some new ones!

  259. I have a little paring knife with no name other than “my little knife” and I can’t even remember where I bought it! But, it’s a little workhorse and I reach for it often. πŸ™‚

  260. Oooh! Good knives are absolutely the often-unsung heroes of the kitchen. Crow all you want about the joys of fresh seasonal ingredients or the richness of beef stock made with cracked bones – but rarely does a photo caption or blog post add “. . . . courtesy of my beloved and super-sharp knives.” I have a set of Wusthoff knives that my dad bought for me on eBay that I adore and appreciate, all the more since I wandered into Kitchen Kapers and saw how much they cost! I had to keep them in my room when my former roommate and her boyfriend kept using them to cut open plastic packages or scraped the sharp side along the cutting board to dump foods into the pot. We both thought the other group was crazy! My favorite is the short chef’s knife, as it has the pointed edge to allow for precise cuts and mini-slits (such as when readying a leg of lamb for bits of garlic and rosemary pre-roasting) that I just can’t do with the santoku. Of course that could be due to my less than polished knife skills. Nonetheless, I stand by my six inch chef’s knife!

  261. i too love my shun santoku knife, i also love my shun paring knife. i wonder sometimes if i love them more for the look than the function…

  262. My favorite is my paring knife, as it’s my only one that’s properly sharp! All my other knives are junk, so this sounds amazing!

  263. It is humiliating to say this, but my “As Seen on TV” ginzu knives have worked well for a decade. However, they are old and I would kill for a set of really good quality knives—so thanks for the opportunity to win!

  264. I LOVE CUTCO!!! I was actually a representative, but I lost my pairing knife some where along the way, so I would love to get another one! I love, love, love my petite chef’s knife–it feels so great in my hands!!

  265. I’m a hand-to-mouth grad student, so I can’t afford the greatest of knives (I’m currently using an old Cuisinart set that has seen better days) but my roommate used to have a J.A. Henckels knife that I LOOOOVED.

  266. Pick Me! Pick Me! Currently my Go-To knife is a FoodNetwork (i know, i know…) knife that is shaped like a chefs knife- but significantly smaller. It’s what I reach for, for anything from Strawberries to onions to anything else. To make this drawing even better- Tomorrow (Sept. 4) is MY BIRTHDAY! It’s also International Bacon Day πŸ™‚ PS- I love your blog- I’ve already canned 70+ quarts of tomatoes this year, 8 qts of applesauce, and tomorrow I’ll be working on more applesauce and canning whole tomatoes. A set of CUTCO knives would sure help!

  267. I have my Mother’s knives that she used for years. She has been gone since 1993, but I still use them. They are wooden handled Old Hickory and in need of a good sharpening, since I have never sharpened them. YIKES! I am in my 50’s and I can remember my Mother using these as far back as I can remember, so they are really old. We used to can fresh veggies from the garden all summer…what sweet memories…

  268. I have to admit that my knives are dull in both senses – they “lack luster” and lack a sharp edge. I have some serrated edge knives too. I think I might be a little afraid of the really sharp knives. Also, I hate to sharpen them, feeling that is a job for professionals. Another confession, I want to put the knives in the dishwasher or at least not worry if I stick one in the dishwasher inadvertently.
    My favorite knife is a 10 inch chef’s knife, which I use a lot for chopping, slicing and most everything else. In my opinion, everyone needs one of those and a good bread knife as well. But for canning, I think a small paring knife is a good tool, for peeling and trimming.

  269. My favorite is a $6.99 Chicago Cutlery Santoku. If it didn’t have a silver handle as opposed to the rest of the Chicago Cutlery’s black my mom convinced me to buy when I moved into my first apartment, though I probably wouldn’t care! My garden’s tomato plants have run me out of jars this summer, so I wish I could send you my overage from Iowa to use in new ways!

  270. Oh, I have dreamed and drooled over Cutco knives for YEARS! Right now, my favorite knife is a bright green paring knife that I found at a Chef’s shop somewhere but it stays really sharp and cuts tomatoes, so it’s in my top 5 kitchen tools for sure. Still doesn’t line up with Cutco though!

  271. My fathers old Chef knife. My father was a professional Chef for pretty much his whole life. I watched him use those knives all my life growing up they were like a part of him. The blade of the Chefs knife has been sharpened so many times the blade has to be 1/3 of its original width now. When he died his knives came to me and I use them every day, and every time I have to use his steel to sharpen the Chefs knife the sound takes me back to sounds and smells of the many kitchens I sat in over the years watching my Dad work.

  272. Wow, I would love that set of knives. My favorite knife is the serrated one we have to cut tomatoes. I’m always using it for all kinds of things…I agree knives are the unsung heroes!

  273. My go to knives are a pair ancient steel (not stainless) Sabatier knives. The 5 inch cooks knife I found in an “Op Shop” second hand for 20 cents when I was 14 (37 years ago) and my little paring knife was given to me by my grandmother 20 odd years ago. Neither looks like much and the blades do stain but they are always wickedly sharp.

  274. I have a huge Chinese chopper which I love. But I also have some simple knives from a block set I bought over 15 years ago. I guess I’ve got a little overwhelmed at the choices and the costs to invests in new, much needed knives.

