Giveaway: Wüsthof Classic 7 Inch Chinese Cleaver

Wusthof Classic 7" Chinese Cleaver

I firmly believe that it’s important to have the right knife for the job. Sure, you can get most of your kitchen work done with a sturdy chef’s knife, a good serrated bread slicer, and sharp little paring knife, but when you get into deeper chopping and mincing, it’s sometimes nice to have some serious slicing power at hand.

That’s where the Wüsthof Classic 7 Inch Chinese Cleaver comes it. It’s flies through piles of vegetables (good for all that holiday cooking), holds a wickedly sharp edge, and has a wide flat blade that is fabulous for smashing garlic. I also like to use the blunt edge for bruising herbs, lemongrass, and other general tenderizing tasks.

It’s a knife that takes a little getting used to if you’re more accustomed to working with a smaller blade, but once you get comfortable with it, you’ll find yourself reaching for it all the time.

the cleaver in action

Thanks the lovely people at Wüsthof, I have one of these fabulous Wüsthof Cleavers to give away to a Food in Jars reader. Here’s how to enter!

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about the give you’re most looking forward to giving this holiday season.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, December 7, 2013. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents (apologies to my more far-flung readers).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post. I do not accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: Wüsthof has provided both my review unit of the Wüsthof Classic 7 Inch Chinese Cleaver and the giveaway unit at no cost to me. However, my opinions remain entirely my own.

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1,045 responses to “Giveaway: Wüsthof Classic 7 Inch Chinese Cleaver”

  1. I’m having a calendar made for my mom. Each month will feature a photo of her beloved cat. No one is more important to her on a daily basis. I think she’ll love it!

  2. I love to give gifts, and it’s especially fun when I find what feels like the “perfect gift” for someone. This year I think it will be the gift I have found for my Mom!

  3. Our great grandaughter died at 2 1/2 months and we are giving her Mom a heart shaped locket containing the baby’s picture. She will cherish this gift all her life. Can’t wait to smile, hug, cry, and love her on Christmas morning.

  4. I’m making a crocheted set of dress up clothes (tutu, crown, mask, etc.) for my 3 year old niece and I can’t wait for her to have them. She currently plays dress up by putting on every accessory she owns so this is going to be so much fun.

  5. This year I have spent the past few months creating what will be my first complete DIY Christmas gift season ever. Lucky recipients will receive anything from vanilla extract, coffee liquor, burlap bowls, personalized stationary, scarves, bourbon apple butter, lemon quince jam and apple cider caramels. I’m so excited to give my presents, I can hardly take it!!!

  6. I’m excited to give my parents a cross stitch I designed myself, also I’m making marshmallows for my sisters-in-law and I can’t wait to make them. I’ve never done it before.

  7. I’ve been knitting Christmas gifts since August, and having a blast! Knitting and other homemade gifts are the best, because not only does the recipient get a nice gift, you get the fun of making it.

  8. My daughter is a big Doctor Who fan, and I’ve knit her two different Doctor who inspired hats that I can’t wait for her to open. Should be a lot of fun!

  9. Some nice wool sweaters for my boyfriend, who’s been complaining about the cold. (…and about the warm sweaters I own!)

  10. I have made baskets full of everything I have canned all spring for Christmas. I am so excited to give everyone their Christmas presents!

  11. I don’t have a lot of money this year, due to a move and almost three months of being unemployed. So I am really excited to be giving a bunch of homemade gifts this year. I’m going to make ornaments and crochet scarves, and probably try out either some apple butter or cranberry jam (or both!).

  12. I just bought my nephew a tree frog yesterday for Christmas, he is 5. I’m going to have to take care of it until Christmas so this should be interesting.

  13. I canned like crazy this summer (after also picking all the fruits & gardening all the veggies) and plan on giving my jars away for gifts. I hope everyone likes the little piece of summer in every jar.

  14. My Mom is a life long canner and the Wusthof 7 inch cleaver would be an awesome addition to her canning and help her tremendously… Nice gift for Christmas 🙂

    Thank you for the chance of winning this fabulous knife.

    Merry Christmas

  15. My husband loves to be in the kitchen so I bought him an Iwatani portable gas stove. He’s always complaining about our electric stove and I have to concur – gas is best!

  16. That is one sexy cleaver! I haven’t finalized my project yet, but if I don’t get it done this year, it will be finished for giving by next year: transferring old family recipes to fabric and making dishtowels.

  17. We’re helping our son’s fiance move cross country, with her dog, so they can be together. I can’t recall the time last we all were so excited about something or felt so optimistic about the future. She loves to cook and is eager to learn.

  18. Some years ago, when I was much younger, I wrote a children’s story…now my 8 year old daughter has read it and loves it, and has already made three drawings of scenes from it…I”m so hoping to convince her to make more, and put it together as a little book we can together give to family members; it would be so special to collaborate with her on this…

  19. I’m so excited to give my daughter her Kindle! She’s been begging for one! I hope it sparks more interest for her to read!

  20. I am looking forward to giving gifts of jam! I made so much good jam this summer and early fall, and will be giving it to friends and family.

  21. I’m going to make and give my homemade almond toffee. It was a hit last year and I had requests before the end of last new year for more!

  22. This is my first year canning, so I’m most looking forward to giving away baskets of all the wonderful stuff I canned from our first year of CSA produce. 😀

  23. I can’t wait to tell the kids we are going to disney!! That is the big surprise…after MANY years of saving (by canning and more)!

  24. I bought my mom tattler lids this year. She’s been wanting some for ages but wouldn’t ever buy them for herself. She loves to can and give all of her children jams, fruits and meats throughout the year.

  25. I love to can lots of tomato marinara as well as salsas and hot sauces. So much that I can’t eat it all and give boxes of food in jars for presents. Everyone in my family has come to expect delicious goodies so I won’t let them down. :~)

  26. I would love to give this to my mom, I am out of work and cant afford anything. But she is a cook and after this years turbulence with illness, I think something like this would be fantastic. Good luck to everyone who enters for this wonderful prize.

  27. I am looking forward to giving my sister a crochet blanket I am making for her. I have made ones for other family members in previous years, this year its her turn!

  28. I’m looking forward to giving my niece a baseball set for her to start learning tea-ball! She is going to be 2 years old on December 24th! Honestly I’m glad I will finally be home for Christmas and not working!

  29. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on everyone in my family this year, so I am making stuffed toys for all of my nephews and my niece (and a pretty bow for her hair), bows ties for my FIL and MIL’s seven cats, and gingerbread cookie recipe mix in a jar, and lasagna in a jar for the rest of the family.

  30. Our own home cured bacon and rhubarb jam (from your cookbook)! Our friends and family say we have ruined them for bacon and aren’t satisfied with store bought any longer.

  31. Holy cow, what an awesome knife! I’m looking forward to giving curated blends of tea to my family, picked from our favorites and what we think our loved ones will enjoy.

  32. My 23-year old son and I had our first just-us road trip together this fall – to a county named after his great-great-great grandfather – it was a wonderful trip and experience for us both. He qualifies as a “son of an Oregon pioneer,” so I have sent in the application paperwork and will give him an official certificate for Christmas. I think he’ll like it.

  33. My family makes a donation to a “charity of the year” – the kids get to pick the charity. Then we do a white elephant (or bad Santa) gift exchange where the gifts have to be under $5. The charity gift makes our hearts feel good and the exchange makes use our creativity and it makes us all laugh and be silly together.

  34. this was our first year as organic farmers, and our gifts to family and friends will all be items from the farm! hot sauces, peanut butter, jams, chile powders and season salts made with our herbs! so excited to share our love for this new life we have both wanted for so long!

  35. I am baking three different varieties of homemade biscotti to send to my coffee-loving relatives! Chocolate cherry with pistachio, limoncello creme, and classic almond. 🙂

  36. For years, my kids (son-6, daughter-12) have wanted a new kitten or puppy. The excuse was always,”We have too many pets.” This year I had to put to sleep two of my oldest cats, one of which was 19 1/2 and deaf and got hit by a car. The kids took it pretty hard. I have vehemently said no new pets for a while. Well, won’t they be surprised Christmas morning when they open a box with a new kitten AND a new puppy in it?! I can’t wait to see their faces!!!

  37. Each year I put together gift baskets for my out of state family, which includes my award winning jams as well as various other gifts I make, body scrubs, baked goods, this year I am thinking hand poured candles!

  38. I love finding the most perfect gift for the loved ones on my list but there is no better feeling that providing a beautiful meal for friends and family. This year we will be cooking up a Christmas Eve meal for family and hosting a fun New Year’s Eve party for friends.

  39. I started making glass pumpkins and I made one for my mom. I was so excited about the pumpkin that I took a picture and posted it on Facebook, which she of course saw and went on and on about how muc she loved it. I can’t wait to give it to her : )

  40. I am looking through my boxes of old photographs and finding collections of photos of each of my family members and putting together custom photo albums for each of them. I am looking forward to sharing old photos that they don’t have copies of. I am also looking forward to making fabulous vegetable filled potluck dishes and meals for friends and family during the holidays.

