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February 9, 2015

Worker B gift set

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Worker B Rescue Putty and how pleased I was to have discovered a product that helped heal my cracking hands. I heard back from a lot of you on the topic of winter skin remedies and several folks reached out to say that they had tried the Rescue Putty and were just as in love with it as I was.

Worker B cream

While they didn’t know about my Rescue Putty love before I write that post, the internet is really nothing but a small town, and so soon enough, the nice folks at Worker B saw my post and got in touch. They were happy to hear that I was so pleased with their products and were curious how I had discovered their balms, salves, and creams.

Worker B expiration date

I told them that my sister gave me a tube of Worker B lip balm a part of a birthday present three or four years ago. I used and loved that lip balm for nearly two years, until I was scraping the last bits out with my fingernail. In the meantime, I picked up a couple different sized balms when they went on sale at West Elm. I’ve been a fan ever since, because while I’m not obsessive about only using totally natural cosmetics, I really appreciate effective products that are made simple, real ingredients.

Worker B balm

They liked my enthusiasm for their products as well as the very kind responses from you guys and suggested that we team up on some kind of promotion. And that brings us to today, with a giveaway for a pack of lovely Worker B products. The winner will get a box that includes jars of Rescue Putty, the Worker B cream, a chunky treatment stick, and their gentle face wash.

Worker B bee

One of the reasons that we decided to run this giveaway today is that Worker B just relaunched their website, so the shopping experience is better than ever (if you visited them when I first posted, you’ll notice a big change. The new site is really pretty).

Additionally, their various social media accounts and their newsletter are now easy to find and follow (up at the top of the site). They make a point of sharing their deals and sales via Twitter and Facebook, so make sure to follow ’em if you want to stay in the know. For instances, just earlier today, they let their followers know that my beloved Rescue Putty is 20% all month long. Can’t beat that!

Worker B face wash

Here’s how to enter for a chance to win this box of goodies.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share a tale that has something to do with bees. Does your neighbor have a hive? Did you make beeswax candles as a kid? Do you drink your tea with honey?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, February 14, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by Sunday, February 15, 2015.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry!).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: While I bought my original jar of Rescue Putty on my own, for this post, the kind folks at Worker B did send me the products you see pictured here. No other compensation was exchanged.  

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599 thoughts on "Giveaway: Worker B Product Kit"

  • I’d love to try these products. I’m actually looking into making some lotion bars out of beeswax. And who doesn’t love sweet honey in tea!?!

  • I make a really nice soap using beeswax. I’m intrigued by the succinct ingredient list in their products–thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • I make soap with honey and beeswax! But love honey with my toast, yogurt and granola, I try to by it local….so yummy!

  • To celebrate winter solstice this year, my son and I rolled our own beeswax candles and enjoyed their flickering light. They were a beautiful addition to our celebration! Thanks for the giveaway-these products look fantastic!

  • My sister had a “wild” honey bee hive in oak tree hollow for a few years; disappeared last year. Very sad. Try to buy locally made honey…nothing better in oatmeal and on fresh homemade toasted bread!

  • We are big honey fans in this house. My daughter specially. Everywhere we visit of we see local honey we tend to come back with it. Our favorite way is to enjoy it with cheese.

  • I provide them with lots of flower in my yard and they show their appreciation by pollinating my garden and providing lots of home-grown produce.

  • We make beeswax candles at Christmas time. Also, a dear friend of mine is a bee keeper. If all goes well, I’m hoping for a gift of honey soon.

  • We have had bees for about three years now. At first I feared them until I saw that they would
    come on veggie, herb, and flower plants and were very gentle. We use honey in place of
    sugar in most of our cooking/baking. It gives such a gentle, never overpowering, flavor to
    all foods. The little bees work from dawn to dusk and our gardens have never produced as
    much as we are now getting.

  • Our next-door neighbor keeps bees. There have been quite a few swarms, but the most entertaining was when the bees swarmed to a tree across the street — and my neighbor got on the roof with his shop vac and sucked up the bees and put them back in their original hive. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I love any honey or honey products that are produced in my great home state of MINNESOTA !!! Which these fantastic products are !

  • Here in West Philly, people make honey on their rooftops, and identify it by zip code. A local store (called Milk and Honey) sells the honey. We’re not big honey consumers, but friends tell me that every zip code has its own flavor characteristics.

  • My middle school Latin textbook had a story about the antibacterial properties of honey…after translating that, I’ve been fascinated by honey/beesewax for cooking, baking, and its household and medicinal properties. Longing to keep a beehive!

  • I’ve been stung by bees at least 8 times in my life, but I’m still considering getting a hive – imagine the wonderful home-produced honey!

  • I love to watch bees on flowers and in my garden. I did make bees wax candles as a teenager. πŸ™‚
    I took a bee keeping class and hope to have bees of my own soon. Honey in my tea and whipped honey on my toast…I love honey …and bees. Bought a healing salve made with bees wax this summer at the farmers market and their lip balm too.
    Can’t wait to try some of these products….thanks.

