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Once you start collecting jars and canning, you will eventually face the issue of storage. Do you build shelves or rely on boxes? If you have a basement, do you carve a section out for canned good storage? If the jars are tucked away, how to do you deal with the issue of out of sight, out of mind? What’s the best way to prevent breakage (particularly if you live in earthquake-prone areas)? There are so many questions and no one perfect solution.

JarBOX from above

Happily, there’s a relatively new product out there that can help answer some of these questions and might just make things a little bit easier on the storage front. Called the JarBOX, it’s a plastic container designed to snugly hold a dozen jars. It was designed by a home canner who was tired of having multiple jars break in a box when bumped or displaced (there’s a video on the JarBOX home page that shows off its many virtues).

They are sold in sets of two and snap together to create a sturdy, stackable home for jars. Once snapped together, the JarBOXes can be stacked, transported, or slid into tight corners for easy storage. It’s more than a little brilliant, if you ask me.  Currently, the JarBOX is only available for quart jars, but according to the website, a pint-sized version is coming later this year.

closed JarBOX

At the moment, I have two sets of the JarBOX and am using them as single jar trays as opposed to snapping them together. I put the jars in them upside down (to keep them from turning into dust collectors) and slide them under our bed. In our small apartment, this has freed up a huge amount of shelf space without making it hard for me to access these jars when I need them.

upside down jars in a JarBOX

Thanks to my friends over at Fillmore Container, I have one JarBOX set to give away this week. If you want to throw your hat into the ring, here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share how you currently store your jars and home canning.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, April 5, 2013. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog that evening.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents, only (so sorry, further-flung friends).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: Fillmore Container sent me two sets of the JarBOX for review and photography purposes. My opinions remain my own. 

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682 responses to “Giveaway: The JarBOX (sponsored by Fillmore Container)”

  1. I hold on to the original boxes that I purchased my jars in. Not the best but better than nothing. Luckily when my shelving collapsed last year in the larder, the jars made it out okay. Not so much for the huge jars of artichoke hearts I purchased from Costco!

  2. Currently we keep them on wire shelves in the basement. I am always worried that some jar may not sit right on the wires, tip over, fall off, and break.

  3. I moved recently and have no jars except re-purposed pickle and jam jars, which are all currently in use in the fridge and pantry. But! I just found the craft store down the street and they have Ball jars, so I’ll have some soon.

  4. I keep the boxes I got them in, and stack them in the pantry. Not the best, but it’s been working okay so far.

  5. I live in a 400-square-foot apartment with another person, so jar storage is definitely an issue! Currently they’re just taking up a ridiculous amount of space on a bookshelf in the kitchen/living room (did I mention it’s only 400 sq.ft?) and I’m worried all the time they’re going to come crashing down. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I’m “new” to canning in that I haven’t actually started yet…still perusing the canning blogs but I’ll be starting with this spring’s produce! So my jars are still in the box they came in!

  7. I have been using banana boxes that I get from the local grocery store very sturdy and the have a separate lid.

  8. I still have the boxes they came in although the cardboard dividers seem to have disappeared. I think this is a great idea:@)

  9. This IS a brilliant solution. Right now I just keep them in the original boxes; since I give a lot of canned stuff as gifts, I usually have enough room. THanks for the chance to win.

  10. I just cleaned out my laundry room, and put up a shelf unit I’ve had since high school (about 25 years), and all of my canning supplies/jars are on the upper shelves. The canned goods are in a cardboard box on a chair in the dining room. I haven’t figured out where to put them, yet…

  11. Most of my jars are stored in the box they came in. But I have acquired many jars via Craigslist or Freecycle. These jars are in various boxes, whatever they fit properly into.

  12. I store my jars on some handy canning shelves that my Dad built for me in our basement. I’m glad for the storage space! I would use these mostly for transporting my jars from the kitchen counter, to the storage shelves…or when I give gifts of canned goods at Christmas time to the neighbors. It would be a nice way to keep them from clanking together on the back seat of the car!

  13. This is much safer and more organized that the boxes I use in the garage. No chance of bumping and breaking.

  14. We store them any which way – on a shelf, in a box, with or without food in them. This is awesome for traveling with jars, a feat I often take on.

  15. I use the trays they have come in. Not the best but better than nothing. They live in the larder in the basement on shelves that the last guy built. Homefully the shelves will stay standing for a while yet.

  16. we use the boxes that the jars came in, and they share shelf space in the basement with the beer making supplies

  17. When my jars are empty, I keep them in the boxes in which they were bought. When full of yummy stuff, I have a shelf in the basement where I keep them and all of my other canned and jarred goods.
    These are a wonderful idea; would love to win them.

  18. Well, my filled jars are in the original boxes in a closet of my laundry room, more or less stacked up since there’s only one shelf in there. The empties are in the untreated garage. And the boxes are 1) insufficient, as I’ve inherited lots of jars without boxes, and 2) becoming increasingly decrepit, as some are nearly as old as I am. And I’m no spring chicken 🙂

  19. I put mine on a shelf, in a cupboard, I have them in milk crates and I have them in bags in a back bedroom…..Oh, and I still have some in a box that they were purchased in….Thinking I covered all my spots…;))

  20. They are in an unorganized jumble in a cupboard on an enclosed porch. I definately don’t want to open the cupboard door and brag.

  21. Jar storage? on any free shelf spot, the floor, the bookshelf, in random boxes in the basement, full of ‘hey I was going to drink that’ water, or flowers, or grains….

  22. My husband says we have over 200 quart jars that are all stored in the basement on metal shelving that I pray my husband’s car doesn’t bump and knock them all down 🙂

  23. Don’t laugh too hard. For the empties, I store them in our non-working dishwasher.
    Full ones are on shelves in the basement. Neither places are ideal, though. Would love a set of these to try out. They open up a bunch of storage possibilities much closer to the kitchen, but out of the broken dishwasher. I’d really like to have a place to put them once I get a new dishwasher.

  24. I should be more organized. I just put my empties back on the shelf so they’re all mixed in with the full jars. Someday, maybe I’ll get m act together.

  25. I have them in the basement on plastic shelves, some in the original boxes and some free-standing. These jar boxes are a brilliant idea.

  26. I do have some really old jar boxes that I use. The old ones were quite sturdy. The jars that don’t have a box home get stuck all over the place! I have some nice cabinets in the basement that most of them are in.

  27. man o’ man…could I use that…my kitchen is awash in jars that I have no good way to store. (see photos of my kitchen on my facebook page if you don’t believe me!)

    I use the boxes they come in and put the clean jars in them upside down…then stack them…looks like a warehouse in there…would love these. If I don’t win them, I’ll certainly be buying them!!! thanks! love and peace

  28. I currently store my jars in a bin. It is horrible because I’m always breaking one. What an awesome concept to store the jars and can’t wait for pint size as well!

  29. What a great idea! We store jars in the garage on some shelves from IKEA. We also reuse the cardboard boxes that the half-pints come in so that we can stack them. Inevitably, any new person who happens through our garage asks about the plethora of jars. One time a neighbor asked my children why their mom collected jars. It was delightful to hear them reply, well that’s what we put our food in.

  30. My jars are stored in a basement cupboard and I just hope every time I open the door they don’t fall on me.

  31. Currently, I keep new jars in the box they came in. Empty jars I keep in a storage bin,
    where I have easy access to them. I find myself grabbing one or two of them almost every day.

  32. The empties are on top of the breakfront. We have some filled jars on the counter of the breakfront, others piled on the floor next to it, and some more scattered around in other places.

  33. I think the JarBOX is ingenious! Why didn’t someone think of it sooner? I became a canner way before canning was ‘cool’ so I have a ton of jars in old cardboard boxes, old grocery store crates, on open shelving, some are put back in their original boxes which are so old they are yellowed & falling apart & last year I bought an old pie pantry from a yard sale to store some of them in. I NEED JarBOXes!

  34. Right now we have a pretty good shelving system, but we’re moving and I’m in a bit of a panic about moving my vintage jars. I really need to look into a set or two of these jar boxes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Currently just stack them in boxes in the basement, but hoping to clean that space out and get them organized in a more useable manner. These would be a great start to that process!

  36. What an amazing idea! I too have broken way too many jars in my haphazard storage in old boxes.Thanks for the chance to win.

  37. My husband works at a big box hardware store. When they discontinued stocking wallpaper, he bought the wallpaper roll cabinets and brought them home. They have narrow shelves the perfect size for storing pint and jelly jars! Our quart and half gallon jars have a home in similar units that used to hold the wallpaper books. It’s perfect!

  38. Right now I have very few jars because of the huge give-away I did at Christmas. I think most of my jars are in a big plastic tote in the basement, not really organized at all. I haven’t had any break from this kind of storage, but I am sure it is not the best.

  39. Most of mine are in original boxes, although I have picked some up at yard sales over the years and found cardboard banker’s boxes are a little tall, but the right size for a dozen quarts. A few are out on the shelves, but that’s mostly because I don’t have quite enough boxes for my stash.

  40. I also use the original boxes, but they are starting to get pretty raggedy. These would be a great substutute.

  41. I use most of mine for dry goods storage when they’re not full of preserved things, but the few that are empty live on a high shelf in the cardboard tray that they came in. I’m always afraid I’ll drop them when I pull the box down, since they slide around and all.

  42. I agree with others, this jar box idea is brilliant. I have one box that the jars came in that I use for storage. Other jars are in a divided basket and some jars are in the bottom of my hutch. Plastic jars I use for freezing are in a kitchen cabinet. I want to get a jelly cabinet or something similar to store all jars in one place.

  43. My jars are everywhere! If they’re not storing preserves, pickles, coffee beans, polenta or anything else I can stuff into a jar, then the empties are tucked onto the bottom shelf of my kitchen bookcase. Or in my canning bin. Or in a cabinet. This needs to be remedied 🙂

  44. This is so smart!
    Hope the company does well with it. I know I have been wondering how to best store mine. Right now they are stuck everywhere!

  45. Our house has built in canning shelves in the basement but they’re really deep and I tend to lose stuff in the back if I don’t use one if the cardboard boxes the jars come in- but we all know how sturdy those are! Excellent invention!

  46. My jars are in bags and boxes all over my house and my garage…We were just considering getting a shed just for my canning and cooking gear….(I suggested a bigger house)

  47. My jars that are full are displayed on open shelving, but the empty jars are stashed in various cabinets wherever I can find the space.

