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February 9, 2015

Worker B gift set

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Worker B Rescue Putty and how pleased I was to have discovered a product that helped heal my cracking hands. I heard back from a lot of you on the topic of winter skin remedies and several folks reached out to say that they had tried the Rescue Putty and were just as in love with it as I was.

Worker B cream

While they didn’t know about my Rescue Putty love before I write that post, the internet is really nothing but a small town, and so soon enough, the nice folks at Worker B saw my post and got in touch. They were happy to hear that I was so pleased with their products and were curious how I had discovered their balms, salves, and creams.

Worker B expiration date

I told them that my sister gave me a tube of Worker B lip balm a part of a birthday present three or four years ago. I used and loved that lip balm for nearly two years, until I was scraping the last bits out with my fingernail. In the meantime, I picked up a couple different sized balms when they went on sale at West Elm. I’ve been a fan ever since, because while I’m not obsessive about only using totally natural cosmetics, I really appreciate effective products that are made simple, real ingredients.

Worker B balm

They liked my enthusiasm for their products as well as the very kind responses from you guys and suggested that we team up on some kind of promotion. And that brings us to today, with a giveaway for a pack of lovely Worker B products. The winner will get a box that includes jars of Rescue Putty, the Worker B cream, a chunky treatment stick, and their gentle face wash.

Worker B bee

One of the reasons that we decided to run this giveaway today is that Worker B just relaunched their website, so the shopping experience is better than ever (if you visited them when I first posted, you’ll notice a big change. The new site is really pretty).

Additionally, their various social media accounts and their newsletter are now easy to find and follow (up at the top of the site). They make a point of sharing their deals and sales via Twitter and Facebook, so make sure to follow ’em if you want to stay in the know. For instances, just earlier today, they let their followers know that my beloved Rescue Putty is 20% all month long. Can’t beat that!

Worker B face wash

Here’s how to enter for a chance to win this box of goodies.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share a tale that has something to do with bees. Does your neighbor have a hive? Did you make beeswax candles as a kid? Do you drink your tea with honey?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, February 14, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by Sunday, February 15, 2015.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry!).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: While I bought my original jar of Rescue Putty on my own, for this post, the kind folks at Worker B did send me the products you see pictured here. No other compensation was exchanged.  

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  • I found a couple of lovely recipes using honey this summer – blackberry honey butter and lazy peach preserves. We mostly use them to make layered yogurt parfaits.

  • My most memorable experiences with bees are the times that they’ve landed on my eyelashes. It’s happened three times: honey bees (very non-aggressive) have deemed my eyelashes very interesting. I battle the urge to swat at them which ends up with me bending over, covering my eyes (and the bees) with my hands, then standing back up really quickly while uncovering my face; at that point the bees fly away. I would call it a very singular experience, but it has happened more than once. However, I am the only person I know that this has happened to.

  • Oh, I would love to try some of their products!! My hands always end up SO dry in the winter, and my husband works construction so his are usually trashed as well. As far as bees, I usually make my own chapstick by melting a mixture of beeswax and coconut oil. I tried scenting it a few times, but really I love the subtle fragrance of the wax the best. πŸ™‚

  • When I was a small child my mother would give me a small piece of honey in the comb. The taste was heavenly, after the honey was gone I would chew the wax for hours. I was always afraid to go in the garden to pick vegetables when the bees were around until one day a neighbor came over – saw my fear and told me sweetie, those bees aren’t interested in stinging you, they are just gathering what they need to make their honey. Ever since then I work side by side with them and have never been stung.

  • I have 3 hives (put here by a friend!) on our small U-pick strawberry farm! We’re hoping to add 3 more boxes this spring. Love, love, love all things bees!

  • I have no direct experience with bees but I use their honey in cooking and always have some in my pantry. I use honey in my granola and in jam. These Worker B products sound wonderful.

  • I love honey and bees. Use honey in my tea most every day. Processed honey and cleaned hive cells at a local farm when I used to volunteer there with my children. These products sound sweet!

  • We tried having bees for a couple of years, but the poor things kept dying or abandoning the hive on us. We did get one good year of honey and I also harvested the wax to make the most amazing and restorative skin cream. Great stuff!