  41. I am making my niece and nephew mixed tapes to “fill in some gaps” in their musical education. Am blowing up old photos for other friends and family, and as always will be making an array of homemade foodstuffs as gifts. I also am feeling the call of hand pies, lots of different types of hand pies.

  42. I am making pajama bags for all 6 of my grand kids. Found some really cute stuffed animals on Amazon and will make a zippered bag to sew them to, A new pair of pajamas will complete the gift.

  43. I have crocheted blankets and scarfs for friends and family. can’t wait to see their reactions when opening them. 🙂

  44. I’m looking forward to giving my grandsons the gift of my time. I babysit for my daughter-in-law every opportunity I get.

  45. I’m looking forward to giving “the Barbie doll with the long white dress” to my 4-year-old niece. She looked at me, smiled and said, “you know the one I want Uncle Jay.” (I had to ask her mother. I didn’t have a clue.)

  46. I am so excited to give my mom a kindle I bought her. She loves to read and growing up she instilled that in me. I remember a used bookstore in someone basement and we would spend a couple hours every months picking new books out to read until next time we got to go there. I would make it a challenge to read all that I picked out on my last trip. Thankfully my daughter also loves to read and we always have books we want to share with my mom but we both have a Kindle so I made sure I got her one for Christmas this year. That way I can buy her the book that last captivated me so we can share it even though we are an hour apart and I only get to see her once a month. Best thing is I can buy her a little something whenever I want and she can’t tell me that I can’t buy it for her 🙂

  47. I am looking forward to sending my friend who is living in South Korea a Christmas box filled with comforts from home 🙂

  48. I am most excited to give my homemade gifts. My family took a pact to make all the gifts this year to cut costs. I am making all kinds of things in jars, it will be so fantastic!

  49. I’ve managed to get hold of a very rare original vinyl copy of an album my husband once used to own (as a teenager, 25-ish years ago) but lost somewhere along the way. I am so excited to give it to him, I can hardly contain myself!

  50. I’m really excited to give my daughter some special bubbles. It’s a small gift, but it will be so much fun to watch her marvel at the bubbles.

  51. I will be making cute little smowmen out of battery operated tea lights for the ladies at my work at the hospital. They are always making me cute little craft gifts so I am excited to finally be returning the favor!

  52. I’m most looking forward to giving jars of Italian Plum Jam with Star Anise that we made with your recipe earlier in the fall. It is hands-down my favorite jam, and I love sharing it with people. We’ve made it every year since you posted the recipe. Thanks!

  53. two of our three kids got married this summer, and since we ranch cattle, they will both be getting a side of beef. It will help them keep grocery costs down as they work at setting up their own households.

  54. This year i’m making a basket with homemade goodies (banana bread, apple cake, jam) and recipes and a bottle of homemade vanilla extract for all my friends.. Oh and for a the hubby.. the news of an addition to the family 🙂

  55. I’m super excited to be giving a local animal rescue, no kill, a huge,pile of blankets, towels and sweaters my children and I have collected. We play Santa for the furry kids

  56. Oooooooh! I need this soooooo badly for my canning. Anyway, the gift that I am most looking forward to giving is some stuffed back packs for some much needy children in this poverty stricken area.

  57. I live in a small town (pop. 375) in SW MN. We have a great tradition of the town Booster Club holding “Santa Day” in our historic theater built in 1895. My husband is Santa Claus and I give him up to another Mrs. for the day. There’s a line to be Mrs. Claus as it’s a popular part. Love small town life! Merry Christmas!

  58. My entire family is giving itself a gift! This year, we decided not to have presents (my two year old niece being the exception to the rule) and donate to charity in each other’s name instead. We are focusing on Heifer International and Oxfam, as well as other charities that help to end childhood hunger and poverty worldwide. Hooray for good karma, more money in our pockets and less to dust!

  59. Every year I send my own homemade jams to friends in Nepal I met when I was traveling. They love getting them and they always send me the previous years jars filled with fun stuff. It’s been a great tradition and a fun reason to try and create new jam flavors every year 🙂

  60. I’m excited to give my friends my very first batch of limoncello! It’s not quite done yet, but I have high hopes that it will come out dry and delicious.

  61. This year I am baking cookies, rum balls & bars as gifts for everyone but the kids. We are also going to be donate homemade lasagna to the local shelter for Christmas Dinner

  62. A friend whose birthday is near the holidays requested a fondue dinner. Since I do most of the cooking in our group of friends, I’ll get to make fondue for the first time!

  63. My Mom has dementia so I am making a CD of her favorite music– it helps her relax and calm down. Such a difficult disease!

  64. I’m super excited to give out jars of curried apple chutney I canned up a month ago, apple butter, as well as a batch of vanilla extract I have brewing its magic on my shelf!!! My friends will go crazy for it, and I can’t wait.

  65. I am due with my first baby on the 23rd! This will be the first grandchild on both sides of our families, we are so excited that we get to bring a precious child into our families for Christmas! What better gift could you ever recieve or give?!

  66. I’m giving my husband the complete Justice League to share with our son this year, and they’re going to be psyched. 🙂

  67. I’m looking forward to giving away my applesauce from my own apples grown in the back yard and canned in my own kitchen!

  68. I am looking forward to giving my daughter a freezer, she has a small side by side fridge with no real freezer space. She will be able to freeze veggies from the farmer’s market and stock up when things are on sale. I know she will really appreciate it.

  69. I am so excited to give my son a few Dr Who bookmarks that I’m making for him. He’s 9 and found the show on Netflix and we’ve been hooked.

  70. I made some delicious cranberry marmalade as well as some raspberry jam from this July that I’ll be giving to family members!

  71. I’m looking forward to taking my son to see the Nutcracker. We’re focusing on gifts of experience rather than toys this year.

  72. I can’t wait to have my daughter open the box of skirts I hemmed. She loves to thrift store shop but nothing fits perfect. That’s where I come in 🙂

  73. Happy holidays! Love this knife…
    I’m not so much in to presents as I am in to presence. I’ll be visiting my in-laws in san diego… and bringing with me lots of apricot jam and pickled carrots. I just want to spend time with the little ones (my nieces and nephews) that I can’t see everyday!

  74. I am most looking forward to giving my homemade cookies and canned apple pie filling. I have spent many hours making them all just perfect.

  75. I pulled out old photo’s of my dad (82 yrs old) and I am making a nice photo album for him. He was adopted as a baby but I discovered who his biological mother was and have a copy of his original birth certificate (no father listed). I hope to add a picture of her to the album. This may be his last Christmas with us.

  76. I made a huge batch of cranberry conserve to give to my guests on their way out after Thanksgiving. Makes the best turkey sammies!

  77. I am looking forward to gifting our friends with homemade bread this Christmas. Still trying to decide if we will do sweet or savory…maybe some of each so they have a choice.

  78. I’m most excited to give out jars of my blueberry lime jam I made over the summer. It came out so great and I know a few people who will really love it!

  79. i am looking forward to give my friends home made christmas packages. i do not have enough money to buy presents this year. so instead i will make figs spread, jelly and cake. i will finish it with a nice card made by my 3 year old 🙂

  80. Being disabled I won’t be a lot, but I look forward to giving my wife whatever I can for Christmas. Already have a few things for her. I would rather give her gifts than to receive them myself 🙂

  81. I am looking forward to giving the gift of time and sharing memories with my children and their grandparents and Aunts and Uncles as we have been separated by some distance over the years due to military assignments overseas.

  82. Am so looking forward to taking my 87 year old recently-widowed Friend to see The Nutcracker for her 88th birthday–she was a ballerina as a child and danced in The Nutcracker. She still has her toe shoes:-)

  83. I’m excited to be surprising my 19 year old with a Holdster Model 02. He gets that Mason jars are good for pretty much everything and this will give him a way to use one to take coffee to classes.

  84. I am excited to gift my family and friends with jars of apple butter and red pepper jelly that I lovingly put up this Fall.

  85. I am most looking forward to giving a huge donation from our family to the food pantry. I love gift giving and this takes it to the next level. Each person in our family is participating. It’s awesome!

  86. This years gift is to ourselves, if all goes as planned, we’ll be purchasing our off grid cabin by the end of the year. Back to basics living.

  87. I’m most excited to give my favorite cookbook, along with a dozen fresh eggs from my chickens and several jars of jam, preserves, and spiced apples I made this year, to a friend who recently renovated and then moved into her grandparents’ home and is a single mom. She’s a hardworking, lovely person and I can’t think of a better gift than one that I’ve put my own hard work and thought into and that she can put immediately to good use!

  88. I’m giving my nephew (who just got his first apartment away at college) a book on vegan cooking with sriracha, a bottle or sriracha, a set of pots and pans, a set of dishes and silverware, and a bunch of useful kitchen tools and gadgets.

  89. I’m most looking forward to sharing the Christmas spirit with my toddler! She was only 5mo old last Christmas – will be more exciting for her this year!

  90. I am giving family a full set of flavored salts – red wine, chili lime, mushroom, saffron. Work friends get one of their choice. Super easy & fun to make 🙂

  91. I’m giving lots of crocheted items for Christmas and birthday gifts this winter. Washcloths, coasters, I even made a little granny square purse for my niece. Super fun to make and great to give as gifts! 🙂

  92. My cousins and I made batches of our grandmother’s chili sauce recipe and are planning on trading jars. It was an exercise in family anthropology, as we all deciphered her handwritten recipe and came up with slightly different methods. Looking forward to giving these away to friends, too!