  • Well, my favorite thrift store find was a home-thrown honey pot. It has the most unique shape almost hive shaped, and an irregular pattern cut out of the top with a sweet nobby top. I walked into the store and saw it within moments, and when I went to check out they said they had just put it out when I walked in. It was meant to be my honey pot. Now it is filled by many busy little bees whom I am every so grateful for. One day I hope to have hives of my own.

  • We had a great honeybee hive in a hole in a tree. I could see the combs inside! I haven’t seen them in awhile, so I’m hoping they’re hibernating!

  • I’ve always loved honey and just assumed that everyone would. When my son was little, I used to share my peanut butter and banana sandwiches with honey with him. To this day, he still does not like honey! Oh well, I still love it! Lately, I’ve been topping my pancakes with peanut butter and honey – yum!

  • We do have a neighborhood bee hive that is under a concrete cover for a city water valve.
    Would love to lift the cover and see the honey, but hundreds of bees swarm around it.

  • I used to love eating honey straight from the sticks at the farmer’s market when I was a kid! Now I mostly stick to honey with yogurt.

  • I love the smell of coffee, however, I do not enjoy drinking it. The only way I will enjoy a cup of coffee is half coffee, half milk, and a spoonful of honey

  • My favorite cocktail is the bee’s knees. It was the signature cocktail at my wedding. I also love the expression “it’s the bee’s knees” and would love it if it came back in fashion!

  • Yes! Beeswax candle making was a Blue Bird project for Campfire when I was a little girl. I loved working with the beautifully colored “cells”, it smelled nice and the candles had a very delicate scent when they burned.

  • Honey has been used as a cough suppressant a lot this Winter. I love the smell and clean burning qualities of pure beeswax candles as well.

  • Fond memories of making beeswax candles, can’t wait to make them with my daughter! And honey is a MUST in my tea. Yum!

  • We use honey in tea, homemade snack bars–part of our “real food” emphasis. I have been meaning to get the Rescue Putty for my farmer son-in-law since your first post about it, so I will check out this website!

  • I keep a memory of rolling beeswax candles with my sons when they were little. I actually still have one that I just do not want to burn. I keep it in the candle drawer as a visual reminder of their childhood. My sons are both avid tea drinkers. I always purchase local honey. I made them a huge gift basket of teas for the holidays. Of course with local honeys added!

  • My husband and I make rosin for string instruments. One of the ingredients is bee’s wax, and we get it from a farm that is 5 minutes from where I grew up!

  • Both of my 2 daughters were a bumble bee for their 2nd halloween. I made the costume and of course they were both adorable. For my first daughter that wore it my husband and I dressed up as the bee keepers – super cute! And as a sidenote, I work at a hospital and am constantly washing my hands – this time of year my hands can get really dry – so this stuff may do the trick πŸ™‚

  • I love the honey I buy at my local farmer’s market – we took a tour of the hives a few years ago and it’s awesome to have such an awesome, locally sourced product!

  • I love to see bees working in my vegetable garden….I never bother them because I know they are busy pollinating.

  • I never liked supermarket honey much as a kid but as an adult, when my friend encouraged me to try some for sale at the farmers market – WOW! I had no idea how good honey can be! All the flavor varies. I just tried chestnut honey; bought to use in a chestnut dessert cake. Can’t wait for your new book that will be sweetened with some honey in reciepes!

  • Checking out local honey is one of my favorite things to do while traveling — nothing like tasting what’s in the nearby fields!

  • It wasn’t until I discovered raw, local honey at my farmer’s market, that I knew how delicious it was! Before that my experience was mostly limited to commercial honey that came in a bear shaped plastic container. The raw, natural honey is a world of difference.

  • Local honey (raw or not) makes a world of difference in taste (especially in rooibos tea)! Plus, it’s fun during farmers’ market season to meet the folks that keep the bees.

  • We rent and can’t have our own hives yet, but am researching so we’re ready for our own set up. Hope it’s soon! In the meantime, we have a source for local honey-so good! This winter has been particularly hard on my hands, with fingertips splitting and nails breaking.

  • Other than the fact that I use to step on bees as a kid (not on purpose, but because I would run around barefoot all the time and never paid much attention to where I was stepping), I haven’t had too much interactions with bees. I moved further north and there seem to be a lot less in the area where I live now. But goodness knows, when the farmers’ market opens up, I do line up to get some raw honey.

  • I have kept bees for three years now in two top bar hives. I was lucky enough to find a mentor that provided me with my first hive and bees. We harvested them from a wall in a barn with a bee vacuum he created himself. My sister and brother helped me with the first years honey harvest. Pouring the bees into the hive the first time was an awesome experience and every time I open it I love the experience of interacting with the bees. The honey from my hive is the best tasting honey I have ever had. I would love to give these products to my wife as a late Valentines gift.

  • When I was younger, I was SO afraid of bees (to be honest I still am). But my counselors at summer camp tried to cure of this fear by having me carry a dead bee around in a glass jar! I had to carry it with me everywhere for a full week.

