Giveaway: Worker B Product Kit

Worker B gift set

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Worker B Rescue Putty and how pleased I was to have discovered a product that helped heal my cracking hands. I heard back from a lot of you on the topic of winter skin remedies and several folks reached out to say that they had tried the Rescue Putty and were just as in love with it as I was.

Worker B cream

While they didn’t know about my Rescue Putty love before I write that post, the internet is really nothing but a small town, and so soon enough, the nice folks at Worker B saw my post and got in touch. They were happy to hear that I was so pleased with their products and were curious how I had discovered their balms, salves, and creams.

Worker B expiration date

I told them that my sister gave me a tube of Worker B lip balm a part of a birthday present three or four years ago. I used and loved that lip balm for nearly two years, until I was scraping the last bits out with my fingernail. In the meantime, I picked up a couple different sized balms when they went on sale at West Elm. I’ve been a fan ever since, because while I’m not obsessive about only using totally natural cosmetics, I really appreciate effective products that are made simple, real ingredients.

Worker B balm

They liked my enthusiasm for their products as well as the very kind responses from you guys and suggested that we team up on some kind of promotion. And that brings us to today, with a giveaway for a pack of lovely Worker B products. The winner will get a box that includes jars of Rescue Putty, the Worker B cream, a chunky treatment stick, and their gentle face wash.

Worker B bee

One of the reasons that we decided to run this giveaway today is that Worker B just relaunched their website, so the shopping experience is better than ever (if you visited them when I first posted, you’ll notice a big change. The new site is really pretty).

Additionally, their various social media accounts and their newsletter are now easy to find and follow (up at the top of the site). They make a point of sharing their deals and sales via Twitter and Facebook, so make sure to follow ’em if you want to stay in the know. For instances, just earlier today, they let their followers know that my beloved Rescue Putty is 20% all month long. Can’t beat that!

Worker B face wash

Here’s how to enter for a chance to win this box of goodies.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share a tale that has something to do with bees. Does your neighbor have a hive? Did you make beeswax candles as a kid? Do you drink your tea with honey?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, February 14, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by Sunday, February 15, 2015.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry!).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: While I bought my original jar of Rescue Putty on my own, for this post, the kind folks at Worker B did send me the products you see pictured here. No other compensation was exchanged.  

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599 responses to “Giveaway: Worker B Product Kit”

  1. I work in an engineering soils lab and needless to say, my hands take a beating so I am interested in trying this product.

    Bees wax is pretty versatile stuff, we even use it in the lab to coat chunks of dirt before weighing in water (to determine density).

  2. I get so excited when I see bees on our plum trees or flowering quince. Am thinking we have a ‘bee tree’ somewhere near our house and that is exciting too. We hear so much about the fragile state of bees now and it does my heart good to see them enjoying our unsprayed flowers.

  3. I do drink my tea with honey and would love to get a hive not just for the honey and pollinating factor but my neighbor would be irritated as heck.

  4. My favorite wedding present was a Nodicware beehive cake pan! I make every excuse to use it. My three-year old daughter just had a bee-themed birthday party, complete with honey cake baked in the beehive cake pan. 🙂

  5. Wow! Ever since your last post about Worker B I’ve wanted to get my hands on some…and get some on my hands.

    I make balms for myself & friends using beeswax all the time and I’ve dabbled in making candles.

  6. When we went to the county fair each year, I always skipped the cotton candy and made a beeline (hah!) to the stand selling honeycombs. We would break off pieces, suck the honey, and then chew the waxy honey goodness like gum. So, so good.

  7. I’m currently applying to get a beekeeping permit so I can start my own hive and harvest honey from my backyard! I’m super-excited!

  8. This all looks awesome and I’ve been really looking for something that’ll beat my winter chapped hands.

    I always have honey in the house… but the best thing I’ve ever made with it was honey-sweetened limoncello. Such a smooth, buzzy taste!

  9. One of my favorite bee-related memories was being up in the mountains with a friend, sitting in a field and enjoying a nice summer day. And while we were there, a single bee kept hovering around me and taking moments to stop and walk up and down my arm. I loved that little moment, and still love when bees walk on me when it happens.

    This past summer I was also lucky enough to get several quarts of honey from a friend with bees on her property—enough to do all my jams with honey!

    The face wash looks amazing and I am excited to try it.

  10. I just made my very first batch of mead with some local honey, now I just have to wait 6 months for it to age so I can try it.

  11. When I was a kid I put honey on my Cheerios (before Honey Nut Cheerios came out). I also loved peanut butter & honey sandwiches. Both still favorites.

  12. When I was a kid, a family tradition was to go out to the country sometime after thanksgiving and cut a fresh christmas tree, they’d always invite us inside to drink hot chocolate or hot cider, and munch candy canes while dad paid for the tree. We kept up this tradition as I got older, and I noticed they also had big jars of local honey for sale. I buy one every year now when we go back.

  13. Someday, I will have hives. Until then, I have a spiced-honey cake in the oven, some honey in the tea I’m drinking, and have used it in salves, etc. The bee is my friend.

  14. My hubby use to raise bees for several years, but the damp springs in the Northwest were killing off his hives every year, so he decided to quit his hobby. This past summer, we were so excited to learn that a couple down the road have hives and sell their honey!

  15. I love honey bees! I purchased some bee products for family members for Christmas, and it was a great hit. It is especially helpful for these dry winter months. I have never tried this brand and would love to! Thank you so much for the chance to win. 🙂

  16. Would love to try out these products. Beeswax-based salves are the best. Thanks for introducing me to this brand!

    Re bees- honey is one of my favorite souvenirs to bring home from trips all over the world.

  17. I bellied up to a bee while working at a bakery, and trapped it between my tummy and the counter. Not the best place to be stung. But I’m sure these wonderful bee products will make everything alright.

  18. Well we are in the bee business. We have around 100 hives, well my parents do. So we sell honey. I love everything BEE!

  19. I would LOVE to try this on my terribly cracked thumbs. It would renew my love of bee’s after my dad and I got swarmed once.
    Sure this is made by “friendly” bee’s!!

  20. We started beekeeping last spring and we are praying that the girls make it through the winter! We have two hives and we are hoping we can harvest honey this year. A hive needs 60 to 70 pounds of honey to make it through the winter.

  21. My brother in Wisconsin has some land and a friend keeps bees on part of it. We went out to see the hives when I was there to visit last. I would love to have a little homestead and keep bees myself someday!

  22. When I was six, my younger brother and I had the rare treat of staying up later than usual and having ice cream cones for dessert. It was after bath time because we already had jammies on. While eating my cone, a bee went down my top and stung me on the chest. It was my first bee sting, so very memorable.

    I live in Colorado, so my dry skin could use these products, STAT!

  23. My Yellow Lab attempted to eat a bee and got stung inside her upper lip. A trip to the vet, antihistamine shot & pills later, you’d think she would learn from the experience! No such luck, we still have to keep her inside on Spring afternoons when the bees like to explore our back lawn.

  24. I have used beeswax products, but never this brand. I’d love to try them. Bees are cute, but I have no stories about them.

  25. My biggest bee impression- My great aunts who lived at the end of our farm lane were ahead of their time. Aunt Elizabeth tended her own bee hives for many years. Because my father practiced organic farming (before it was tagged as organic farming) the bees did very well. It was such a treat when we were able to taste some honeycomb! And, I remember getting them caught in my hair while mowing along the lane in front of the hives. They never appreciated that loud thing.
    I always add a little raw honey to my bengal spice tea in the evening!

  26. You had me at the labels. : )
    I get through the winter with lemon-honey-ginger. I prefer spring/early summer honey and my favorites are from my neighbor and one of my friends from home. I almost started keeping bees (went so far as to put everything I needed to get started in a shopping cart—and then backed out. I was too grief stricken to tackle something new, but I keep thinking about it.

  27. My name means “honeybee” in Greek – or so I’ve been told all my life. I’ve always felt my name matches my personality and outlook on life and I love it even more for that.

  28. For years I worried that I was allergic to bees because my mom is severally allergic, but I never got stung. Turns out, I’m not allergic at all.

  29. My husband’s good friend was a bee keeper and he was on his way back from delivering some honey and he was in a fatal car accident. His wife has kept the business going and we purchase beeswax products and honey from her

  30. I have a beehive. My neighbor has no ideas but winders where they come from.i was pregnant and was not able to use honey. I cook with it not in my tea. As a kid never used it parents never bought it.

  31. My friend in college, although not owning any property and being transient, decided to start keeping bees. He just knocked on doors of places that had good food sources to see if he could keep them there.

  32. We will be getting our first bee colony this spring, and I am so excited about all the magical things that bees can provide!

  33. I have learned that beeswax is the answer to most of the world’s problems. We use it in deodorant, to unfreeze the chop saw, to waterproof gloves. I’m sure that this face wash and lotion are also “the bees knees!”

  34. As a gardener and crafter I’d love to use this! My garden is full of flowers and vegetables for bees, and they love them. My great uncle kept hives when I was a girl, we used to go help with chores as he and my great aunt weren’t up to doing them in their late 80s. As a reward Uncle El would give us honeycomb, there is NOTHING like the taste of that on a warm summer’s day!

  35. My daughter has really bad allergies and not one allergy med has truly helped her. She is now taking a spoonful of local honey with three different essential oils every morning and it is truly helping her. It has made a world of difference!

  36. I remember dipping candles as a kid at a colonial reenactment site, and a few years ago I made beeswax candles (in jars!) as Christmas gifts.

  37. We use organic raw honey everyday in our house. We have dogs with allergies, and we give it to them, as well as putting it in our tea. We Love bees for what they do

  38. My favorite thing to do with honey is dip homemade chicken tenders into it! I just reorganized all of the filing cabinets at work, my fingers are so split and sore I’d love to try this product!

  39. I am a :”worker b” at the community college where I live and, like all B’s, I am looking for a way to heal chapped hands. Also – honey helps with my kid’s allergies to local flora.

  40. These products look so aesthetically pleasing. I’d love the chance to try them out.

    My honey story is kind of sad/funny. My great uncle had beehives, and we always bought our honey from them when I was growing up, in 5-lb. containers. One day after we bought the honey, it was sitting on the floor of the car by me, and on the way home it somehow tipped over, spilling 5 pounds of honey all over the front of the car…needless to say it was a sticky mess. :/ But in spite of that I still love honey. 😉

  41. I live in southern Arizona where it’s really dry and our hands and heels crack in the winter. We also have the most amazing carpenter bees that live in little holes in wood. They are interesting little critters (um…they are really HUGE black bees) and I recently purchased a bee house so I can keep them around. I would actually share this with my neighbor because her hand and heel cracks are worse than mine.

  42. One of my students is trying to start his own, small-scale, bee farm. It has been fun to watch him explore the world of bee hive technology.

  43. In college my best friend worked for two summers on a bee behavior study, counting how many bees went in and out of hives, trying to track them. It was fascinating stuff!!

  44. my favorite thing to drink when I feel a cold coming on is honey, lemon, & ginger with hot water. I also LOVE bee pollen on morning granola, oatmeal, or smoothies. Thank you bees!

  45. I’ve always wanted to raise bees of my own, but sadly just don’t have the time currently. In the meantime, I buy plenty of local honey (i love it most for baking) and continue dreaming.

  46. I plant a bunch of flowers specifically to attract bees. Two that work really well are borage, which attract bumblebees and other bees, and sunflowers, which attract sweat bees.

  47. My great uncle used to have his own hives and make his own honey. It was such a neat process, and when we had to find something made locally for an elementary class, it was always easy to find! This putty sounds great for my husband who works outside all day, six days a week (and whose hands are always cracked and dry due to the weather). I tried homemade hand balm, and let’s just say I have some very minty beeswax right now… :/

  48. Hi ** my feet and hands are in dire need of moisture!! When I was a kid, we would catch bees using a jar. The braver kids would go after the bigger bumble bees..yikes!

