Giveaway Winners!

December 24, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)

slow cooker

slow cooker winners With Christmas just a handful of hours away, it seems like the right time to post some recent giveaway winners.

This last week, I had eight Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget slow cookers to share. I so enjoyed reading all your favorite ways to use your slow cookers. I plan on borrowing a great number of those ideas!

The winners are numbers 212 (Sara), 221 (Jennifer), 498 (Sarah), 618 (Betsy), 695 (Pamela), 899 (Sharon), 918 (Kim), and 1060 (Annie). Congratulations everyone, I’ll be in touch shortly!

adorable mugs

mug winners Then there’s the giveaway from the week before. I got lost in the frenzy of holiday prep and getting out of town (I’m out in Portland, Oregon right now) and forgot entirely to post the winners. So sorry about that!

The mugs from Korin go to number 23, which is Elle (who writes the blog Dancing Wooly Masters).

petty knife

petty knife winner The Korin petty knife goes to commenter number 350, which is Savanarola.

Thanks again for all the giveaway entries! I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season! I’ll be back tomorrow with a cookie recipe I made recently that I’ve absolutely loved. I realize that cookie season is rapidly coming to a close, but I think there’s always space for one more treat!

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