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April 2, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)


Once you start collecting jars and canning, you will eventually face the issue of storage. Do you build shelves or rely on boxes? If you have a basement, do you carve a section out for canned good storage? If the jars are tucked away, how to do you deal with the issue of out of sight, out of mind? What’s the best way to prevent breakage (particularly if you live in earthquake-prone areas)? There are so many questions and no one perfect solution.

JarBOX from above

Happily, there’s a relatively new product out there that can help answer some of these questions and might just make things a little bit easier on the storage front. Called the JarBOX, it’s a plastic container designed to snugly hold a dozen jars. It was designed by a home canner who was tired of having multiple jars break in a box when bumped or displaced (there’s a video on the JarBOX home page that shows off its many virtues).

They are sold in sets of two and snap together to create a sturdy, stackable home for jars. Once snapped together, the JarBOXes can be stacked, transported, or slid into tight corners for easy storage. It’s more than a little brilliant, if you ask me.  Currently, the JarBOX is only available for quart jars, but according to the website, a pint-sized version is coming later this year.

closed JarBOX

At the moment, I have two sets of the JarBOX and am using them as single jar trays as opposed to snapping them together. I put the jars in them upside down (to keep them from turning into dust collectors) and slide them under our bed. In our small apartment, this has freed up a huge amount of shelf space without making it hard for me to access these jars when I need them.

upside down jars in a JarBOX

Thanks to my friends over at Fillmore Container, I have one JarBOX set to give away this week. If you want to throw your hat into the ring, here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share how you currently store your jars and home canning.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, April 5, 2013. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog that evening.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents, only (so sorry, further-flung friends).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: Fillmore Container sent me two sets of the JarBOX for review and photography purposes. My opinions remain my own. 

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682 thoughts on "Giveaway: The JarBOX (sponsored by Fillmore Container)"

  • I store my jars on the shelf either open or with whatever top I can find for them — essentially giving them the chance to be either dust collectors or mold collectors! ack!

  • We store our jars in an old dresser we got from a Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $25. It works great!

  • I store my jars on metro shelves in my small NYC kitchen, knocked over periodically by dog and/or small child. These containers are a great idea!

  • I don’t do any canning not my thing! But however this would be great to carry all my jars from Fillmore to my daughters first birthday party that I will be using as lemonade glasses with the Daisy cut lids ;))

  • I try to save the boxes that I buy them in but I never have enough and they don’t hold up year after year.

    1. My boyfriend and I shove them all into a secret hutch in the basement where they live upside down on top of old newspapers. They come out of their dark cubbyhole covered in dust, spiderwebs and the occasional dead insect. They maybe out of sight out of mind, but the time it takes to pre-clean them is a pain! JarBOX? Yes please!

  • Empty jars are precariously stacked in the boxes they came in, which would be the new home for the JarBOX. Filled jars live on shelves in a funny little closet over the stairs that serves as my pantry. FIFO is key in that closet!

  • my basement flooded. Imagine that in Florida. All the boxes got wet and thrown out. So now I have jars all over shelves. I am collecting empties to start up the season again.

  • I have jars all over the place! On shelves in the garage (they get broken often), some in the cabinet next to my mugs (so they are used for glasses 🙁 and get chipped), boxes in my attic collecting spider webs, and some under the stairs. When it’s time to can something I have an Easter egg hunt for jars! Rings are a challenge in themselves. Lids are the only easy part since I buy new every year.

  • This is great timing, because my jar storage starts to get a little out of control around now, when I’m reaching the end of the winter stash. It seems like I’m constantly moving empty jars around, and inevitably something’s going to get broken.

    They are mostly stored upside-down in the cardboard trays they came in, but the overflow goes onto every horizontal surface in my kitchen and dining room. I’d love to keep the empties down in our basement, but without something proper to store them in, it would mean I would have to wash/sterilize them all again before use, and that doesn’t appeal to me. This would be a great solution!

    Thanks for sharing this great product!

  • I currently store my jars in the boxes they came in, inside a cabinet. But they do take up a lot of space.

  • I store my jars in shelves in a little basement closet that we call The Fruit Room after a similar storage room in my grandmother’s house.

  • I’m a little bit embarrassed to say that it’s catch as catch can. I put empty jars back into the boxes they came in when I can find the right type of box and get the jars to fit (sometimes the heathens make off with things around here). Full jars live on some metal shelving in the basement that was here when we bought the house, but I ran out of space on those shelves last summer, so I foresee that something else will have to be added or found this year.