  93. I spent my summer canning up fun sauces and summer treats (with help from you and my garden!). I plan to arrange them in gift baskets with my friend’s handmade pottery and tea from another dear friend’s new loose leaf tea business, Wanderlust Tea Co. The hope is to recreate a little summer fun and warmth in the deep freeze of winter!!

  94. I’m most looking forward to giving my parents a fun cookbook that I hope will help get them excited for cooking for just the 2 of them 🙂

  95. We are going to do something new this year. We have given a family in need their Thanksgiving meal last year and we helped out with a free community feast for Thanksgiving this year. We wanted to do something for a soldier overseas, since we have a family history in the service, so we have picked out a soldier in Afghanistan (who is a nurse in a mobile hospital) and will be sending a care package to his unit. If we can, we are going to try to make it two packages. We are on a limited budget. So, we will have to see. It will be a great feeling to not think of yourselves during the holidays, but to try to help as many other folks as we can. If that gift goes through well, we will look forward to sending others to that unit. We have been helped in the past and now it is time to pass it on.

  96. Looking forward to giving the fig/balsamic vinegar/black peppercorn jam I made this summer with some nice cheese to friends.

  97. My #1 holiday giftie is my red pepper jam with basalmic syrup. Its gorgeous red body looks so festive, and when given as a hostess gift — it can be put to immediate use, by pouring over a log of goat cheese and served with rich crackers. Divine and my most requested concoction! Happy holidays everyone!

  98. I’m most excited to make and give away citrus sugar cookies flavored with the organic powdered orange and grapefruit peel that I cut, dried and ground myself from leftover fruit I bought for making marmalades. On top of everything, the grapefruit and oranges are from my hometown in South Texas, so this gift is really a taste of home and feels very special to me.

  99. Younger brother is a musician and collects banjos, mandolins, etc. I found a beat up old autoharp at a garage sale and did a bit of work restoring it. Think he’ll have a great time adding it to his repertoire.

  100. A mama-knitted sweater for my son, hats for my daughters, and caramel apple-pear butter for my parents and in-laws. There are other gifts but these are my favorites. 🙂 Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  101. I love to give home canned goodies such as dill, sweet, or bread and butter pickles, pickled beets, and salsa in baskets.

  102. I am making my son a fort kit for Christmas and can’t wait to give it to him! I see so many awesome forts in our future!

  103. This year I have already given all my gifts. After 10 laborious months I was finally able to give my family a beautiful home so we can finally all be together under one roof! It’s certainly the best gift going this year 🙂

  104. I’m looking forward to giving away home-brewed chocolate orange port, with jars of sweet and savory goodness (including Yellow Tomato Basil Jam!)

  105. I’m so excited to get together with other gals for a cookie exchange. But we are going to package them up and take to people in need and nursing homes.

  106. My oldest daughter has fallen in love with comic books, just like my brother, my father and myself. This year I’m giving her her first trade paperback.

  107. I’m looking forward to giving the hugs and kisses of our new baby to her aunts and uncles and cousins…Sounds silly but since we are spending so much on plane tickets to get there that will probably be the gift this year!

  108. i am looking forward to giving my granddaughter the Little Mermaid nightgown that I made for her and a snuggle quilt that I made for my grandson.

  109. I’m so looking forward to giving away canned goods! I canned 55 different things this year (a personal record), and I’ve made some awesome gift boxes for my family with all the deliciously preserved fruits and veggies.

  110. I am really looking forward to giving the handmade pottery I’ve been making for my sister in law. She always uses what I give her, and even asks for more. I know she loves it, and it makes me happy.

  111. So excited to meet my new grandson and then my new granddaughter! Can’t wait to have my Soldier Daughter home! What a great year!

  112. This year, my siblings and I are making gifts for each other. So far I am giving lime (from my tree) marmalade, homemade vapor rub, porchini boulion cubes from scratch, and as many more fun things as I can find time to make!

  113. Super excited to give my homemade vanilla extract… but I wouldn’t mind giving the cleaver to my Uncle if I win it (although it would be tough to give up such a beautiful tool).

  114. I am looking forward to getting my boys settled into our new house, and putting together a really fun playroom for them!

  115. We are doing something different this year. Instead of buying Christmas gifts for each other we are going to take the same money and buy animals through the World Vision program that provides the animals to impoverished families and communities to teach them how to survive and be sustainable. For instance: (1) sheep provide milk, cheese and wool (2) chickens provide eggs (3) etc. The products from the various animals can be eaten and taken to market for trading and selling.

  116. Excited to give my sister a nike fitness band. I finally finished school and have a great nursing job and want to thank her for all the help she has given me over the years.

  117. I am still shopping but I am looking forward to sending preserves to my far away family. I am still shopping for my immediate family.

  118. my mother is moving to Florida soon and she doesn’t want me to get her anything because it would be one more thing she would have to take with her. so I am getting a photography lesson for her this year. she got a new Nikon and is have trouble working it. I know she will love it.

  119. The gift Iook most forward to is spending Christmas with my far flung family and a close second is watching my 2 year old Grandson open his gifts.

  120. I am looking forward to giving my nephew a set of nutcracker ornaments. When he was born 26 years ago, my mother started a tradition of giving him a nutcracker every Christmas. When she passed away, I decided to uphold the tradition.

  121. I’m looking forward to giving my sister-in-law a hand blender and a recipe for a butternut squash soup that I made for her earlier this year. And looking forward to seeing my Mom and Dad.

  122. I am very excited to contribute to my friend’s mission
    To giveaway baskets full of homemade jams, jellies and baked goods
    To the less fortunate for Christmas! Such a blessing to be able to give
    Wholesome food.

  123. I’m looking forward to sharing several of my kitchen creations with my friends and family this holiday season. I am particularly excited to give my partner some bare root apple trees and a beginner’s DIY hard cider kit.

  124. I am looking forward to my trip to Jordan on Christmas Day visiting the Dead Sea and seeing where Jesus was baptized. These types of experiences and trips make everything a little more meaningful.

  125. I’m just looking forward to having another humble, but happy holiday with the people I love most- my family and all my animals!

  126. I love baking cookies and giving them to my friends and neighbors, and I make a special cheesecake for our big family dinner on Christmas Eve.

  127. I don’t do Christmas gifts and love it. Holidays to me are about togetherness, and eliminating traditional gifts from the equation ensures that – I’m going to be with my partner and his family for dinner, and that’s all I need for a special holiday celebration 🙂

  128. I tend to defer to my sister on gifts for my niece and nephew, but this year I had impulse buys for both of them (a t-shirt for her and a sweatshirt for him) that I was very excited about. Both of their reactions at family Chanukah lived up to the hype.

  129. I’m looking forwArd to to giving the gift of family the entire family all together at my
    Home. Eating, laughing, talking, everyone from 72 to 1 having fun together,

  130. i got my hubby a 12 gauge shot gun for christmas he use to shoot all the time but when we got kids we got rid of them he will be so suprised

  131. I am grateful for Skype, as our son in law is in the military he, our daughter and grandson are stationed far away and Skype allows us to be a part of Christmas morning, not missing his purity and excitement of the morning.

  132. I really got into canning yummy jams this year and am looking forward to “spreading” the cheer with family, friends and neighbors.

  133. making gift baskets of homemade goodies from ornaments to home canned goods (jams and jellies)as well as homemade baked goodies

  134. I will be giving Cutco kitchen scissors. They’re expensive at $99.00 but are the best scissors I’ve ever owned or used. They come apart, with no moving parts or screws, for cleaning and come in black, red, and white. I have two pairs and may buy more since they’re so versatile and handy!

  135. Am giving out the Pickled Peaches made late last summer. Peaches were so good this year, so is a real treat to have on your shelf in January!

  136. A coworker gave me Apples from his tree. So Ive made 20 jars of homemade apple jelly to give to everyone at my work for Christmas.

  137. I am looking forward to the family getting together to share and laugh about the past. Giving gifts to them pleases me so much and love to watch their faces as they see what they received!

  138. I made some vanilla carmel pear butter and other jams. Sending some homemade jams/ butters to my aunts along with some baked goods.

  139. I’m looking forward to making my healing herbal salve, elderberry syrup, honey lemon ginger echinacea syrup, horehound cough drops, home made Vicks rub, and eucalyptus shower disks for my sister who is a single mom and has three young boys.

  140. I am looking forward to giving my niece and sil the canned goods from my summer canning that I have been setting aside for them. We live in different states and we are going to surprise them!

  141. I am looking forward to making all my gifts with my two hands this year. I am also talking the time to put into words how much each person means to me and my family. This year is about more than store bought presents.

  142. I am looking forward to giving gifts to the family of 5 that we adopted this year. Each year all of my siblings and my parents pool our money and adopt a family in need. It’s a great experience for everyone!

  143. I am finishing up on a quilt made of my dad’s flannel shirts to give to my sister. I’ve been working on it for 5 years and I don’t think she has any idea.