  275. My Dad sold Cutco knives in college and we always had them growing up. They truly are wonderful knives. I hope I win, and good luck this weekend with those tomatoes. I’m doing peaches, pickles, and tomatoes myself.

  276. I can’t recall the brand (and it’s worn off the knife from so much use) but I have this giant chef’s knife that was my mother’s and I pretty much learned to cook with it (and her) in the kitchen. I still have it and use it all the time!

  277. My favorite knife ever was a chef’s knife that we bought at Dollarland on Levick Street. Sadly it go lost in a move. This so weird because last night I had a dreams about kitchen knives. All I remember is they were a set of Henkels with the named misspelled.

    I never would have thought to order a quanity of anything from a market like you did. I guess you could see about doing that with farmers market vendors too. Definitely something to keep in mind for future.

    Oh, Pumpkin, my sister likes them but I haven’t gotten the chance to go yet. I really want to try their black bean burger.

  278. I’ve used the same Sabatier chef’s knife for over 30 years — my husband sharpens it for me, bless him, and it works. But I’m starting to look around for a small paring knife. Just because I’ve used one knife most of my life doesn’t mean that’s the best idea! I’d love to try the Cutco.

  279. I was on a camping/fishing trip and needed a filet knife, or at least I hoped I would need it, and bought a cheap one with a plastic handle. When I got home, my wife liked how thin the blade was that it got taken from my camping equipment and absorbed into our kitchen knife supply. It gets used for just about everything, though the handle is beginning to fall apart and the blade has a distinct curve to it now. We’ve just never found a knife to replace it. In full disclosure, Marisa is our daughter, but I still want to win those knives. I hope family isn’t excluded from the drawing.

  280. My favorite knife is a chef’s knife, but I desperately need to expand my “collection”. I’ve been chopping tomatoes this weekend and it’s been challenging, to say the least.

  281. for a while it was a Santoku that came with a chefs knife that I left in the kitchen at my inlaws vacation home out west. bought it so I’d have a sharp knife to use while visiting. and that sankotu was a favorite for a long time. then I bought a cutco chef’s knife. now its a tie.

  282. My favorite knife is a very old paring knife I got at a thrift store, obviously well loved before, and well loved now. But I would love new ones!

  283. I have a great Santoku knife that I love, but I also recently got a CutCo knife/utensil called a sandwich spreader. It has a wide blade to spread things with a serrated side that’s great for slicing rolls and tomatoes.

  284. My favourite knife is a big chopper my parents have at home. It’s monstrous, a huge cleaver, and it works perfectly for meat and larger vegetables. I desperately need new knives for my own life though!

  285. 20 year old 8″ henkel chefs knife. I have a love hate relationship with it, as it isn’t very urgonomic in my hands. I can enough that my hands cramp up with the basic straight handle. At the end of a salsa, applesause or dill bean day my hands ache. I’m guessing the handles on those knives have been designed for people who use knives all day long.
    Sigh – I long for those knives.

  286. Oh, our favorite knife is actually a set of two santokus we got as a gift before we were married. The grip is comfortable and they are suprisingly lightweight, and they have a slight curve, so they can be rocked to cut as well as the usual asian quick lifting style. The 5″ and 7″ are both go-tos for both my husband and I when cooking. We cook enough that we can always use more knives however. πŸ™‚

  287. I love sharp knives, and I hate when I go to someone else’s house to cook and their knives are dull. My favorites are an old chef’s knife (got it when we got married so it’s over thirty years old) that is thin enough to slice thinly, but heavy enough that I can cut through the bone in a chicken breast. My favorite paring knife is even older (my dad bought it…probably at the grocery store, so it isn’t a high quality knife) that is half serrated and half regular edge. It’s dull enough that I have no qualms about cutting things up in my hand with it and it was the first real knife that I let my kids use.

  288. Ok, weird to admit, but my favorite knife has come to be….

    A Cutco serrated bread knife. Which I didn’t really want because it was so expensive, but I bought it from a friend’s kid who was trying to make some money for college. I use it for slicing most things that need slicing, including (today) a bucket of tomatoes I’m drying and the shallots that were in our dinner. I pull it out for carving chicken, slicing bread (which is what I originally bought it for) and lots of other things. I love it so much that for quite a while I’ve been considering buying one or two more of their knives. Especially since my son managed to break the handle of my spare chef’s knife.

  289. I don’t have a favorite knife yet, because I don’t have any good ones. So winning great knives would be very helpful! πŸ™‚

  290. I don’t have very good knives because I’m a cheapskate, but I’m trying to talk myself into buying a Santuko knife because I’ve heard how great they are. I always reach for a little paring knife, so I suppose that’s my favorite for now.

  291. I have been married for 15 years and my favorite go to knife is a serrated steak knife we got as a wedding gift. I would love to try something different that really makes food prep easier.

  292. I only own knives I’ve purchased at thrift stores, and I’ve managed to land some good ones. My old standbys are a bread knife that I use for tomatoes & bread, a chef’s knife that could use a good sharpening, and a little miraculous paring knife.

  293. I have a WΓΌsthof chef’s knife that I bought for 100.00 but I always seem to reach for a Hampton Forge set that seems to stay sharper even though I sharpen both myself…go figure

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