  49. True Bee Story: My grandfather, R.I.P., raised bees. Some 25+ years ago, when I was about 22 or so and about to get married, I was deemed old enough to FINALLY receive a much-coveted multi-gallon jar of HIS raw, barely-filtered, wild-whatever-grew-around-there honey. Note: This jar was previously likely a giant mayo jar, thoroughly cleaned and re-purposed to hold honey. I have no idea where he got them, as we weren’t mayo people. But I digress. As I lived on the East Coast and he and his bees lived in Arkansas, the only way to bring it home was on the plane with me. So the jar was put in a random square box, all of it wrapped up in newspaper and packing tape, and sent with me. Airport security really didn’t like the looks of it on the Xray machine. I kept explaining it was a big jar of honey, but they couldn’t get their heads around it. So, yes, I got to un-wrap my treasure. They ooh-ed and aah-ed over the honey, and let me go my merry way (this was all very civil and jovial and pre-911 and someone would have held the plane for me if it took too long). I think it sat on my lap all the way home, because I didn’t have tape to fully close it up again. I lugged that jar thru a couple of moves and took it down to the last couple of grainy inches over several tasty years. UNFORTUNATELY, the top got stuck, and in trying to tap it a bit to loosen it, the jar broke :(. So I had to toss that last bit. I swear, no honey since has tasted so sweet.

  50. I am a second generation bee keeper. My Grandfather has kept bees since before I can remember and he helped my husband and I get started. We love bees!

  51. I buy local honey at the farmers market, partly because it is supposed to decrease the sinus issues we get in the spring. I don’t know it that really works, but it’s the most delicious remedy!

  52. We have a small organic farm (still trying to find out what works best here!), and a few years ago the local beekeeper kept his new hives on our farm. It was a win – win. Except when our dog stuck her nose directly in one of the opening. 🙂

  53. I use honey as a substitute for sugar all the time, but one of my favorite uses is in my cucumber relish recipe! I look forward to making / canning it every summer – it is perfect on just about anything grilled and in sammies! I’d love to gift this kit to my mom, who has severely dry hands.

  54. The first and only time I’ve been stung by a bee was on my honeymoon, during a long bike ride. Luckily I’m not allergic and didn’t have much swelling!

  55. We have a friend who is an apiarist in Colorado (shout out to Grampa’s Honey). I’ve never been a huge fan of honey, but I’ve found that it makes a wonderful hostess gift.

  56. Lots of love for bee products here, honey in tea being the classic yet most loved. Will have to check out these products!

  57. I’ve become very interested in bees in past years. I even planted several different types of flowers and herbs, just for the bees!

  58. I love honey so much. My sister in law is Lithuanian and when we went to visit her family last summer over there, we were able to see how they naturally process honey over there and was given some to take home. I love that marbled Lithuanian honey so much!

  59. My husband and i went to Bee School last year and are hoping to set up hives this spring! Cant wait for some delicious homegrown honey!

  60. We buy honey by the gallon for our baking needs: you can’t beat the great prices we see at the farmers market! These products look wonderful!

  61. I love the local honey I can get at the farmer’s market. It is fun to talk to the vendor about where the flowers the bees enjoyed.

  62. Our closest friends started two hives last year but all the bees took off in the fall. Now they get to start over this year:-)

  63. I’d love to win these products! I love raw honey (even belonged to a honey CSA a few winters back), and I am very sad to report that the feral bee colony that has lived in the black walnut tree in my front yard for the last several years did not survive last winter’s long stretch of very cold temps. I missed watching them this summer, though their absence will make it a little easier to leave this house when I finish grad school this spring.

  64. When I was younger (3 maybe?) my grandparents would watch me while my parents were at work, I have such fond memories of watching them suit up and tend to their bees, in addition to honey they made all sorts of beeswax ornaments.

  65. When I was between jobs a few years back, a friend of my parents paid me to walk their vizsla puppy. One day when we were almost back to the condo, she flung herself to the end of the leash and started rolling in something. Just as I am cursing whatever smelly thing she has found, she jumps up and whips around to sniff something on he ground. The puppy immediately jumps back again, and this drunk looking bee starts to try to fly away. I got her before she ate it.

    Then there was my friend’s dog (a lab) that used to stand over ground nesting bee’s hive openings and eat them as they flew out.

  66. I love to use local honey at home – For tea, baking, anything! Lately I’ve been researching bee keeping a little. They are so important for the environment!

  67. Leave a comment on this post and share a tale that has something to do with bees.

    Does your neighbor have a hive? My neighborhood organic nursery keeps bees and bee supplies for anyone wanting to start a hive. The owner (who I’ve known for decades) lives on the property. He gave me a precious jar of his own personal honey from those hives.

    Did you make beeswax candles as a kid? Yes I did. As a craft project from either school or church, don’t remember which.

    Do you drink your tea with honey? Nope, sorry. But I do bake with it.

    Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, February 44, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by Sunday, February 15, 2015.

    I’m going to assume this closes Saturday, Feb. 14, not Feb. 44.

  68. I’ve just recently started making preserves with honey instead of sugar – and I’m continually surprised by how different honeys actually taste very different (I shouldn’t be, but I am). I feel lucky to be able to pick some up at the local farmer’s market.

  69. This summer, while visiting my mom, the neighbor’s hive swarmed. The bees swarmed into one of my mom’s apple trees, where I was able to get some wonderful photos. The neighbor entered one of my photos at the county fair and I won second place!

    I so wish I could have a hive here, but it would be like putting out a “welcome” sign for the bears.

  70. Im lucky enough to live in an area where I can purchase raw honey with the hive. Not only do I use it for cooking and eating but for every ailment that comes along. Lol. I also mail jars to my mom and sister on the west coast.luckily none have broken on transport! Lol
    I have just recently learned that I can get a grant to start up my own beehive here in Virginia! So excited to doing this. We need to save our honey bees!! They’re so very important to us! Wish me luck that I get that grant and I can teach my grandchildren a little bit about bees and honey! 🙂

  71. a friend of mine started keeping bees in my backyard last summer. I’ve been learning from her and enjoying having our ‘ladies’ help out in our garden and orchard. I have tried the lip balm and would love a chance to try some more of their products!

  72. I used to be very afraid of bees, but once I became a gardener for my own yard, I do everything I can to keep them buzzing around.

  73. Thanks for the giveaway! We are very regular honey consumers in this household, sweetening almost every cup of coffee or tea with a bit. I also enjoy using the wax to make candles and lip balm. I am always looking for recommendations for cracked hands, so thanks for the review!

  74. This worker bee stuff sounds awesome! My fiance’s cousins host hives on their property and in return the family gets free honey. Such a great deal!

  75. I have been wishing I was brave enough to start a hive in my backyard so I can have my own honey, but haven’t been brave enough to try it, yet! Excited to try out their products for my dry, sensitive skin!

  76. My first summer at camp, I got put in gardening for my morning work group. On the morning of visitors day, I was pulling weeds and knocked a wasps nest that was hidden in the tall grass. I got stung on my nose, which made my whole face swell up and I spent the rest of the morning in the nurse’s office waiting for the camp doctor to come to write me a prescription (I don’t have a bad enough allergy that I need an epi-pen, but your face can swell a lot more that, say, your foot). My mother thought I would never want to go back to camp, but I was upset that my parents made me go home at the end of the day. Not really a beeswax or craft story, but the only bee story I really have.

  77. my son has several hives at two different farms. we use his Hobbomock Honey in tea, and I’ve used it in your strawberry jam and lemon marmalade recipes!

  78. I first fell iin love with bees when I was 13 after reading a book from the library on a local beekeeper. Too young to apprentice it fell to the back of my mind until after college. Laid off twice after graduation I again cold called another beekeeper. After a year of apprenticing I was truly in love with bees and honey working for a small farmer. That was 5 years ago. Since then I’ve kept bees in Africa with Peace corps and will soon be in the Caribbean doing the same. Thanks for the great promotion and keep up the great work!

  79. I bought some of the putty after you mentioned it because my hands are a mess in the winter. I love bees. We buy our honey from a local farm, I wish we were allowed to have hives in our yard but the HOA prohibits it.

  80. A few years back my husband and I worked at a farm for a summer, running their camp. When our boss asked if we’d be interested in her leading a beekeeping workshop, we jumped at the chance, and learned a lot about bees and honey.

  81. As a worker bee in a hospital lab, I would love this set, for my hands that are washed more times a day than I care to count, after gloves are removed…Can’t wait till spring, when it will be time to tend the garden- though we hear bees are on a decline, they love our garden!!! Flowers and veggie plants seem to keep them going strong here!

  82. My husband would love this – to keep himself from chewing on his nails he keeps his cuticles soft with hand lotion – has become a hand lotion snob. I’m sure this would be his ultimate ideal. Bees story – a friend kept bees and once when he was dealing with them they got trapped in his undies – thereafter he wore none. I think that was a smart idea!

  83. Honey is such a very healthy condiment that also has medicinal properties. The more local the better and we buy our honey from a neighbor. I use it in my bread recipes and as a healing balm for an injured hen. But my spouse is allergic to bee venom, so we let others raise bees. We’re avid gardeners and food growers, so we really appreciate our bees and happily plant things just for the pollinators.

  84. We love our local raw honey! I use it all the time and recently had my very conventional pediatrician’s office recommend buckwheat honey with warm water to help my four year old with croup. Turns out the scientific studies show what people have known for a long time…honey, specifically buckwheat honey, works better than cough suppressing medications, especially in children! I’d love to have bees, just need my kids to be interested and help me not be so scared of the stinging 🙂

  85. My favorite winter drink has become Lemon Ladies Meyer lemons, cut up ginger and a nice local honey. I keep in in the fridge waiting for me. yum!!!

  86. I recently started buying local, raw honey from one of our local orchards. I didn’t know that honey could taste so good!

  87. I have no idea if I’m allergic to bees or not. My mother was deathly allergic to them, my sister is allergic to most bug bites & stings, but has never been stung by a bee. I’ve been stung once but apparently that’s not necessarily enough to find out if you’re allergic.

  88. My dad kept bees when he was a boy in Sweden and when they would swarm they called the school so he could go chase them.

    i like honey in my tea, on english muffins and biscuits, and in my soaps.

    I eat my peas with honey, I’ve done it all my life. I does taste rather funny.
    But it keeps them on my knife.

  89. I remember having honeycomb on the table with rolls at Grandma’s house. It was such a treat to spread the honey and wax over a soft roll. I remember especially loving the sensation of the knife slicing through the honeycomb. Now honeycomb is getting hard to find!

  90. The last time I ate at my favorite gastropub here in Atlanta (The Porter), we were served honey with the honeycomb still in it with our cheese plate. It was a first for me and a delightful accompaniment to the cheese, as well as a reminder of how unique bees are in their labor and products!

  91. While visiting some friends, they took us out to try out their zipline. Our daughter went down once and was about to go again when my husband, who was standing nearby, started jumping around and flailing his arms. Little did we realized he had disturbed a hive and was getting stung repeatedly! We’ve had some good laughs over the whole incident. Probably not the type of story you were expecting 😉

  92. I’m very conscious of the work the bees do and so tell everyone I know not to kill a bee! I also found a recipe for a lemon drink with unpasteurized honey in it. Soothing for sore throats. I’m afraid I may drink it up for no good reason but that it tastes good!

  93. Even though I am both allergic (stings, not wax or honey) & afraid of them, I love what bees do for us. I grew up in the middle of an apple/pear orchard in Central WA & every spring my grandfather would arrange to have many hives brought in to pollenize his fruit trees.

  94. I buy local honey. I also have quite a few flavored honeys with herbs. My husband loves a honey balm but has never tried your products. My husband when he was younger helped a friend winterize bee hives.

  95. At the last house I was renting, the neighbor next door kept bees. I never got to know them, but I’m still kicking myself for not going over and introducing myself so I could ask about buying some of their wax to try making my own homemade beeswax balm!

  96. I did love rolling up beeswax candles as a kid, and I am still suckered in to sniff beeswax candles. I have the chunky treatment stick and it is awesome – I use it both as lip balm and hand cream in my purse. I’d love to try their other products!

  97. Oh this would be so fun to tryout. I once melted some bee’s wax with olive oil as a hot oil treatment for my hair. I must have gotten the ratio wrong because I had lots of wax left in my hair. It took many shampooings and very warm water to get it out. Ha! I looked like those dolls with plastic hair.

  98. My grandparents had bees, and I fondly remember eating honey comb at the end of the season. Plus my grandmother believed honey helped heal all boo-boos. Ones on the knees/elbows and ones of the heart. A cup of tea with honey was a cure-all.

  99. I did an internship at a farm after college, and one of our jobs was to extract the honey from the supers at the end of the season. We used a big centrifuge, and had all kinds of sweet, sticky fun.

  100. A few years ago, I was delighted to stumble upon a large chunk of beeswax at a thrift store. I lop off a chunk every now and again to make spoon butter for our wooden counter top, cutting boards, and wooden spoons. I love the smell and also love the tactile nature of applying the spoon butter and seeing how the wood changes as a result. Thanks, bees.