  144. No matter what else I give them my favorite (and their”s) thing to give is my candied
    orange peel, butterball cookies and peanut butter cookies with red and green sprinkles

  145. This is my first year trying my hand at canning, so I made some fruit spreads, looking forward to giving some away and seeing how everyone feels about them. Also, I make homemade flavored butters every year, looking forward to making that.

  146. I am looking forward to giving my homemade Cranberry Jam. This is a new recipe I tried this year to go with the Cranberry Muffins out there. So Good!!

  147. I am looking forward to gifting to my sweet 8 year old daughter her very own charm bracelet with charms that I describe her to a T. She has been wanting one for a very long time and she is now old enough to really appreciate it.

  148. I am looking forward to just being able to give my family presents, At one point recently I wasn’t sure if I would be able to give them anything.

  149. All of them! I wasn’t really in a position to celebrate Christmas for the last few years, and I’m very excited about this year?

  150. Food in jars, of course! I just finished a batch of cranberry-apple jam that will make lovely gifts for my co-workers.

  151. This Christmas our “give” is going to be to surprise my mother on Christmas day. My husband has had to work the holiday for the last 8 years and living so far away we never get to celebrate together. Can’t wait!

  152. The thing I most look forward to give is time. Time to do things like make pumpkin butter with my grandkids with real pumpkins. (Turned out great BTW and they specifically ask for it now on sandwiches)

  153. The socks I knit for my husband, and the calamondin marmalade I hope to be making in the next two weeks! Grow, little oranges! Grow!

  154. My husband did not drink coffee until we meet 2 years ago. Now he wants a fancy high end espresso mashine. So I am excited to give him some coffee history/recipe books because I believe I will benefit from it 😉

  155. This is most likely my father’s last christmas, so I am making him his favorite meal, chicken parm, as a gift along with pecan pie… I have never really cooked a full meal before so this is going to be quite an experience for me as well… hope all goes well and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

  156. We’ve been living abroad for the past 7 years and this is our first Christmas back in the states. Looking forward to spending the holidays with family and sharing all the lovely fruits and pickles I’ve put up this summer.

  157. I’m looking forward to giving my daughter a set of circular looms and new skeins of yarn. She loves to create and is going to love this gift.

  158. I’ve already given my give. Thanksgiving is our family holiday when all the family comes to our house. In addition to family, we also welcome friends to our yearly dinner. All is made from scratch, and leftovers are used to make soups that I can and give to my sons to take back to home/college so they still have a home cooked meal when they need it. The holiday is amazingly informal, amazingly fun and fulfilling, and I tear up at least once an hour it seems just because I am so happy.

  159. I look forward to spending time with my family and seeing sharing my stories of the summer of harvest and getting their stories as well, along with I will be sharing some of the things I canned and dehydrated this summer and fall. The coolest thing has been the dehydrated eggs and lots of deer jerky.

  160. oh, probably a box set of all of Jane Austen’s novels to a good friend of mine. She and I both love Austen, and she has been wanting this for years!

  161. I am looking forward to giving homemade gifts. It is mostly jams, Jellies or syrups. I am trying fermented lemons this year. We will see how they go over!

  162. I have two wonderful girlfriends who are joining me along with our husbands, to adopt a needy family this year. I’m looking so forward to shopping for them and making their Christmas special.

  163. My brother and his wife are medical missionaries in Uganda. They have been in the States for a few weeks on vacation. They have been visiting us in PA. We are gifting them a dinner at a French restaurant out in CA (where they are traveling next week). We hope they enjoy a wonderful meal!

  164. I will be giving all my friends baskets of homemade goodies: jams & jellies, rumcake, apple pie moonshine and rumtopf. Maybe I will get my pantry shelves cleared off so I can start over making more!

  165. I don’t have a specific gift I’m lookin forwArd to giving! I love the magic of Christmas morning and the kids running downstairs early and being so excited that Santa came and ready to see what he brought them!

  166. It’s a toss up for me between a ticket to a beer tasting event for my brother that will give us some family time, and home brewing equipment for my husband.

  167. I have a sister who is 17 years younger than me and at that awkward 15 year age. I plan to take her on a shopping spree for Christmas to remind her how beautiful she is. I realize clothes are a little superficial, but a great dress can make even an uncomfortable adolescent feel like a million bucks!

  168. every year I make pj pants for my children, thier husbands , children and grandchildren about 50 pr and I also like to give a basket of homemade goodies . I don’t use wrapping paper so each year it is a quest to put the gifts in something useable preferably homemake. I love the holidays hope you all have a good one

  169. When our kids (now teenagers) were small, we started a tradition where we each buy one gift for everyone else’s stocking. Even though we fund the gifts purchased by the kids, it’s always a treat to find out what they have chosen for us and for one another. These are the gifts I most look forward to giving every year–not the swankiest nor most expensive, but chosen expressly for that person and our own special tradition.

  170. I will be giving jellies and jams canned from fruit that we grow in our garden. Will be making loaves of home made bread to go with the jellies and jams. Also crocheting some hot pads to go with bread and jam. Am looking for other ideas – I love sharing our canning with others!

  171. I’m most looking forward to giving my husband what he wants most at Christmas….peace and quiet at our homestead in Idaho!!

  172. I have ordered my son a pair of Dansko Clogs. He has been working as a sous chef for the past year and his back & knees are starting to bother him. Mom to the rescue with proper footwear for the kitchen 🙂

  173. This is the first time I will be sending jarred food to my parents. I’m excited to find out if it survives shipping, and if they enjoy the various pickles and jams.

  174. I’m looking forward to giving out a bruchetta kit to family and friends. A jar of canned bruchetta and a loaf of homemade bread.

  175. Hmmmm, I might be most looking forward to giving my kids pocket pillow creatures that I’m making. They will be the perfect friend for their first plane trip in February. Or maybe all the Little Flower lipbalms and soaps that I’m giving to teachers and colleagues that I found on etsy. They’re magical. Or the yummy biscotti from dinner a love story that I’m making to go with them. I guess I’m excited about them because I feel like my “little gifts” are often a flop, but these are going to rock. Happy gifting :).

  176. I will be giving out home made recipes to most my friends and family.
    The gift I am most looking forward to giving is a hot date with the misses.

  177. My boyfriend and I decided to get ourselves a dyson for xmas! Our old vacuum died and we decided to treat ourselves to an upgrade! This will be the first time I’m actually looking forward to cleaning!

  178. I have 2 that I’m really excited about. I found the perfect pair of earrings for my sister-in-law and (this sounds silly) but I got my son a huge fuzzy blanket for him to take to his college apartment. He’s jealous of the one that I have on my bed so for now I’m just torturing him with it. Can’t wait ’till Xmas!

  179. My home-canned strawberry preserves, grape jelly, and strawberry-rhubarb ginger jam complete with crocheted lid covers that I crocheted myself of course 🙂

  180. Hands down definitely a new ipod for my daughter, who has been relentlessly telling everyone she meets how much she wants one, even calling her grandmother to ask her if she could buy it for her for christmas this year.

  181. I’m looking forward to surprising my husband with spring concert tickets to go see a band we like. I love being able to give experiences rather than things.

  182. I’ve been writing my sister short stories about her cats for her birthday/hannukah for the past few years, which is always really fun.

  183. I am making a fleece blanket for my son’s girlfriend and I think she will love it. I am anxious to see her face when she opens it.

  184. My children have been wanting pets for a long time but we aren’t able to have any traditional ones where we live. However, we have talked our landlords into letting us get them guinea pigs. The boys are going to be so excited and it will help train them to take care of larger animals in the future.

  185. The give I am most excited about giving is the biscotti marathon (several types of homemade biscotti) baskets I have organized for a list of people our family feels gratitude towards. I know this will be great!

  186. Two things…one I’m excited about the Spiced Pear Butter that I just canned last week and new slippers for my father (yeah…I’m geeky that way).

  187. More of my time to my kids and family, less of me doing, doing, doing! They deserve more if me, I deserve a break from the feeling that I must do certain things to make everyone happy, when most of all we need to enjoy time spent together.

  188. Our 10th wedding anniversary is the Winter Solstice. We’ve been saving up and we are going snowshoeing in Bryce Canyon. We can’t wait to gift this to each other!

  189. My mom and I make baby blankets to hand out to refugees in a not-too-far city. So fulfilling to give to someone who has very little.

  190. Every year, I bake little chocolate poundcakes for all of my colleagues at work, and it is definitely my favorite part of the holiday season. So many happy teachers!

  191. I’m looking forward to giving the Kuhn Rikon tall pot that you recommended at your canning demonstration last month. Thank you for such great tips!

  192. I’m working on knitting a baby blanket for my new niece, definitely the prettiest gift I’ll be making this Christmas.

  193. This year is the first time my boyfriend and I are celebrating Christmas together in our first apartment. I am looking forward to all of the time I will put into decorating our house to make it festive. And I look forward to giving the gifts of Santa I will get to place under the tree for the first time or stuffing the stockings in order to make our first Christmas special.

  194. It’s the silly little things that don’t cost a lot of money that my four boys have on their Christmas list that I most look forward to giving. Those are the things that make them smile and laugh the most.

