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February 9, 2015

Worker B gift set

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Worker B Rescue Putty and how pleased I was to have discovered a product that helped heal my cracking hands. I heard back from a lot of you on the topic of winter skin remedies and several folks reached out to say that they had tried the Rescue Putty and were just as in love with it as I was.

Worker B cream

While they didn’t know about my Rescue Putty love before I write that post, the internet is really nothing but a small town, and so soon enough, the nice folks at Worker B saw my post and got in touch. They were happy to hear that I was so pleased with their products and were curious how I had discovered their balms, salves, and creams.

Worker B expiration date

I told them that my sister gave me a tube of Worker B lip balm a part of a birthday present three or four years ago. I used and loved that lip balm for nearly two years, until I was scraping the last bits out with my fingernail. In the meantime, I picked up a couple different sized balms when they went on sale at West Elm. I’ve been a fan ever since, because while I’m not obsessive about only using totally natural cosmetics, I really appreciate effective products that are made simple, real ingredients.

Worker B balm

They liked my enthusiasm for their products as well as the very kind responses from you guys and suggested that we team up on some kind of promotion. And that brings us to today, with a giveaway for a pack of lovely Worker B products. The winner will get a box that includes jars of Rescue Putty, the Worker B cream, a chunky treatment stick, and their gentle face wash.

Worker B bee

One of the reasons that we decided to run this giveaway today is that Worker B just relaunched their website, so the shopping experience is better than ever (if you visited them when I first posted, you’ll notice a big change. The new site is really pretty).

Additionally, their various social media accounts and their newsletter are now easy to find and follow (up at the top of the site). They make a point of sharing their deals and sales via Twitter and Facebook, so make sure to follow ’em if you want to stay in the know. For instances, just earlier today, they let their followers know that my beloved Rescue Putty is 20% all month long. Can’t beat that!

Worker B face wash

Here’s how to enter for a chance to win this box of goodies.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share a tale that has something to do with bees. Does your neighbor have a hive? Did you make beeswax candles as a kid? Do you drink your tea with honey?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, February 14, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by Sunday, February 15, 2015.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry!).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: While I bought my original jar of Rescue Putty on my own, for this post, the kind folks at Worker B did send me the products you see pictured here. No other compensation was exchanged.  

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  • My parents are letting a local honey farm places hives in their yard to help pollinate their garden this coming summer. Exciting!

  • I love honey iny smoothies but I never realized how good it is for your skin until I tried a raw honey face mask. It made my skin so soft and exfoliated too! Ilam addicted to honey skin products now!

  • My bff is a beekeeper but I am involved with bees in a different way – the church I am pastor has a hive in the walls on the third floor – it has been there quite a while(one of the elders mention 40-50 yrs!!!!) The Church Council has decide we do need to do something – I have only been there a year and part-time so they have extra funds to do this properly. I got to share what knowledge I had about the bee extinction problem so they are bring in a beekeeper to take the bees and relocate, a construction expert in the clean-up and repair after the extraction. I am excited that we will be able to keep the bees instead of destroying them.
    Love honey with my tea and have made a cough cold recipe of honey and lemon that was a lifesaver this season!

  • Honey has been one of my most favorite food stuffs since I was a small child. It was even recommended by a doctor to my mom for me to take when I was a baby for my allergies. Now, anytime I get a sore throat, I reach for lemon and honey! Most of my life I’ve not really had dry skin problems because I have oily skin. But as I’ve gotten older and have been diagnosed with diabetes, I have been having issue with dry, painful skin. Thank you for the links and product recommendations. On my way to check out their website now!

  • So, I’m at a Farmers Market where a local beekeeper is selling honey. “$8 a jar”, I think to myself! That’s outrageous, and I decide I’m going to become a beekeeper myself. I sign up for the 10-week beginning beekeeper course through my local beekeeping organization. I buy my 10 pounds of bees, queen bee, beekeeping outfit, hives, tools, supplies. Cost: over $400. I become a beekeeper. Bees don’t really like to let you take their honey. Despite beekeeping outfit, many stings. Bees die over the winter. The next year I go to the Farmers Market again. Honey is selling for $8 a jar. “Only $8 a jar”, I think to myself. What a bargain.

