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April 2, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)


Once you start collecting jars and canning, you will eventually face the issue of storage. Do you build shelves or rely on boxes? If you have a basement, do you carve a section out for canned good storage? If the jars are tucked away, how to do you deal with the issue of out of sight, out of mind? What’s the best way to prevent breakage (particularly if you live in earthquake-prone areas)? There are so many questions and no one perfect solution.

JarBOX from above

Happily, there’s a relatively new product out there that can help answer some of these questions and might just make things a little bit easier on the storage front. Called the JarBOX, it’s a plastic container designed to snugly hold a dozen jars. It was designed by a home canner who was tired of having multiple jars break in a box when bumped or displaced (there’s a video on the JarBOX home page that shows off its many virtues).

They are sold in sets of two and snap together to create a sturdy, stackable home for jars. Once snapped together, the JarBOXes can be stacked, transported, or slid into tight corners for easy storage. It’s more than a little brilliant, if you ask me.  Currently, the JarBOX is only available for quart jars, but according to the website, a pint-sized version is coming later this year.

closed JarBOX

At the moment, I have two sets of the JarBOX and am using them as single jar trays as opposed to snapping them together. I put the jars in them upside down (to keep them from turning into dust collectors) and slide them under our bed. In our small apartment, this has freed up a huge amount of shelf space without making it hard for me to access these jars when I need them.

upside down jars in a JarBOX

Thanks to my friends over at Fillmore Container, I have one JarBOX set to give away this week. If you want to throw your hat into the ring, here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share how you currently store your jars and home canning.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, April 5, 2013. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog that evening.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents, only (so sorry, further-flung friends).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: Fillmore Container sent me two sets of the JarBOX for review and photography purposes. My opinions remain my own. 

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682 thoughts on "Giveaway: The JarBOX (sponsored by Fillmore Container)"

  • I have LOTS of shelf space in our new house…lived 34 yrs in an old farm house with NO shelf space. This is a nifty solution to getting & putting them on the shelves in batches instead of one by one!

  • I give most of my canned goods away, so I don’t usually have a ton of empties hanging around (people are about 50/50 with giving them back). I mostly just use the boxes the jars came in, slid under my bed, and plus there always seem to be a loose jars stored in my canner (which lives in annoyingly hard-to-reach cupboard above my wall oven). That works OK for me, but this is an amazing idea–and it would make transporting large quantities of filled jars so much easier!

  • I have a bin in the kitchen and I tend to keep the boxes the jars come in. Not terribly neat and tidy!

  • I store my jars crammed together on several shelves in my laundry room. Totally unorganized and waiting for disaster to strike!

  • BRILLIANT!! I have just moved to a wee apartment with NO storage and have been wondering what in the world I am going to do with my jars. this makes it so much easier.

  • I keep my jars in the original boxes that they came in, and then stack them behind my sewing room door. It’s very precarious, but so far, so good.

    The rest of the tools and equipment are in a drawer in my kitchen.

  • My jars are everywhere. I used to try to keep them in one dedicated cabinet, but if anyone else does dishes they end up wherever and I think that cabinet was outgrown! Now we’re moving and I’ll have to figure out a whole new space. Hoping everyone comes through unscathed!

  • My jars are in a shallow basket on the pantry shelf. Every day without breakage is a small victory.

  • I have been storing my jars in the basement on shelves and in the cardboard boxes they came in that I saved, but it never occurred to me to turn them rim down so they wouldn’t collect dust. Duh! Thanks for that tip!

    I mix jar sizes in the boxes, so it’s not really ideal, but that whole storage area needs a going over, not just the jars.

  • I currently have jars everywhere… Under the bed, on shelves in the kitchen, under the printer, under the recycling container in boxes and crates, and sideboard in the kitchen. And that’s just where I can think of.

  • I keep the boxes they came in, and they are stacked on top of each other in an non-heated laundry room…. hmmm, perhaps I could use a better solution?!

  • I just emptied a free-standing modular cabinet where I formerly stored cleaning tools, trash bags, and other assorted items and put all my jars in there to keep them out of the light. There are only three shelves, and I filled two with jars, and one has to remain filled with my kitchen towels and dishcloths, so I am out of space and would love to store more under my bed. These would such a huge help as I am elderly and it is impossible for me to climb to high places.