  • For several years, my school bus’s route passed right by an apiary. It was interesting to see all of the bee boxes spread out everywhere. Now, that apiary has opened a store that sells honey products. It’s nice to have local honey so close to home.

  • Mostly I just love bees, the beautiful flowers and delicious food that they pollinate and keep alive, honey that I put in my tea, on toast, beeswax that makes beautiful candles and wonderfully hydrating creams such as these!

  • I never tried honey until I was an adult, not a fan of the way it tastes! But I love honey and beeswax products for healthy and beauty!

  • the fragrance of my burning bees wax candles is unexplainable…so comforting, peaceful, and a reminder to relax and step back. my husband uses honey that is slightly warmed as “syrup” on his home made waffles. would really love to try these products. thanks for the offering.

  • Recently there was an accident on a local highway and a truck transporting bees lost their cargo. Shortly thereafter, a swarm of bees took over a neighborhood, swarming outside my friend’s home. Their HOA sent “the bee guy” but he couldn’t do anything until they settled somewhere. My friend’s daughter was more concerned about the bees not having a home, so she found a box and cut a “door” in the side and put it on the porch. Hours later, the queen and her workers were stuffed inside, filled to the brim, and ready to be relocated to a safe home.

  • Here in Seattle there is a super fun little company that has hives all over town in green spaces and sells their honey at the farmers market by zip code. I have already found 2 hives πŸ™‚ it is especially fun as a housewarming gift for people who move near one.

  • For our wedding almost 2 years ago, my husband and I gave local honey in small jars as wedding favors. We bought the jars from Fillmore Container. We bought more than we needed and still have some left!

  • My dad was a rancher when I was growing up and he traded with a bee keeper to let him use my dad’s pastures to keep his bees. We always had honey and wax from this exchange. I had no idea how expensive honey was until after college.

  • I wanted to make my own wood polish so I asked a friend of ours who had beehives to give me some bees wax. I melted the wax and added food safe oil and used this to polish up my maple butcher countertops.

  • My aunt gave me a beeswax candle kit when I was a kid and it was so beautiful I didn’t take it out of the box for some time. The candles were part of that Christmas

  • I buy honey by the half gallon from a local beekeeper who has the best alfalfa honey I’ve ever tasted. I use it in everything and it’s my go to sweetener. I also love any kind of beeswax beauty products and I buy them all the time!

  • I love local honey and a friend from a crafting group I belong to has bees in her backyard. I love it when I’m able to buy honey from her bees–that are living in the middle of a residential neighborhood in a city!

  • I’m not sure if I’m more excited about this giveaway or my hopeful bee situation this summer. I was gifted a Mason Bee house for Christmas this year to help with our expanding garden. Hopefully that will mean more fruits and veggies to can for the winter months that tend to be a bit bland πŸ™‚

  • I have used raw honey in my tea for years and love to find new and different flavors from different regions. There is a new honey bar in Asheville, N.C. that I would love to visit.

  • I’ve tried honey in a few jam recipes and have been pleased with the results. I also love honey when brewed in beer too hehe!

  • I’ve been fortunate to take some neat photographs of bees – on purple coneflowers in my yard and on some giant sunflowers at the school gardens.

  • This fall a friend of mine introduced me to her local honey source – a house a few blocks away from her that has hives and a honor-system-pay-in-this-mail-slot cabinet of honey on the front porch. After we each bought a pint (I got blackberry, she got wildflower) we went back to her house and had a honey tasting along with the two other varieties she had at home. So much fun and kind of amazing at how different each honey tasted.

  • I love honey! In tea, as a sweetener in some cooking and baking. I once made a honey roasted garlic chicken that was so tasty! Definitely need to dig out that recipe soon!

  • I have friends with beehives who trade canned goods for honey. It is the most brilliant trade relationship I have, and I’m more than happy to keep her supplied in pickled tomatoes and jam!

  • My mother didn’t buy honey, and I never had it until I was in 2nd grade. I was in a new school and the cafeteria served cornbread and there was a jar of honey if you liked. I was excited to try it and drizzled it on pretty heavily. It didn’t taste anything like I thought, though–I was expecting more of a tangy taste and the heavy sweetness caught me off guard.