  48. My storage is quite random. I’ll have to take a picture and send you! stacked in assorted boxes sometimes 5 high, on shelves, mixed in with the canned goods, stored in the dishwasher because I hand wash most everything, stuffed into the pie safe… I just love jars, even though they are crowding me out!

  49. I am that person with the storage area in her basement that you mentioned above… “out of sight, out of mind!” I just found a jar of cherry conserve from 2010 that got lost behind a bunch of other stuff. 🙁 This would help a lot!

  50. This looks genius! (As is putting them under your bed.) I currently stuff empty jars into whatever spare space is available in my pantry/linen closet, which makes getting out a clean towel kind of risky sometimes…

  51. We keep ours in the boxes they came in until they get too worn or broken to use. We also have shelves in the basement, soda distributor shells, milk crates, and odd sized boxes in a scary teetering tower. We need help!

  52. In their original boxes, stacked up in cabinets and under beds. It would be great to get more of them off the shelves and securely out of sight!

  53. My husband put in cabinets in the garage for all my jars – no dust, but getting them into the kitchen when canning can be a multi-“run” trip. Would love the carrier – one trip to the garage for jars and done!

  54. I keep my jars in the basement, and suffer from the “out of sight, out of mind” syndrome. I never know what jars I have.

  55. I am a canning newbie and I had hesitant to buy more mason jars due to the limited and safe options I had for storing them, your idea of using these to store the jars under the bed is just brilliant…thank you for the giveaway opportunity…

  56. Right now, mine are on a designated shelf area (it is a big shelf!) in the kitchen. BUT we are military, so I get to find new spots every 6-36 months. These look awesome for utilizing that last bit of available space!

  57. What a wonderful way to store jars! The new Ball jars don’t come in covered boxes anymore and I am looking for a way to keep my jars clean.

  58. I have a shelf in my basement where I store my jars. This would be a great addition to my shelf, since I currently use boxes and do not have enough boxes.


    my jars….ahh they are everywhere…that is my next job it organize the jars…wow this would come in handy…:)

    thanks for sharing such a great product!

  60. what an awesome idea, and would love to win this. since my retirement move-my jars are everywhere and anywhere I can put them. some on shelves, some in an entertainment center that I took over, and some in boxes-thanks for the giveaway

  61. The jars I use most often are stored upside down on old cookie sheets lined with a tea towel, then slid under the bed. Then there are the boxes of less-used jars in both the garage and under the house. There has to be a better way!

  62. The only jars I keep are the empty ones that people return to me – we never have any extra preserves on hand, because I can’t make things fast enough! Maybe I need to start doubling my batches… so I use the cardboard containers these are sold in. I have a few half pint jars in my cabinets with our coffee mugs for quick pickles, but mostly I’m in cardboard land. These would be fabulous so I don’t need to keep extra empties in my pantry, and can free up pantry space for actual pantry items!

  63. Most of our jars go back in the boxes they came in. We do have a couple shelves in the basement, though, that hold loose jars collecting dust. Fun giveaway!

  64. I currently just store all my jars on a shelf in the utility room. it’s not very organized and I would love to have a better system! 🙂

  65. What a great idea!! Mine are still in the cardboard boxes ….but I seem to have more jars than empty slots, and not always for the correct sized jar…..not ideal!

  66. I currently store my jars in the top of a tall cupboard int he box they came in with lids on. It’s not convenient, but I’m using all the ones I need for now.

  67. Currently, I wash them in the dishwasher, wait until they are very dry and then store them with the lids loosely attached.

    Thanks for the giveaway! What a brilliant idea!

  68. Love this idea. I put my jars in boxes and stack them that way. Have not had a break yet but I know it will happen eventually.

  69. Wow these look amazing. I’m currently using the cardboard box that I buy my jars in to corral them and keep the sizes organized. But I’m sure we all know how quickly those boxes fall apart, or simply get too flimsy to use to carry the jars. I really need a coupe of these.

  70. We have had to carve out storage space both in the garage and inside the house. We have the cabinet from our entertainment center full of boxes of jars in the garage and many more tucked into cabinets in the family room.

  71. My full jars are stored on a shelf in the basement, the empty on are stored upside down in the orginal cardboard box, sadly, I threw away a few boxes before I figured out to save them for storage. But I’m totally with you on the dusty idea!

  72. Clever! Right now I have my jars taking up every spare bit of cupboard space and have been thinking of how to be more efficient, maybe carving out space in the basement. Of course the other option is to refill them more quickly, but then I always need the size of jars that aren’t free and that leads to more jars…

  73. Wellllll, um, lets see… on a lazy susan, in the basement on a counter top, and on the floor in the corner, and in the garage on a shelf… stacking in ONE place would be AWESOME!!! 🙂

  74. I love that the renewed popularity of canning is causing all kinds of innovations! Currently I store my jars in a totally haphazard manner. Most are in their original boxes when not in use, but many are wedged into various cabinets here and there as the preserves are used up.

  75. Mine are sort of willy-nilly on the shelves all over the house right now. My husband would fall in love with me all over again if I were to round ’em up!

  76. My jars are everywhere in my house!! I have tried to corral them to the basement and pantry. I love the JarBOX and could definitely use the help organizing!!

  77. Right now we store our jars in the garage on shelves, usually in the original packaging. Then I also have a cabinet in the kitchen for jars as well! This looks like a great solution!

  78. What a terrific idea – and yet another case of “why didn’t I think of that?”. I use the original boxes for as long as possible.

  79. Mine are stored in the original boxes for now. When I get my new house, I will have a dedicated space for all of my supplies, and these would be a great addition.

  80. the pantry,on all the shelves I can use,in bookshelves with glass doors,a wire shelf..anywhere I can stand a jar up 🙂

  81. My jars are stored in the base of one of my closets. Not very neat or safe! This is an awesome product! I would love to win it!

  82. Ah, the world of simplicity and order…definitely not what is happening to my stash of empty jars right now. Tidying my jars is near the top of my list this spring in hopes that they will be more accessible when the summer canning season begins.

  83. I have a cabinet in the garage where they are all semi organized but packed in! No one dares to open the doors but me!

  84. This is brillant! Last summer my husband built me really sturdy and gorgeous shelves in the basement for all my jars. I keep the boxes though and fill those with empty jars, then stack them for storage.

  85. I use the boxes that my purchased jars came in. As spring arrives, I’m finding that I’ve emptied enough jars to fill up those boxes. The remainder just get put on the cellarway shelves next to the filled jars. I’m waiting to bump the shelves with my bum and knock everything over!

  86. I’m a shelf in the hallway kind of gal. We rearranged a bit to fit the jars in there, and then tucked a portion of the unused ones in a rarely used cabinet. The remainder actually cycle through for coffee or food storage.

  87. OMG OMG…I spent at least 30 hours looking for some way to house my canning jars that I needed to store. I contacted BALL and KERR to see if I can purchase boxes from them I needed to have a top and bottom in consistent sizes for storing. I finally found a box company that could help me but their shipping price was sooooo outrageous. I needed a way to transport jars and house them for storage whether in use or (filled). I needed a way to stack them neatly. I can’t way to try your product. I’m so excited coming into canning season and knowing someone FINALLY invented a product to do what I have been searching for.

  88. wow. love those. Ours in OLD boxes they came in…under shelves in garage, lots of various places….how neat to keep them together…at least for awhile maybe.
    great idea

  89. Awesome! My storage system for empties is pathetic and this would help so much!

    Now if they’d come up with something for my lids and rings… 🙂

  90. My dad built me a giant cabinet to put all the canned goods we made in, but then we ran out of space and had to start using the other shelves in the room. Now we’ve just moved a second cabinet in there to store canned stuff in.

  91. I store all my empty jars back in their original box. Each box is then stored upstairs or in the outside building. The boxes are getting fairly raggedy.

  92. This is a great idea. I store my jars in a small closet downstairs. Looked in there last night, shook my head and closed the door.

  93. This looks like a great product! My jars are currently stacked precariously at the bottom of the pantry ready to break at any minute! Maybe I need this huh?

  94. May jars are all over the place – tucked in cabinets – stacked in boxes – some upstairs some downstairs – they are all over the place….

  95. Mine are stacked in my pantry, but I don’t have that many. I want to do more canning, but one of the things holding me back has been the storage issue!

  96. I store my jars under a bench and in a box in my bedroom (ugh!). These look like a great idea as they wouldn’t rattle around, which is always my big concern. 🙂

  97. I store my empty jars on the highest shelves in the kitchen cabinets, which I can’t reach without a step stool. Filled jars are in the basement, but they are taking up more and more of my shelving space. Being able to stack them would be awesome!

  98. Oh, this makes so much sense. Right now my jars are on top of the cabinets in the kitchen which makes them hard to get down. I’d love to be able to slide them under the bed in a container where the cat couldn’t knock them over. 🙂

  99. My jars travel around the house – I have to search each time I need my canning jars. This is a wonderful product!

  100. My family and I keep our jars in a shelving unit downstairs; out of the way of (hopefully) getting bumped by accident!

  101. Full jars are next to the washing machine, behind the exercise bike. Empties are in a jumble of boxes under the stairs. This would definitely create some more space for us (for more jars!).

  102. I keep mine in a closet under my stairs, in either the original boxes (if I have them) or in cardboard boxes I’ve saved that are similar sizes. That way I can just pull out a box when it’s time to can. But one of these would be great when my canning partner and I trade jars!

  103. Above our kitchen sink is a set of hard-to-reach cabinets, the perfect place for stuffing as many jars as it can hold. It requires a step stool to reach, and then it’s a little dangerous, finding the jars we need. But it works.

    Alas, it’s not enough. Then there are jars tucked in corners of our other few cabinets, on the kitchen window sill, on the counter after they’ve been washed up. Then there’s a box shoved under the cutting board table, stacked two deep with jars.

    People return jars to us (or give us random jars), and we know we’ll end up using them all up when it comes time to can veggies and fruits, but storage is definitely a pain! These JarBoxes are ingenious.

  104. I have a wire rack with stacks of jar boxes on it, which may or may not be labeled or actually have the label side facing out.

  105. I store my bottles in the boxes they came in using the cardboard separators when I can and when I cant use the cardboard separators I put large elastic bands around the jars to keep them from hitting glass to glass.