  • I am the forever organizer! Canned jars are kept in the bottom portion of a hutch – complete with flashlight and a running list of types of ingredients. Empty jars are kept in original boxes and an emergency “canning fix” of assorted sizes and lids are kept in my large canner. Would love to have one of the JarBOXs !

  • This looks great. I store my jars anywhere and everywhere usually without protection. Shelves, bookcases, floor near kitchen island, coffee table. This would sure come in handy. 🙂

  • we have jars all over our tiny house!
    mostly in totes in closets and then there are the ones loose in every available space in the kitchen.

  • I store my jars anywhere I can. They are currently up in cupboards, in the bottom of my sideboard in the kitchen, and in the back and bottom of both my kitchen pantry and overflow area in the play room. I think these would come in handy as I prepare for this summer’s preserving season!

  • My jars pine for their correct boxes, but are currently stuffed into whatever box is closest to the front of my seed-starting table. Argh! Poor jars. *sniffle*

  • I just started canning last year and have not come up with a good storage system for jars yet. Right now they are just tucked into corners of my cupboards and what doesn’t fit there lines the counter. I try to use as many as I can as storage containers. These jarBoxes look like a great solution!

  • I try to keep them in the boxes they come in, but those boxes are stored in every cupboard I’ve got. So far no jars have migrated upstairs (bedrooms) or downstairs (basement) but it looks like they’ll be packing their bags and heading north or south once canning season truly starts.

  • Well, currently our jars are stuffed into each square inch of available space on our pantry shelves… these boxes would simplify things, no doubt!

  • I do LOTS of canning and have 1000 plus jars in all sizes. My empty jars are stored in empty cinnamon barrels I get from a local bulk food store. Barrels have a label specifying jar size and mouth opening size so I know what is in each barrel. I cut cardboard circles so I can have multiple layers of jars in each barrel. Great to store in our old farmhouse basement and have them be relatively clean when I want to fill them. The JarBox looks like an awesome addition that I would use to transport jars – empty or full, to my daughters canned shelf.

  • Currently I store them in precarious stacks in my pantry and on unstable shelves which I think will fall down due to the weight. The JarBox is a great invention.

  • I have my unfilled jars in the original box they came in, on a garage shelf. The filled jars are on top of a bookcase in the basement. This storage container is a brilliant idea!

  • I have some jars in boxes, but most of them are tucked here and there in cabinets. They are not organized at all. This box looks like a great idea.

  • This is one of those products where you say, “I wish I had thought of that!” Such a great solution!

    My girlfriend built two rows of shelves up high in the laundry room. That’s where the filled jars go when the pantry is full, and where empty jars go until I run out of space. We recently added a storage unit in the basement with room for multitudes of jars and all of the canning equipment. Before that, they were stacked everywhere: kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, back porch…

  • That’s pretty nifty!

    As for how I store mine, there really is no “how”. They’re crammed into small spaces. They hold dry goods. They’re here, there and everywhere. And I have a lot of different sizes and shapes. Sometimes I hang onto the box I bought them in.

    I could use these boxes. And I could use them in a variety of sizes. I don’t suppose they’ll get around to accommodating the luscious Weck tulip-shaped jars soon. Those are my FAVs and the ones I’d least like to see broken and scratched up.

  • Like others, I store jars everywhere. Many are in their original boxes, with another box on top, to keep the dust off. Others are on shelves w/tops on them. And other crammed in every spare shelf and cabinet spot I can find – as winter turns to spring I have more and more empties.

  • I currently suffer from the “out of sight, out of mind” problem of jar-collecting. My jars have their own shelf at the top of my kitchen cabinet.

  • Pretty much everywhere — in a cabinet above the fridge, under the spare bed, and behind the coffee maker…

  • I have a special cupboard for most of them but as I am moving in the near future that cabinet will go away so I think I will try to make cardboard dividers in boxes.

  • Can’t enter the draw and it’d be the wrong shape for my jars anyway but how absolutely, fantastically brilliant! Just goes to show that the most ingenious ideas really are the simplest ones!

  • As most everyone has said already, I try to keep the boxes that they came in. And, I keep the loose ones in a large plastic box. I’ve also tried cutting the tops off of old socks, and slipping them over the jars to help protect them against banging together. It’s not the most attractive look, but it does what it’s supposed to do. I’ve just learned knitting, maybe I can knit some prettier jar cozies?