  101. We are fortunate to live on a large piece of property that supports a wide variety of wildlife including several kinds of bees, but that means a lot of often heavy yard work that is tough on the hands. I’m always looking for products to heal & protect my hands, & these Worker B products sound like they will work great!

  102. I just bought 48 pounds of raw honey and 20 pounds of beeswax. I consume the honey and give it as gifts and I make a beeswax lotion with the beeswax. I love all things bee related. I keep some honey in my desk drawer at work and gave some to a fellow worker who had a tickle in her throat. One spoonful helped her a lot. And it’s just plain delicious : )

  103. I use honey a lot when I get sick — I teach and I just can’t afford to lose my voice. Drinking honey in hot water works great to keep me going…

    And I’m so excited about the Rescue Putty — I’ve been doing a lot of pottery and clay just sucks moisture out of your skin like crazy.

  104. I once bought a jar of raw honey from the farmer’s market fully intending to drizzle it on my oatmeal every morning. I made the mistake of tasting it with a spoon and, uh, ended up eating the entire thing over three days’ time.

  105. Well, I’m not sure if this story has to do with bees or not–that’s the mystery. Starting two summers ago, my dog won’t go in the backyard when it’s warm out. She won’t touch the grass, but when we go on walks around town she’ll walk on it no problem. When it’s winter she loves the backyard, but I have no idea why she doesn’t like the backyard in the summer–one of my theories is that maybe a bee stung her and now she’s afraid (there are alot of sunflowers the bees love hanging out in back there). So, maybe a bee mystery!

  106. I’m pretty sure that nothing smells better than beeswax. Sometimes I pick beeswax candles up in the store just so I can smell them.

  107. My mother always called me “Queen Bee” growing up, so bees have become something like my spirit animal. They are a constant theme in my life but it’s only recently that I’ve started to make my own bees’ wax inclusive skin products. My first Worker B product was given to me over Christmas and it’s something I plan to bring with me on my PCT thru hike this summer:)

  108. When I was young, my grandfather tended bees. I can vividly remember spending evenings with my grandpa and uncle in the honey shed extracting honey from the comb. When I got a bit older, I had the chance to put on a suit and help my grandpa by smoking the bees while he tended to their needs. Now that colony collapse hit his colonies and his health concerns have left him unable to beekeep anymore, any of the honey from his hives has become a precious commodity to me.

  109. Our house guests keep giving us these very different very nice beeswax candles in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We also keep getting honey from people: spun from someone’s brother’s hives, from a hive belonging to a chemist colleague, from my sister’s old friend, etc. The bees in our county are still healthy and we are trying to keep it that way. I think we all appreciate the bees are in our lives!

  110. I enjoyed making beeswax candles in Girl Scouts when I was younger, but I didn’t really enjoy honey until college. Now I’ve learned to appreciate the flavor and I’m eating a little honey right now. My toddler already loves it.

  111. Every winter, my mom and I visit a convent of Russian Orthodox nuns who make and sell beeswax candles. Their little shop is filled with warmth and light, and the smell of beeswax and homemade cookies. For me, that is the beginning of the return of the light.

  112. We’ve had 3 hives of bees, but this has been a horribly cold winter and we’ll be lucky if any of them make it. I do love just hanging out with the girls, and their peaceable buzzing is very relaxing.

  113. One time I bought a small block of beeswax at the farmers market, thinking of all the ways I could use it for crafts, etc. To this day, many years later, I still have the wax and haven’t used any of it. I just pull it out and smell the perfect beeswax smell when I need a little sunshine.

  114. When my son was little, we taught him to thank bees for their work that lets us eat. Before he could talk, be would sign in to them. It was pretty charming.

  115. I’d like to have bees on our property someday. We love honey, and I only ever use beeswax candles. Meanwhile, I’m lucky to be near a nice farm that sells both.

  116. I like to buy honey from different places when I travel, and once after a backpacking trip, we bought some from a guy in Concrete, WA who had a plexiglass window into a hive that was adjacent/attached to his house,so you could see inside the hive right from the living room. It’s kind of hard to describe, but was really cool. And the honey was great.

  117. As a young man, my father raised bees and his beekeepers suit hing in our basement when I was growing up. When we traveled, he sought out local honey and would rhapsodize about the different tastes.

  118. I don’t like bee stings, but I wonder if the stories are true that bee stings are good for bodily aches and pains. Maybe I should try bee stings as a treatment.

  119. Bee Keeping is becoming very popular here in central NJ. We have hives popping up in folks’ backyards and even at my vet. It is wonderful to be able to get real local honey!

  120. I buy honey from a health food store and you get it yourself out of a big drum. It comes out so warm and golden! Love to get my own, it is delicious honey and so good for you. Appreciate how hard those little bees work!

  121. When I am coming down with a cold I make a cup of tea, add a shot of whiskey, a squeeze of lemon, and a shot of honey. This concoction breaks my fever and helps me to sleep peacefully.

  122. In 2007, I had the opportunity to attend a local apiary fair; I learned about how bees were cared for, and the products they produce. Above all, it was demonstrated the true gentle nature of these creatures.
    I immediately lost my instinctive human fear of bees, and have since incorporated local honey and beeswax in my daily life, and feel a thrill when when I see honeybees around my property. In the spring, they will investigate the chinks in walls of my stone home, looking for possible homes for a new swarm.
    One spring day, I was sitting on the porch with a young couple who claimed to be “attuned with nature” when a scout bee began to inspect the wall behind us. They became fearful, and I calmly explained that honeybees are not aggressive, in what this one was about. My guests would have nothing of it! Like all persons afraid of bees, they immediately claimed an “allergy” to bee stings. I have found that even though bee allergies are relatively rare, nearly 90 percent of my friends tell me they are afflicted, but non of them carries the necessary medication to treat it.
    Just because you have been stung and the site becomes swollen and painful, this is not an allergy!

  123. We love honey 🙂 My husband has been thinking about starting up some hives at some point. Fortunately we have a local bee farmer to get our fresh honey from but they don’t have these kind of products. Being a mom of a soon-to-be 3 year old, I’m constantly washing my hands and being a diabetic also dries my hands so bad that they crack and bleed. I would love to try these products and see how they would help!

  124. I have a garden devoted to enticing bees into my yard. Sometimes they will land on my shoulders while I am working in the garden, and yet I have never been stung.

  125. We had a couple hives for 2 years – loved to go down and sit and read nearby – the sounds wee so relaxing! I too am known to just stand there with a jar and a spoon – such complex favors in each honey.

  126. My folks always said that you really need a lot of bees to have a great garden. Over the years it felt like the bees were diminishing in my area. Last year however, it brought me great joy to see so many honey bees out and about buzzing and doing their jobs. I really enjoy products made from honey and bees wax. They are always effective. I would love to win this! Thanks!

  127. We grow most of our own food and last year purchased bees to add to our hopes of becoming more self sufficient. Our bees produced honey last year, however, left it for them to hopefully make it through the winter. We did harvest some beeswax from frames that did not have honey on them, looking forward to using the beeswax to some day make my own lip balm and lotions; but in the meantime would love to try these products.

  128. I have my own bees! I’m hoping my hive stays strong the rest of the winter, and then I hope to put in another hive in the spring. I hope to make it to 4 hives strong someday soon to be able to sell a little local honey. I’m starting an apron-making project to fund my apiary!

  129. My precious 83-year old dad swears by natural, local honey in his breakfast smoothies. So, when dad needs some honey, I buy from a former student who now owns bee hives on a small plot of land in this county. Dad loves Doug’s honey! I also buy a jar (not quite as large as dad’s jar) to sit on my kitchen counter for the occasional honey swirl in my oatmeal or hot tea. I know that the quality of the honey is what I want for myself and my first “honey”, Dad!

  130. I recently tested positive for allergies to, well, lots of things, so a simple, additive-free skincare line tgat doesn’t have any of my triggers sounds great (I am coveting that lip balm). Very excited to hear about this company.

  131. I too found this product at West Elm. Great lip balm.

    I drink my Holiday tea from Harney and Sons every morning. Included in it is a teaspoon of Sourwood honey. Can’t beat the combo!

  132. I would love to win this wonderful package for my friend. She slipped on the ice yesterday and fractured her wrist. This would be a lovely pick me up. She is an avid tea drinker and honey lover who mail orders honey and honey products all the time – she has even aspired to have her own hive to keep her in stock!

  133. Hi! I love bees and I love honey. I use organic raw honey in my tea and for a treat. I obtained a hive and bee gear last year and a local beekeeping group will help me catch my first swarm this spring. I am so looking forward to keeping bees! I will take a beekeeping course in March and am reading whatever I can find on natural beekeeping.

  134. I hope to learn how to keep bees someday, & I regulary purchase local honey from our farmer’s market. The beekeeper there gave me an old edition of Beekeeping magazine when I told him of my plan. Thanks for the giveaway!

  135. Unfortunately most of my stories about bees themselves have to do with getting stung, but despite that and the fear I developed of them as a toddler and small child, I still hope to keep a hive of my own someday! The benefit you get for your investment just boggles the mind. Not only honey and beeswax with their astounding variety of uses, but the support of a critical pollinator for the environment (and increased yields in your own garden)! It’s a no brained!

  136. My neighbor has bee hives. I always watch them from afar and hope they are doing well. They seem to be, as he keeps adding new Langstroth style hives every year. I am glad they are there, because they help my garden. I keep the garden all organic for them, and plant pollen producing and nectar rich flowers for them. 🙂

  137. I’m a beekeeper or at least I was till a month ago when we relocated to the snowy northeast. Bees don’t work in a hotel, lol but in just a few months we’ll start up again, can’t wait!i love anything made with bees wax!

  138. I love natural honey. (The pasteurized over process stuff in most stores – not so much)
    I have used beeswax for several projects including some candles I made.
    I would love to study beekeeping, but I understand they “smell fear” and I am terrified of getting stung. (sigh!)

  139. I tried making apple butter for the first time a few months ago and decided to use honey instead of sugar.OH MY GOSH!!!!It made such a difference.The honey gave my apple butter so much more depth and flavor.I was so proud of it I shared too many jars of it and now have only half a jar left for myself!Everyone is asking for more.

  140. When we lived on the west coast, we had a honeybee hive in a huge old oak tree next to the house.One spring the bees swarmed and one of the swarms landed on a peony bush. The swarm was so docile my husband laid right down next to them while I snapped photos. The bees never bothered us a bit. We called a local beekeeper who was able to get one of the swarms into a hive; the other flew off the next morning into the next valley.

  141. I love all things honey! Put it on yogurt, in baked goods, on a warm homemade biscuit, in beauty products…. So many possibilities. I am still working on a 1.5 bottle of bourbon flavored my MIL gave me, she’s from Kentucky!

  142. I love my herbal or green tea with local honey.

    Just a few short years ago my former workplace/office address, when using GPS, used to direct our auditors to the local honey producer. It happened so often I would tell them that I buy my honey there and it is very tasty! (and suggested they buy some)

    : )

  143. One of the awesome things about being CSA members is that we get raw honey. So delicious! It’s replaced sweetener in almost everything.

  144. I love using local honey for jams! We have a local keeper who supplies us with honey sticks, too! It’s the perfect treat! Love love love honey on warm homemade bread!

  145. My neighbors maintain hives. The coolest was when they invited me and my son to help extract the honey. We sliced the tops off of the combs and loaded the centrifugal extractors. Can’t get any better than honey produced next-door!

  146. My son and I recently shoveled out our elderly neighbors driveway. He was kind enough to share wonderful stories of the original owner of our home and neighborhood which was so interesting to hear. He also was telling us of his recent hobby of bee keeping and his three quarts of honey. He said this summer he’ll bring some over to share. Making friends with neighbors is good.

  147. I love bees! My husband and I are in the process of figuring out whether a hive is legal in our town. When I was little, I would make beeswax candles with my mom, and as an adult, I make my own lip balm with tons of good beeswax!

  148. The bees just love our house. They are everywhere here! There must be a food source on the property because professionals have searched and searched for a hive with no success. So we have made our peace with bees!

    Love the giveaway, thanks! This looks amazing for my whole family’s terribly damaged hands. And I can’t seem to stop canning despite the winter (bring out the pressure canner and make chili!) so my hands are worst of all! Love your blog, Marisa. 🙂

  149. Hi. I recently went on a farm tour and heard a great talk by two beekeepers. They were a husband and wife team who took over their son’s hive when he moved. It was interesting to hear more about bees and see them in action.