  106. I put loose jars in the pantry in my kitchen. When those shelves are full, I store the over flow in the boxes the jars come in, in our additional pantry storage room, which is a section of our garage that was closed off.

  107. I don’t have much of a system so this would help! I save the original cardboard boxes and turn the jars upside down inside them for storage. Then I pack them all up in a rubbermaid tote for anti-dust and dog hair reasons. I’ve often thought we could really use something like this!

  108. I currently have a small space in the basement where I put my canning jars. It is not convient, but it works. Having this storage system would make my storage safer because I can stack them.

  109. Jars are everywhere…singles on shelves, on top of my kitchen cabinets, in my closet, and in their original boxes (from the 70’s and 80’s) shoved wherever I can find space.

  110. I just started canning last year, and inherited a bunch of jars from friends who moved. Now they are all over the place. I need to set myself up with dedicated supply and storage space before the fruits come in the year!

  111. I just keep them in the box they came in…sometimes the bf throws empty boxes away though and then we eat what’s in the jars in the pantry and then I have nowhere to put them!

  112. I just re-purpoused an old bookshelf to hold them but miscounted the space I needed so am looking for another tall thin shelf to augment. I store them in their original boxes but not all of them have dividers so they clank around. I keep telling my husband that an excellent, free present for me would be to go get some dividers from the liquor store & fix the ones w/out dividers. Maybe I’ll show him these instead!

  113. On a shelf in the closet- some of them in the box they came in with those cardboard dividers, and some of them perched precariously close to the edge of the shelf (probably not the greatest idea, but it’s worked so far!)

    Does the jarbox also fit wide-mouth quart jars?

  114. We keep our jars on utility shelves in the basement. Empty jars are stored upside down in the original boxes, some of which are held together with duct table and a prayer. Rings, lids and other accessories are kept in a storage tote. I only wish we had room to keep them upstairs so that we could admire all the pretty jars full of hard work.

  115. Currently my jars in on shelves but there’s alot of wasted space since I can’t stack them. These containers would solve that problem and allow me to put double the amount of jars in the same amount of space I’m using now! GREAT idea!!

  116. i have hundreds of old jars which i keep in their original boxes with their original cardboard dividers, although lately, i have noticed that the jar manufacturers aren’t putting the jars in boxes anymore. i’ve taken to using just regular old plastic storage bins with cardboard dividers salvaged from wine boxes or boxes of san pelligrino.

  117. I keep all the boxes that I buy the jars in, and put them back in them. I have shelves to store them, but they are full and now jars line my hallway. lol This looks like a pretty neat idea that would last, because the boxes get pretty worn out! 🙂

  118. I currently store my jars in an antique dry sink (there is a cupboard in the bottom) and in an antique china hutch…and in boxes in the guest room closet, and the cellar, and the garage…lol! anywhere I can find room. However…i have stone tile floors and am a total klutz so these might save me from sweeping up broken glass…lol! cool idea

  119. When I moved across country last year in a u-haul I wrapped my precious preserves in newsprint and nested them in the boxes they came in, topping them with another Ball jar box and taping them together to protect the lids and seals if stacked or if objects shifted. Miraculously, none broke. But this is a much better solution!

  120. I have been saving the cardboard box when I buy jars, then trying to use that to keep them organized. I store in my garage and have to stack some boxes which I know is bad. I am thinking of having someone make specific shleves for jars (have a good carpenter in mind and I’m hoping he can visualize what would work best).

  121. I save the boxes the jars come in and re use them. The ones i’ve picked up at garages sales I have some banana bxes and wrap the jars in newspaper or tissue paper.

  122. I store my jars “willy-nilly”, here and there (where ever they might be out of the way). Love this idea!!!

  123. Jars, jars, everywhere jars!! The Jar Box sure would help me feel more secure about staking them and still being able to see what is in the jars! Thanks for the opportunity.

  124. I have storage shelves where I store my canned items. As they are used, I fill the spaces left with the empty jars. Not the best design for organization, but it’s the best use of the space I have.

  125. Right now I have jars stacked in a kitchen cupboard with a board on top of the first level that creates a shelf for the second. I also have jars in the “pantry” in the laundry room where they are constantly bumped and I worry about them falling.

  126. I have jars stored all over the house. From kitchen cabinets To the apothecary dresser, in cabinets behind our bar. All balancing on the edge of breaking if you reach in to grab something else on the shelf. This jarbox would be an awesome help. Thanks

  127. My jars are stored willy nilly all over the house. Some are on shelves in the garage while some are on my dining room table. Would love to own a jar box!!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  128. Can’t say I have a unified strategy for storing my jars. Some are in the boxes they came in, some are in shopping bags. Most of them are in a cupboard in the garage. And then there are the 3 boxes of new blue Ball jars that have been sitting in the middle of the kitchen for a week…

  129. They get used as drinking glasses. That shelf is getting full though. It’s those pint and a half jars. I love them so much.

  130. I have a heck of a time storing all my jars- right now there’s an unsteady stack of them in my pantry, and another in a corner cabinet. I inherited a large number of jars and trying to store them is problematic, which is a shame, because I use them for everything (not just canning)!

  131. Hello Food in a jar, I have used bubble wrap and wine boxes over the years…But,I sure would enjoy not doing this adventure all the time.. I sure would like to try out the set of these containers. Cleaver idea preventing breakage or chips on the rims. Sincerely,
    Teresa Davis

  132. My jars are stored in old boxes all over. Worst yet some are at my mother-in-laws dirt storage basement. They are disgusting and take forever to wash. Many end up broke. I need these!!!! Thanks for offering a wonderful product.

  133. thankfully we have a basement now, so most of my jars are down there, haphazardly stuffed into cardboard boxes. I also have some plastic lids so I keep a few in the kitchen for leftovers and storage. And somehow they manage to migrate throughout the house too! I would love a more organized solution!

  134. I store filled jars on shelves, where I can see what I have. empty jars get stored in the original boxes, if they have survived. I still seem to have more jars than boxes.

  135. Those are really cool. I usually store my jars in their cardboard box (when I’m not feeling lazy and just stick ’em on the nearest shelf).

  136. Oh man, my jars are all just laying in a bin all haphazardly! This kind of thing could potentially change my life! Oh the little things…

  137. We tend to store filled jars on shelves in the basement, moving them to boxes when empty to keep dust off them better. It’s imperfect, and cumbersome to say the least, as I do a fair amount of canning and have a lot of jars.

    Thanks for the chance!

  138. I have my jars in boxes and milk crates on shelves in the basement, I have been hoping for a better solution as I canned more than ever last year and keep on purchasing jars for this year.

  139. They are currently stacked precariously in a plastic tub. I cringe every time I pull it out of the closet and hear the jars falling around.

  140. We are just getting started using jars, so we don’t have too many. Currently I keep them in a kitchen cabinet, but I can already see that we will be outgrowing that soon and I don’t have any clear plan yet on where to go next.

  141. I store them on a dusty shelf in my basement. I rewash them before I use them:(. Limited kitchen space and an impish toddler force me to do this.

  142. I keep mine high up on a shelf in the garage. Most of them are in the boxes they came in…but a few of my smaller jars are clanging around in a small plastic storage box. Not the best way to store them. This looks like a great product. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  143. My jars are currently here, there and everywhere. In the hall closet, in the cabinet over the washer & dryer and stuck in the bookshelf in my kitchen.

  144. Well, I’m pretty new to canning and I didn’t save the first few boxes that I bought : (
    But now I do, but there never seems to be enough space for all of them. These would be great and so easy to clean if there is a mess! Thanks

  145. I have a shelf outside filled to the brim with jars all single file and still not enough room. I have old jar boxes which are falling apart stacked 3 and 4 boxes high.the shelves don’t have sides or a back. So I have to be careful and not get to close to the edges. I have lost a few of my precious jars due to carelessness. Want want want some of these.

  146. Wow, that is cool!!! Boy what space could be made with those!! My jars are just like my Tupperware, look out when you open the door!!!!

  147. I put them on a shelf in the back hall or in a box and either break them at random or lose the box. Not a very effective storage method.

  148. My filled jars are either stacked in my pantry or packed away in the garage in the boxes the jars came in. Love the jar box!

  149. This is a fantastic concept. I always have trouble transporting my jars from our canning closet to the kitchen…thanks for sharing this idea

  150. I keep my jars in several places – cabinet over the stove, closet and in one of my giant canning pots. I use the boxes they came in sometimes too… but these look like a great invention to keep them put away neatly and safely!

  151. I put mine in my hutch (as I use my jarred tomatoes, they’re getting crowded) and use a bunch as drinking glasses — but with as often as I end up with broken jars during water bath canning, I’m going to have to find some way to separate my everyday use jars and my canning jars.

  152. The jars are in the original boxes upside down, when full I just start laying them on top of the others or some surface close by. I keep smaller ones in a large basket, but that is full too. It isn’t pretty and I dread that something will get bumped.

  153. I have a stack of jar and box mess in the basement. When it gets too scary I organize it. Then let it build up again.

  154. Like many others, I store my jars wherever I can find room. Garage, pantry, closets, laundry room cabinets. Some in their original boxes and many of them loose as I acquired them a few at a time at garage sales.

  155. Anywhere I can put them. Usually as I use up things in the Spring the empties just replace the full jars in the pantry but there tend to be jars in all parts of my house.

  156. We just bought an entire extra shelving unit for canning supplies that are currently scattered about our apartment – but the fact that these “boxes” protect stored jars from dust is fantastic and would be so useful!

  157. Sadly, an entire shelf is consumed by my jars. This would be great as a space saver as we live in a small condo with no storage.

  158. My jars are in bushel baskets in the basement. Patiently waiting to be put up in the canning shelves my husband has yet to build me.

  159. In the basement on shelves stored upside down and double stacked in boxes…..lots of shuffling occurs since I use the same space for filled jars and have to constantly rotate jars to get to the ones I need at the moment.

  160. I have 4 IKEA shelving units that hold all of my jars, 6 rows five deep in my basement pantry. It works well as I can see everything I have and my children can go get what we need for the day.

  161. I store a good portion of my jars under my Ikea couch! They’re comfy there in their original Ball boxes, but it is a bit unsightly (do they make bedskirts for couches?). It would be great to have a more sturdy storage option that I could put in more places.

  162. Awesome idea! My canning jars are currently tucked into whatever odd spot of the kitchen they’ll fit in, which is very disorganized. This would be so much better!