  • Full jars have 2 shelves upstairs that I’m constantly moving around as we use them. Unused jars are stored everywhere there is free space. Original boxes, found boxes, on shelves upstairs, on shelves downstairs…they’re everywhere, they’re everywhere. I’ve drooled over the JarBOXes before, but haven’t been able to buy any.

  • I, too, save the boxes and store my jars in them. Then I store the boxes in my bedroom closet until I need them. Thanks for the opportunity to win your JarBox set.

  • This is an idea that is overdue. Why didn’t we think of that? I have not figured out any storage solution for my jars that is half this good. Hooray, Fillmore Containers!

  • Happily, I have a garage with some shelves, but sadly I have to climb over & under things to get to them, so this is for long term overflow storage only (full boxes of jars). I usually have one box of half-pints with my lobster/waterbath pots on the one easy-access shelf in the garage. Individual jars that have recently been emptied collect in the basement until I have a full box worth (to send to the garage!). Filled jars are in our basement pantry (flexible wood shelving from Williams Sonoma, which I’ve assembled & reassembled in multiple residences).

  • Filled have a shelf. Empties are wherever. I think there is 1/2dz or so sitting on the kitchen counter.

  • I store some of my jars in the original boxes. But, now I have way more jars than boxes, so they just have to sit on the shelves. I broke one recently when it got shoved off by something I was moving around!

  • Currently, I have an old freestanding pantry that was my husband’s great-grandmother’s. But I’m about to move—these sound glorious!

  • I have an old pet food storage shelving unit that is for my empty canning jars and water bath canner…. the jars are stored in assorted size boxes.

  • My jars (full and empty) are stored wherever I can find space. That is to say, all over the house and nowhere in particular.

  • Some of my finished products go into my cabinets and kitchen closets, while others go onto some bookshelves in my “crazy” room (named so because we have no basement in our bi-level home and this room catches whatever I can’t fit upstairs) . When I remember to date them it’s awesome. Sometimes though, I forget – then it’s whatever I grab and hope for the best! Winning these would be a great help for my organizational needs.

  • These are perfect! I currently stack empty jars on the shelves in random boxes. I hate when I hear them all knock around. I can several hundred quarts each year.

  • This looks awesome, currently I store mine in the boxes they came in. This looks much nicer.

  • Jars that are currently full of canned goods are on the shelf in the cardboard trays they are sold in. Empties go upside down in that tray until the tray is full of empties, then the jars are jammed into an old tomato box (guess what most of the jars were filled with!) where they don’t quite fit all twelve. It’s a pretty lousy system, and results in spending a bunch of time trying not to break you neck tripping over boxes of empties while you rummage to the back of the shelf to find the last jar of pasta sauce behind the empties stacked in front.

  • Sadly, when empty my jars are kept where there is room. When full, in the basement on shelving & also in my pantry. I have very little room to store them so I cannot put up as much as Id like. Thus, Im glad to find out about these !

  • We put up shelves in the laundry room for empty jar storage. They are pretty full though and I mostly use quart jars in the late summer and fall for tomatoes and applesauce so the JarBOX would be great to store them in the attic.

  • This will be my first season for “Food in Jars” and I have just purchased four cases (6 jars each) of the blue antique reproduction Ball jars that are still in the box. I have been fretting about how to avoid breaking them. This would be perfect.

  • Jars are currently stored in quite the higgledy piggledy manner. They’re re-boxed and stacked in between floors and furniture and snuggled in corners. These look like a great, tidy alternative to my methods.

  • This sounds great! I have jars everywhere because I find that if I don’t see them, I forget about them, so it’s a mess.

  • I have canning jars on shelves in the basement. Some are in the boxes they came in. I keep as many as I have room for in my kitchen cabinets, as I find them handy for food storage, mixing up salad dressing, making iced tea, etc.

  • I do kinda think these are great. I currently house my jars upside down in boxes. It’s not neat or tidy and this would not only protect the jars, but also glam up storage a bit! Love it.

  • I bought an old farmhouse about 18 months ago. There is a 100 year old sourgum shack on the property and the house has such character. Imagine my surprise when I found really old ball jars and tin coffee cans in the shack! The shack we refurbished somewhat, trying to keep it’s character, yet make it useful for garden tools. So the old basement is where I store now, my jars are on shelves made by Earl, the man who built this house so many years ago and lived out his life here, he even died at home years ago three weeks from his 100th birthday! The house was turned into a rental, everything became over grown and ramshackle. I bought it and am slowly fixing it up. So I “talk to Earl” all the time and I swear he is happy someone has bought his home, planted a garden and is canning again!

