Giveaway: The Complete Cuppow Glass Travel Mug

Cup Coozie set

About a month or so ago, the Cuppow team added a new product to their line-up. Called the Cuppow Coozie, this snug-fitting jar jacket works with most wide mouth pint jars and is made from recycled plastic PET bottles (those are the ones with a #1 on the bottom). The material is called pfelt and is durable and feels good in the hand.

feel the pfelt

I’ve had a Cuppow Coozie in my life for about a month now, and I’ve been using it a lot. Back in January, I made a private resolution to only get take-out coffee if I had a reusable cup with me. Because of this, I almost always tuck a travel mug of some kind in my bag before heading out (I never know when the urge to grab a cup will strike).

Before the Coozie landed in my mail box, I had been using a Contigo Autoseal mug. It’s a very well made mug, but it insulates so well that in order to bring the coffee down to a drinkable temperature, I’d need to remove the lid for an extended period of time. To my mind, that defeats the purpose of a travel mug.

jar with coozie

What I appreciate about the Cuppow Coozie is that it provides some insulation (and hand protection) while allowing the coffee to cool naturally enough that I can manage to drink it without removing the lid or waiting half the day. It also comes fitted with a little finger loop, making it easy and comfortable to hold and drink from the jar.

I’ve started taking a jar fitted with a Coozie with me whenever I’m planning on working from a coffee shop, which is something I do at least twice a week. My two favorite shops both offer reusable mugs if you plan on staying awhile, but far too often, I’ve managed to spill coffee everywhere when using their ceramic mugs. Using a jar fitted with a Cuppow lid and Coozie means that my risk of spillage is much less (additionally, both shops offer a small discount if you bring your own mug, so I save a few pennies each time).

holding jar with Coozie

The kind folks at Cuppow have offered up five of their Complete Glass Travel Mug set-ups for me to giveaway. Each one contains a wide mouth pint jar and ring, one Cuppow lid, and a Cuppow Coozie (just like what’s pictured in the first image in this post). Oh, and if you don’t want to wait to see if you win the giveaway, the travel mug kit is on sale right now for just $24.95.

Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what you’d put in a Complete Cuppow Glass Travel Mug.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, May 16, 2015. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog soon thereafter.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only. Void where prohibited.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: The Cuppow team sent me one of their travel mug kits for photography and review purposes. They are also providing the units for this giveaway. Additionally, they are a Food in Jars sponsor. However, I would write about their products even if they didn’t help support this site because they are good and useful, particularly for those of us who are preoccupied with jars. 

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332 responses to “Giveaway: The Complete Cuppow Glass Travel Mug”

  1. Fruit/Veggie smoothies- my summer breakfast routine that I’m trying out in jars for easy clean-up and to reduce spillage on my way to work 🙂

  2. Tea. I try to only drink liquids with calories sitting down and paying attention to the drink. Tea (no milk or sugar) is my “to go” drink .

  3. My fiance is forever forgetting his travel mug on his work trips, so I would tuck this into the little mess kit he takes with him. He would, no doubt, use it for coffee with almond milk. Great idea!

  4. Hmmm, probably hot or iced coffee and my daily green smoothie. Smoothies are hard to drink from my other insulated travel mug and leave a big green mustache on my face!

  5. love love love my cuppow accessories. recently, my boyfriend has started stealing them so a new set would be a welcome addition for his morning coffee routine 🙂

  6. This would be perfect at work. Free coffee and a lovely cup to put it in. I love using my canning jars so this would be great.

  7. So many things– coffee, tea, smoothies. I have been known to take them along in a naked, lidless Mason jar, which is always just a little dangerous!

  8. I would use my travel mug kit for tea! Specifically, my favorite tea, which is a dark British blend with a touch of sugar and plenty of milk. Yum.

  9. Tea–loose leaf, of course–with a splash of milk and a little spoonful of sugar. Let’s be honest, a big spoonful of sugar! With an occasional indulgence of chai.

  10. My husband would use this for hot or iced coffees or maybe tea. He always checks when we’re at a store selling mason jar like cups to see whether or not they’re glass. They’ve always been plastic 🙁 so he hasn’t bought one yet. This would be perfect.