  150. I currently use Burts Bees chapstick religiously but I’d love to try other bee friendly products since the Burts isn’t keeping up with how harsh this winter weather has been on my body. And I’m of course always trying to talk my husband into getting a hive of our own … someday! 🙂

  151. we’ve started using local honey in the last few years, and have been pleasantly surprised by the sheer numbers of folks who offer it – we thought it would be harder to find, but at the moment our ‘honey bar’ has jars from 8 or 9 different local sources. i also just learned how dead easy it is to make lip balms with bees wax – at a class offered by a local beekeeper. 🙂

  152. I work at a hospital and go in and out of patient rooms all day long. I need to put sanitizer on my hand each time I enter a room and each time I leave a room. I struggle to keep my hands from drying out and becoming red. I would love to try the rescue putty.

  153. My best memory of bees…whipped honey! I loved to have whipped honey on my toast when I was a child. I still do, but now that I have to be conscious of calories don’t allow myself to have it quite as much!! These products seem amazing and I have cracked hands so looking forward to trying them!

  154. I love bees and all sorts of products made by bees! My dining room has no windows (it’s the middle room of my Philly rowhome) so I burn a beeswax candle every night while we eat dinner, just to making the lighting in there a little nicer. And I treat my wooden kitchen tools with a mixture of mineral oil and melted beeswax–it’s messy to make but it works like a charm. My love of honey is so well known that I actually received three different jars from different people as Christmas gifts this year! So I would really love to try these products!

  155. We had one summer at the urban farm I worked at where the bees got a little, er, out of hand. I got stung seven times, more than once while driving a forklift. I still like bees (and of course their products) though!

  156. I’ve grown up around bees. My dad has a hive and I think local bees are a vital resource.
    The honey and pollen great for sweetening and relieving allergies. a chunk of comb dripping with honey is a special treat!
    Beeswax lip balm is the best!

  157. My brother-in-law runs a farm in Oregon and works with a beekeeper to keep bees on his property for pollinating his grape crops – and of course to make honey! Last summer, he gave us a jar of the deliciousness, and I’ve been trying to make it last until the next time we are there and I can get more. I did splurge and use the honey in my famous (at least in my neighborhood) baklava that I gave as Christmas presents to my neighbors this year.

  158. My favorite honey is from Tassot Apiaries here in NJ. It turns out that it’s also my daughter’s favorite! She was living in Philadelphia at the time and would see him at the farmer’s market. Interestingly, his wife’s name is Bea, and she is a beekeeper. Love them! <3

  159. Honey is my sweetener of choice–I love F in J’s jam recipes that use honey. Where I live many farms produce local honey and other beeswax products. I’ll have to see if they sell these products, as we’ve had such a harsh cold winter and my hands need some help! Would love to try this Rescue Putty.

  160. I was delighted to discover that my favorite local ice cream shop (Owowcow in Bucks Co, PA) also sells local raw honey- I love it on toast, in tea, in smoothies, everywhere! Would love to try these products.

  161. I absolutely love all the benefits of honey, from skin/lip care to a natural sweetener. I am always on the hunt for a woman’s hand cream as I am an avid wood worker and work outside in the garden all the time. Would love to give this line a try.

  162. Instead of retiring my husband and I are working on a homestead in Northeastern Vermont. We are committed to buying locally produced products when we can’t supply something (right now many things) ourselves. We are fortunate to have wonderful beekeepers near by and I enjoy their honey in my tea as well as lots of cooking. But we do harbor a hope of keeping our own hives in the not too distant future.

  163. We love bees! My daughters and I made many beeswax candles when they were small — rolling up sheets of beeswax, cutting decorations from colored beeswax and sticking them on our masterpieces — awww, I miss those days. I like to buy local honey wherever we go — from different apiaries close to home, around New England, and beyond. And, my hands are chapped and cracked — I meant to give Worker B putty a try after your previous post, but haven’t got round to it yet. Thanks for the tip!

  164. My bee story isn’t a fun one, so I’ll tell too. When I was little my sister accidently hula-hooped over a yellow jackets nest. She started screaming, so being the good big sister I am, I went over to see what was the matter. Then *I* started screaming. We ran to the house and my parents immediately knew what had happened….because I had a yellow jacket stuck in my neck!!

    The more fun bee story is I recently have learned a few things about Thai cooking, and I love the combination of soy and honey in cooking!

  165. My grandmother’s neighbor when we were growing up used to have a bee hive and I remember how much fun it was to watch him harvest the honey, wearing his bee keeping suit and having the canister full of smoke. After he would get the honey he would give us some to spread on our toast for breakfast.

  166. My sister is a bee keeper and I look forward to my annual honey at Christmas – I never took the time to taste the differences in honey until she started keeping bees and now I’m a honey snob. Her’s is truly one of my favorites.

  167. We LOVE raw honey- it’s our sweetener of choice and even good just on a spoon 🙂 We also make beeswax candles that are our favorite too!

  168. I love honey and use it as often as possible. I found out that a good friend does not share my enthusiasm… in fact, he actively dislikes honey. As you can understand, that made me sad.

  169. One of my favorite things about gardening season is being in the garden when the bees are pollinating the plants. The low-level buzzing and the big, clumsy bumblebees make me happy.

  170. Just placed my first Worker B order. Looking forward to using. My children (with whom I live) have two beehives on our farm so I have the good fortune of being able to use honey in my baking. So nice!

  171. Would love to try this, my husbands hands crack from washing so much. As for honey, my kids have a spoonful of local honey each morning.

  172. I LOVE all of the products I use related to bees! I use a lot of Burt’s bees products. I’ve even experimented with making some “paw salve” to heal and help protect my lab’s poor paws from the elements during the winter. Of course, honey is delicious as well. Bees are also great because they pollinate our food. Given my fascination with bees and their products I am currently looking into getting some sort of urban hive going.

  173. I love honey-anything! I actually ordered the rescue putty and lip balm from reading about it on your blog. I love them! Would love to have more!

  174. One of my favorite memories in grade school was a field trip in the 80’s to the local candle factory! Unfortunately, that candle factory has long since been torn down.
    I’m not sure if they used beeswax but thats what bees make me think of, is the cool beeswax candles.

  175. Growing up, one of my dad’s friends was a beekeeper. We always had fresh honey and this man tended to barter in bee products.

  176. I work with young children in the Bumblebee room 🙂 washing ones hands 10s of times a day.

    I use honey in my tea, oatmeal, and on my toast with peanut butter. Will look at the website next to give this a try.

  177. I’m taking a year-long beekeeping course at my local state university… I build my hive box next month and I get my first bees in April! I’m excited!

  178. My favorite thing to do with honey is make Mead (honey wine)! It’s especially fantastic if you play with the different flavors of wines and mix in fruit or even teas…chamomile with blackberries, some lemon rind and wildflower honey is my all-time favorite!

  179. We got sick right after Thanksgiving and had done some reading about working on allergic reactions by using honey. We have been using local honey and hoping to make a difference in our health. I remember as a kid, I stepped on a dead bee. The sting still acted the same, painful!

  180. We have been using local honey in our tea and other ways to make a difference in our allergies. I remember as a kid stepping on a dead bee. It was like any other sting, very painful!

  181. We try to buy local honey when we find it. Actually we are lucky to have Round Rock honey right here in our town. We use it in tea, with toast and on my husbands delicious baby back ribs! 🙂

  182. I love Worker Bee. While attending a fiber fair in the Northrup King building in Minneapolis, MN I stumbled upon the Worker Bee office. The door was open so we went inside. We were first captivated by the honey tasting. When we asked what was the best thing for fingertip cracks we were told about the putty. I have been using it this winter and it is the best thing ever!
    We live on a dairy farm and allow a honey producer keep,his bees in our woods. Every Christmas he will gift us with 18 lbs of honey. Best gift ever!

  183. I have always LOVED honey! I recently went to a local honey store for the first time and found some interesting items made from bees wax that I hadn’t seen before, including scent bricks and a hand bar that melts as you rub it in your hands to moisturize. I would love to give Worker B’s products a try, as I have never used bee/honey beauty products other than lip balm and these products I found recently.

  184. My dad kept bees when I was a kid. His honey was the BEST. My favorite was to make a honey and peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread. Let the honey soak in a little before eating it. Anytime I see dark honey, I have fond childhood memories!

  185. My grandpa kept bees on his farm. Every time we went for a visit, they’d send us home with a fresh honeybear bottle, and the kitchen was always filled with little honeybee decorations. Even if I don’t win the giveaway, I might need to make a purchase because my sad winter hands and lips need some serious attention and I haven’t found the right product yet!

  186. I’ve always been a fan of honey but until my father-in-law started keeping his own hives (some on our property!) I never knew how good it could be! Our honey is very light in color and has a great floral taste. We this its from the locust trees in the area. My husband made mead from the honey and it came out great. I also love all natural products and would love to try the Worker B items!

  187. I have always loved honey too! One of my favorite movies of all time, “Fried Green Tomatoes” has a big part about collecting honey. Loved how she signed her notes with a honey jar”from the bee charmer”!

  188. There was a roadside restaurant that we used to go to when we went on vacation that was a franchise. They were called Nickerson’s farms. Loved them. They were a big red barn that had bee hives on the outside of their places and they made their own honey and honeybutter. OMGERD!!! It was soooo good. And I always remember being cautiously curious about the bee hives. Favorite memory of mine.

  189. I did a lot of honey/bee research in the last few years. Fascinated by the differences in honeys from location to location and even season to season.

  190. I use local raw honey as a facewash and my skin has never been happier! I’m also steeping some calendula oil right now to mix with beeswax to make my own diaper rash salve.

  191. I visited the home of a colleague in Yerevan Armenia – he owned a hive and also grew blackberry and raspberry bushes. We drank berry-flavored honey from china teacups in his beautiful terraced garden. One of the best days of my life!

  192. My dad raised honey bees when I was a kids. They are the only bee that I am not afraid of. They are so gentle and good for our earth. : )

  193. I make my own lip balm with beeswax and honey is my go-to sweetener of choice…in baked goods, canning projects, coffee, or tea. Would LOVE to try these products!

  194. I love honey! I try to use it in the bread I make, my granola, and when I have a cold (otherwise I don’t sweeten my herbal tea). And hopefully some day we’ll have a hive of our own.

  195. I love the bees in my vegetable garden. I am allergic to bee stings, but these hard working little guys seem to know I like them and need them and would never harm them. They simply buzz gently around me–both of us doing our jobs peaceably side by side.

  196. My good friend Susan just started keeping Bees and I plan to do the same once I own my own property. Such a wonderful insect for the garden and the honey isn’t bad too! Also interested in keeping other bees too 🙂

  197. We buy organic honey from a local farmer and won’t go back to regular, commercial honey! As a second generation canner, the salves and creams sound amazing to my chapped, cracked hands. Love the blog – keep the fantastic ideas coming!

  198. My employer started raising bees last year. It is an interesting hobby and he keeps me supplied with honey. I have never heard of this company and I am looking forward to trying their products.

  199. My story is not a fun one! When I was about 8 or 9 years old, I was playing next door at the neighbor’s house. Their little girl, Tasha, was my only playmate in the area and was 1 or 2 years younger than me. Her parents had about an acre and a half of property, with much of it dedicated to a huge vegetable garden. (Oh how I envy that now!!)

    One summer day, Tasha and I were kicking around, stealing raspberries, and kind of bored. We were walking at the back of her house and came across a yellow jacket nest, you know, the hole in the ground type? We looked at it for a few minutes, and then Tasha said, “I’m going to stick a stick in that hole.” She looked around and found one about a foot long, and I realized she meant to do it! As I started backing away I said, “I really don’t think you should do that, I don’t think that’s a good idea!!!” And then I ran like hell. Tasha got stung about 10 times (and literally kicked in the rear by her father for doing something so stupid almost as many!) and because I got a head start, I only got stung twice. I will NEVER forget that. I don’t know where Tasha is now, 30 years later, but I bet she never forgot it either!

  200. Hi! Didn’t realize while I was growing up in our Italian family the many things we used honey for. My favorite now is in baking, or in my drinks or smoothies in the morning. Therapeutic is what comes to mind when I think of honey, for the mind, body and soul. Love it!