  • That may be the cleverest thing Ive ever seen! Mine are put on a shelf in no orderly fashion whatsoever. Love this idea!

  • What a practical idea! I currently store my empty jars in multiple boxes, stacked very high. The boxes are starting to cave in since I due to lack of space, I have to stack them against the wall of my bedroom (veyr small apartment) and the boxes do not fit under the bed. These JarBOXES seem a god sent. Would appreciate a source please.

  • I keep the boxes and store the empty jars in them, but some how I always have way more jars than boxes. This is such a clever idea. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • This looks like a perfect product for earthquake country! Since I am constantly buying inexpensive canning jars at yard sales and thrift stores and so naturally don’t have the original boxes in which to keep them, I keep my “orphans” in empty cardboard box flats that our dog’s Alpo canned dog food came wrapped up in. The flats have sides a few inches tall, a fact that came in handy during the big Earthquake that hit our area here in Virginia in 2011. The sides of the flats kept the jars from wiggling off the shelves during the shaking (we had a friend that didn’t do this and lost many of her jars when they wiggled off and fell onto the floor during the quake!). This Fillmore Container JarBox looks like it would solve the problem of jars wiggling off the shelves and since we now buy dog food in pouches, not cans, this looks like a product we could put to good use. Thank you for the info.

  • I store most of mine in the basement in cardboard boxes from computer paper and copier paper. The boxes have lids and an extra piece of cardboard that I can put between layers of jars. Canned goods go in a vintage metal kitchen storage cabinet that we have in the basement.

  • Storage? What’s that? All my jars are just shoved in any little empty spaces I can find, scattered throughout all my cupboards! It’s a nightmare!

  • I would love these! I current store my jars in sterilite plastic totes. They definitly don’t fit good. I organize them by size and I am a very picky/organized person!

  • I have a cabinet where I keep my canned storage, but the empties end up shoved on the shelves in the garage where ever I have a space. New storage plans would be great.

  • I keep the boxes I but them in for neat storage but eventually they wear away since I am constantly grabbing jars and re-stacking them.

    These would be a great help to reduce the clutter in my garage!

    Nice giveaway!

  • I currently store my canned goods on wire shelves in the basement. They’re starting to overflow, though, so a way to stack would really help!

  • We have old cupboards in our basement, mounted to the walls. I’ve put most of my canned goods there. I have a little decorative built-in glass-doored cabinet in my kitchen to put a few dozen jars of pretty jars in.

  • I keep my jars in the basement in plastic boxed with lids… This product is definitely the best solution in storing canning jars.

  • Right now I store the empties in cardboard boxes in our storage room. We tuck them out of sight, but I am nervous when the kids start moving stuff around them. I’ve had a few get unseen cracks and break open as soon as they begin processing.

  • These are such a great idea! I have my jars stored mostly on a wire shelf in the basement, not a great solution.

  • We currently store all our jars in the basement. My husband is forever moving them ffrom one shelf to another. This product is amazing. I really like the “upside down” idea. I currently do that with my homemade laundry soap.

  • I don’t store my jars anywhere because I don’t have any 😉 But I’m sure my mom would love to receive that as a Mother’s day gift!

  • My supplies are in the garage….the car/truck don’t use the garage….so this is ideal storage for a number of items. Built-in shelving is wonderful. Canning does stay in a closing metal cabinet. Oh, the hubs has another garage for his ‘toys’ and the car n’ truck!

  • I store mine on shelves in my extra bedroom, piled on top of each other in cabinets, and anywhere else I can get them to fit! These would be great.

  • My jars are currently stored in the boxes they come in, stacked under the kitchen table, and in the basement. Of course, after canning season, there are less empty jars to deal with, but that stack under the table can get kind of unstable!

  • I am the Culinary Coordinator at my county fair. Currently I am storing 500 jars in everything from cardboard boxes to plastic tubs. The jars are used for demonstration to teach people how to can, as well as for decorative accessories for our fair exhibit. I think I will need a ton of these, as our preserving program is growing!

  • Yikes, I thought I left a message but can’t find it! Love these. Will look to see if they are on Amazon.

  • I store my jars mostly in the original boxes, but the boxes are starting to look pretty ratty. This box would be so great.

  • These look very interesting. I have a box of jars sitting on top of my front loading washer, luckily it’s a very smooth operating machine and it hasn’t broken any of the jars. They sure rattle a lot though, so something like this would really help.

  • I have jars stacked on top of each other in the way up high cabinet above my stove. So many people use basements – if only they made basements here in Texas! lol!