  195. I am not terribly excited about anything I am giving at Christmas yet. I think it’s because I haven’t decided on what I am hand making yet. I need to figure that out and get started! I am considering a crochet penguin hat for my son who loves penguins. And I want to make some foodstuff gifts too. Maybe some crockpot bean soup in a quart sized canning jar. I think those would be popular with winter arriving here in Maine!

    • Nothing specific extra exciting over the others. This will be a slim Christmas compared to the past. However, time together with my family is the best gift of all … since we live about 10 hours from each other – in 3 locations but in a triangle. 10 hours to my daughters, 7 from hers to my sons, and then 7 back home. They will both be home for Christmas.

  196. I’m looking forward to giving LESS this year 🙂 Not in a mean-spirited way, by any means. But my kids are all grown and married, and there’s no longer a need to feel like I have to fill every square inch under the Christmas tree. Dance dance clap clap!

  197. I am most looking forward to seeing our daughters eyes when Grandma and Grandpa surprise us for Christmas! She doesn’t think they are coming !!!

  198. I’m making my daughter a reading blanket from soft velveteen and voile, stuffed with wool batting. Not the present one thinks a 7 year old would be excited to get but I know she will be.

  199. I am looking forward the most to giving my niece her “night before Christmas” gift. Which is new pajamas, a movie and snacks so the family can have family movie night.

  200. I look forward to giving my family a lovely Christmas goose dinner, and then baskets of all my homemade goodies from the past 6 months! It’s the best kind of gifts: the ones from the home, and the heart.

  201. I am giving my daughter in laws kitchen gadgets that I love. They are new cooks and only have the basics.i want to give them the cool gadgets I have found to be indispensable.

  202. Since starting to do a lot more home made and self prepared foods, I am looking forward to giving some friends who are hosting a rather large holiday party some homemade jams and snacks as a thank you.

  203. All of my gifts this season are canned goods, mostly from produce grown in my garden. I am excited to give my roasted garden salsa because I know the recipients will use it.

  204. I am looking forward to our holiday meal, my husband absolutely loves my cooking, it was a joy at thanksgiving to see him dive into my cranberries. I love to cook & he so enjoys it which makes it an absolute joy.

  205. Most excited to send friends some of the unique applesauce flavors I came up with. I am giving them randomly to unexpected friends just to let them know they are in my thoughts.

  206. I get to hunt for a new cast iron pan for my mom — a botched attempt at cleaning her old one with vinegar resulted in lots of pits. And, of course, lots of preserves and infusions for my friends and coworkers.

  207. I love to give various livestock from heiffer international, which goes to a third-world family in the gift recipient’s name. Milk or eggs and a breeding program makes the livestock a gift that can benefit an entire village for years to come.

  208. I’m knitting a linen skirt for my daughter! Wish me luck – I still have about 6″ to go and have to cut & sew a lining for it once it is washed.

  209. For me it’s the gift of a full freezer. My mother isn’t much of a cook but wants to eat healthy so when I go home each year I spend a few days cooking and I’ll make enough stock for a few months, a bunch of different soups, freeze portioned meat in marinade, homemade meatballs and many other sauces. For me it’s about knowing that she’s eating good food that isn’t processed and made with love. As much as it’s a gift for her, really it’s more of a gift for me.

  210. The homemade Jams, Jellies and pickles we did this summer along with pictures of my 6 month old son, my first born and me and my girlfriends first son. Hes adorable and will really help make the baskets look their best.

  211. My friends that meet once a week to sew/snack are doing a secret santa swap this year, I think it will be really fun to spend time putting together a nice box of goodies for one friend instead of trying to mass produce gifts for the whole group.

  212. I cannot wait to give my home-cured lamb bacon to family members this year! I’ll be pairing it with homemade pickled apple slices and various fruit/herb infused liqueurs that I made earlier this year. It’s so exciting to be able to share foods that are not generally thought of as common DIY gifts. 🙂

  213. I love sending cookies to my cousin George in California. I try to make sure they are a total surprise and he gets so excited!

  214. Moving into a new house! And using the awesome retro turquoise appliances to make Christmas Day brunch (or New Years… With the move we may be on a bit of a delay)

  215. I am looking forward to giving homemade jams this year! But mostly I’m looking forward to having our families in our home this year. It’s been many years since we spent the holidays with family due to living overseas.

  216. I am looking forward to working on Christmas. I am a nurse,
    Working on Christmas allows me to spend time. With people
    Whose family is gone or live to far to come see them. We sing carols
    And give small gifts. I love seeing their smiles.

  217. I’m looking forward to giving homemade goodies to family and friends – smoked bacon, strawberry jam and a coconut oil sugar scrub.

  218. My sister is getting married on December 28th. I’ve crocheted a blanket for her and her fiance and can’t wait to give it to them!

  219. I’m trying to focus more on homemade gifts this year which meant starting the gift knitting way back in September. I knit each of my three nieces a hat, and am finishing a pair of socks for my MIL!

  220. A very special surprise trip for my 12 year old daughter and I! Cannot wait to see the look on her face Christmas morning. Hopefully one of those memories we’ll both hold in our hearts forever!

  221. I’m most looking forward to giving away lots and lots of cookies. I love making them and I send them all over so everyone can have some homemade treats.

  222. This will be the first year I will be giving gifts as a true part of my husband’s family. I’ve attended their celebration for several years and have always felt very welcome. I’m so excited that this year I get to give gifts to our family instead of his family.

  223. It’s our first Christmas far from home and we won’t be able to see our families until January, so I’m most looking forward to giving my boyfriend (and myself!) a sense of new tradition that we can call our own alongside our favorite family pastimes.

  224. This year I’m most excited about the gift I got for one of my best friends. It’s an inside joke and I can’t wait to see her face!

  225. I love to give a selection of high quality herbs & spices to my extended family. Why should I be the only one to enjoy great food.

  226. I’ll be visiting a faraway friend who has been clamoring for sour cherry preserves, so that will be a nice way to sweeten a much anticipated visit!

  227. Every year I give little gift bags of cookies for friends/co-workers/extended family, and the only two things that I do reliably are sugar cookies (with nutmeg) and biscotti (though the types tend to change). I look forward each year to trying different types of cookies. Last year I made caramels and marshmallows for the first time, this year will be madeleines, macarons, and meringues. It’s super French this year.

  228. We have three sons ages 5, 3, and 5 months. This year they will be receiving their very first, brand-new, not hand-me-down Lego sets! Their going to lose it!

  229. My husband recently took up blacksmithing and he hopes to make lots of Christmas gifts this year. But since he can’t finish them all before Christmas, we’re giving out I.O.U.s for blacksmithed goods. So my favorite gift right now is the homemade “catalog” of blacksmithing stuff that our gift recipients can choose from: I drew the items by hand and have had so much fun writing descriptions!

  230. I am looking forward to the clothes I am giving my 5 year old DIVA great niece. To say she is a fashionista is putting it mildly!

  231. This year my family will be skipping the usual gift overload and instead throwing one heck of a party for friends and family! We want to focus on time and fun with each other… So I will be giving food. Lots of really yummy food!

  232. My friend is obsessed with “The Fox” video, so I’m knitting her some fox mittens. So far, that’s the most “on point” gift that I’ve come up with.

  233. I have been very busy making pepper jelly, cranberry apple butter and lemon marmalade to give to family, friends and co-workers. I am super excited as this year we grew several of the ingredients in these preserves!!

  234. Gave my cousin’s granddaughter a stroller for her new American Girl doll. The look in her eyers was priceless! Giving my yearly canned pickled peppers. This year’s jams to go with them are blueberry, triple berry, and fig with Gran Marnier.

  235. I’m most looking forward to being able to give my daughter (almost) everything on her Christmas list, despite being out of a job and money being extremely tight this year. I could use a present!

  236. I’ve been making jams and preserves all summer, and I now have the entire lazy susan of my corner cabinet filled with jars of goodness for gift giving. No need to go to the mall at all.

  237. The give I’m most excited about is the one I’m doing right now – I took my best buddy with me on vacation to Florida to escape the cold! 🙂

  238. Cool knife! My husband asked for knives for Christmas so fingers crossed! I’m making my son his own board book featuring photos of him and his family and I’m really excited to give it to him. It’s been really fun putting it together.

  239. I am looking forward to gifting my homemade pear-cranberry-ginger jelly, pear vanilla jam (a Food in Jars recipe!), pear sauce (like applesauce) and preserved pears (there was a pear bounty in our neck of the woods… can you tell?) — my family appreciates the hand made gifts more than anything and we are all certainly food-obsessed! I might also make a batch of bacon jam as a special treat this year.

    Thanks for your blog – it is a constant inspiration to us all year long!

  240. I hope to start some baking, making, cooking soon! The last couple of years I have made some homemade treats to give to our friends for Christmas…. They don’t take up much space, and they can be used up, and hopefully…enjoyed! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  241. I’m just not too excited about Christmas yet. I’m hoping to develop some enthusiasm in the next three weeks. I am giving my daughter the last installment on a regular size refrigerator. She’s been getting by on an apartment size with essentially no freezer very good-naturedly; but, I’ve been putting money in a ‘refrigerator account’ for a little over a year, and Christmas should fill it out. Maybe I’m most excited about great treats for the dogs–they’re so appreciative!

