Giveaway: Wüsthof Vegetable Knife

October 19, 2011(updated on October 3, 2018)

Wüsthof Vegetable Knife

When I was in high school, I was pen obsessed. I kept buying new ones, thinking that somehow each new pen would improve my handwriting, make me a better student and some generally brighten my prospects as a human being. Eventually, I got my thinking straightened out and realized that no tube of plastic and ink had that kind of power. Still, my appreciation for the sense of possibility that is contained in a fresh pen has never diminished.

pear chutney with dried cherries and ginger

In recent years, in part because I have enough leftover from high school and college to last me a lifetime, my pen purchases have slowed nearly to a stop. However, I found a new object that contains that same sense of promise. The kitchen knife. Now knives are more expensive than pens, so new ones don’t drift into my life as frequently as writing utensils once did, but I still love the excitement that comes when I introduce a new one into my kitchen.

Wüsthof Vegetable Knife The latest cutting tool to find space on my magnetic strip is this new vegetable knife from Wüsthof. What I love about this knife is that it is designed to make easy work of vegetables and it does it really well. As someone who spends a great deal of time breaking down produce for preserving, it’s been a godsend to have a knife that helps prevent food from sticking to the sides of the blade.

Wüsthof Vegetable Knife

The holes work in tandem narrow raised strip to help stubborn veg slide right off the blade (think about how annoying chopped potatoes can be, as so often they cling to the knife as you make your slices). So far, I’ve used this knife to break down a pumpkin (worked like a dream), chunk up sweet potatoes (perfection) and make quick work of a mountain of apples (nary a sticking piece among them). I’m counting on it to help me work through half a bushel of pears tomorrow and I’m sure it will do admirably well.

Wüsthof Vegetable Knife

Happily, the kind folks at Wüsthof have offered to give me one of these most excellent vegetables knives to giveaway here. It’s just the thing for all those winter root vegetables that are now coming into season. For more information on this knife and the full line of Wüsthof products, make sure to click over to their Facebook page and like it. That way, you’ll stay up-to-date with all their tools and any future giveaways!

Here are the giveaway details…

  1. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post and tell me about your favorite autumn vegetable. Feel free to share a recipe if you have a favorite way of preparing it.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Wednesday, October 26, 2011. Winner will be chosen at random (using and will be posted to the blog on Thursday, October 27, 2011.
  3. Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only (apologies to my more far-flung readers).
  4. One entry/comment per person, please.

Disclosure: Wüsthof gave me the knife that I’ve been using for the last few weeks and are provided the one for this giveaway. As always, my opinions are still all my own. It’s a good product and I’m happy to be able to share it with you guys.

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1,423 thoughts on "Giveaway: Wüsthof Vegetable Knife"

  • I love th’ homely Celeriac. It confounds cashiers (“what IS that?!”), other shoppers, and anyone who comes over and sees one lying around.

    You have to WORK for Celeriac; that’s part of what makes it so rewarding. I usually chop it up and throw it into salads, but this time of year, I puree it into creamy Celeriac soup and it is so veryvery good.

  • I guess if I have to choose it would be roasted winter squash (though brussels sprouts come in a very close second).

  • Root veggies all roasted up with S/P and oil. Leftovers get blended with stock to make soup. I always make a double batch 🙂

  • Kale. Especially the cavolo nero or dinosaur kale. Sure you see it throughout the summer but fall to me is when it really kicks in and just seems like the right time to eat it. Love it love it love it.

  • Ooooh, pretty knife! I’d say my favorite autumn vegetable is pumpkin, just because of how many ways I can use it. I love to make pumpkin raviolis with lots of parmesan cheese and black pepper. I freeze big batches of them and pretend that they will last more than a couple weeks =)

    Or, I’ll take the mashed pumpkin, sweeten and spice it up like pumpkin pie filling, wrap it in wonton wrappers and fry them. Toss them in cinnamon sugar when they come out of the oil — yum!

    Well, now I’m hungry!

  • My favorite fall vegetable is butternut squash. I love to roast them and make variations of butternut squash soup (apple, ginger, sage, etc.) My most creative adventure was making butternut squash flan. It was an amazing success!

  • I always look forward to roasting fall vegetables and syncing our family’s eating life with heartier fare. Lately, we are obsessed with the red kuri squash, which when roasted really does taste as sweet as candy. I’m also a huge fan of brussel sprouts and chicories. Shred a variety of these bitter lettuces – frisee, radicchio, escarole, etc – for a gorgeous color combo, toss with lemon juice and a fruity olive oil, a little salt and pepper, so satisfying!