  163. Oh I pine for these! Right now I have dusty boxes overflowing with old jars I have picked up at sales, etc., stuffed, teetering, in my pantry closet off the kitchen, and new flats of jars stacked in my bedroom. All of my preserves are in drawers in my china cabinet in the dining room. These JarBoxes would make life easier since the majority of my pantry closet is filled with quart jars, which I use less than other sizes (hoping to change that this year with pickles and crushed tomatoes). Thanks for the contest!

  164. On my counter top-since I started refrigerating leftovers in jars after reading one of your posts-thanks-It’s lots better than cottage cheese containers. Others are in boxes-no the ones they came in-with paper in-between, and on shelves.

  165. I keep our jars tucked in everywhere. Started by putting them in the cabinet above the refrigerator, but everytime I open that cabinet, things displace and so I piled a lot of them into the canning pot any which way. This looks like a fantastic alternative! Thanks for the contest!

  166. We have an old cupboard in the back porch called ‘the Hazel Cupboard’ because Aunt Hazel made it years ago. I put the empties sideways into the various holes & shut the door. But there are more jars than will fit, so there are empty canning jars stashed various places around the house.
    When the jars have stuff in them, I try to have some in a shelf/pantry area by the back door and extras downstairs in the yucky cellar. I need my carpenter husband to build shelves but it is far down on the list of what needs done and so far I have not been able to can a quantity large enough to move it up the list.

  167. I store my jars in the original boxes in the cellar, fortunately I have the space to do that. This is such a great idea for storing jars now we just need to come up with some great ideas for storing the rings. thank you for the opportunity to win.

  168. Quart jars waiting to be filled are stored in boxes, mail bins or old wire baskets in the basement with my various canning pots. I also have an old pressboard cabinet that stores pints, half pints and miscellaneous sizes until i need them. I promised myself I would not invest in any more jars until I fill up the ones I already have, but when you get a good deal on them, it’s hard to resist.

  169. Those look wonderful! At the moment, I’m using the hall linen cupboard as a pantry, as we don’t have enough room in our tiny galley kitchen for food storage. It’s practically full of full jars, and I have no good place to put empty jars, so they live in an old cardboard box on the floor near the computer. So far, I haven’t stepped on or kicked them.

  170. My jars are desperately in need of space and/or spacemakers! At the moment there are several boxes of empty jars just waiting for me to clean a set of basement shelves to make room for them.

  171. I would love one of these. Right now my jars are stored in the cartons they come in and they are falling apart.

  172. My jars adorn an empty bookcase in the garage…so you can see that I need lots of these! Broken glass doesn’t mix well with my bare feet!

  173. I currently store mine in the original boxes they came in, but would love to get these JarBOX storage units!

  174. Oh my goodness! I have full jars on shelves, in boxes on the floor! I would love these jar boxes so that I could send home canned goodies home with my kids that live in small apartments! What a fabulous idea!

  175. We use our canning jars as food storage, as well (rather than plastic-ware), so our cabinets are all overflowing with stacked, sideways, every-which-way jars on every shelf! This system looks like a lifesaver to avoid cracks and chips!

  176. I live in an old house in New England so I have a cellar. Yes, a corner of it has been designated as the canning corner. I have an industrial shelf unit that holds the jars in boxes. Problem is I can’t tell what is in the boxes Large jars? big jars? A mix? I keep thinking I’ll go down and put some order to it but, haven’t yet. These just might be the motivation that I need. Hope my canning supply store has them on hand.

  177. I store my jars in the “boxes” they came in (those boxes that are only half the height of the jars and have the shrink-wrap), on some shelving in the basement. Then I stack those boxes and I’m always a bit worried they’re going to wobble or crash. This sounds like a much better solution!

  178. I go for the original boxes, whenever I can get them!! As long as they have dividers to keep the jars separated, it works pretty well. Then to the basement they go!

  179. I store my jars in large green totes when they aren’t being used. I try to pad them as best I can and hope for the best.

  180. I need some of these.. i try to save the cardboard boxes my jars came in, but didn’t start doing that until I had several cases of “homeless” jars. I asked the grocery store once for empty case boxes, but they didn’t have any at the time..

  181. I have them all over the place. I hide all of my filled jars in the blank spaces of my antique china cabinet. Can’t leave filled jars in my garage bc I live in Florida. I have some empty ones in my bar cabinet, use some as glasses, have them under the sink…. I guess I don’t really have a method or a real place to put them. I just put them where i have room. Isn’t that the case with most people?

  182. I keep them in a bottom kitchen cupboard, stacked very carefully so they don’t break. One wrong move and watch out!

  183. My jars live in the cardboard boxes they came in, stacked on the pantry shelf. When the boxes finally collapse, the jars get crammed into random spaces on the shelf.

  184. I have a lot of cupboard space now, so I have them spread out in about three different cabinets. But, I’m about to move to a much, much smaller place and the JarBOX could be a great space saver.

  185. I currently store my jars at the very top of my pantry. I am 5 feet tall and can’t reach that high anyway so I use that space on top for jars and climb up when I need them! They are just sitting on the shelf. Itwould be nice to store them in a box to easily get them down!! Are you giving away a ladder too? Lol

  186. My jar organization…….is almost non-existent. I used to have a beautiful tall art-deco metal cabinet that all my jars lived in, but alas, its in storage in a different state. So my jars live in cupboards, under my bed, all in a state of disorganization. Please help!

  187. I use a bookshelf that I have in my family room to store all my jars and jar supplies. Would love a more convenient way to store them!

  188. Love these! I have 2 and need lots more! Most of my empty jars are stored in the packaging they came in on metal shelving. My full jars are just stored on the shelves

  189. Wow, these are amazing! Ever since I picked up the Food in Jars cookbook, I’ve been wondering how to house all the jars from my recent canning-fest (right now the empties go back to the boxes they came in, not the most long-term solution, especially since the boxes are so flimsy!).

  190. My empty jars sit in the boxes they came in, stacked on top of one another on shelves near my stash of preserves. The random jars I find at house sales are a problem, though, because they have no boxes. This product would solve my problem!

  191. Brilliant Idea…I put my jars in the boxes they can in. And some are in boxes that I have made up with dividers in them. Scattered upstairs, downstairs , under the steps, in the garage and some in the pantry. I have always wanted to put more than a few jars at a time in the freezer but have not dared to the uncertainty of if they would stay in there safely. Would love to give these a try.

  192. My jars are just all over the place in my basement. Stacked on shelves, in cabinets, etc. I have saved some of the cardboard boxes I bought them in, but those are not perfect. This is a really clever product and I hope she makes a ton of money on it.

  193. Currently we store our jars on the bottom shelf of our pantry…it a mess! A JARBOX will make it so organized!!! Great idea

  194. I store most of my jars in the boxes they came in, and stack the empty’s on top of each other in a corner of the attic. When those boxes break down I store them in a big cardboard box, and add it to the attic corner.

  195. Wow, genius! I’m in the process of building shelves along the wall in the utility room, but at the moment there are canning jars laying around pretty much everywhere! Can’t wait to get organized.

  196. That looks brilliant! I currently have my large collection in the basement and a small stash of varying sizes piled haphazardly in a paper box in the pantry. Not a great system, I know.

  197. I currently store my jars on any random shelf where they’ll fit. My teensy apartment doesn’t allow me a pantry, as such, so a single shelf each in a couple of different closets is dedicated to full or empty jars. A proper, stackable storage box would be lovely. Even if I don’t win the giveaway, I’ll definitely have to look into getting some of these JarBOXes.

  198. I store my jars wherever they’ll fit — a drawer, my oft-unused cooler, wrapped in paper and tucked into boxes. This is a great sounding product for canning jars. Wish I could figure out a good way to store jars that I plan on reusing and are all different sizes and shapes.

  199. Currently I store empty jars and preserves in several places. I try to keep most of them in the basement in a designated location, however I find myself moving some jars of preserves up to the kitchen cupboards so I remember they exist and use them. Once jars get emptied, they end up sitting around on the kitchen counter until I remember to take them down to the basement. Then I shove them on any empty shelve I can find in the designated basement location. Yeah, it only sort of works. I do reuse the boxes that the jars came in as much as possible for the empties. As I give away more preserves, the number of empty boxes has grown since people rarely give me the jars back. (That’s another pet peeve.)

  200. I just moved from a townhouse with plenty of storage to a one bedroom apartment in the city with no pantry. As I have been unpacking this very problem arose – Where the heck do I store my jars now? These jarBOXes are the solution!

  201. Wow already 232 comments and more to come. I have a shed in the back yard. In the shed I’ve got a metal pattern drawer with 4 drawers in it and I store my jars in it. It’s nice to have them in one place.

  202. Currently my jars are on an old tool bench collecting dust at my old house. I have been trying to figure out how I am going to move them to my new house…..most of there boxes have fallen apart.

  203. some are in the original box they came in – others get used all during the year and then I have to go looking for them and hope I can remember where they might be.

  204. My jars are in tote boxes and stacked on shelving in the back of the garage, which might be okay if my husband wasn’t constantly climbing over boxes and moving boxes to get to his man gear (fishing poles, tools etc.) Great looking product! 🙂

  205. I store my jars in the pantry next to each other and pray they dont get knocked around when the kids are in the pantry 🙂

  206. I usually save a few of the cardboard boxes that they come in to help keep them from bouncing into each other. I also fight the dust by keeping upside down. This one looks much sturdier, though!

  207. Wow! These are cool, I could totally use a ton of these as I have 200+ jars and while I try not to stack because I know thats bad, I have to because I have no room. Thanks for sharing. This could be helpful when I have to move again to.

  208. Filled jars are placed back into the cardboard retail jar boxes, assuming I have enough space. Otherwise they’re stacked carefully as needed. Empty jars, however, are stacked a bit precariously on top of one another to make enough room for them all. Some are in paper ream boxes, and some are just on the shelf.

  209. Right now, well…I store them in their original boxes….Lets just say I got them from my mother-in-law, who got them from her mother, the boxes are from 1960-1990. They are held together with lots of tape LOL. I could really use something like this!

  210. At first, I tried to keep the empties in original cardboard boxes in the “basement” (actually more of a mud-floor crawl space). After 30 years and multiple floods, the jars are piled in any bag or box I have handy at the time. Not only do we experience a lot of breakage, but the jars get caked in mud. Takes a lot of the fun out of canning season!