  • My husband and I are in our first year keeping bees. Neither of us wanted to disappoint the other one by saying we weren’t really sure we wanted to do it and thought we were being kind supporting the other’s desire for bees. So now we have bees and are hoping to get our first honey harvest in the Spring.

  • My grandfather taught me to make Indian beadwork 50 years ago, using a strap loom, seed beads, and wispy thread coated with beeswax. I still have the disc of wax in its holder with slots for waxing the threads – the fragrance of beeswax always takes me back!

  • I have learned that local honey has the best flavor. In my case that would be honey sourced from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. I buy it from a small vendor – W,C, Kester – at the Salem Public Market. They also have wonderful bees wax candles.

  • I use beeswax for my bowstring. I target shoot, usually when I’ve had a bad day. The focus needed for accurate shots and the repetitive nature of it, as well as the waxing of the string, really help empty my mind.
    Really tears up my fingers sometimes though.
    I love honey in my tea, I eat honey sticks when I have a cough, and I credit my god health this flu season to an elderberry and honey tonic.

  • I have never been stung by a bee! Even though I know it can’t hurt that much, I’m still really skittish about getting stung.

  • Two winters ago, a tree in a forested area behind our house came crashing down. When we went out to have a look, we found a really large honey bee hive inside the fallen tree. Honey and frozen bees everywhere. Sad to see such a loss, but what a great learning opportunity for my family.

  • Growing up one of my mom’s best friends kept bees. He taught me to not be afraid of them and how they truly are social and friendly creatures. I spent many summer afternoons watching them buzz around the pond searching for flowers.

  • In my next life, I will keep bees!
    I remember, way back in elementary school, sampling a variety of local honey types with vanilla ice cream (we had to remember to bring in 25 cents for our dixie cup of “sampling” ice cream!). I also remember tasting the honey right out of the honeycomb–too cool!
    Now, all we have around our house are those large boring bees–I had to convince my husband they were the ones making all the circular holes in our wooden posts. He didn’t believe it until he saw one in action!!

  • My father in-law kept bees and we have their last remaining jar of honey from the Black Forest in Germany. It’s thick and rich and dark and gooey and such a special treat!

  • Bees are so important to the environment and they’re having a really tough time lately! My husband and I have decided to make our yard as bee-friendly as we can. Each year we plant more bee-friendly flowers and we make sure that our nursery does not use neonicotinoids. Last year we even put in a bee house and were delighted when we discovered that it was being used! We get a real sense of satisfaction seeing how many bees we’ve attracted to our yard (as well as butterflies and hummingbirds). It isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but we’re trying to do our part!

  • I fell out of a tree and landed on a beehive once when I was a child… and honey is my go-to cure for any cold, sore throat, etc.!

  • I am a self-professed honey-holic. I use it in canning, baking, drink sweetening, and I even use raw honey in place of Neosporinon band-aids for its antibacterial properties. I only wish I had the time to care for my own hive!

  • I love honey, and the more local the better. I’ve been told that a regular dose of local honey helps acclimate your body to the pollen in your region, reducing allergic reactions. Whether it really works or not, I’m excited to make the honey-sweetened jam recipe in Food in Jars or Preserving by the Pint (can’t remember which one) this summer!

  • We are a country living couple and are considering becoming beekeepers to maintain our local ecosystem.

    We do eat and enjoy local honey but one of my favorite ways to consume this heavenly nectar is in my home made honey-rum apple butter.

  • I come from a small group of islands below the equator (sometimes called middle earth these days). You can buy amazing honey there. We went to visit the Arataki honey store in Napier and tasted the most AMAZING honey I have ever tasted. Types that you can’t buy in a regular store back home. Delicious!

  • We call bees “Carters” because one of my neighbors has a beehive and claims that all of the bees in the neighborhood are his 😉 Now if he’d only share his honey…

  • Well, I was once stung on the hand by a bee relative, a nice yellowjacket. It hurt and swelled up quite a bit.
    And I do like honey in my tea about half the time. 🙂

  • I am an avid gardener and while I do use honey to sweeten my tea, the bees work with me in my orchard, helping to provide the apples and plums and pears and figs that I use to make delicious jams, butters and preserves!

    They work wonders with the blueberries too!