  • My clean jars are either in the dish cabinet ready to use, in the side board with the other “tupperware” type of containers, or in the basement on the shelf built in the 1940’s next to the filled jars.

  • in my basement stacked on the floor in peach boxes & canning jar boxes & whatever box I can find! These are Awesome!!!

  • Such a great idea! Currently jars are stacked up in my basement, in a random mess. These would keep more way more organized.

  • I either keep the boxes the jars came in or I’ve arranged a shelving unit with “shorter-height” shelves so I can fit a single layer of jars. I also have crates with jars that are a bit easier to move. Love your containers! Great idea!

  • A lot of my jars are on my pantry shelves. When I empty them I put them back empty and upside down. I do however have a pile in the basement too. Sadly Ball doesn’t sell their jars in real boxes. They only have those bottoms. Ick. Dust gets everywhere.

  • I used to say……..thanks goodness for cardboard boxes. I bet ya can guess what I’m saying now!

  • Everything is stored in the basement. New jars are on a shelf, empties in paper bags, and full jars in boxes on a table. Not very well organized at all. I am now working on downloading my cd collection. The shelving unit is perfect for storing all my canning creations. This jar holder is genius for keeping my empties safe.

  • As I look at my precariously stored jars that represent a lot of hard work, I am beginning to convince myself that I truly, deeply need these to make my life a little more neat and organized! Here’s hoping!

  • I currently store my jars where I can fit them: in the corner cabinet, on top of the fridge, and occasionally on shelves.

  • My jars are in many places, but most are in a primitive looking jelly cupboard that we rescued from the neighbor’s trash!

  • I’ve limited my jars over the years. I love them for storage, but there’s only so much space in a small apartment. I’ve been thinking about taking up canning this summer and the JarBOX would make it easier to keep the jars from breaking when storing.

  • So I had stored my empties and my jarred food in our laundry pantry, which worked out pretty well until we got into tomato season. Then I needed to add more shelves, which meant I needed to remove all the jars currently _on_ the shelves. Being clever, I rolled my craft table on casters over to the pantry, figuring I could load it up and then wheel everything over to the counter. Until one of the wheels broke. There I was, standing in an empty apartment, holding up a season’s worth of canned goods with my bare hands. I’m pretty sure I stood there for a good 5 minutes thinking, “If I let go, I’ll lose all this food and have a huge mess to clean up. Someone will be home in about an hour…” Needless to say, having a clever way to store empty jars would be fab.

  • My jars are mostly in my basement. However, as I am making a concerted effort to get rid of plastic, more jars are finding their way into my pantry as storage (beans, quinoa, etc). For the jars in the basement, I’ve kept the cardboard container that they came in and reinforced the bottom with packing tape. It works fairly well, but JarBOX would be much better!

  • I save my boxes and hate it that ball changed to open boxes, like the old ones with the flap, easier to store and stack. Had to put in a cabinet to store all my canning jars and got some that are a odd size that they stopped making years ago I picked up at Goodwill

  • I store mine in cardboard boxes, which leaves them pretty vulnerable to breakage. I’d love to have an orderly way to store them as well, since the current system is pretty chaotic and space inefficient.

  • I Could stand to win a pair of these storage goodies. I currently store canned goods in the ONE intact set I got mail order, each half is full of 12 quarts of veggies; cardboard canning jar cartons are full of canned goods in the house and the Ball/Kerr/Golden Harvest cases are full of empty jars in the storage shed out back.

  • JARS EVERYWHERE! I have so many and live in such a tiny place that I have them stacked in boxes and squeezed into cabinets wherever I can fit them. The ones I use daily for food storage are inside, and others used less often are outside. Last week one of my cats jumped up on a stack of boxes and knocked them over, smashing quite a few. Bummer……

  • Currently my jars are back in the cardboard boxes they came in on shelves in my dining room, though we’re moving soon so hopefully they’ll get a more permanent home. The JarBOX looks really helpful!

  • Upside down on shelves, but when I run out of room on shelves then in boxes. These seem like a smart solution, though a bit pricey.

  • i have a baking rack that my jars and canning pots are currently stacked on, but it can get a bit precarious…

  • I store my jars either in the box they came in (which really is a box bottom) and on the shelves in my utility/laundry room. Either way I have more jars than space. This product appears to be a good solution ~ Jars contained are much safer. I also like the concept of being able to transport filled jars safely.