    I’ve never quite learned to like the taste of honey, but I would love some good-quality skincare products.

  • I live on a 50 acre farm in a small suburban farming community (now that it has been taken over by ticky tacky little box houses, we have our little “rural crescent” that cannot be overdeveloped). My farm is between a Christmas tree farm, a Christian berry farm/pottery, and an apiary that is 100% for charity and education. It sometimes feels like a little Utopia here, with goats breaking free (instead of dogs in a normal community) but the best part are the bees that keep all our crops pollinated, and give so much back to our community, after serving their entire lives for their cause. It’s really quite inspirational, what these bees do! Worker bees is an apt name.

  • My tale is quite boring, but I’ve been taking a tablespoon of honey in various forms (with yogurt, in a cafe blanco, etc.) every morning after reading a compelling article about how it might help with allergies. I can’t say I have definitive proof, but I haven’t had any really bad allergy attacks while I’ve remembered to keep taking the honey (but I do forget sometimes for a week or two). It doesn’t eliminate them, since I still get sniffles and such, but it’s helped keep away the debilitating episodes and I’m quite fond of the taste πŸ˜€

  • I have been a fan of worker b for several years now and mostly use the lip balm and body stick. I use honey almost everyday since I start my day off usually with tea. Also, when I read the secret life of bees, I loved all the honey and bees scenes and the woman-honey based religious services that they performed.

  • We keep a honey pot on the kitchen counter and use honey in so many ways! We rarely use white sugar anymore…we intentionally substitute with honey. We put it in coffee, tea and other drinks as well as smoothies, oatmeal, and the list goes on!

  • I’m a little obsessed with taking pictures of bees on flowers. One time I was at a PYO strawberry field but I spent more time taking pictures of bees on the clovers than picking strawberries. If I’m the lucky winner, let me know if you would like me to share a picture!

  • I always have a quart jar full of honey in my pantry, and I use it every week – with yogurt for breakfast, as sweetener when I’m making granola, and lately in a tea with salt preserved kumquats!

  • I like insects and I can remember as a child one of my favorite activities during recess was laying in the grass and watching the bees flying from flower to flower, landing on the clover and the dandelions. I would really like to try the putty. I have eczema on my hands in the winter and they are such a mess.

  • I am a beekeeper in southern Indiana. One of the things I like best [besides the bees themselves] is to make beeswax/bayberry candles. So pretty and they smell so good.

  • I love honey! i buy a jar of it every spring from our Fireman Lieutenant (he is a bee keeper) and we take a tablespoon every morning to alleviate allergy issues. I also LOVE honey in my yogurt. I have also used a smear of it on a burn – really works!

  • My good friend, Vicky, keeps multiple hives. When we are together the first thing I want to hear about is her bees — fascinating stories about the most wondrous of creatures. Honey from her bees’ hives is divine. All bees’ gifts are a miracle — well maybe not the occasional sting. Now we must work diligently to protect bees. The planetary contributions of bees are irreplaceable.

  • When my daughter was little, I made small wooden toys for her to play with. They included wooden memory cards, small pull-toys, and blocks. I coated them with beeswax. I thought it would be a good sealant, as well as healthy and non-toxic for that time in a baby’s life when everything gets tasted πŸ™‚

  • Honey is one of my favorite kitchen staples: simply in my tea or drizzled over yogurt, included n a marinade, drizzled with chipotle pepper and cinnamon over roasted sweet potatoes…. Bees are responsible for making one of the most versatile ingredients.

    A side note: the potential for the Worker B Rescue Putty is very exciting! I spend all wintery with terribly cracked, sad fingers. When you are an active crafter/maker/baker, the hands suffer!

  • I have a dear friend who raises bees and last year she gifted me a small honey bear. How great is it to enjoy honey that was raised just miles away!?

  • Recently found a wonderful local honey farm and am absolutely in love with their honey. Also using some of the good stuff in some home-made green salve I make for myself and family members. Would love to try these products.