  211. We have an old farmhouse with a legit cold storage cellar in the basement – I store the empties and the full jars in there along with root vegetables

  212. Mine are taking up a huge amount of shelf space in the hallway. I love the idea of storing these in JarBoxes under the bed. Looks like a great product.

  213. I am lucky enough to have an area in my laundry room for my jars but the dust! These would be excellent for helping to keep my jars clean.

  214. I store my jars in all sorts of boxes and struggle with them fitting and falling over inside. I love the idea of this product.

  215. I store my empties in the original box on a shelf in the basement, but these storage boxes look much more sturdy!

  216. OMG – these are brilliant! I currently store my jars on random boxes or in the boxes they came in in the garage. It’s not really the sturdiest or safest method. These containers would be fab!

  217. I store them in the original boxes ~ all over the house. And I have one small bookcase in the dining room. Shhh….don’t tell the company.

  218. These would be so fantastic for stacking my empty jars on our shelving. Though it would get pricey really quickly to outfit all of my jars!

  219. Empty jars are mostly in original containers slipped in all kinds of places: a couple of boxes in my pantry so I have an easy place to add jars as they get emptied, but most in an armoire in the guest bedroom. Filled jars are stacked in my pantry.

    I think these would be especially great for my filled jars.

  220. I store my jars in plastic pop crates, plastic vegetable crates, their original cardboard boxes, and any thing else I can find, stored on shelves in the garage.

  221. My jars are either in their original–admittedly flimsy–cardboard boxes, or on shelves in the garage I call “the dungeon” because it is cold and damp. They are open to dust, and occasional breakage when a shelf is overloaded. I would use the box with the jars upside down.

  222. I was just thinking about buying a couple of these to try out. We keep our empty jars on a bookshelf, and the ones that don’t fit there are on the top shelf of our pantry. Our “in use” jars are either in the pantry section where they belong (fruit, veggies, broth etc.) or on a wire closet rack we have in the hall leading to our pantry. In short – we have jars everywhere lol.

  223. I have a pretty good shelf in my pantry for storing my canned goods, but the empty jars are a whole other story. Currently, I have a cupboard that is a bit of a disaster of jars of all sizes, shoved together, falling over, taking up way too much room! These JarBOXes look fantastic!

  224. I currently keep my jars in their original boxes in a chair stacked in my kitchen. I have 3 roommates, so what cooking/canning space I can carve out is a premium. It has been working ok for a few years now, but since my friends/family frequently return their jars, I am going through a bit of overflow.

  225. I love finding out about new canning tools, jars, etc! Thanks for sharing! My empties – like so many others posted here – are stored in original box, some in the garage on shelves and some in my bedroom (fortunately hubby doesn’t complain!)

  226. You know that space in the corner cabinet that’s awkward to get to because it’s the corner and you’ve only got the one door to access it? There lies my jar stash. It mostly works for me until I’ve used all the ones within easy reach and have to start fishing more deeply into the corner, heh.

  227. The high-up cabinet above my dryer (I have to use a chair to reach it), because it’s the only place I have room for them!

  228. I store my jars in their original boxes in the back of my attic pantry. My hubby built me shelves so I could stack more boxes 🙂

  229. We just moved into our lifetime home, so right now they are in an assortment of boxes: wine cases, jar boxes, etc. my husband will be building shelves for them out of closet shelving, but turning them upside down, so the wire you hang clothes from will become a barrier for the jars.

  230. Cool product! I currently keep my empty jars in the original cardboard flats in the bottom of my pantry. If we ever have a proper earthquake, they’ll likely be SOL, but I figure that I’ll have more urgent problems then than having to replace a few jars. I like the idea of having something to cover the tops, though, although I guess I always end up washing them out before canning anyway.

  231. My jars current live, under the utility sink in the garage, on top of the laundry sorting table in the garage, in my cupboards & last but not least my kids’ apartment, where full jars go but the empties never come back!

  232. I try to save the cardboard boxes they came in but any old cardboard box will do. We have them stored all over the basement. This is a GREAT idea. They should be sold in these cases!


  233. In a somewhat squished jumble in an overhead cabinet. Not having to worry that one will pop out and fall on my head would be nice!

  234. I live in a one-bedroom apartment and my kitchen is approximately 64 square feet! I store jars wherever I can find a spot. On top of cabinets, in a cabinet full of sewing supplies, a few favorites are sometimes put in the china cabinet and some are stored with vases. The fun part is remembering where they all are when I’m ready to can something!

  235. Some of my jars are in their original boxes in the master bedroom closet, on the floor. Others are on some shelves in my laundry room. Good idea to store your empty jars upside down. Thanks for sharing this new, handy, product with us.

  236. I will be doing a LOT more cannig this year as my son will be moving back closer to home and has asked for some of the canned goodies. This item will be a blessing as he will be able to transport them without breakage. Also I NEED more space, so I could then stack 2 layers on top of each other. Definetly will have to look into these!

  237. Well, let’s seeee…..they’re in my pantry, in empty ice chests and in boxes in the garage rafters. And somehow, I never have enough of the size I need and have to buy more to store!

  238. WOW! A petrochemical solution to a (maybe even cut-down) possibly previously used cardboard box with (get this…) scissor-cut dividers. You’ve GOT to be kidding. Sarah

  239. We just bought a new house and I brought the jars here before we even closed (with permission). No way I was packing up my HUNDREDS of jars in order to let the movers handle them! They are mostly on an old, huge metal shelf (3 shelves tall) and a few dozen are left on the floor in boxes. Until we got here and I saw them in all their glory I didn’t really realize how many I had. I think I’ve got to be close to a thousand! This would be GREAT for when I take jars of soups and such to my grandparents a few states away. I’m always afraid they’ll be broken by the time we get there!


  240. I have space in a hallway closet for jars with canned things in them. I was storing my empty jars under the bed, but it all got to be too much, so I moved everything to the garage–a little haphazardly, unfortunately. This would be a better solution!

  241. I save the boxes the jars come in, turn the jars upside down in them and wrap with newspaper. They stack well and I keep them in my sewing closet. All my kids have flown the nest so I turned the largest room into my craft room. I am also thinking of putting a hutch on the back porch to store them closer to the kitchen.

  242. Empty jars live in the basement in the boxes they came in, in clementine crates, and inside my big canning pot when not in use. I also keep some in the kitchen for everyday use. Full jars live on the bottom of the lazy susan in a corner cabinet in my kitchen, which serves as my “pantry”. In short, jars are kind of all over the place, and I seriously need a better storage system!

  243. In the box they came in. I am moving this year and would like something more stable to store them in. This is an awesome idea!!!

  244. Some of them are in a box on a shelf in my kitchen, some are on top of my pantry (there’s a little space between the top and the ceiling) and shoved way back so you can’t see them just hanging out there, and the rest are tucked away in the bottom shelf of my pantry.

  245. My jars are all over the place in my small home. Most of them are stored on their sides in a few large kitchen drawers, which is definitely less than ideal and a few have even found their way into shelves in our spare bedroom!

  246. I store my jars in their original box; I’m missing a few, or they’re out and about with food in them (canned jalapenos from last summer?!), so there’s plenty of room in those empty spaces in the box for me to place extra lids & rings (in their own boxes).

  247. They are stored on shelves under my basement stairs, on shelves in the basement, in an interesting “pile” next to my freezer, on my kitchen counter…

  248. Currently, I store jars wherever I have the space. Most of the empties are in a cabinet in my shed. It’s the jars with food that I need these boxes for. Living in a very small house, being able to stack the jars would be much more space-efficient for me.

  249. I put mine in the box they came in, and I stack them in the spare room closet. This plastic tray looks a million times better.

  250. I store my ever growing collection of jars where ever I can find shelf space. This would be a HUGE improvement. Thanks.

  251. I usually store both jars and canned goods in the garage on shelves, and in shallow boxes from costco. However I am hearing lately that it gets too hot to store them in the garage and it’s not good. Is this true? I’ve been doing it for a long time and have only recently had one jar of peaches go bad. I’m excited about the new jarbox though!

  252. I currently store my empty jars in the garage. My husband and I have matching shelving units. I have almost completely filled my shelves up with jars and other food storage items like freezer bags and plastic freezer containers. The full jars I store in the house in my canning closet at the end of the hall.

  253. My jars are scattered throughout my pantry and kitchen. Sometimes they’re in a logical place, most often not. Thanks for hosting the giveaway and introducing me to an awesome new product.

  254. Wow these look awesome. I’m storing my jars in the pantry and kitchen cabinets but I would love the container to see if it will work elsewhere so I can have some shelves back.

  255. Squirreled away all over the place. These look like they’d keep stuff both accessible and clean – awesome!

  256. BRILLIANT!! OMGosh… I have jars EVERYWHERE! I try to save the boxes they come in, as well as every other box that size that I find. Part of my concern is breakage and this idea addresses that perfectly as well as keeping them clean. I LOVE IT!

  257. I have LOTS of shelf space in our new house…lived 34 yrs in an old farm house with NO shelf space. This is a nifty solution to getting & putting them on the shelves in batches instead of one by one!

  258. I give most of my canned goods away, so I don’t usually have a ton of empties hanging around (people are about 50/50 with giving them back). I mostly just use the boxes the jars came in, slid under my bed, and plus there always seem to be a loose jars stored in my canner (which lives in annoyingly hard-to-reach cupboard above my wall oven). That works OK for me, but this is an amazing idea–and it would make transporting large quantities of filled jars so much easier!

  259. I store my jars crammed together on several shelves in my laundry room. Totally unorganized and waiting for disaster to strike!

  260. BRILLIANT!! I have just moved to a wee apartment with NO storage and have been wondering what in the world I am going to do with my jars. this makes it so much easier.

  261. I keep my jars in the original boxes that they came in, and then stack them behind my sewing room door. It’s very precarious, but so far, so good.

    The rest of the tools and equipment are in a drawer in my kitchen.

  262. My jars are everywhere. I used to try to keep them in one dedicated cabinet, but if anyone else does dishes they end up wherever and I think that cabinet was outgrown! Now we’re moving and I’ll have to figure out a whole new space. Hoping everyone comes through unscathed!

  263. I have been storing my jars in the basement on shelves and in the cardboard boxes they came in that I saved, but it never occurred to me to turn them rim down so they wouldn’t collect dust. Duh! Thanks for that tip!