  242. It’s a gift I’ve already given…a donation to The Gideon’s International. Gift cards are placed in baskets, tucked in amongst home made food, and given to family. We’ve got every thing we need and most of what we want; it’s time to share.

  243. I can’t wait to gift all the artisan jams I made with the beautiful Summer fruit that came in this season!
    Cardamom Peach, Pepper Strawberry, Pinoit Noir White Grape. Should be a delicious holiday!

  244. I am most excited for my 2 year old daughter to receive her new ply kitchen. She loves cooking all manor of things with my pots and spoons. Now she’ll have her own.

  245. I gave my Henckels 7 inch cleaver to my future son-in-law this Hannukah.
    I wish someone would gift a 7 inch Wusthof to me this holiday!

  246. This year it’s about experiences not stuff. Going to the theater for A Christmas Carol, lots of parties, ice-skating, seeing some movies, decorating, going to the holiday markets. Less stuff and more doing.

  247. Giving away smiles is a fun way to change a crabby person’s attitude. Ha ha… I have already given away numerous jars of your recipes, and to very appreciative hands. We usually don’t give gifts of high expectations anymore. Otherwise, we do give to charity and do not see the surprise there, but we do see the outcome.

  248. I’m most excited about giving away baskets of all the delicious things I’ve canned this year – jam, pickles, and sauces, yum!!

  249. This Saturday, Momma Darth and I will embark on our second canning project. Our first was 175 jars of jam for wedding favors at our daughter’s wedding in July. We’ll be canning peach preserves and pineapple jerk sauce for co-workers and our Sunday School classmates.

    We had such fun with the wedding jams. Some real quality time spent with my bride . . . looking forward to our next batch!

  250. Thanks for offering a great product giveaway! I tend to make homemade/foodie gifts (usually candy or confections, since most folks get loads of cookies from everyone) and am usually stalked for my peppermint bark! However, I’m going to try a new addition for this Christmas; I had some marmalade that didn’t turn out as good as I wanted. The flavor was good but it was too firm and a bit more bitter than I like (and I like it Bitter!). So, I’ll turn that into a pate de fruit (fingers gently crossed), cut shapes and enrobe it in dark chocolate. I’ve made candied peels before; orange (dipped in dark choc and crushed hazelnuts) and grapefruit (in white choc and candied ginger), but they take forEVER, so hopefully this will cut down on prep time and still look and taste great!

  251. I’m looking forward to sending out packages of your cranberry pear jam, we made some for thanksgiving and it was such a hit now are sending to all our relatives we can’t see this year.

  252. We have an advent of giving calendar that I’ve made up for my little ones to do….And when I ask them what christmas is all about, they tell me “it’s not about getting presents mom….it’s about giving your love away!” …..Already having a AWESOME christmas just hearing those words.

  253. I’m most looking forward to giving away my homemade grape jelly along with a beer bread kit! I can’t wait for my friends to try it!

  254. I’ll be giving a lot of homemade gifts, especially stuff I’ve canned. Just before Thanksgiving I made a batch of your cranberry jam and I was thrilled with the outcome, so I think that’s what I’m most excited about right now. (Although the lemon-blueberry pancake syrup was pretty killer, too. Happy holidays!!

  255. Most excited to give this Christmas is the pizza’s I will making as appetizers from my new pizza oven. Will be fun to have all make their own pizza, toppings and all, while I cook (and hopefully) not burn to many pizzas. Will be suggesting they use one of the jams I have made this year in the topping.

  256. I’ve been cooking a lot of Indian food lately, so my Holiday cookie gift boxes will be filled with ladoo, peda, burfi, and chai spiced cookies. I’ve been told by eager friends to get a move-on!

  257. all I can say is nano nano (Ipod) for the grand daughter and ds 3 d for the grand boy. Grand mom had a good yr 🙂 oh yeah each get a quilt from me too Love the the grand kids

  258. We were not blessed with children and do not lack for “THINGS” so we do not gift anymore. We all make donations to local shelters and the juvenile diabetes research fund in each others name..

  259. I gave little jars of apple butter to everyone who came to my Hanukkah arty. That felt awesome – to give away my first attempt at canning. Although our holiday is almost over, my husband and I didn’t do gifts this year – and he would LOVE this knife. I’d love to gift it to him. Thanks for sharing it!

  260. My son, daughter-in-law, and new grandson will be moving into their new house for Christmas. I can’t wait to see my little darling’s face when he sees the tree and gifts for the first time. I will be giving him some home made clothes and some toys to help him learn to walk.

    I also have some home made canned goods to bring to their new home now that they will have some room to store them.

    Very exciting time in our lives.

    I also have gifts to deliver to the Christmas Wishes program in our town. if not for this program some kids would not get anything for Christmas. I am on my way out now to buy a pair of winter boots for a little 9 year old girl who I will never meet. Just knowing I am helping her and her family have a better Christmas is enough for me.

  261. I am most excited to give my daughter a Wonderbag Portable Cooker. She is very conscious of the environment and all gifts must be fair trade items. This is a wonderful cooker that requires no electricity and the company donates one to a family in Africa for every one that is purchased. She lived in Africa for 2 years, so this will be extra special to her!

    cjpike (at) Indiana (dot) edu

  262. Every year, I bake and bake–brownies, cookies, Spicy Pretzels, toffee. I throw that in packages for my immediate family and partner with stocking stuffers. I am making a photo album and crocheting blankies too!

  263. My husbands grandma was both surprised and excited to find out that I pickle watermelon each year. My grandma taught me how to can it a couple years ago and this past year I spent a Saturday with her and my cousin doing 34 quarts of it. I also did another 20 pints (some with jalapenos) another weekend this summer.

    When my husband found out that his grandma hadn’t had pickled watermelon for years, he asked if he could give her a jar, which I happily said yes to. Now, every time we see her, I take her a jar. She’s a very humble, sweet woman who never asks for anything and often insists that she doesn’t want any gifts, but she can’t turn down the pickled watermelon.

    She’s given up canning within the last few years and gave me all her canning jars. I’m going to surprise both her and my own grandma with some canned jams, apple butter, pickles, and pickled tomatoes I did this year 🙂

  264. In the summer, I made salsa with Mrs. Wages’ mix and fresh local tomatoes. I always look forward to sharing that with others.

  265. I make holiday gift baskets filled with goodies I have canned throughout the season, some will get salsa themed, others jam, or butters. They are so beautiful, and I am so happy to prepare and present them! Can’t wait!

  266. I have not been so excited for Christmas since I was 10! I am giving a rocking horse to my daughter and I cannot wait to see the joy on her little face.

  267. We got my daughter a giant stuffed panda that is about the same size as her (she’s 11!). My mom and I snuck it into the house 5 minutes before she came home on the bus and struggled to stuff it into two 55 gallon garbage bags to hide it. Luckily, my husband got black ones this time, usually we get clear ones!

  268. For the first time this year, I’ll be giving preserves as gifts! I’m especially excited to give some tomato jam and salsa verde to a co-worker who is also into canning – she’ll appreciate it more than anyone else!

  269. I’ve crocheted nearly all of my family and friend’s gifts this year, and am really looking forward to giving them to them all.

  270. I am most excited to give some books to my 6 yr old. She is a new reader this year and is going through them just like her momma did at that age!

  271. I am giving all my friends and family homemade jams and butters. So far I have made strawberry jam, pineapple jam, and pumpkin butter. I am taking my Dr and his lovely wife a pint of pineapple jam this morning. They will love it. Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  272. My sister has been struggling with debt for years, so this year for Christmas, my husband and I are going to surprise her by paying off her credit card.

  273. I am most excited about gifting my calamondin orange marmalade to my grandmother. That is the few precious jars I can part with… It is my best marmalade made this year thus far.

  274. I’ve made jars of sriracha salt that I’m super-excited to give to my friends & fellow sriracha fans. I even went all out and made cute little decorative tags & tied them with stripey baker’s twine. I can’t wait to see their faces =)

  275. We just bought a house and I can’t afford to give too many gifts, but I am looking forward to giving some parties since we’ll have all that wide open space!

  276. I’ve (finally) taught myself to crochet, and I’m most excited about carrying the torch from my grandmothers to give homemade dishcloths. They’ve both been gone for a while now, so I’m sure everyone needs more cloths. 🙂

  277. I’m looking forward to my son opening his gifts on Christmas morning. A couple homemade and a couple store bought. Christmas is so much fun with kids 🙂

  278. I’m going to buy Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem for my mom, and pair that with some Penzey’s spices she can’t find in rural Iowa (zaatar, etc). Excited!

  279. I’m a single father of a two-year-old little girl, and money has been tight this year. It was our first year in a new state, and also our first season of canning! We will package up sampler boxes of our jersey peaches, applesauce, jams, pickles, and more, and send them out as Christmas presents this year 🙂

  280. I’m excited to give my girlfriend a collection of last year’s Short Stack Editions recipe books. She only allows the most beautiful books on her shelves and I think these qualify nicely!