  • My first bee sting was from a dead bee…I felt like a total loser in grade school gym class. The second was from a bee who was very much alive and kicking — he flew up my shorts and got me in the bum.

  • I love honey! Not bees so much, only because I seem to attract them and they always come for me when I’m in a crowd. I’m probably imagining this, but they still freak me out!

  • My husband and I both love bees (our family stationery features a bee motif), and when our daughter was born we started calling her “Baby Bee.” She’s almost ten, so she’s no longer a baby. But we tell her that she’ll always be our Baby Bee (and she doesn’t mind at all). πŸ™‚

  • My friend has a bee hive and gives us honey which we love. I have used bees wax for making candles and even to waterproof clothing.

  • Honey is such a treat. I love putting it in my coffee, smoothies, or even drizzled on vanilla ice cream. My past experience with bees is being stung a couple of times when I was real young. Now I garden and grow flowers so I can appreciate their true function.

  • My younger Irish Setter is more than slightly obsessed with beeswax containing lotions. She can smell them from anywhere and will come running — they’re better than any other kind as far as she’s concerned.

  • I loved rolling beeswax candles as a child, and then watching them burn! Seemed like hours of anticipation…and that great smell! I recently shared that experience with my own children.

  • My family has bees so they are kind of part of the daily fabric around here.

    I love products like this as I have extemely sensitive skin and the fewer ingredients in things the better:-)

  • I’m really getting into drinking vinegars. I make my own with fruit vinegars, honey and water. So good and refreshing. Floral honey is perfect for this.

  • I used to have a bee phobia! Then I worked as a zookeeper caring for a pair of unreleasable eagles. They never ate all their fish, and at the end of the day I’d have to bag fish remains absolutely covered in yellow jackets (wasps, not bees – but it was close enough for me!). I did the Bee Dance in front of visitors so many times! I hope they were amused. Now I know bees aren’t out to get me, and I’ve made contact with the local Beekeepers’ Association to try and find a tutor. We need more honeybees, and I want to learn how to be a keeper!

  • When my sister and I travel we will always seek out local honey to purchase and bring home. (We have been very fortunate to not have any jars break in transit!) It is fun having our own honey tastings and enjoying the different flavors.

  • Ooooh, I hope I win! My winter hands get so cracked and dry that they bleed.

    Ok here is my bee story: I am 30 and have never been stung by a bee. I am terrified of being stung and finally realizing that I am allergic to bee stings!

  • I found what looked like a ball of bees hanging on a hydrangea branch. I put the word out at the university where I work and soon I had a bee keeper come and get the bees. She just cut the branch and the ball of bees fell into a cardboard box, and she took them away.

  • I go through a quart of raw local honey a month. Tea. I love tea with honey.
    I’m really hoping to have my own bee hives some day. We have a small orchard that would benefit from them. This year we will just get mason bees.

  • I love honey in tea (the only way I’ll drink it), but there’s this facemask that I’ve read about that’s a mix of oats and honey that’s supposedly good for you.

  • My friend’s husband decided a year ago that he would start keeping bees. I’m sure he had researched it long before he ordered his queen! I am impressed with new ventures like this in our late 50’s, and the results have been delicious!

  • I love honey. I use it as a sweetener a LOT, and in everything. Quite honestly I could just eat it out of the jar.

  • I use honey and beeswax in so many ways in my house. I particularly love a facemask made with clay mixed with honey and lemon juice. I’ve experimented with making my own lotion bars and creams with beeswax and different oils, but I’ve struggled to get the consistency I want. I’m definitely going to check out this company’s website!

  • Now for one of the stranger answers to this question–I use beeswax when I made oboe reeds. I wax the nylon thread to ensure a good seal when I tie the cane to the tube. Most oboists use it and I’m fortunate to have a friend with several beehives nearby, he processes the wax into old ice cube trays, making it the perfect size for waxing the thread.

  • My one & only time (lucky me!) getting stung by a bee was at an Oktoberfest party at a local winery. I think my condition helped ease the pain!

  • Two of my best friends are taking a beekeeping course in Carroll Count y, MD. I could not take the class because I work on the class night, but if they get bees, I want to learn how to care for them.

  • Was at a dear friend’s farm this afternoon and she gave me a treat: honey for my tea that her father-in-law carried by hand home on the plane from Ethiopia.

    In the past year, I started a Pinterest board called City Bees because I would LOVE to have a hive near/on our city house. Bees are amazing and I love honey.

  • I’m a big fan of locally sourced honey–to help with the seasonal allergies (whether that’s an old wives tale or not, it does seem to help) as well as because I love honey. There is a local apiary that not only produces wonderful honey, but their company helps the community and assists people facing employment barriers. So I feel like I’m doing good while sweetening my life.

  • I love to use bees wax candles for decorating, and we also do ear candling with beeswax cones. My husband and I both have started adding more honey to our menu for the health benefits πŸ™‚

  • We use honey as our sweetener in homemade granola and I go through a cup and a half each time. It’s a seriously large batch of granola!