  • love honey! been using it weekly to make some coconut hemp squares, and when i get sick it’s a must for my tea and bourbon 🙂

  • I love bees – we can learn so much from them. They are industrious and hardworking and goal oriented – traits I wish I used more often! Also, there is nothing better than a hot biscuit just out of the oven with honey and butter (except maybe some jam, of course!)

  • I have a large, woven bee hive that probably should be displayed in my flower garden BUT I can’t bare to put in outside. I think the weather would ruin it. So it is in my attic!

  • I always knew that honey had antibacterial properties but didn’t really get it till I put WorkerB putty on my arm that was all torn up from a rose bush! Amazing! Redness went away almost over night and the cut healed amazingly well. So… my point is it must be the honey! I’m going to be using honey alot more in my medicine cabinet! I love those bees. I always have an African Basil bush going outside my door. Those little guys love it!!

  • I have a serious honey addiction, but tend not to love the flavors in the local honey here in DC. It’s become a tradition that whenever I go to visit my family in western North Carolina, I buy huge jars of the local honey. My favorite is the sourwood, but it has gotten crazy expensive lately so I’ve had to settle for local blend. Either way, it’s so much less floral tasting than what we get up here.

  • Our city changed the zoning a few years ago so small lots can have hives. I’ve been back and forth about whether I want to try it or not. For now I’m contenting myself with making the yard more bee friendly. This past fall I discovered how much honeybees like garlic chives. I wonder how that honey would taste?

  • Oh, man would I love my own lavender patch complete with a beehive. I love buying a big half-gallon jar of local honey at the farmers marker and have started consuming bee pollen for allergies, too. Bees are the best and hardest working, so it’s great we call hard workers “worker bees” and that this product shares the same name.

  • I’m currently enrolled in a Beginning Beekeeper’s Workshop at my local Ag Extension office. It’s hosted by our county’s Bee Club, which is totally free and made up of enthusiastic beekeepers at all levels of experience. This year, I’m studying up on what it takes to keep bees and getting a little hands-on experience with someone else’s hives. Next year, if I’m still smitten and not totally scared of being in a moving, humming cluster of bees, I’ll get some hives of my own.

  • I have tried alot of things for cracked hands and lips and beeswax is a great natural ingredient that has a good feel to it. I also love the taste of honey and wonder how bees make such a wonderfully delicious syrup- they are some hard workers!

  • Last year we put up our own top bar bee hive. It was quite a summer getting to know these bees so intimately but, alas, I am not sure the girls will survive the winter here in Wyoming. While I do plan to try again, should they not survive, it may be a project for another year. These products would keep me encouraged to try again; thinking of all the work they do to help out humans (an we need all the help we can get!).

  • I use honey in my tea, home health tonics, baking, etc. My skin gets very dry in the winter. I would love to try the bee balm. After this comment, I am going to check out their site. Thanks.

  • We have a hive! 🙂 Love the bees in our yard. We also have made candles and lip balm with some of the wax. I’m curious if Rescue Putty is anything like Burt’s Bee’s Res-Q. I swear that stuff heals everything!

    Great giveaway. go bees! <3

  • Our apartment complex has a behive somewhere in one of the nearby trees, sadly many of the bees end up in the swimming pool. I’m constantly rescuing them from the water. I must look absolutely silly fishing them out with leaves and such, but I hate to see them drown.

  • One time I picked up a bag and got stung though the only evidence I had of this was the stinger in my finger; I never saw the bee. All I can think was that the poor thing had gotten caught in the crocheted handle when I was, very recently, outside and my hand got too close when I picked it back up.

  • My mother used to make beeswax candles when I was a child. I loved the smell of the wax when she worked with it and how soft my hands felt after playing with it (soft wax is rather fun).

  • I love trying new types of honey, especially local types. I’ve also got a tube of worker B lip balm that I use every morning. Great stuff!

  • Way back in the 80’s, I had an unfinished house we had built and were finishing as cash became available. All the drywall was up and it had been primed. One summer, we had company almost non-stop from Memorial Day thru Labor Day. The guest room was in the back corner of the house. About 2AM, the adult male company knocked on our door. There was a ‘funny’ noise in the guest room. Turns out our new house had a bees nest between the exterior siding and the primed drywall paper! The noise was the bees buzzing. I was told that if not for the paint on the drywall, the bees would have gotten into the house. I had several small kids at the time, one of whom was extremely allergic to bees!