  201. We have two bee hives, our daughter and her boyfriend installed them. I absolutely love working in the garden seeing them fly around looking for pollen. We harvested our first honey last fall and I made cute labels and jarred the honey, delivering one to each neighbor who contributed to the honey by having flowers in their garden. Just made some blueberry jam sweetened with honey, my husband can’t get enough of it.

  202. My local honey guy can me a wonderful tip. When honey gets crystallized in the container put it on the top rack in the dishwasher, run a regular cycle and magical it is liquid again.

  203. Honey lemon cupcakes! One of my favorite recipes and always well received. I also use raw, organic honey and cinnamon when I’m sick (tablespoon of honey to a teaspoon of cinnamon) and it helps the common cold. Worker B products look amazing and I’d love to give them a try on my hands that take a beating in the winter and could really use some TLC.

  204. I was so proud of my first working garden….never realizing that people wear capri pants in gardening magazines for a reason. While wearing yoga shorts I stepped on the wood around the garden, inciting a previously unknown bee hive underneath the wood to come to vicious buzzing life. I was thereby known as “bee butt” for a month as the bees all decided to leave their mark on my rear.

  205. I’m a bit of a honey hoarder. I can’t help buying local varieties whenever I see them. My favorite uses are in bbq sauce, marinades, tea and homemade peanut butter. And I have the driest hands in the south so the hand cream could be put to good use.

    I also just scored 4 pounds of organic meyer lemons (for $3/lb !!!) at my local farmer’s market and am getting ready to launch into the lemon recipes in Preserving by the Pint. Can’t wait!

  206. I love honey, in tea and salad dressings (it is key to my mustard vinagrette!)

    Someday, my mom and I aspire to be beekeepers as well – its on the list of future hobbies!

  207. I love honey. I buy my honey from our local farmers market and it is delicious. I put honey in my cereal, on oatmeal and sometimes just licking it on my fingers. Never been stung by a bee!

  208. My parents are letting a local honey farm places hives in their yard to help pollinate their garden this coming summer. Exciting!

  209. I love honey iny smoothies but I never realized how good it is for your skin until I tried a raw honey face mask. It made my skin so soft and exfoliated too! Ilam addicted to honey skin products now!

  210. My bff is a beekeeper but I am involved with bees in a different way – the church I am pastor has a hive in the walls on the third floor – it has been there quite a while(one of the elders mention 40-50 yrs!!!!) The Church Council has decide we do need to do something – I have only been there a year and part-time so they have extra funds to do this properly. I got to share what knowledge I had about the bee extinction problem so they are bring in a beekeeper to take the bees and relocate, a construction expert in the clean-up and repair after the extraction. I am excited that we will be able to keep the bees instead of destroying them.
    Love honey with my tea and have made a cough cold recipe of honey and lemon that was a lifesaver this season!

  211. Honey has been one of my most favorite food stuffs since I was a small child. It was even recommended by a doctor to my mom for me to take when I was a baby for my allergies. Now, anytime I get a sore throat, I reach for lemon and honey! Most of my life I’ve not really had dry skin problems because I have oily skin. But as I’ve gotten older and have been diagnosed with diabetes, I have been having issue with dry, painful skin. Thank you for the links and product recommendations. On my way to check out their website now!

  212. So, I’m at a Farmers Market where a local beekeeper is selling honey. “$8 a jar”, I think to myself! That’s outrageous, and I decide I’m going to become a beekeeper myself. I sign up for the 10-week beginning beekeeper course through my local beekeeping organization. I buy my 10 pounds of bees, queen bee, beekeeping outfit, hives, tools, supplies. Cost: over $400. I become a beekeeper. Bees don’t really like to let you take their honey. Despite beekeeping outfit, many stings. Bees die over the winter. The next year I go to the Farmers Market again. Honey is selling for $8 a jar. “Only $8 a jar”, I think to myself. What a bargain.

  213. My husband and I are in our first year keeping bees. Neither of us wanted to disappoint the other one by saying we weren’t really sure we wanted to do it and thought we were being kind supporting the other’s desire for bees. So now we have bees and are hoping to get our first honey harvest in the Spring.

  214. My grandfather taught me to make Indian beadwork 50 years ago, using a strap loom, seed beads, and wispy thread coated with beeswax. I still have the disc of wax in its holder with slots for waxing the threads – the fragrance of beeswax always takes me back!

  215. I have learned that local honey has the best flavor. In my case that would be honey sourced from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. I buy it from a small vendor – W,C, Kester – at the Salem Public Market. They also have wonderful bees wax candles.

  216. I use beeswax for my bowstring. I target shoot, usually when I’ve had a bad day. The focus needed for accurate shots and the repetitive nature of it, as well as the waxing of the string, really help empty my mind.
    Really tears up my fingers sometimes though.
    I love honey in my tea, I eat honey sticks when I have a cough, and I credit my god health this flu season to an elderberry and honey tonic.

  217. I have never been stung by a bee! Even though I know it can’t hurt that much, I’m still really skittish about getting stung.

  218. Two winters ago, a tree in a forested area behind our house came crashing down. When we went out to have a look, we found a really large honey bee hive inside the fallen tree. Honey and frozen bees everywhere. Sad to see such a loss, but what a great learning opportunity for my family.

  219. Growing up one of my mom’s best friends kept bees. He taught me to not be afraid of them and how they truly are social and friendly creatures. I spent many summer afternoons watching them buzz around the pond searching for flowers.

  220. In my next life, I will keep bees!
    I remember, way back in elementary school, sampling a variety of local honey types with vanilla ice cream (we had to remember to bring in 25 cents for our dixie cup of “sampling” ice cream!). I also remember tasting the honey right out of the honeycomb–too cool!
    Now, all we have around our house are those large boring bees–I had to convince my husband they were the ones making all the circular holes in our wooden posts. He didn’t believe it until he saw one in action!!

  221. My father in-law kept bees and we have their last remaining jar of honey from the Black Forest in Germany. It’s thick and rich and dark and gooey and such a special treat!

  222. Bees are so important to the environment and they’re having a really tough time lately! My husband and I have decided to make our yard as bee-friendly as we can. Each year we plant more bee-friendly flowers and we make sure that our nursery does not use neonicotinoids. Last year we even put in a bee house and were delighted when we discovered that it was being used! We get a real sense of satisfaction seeing how many bees we’ve attracted to our yard (as well as butterflies and hummingbirds). It isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but we’re trying to do our part!

  223. I fell out of a tree and landed on a beehive once when I was a child… and honey is my go-to cure for any cold, sore throat, etc.!

  224. I am a self-professed honey-holic. I use it in canning, baking, drink sweetening, and I even use raw honey in place of Neosporinon band-aids for its antibacterial properties. I only wish I had the time to care for my own hive!

  225. I love honey, and the more local the better. I’ve been told that a regular dose of local honey helps acclimate your body to the pollen in your region, reducing allergic reactions. Whether it really works or not, I’m excited to make the honey-sweetened jam recipe in Food in Jars or Preserving by the Pint (can’t remember which one) this summer!

  226. We are a country living couple and are considering becoming beekeepers to maintain our local ecosystem.

    We do eat and enjoy local honey but one of my favorite ways to consume this heavenly nectar is in my home made honey-rum apple butter.

  227. I come from a small group of islands below the equator (sometimes called middle earth these days). You can buy amazing honey there. We went to visit the Arataki honey store in Napier and tasted the most AMAZING honey I have ever tasted. Types that you can’t buy in a regular store back home. Delicious!

  228. We call bees “Carters” because one of my neighbors has a beehive and claims that all of the bees in the neighborhood are his 😉 Now if he’d only share his honey…

  229. Well, I was once stung on the hand by a bee relative, a nice yellowjacket. It hurt and swelled up quite a bit.
    And I do like honey in my tea about half the time. 🙂

  230. I am an avid gardener and while I do use honey to sweeten my tea, the bees work with me in my orchard, helping to provide the apples and plums and pears and figs that I use to make delicious jams, butters and preserves!

    They work wonders with the blueberries too!

  231. I love bees – we can learn so much from them. They are industrious and hardworking and goal oriented – traits I wish I used more often! Also, there is nothing better than a hot biscuit just out of the oven with honey and butter (except maybe some jam, of course!)

  232. I have a large, woven bee hive that probably should be displayed in my flower garden BUT I can’t bare to put in outside. I think the weather would ruin it. So it is in my attic!

  233. I always knew that honey had antibacterial properties but didn’t really get it till I put WorkerB putty on my arm that was all torn up from a rose bush! Amazing! Redness went away almost over night and the cut healed amazingly well. So… my point is it must be the honey! I’m going to be using honey alot more in my medicine cabinet! I love those bees. I always have an African Basil bush going outside my door. Those little guys love it!!

  234. I have a serious honey addiction, but tend not to love the flavors in the local honey here in DC. It’s become a tradition that whenever I go to visit my family in western North Carolina, I buy huge jars of the local honey. My favorite is the sourwood, but it has gotten crazy expensive lately so I’ve had to settle for local blend. Either way, it’s so much less floral tasting than what we get up here.

  235. Our city changed the zoning a few years ago so small lots can have hives. I’ve been back and forth about whether I want to try it or not. For now I’m contenting myself with making the yard more bee friendly. This past fall I discovered how much honeybees like garlic chives. I wonder how that honey would taste?

  236. Oh, man would I love my own lavender patch complete with a beehive. I love buying a big half-gallon jar of local honey at the farmers marker and have started consuming bee pollen for allergies, too. Bees are the best and hardest working, so it’s great we call hard workers “worker bees” and that this product shares the same name.

  237. I’m currently enrolled in a Beginning Beekeeper’s Workshop at my local Ag Extension office. It’s hosted by our county’s Bee Club, which is totally free and made up of enthusiastic beekeepers at all levels of experience. This year, I’m studying up on what it takes to keep bees and getting a little hands-on experience with someone else’s hives. Next year, if I’m still smitten and not totally scared of being in a moving, humming cluster of bees, I’ll get some hives of my own.

  238. I have tried alot of things for cracked hands and lips and beeswax is a great natural ingredient that has a good feel to it. I also love the taste of honey and wonder how bees make such a wonderfully delicious syrup- they are some hard workers!

  239. Last year we put up our own top bar bee hive. It was quite a summer getting to know these bees so intimately but, alas, I am not sure the girls will survive the winter here in Wyoming. While I do plan to try again, should they not survive, it may be a project for another year. These products would keep me encouraged to try again; thinking of all the work they do to help out humans (an we need all the help we can get!).

  240. I use honey in my tea, home health tonics, baking, etc. My skin gets very dry in the winter. I would love to try the bee balm. After this comment, I am going to check out their site. Thanks.

  241. We have a hive! 🙂 Love the bees in our yard. We also have made candles and lip balm with some of the wax. I’m curious if Rescue Putty is anything like Burt’s Bee’s Res-Q. I swear that stuff heals everything!

    Great giveaway. go bees! <3

  242. Our apartment complex has a behive somewhere in one of the nearby trees, sadly many of the bees end up in the swimming pool. I’m constantly rescuing them from the water. I must look absolutely silly fishing them out with leaves and such, but I hate to see them drown.

  243. One time I picked up a bag and got stung though the only evidence I had of this was the stinger in my finger; I never saw the bee. All I can think was that the poor thing had gotten caught in the crocheted handle when I was, very recently, outside and my hand got too close when I picked it back up.

  244. My mother used to make beeswax candles when I was a child. I loved the smell of the wax when she worked with it and how soft my hands felt after playing with it (soft wax is rather fun).

  245. I love trying new types of honey, especially local types. I’ve also got a tube of worker B lip balm that I use every morning. Great stuff!

  246. Way back in the 80’s, I had an unfinished house we had built and were finishing as cash became available. All the drywall was up and it had been primed. One summer, we had company almost non-stop from Memorial Day thru Labor Day. The guest room was in the back corner of the house. About 2AM, the adult male company knocked on our door. There was a ‘funny’ noise in the guest room. Turns out our new house had a bees nest between the exterior siding and the primed drywall paper! The noise was the bees buzzing. I was told that if not for the paint on the drywall, the bees would have gotten into the house. I had several small kids at the time, one of whom was extremely allergic to bees!

  247. Ohhhh I would love this! When I was little, there was a bee drowning in our little splash pool and I felt so bad… so I tried to rescue it. With my bare hands. That was the last time I ever tried to save one of those ungrateful suckers.