  281. My extended family does a Yankee Swap gift exchange each Christmas. The gift has to be something you already owned (recycled/upcycled, re-gifted) or that you made. This year, I’m putting together a gift basket of various home-made goodies: a jar of canned tomatoes, a fabulous honey/peach/thyme jam, pear mostarda (thanks for the recipe, Marissa!), apple syrup, apple pie filling, vanilla extract, Italian herb extract, garlic oil, an Italian-style hard cheese, my own blend of all-purpose seasoning, and a bottle of home-made plum liqueur.

  282. Almost all of the adults on my list are getting a small selection of jam. I made 10 varieties this year and can’t wait to share them.

  283. I’m looking forward to Christmas morning with my husband, parents, and my daughter, who I think is old enough to get really excited about it this year.

  284. My assistant lost her dad to cancer this year, and her mother is also fighting terminal cancer. I knit her a scarf this year, something more personal and time consuming than the usual purchased gift to let her know that she has people that care about her and are concerned for her well being.

  285. I’m giving my California-native husband a potted citrus tree for our New England apartment. I think he’s going to love it!

  286. I am looking forward to giving the gift of peace to my mother who died a week ago. She has suffered with Alzheimers for years, but won’t be suffering this year. I have not done any shopping or decorating, and don’t know if I will. I have recipes she wrote, and will look forward to teaching my kids to make them.

  287. I saved for a Wüsthof chef’s knife for my boyfriend, who loves to cook – it would be amazing to be able to give him both for Christmas! Many other friends and co-workers will be getting apple butter and cranberry jam 🙂

  288. I am giving several people a jar of pre-measured chocolate chip cookie ingredients with a recipe attached for my favorite ones.

  289. My gift baskets with homemade breads and canned goods brings my father in law to tears every year. I have a cherry and white plum preserve that I know he will be especially pleased with!

  290. I’ll be sharing some canned goods, pickled onions and candied jalapenos–but I’m also excited to be giving some gifts to a niece and nephew who each moved into their own place this year. Useful things like blankets and towels–I’m excited for them.

  291. I think I’ll be giving a lot of baked goods this year – breads, buns, cookies, cakes. But sure would be nice to have this knife for my ‘usual’ cooking!

  292. I just ordered some trackables for geocaches for my girls. It will be an on-going gift. Once we log them on the site, we’ll be able to send them off and watch them travel! Hopefully they can visit all 50 states.

  293. I get excited about all the cooking and foods for the holidays. My dad never wants anything so I make him a big batch of granola and make a donation to his favorite housing charity.

  294. Husband and I are giving each other 6 date nights – I’m coming up with 6, he’s coming up with 6, then they’re going in a jar and once a month we’ll pick one out. I am really excited about this! I’m hoping to break up our dinner and drinks or takeout and netflix date rut.

  295. I have just started to can and discovered that I am addicted. It is some much fun and so much work, to have a knife like this would help in the wonderful discovery of canning, baking.

  296. I am more excited to give gifts this year than ever before! Everyone on my gift list will be receiving homemade preserves and Christmas cookies. I have apple butter, pear jam with cardamom, pear jam with vanilla and honey, cranberry jam with nuts and ginger, and smooth cranberry jam. I’ll also be using said jam to make thumbprint cookies and sablé sandwich cookies to give as gifts. I sure could use a good cleaver to help me with my chopping when I do this all over again next year!

  297. I found a vintage coffee mug, just like the one my dad always used when I was growing up, until one day it got dropped and shattered. I’m so excited to see his face when he opens it because I know he’ll never expect it.

  298. The gift I am most excited about giving this year centers around a pig. His name is Chris P Bacon, he was born without hind legs and was taken in by a kind veternarian in FL. He (the Vet not the pig)has written a book. I have purchased these with a special offer, for every one I bought one was donated to St. Jude’s. I have purchased this book for all my tiny relatives. Now about the clever, when I saw the picture of this clever I got the same feeling in my stomach I get when I eat chocolate! mmmm.

  299. I’m not sure yet what I’m giving, but I’m looking for the perfect gift for my 88 year old mother. She deserves the best because she is the best!

  300. I really don’t know what I’m doing this year as far as gift giving, but hopefully I can come up with something homemade.

  301. I’m giving my husband a ladder… which will be wonderful considering how many times I have locked us out of the house and we’ve had to crawl through a second floor window!

  302. We do a “yankee swap” in my family, and this year one lucky family member will be getting a gift basket of pickles, pickled green beans and pickled carrots that I canned this year. I may even through in a jar of my fig jelly, but I don’t know if I can part with it…

  303. I made my parents a nice butcher block cutting board. The board is made out of local PA black locust salvaged from a job I’ve been working on. They loved it!

  304. This is my first year to try canning. I am looking forward to giving all my friends and relatives some of my home canned pickles and jams.

  305. I am giving things I canned during the season. Mostly jellys, salsa’s and nut syrups and a few specialty butters. But I did buy some beautiful long scarfs for the woman I love the most.. My friend and my sister….so am going to weave theirs scarfs around their jars of goodness……Their girlie selfs will love it all.

  306. My husband’s stocking is my favorite gift to put together. Socks, gift cards, old-fashioned candies, a James Bond blu-ray…

  307. I canned some pork and beans, BBQ sauce, and candied jalapenos to give as gifts this year. I wanted to give more than one jar to friends and I wanted to have a sort of ‘theme’. I am excited to see how they go over.

  308. Over the summer, every time I made jam, I would put up one or two really small jars… so now I have a whole pile of different jams to pass out at Christmas. Just need to dress them up with some ribbons, and my Christmas shopping will be done!

  309. Each year I do baskets – last year was breakfast (with my first ever canned jams) and this year is dinner (with homemade sauce and pasta) .

  310. I started dating a wonderful woman December 23rd last year, so this is our first real Christmas together. I’m still figuring out what exactly to give her, but whatever it is will easily be my favorite gift to give!

  311. I am so excited to give my family baskets of happiness! Jam, plum sauce, other small goodies and lap quilts! 🙂

  312. Everything is homemade this year. Cards with lined envelopes, and selections of winter jams and cookies. I can’t wait to make everything and give it away!

  313. Every year I give away home made Kahlua . . . with it this year, I am giving away homemade lip balm! Everything turned out so well. I can’t wait!

  314. I will be giving away jars of apple sauce, fruit butters, ginger-apple jam (inspired by your recipe) & homemade pickles. I like to pair these homemade goodies with locally-made candles, soaps & lotions for the ladies. 🙂

  315. I am giving people homemade goodies, locally crafted clothing/jewelry, and the gift of time (in the form of gift certificates for outings or dinners at my house)

  316. I’m so excited to be giving family and friend canned food and other kitchen treats in jars this year. I have gotten so many requests!

  317. I am looking forward to giving all these nice warm pairs of socks that I picked up this weekend and of course, grape jam- I made a bunch of blueberry jam this year but ended up giving it all away before Christmas! Now I might need to make another batch!

  318. I am looking forward to giving my husband a nice grill i snagged on black friday. He’ll love it and I will love being able to send him out to cook on it 😛

  319. I’m trying to crochet a scarf for my mother-in-law. There are so many good ideas in the comments, I may have to get busy with some other homemade gifts!

  320. I am so excited to give all the women in my family handmade fabric covered journals and planners. I’m also really excited about the custom mugs and homemade coffee liqueur I made for the men in my life.

  321. We picked up some beautiful and unique cutting boards made from local alligator juniper wood, and I’ve had them stashed away, waiting to give them for Christmas. Alas, now I have to decide which one we’re going to keep.

  322. We’re giving photo books of family to my soon-to-be niece/nephew to help him/her connect with far-away relatives. In addition, the adults are foregoing exchanging gifts this year and donating what we would have spent to my brother and sister-in-law to help with their adoption expenses. I can’t wait to give this gift!

  323. This is the second year now my husband and I are doing a big order from Penzey’s spices and giving family and friends spice gift baskets. We do own mixes and include some recipe cards too. I’m including chokecherry syrup this year.

  324. My time. With all the Holiday craziness, I will continue volunteering my time to Baby Connection and WellMama, helping young families negotiate through hard times and find their new normal.

  325. I have been making Cocoa Butter Lotion Bars with Geranium essential oil, heavenly! I am also looking forward to giving some of my delicious canned goods!

  326. My husband and I are putting together an album full of our wedding photos as a Christmas gift for his grandmother. We were married on Halloween, and she was hesitant to attend for that reason. She did however attend, and had a wonderful time. We cannot wait to give her a thoughtful gift, highlighting the best night of our lives.

  327. I’m looking forward to making Pfeffernüsse for my grandma- we always buy them from the church ladies, but i would love to give her a homemade batch this year.

  328. Looking forward to making pretty labels and tags for spiced plum jam and quince butter! And homemade citrus bitters from last year (that I made too much of).

  329. I can’t wait to take my niece to Disneyland for Christmas. She’s at that age where Disneyland is magical. It’s going to be so much fun!

  330. I’m looking forward to sharing Pecan Stickey Buns with our neighbors. Each family gets a pan full of these goodies.

  331. I’m looking the most forward to giving away some of the plum sauce I canned this year! That, and giving my dad a bright orange John Deere ear flap hat to wear while he futzes around on his tractor. He’s going to love it 🙂

  332. I’m giving all the kids in the family bookstore giftcards. Believe it or not, all of them love to read. They will be very happy.