    I mix jar sizes in the boxes, so it’s not really ideal, but that whole storage area needs a going over, not just the jars.

  264. I currently have jars everywhere… Under the bed, on shelves in the kitchen, under the printer, under the recycling container in boxes and crates, and sideboard in the kitchen. And that’s just where I can think of.

  265. I keep the boxes they came in, and they are stacked on top of each other in an non-heated laundry room…. hmmm, perhaps I could use a better solution?!

  266. I just emptied a free-standing modular cabinet where I formerly stored cleaning tools, trash bags, and other assorted items and put all my jars in there to keep them out of the light. There are only three shelves, and I filled two with jars, and one has to remain filled with my kitchen towels and dishcloths, so I am out of space and would love to store more under my bed. These would such a huge help as I am elderly and it is impossible for me to climb to high places.

  267. I am the forever organizer! Canned jars are kept in the bottom portion of a hutch – complete with flashlight and a running list of types of ingredients. Empty jars are kept in original boxes and an emergency “canning fix” of assorted sizes and lids are kept in my large canner. Would love to have one of the JarBOXs !

  268. This looks great. I store my jars anywhere and everywhere usually without protection. Shelves, bookcases, floor near kitchen island, coffee table. This would sure come in handy. 🙂

  269. we have jars all over our tiny house!
    mostly in totes in closets and then there are the ones loose in every available space in the kitchen.

  270. I store my jars anywhere I can. They are currently up in cupboards, in the bottom of my sideboard in the kitchen, and in the back and bottom of both my kitchen pantry and overflow area in the play room. I think these would come in handy as I prepare for this summer’s preserving season!

  271. My jars pine for their correct boxes, but are currently stuffed into whatever box is closest to the front of my seed-starting table. Argh! Poor jars. *sniffle*

  272. I just started canning last year and have not come up with a good storage system for jars yet. Right now they are just tucked into corners of my cupboards and what doesn’t fit there lines the counter. I try to use as many as I can as storage containers. These jarBoxes look like a great solution!

  273. I try to keep them in the boxes they come in, but those boxes are stored in every cupboard I’ve got. So far no jars have migrated upstairs (bedrooms) or downstairs (basement) but it looks like they’ll be packing their bags and heading north or south once canning season truly starts.

  274. Well, currently our jars are stuffed into each square inch of available space on our pantry shelves… these boxes would simplify things, no doubt!

  275. I do LOTS of canning and have 1000 plus jars in all sizes. My empty jars are stored in empty cinnamon barrels I get from a local bulk food store. Barrels have a label specifying jar size and mouth opening size so I know what is in each barrel. I cut cardboard circles so I can have multiple layers of jars in each barrel. Great to store in our old farmhouse basement and have them be relatively clean when I want to fill them. The JarBox looks like an awesome addition that I would use to transport jars – empty or full, to my daughters canned shelf.

  276. Currently I store them in precarious stacks in my pantry and on unstable shelves which I think will fall down due to the weight. The JarBox is a great invention.

  277. I have my unfilled jars in the original box they came in, on a garage shelf. The filled jars are on top of a bookcase in the basement. This storage container is a brilliant idea!

  278. I have some jars in boxes, but most of them are tucked here and there in cabinets. They are not organized at all. This box looks like a great idea.

  279. This is one of those products where you say, “I wish I had thought of that!” Such a great solution!

    My girlfriend built two rows of shelves up high in the laundry room. That’s where the filled jars go when the pantry is full, and where empty jars go until I run out of space. We recently added a storage unit in the basement with room for multitudes of jars and all of the canning equipment. Before that, they were stacked everywhere: kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, back porch…

  280. That’s pretty nifty!

    As for how I store mine, there really is no “how”. They’re crammed into small spaces. They hold dry goods. They’re here, there and everywhere. And I have a lot of different sizes and shapes. Sometimes I hang onto the box I bought them in.

    I could use these boxes. And I could use them in a variety of sizes. I don’t suppose they’ll get around to accommodating the luscious Weck tulip-shaped jars soon. Those are my FAVs and the ones I’d least like to see broken and scratched up.

  281. Like others, I store jars everywhere. Many are in their original boxes, with another box on top, to keep the dust off. Others are on shelves w/tops on them. And other crammed in every spare shelf and cabinet spot I can find – as winter turns to spring I have more and more empties.

  282. I have a special cupboard for most of them but as I am moving in the near future that cabinet will go away so I think I will try to make cardboard dividers in boxes.

  283. Can’t enter the draw and it’d be the wrong shape for my jars anyway but how absolutely, fantastically brilliant! Just goes to show that the most ingenious ideas really are the simplest ones!

  284. As most everyone has said already, I try to keep the boxes that they came in. And, I keep the loose ones in a large plastic box. I’ve also tried cutting the tops off of old socks, and slipping them over the jars to help protect them against banging together. It’s not the most attractive look, but it does what it’s supposed to do. I’ve just learned knitting, maybe I can knit some prettier jar cozies?

  285. My clean jars are either in the dish cabinet ready to use, in the side board with the other “tupperware” type of containers, or in the basement on the shelf built in the 1940’s next to the filled jars.

  286. in my basement stacked on the floor in peach boxes & canning jar boxes & whatever box I can find! These are Awesome!!!

  287. Such a great idea! Currently jars are stacked up in my basement, in a random mess. These would keep more way more organized.

  288. I either keep the boxes the jars came in or I’ve arranged a shelving unit with “shorter-height” shelves so I can fit a single layer of jars. I also have crates with jars that are a bit easier to move. Love your containers! Great idea!

  289. A lot of my jars are on my pantry shelves. When I empty them I put them back empty and upside down. I do however have a pile in the basement too. Sadly Ball doesn’t sell their jars in real boxes. They only have those bottoms. Ick. Dust gets everywhere.

  290. Everything is stored in the basement. New jars are on a shelf, empties in paper bags, and full jars in boxes on a table. Not very well organized at all. I am now working on downloading my cd collection. The shelving unit is perfect for storing all my canning creations. This jar holder is genius for keeping my empties safe.

  291. As I look at my precariously stored jars that represent a lot of hard work, I am beginning to convince myself that I truly, deeply need these to make my life a little more neat and organized! Here’s hoping!

  292. I currently store my jars where I can fit them: in the corner cabinet, on top of the fridge, and occasionally on shelves.

  293. My jars are in many places, but most are in a primitive looking jelly cupboard that we rescued from the neighbor’s trash!

  294. I’ve limited my jars over the years. I love them for storage, but there’s only so much space in a small apartment. I’ve been thinking about taking up canning this summer and the JarBOX would make it easier to keep the jars from breaking when storing.

  295. So I had stored my empties and my jarred food in our laundry pantry, which worked out pretty well until we got into tomato season. Then I needed to add more shelves, which meant I needed to remove all the jars currently _on_ the shelves. Being clever, I rolled my craft table on casters over to the pantry, figuring I could load it up and then wheel everything over to the counter. Until one of the wheels broke. There I was, standing in an empty apartment, holding up a season’s worth of canned goods with my bare hands. I’m pretty sure I stood there for a good 5 minutes thinking, “If I let go, I’ll lose all this food and have a huge mess to clean up. Someone will be home in about an hour…” Needless to say, having a clever way to store empty jars would be fab.

  296. My jars are mostly in my basement. However, as I am making a concerted effort to get rid of plastic, more jars are finding their way into my pantry as storage (beans, quinoa, etc). For the jars in the basement, I’ve kept the cardboard container that they came in and reinforced the bottom with packing tape. It works fairly well, but JarBOX would be much better!

  297. I save my boxes and hate it that ball changed to open boxes, like the old ones with the flap, easier to store and stack. Had to put in a cabinet to store all my canning jars and got some that are a odd size that they stopped making years ago I picked up at Goodwill

  298. I store mine in cardboard boxes, which leaves them pretty vulnerable to breakage. I’d love to have an orderly way to store them as well, since the current system is pretty chaotic and space inefficient.

  299. I Could stand to win a pair of these storage goodies. I currently store canned goods in the ONE intact set I got mail order, each half is full of 12 quarts of veggies; cardboard canning jar cartons are full of canned goods in the house and the Ball/Kerr/Golden Harvest cases are full of empty jars in the storage shed out back.

  300. JARS EVERYWHERE! I have so many and live in such a tiny place that I have them stacked in boxes and squeezed into cabinets wherever I can fit them. The ones I use daily for food storage are inside, and others used less often are outside. Last week one of my cats jumped up on a stack of boxes and knocked them over, smashing quite a few. Bummer……

  301. Currently my jars are back in the cardboard boxes they came in on shelves in my dining room, though we’re moving soon so hopefully they’ll get a more permanent home. The JarBOX looks really helpful!

  302. Upside down on shelves, but when I run out of room on shelves then in boxes. These seem like a smart solution, though a bit pricey.

  303. i have a baking rack that my jars and canning pots are currently stacked on, but it can get a bit precarious…

  304. I store my jars either in the box they came in (which really is a box bottom) and on the shelves in my utility/laundry room. Either way I have more jars than space. This product appears to be a good solution ~ Jars contained are much safer. I also like the concept of being able to transport filled jars safely.

  305. Eventually they make it to a shelf in the mud room in our family home up north (where the canning gets done). But the journey can take a while from consumption of the contents to the hallway floor, to spare bedroom or basement, and eventually packed to for the 3 hour trip north.

  306. What a brilliant invention. My jars are on shelves in the basement (or just sitting around on a shelf in the kitchen or on the counter, for the most recently emptied). I usually use the boxes they came in for storage, which has its limitations.

  307. Here and there. Basement. Pantry. Cupboards. Countertops. My jars are everywhere and this is a great product to help organize them!

  308. I have jars stored everywhere. In the kitchen, the dining room, a bookcase in the living room and under the bed. Some are individuals just tucked in wherever they fit and some in boxes. I have broken a few clanking together in boxes.

    Love your blog. Thank you for the chances at giveaways.

  309. The question is where aren’t my jars? In cupboards, cardboard boxes. in the garage, pantry, out on the counter….never enough jars:-)

  310. My jars are all over the garage! I try to keep them in the cardboard boxes they came in, but some are just loose in the garage cupboards. It’s a mess! I LOVE the idea of these jar keepers. Brilliant!

  311. They look great, currently mine are crammed in my pantry with overflow on dining-room table waiting for me to clean out another cupboard.