  248. I love bees, I plant things in my garden to attract them. I always buy honey made locally. Out of all the fountains in Rome, my favorite is Bernini’s Fountain of the Bees.

  249. My husband’s grandfather was a beekeeper. He passed away just a couple weeks ago, but I got to know him in the last several years of his life. He hadn’t had bees in many years when I met him, but his house was full of bee-related items. People would buy him bee-things for gifts and he amassed quite the collection. When i was helping clear the house out after he moved to an assisted living facility, there were so many bee things. My sister in law actually ended up with the hives, and various other keeping paraphernalia. My husband and I have several honey jars, and a wind spinner thing shaped like a bee that came from him (and a canning pot that belonged to my husband’s grandmother actually!). He was a wonderful man with a fantastic sense of humor and I think of him every time I use honey in anything. I wish i’d gotten to meet the bees, but there are several great photos of him at the hives in the backyard, suited up, tending the bees. It’s a lovely piece of family history, and I’m hoping my sister in law decides to use the hives and such and has bees as well.

  250. I’ve purchased beeswax to try to make my own lip balm, but am still tweaking the right proportions of it to the other oils as sometimes it’s too soft and others just too rigid. After a slight disaster trying to reheat some that was too stiff, running out the door to help a neighbor catch their runaway dog, then accidentally catching the overheated fumes on fire, I’ve started using a commercially available honey-based lip balm 🙂

  251. Honey is one of my most favorite foods. Raw honey is amzingly effective in healing wounds. Surprisingly I read this on a website for whippet owners. Sight hounds [eg: whippets & greyhounds] have very thin skin which when torn or cut needs special care. Lastly to attract bees & hummingbirds we plant bee balm [long bloomimg annual with red or pink flowers].

  252. Years ago I saw your post on Homemade Spoon Oil (beeswax+mineral oil), so I made a batch. It’s wonderful stuff, good for wooden spoons, cutting boards and I’ve even used it on furniture to cover up scratches.

  253. I love buying local raw honey from the Amish. We use it for everything so we buy the big 1 gallon jars of it! I love having honey in my tea, especially Orange Tangerine Zinger and Peppermint teas!
    I would love to try out the Rescue Putty!

  254. Homemade spoon butter. A few years ago you wrote a blog about making and using homemade spoon butter. I made some, loved it and have used it ever since. It is such a homey thing to do….getting out all my wooden tools, sitting at the table and rubbing them with spoon butter. They look gorgeous!

  255. I’m so concerned that bees will disappear! We have hives in our neighborhood on the west side of Chicago, and I’m proud that they produce honey that had been sold locally!

  256. My dear friend from high school started keeping bees a few years ago. I am so inspired by how she and her family have gone about it – with such compassion and care for the bees, truly creating a system of care and reciprocity with nature.

  257. I am a big fan of local honey and its uses to help with allergies. I am also getting into gardening and have been trying to find a local beekeeper who is willing to lease space in my garden in exchange for some honey! My favorite use for honey, though is to mix equal parts of honey and apple cider vinegar and warm slightly. Drink this to clear up sinus congestion and ease a sore throat.

  258. I love what bees do for us and I find watching them fascinating. I use honey in cooking, baking and my tea. I also make lip balm because I go through so much and use bees wax as one of the main ingredients. I was once told honey was natures gift to us that never expires and I believe that may be true. Nothing is sweeter than honey!

  259. We have a small hill behind our house with grape vines planted… a couple years ago we saw what we thought was a black garbage bag wrapped around one of our vines so we went to investigate. It was no bag.. it was a swarm of honey bees! we enjoyed them at a safe distance and a day later watched them swarm again and move into an empty wine barrel. It was just very interesting and exciting to watch! The next year they were gone.

  260. I grow lots of flowers in my yard and have lots of bees that have never stung me. I think they know I plant the flowers for them! And yes, I use lots of honey and made beeswax candles as a child.

  261. My mother raises bees and has 4 hives. Last summer she gave me some beeswax and I finally just made some hand lotion with it. I love it.

  262. A friend of mine makes mead, and she brought in samples of different honey she used to try. I was surprised to taste how different they were. My favorites were meadowfoam (tastes like marshmallow) and carrot.

  263. We got a honey share with our CSA last year, and OH MAN. It was so good! Lots of different honeys produced in different neighborhoods in San Francisco and the bay area, all different, and all delicious. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  264. I’m interested in getting my grandkids and some neighborhood kids to build resting stations for bees. They don’t reqire upkeep but are very helpful for bees.

  265. I have tried many products but none seem to work on my hands and it is necessary that they remain soft and without hangnails. I do a lot of knitting and crocheting and rough hands don’t go well with it.
    You can’t beat honey in teas. I love my morning tea and one just before bed and always use honey instead of sugar. I use honey in place of a lot of sugar in baking and in hot cereals. I have a friend that brings me honeys(different because of the location of the hives) all summer and I seem to have just enough for my bread goods all winter. Wonderful stuff and there is always a slight difference in taste because of the locations of the hives.

  266. I got to interview someone last year who had a wall full of honey and comb after some bees got into her house. The size of the honeycomb I saw was pretty crazy.

  267. Bee’s are my friend! My granddaddy had hives and I’ve always been fascinated by them. Funny thing, after spending time watching them, I always feel really lazy ;).

  268. My favorite way to eat honey when I was younger was to spread a thick layer of honey butter on my pancakes. Mmmm! Now that I’m starting to learn to make things myself, I’m putting a little bit of bees wax into my homemade lip glosses and hand creams to help firm them up. I would love to try this luxurious hand cream!

  269. My aunt has just become a beekeeper! She told me this weekend about her plan to check how the hive is doing during the winter this week as she might need to add food for them in case they have run out.

  270. I love to have my tea with honey. Honey is also my favorite yogurt topping. When I can, I buy it by the gallon from a local beekeeper.

  271. As children, my siblings and I always went barefoot during summer. We always accidentally stepped on honey bees and got stung. There were many more honey bees then than now.

  272. So hard to say just one thing about bees! I buy local beeswax and/or honey from any new place I visit, if I can. I’m gearing up to make some Abeego-style food wrap but can’t bear to use up the lovely fragrant wax I got in Ithaca, NY just yet. This year I’m starting a garden… if it works, next year I’ll try to get a hive going! Thanks for the bee-utiful giveaway.

  273. When I was little and wasn’t feeling well, my parents would always make me hot water with honey and lemon. Honey always brings up feelings of warmth and being taken care of. I make myself the same tea whenever I don’t feel well or feel cold during the winter.

  274. Bees. When I was a child in California, my mom used to let us play in the water in the front yard. The yard had lots of clover in it and the bees loved that clover. We used to spray the clover before we started playing, because “that would make the bees go away.” Haha. I got stung a couple of times every year as a child thanks to all that clover, bare feet, and playing in the sprinkler in the front yard!

  275. I like raw honey with the hive in the jar, very pretty and conversation piece when I have company over. Looks like a great product, love all things magisterial. Thanks

  276. I love honey!! I put it in my herbal tea and use beeswax hand cream. I love it because I can leave it in my car, and no matter if it is hot or cold out, the cream is able to be used and helps my hands look great. It’s always when I am driving that I notice how dry my hands look, so keeping it in my car helps so much.

  277. I work with a person who occasionally brings me lovely honey and beeswax expertly produced by the ladies residing in his hives. They are among my favorite gifts.

  278. Last summer, my husband and I grew corn for the first time, along our patio–and the seed was organic. As the corn tassels and silks ripened, we found dead bees littering our patio area. It took us a while to figure out what had happened–the seed, after all, was organic–but we finally realized that the seed was GMO tainted. We ripped out the corn…but all those bees. God forgive us. What a horrible and completely unsought demonstration of what we are doing to our lovely, diligent, hardworking bees….

  279. I make a really nice soap using beeswax. I’m intrigued by the succinct ingredient list in their products–thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  280. To celebrate winter solstice this year, my son and I rolled our own beeswax candles and enjoyed their flickering light. They were a beautiful addition to our celebration! Thanks for the giveaway-these products look fantastic!

  281. My sister had a “wild” honey bee hive in oak tree hollow for a few years; disappeared last year. Very sad. Try to buy locally made honey…nothing better in oatmeal and on fresh homemade toasted bread!

  282. We are big honey fans in this house. My daughter specially. Everywhere we visit of we see local honey we tend to come back with it. Our favorite way is to enjoy it with cheese.

  283. I provide them with lots of flower in my yard and they show their appreciation by pollinating my garden and providing lots of home-grown produce.

  284. We make beeswax candles at Christmas time. Also, a dear friend of mine is a bee keeper. If all goes well, I’m hoping for a gift of honey soon.

  285. We have had bees for about three years now. At first I feared them until I saw that they would
    come on veggie, herb, and flower plants and were very gentle. We use honey in place of
    sugar in most of our cooking/baking. It gives such a gentle, never overpowering, flavor to
    all foods. The little bees work from dawn to dusk and our gardens have never produced as
    much as we are now getting.

  286. Our next-door neighbor keeps bees. There have been quite a few swarms, but the most entertaining was when the bees swarmed to a tree across the street — and my neighbor got on the roof with his shop vac and sucked up the bees and put them back in their original hive. Thanks for the giveaway!

  287. I love any honey or honey products that are produced in my great home state of MINNESOTA !!! Which these fantastic products are !

  288. Here in West Philly, people make honey on their rooftops, and identify it by zip code. A local store (called Milk and Honey) sells the honey. We’re not big honey consumers, but friends tell me that every zip code has its own flavor characteristics.

  289. My middle school Latin textbook had a story about the antibacterial properties of honey…after translating that, I’ve been fascinated by honey/beesewax for cooking, baking, and its household and medicinal properties. Longing to keep a beehive!

  290. I’ve been stung by bees at least 8 times in my life, but I’m still considering getting a hive – imagine the wonderful home-produced honey!

  291. I love to watch bees on flowers and in my garden. I did make bees wax candles as a teenager. 🙂
    I took a bee keeping class and hope to have bees of my own soon. Honey in my tea and whipped honey on my toast…I love honey …and bees. Bought a healing salve made with bees wax this summer at the farmers market and their lip balm too.
    Can’t wait to try some of these products….thanks.

  292. Well, my favorite thrift store find was a home-thrown honey pot. It has the most unique shape almost hive shaped, and an irregular pattern cut out of the top with a sweet nobby top. I walked into the store and saw it within moments, and when I went to check out they said they had just put it out when I walked in. It was meant to be my honey pot. Now it is filled by many busy little bees whom I am every so grateful for. One day I hope to have hives of my own.

  293. We had a great honeybee hive in a hole in a tree. I could see the combs inside! I haven’t seen them in awhile, so I’m hoping they’re hibernating!

  294. I’ve always loved honey and just assumed that everyone would. When my son was little, I used to share my peanut butter and banana sandwiches with honey with him. To this day, he still does not like honey! Oh well, I still love it! Lately, I’ve been topping my pancakes with peanut butter and honey – yum!

  295. We do have a neighborhood bee hive that is under a concrete cover for a city water valve.
    Would love to lift the cover and see the honey, but hundreds of bees swarm around it.

  296. I used to love eating honey straight from the sticks at the farmer’s market when I was a kid! Now I mostly stick to honey with yogurt.

  297. I love the smell of coffee, however, I do not enjoy drinking it. The only way I will enjoy a cup of coffee is half coffee, half milk, and a spoonful of honey

  298. My favorite cocktail is the bee’s knees. It was the signature cocktail at my wedding. I also love the expression “it’s the bee’s knees” and would love it if it came back in fashion!

  299. Yes! Beeswax candle making was a Blue Bird project for Campfire when I was a little girl. I loved working with the beautifully colored “cells”, it smelled nice and the candles had a very delicate scent when they burned.

  300. Honey has been used as a cough suppressant a lot this Winter. I love the smell and clean burning qualities of pure beeswax candles as well.

  301. We use honey in tea, homemade snack bars–part of our “real food” emphasis. I have been meaning to get the Rescue Putty for my farmer son-in-law since your first post about it, so I will check out this website!

  302. I keep a memory of rolling beeswax candles with my sons when they were little. I actually still have one that I just do not want to burn. I keep it in the candle drawer as a visual reminder of their childhood. My sons are both avid tea drinkers. I always purchase local honey. I made them a huge gift basket of teas for the holidays. Of course with local honeys added!

  303. My husband and I make rosin for string instruments. One of the ingredients is bee’s wax, and we get it from a farm that is 5 minutes from where I grew up!