  333. I am looking forward to giving my hard-to-buy-for sister-in-law a necklace she pointed out that she liked!!!! This is the first time I actually have a good gift for her!

  334. I’ve been struggling to think of inexpensive gifts this year, as my grad student budget is tight. I do think I’ll prepare some nice spice blends in little glass jars for my friends, and I look forward to sharing the food they make 🙂

  335. I got a bunch of t-shirts yesterday from They had a really great sale going on, so I ordered some for all of my siblings. I’m excited to see their expressions when they open their shirts because they’re all unique and some are pretty funny.

    I’m trying to give homemade gifts to parents and grandparents this year. I’ll probably give them a jar of homemade jam or herbs, but it’s sort of hard to give these away since I like using them as well! It’s amazing how quickly your stash of homemade canned goods can dwindle down once you start giving them out as gifts ;p.

  336. I’m looking forward to giving my father in law the Boos board of his dreams! He was looking at knives and boards one day and bought himself a knife, so we’ll get him the board. But I would have gotten him this knife if he got the board. Now I have a chance to get this knife! Awesome:).

  337. honestly, i’m looking forward to giving my dad some star trek comic books. he has everything he could ever need but loves star trek

  338. I’m looking forward to giving my grandmother another jar of pear jelly I made from the pears off of her tree. I gave her one jar right after I made it and she said it was so good she ate it straight from the jar with a spoon. I can’t wait to give her that experience again!

  339. We’re doing lots of homemade jams this year (I’ve gone a little cranberry crazy!) and lots of photo books. I especially love giving those to our grandmothers, since they always get a kick out of seeing their great grandkids.

  340. Every year my best friend and I get together for one day of BAKING. Baking Day is so fun and crazy and full of laughs. I always look forward to sending out the love that we produce on Baking Day.

  341. We normally give out soup and loaves of bread as a nice change from sweets, but this year we’ve decided that floral arrangements are the way to go with lots of school work and travel leading up to the holidays! That way homes get something fresh to see and smell!

  342. We toasted pecans and ground them into pecan butter. They’re in small mason jars that we are sending to our friends and family and I have a feeling they’re going to love them (If you haven’t tried making pecan butter before, you should give it a shot…but be warned: you aren’t going to want to eat anything else once you’ve tried it 🙂

  343. I’m most excited about giving out my boxes of homemade holiday treats. I fill them with homemade cookies, candies, truffles, and popcorns that I only make for the holidays. I so enjoy making all the goodies and then being creative packaging them.

  344. I so look forward to giving my friends and family home baked goodies (stollen, cookies and candy) that are a family tradition.

  345. I’m excited to give my mother a heavy, gorgeous lined cast iron pot for Christmas. She’s never had one and has always wanted it, but never treated herself.

  346. I am happy to be gifting Fair Isle mittens, felted fairy houses, Rhubarb-Lemon Jam, and Rhubarb Grapefruit Marmalade (thanks for the link!). Our holidays are getting more crafty and less consumer-y and I love it!

  347. I am most looking forward to the letters I receive from the non-profit organizations that I donate to at this time of year. My donation is the gift I most like to give. The thank you letters I receive are some of the most appreciated gifts I get. Truly a win-win!

  348. I am looking forward to giving away things in jars…homemade marshmallows in jars, hot cocoa mix in jars, homemade jams in jars, even dry snow globes in jars. 🙂

  349. I’m going to be working together with my sisters to make a 365 day tear-off calendar featuring family photos for our workaholic mother! Cannot wait for the OMG text messages to start rolling in every morning of 2014… 🙂

  350. most looking forward to our new Christmas gift exchange. With two brothers, two adopted siblings, one former foster brother and his new wife, we will be gathering with my parents, my husband and my two kids to celebrate my brother’s wedding just after New Years. We’ve decided it’s too many people now to get everyone a gift!

  351. I’m looking forward to giving chocolate pear jam and apple bourbon syrup! Made them all late summer and they have been patiently sitting and waiting in my pantry for their new homes!

  352. Last year I made an easy Stolen, using ricotta cheese and everyone loved it, so I will be making minis-stolens to give as gifts this year..

  353. I am looking forward to giving these magnetic clothespin clips I made – I made so many, I am excited to give all my hard working co-workers a small something that I made this year!

  354. I am looking forward to making my bourbon pecan pie for my family for Xmas dinner…it’s the only thing my honey wants for the holiday!

  355. I’m just excited that I finally thought of something useful and personal for almost everyone on my list. Still figuring out what to get my mom, though. 🙂

  356. I got the nephew and nieces a day at a great park with a science museum. They are just getting to the age where I can gift them experiences and time rather than things. (ok, I still gift them things too when I can!) But I’m over the moon to have a day playing with them and SCIENCE!

  357. I’m going to be making some cranberry preserves and chocolate meringue cookies this week to give to all my professors for an end of the semester/holiday thank you gift. I can’t wait to wrap them up all pretty and give them away~!

  358. I’m looking forward to giving away jars of my husband’s pickles. And I’m excited to give my mom her gift of experiences: tickets to dance performances, a play, and lunches with me and my daughter.

  359. I am most looking forward to giving my home grown, homemade pickles, horseradish and fresh berry jams this holiday season! It is such a joy to grow an organic garden and share the bounty with loved ones.

  360. The gifts I am most looking forward to giving this year are to the family we adopt each holiday season. It’s a tradition that my husband and I have been doing for years and this year, we get to share it with our daughter.

  361. I am looking forward to giving a photographic recap book from the last 4 years of a girl I’ve been mentoring. She has no idea how many photos I’ve accumulated of her over the years and she’ll be graduating this year – so a really fun gift to see how much she’s grown and how far she’s come!

  362. I am truly looking forward to giving out to family and friends jars
    Of my favorite shallot confiture or fig & bay leaf jam. Both are
    Insanely delicious and welcomed

  363. I am looking forward to finding the perfect gift for my new grandniece. I haven’t quite figured out what it’s going to be yet.

  364. This holiday season, I’m looking forward to giving a selection of my homemade baked goods to those less fortunate in our area.

  365. I’m really looking forward to spending time with my kids. Neither asked for anything big, though my youngest wanted some American Girl items that she wanted to make rather than buy, so I do look forward to this. I got all the supplies ready, and we’ll make it together. My older wanted games that we’ll play together. It’s going to be a fun Christmas.

  366. Oh, the possibilities! But, the past few years, the homemade goodies have been the biggest hits. And it is such great fun figuring out just which canned wonderfulness is best suited for which friend.

    This cleaver looks pretty great. My old, cheap one is well past it’s prime.

  367. I’ve tamed down one of my hot sauce recipes a bit to make it appeal to a broader audience. Anxious to see how it goes over.

  368. I’m looking forward to giving my husband a stainless steel travel coffee mug with the kids and family pictures on it. Hopefully he’ll be motivated not to lose this one!

  369. We made a kajillion of those teeny 4 oz jars of jam this summer — peach, plum, pear vanilla, and tomato (well, ok, it was more like 48…). Our very favorite people will receive a trio of said jams with a couple of handwritten recipe cards nestled in a small basket. 🙂

  370. I can’t wait to give my mother in law her gift. Its a remote start for her car. She helps us out by taking my daughter to and from school a lot, so this is going to be great.

  371. I made homemade baskets I’m kinda excited about…
    Mustard…. salami… pepper jelly.. balsamic mushrooms… crackers
    all from our kitchen… can’t wait to see what everyone thinks!

  372. I will be gifting a goat (yes, a live goat) to a family in Sudan through the program “Goats for the Old Goat”. Goats can graze easily on the grasses of Southern Sudan. They provide milk (up to a liter a day) and cheese. She goats multiply. Goats are used for food and their dung is used as fertilizer. By pooling resources, neighbors can begin micro-businesses as small dairies. So it’s a gift that will keep on giving!

  373. We give a lot of handmade gifts, but I’m mostly excited that I’m finally pulling it together to give my 3 yr old a play teepee I made for him. Pure joy.

  374. One of the most important things my Mom & I are doing is giving my brother a pair of good warm waterproof boots. He is out hunting right now and has on 4 pairs of socks and plastic bags over his feet just to keep them warm and dry. It is an important and needed item and the boots are arriving on Friday night so we can get them early to him.

  375. I love to knit special gifts for friends and family…I can’t wait to give my daughter and step-daughter their hand knit shaweletts this year.

  376. I’m looking forward to being with loved ones and enjoying all the good food, having some down time to enjoy each other and be in the kitchen.

  377. I am looking forward to giving people jam! I have vacation time at the end of December and plan to use it doing some canning. I love your site.

  378. I make lots of jam all spring and summer, very much looking forward to giving it out like I do each holiday season! Going to break into cookie making this year too and excited about that as well.

  379. The gift I most enjoy giving is the bag(s) of books I collect for my 89 year old mother. All year I look at library sales, yard sales and 2nd hand shops for books my mother will like. She is an avid reader and for the same price as a new hardback I can get bags of books to entertain her several months.