  312. I have stacks of jars in the boxes they are sold in. But I’m moving soon and it would be nice to have a sturdy way to transport the jars.

  313. Those would be so useful when I travel with jars!!! Currently I have two plastic shelving units in the basement. I need to go down and re-organize a bit. But in general they are sorted by type and age. The canned food hangs out with my garden bounty from last year – still have garlic, sweet potatoes and winter squash.

  314. As I empty them and wash them, I turn them upside down and put in the bottom of cabinet. Can only do one layer as do not like stacking on top of each other, they fall and chip.

  315. ooo. this is neat. i was wondering if there were devices like this on the market; thanks for making this known to me! 😀
    right now i store my jars… anywhere and everywhere. :/ in the corners of the pantry, the closet, leaving them in the dish drainer as long as possible… and the lids! the lids are another problem (i reuse the two-part lids for short-term storage).

  316. we have shelving in a root-cellar portion of our basement. we store our home canned goods on the top shelves, and the empty jars go in the boxes they came in, upside down. though i never seem to have enough of those. this looks great! i would need about a dozen of them,

  317. I currently store my jars in my basement in plastic storage boxes with lids, so that once the are washed and in the box hopefully no dust or such will get into them. I keep the boxes organized by jar size.

  318. We use every bit of space we can to store jars, empty and filled. The basement is definitely the most popular though. I prefer storing them the same way my grandmother did… under the stairs. 🙂

  319. I would love to have the JarBox !! I have the worlds tiniest house ( at least that’s what it feels like!) and have minimal space for storage. I do can food and always have problems finding a space to store them. I’ll be crossing my fingers and toes! Thanks!

  320. What a great storage solution. I store them in baskets on the top shelves of the pantry and use them for storing leftovers in the fridge and toting lunch to work when they are not filled with preserved goodies.

  321. I’m a candle maker who shops regularly at Fillmore Containers. My jars are stacked in the garage and come into the house a dozen at a time to be filled. Then I store them in corners of the dining and living rooms, downstairs in my son’s former room since he has moved out and anywhere else I can make some space. This looks like an amazing way to transport my candles to shows. I’ll be looking into them.

  322. Nothing spoils canning enthusiasm more than a sideways look from my hausband before he says, ‘Where all you going to put all that?’ I’ve been lucky to avoid breakage, but this storage system is a great idea. Would love to try it and will watch for the pint jar version.

  323. I store my jars in a variety of old cardboard boxes, Rubbermaid storage containers, milk crates, and whatever else is hanging around. This would be great for travelling with jars!

  324. I have most my jars on shelves in the basement, but there are the few just hanging around, in the way, waiting to be used for food, buttons, flowers, etc.

  325. Mine get stored in a wooden crate in the kitchen or in the office closet. Neither works really well, crate jars get to much dust, office jars are too far away.

  326. Wow, this is an embarrassing entry but they are all over the place these days. The filled ones live on shelves in my bedroom closet, and the empties that I don’t use for leftovers sit in shallow boxes underneath.

    The empties that get used for day to day storage used to live on my kitchen windowsill, but now that I can have the window open, they clutter up my counter… I would love to have one of those JarBOXes to turn my old tupperware cabinet into working jar storage.

  327. Be still my wizened and blackened heart. My jars are everywhere. This could possibly be the answer to my disarray of glass treasures, filled and empty. Small NYC apartments are a challenge. I shall dream tonight of winning these and then road test them. They certainly look like the answer for the quarts. Broke three last month. Sigh.

  328. Stored jars? Wow! I never realized they were supposed to be stored. I thought they were supposed to be hanging out on my back porch nagging to get refilled. ;>

    One of my biggest challenges is remembering to ‘shop’ my shelves in the workroom. After all the work put into filling the jars, it is such a disapointment to find so many still full in the spring because I forget to bring them into the kitchen in a regular fashion.

  329. This is one of the most clever things I’ve ever seen; it’s amazing that people have been canning for years and no one has ever thought of a good way to tidy the jars. I’ve always kept mine in the original boxes, but they get damaged (or worse yet moldy if you have a yucky basement), or (horrors) if you’re husband throws them away. Some of mine are living on top of the spare freezer in our basement, a cluttered mess. And like you, I “ran” to the store last year (which is MILES away from us) to buy another box of quart jars, only to discover on another shelf in the basement, a full box of empty quart jars. I’d love to win this, but even if I don’t, whoever does will surely enjoy the gift.

  330. I have a big plastic bin that I put my empties in. The pile grows and grows through the winter. In the summer I get nervous I won’t have enough to can and then I buy more; vicious cycle.

  331. Random piles in a few cupboards in the basement – some in bags, some in old cardboard boxes. This product looks fantastic.

  332. My jars are all stored in boxes. It just dawned on me that I should store them upside down!! It would mean that there would be less dead spiders and rolly polly’s in the jars! The JarBox would keep them from banging and clanging around too!

  333. I re-use the boxes the jars come in until they are too worn to hold anything. I have jars in the basement-on shelves and in boxes, jars in the kitchen, jars everywhere…just ask my hubby…hahaa

  334. I use Christmas ornament storage bins for my empty jars. They work really well for the half pint jars and ok for pint jars.

  335. I desperately need these! Currently, I store my jars upside down on a shelf — single layer. It wastes a huge amount of my kitchen cabinet space!

  336. I have empties in the cabinets and in boxes and full ones in a bookshelf and on top of cabinets. I would love to use these to free up some cabinet space without worrying about dust!

  337. Looks like it could be a decent product, it may help solve some of my issues with my jar storage problems. I use whatever, boxes, paper bags etc. to store the jars. I have limited space so they go wherever I can put them.

  338. Currently I am storing my jars in garbage bags placed in lidded boxes that once held printer paper. I keep them in the bags so they don’t get too dusty or dirty, and in the old xerox boxes so I can stack them. But this newfangled thing looks pretty cool!

  339. I don’t really have a storage system for my jars, they just all get dumped into cardboard boxes where I have kept the original flat I bought them in. My husband will probably buy me a ton of these because he hates the mess that my jars make.

  340. I am moving this weekend and I am flummoxed by how to store my jars in the new home. This box would really help!

  341. Let me just say that it’s brilliant that you turn the jars upside down for storing so they don’t collect dust! I hate dust on kitchen stuff. And it’s really smart to store them under your bed.

  342. My jars live under the bed and are currently dominating a large ammount of cupboard space too. I always worry about a jar under the bed breaking and making a huge mess under there.

  343. This is amazing! My jars are everywhere!! I’m embarassed to say that, but really, they are! Mostly in the cold room, but some on the stairs, some on the counters, some full, some empty……

  344. My empty jars are out in the garage in their original boxes, stacked rather precariously. My jars of canned goods are in an old hutch in the dining room. I love opening the old doors and peeking in. It makes me feel connected to all who canned food before us.

  345. What a great idea! Like most I have jars stored “everywhere”. It might be frightening to try to figure out how many of these I actually might need to corral all my jars, but one would be a good start.

  346. Oh man, do I need this! We’re getting ready for a fairly long-distance move and my heart was breaking in advance thinking of either giving all my jars away or unpacking broken ones at our destination. They’re currently stored in my basement on some shelving awaiting summer harvests (I know, I know…not MY summer harvest’s given the move).

  347. I love this idea, I hope we see more sizes available in the future, right now I have them shoved and stacked any way I can in my linen closet!

  348. Like everthing else in my life, it all started out organized and has resolved into chaos. The second law of thermodynamics in action. Unused jars were kept in their original storage baxes. Now years later there are not enough boxes. What goes on here? I think I’ll blame the ’80s when our home was populated with 4 children of widely spread ages. I have not caught up since then. Filled jars are now kept in some order together on shelves at the bottom of the basement steps. This all reminds me of Grandma Anna who was a neat German woman who sewed curtains with tiny flowers for her canning shelves. I loved pulling the curtain aside and staring at the beautifully arranged and gleaming colorful jars of peaches, tomatoes and jams.

  349. Oh if you could only see how I store them….stacked all over the place! It’s beginning to look like a bomb shelter and I’ll be prepped with lots of jam! I would love a better way to store these then stacked will nilly in the cardboard boxes and on top of each other. I’m in earthquake country and need a better solution!

  350. Right now, they are in a jumble in several cabinets, the pantry and a repurposed dresser for the really short jars.

  351. While I love these…I think my husband would love them more! We currently have glass jars just about everywhere right now. What a brilliant idea!!

  352. I store in old Ball boxes that my Grandma had and cardboard boxes in general. I have an issue with out of sight out of mind though…

  353. Mine are in my former linen closet. I put thick hairbands on them to keep them from clinking together and maybe cracking. A Jarbox would be great!

  354. Currently, my jars are a mess in the garage in boxes- lids strewn about. Canned goods however seem to earn more organization on shelves inside carefully arranged and labelled. The jarbox would def. help keep dust out of unused jars as well!

  355. This is brilliant! I actually just organized some of my empty jars this morning as they were a jumbled mess, but they are just wasting space sitting on shelves in the pantry.

  356. My wife is the canner and I find jars stored all over the place. This would be a nice way to organize at least some of them and try a product before buying a large quantity of them. Thanks for the chance.

  357. I try to save the boxes that the jars were purchased in, and the dividers. But even with liberal doses of duct tape it’s not a great solution.

  358. Wow! Amazing. I need to check this out. I have a few hundred jars. I couldn’t buy all at once to meet the need of my jars but a little a time would be do-able.

  359. I store my jars in a cupboard that’s fast becoming too full. It works pretty well except when the cat jumps on the counter and starts working on her gravity experiments!

  360. I have my jars stacked up in the closet. But I also have empty jars around the kitchen that I use for everyday items, such as storing grains. Love love love my glass jars.

  361. I currently have a laundry room/pantry in my basement with shelves that my Dad built years ago for storing canned goods, jars and supplies. I store the empty jars in their boxes right now, but do have the jostling issue. I would love to try out the jarBox!

  362. I would love a jarBox!! I currently don’t have a sustainable plan to keep all my canning jars. A few jars are kept in vairious cupboards all over my apartment!!

  363. Greetings, I am leary about storing them in a box and forget individually, as I am a clutz (since I can remember). I’ve just introducted juicing in my life and have purchased some jars from Walmart for my smoothies that I will place in both the fridge and freezer. This will help in not having a mess on my hands. Great invention!!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  364. I am currently storing my jars in the boxes they came in – and some in a drawer. These would be great! Also, I never thought of storing jars under the bed, great idea!