  • Ohhhh I would love this! When I was little, there was a bee drowning in our little splash pool and I felt so bad… so I tried to rescue it. With my bare hands. That was the last time I ever tried to save one of those ungrateful suckers.

  • I love bees, I plant things in my garden to attract them. I always buy honey made locally. Out of all the fountains in Rome, my favorite is Bernini’s Fountain of the Bees.

  • My husband’s grandfather was a beekeeper. He passed away just a couple weeks ago, but I got to know him in the last several years of his life. He hadn’t had bees in many years when I met him, but his house was full of bee-related items. People would buy him bee-things for gifts and he amassed quite the collection. When i was helping clear the house out after he moved to an assisted living facility, there were so many bee things. My sister in law actually ended up with the hives, and various other keeping paraphernalia. My husband and I have several honey jars, and a wind spinner thing shaped like a bee that came from him (and a canning pot that belonged to my husband’s grandmother actually!). He was a wonderful man with a fantastic sense of humor and I think of him every time I use honey in anything. I wish i’d gotten to meet the bees, but there are several great photos of him at the hives in the backyard, suited up, tending the bees. It’s a lovely piece of family history, and I’m hoping my sister in law decides to use the hives and such and has bees as well.

  • I’ve purchased beeswax to try to make my own lip balm, but am still tweaking the right proportions of it to the other oils as sometimes it’s too soft and others just too rigid. After a slight disaster trying to reheat some that was too stiff, running out the door to help a neighbor catch their runaway dog, then accidentally catching the overheated fumes on fire, I’ve started using a commercially available honey-based lip balm 🙂

  • Honey is one of my most favorite foods. Raw honey is amzingly effective in healing wounds. Surprisingly I read this on a website for whippet owners. Sight hounds [eg: whippets & greyhounds] have very thin skin which when torn or cut needs special care. Lastly to attract bees & hummingbirds we plant bee balm [long bloomimg annual with red or pink flowers].

  • We only use honey and maple for sweetening now, such a learning curve to reformulate all my recipes but it’s so good!

  • Years ago I saw your post on Homemade Spoon Oil (beeswax+mineral oil), so I made a batch. It’s wonderful stuff, good for wooden spoons, cutting boards and I’ve even used it on furniture to cover up scratches.

  • I love buying local raw honey from the Amish. We use it for everything so we buy the big 1 gallon jars of it! I love having honey in my tea, especially Orange Tangerine Zinger and Peppermint teas!
    I would love to try out the Rescue Putty!

  • I love honey in my hot tea. I also use it in recipes in place of sugar sometimes. Honey is one of the greatest foods ever!

  • Homemade spoon butter. A few years ago you wrote a blog about making and using homemade spoon butter. I made some, loved it and have used it ever since. It is such a homey thing to do….getting out all my wooden tools, sitting at the table and rubbing them with spoon butter. They look gorgeous!

  • I’m so concerned that bees will disappear! We have hives in our neighborhood on the west side of Chicago, and I’m proud that they produce honey that had been sold locally!

  • My dear friend from high school started keeping bees a few years ago. I am so inspired by how she and her family have gone about it – with such compassion and care for the bees, truly creating a system of care and reciprocity with nature.

  • I am a big fan of local honey and its uses to help with allergies. I am also getting into gardening and have been trying to find a local beekeeper who is willing to lease space in my garden in exchange for some honey! My favorite use for honey, though is to mix equal parts of honey and apple cider vinegar and warm slightly. Drink this to clear up sinus congestion and ease a sore throat.

  • I love what bees do for us and I find watching them fascinating. I use honey in cooking, baking and my tea. I also make lip balm because I go through so much and use bees wax as one of the main ingredients. I was once told honey was natures gift to us that never expires and I believe that may be true. Nothing is sweeter than honey!

  • We have a small hill behind our house with grape vines planted… a couple years ago we saw what we thought was a black garbage bag wrapped around one of our vines so we went to investigate. It was no bag.. it was a swarm of honey bees! we enjoyed them at a safe distance and a day later watched them swarm again and move into an empty wine barrel. It was just very interesting and exciting to watch! The next year they were gone.