  • Two years ago I bought LOTS of honey and made creamed honey with it – also called spun honey! I use it in cooking (there’s some in my slow cooker right now, along with the rest of tonight’s dinner), and I love it with orange extract in my tea. I use it as the sweetener in my bread, and I do bake all our bread products! I have also dehydrated strawberries, turned them into powder, then mixed them with honey, which is delicious! I have rolled beeswax candles, and not only are they easy to make, but they smell heavenly! Hubs and I are retirees and may move to Texas soon, to a tract of land large enough for me to have hives, and if we do move, I absolutely will become a beekeeper!

    I’d love to try these products because I am recovering from hand surgery – a thumb joint replacement surgery in the wrist area – and I have to massage the incisions every day to decrease scar tissue formation and help normal sensation return to my thumb. It’s part of my exercise routine. A good lubricating lotion is a necessity for that. I think Rescue Putty may have been invented just for me, LOL! I see that it is on sale right now, too! Thanks for introducing this to me!

  • I once had my own hives. Absolutely fascinating to watch them at work.
    Each class of bees totally dedicated to its task.
    All work done for the greater good.
    I was also in awe of the wide range of flavors available from different nectar sources.
    The flavor spectrum is lost in commercial honey. Seek out honey from a local apiarist.

  • Two summers ago I wanted to learn to keep bees. I found a local beekeeper who was nice enough to let me shadow him for a day while he tended his hives. After donning the protective suit, the veil, and some thick thick gloves, I felt totally impervious to being stung. BUT despite the precautions a bee found his way into the leg of my suit. I was only stung once, but found out the hard way I am allergic! After a trip to the ER and numerous shots of anitbiotics, antihistamines, and steroids I was sent home. …so beekeeping dreams shattered, I just buy local honey.

  • One of my favorite sweets are Fenikia (also known as Greek Honey Cookies). They are a shortbread type of cookie that is baked and then submerged in a honey syrup and topped with finely chopped nuts. There are many variations on the recipe – I have my own favorite that I love to bake and share with friends!

  • I am a novice beekeeper, going into my second year with one hive. What I find remarkable is how supportive my neighbors are! I live in the city, in a fairly low income area, and while I have a big yard it’s not exactly legal to have a hive. My neighbors were so supportive though, as it’s becoming common knowledge that honey bees are not aggressive and are beneficial, and are losing population. No one has complained of being stung, and I like to think everyone’s flowers and veggies are looking better than ever.

  • I am a big gardener and every year I have been redesigning my gardens to add more plants for wildlife especially bees and butterflys. One of the bigger projects was adding a rain garden. I am always eager to support local and thanks to you I found out these products are made here in Minnesota. I am ordering some today but wouldn’t mind a few freebies. Thanks again for the post.

  • My neighbor and dear friend just got bees last year and I got to help introduce the swarm to the hive. Since then, I have been able to partake in her bee experience and learn about them so that I may get my own swarm soon.

  • I have always loved the gentleness of honey for flavoring most foods, both sweet and savory. One of my favorite things to do is to put honey and sour cream on baked sweet pototatoes! Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it…As good as honey is to eat, it’s also gentle on the skin. It must be GREAT for those pesky finger-cracks!

  • I’m a honey snob. I won’t buy it in a grocery chain or discount store; only from either a specialty store, farmers market, or, of course, the PA State Farm Show!

  • I love to make my own home products with added honey. Not only is it nourishing to your skin, but I love the idea of my honey being local. Good for local bees and beekeepers! Great for me!

  • I have a beautiful cedar Langstroth hive in transit and my very first honey bees will arrive in early April!I am so excited! (and a little nervous…but still excited!)

  • i so love honey in my tea but my bee story is not about honeybees – I accidently stirred up a yellow jackets nest when I was 5 yrs old. πŸ™ A very scary thing, especially when my mom kept slapping my head trying to get them out of my hair. I survived & learned a very healthy respect for bees.

  • When I was a kid my dad had a colleague who raised bees. My dad would come home from work with jars full of the most beautiful and most delicious honey I’ve probably ever had. I’ve wished for some honey as good ever since. Hoping to someday have my own hives and maybe make something as good.