  304. Both of my 2 daughters were a bumble bee for their 2nd halloween. I made the costume and of course they were both adorable. For my first daughter that wore it my husband and I dressed up as the bee keepers – super cute! And as a sidenote, I work at a hospital and am constantly washing my hands – this time of year my hands can get really dry – so this stuff may do the trick 🙂

  305. I love the honey I buy at my local farmer’s market – we took a tour of the hives a few years ago and it’s awesome to have such an awesome, locally sourced product!

  306. I never liked supermarket honey much as a kid but as an adult, when my friend encouraged me to try some for sale at the farmers market – WOW! I had no idea how good honey can be! All the flavor varies. I just tried chestnut honey; bought to use in a chestnut dessert cake. Can’t wait for your new book that will be sweetened with some honey in reciepes!

  307. Checking out local honey is one of my favorite things to do while traveling — nothing like tasting what’s in the nearby fields!

  308. It wasn’t until I discovered raw, local honey at my farmer’s market, that I knew how delicious it was! Before that my experience was mostly limited to commercial honey that came in a bear shaped plastic container. The raw, natural honey is a world of difference.

  309. Local honey (raw or not) makes a world of difference in taste (especially in rooibos tea)! Plus, it’s fun during farmers’ market season to meet the folks that keep the bees.

  310. We rent and can’t have our own hives yet, but am researching so we’re ready for our own set up. Hope it’s soon! In the meantime, we have a source for local honey-so good! This winter has been particularly hard on my hands, with fingertips splitting and nails breaking.

  311. Other than the fact that I use to step on bees as a kid (not on purpose, but because I would run around barefoot all the time and never paid much attention to where I was stepping), I haven’t had too much interactions with bees. I moved further north and there seem to be a lot less in the area where I live now. But goodness knows, when the farmers’ market opens up, I do line up to get some raw honey.

  312. I have kept bees for three years now in two top bar hives. I was lucky enough to find a mentor that provided me with my first hive and bees. We harvested them from a wall in a barn with a bee vacuum he created himself. My sister and brother helped me with the first years honey harvest. Pouring the bees into the hive the first time was an awesome experience and every time I open it I love the experience of interacting with the bees. The honey from my hive is the best tasting honey I have ever had. I would love to give these products to my wife as a late Valentines gift.

  313. When I was younger, I was SO afraid of bees (to be honest I still am). But my counselors at summer camp tried to cure of this fear by having me carry a dead bee around in a glass jar! I had to carry it with me everywhere for a full week.

  314. My first bee sting was from a dead bee…I felt like a total loser in grade school gym class. The second was from a bee who was very much alive and kicking — he flew up my shorts and got me in the bum.

  315. I love honey! Not bees so much, only because I seem to attract them and they always come for me when I’m in a crowd. I’m probably imagining this, but they still freak me out!

  316. My husband and I both love bees (our family stationery features a bee motif), and when our daughter was born we started calling her “Baby Bee.” She’s almost ten, so she’s no longer a baby. But we tell her that she’ll always be our Baby Bee (and she doesn’t mind at all). 🙂

  317. My friend has a bee hive and gives us honey which we love. I have used bees wax for making candles and even to waterproof clothing.

  318. Honey is such a treat. I love putting it in my coffee, smoothies, or even drizzled on vanilla ice cream. My past experience with bees is being stung a couple of times when I was real young. Now I garden and grow flowers so I can appreciate their true function.

  319. My younger Irish Setter is more than slightly obsessed with beeswax containing lotions. She can smell them from anywhere and will come running — they’re better than any other kind as far as she’s concerned.

  320. I loved rolling beeswax candles as a child, and then watching them burn! Seemed like hours of anticipation…and that great smell! I recently shared that experience with my own children.

  321. My family has bees so they are kind of part of the daily fabric around here.

    I love products like this as I have extemely sensitive skin and the fewer ingredients in things the better:-)

  322. I’m really getting into drinking vinegars. I make my own with fruit vinegars, honey and water. So good and refreshing. Floral honey is perfect for this.

  323. I used to have a bee phobia! Then I worked as a zookeeper caring for a pair of unreleasable eagles. They never ate all their fish, and at the end of the day I’d have to bag fish remains absolutely covered in yellow jackets (wasps, not bees – but it was close enough for me!). I did the Bee Dance in front of visitors so many times! I hope they were amused. Now I know bees aren’t out to get me, and I’ve made contact with the local Beekeepers’ Association to try and find a tutor. We need more honeybees, and I want to learn how to be a keeper!

  324. When my sister and I travel we will always seek out local honey to purchase and bring home. (We have been very fortunate to not have any jars break in transit!) It is fun having our own honey tastings and enjoying the different flavors.

  325. Ooooh, I hope I win! My winter hands get so cracked and dry that they bleed.

    Ok here is my bee story: I am 30 and have never been stung by a bee. I am terrified of being stung and finally realizing that I am allergic to bee stings!

  326. I found what looked like a ball of bees hanging on a hydrangea branch. I put the word out at the university where I work and soon I had a bee keeper come and get the bees. She just cut the branch and the ball of bees fell into a cardboard box, and she took them away.

  327. I love honey in tea (the only way I’ll drink it), but there’s this facemask that I’ve read about that’s a mix of oats and honey that’s supposedly good for you.

  328. My friend’s husband decided a year ago that he would start keeping bees. I’m sure he had researched it long before he ordered his queen! I am impressed with new ventures like this in our late 50’s, and the results have been delicious!

  329. I use honey and beeswax in so many ways in my house. I particularly love a facemask made with clay mixed with honey and lemon juice. I’ve experimented with making my own lotion bars and creams with beeswax and different oils, but I’ve struggled to get the consistency I want. I’m definitely going to check out this company’s website!

  330. Now for one of the stranger answers to this question–I use beeswax when I made oboe reeds. I wax the nylon thread to ensure a good seal when I tie the cane to the tube. Most oboists use it and I’m fortunate to have a friend with several beehives nearby, he processes the wax into old ice cube trays, making it the perfect size for waxing the thread.

  331. My one & only time (lucky me!) getting stung by a bee was at an Oktoberfest party at a local winery. I think my condition helped ease the pain!

  332. Two of my best friends are taking a beekeeping course in Carroll Count y, MD. I could not take the class because I work on the class night, but if they get bees, I want to learn how to care for them.

  333. Was at a dear friend’s farm this afternoon and she gave me a treat: honey for my tea that her father-in-law carried by hand home on the plane from Ethiopia.

    In the past year, I started a Pinterest board called City Bees because I would LOVE to have a hive near/on our city house. Bees are amazing and I love honey.

  334. I’m a big fan of locally sourced honey–to help with the seasonal allergies (whether that’s an old wives tale or not, it does seem to help) as well as because I love honey. There is a local apiary that not only produces wonderful honey, but their company helps the community and assists people facing employment barriers. So I feel like I’m doing good while sweetening my life.

  335. I love to use bees wax candles for decorating, and we also do ear candling with beeswax cones. My husband and I both have started adding more honey to our menu for the health benefits 🙂

  336. We use honey as our sweetener in homemade granola and I go through a cup and a half each time. It’s a seriously large batch of granola!

  337. I found a couple of lovely recipes using honey this summer – blackberry honey butter and lazy peach preserves. We mostly use them to make layered yogurt parfaits.

  338. My most memorable experiences with bees are the times that they’ve landed on my eyelashes. It’s happened three times: honey bees (very non-aggressive) have deemed my eyelashes very interesting. I battle the urge to swat at them which ends up with me bending over, covering my eyes (and the bees) with my hands, then standing back up really quickly while uncovering my face; at that point the bees fly away. I would call it a very singular experience, but it has happened more than once. However, I am the only person I know that this has happened to.

  339. Oh, I would love to try some of their products!! My hands always end up SO dry in the winter, and my husband works construction so his are usually trashed as well. As far as bees, I usually make my own chapstick by melting a mixture of beeswax and coconut oil. I tried scenting it a few times, but really I love the subtle fragrance of the wax the best. 🙂

  340. When I was a small child my mother would give me a small piece of honey in the comb. The taste was heavenly, after the honey was gone I would chew the wax for hours. I was always afraid to go in the garden to pick vegetables when the bees were around until one day a neighbor came over – saw my fear and told me sweetie, those bees aren’t interested in stinging you, they are just gathering what they need to make their honey. Ever since then I work side by side with them and have never been stung.

  341. I have 3 hives (put here by a friend!) on our small U-pick strawberry farm! We’re hoping to add 3 more boxes this spring. Love, love, love all things bees!

  342. I have no direct experience with bees but I use their honey in cooking and always have some in my pantry. I use honey in my granola and in jam. These Worker B products sound wonderful.

  343. I love honey and bees. Use honey in my tea most every day. Processed honey and cleaned hive cells at a local farm when I used to volunteer there with my children. These products sound sweet!

  344. We tried having bees for a couple of years, but the poor things kept dying or abandoning the hive on us. We did get one good year of honey and I also harvested the wax to make the most amazing and restorative skin cream. Great stuff!

  345. For several years, my school bus’s route passed right by an apiary. It was interesting to see all of the bee boxes spread out everywhere. Now, that apiary has opened a store that sells honey products. It’s nice to have local honey so close to home.

  346. Mostly I just love bees, the beautiful flowers and delicious food that they pollinate and keep alive, honey that I put in my tea, on toast, beeswax that makes beautiful candles and wonderfully hydrating creams such as these!

  347. I never tried honey until I was an adult, not a fan of the way it tastes! But I love honey and beeswax products for healthy and beauty!

  348. the fragrance of my burning bees wax candles is unexplainable…so comforting, peaceful, and a reminder to relax and step back. my husband uses honey that is slightly warmed as “syrup” on his home made waffles. would really love to try these products. thanks for the offering.

  349. Recently there was an accident on a local highway and a truck transporting bees lost their cargo. Shortly thereafter, a swarm of bees took over a neighborhood, swarming outside my friend’s home. Their HOA sent “the bee guy” but he couldn’t do anything until they settled somewhere. My friend’s daughter was more concerned about the bees not having a home, so she found a box and cut a “door” in the side and put it on the porch. Hours later, the queen and her workers were stuffed inside, filled to the brim, and ready to be relocated to a safe home.

  350. Here in Seattle there is a super fun little company that has hives all over town in green spaces and sells their honey at the farmers market by zip code. I have already found 2 hives 🙂 it is especially fun as a housewarming gift for people who move near one.

  351. For our wedding almost 2 years ago, my husband and I gave local honey in small jars as wedding favors. We bought the jars from Fillmore Container. We bought more than we needed and still have some left!

  352. My dad was a rancher when I was growing up and he traded with a bee keeper to let him use my dad’s pastures to keep his bees. We always had honey and wax from this exchange. I had no idea how expensive honey was until after college.

  353. I wanted to make my own wood polish so I asked a friend of ours who had beehives to give me some bees wax. I melted the wax and added food safe oil and used this to polish up my maple butcher countertops.

  354. My aunt gave me a beeswax candle kit when I was a kid and it was so beautiful I didn’t take it out of the box for some time. The candles were part of that Christmas

  355. I buy honey by the half gallon from a local beekeeper who has the best alfalfa honey I’ve ever tasted. I use it in everything and it’s my go to sweetener. I also love any kind of beeswax beauty products and I buy them all the time!

  356. I love local honey and a friend from a crafting group I belong to has bees in her backyard. I love it when I’m able to buy honey from her bees–that are living in the middle of a residential neighborhood in a city!

  357. I’m not sure if I’m more excited about this giveaway or my hopeful bee situation this summer. I was gifted a Mason Bee house for Christmas this year to help with our expanding garden. Hopefully that will mean more fruits and veggies to can for the winter months that tend to be a bit bland 🙂

  358. I have used raw honey in my tea for years and love to find new and different flavors from different regions. There is a new honey bar in Asheville, N.C. that I would love to visit.

  359. I’ve tried honey in a few jam recipes and have been pleased with the results. I also love honey when brewed in beer too hehe!

  360. I’ve been fortunate to take some neat photographs of bees – on purple coneflowers in my yard and on some giant sunflowers at the school gardens.

  361. This fall a friend of mine introduced me to her local honey source – a house a few blocks away from her that has hives and a honor-system-pay-in-this-mail-slot cabinet of honey on the front porch. After we each bought a pint (I got blackberry, she got wildflower) we went back to her house and had a honey tasting along with the two other varieties she had at home. So much fun and kind of amazing at how different each honey tasted.