  • I grow lots of flowers in my yard and have lots of bees that have never stung me. I think they know I plant the flowers for them! And yes, I use lots of honey and made beeswax candles as a child.

  • My mother raises bees and has 4 hives. Last summer she gave me some beeswax and I finally just made some hand lotion with it. I love it.

  • A friend of mine makes mead, and she brought in samples of different honey she used to try. I was surprised to taste how different they were. My favorites were meadowfoam (tastes like marshmallow) and carrot.

  • We got a honey share with our CSA last year, and OH MAN. It was so good! Lots of different honeys produced in different neighborhoods in San Francisco and the bay area, all different, and all delicious. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  • I’m interested in getting my grandkids and some neighborhood kids to build resting stations for bees. They don’t reqire upkeep but are very helpful for bees.

  • I have tried many products but none seem to work on my hands and it is necessary that they remain soft and without hangnails. I do a lot of knitting and crocheting and rough hands don’t go well with it.
    You can’t beat honey in teas. I love my morning tea and one just before bed and always use honey instead of sugar. I use honey in place of a lot of sugar in baking and in hot cereals. I have a friend that brings me honeys(different because of the location of the hives) all summer and I seem to have just enough for my bread goods all winter. Wonderful stuff and there is always a slight difference in taste because of the locations of the hives.

  • I got to interview someone last year who had a wall full of honey and comb after some bees got into her house. The size of the honeycomb I saw was pretty crazy.

  • Bee’s are my friend! My granddaddy had hives and I’ve always been fascinated by them. Funny thing, after spending time watching them, I always feel really lazy ;).

  • My favorite way to eat honey when I was younger was to spread a thick layer of honey butter on my pancakes. Mmmm! Now that I’m starting to learn to make things myself, I’m putting a little bit of bees wax into my homemade lip glosses and hand creams to help firm them up. I would love to try this luxurious hand cream!

  • My aunt has just become a beekeeper! She told me this weekend about her plan to check how the hive is doing during the winter this week as she might need to add food for them in case they have run out.

  • I love to have my tea with honey. Honey is also my favorite yogurt topping. When I can, I buy it by the gallon from a local beekeeper.

  • As children, my siblings and I always went barefoot during summer. We always accidentally stepped on honey bees and got stung. There were many more honey bees then than now.

  • So hard to say just one thing about bees! I buy local beeswax and/or honey from any new place I visit, if I can. I’m gearing up to make some Abeego-style food wrap but can’t bear to use up the lovely fragrant wax I got in Ithaca, NY just yet. This year I’m starting a garden… if it works, next year I’ll try to get a hive going! Thanks for the bee-utiful giveaway.

  • When I was little and wasn’t feeling well, my parents would always make me hot water with honey and lemon. Honey always brings up feelings of warmth and being taken care of. I make myself the same tea whenever I don’t feel well or feel cold during the winter.

  • Bees. When I was a child in California, my mom used to let us play in the water in the front yard. The yard had lots of clover in it and the bees loved that clover. We used to spray the clover before we started playing, because “that would make the bees go away.” Haha. I got stung a couple of times every year as a child thanks to all that clover, bare feet, and playing in the sprinkler in the front yard!

  • I like raw honey with the hive in the jar, very pretty and conversation piece when I have company over. Looks like a great product, love all things magisterial. Thanks

  • I love honey!! I put it in my herbal tea and use beeswax hand cream. I love it because I can leave it in my car, and no matter if it is hot or cold out, the cream is able to be used and helps my hands look great. It’s always when I am driving that I notice how dry my hands look, so keeping it in my car helps so much.

  • I work with a person who occasionally brings me lovely honey and beeswax expertly produced by the ladies residing in his hives. They are among my favorite gifts.

  • Last summer, my husband and I grew corn for the first time, along our patio–and the seed was organic. As the corn tassels and silks ripened, we found dead bees littering our patio area. It took us a while to figure out what had happened–the seed, after all, was organic–but we finally realized that the seed was GMO tainted. We ripped out the corn…but all those bees. God forgive us. What a horrible and completely unsought demonstration of what we are doing to our lovely, diligent, hardworking bees….