  • Eventually they make it to a shelf in the mud room in our family home up north (where the canning gets done). But the journey can take a while from consumption of the contents to the hallway floor, to spare bedroom or basement, and eventually packed to for the 3 hour trip north.

  • What a brilliant invention. My jars are on shelves in the basement (or just sitting around on a shelf in the kitchen or on the counter, for the most recently emptied). I usually use the boxes they came in for storage, which has its limitations.

  • Here and there. Basement. Pantry. Cupboards. Countertops. My jars are everywhere and this is a great product to help organize them!

  • I have jars stored everywhere. In the kitchen, the dining room, a bookcase in the living room and under the bed. Some are individuals just tucked in wherever they fit and some in boxes. I have broken a few clanking together in boxes.

    Love your blog. Thank you for the chances at giveaways.

  • The question is where aren’t my jars? In cupboards, cardboard boxes. in the garage, pantry, out on the counter….never enough jars:-)

  • My jars are all over the garage! I try to keep them in the cardboard boxes they came in, but some are just loose in the garage cupboards. It’s a mess! I LOVE the idea of these jar keepers. Brilliant!

  • They are everywhere. Ran out of boxes. Love, love, love this idea. Great invention. Would love to win. 🙂

  • They look great, currently mine are crammed in my pantry with overflow on dining-room table waiting for me to clean out another cupboard.

  • I have stacks of jars in the boxes they are sold in. But I’m moving soon and it would be nice to have a sturdy way to transport the jars.

  • Those would be so useful when I travel with jars!!! Currently I have two plastic shelving units in the basement. I need to go down and re-organize a bit. But in general they are sorted by type and age. The canned food hangs out with my garden bounty from last year – still have garlic, sweet potatoes and winter squash.

  • As I empty them and wash them, I turn them upside down and put in the bottom of cabinet. Can only do one layer as do not like stacking on top of each other, they fall and chip.

  • This product sounds amazing! I currently store full jars on shelves and empties in their original boxes.

  • ooo. this is neat. i was wondering if there were devices like this on the market; thanks for making this known to me! 😀
    right now i store my jars… anywhere and everywhere. :/ in the corners of the pantry, the closet, leaving them in the dish drainer as long as possible… and the lids! the lids are another problem (i reuse the two-part lids for short-term storage).

  • we have shelving in a root-cellar portion of our basement. we store our home canned goods on the top shelves, and the empty jars go in the boxes they came in, upside down. though i never seem to have enough of those. this looks great! i would need about a dozen of them,

  • I currently store my jars in my basement in plastic storage boxes with lids, so that once the are washed and in the box hopefully no dust or such will get into them. I keep the boxes organized by jar size.

  • We use every bit of space we can to store jars, empty and filled. The basement is definitely the most popular though. I prefer storing them the same way my grandmother did… under the stairs. 🙂

  • I would love to have the JarBox !! I have the worlds tiniest house ( at least that’s what it feels like!) and have minimal space for storage. I do can food and always have problems finding a space to store them. I’ll be crossing my fingers and toes! Thanks!

  • What a great storage solution. I store them in baskets on the top shelves of the pantry and use them for storing leftovers in the fridge and toting lunch to work when they are not filled with preserved goodies.

  • I’m a candle maker who shops regularly at Fillmore Containers. My jars are stacked in the garage and come into the house a dozen at a time to be filled. Then I store them in corners of the dining and living rooms, downstairs in my son’s former room since he has moved out and anywhere else I can make some space. This looks like an amazing way to transport my candles to shows. I’ll be looking into them.

  • Nothing spoils canning enthusiasm more than a sideways look from my hausband before he says, ‘Where all you going to put all that?’ I’ve been lucky to avoid breakage, but this storage system is a great idea. Would love to try it and will watch for the pint jar version.

  • I store my jars in a variety of old cardboard boxes, Rubbermaid storage containers, milk crates, and whatever else is hanging around. This would be great for travelling with jars!

  • I have most my jars on shelves in the basement, but there are the few just hanging around, in the way, waiting to be used for food, buttons, flowers, etc.

  • Mine get stored in a wooden crate in the kitchen or in the office closet. Neither works really well, crate jars get to much dust, office jars are too far away.