  365. I have a cabinet above my fridge that can only be reached with a stepladder. When I’ve collected a few cleaned jars on the counter, I move them to the cabinet. I use a piece of sturdy cardboard on top, so that I can double-stack them. The smaller 8 oz ones I just leave out to use for taking snacks to work.

  366. Currently my canning jars are in giant tupperware containers with cardboard box pieces between them. Each of these containers has about 10 free jars sitting on top collecting dust because I don’t have enough! My basement is crying out for these!

  367. The word would be haphazardly… in the boxes they came in, or in an old cooler with the lid off, on the porch in “office paper” boxes, under the dog grooming table, on a shelf next to the washing machine. I need these containers!

  368. we have a big basement with plenty of shelves, but things still get bumped and it’s a pain to carry everything up and down a few at a time, i would likely use this for taking batches from the kitchen to the basement!

  369. I keep my jars on shelves in the mudroon on high shelves. I keep them in the boxes they come in and cut the plastic 3/4s of the way around so it still drapes over them as a dust barrier. But all the jars I have picked up here and there at random are just sitting upside down on the shelving. My filled ones are in the kitchen mostly. If I actually manage to make something especially appetizing it sits on the little shelf that runs along the top of my kitchen 🙂

  370. I store my empty jars on rolling metal shelves(bought at an auction). I store the filled jars on wooden shelves, husband built. We are fortunate to have a basement. Please enter me in the jarBox draw.

  371. i store them back in thier original boxes, and we’ve got an entire cabinet devoted to filled and empty jars. it’s basically the jam cabinet.

  372. We store our jars in the original boxes with the cardboard dividers. The boxes are labeled and dated like the jar lids and stored in the basement on shelves made from 2×4’s and plywood…

  373. They are shoved in boxes, in bookcases, on top of cabinets (if they’re of the lovely sort) & stacked in closets. Basically, any free space available.

  374. In boxes on gorilla racks in the garage…a whole 6×6 foot gorilla rack…but with no lids the mice get in. These look perfect!

  375. Mine are stored in their original boxes on a super-sturdy set of shelves in the garage. These would be great to keep them from knocking against each other!

  376. I store my jar wherever I can: shelves, boxes, cupboards, … No earthquakes around here so no problem with breaking jars!

  377. Wow. I have been kicking myself for throwing out their original boxes, and have jars wedged into nooks and crannies. I have one shelf in the kitchen that I use for jars “in rotation” for dry goods and leftovers. Overflow is relegated to the garage, some loose in random cardboard boxes stacked on shelves, and others more securely stored in yet other random, but more appropriately-sized, cardboard boxes. I can’t tell how many jars I have of what sizes because there is NO system. I love the idea of this product, and the idea of storing them under my bed!

  378. Seems as if there is a jar or two in just about every room in the house! The last jar of pickled watermelon is hiding in my nightstand 😉

  379. Great looking product!

    A friend made wooden boxes which hold 12 pint jars each. We use 8 or so of those for storing (and stacking) quite a few jars. Some are stored loose in my grandmother’s pie cabinet. Quarts are stored here and there. We did save the boxes from the new jars and use and reuse them until they are in pretty sad shape!

  380. Some of our empty jars are stored in a cupboard (in the cardboard box trays they came in). Others are with our mugs in a kitchen cabinet ..we do tend to drink out of our wide mouth pint jars. And there’s an overflow of emptied jars on the counter…

  381. What a nifty idea! I’m constantly transporting jars for canning classes and the original boxes wear out quickly with all that moving around. These would be fab!

  382. I have always kept them in the half boxes they come in. But this simple idea would make moving a WHOLE lot easier!

  383. I keep my empty jars in my garage in the cupboards that I store my canned food in. They always take up the same amount of space either full or empty. I also keep several empties rotating through my kitchen for quick-grab food storage.

  384. So much better than a banana box! I am constantly transporting empty/full jars back and forth from the Oregon coast to my sister’s place in Coeur’d Alene Idaho. Cool idea and beats smelling pickle juice for 10 hours 🙂

  385. I store them in the divided box they came in, precariously stacked on an unstable kid’s table in the garage. I have been waiting for something like this to come along!

  386. I am the one who has to stack the boxes of empty jars in the barn, complete with old newspapers so they don’t clang together and break.

  387. Milk crates are my go to, but then I have a large garage area devoted to jar storage. The problem, of course, is that I absolutely have to wash them very well after all the dust, woodchips, hay ect accumulates in them all winter and spring.

  388. Love the little jars for jelly, much nicer to put labels on the smooth ones then the fancy ones! I keep as many as I can in the boxes!

  389. These holders look great. Currently I save the boxes my jars come in, or I use moving boxes and squish paper towels in between the jars, but it’s an imperfect method, for sure.

  390. I have jars everywhere! Some in the original boxes, some on the pantry shelves and some tucked under the sink. These would be a great start to getting organized.

  391. I store my jars on the shelf either open or with whatever top I can find for them — essentially giving them the chance to be either dust collectors or mold collectors! ack!

  392. I store my jars on metro shelves in my small NYC kitchen, knocked over periodically by dog and/or small child. These containers are a great idea!

  393. I don’t do any canning not my thing! But however this would be great to carry all my jars from Fillmore to my daughters first birthday party that I will be using as lemonade glasses with the Daisy cut lids ;))

    • My boyfriend and I shove them all into a secret hutch in the basement where they live upside down on top of old newspapers. They come out of their dark cubbyhole covered in dust, spiderwebs and the occasional dead insect. They maybe out of sight out of mind, but the time it takes to pre-clean them is a pain! JarBOX? Yes please!

  394. Empty jars are precariously stacked in the boxes they came in, which would be the new home for the JarBOX. Filled jars live on shelves in a funny little closet over the stairs that serves as my pantry. FIFO is key in that closet!

  395. my basement flooded. Imagine that in Florida. All the boxes got wet and thrown out. So now I have jars all over shelves. I am collecting empties to start up the season again.

  396. I have jars all over the place! On shelves in the garage (they get broken often), some in the cabinet next to my mugs (so they are used for glasses 🙁 and get chipped), boxes in my attic collecting spider webs, and some under the stairs. When it’s time to can something I have an Easter egg hunt for jars! Rings are a challenge in themselves. Lids are the only easy part since I buy new every year.

  397. This is great timing, because my jar storage starts to get a little out of control around now, when I’m reaching the end of the winter stash. It seems like I’m constantly moving empty jars around, and inevitably something’s going to get broken.

    They are mostly stored upside-down in the cardboard trays they came in, but the overflow goes onto every horizontal surface in my kitchen and dining room. I’d love to keep the empties down in our basement, but without something proper to store them in, it would mean I would have to wash/sterilize them all again before use, and that doesn’t appeal to me. This would be a great solution!

    Thanks for sharing this great product!

  398. I store my jars in shelves in a little basement closet that we call The Fruit Room after a similar storage room in my grandmother’s house.

  399. I’m a little bit embarrassed to say that it’s catch as catch can. I put empty jars back into the boxes they came in when I can find the right type of box and get the jars to fit (sometimes the heathens make off with things around here). Full jars live on some metal shelving in the basement that was here when we bought the house, but I ran out of space on those shelves last summer, so I foresee that something else will have to be added or found this year.

  400. Full jars have 2 shelves upstairs that I’m constantly moving around as we use them. Unused jars are stored everywhere there is free space. Original boxes, found boxes, on shelves upstairs, on shelves downstairs…they’re everywhere, they’re everywhere. I’ve drooled over the JarBOXes before, but haven’t been able to buy any.

  401. I, too, save the boxes and store my jars in them. Then I store the boxes in my bedroom closet until I need them. Thanks for the opportunity to win your JarBox set.

  402. This is an idea that is overdue. Why didn’t we think of that? I have not figured out any storage solution for my jars that is half this good. Hooray, Fillmore Containers!

  403. Happily, I have a garage with some shelves, but sadly I have to climb over & under things to get to them, so this is for long term overflow storage only (full boxes of jars). I usually have one box of half-pints with my lobster/waterbath pots on the one easy-access shelf in the garage. Individual jars that have recently been emptied collect in the basement until I have a full box worth (to send to the garage!). Filled jars are in our basement pantry (flexible wood shelving from Williams Sonoma, which I’ve assembled & reassembled in multiple residences).

  404. I store some of my jars in the original boxes. But, now I have way more jars than boxes, so they just have to sit on the shelves. I broke one recently when it got shoved off by something I was moving around!

  405. Currently, I have an old freestanding pantry that was my husband’s great-grandmother’s. But I’m about to move—these sound glorious!

  406. I have an old pet food storage shelving unit that is for my empty canning jars and water bath canner…. the jars are stored in assorted size boxes.

  407. My jars (full and empty) are stored wherever I can find space. That is to say, all over the house and nowhere in particular.

  408. Some of my finished products go into my cabinets and kitchen closets, while others go onto some bookshelves in my “crazy” room (named so because we have no basement in our bi-level home and this room catches whatever I can’t fit upstairs) . When I remember to date them it’s awesome. Sometimes though, I forget – then it’s whatever I grab and hope for the best! Winning these would be a great help for my organizational needs.

  409. These are perfect! I currently stack empty jars on the shelves in random boxes. I hate when I hear them all knock around. I can several hundred quarts each year.

  410. Jars that are currently full of canned goods are on the shelf in the cardboard trays they are sold in. Empties go upside down in that tray until the tray is full of empties, then the jars are jammed into an old tomato box (guess what most of the jars were filled with!) where they don’t quite fit all twelve. It’s a pretty lousy system, and results in spending a bunch of time trying not to break you neck tripping over boxes of empties while you rummage to the back of the shelf to find the last jar of pasta sauce behind the empties stacked in front.

  411. Sadly, when empty my jars are kept where there is room. When full, in the basement on shelving & also in my pantry. I have very little room to store them so I cannot put up as much as Id like. Thus, Im glad to find out about these !

  412. We put up shelves in the laundry room for empty jar storage. They are pretty full though and I mostly use quart jars in the late summer and fall for tomatoes and applesauce so the JarBOX would be great to store them in the attic.

  413. This will be my first season for “Food in Jars” and I have just purchased four cases (6 jars each) of the blue antique reproduction Ball jars that are still in the box. I have been fretting about how to avoid breaking them. This would be perfect.