  11. This time of year it’s iced coffee (my own, if I’ve the forethought to have it ready). Otherwise it’d be nice to take tea – I’m partial, and I’d be nice to have *good* tea when I’m out, instead of always having to opt for coffee to avoid nast-tea.

  12. A lovely latte. I’ve had to cut back my caffeine consumption considerably, so that latte has taken on a new, indulgent quality.

  13. I would use it all day from my morning coffee work commute to my water & coffee/tea throughout the day! When people do not bring their own cup to my work each time they get a drink from the coffee maker or water cooler they use a disposable styrofoam cup. That’s maybe 5-8 cups per person per day! That is outrageous! So not only would I save all of those cups from the landfill but I would strive for change at work & lead by example using my new cuppow set up! It would also be really nice to have the lid, I don’t have an office & I have to leave my cup unattended in a break room.

  14. I would use it for tea as I am not a coffee drinker.

    I drink Harney and Sons loose Earl Grey Supreme and Celestrial Seasonings Bengal Spice or Rooibus Safari Spice.

    I will also occasionally have Safeway Select European Cafe Style Hot Cocoa.

  15. For now, chai… but if I get myself a present (home espresso maker!) when I get a job (crossing fingers for July!), I’ll use it for a homemade latte.

  16. I’ll put my homemade Mexican coffee in it. That’s strong coffee, a big tablespoon of World Market’s dark chocolate cocoa, a teaspoon of their “Mexican Cocoa” mix, plus nearly a teaspoon of ground chipotle chile. People, if this doesn’t get you going in the morning, you’re on your way to the morgue.

  17. I would definitely put in some matcha or possibly some bone broth. Usually only drink iced coffee which might defeat the purpose =P

  18. I would use this for steamed milk lattes sweetened with the salted caramel syrup I just got for Mother’s Day.

  19. I seem to be developing a new habit now that a coffee shop has opened up between home and work…so I’m pretty sure it would be some kind of coffee!

  20. Kansas City Roasterie Dark Mojo coffee with a little (okay, maybe more than a little) of Carolans Irish Cream.

  21. Cold brewed iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk, because my husband is Vietnamese and that’s how you drink iced coffee! Mmm!

  22. We get some amazingly bad coffee at work, so I’d fill my jar with cafe con leche from the shop down the street!

  23. Water with a splash of juice and ice………my goal is to reduce sugar intake and just a bit of juice in water is as good or better than those expensive flavored waters.

  24. Right now it would be iced coffee, but depending on the day, or time of a day, it may just be water or tea. Wait, if it’s the witching hour (after school, before dinner) it would be a brandy old fashioned. Yes. Old Fashioneds.

  25. Hot delicious coffee! And iced tea, iced water and hot chai tea. Yum! I think I am going to go make a drink!

  26. My winter herbal tea stash — homegrown blend of opal, christmas and lime basil plus lemon verbena and a dried Meyer lemon slice.

  27. I could see this being good for iced drinks that sweat as well as hot ones that need a coozie to protect your hand…so since it’s just gotten hot out, I’d put iced herbal tea in it!

  28. I would drink either hot tea with lemon (either black tea or lemon ginger), or on a hot day some Arnie Palmer (I make my own rather unsweetened version).

  29. I like the reusable idea! I would take anything from coffee, tea, or smoothie in my jar. Jars are also easier to wash than the tall skinny cups we have.

  30. In the morning I would start out with coffee and then switch to a cold lemonade drink if it’s hot afternoon and in the evening; maybe a bit of wine.
    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity

  31. I need 2! One for coffee, one for tea! I drink coffee on the way to school which is an hour away and tea on the way home! I love the idea of this!

  32. Winning the the Cuppow would be perfect foru upcoming travel to take snacks on the flight and use it for drinks later.

  33. Coolness. I’m with #99! Alas, I work 6 morning out of the week so no treats in my coffee until Sunday morning! But a cuppo Chai is superb as well!

  34. My husband takes coffee with him to work in a glass jar every day. I know he’d love the extra insulation of one of these coozies!!

  35. I would put sweet iced coffee in my travel mug. And eventually, my sweet husband who says I steal his shirts, would take over the mug and use it with his hot coffee on the way to work in the morning!