  362. I love honey! In tea, as a sweetener in some cooking and baking. I once made a honey roasted garlic chicken that was so tasty! Definitely need to dig out that recipe soon!

  363. I have friends with beehives who trade canned goods for honey. It is the most brilliant trade relationship I have, and I’m more than happy to keep her supplied in pickled tomatoes and jam!

  364. My mother didn’t buy honey, and I never had it until I was in 2nd grade. I was in a new school and the cafeteria served cornbread and there was a jar of honey if you liked. I was excited to try it and drizzled it on pretty heavily. It didn’t taste anything like I thought, though–I was expecting more of a tangy taste and the heavy sweetness caught me off guard.

    I’ve never quite learned to like the taste of honey, but I would love some good-quality skincare products.

  365. I live on a 50 acre farm in a small suburban farming community (now that it has been taken over by ticky tacky little box houses, we have our little “rural crescent” that cannot be overdeveloped). My farm is between a Christmas tree farm, a Christian berry farm/pottery, and an apiary that is 100% for charity and education. It sometimes feels like a little Utopia here, with goats breaking free (instead of dogs in a normal community) but the best part are the bees that keep all our crops pollinated, and give so much back to our community, after serving their entire lives for their cause. It’s really quite inspirational, what these bees do! Worker bees is an apt name.

  366. My tale is quite boring, but I’ve been taking a tablespoon of honey in various forms (with yogurt, in a cafe blanco, etc.) every morning after reading a compelling article about how it might help with allergies. I can’t say I have definitive proof, but I haven’t had any really bad allergy attacks while I’ve remembered to keep taking the honey (but I do forget sometimes for a week or two). It doesn’t eliminate them, since I still get sniffles and such, but it’s helped keep away the debilitating episodes and I’m quite fond of the taste 😀

  367. I have been a fan of worker b for several years now and mostly use the lip balm and body stick. I use honey almost everyday since I start my day off usually with tea. Also, when I read the secret life of bees, I loved all the honey and bees scenes and the woman-honey based religious services that they performed.

  368. We keep a honey pot on the kitchen counter and use honey in so many ways! We rarely use white sugar anymore…we intentionally substitute with honey. We put it in coffee, tea and other drinks as well as smoothies, oatmeal, and the list goes on!

  369. I’m a little obsessed with taking pictures of bees on flowers. One time I was at a PYO strawberry field but I spent more time taking pictures of bees on the clovers than picking strawberries. If I’m the lucky winner, let me know if you would like me to share a picture!

  370. I always have a quart jar full of honey in my pantry, and I use it every week – with yogurt for breakfast, as sweetener when I’m making granola, and lately in a tea with salt preserved kumquats!

  371. I like insects and I can remember as a child one of my favorite activities during recess was laying in the grass and watching the bees flying from flower to flower, landing on the clover and the dandelions. I would really like to try the putty. I have eczema on my hands in the winter and they are such a mess.

  372. I am a beekeeper in southern Indiana. One of the things I like best [besides the bees themselves] is to make beeswax/bayberry candles. So pretty and they smell so good.

  373. I love honey! i buy a jar of it every spring from our Fireman Lieutenant (he is a bee keeper) and we take a tablespoon every morning to alleviate allergy issues. I also LOVE honey in my yogurt. I have also used a smear of it on a burn – really works!

  374. My good friend, Vicky, keeps multiple hives. When we are together the first thing I want to hear about is her bees — fascinating stories about the most wondrous of creatures. Honey from her bees’ hives is divine. All bees’ gifts are a miracle — well maybe not the occasional sting. Now we must work diligently to protect bees. The planetary contributions of bees are irreplaceable.

  375. When my daughter was little, I made small wooden toys for her to play with. They included wooden memory cards, small pull-toys, and blocks. I coated them with beeswax. I thought it would be a good sealant, as well as healthy and non-toxic for that time in a baby’s life when everything gets tasted 🙂

  376. Honey is one of my favorite kitchen staples: simply in my tea or drizzled over yogurt, included n a marinade, drizzled with chipotle pepper and cinnamon over roasted sweet potatoes…. Bees are responsible for making one of the most versatile ingredients.

    A side note: the potential for the Worker B Rescue Putty is very exciting! I spend all wintery with terribly cracked, sad fingers. When you are an active crafter/maker/baker, the hands suffer!

  377. I have a dear friend who raises bees and last year she gifted me a small honey bear. How great is it to enjoy honey that was raised just miles away!?

  378. Recently found a wonderful local honey farm and am absolutely in love with their honey. Also using some of the good stuff in some home-made green salve I make for myself and family members. Would love to try these products.

  379. Two years ago I bought LOTS of honey and made creamed honey with it – also called spun honey! I use it in cooking (there’s some in my slow cooker right now, along with the rest of tonight’s dinner), and I love it with orange extract in my tea. I use it as the sweetener in my bread, and I do bake all our bread products! I have also dehydrated strawberries, turned them into powder, then mixed them with honey, which is delicious! I have rolled beeswax candles, and not only are they easy to make, but they smell heavenly! Hubs and I are retirees and may move to Texas soon, to a tract of land large enough for me to have hives, and if we do move, I absolutely will become a beekeeper!

    I’d love to try these products because I am recovering from hand surgery – a thumb joint replacement surgery in the wrist area – and I have to massage the incisions every day to decrease scar tissue formation and help normal sensation return to my thumb. It’s part of my exercise routine. A good lubricating lotion is a necessity for that. I think Rescue Putty may have been invented just for me, LOL! I see that it is on sale right now, too! Thanks for introducing this to me!

  380. I once had my own hives. Absolutely fascinating to watch them at work.
    Each class of bees totally dedicated to its task.
    All work done for the greater good.
    I was also in awe of the wide range of flavors available from different nectar sources.
    The flavor spectrum is lost in commercial honey. Seek out honey from a local apiarist.

  381. Two summers ago I wanted to learn to keep bees. I found a local beekeeper who was nice enough to let me shadow him for a day while he tended his hives. After donning the protective suit, the veil, and some thick thick gloves, I felt totally impervious to being stung. BUT despite the precautions a bee found his way into the leg of my suit. I was only stung once, but found out the hard way I am allergic! After a trip to the ER and numerous shots of anitbiotics, antihistamines, and steroids I was sent home. …so beekeeping dreams shattered, I just buy local honey.

  382. One of my favorite sweets are Fenikia (also known as Greek Honey Cookies). They are a shortbread type of cookie that is baked and then submerged in a honey syrup and topped with finely chopped nuts. There are many variations on the recipe – I have my own favorite that I love to bake and share with friends!

  383. I am a novice beekeeper, going into my second year with one hive. What I find remarkable is how supportive my neighbors are! I live in the city, in a fairly low income area, and while I have a big yard it’s not exactly legal to have a hive. My neighbors were so supportive though, as it’s becoming common knowledge that honey bees are not aggressive and are beneficial, and are losing population. No one has complained of being stung, and I like to think everyone’s flowers and veggies are looking better than ever.

  384. I am a big gardener and every year I have been redesigning my gardens to add more plants for wildlife especially bees and butterflys. One of the bigger projects was adding a rain garden. I am always eager to support local and thanks to you I found out these products are made here in Minnesota. I am ordering some today but wouldn’t mind a few freebies. Thanks again for the post.

  385. My neighbor and dear friend just got bees last year and I got to help introduce the swarm to the hive. Since then, I have been able to partake in her bee experience and learn about them so that I may get my own swarm soon.

  386. I have always loved the gentleness of honey for flavoring most foods, both sweet and savory. One of my favorite things to do is to put honey and sour cream on baked sweet pototatoes! Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it…As good as honey is to eat, it’s also gentle on the skin. It must be GREAT for those pesky finger-cracks!

  387. I love to make my own home products with added honey. Not only is it nourishing to your skin, but I love the idea of my honey being local. Good for local bees and beekeepers! Great for me!

  388. I have a beautiful cedar Langstroth hive in transit and my very first honey bees will arrive in early April!I am so excited! (and a little nervous…but still excited!)

  389. i so love honey in my tea but my bee story is not about honeybees – I accidently stirred up a yellow jackets nest when I was 5 yrs old. 🙁 A very scary thing, especially when my mom kept slapping my head trying to get them out of my hair. I survived & learned a very healthy respect for bees.

  390. When I was a kid my dad had a colleague who raised bees. My dad would come home from work with jars full of the most beautiful and most delicious honey I’ve probably ever had. I’ve wished for some honey as good ever since. Hoping to someday have my own hives and maybe make something as good.

  391. I’ve loved honey since childhood. My paternal grandmother died when I was 7, and I’ve always associated that love with her, as I have a very strong memory of a honeycomb on her dining room table. I had assumed that she always had one there, but only recently learned that she only had it once, when my grandfather harvested it from a bee gum tree.

  392. I saw a recipe just today that uses honey as an unexpected ingredient. They parboiled yellow god potatoes, quartered them and browned them in just a small amount of oil. After they are nicely browned add a drizzle of honey and the zest of one lemon. Those on the show all commented about how great the honey added made the potatoes taste. I haven’t tried this but it sounds great. Of course, I am one who loves honey on or with anything.

  393. Last summer I had a horrible lingering cough. I was prescribed a codeine cough syrup that didn’t even do the trick. I decided to try a spoonful of honey instead before going to bed, and it did the trick! I give it to my teenage boys now instead of cough syrup. 🙂

  394. I work at a grocery store where we wash our hands a lot during the day. My hands get so dried out from the antibacterial soap, that I sure could use this!

  395. I remember the amazing scent as I would roll my own beeswax sheet candles as a kid. They always smelled edible, and burned down way too soon!

  396. I had some neighbors that kept bees, and their honey was the most unusual deep pine flavor from the local woods instead of wildflowers. Definitely an acquired taste!

  397. I’m a farmer so I depend on bees to help pollinate some of my crops. It’s wonderful to see them buzzing around all the plants in bloom! Honey is also a staple in my house for coffee, tea, salad dressing, yogurt, etc.

  398. Love bees! Just got my first hive set up last summer after years of dreaming and scheming. Local honey is best 🙂 can’t wait to try fruit caned in honey syrup.

  399. I have been buying local honey for about 5 years and love it! I need to buy more, but I don’t know if the guy sells it anymore!!

  400. One spring I noticed lots of little holes all thru my garden beds. During the day there’d be a lot of bees buzzing close to the ground. My local extention identified them as Miner Bees, a group I’d never heard of before. Luckily they’re harmless ( sting-wise) so wasn’t a problem sharing the space.

  401. I’ve always been thankful for the way bees pollinate our flowers and vegetables; but I’m especially thankful for their wonderful honey. My mother has always reminded me to use honey for all kinds of maladies, and it is always a special treat to use a little as my sweetener for all my hot drinks and ice teas. When I was in college, there was a local couple starting a cosmetics/skin care using their honey and beeswax, I think their name was Jafra. I heard a few years ago that many of the bees around the world were dying out…I’m really hoping it is not still the case…I don’t believe our world would be the same without them!

  402. As a kid, my dad use to keep bees as a hobby and a stress reliever. He would love to work with them, watch them and use their honey. Now that I am older, I miss those times. I am working on convincing my husband that we need to get a few hives for our yard.

  403. Exactly a year ago, my boyfriend and I both came down with a cold on what would have been a Valentine’s weekend ski trip. We were both feeling disappointed about being stuck inside, sick for the weekend. One of us had the bright idea to make some “lemon and honey tea,” with hot water, a lemon slice, and a spoonful of honey hoarded from last summer’s farmers market. We both perked up and ended up enjoying watching the snow as we napped on the couch, talked, and sipped our lemon tea/honey. In retrospect, one of my favorite weekends together and it got us both started on an incurable lemon/honey tea kick.

  404. I first discovered honey when I completed a clean-eating challenge where the only sweetener allowed was raw honey. Since then, i’ve come to realize just how super-sweet refined sugars are, and made the complete switch to raw honey! I love experimenting with the different flavors at Wegman’s 🙂

  405. My Dad kept a couple of bee hives when I was in elementary school. We loved the fresh honey and watching it being collected. Your recent post about the Rescue Putty intrigued me and I’d love to win these goodies.

  406. One time my son (who was 4 at the time) came to me with a honeybee on his hand and he was petting it! And it didn’t sting him! He was utterly convinced after that that I didn’t know what I was talking about when I said bees sting. Until one stung him.

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