  • I’ve loved honey since childhood. My paternal grandmother died when I was 7, and I’ve always associated that love with her, as I have a very strong memory of a honeycomb on her dining room table. I had assumed that she always had one there, but only recently learned that she only had it once, when my grandfather harvested it from a bee gum tree.

  • I saw a recipe just today that uses honey as an unexpected ingredient. They parboiled yellow god potatoes, quartered them and browned them in just a small amount of oil. After they are nicely browned add a drizzle of honey and the zest of one lemon. Those on the show all commented about how great the honey added made the potatoes taste. I haven’t tried this but it sounds great. Of course, I am one who loves honey on or with anything.

  • Last summer I had a horrible lingering cough. I was prescribed a codeine cough syrup that didn’t even do the trick. I decided to try a spoonful of honey instead before going to bed, and it did the trick! I give it to my teenage boys now instead of cough syrup. πŸ™‚

  • I work at a grocery store where we wash our hands a lot during the day. My hands get so dried out from the antibacterial soap, that I sure could use this!

  • I remember the amazing scent as I would roll my own beeswax sheet candles as a kid. They always smelled edible, and burned down way too soon!

  • I had some neighbors that kept bees, and their honey was the most unusual deep pine flavor from the local woods instead of wildflowers. Definitely an acquired taste!

  • I’m a farmer so I depend on bees to help pollinate some of my crops. It’s wonderful to see them buzzing around all the plants in bloom! Honey is also a staple in my house for coffee, tea, salad dressing, yogurt, etc.

  • Love bees! Just got my first hive set up last summer after years of dreaming and scheming. Local honey is best πŸ™‚ can’t wait to try fruit caned in honey syrup.

  • I have been buying local honey for about 5 years and love it! I need to buy more, but I don’t know if the guy sells it anymore!!

  • One spring I noticed lots of little holes all thru my garden beds. During the day there’d be a lot of bees buzzing close to the ground. My local extention identified them as Miner Bees, a group I’d never heard of before. Luckily they’re harmless ( sting-wise) so wasn’t a problem sharing the space.

  • I’ve always been thankful for the way bees pollinate our flowers and vegetables; but I’m especially thankful for their wonderful honey. My mother has always reminded me to use honey for all kinds of maladies, and it is always a special treat to use a little as my sweetener for all my hot drinks and ice teas. When I was in college, there was a local couple starting a cosmetics/skin care using their honey and beeswax, I think their name was Jafra. I heard a few years ago that many of the bees around the world were dying out…I’m really hoping it is not still the case…I don’t believe our world would be the same without them!

  • As a kid, my dad use to keep bees as a hobby and a stress reliever. He would love to work with them, watch them and use their honey. Now that I am older, I miss those times. I am working on convincing my husband that we need to get a few hives for our yard.

  • I had a beeswax candle kit as a kid. I would roll and unroll the candles over and over because thought it was so much fun!

  • Exactly a year ago, my boyfriend and I both came down with a cold on what would have been a Valentine’s weekend ski trip. We were both feeling disappointed about being stuck inside, sick for the weekend. One of us had the bright idea to make some “lemon and honey tea,” with hot water, a lemon slice, and a spoonful of honey hoarded from last summer’s farmers market. We both perked up and ended up enjoying watching the snow as we napped on the couch, talked, and sipped our lemon tea/honey. In retrospect, one of my favorite weekends together and it got us both started on an incurable lemon/honey tea kick.

  • I first discovered honey when I completed a clean-eating challenge where the only sweetener allowed was raw honey. Since then, i’ve come to realize just how super-sweet refined sugars are, and made the complete switch to raw honey! I love experimenting with the different flavors at Wegman’s πŸ™‚

  • My Dad kept a couple of bee hives when I was in elementary school. We loved the fresh honey and watching it being collected. Your recent post about the Rescue Putty intrigued me and I’d love to win these goodies.

  • One time my son (who was 4 at the time) came to me with a honeybee on his hand and he was petting it! And it didn’t sting him! He was utterly convinced after that that I didn’t know what I was talking about when I said bees sting. Until one stung him.