  36. I drink tea all day beginning the day with tea with lemon and honey. I also like the occasional cup of mocha.

  37. I’m sure I would use it to put my homemade mocha that I take with me whenever I travel anywhere over 10 miles. The Cuppow travel mug set looks great.

  38. Since it’s 80 degrees plus around Delaware these days, it’s iced coffee and tea weather! (Hard to believe though that my mother-in-law was snowed in this weekend out in Colorado!)

  39. I have the original Cuppow & use it all the time. To insulate, I adapt one of the soda can holders laying around…no loops. 🙁

  40. I’m not a coffee or tea drinker, so I’d have hot chocolate in it in the winter and water in the summer!

  41. Delicious iced coffee! It takes me so long to get through it that it often warms up before I’m done drinking.

  42. This would be perfect for my hot tea in the morning. Without the lid, I think it would be great for my oatmeal at the office!

  43. I bring coffee in a travel mug every day, but the stainless-interior mug I use still has a plastic lid, which gets a little icky. I’d use this for my morning coffee, then rinse it out and use it for ice water all day.

  44. what could I not put in it? Hot tea, sweet tea, rum & coke, margarita(because you know it is 5 o’clock somewhere) coffee, cold lemonade, etc – possibilities are ENDLES!

  45. My employer offers discounts at our on-premise dining facilities for those who use re-usable coffee cups. It’s hard to carry a regular mug without spilling it, so the Cuppow system would be great. Not only would I get a discount, but I’d feel better about not filling up a landfill with the rubbish-residue of my coffee habit.

  46. I would send this kit straight away to my son for his morning tea. I worry about him using a glass jar with no protection/cushioning so this is perfect.

  47. This time of year with,our temperatures already hitting the low 90s it would be iced tea. Collier months are all about hot cocoa, hot tea and chai latte.

  48. I will put all sorts of things in my mug. I loved reading your blog post because it sounds like me! I tend to not use ceramic or regular mug due to my nature of spillage (the Valdiz of coffee :} However, I tend to have 2 – 3 containers of liquid on my desk at any given time. The probabilities of what are contained therein: coffee; water; Kefir; hot tea; Iced tea; Arnold Palmer; hot chocolate; milk; carbonated beverages; and the list goes on. Currently I am using my Contigo but I don’t like how insulated they are and how I have to wait to drink my coffee!

    Long comment, but sincere.

  49. This would be great as I’m going to be stuck in a wheelchair for a while. It would be perfect for my morning tea.

  50. I really love all these Cupow products they are so versatile. I would put any beverage in this from my sweet tea to my coffee. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Canning!

  51. Hot tea when it’s cold, iced tea when it’s hot. I would love to win this because my son keeps taking my ceramic mug and I have a supply of mason jars. Can’t stand the taste of tea in a plastic, metal or, worse yet, styrofoam cup!

  52. Water, straight up water!!! I need a cozy that will keep the water cold without ice. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  53. TOday I’d put some warm chai tea in it…last week in KY when it was HOT I’d have put our families vodka slush in it!

  54. I would use this either for iced coffee on the go or bring it with me to the coffee shop and avoid having to use the cardboard to go cups

  55. I take my coffee to work every day. This would be great for drinking it while on the train instead of waiting until I got there (because it was so hot).

  56. During warm weather when I am out in the yard working I need to stop work and get a drink. Many times that drink is water only an iced coffee would be nice too. I like the looks of the CowPow travel mug because bugs could not get into drink.

    • Tara, my apologies that this giveaway isn’t open to Canadians. I do try to include you guys whenever possible, but my partners often impose limitations! So sorry!

  57. Yummy tea, either moon tea brewed in the jar for the next day or something fresh brewed for now. Maybe herbal? Maybe rooibos.

  58. Mommy juice. Lots and lots of mommy juice…

    For real though, I am pretty sure fate heard my burned-hand cries and answered my prayers for a mason jar cozy. Love this!

  59. Fruit and/or herbal ICED teas. And when I say ICED, I mean ICED! It’s only May and hit hit the 90’s today. It feels like summer already. Sure would like to try that coozie to see if it will keep it colder longer and stop it from sweating so quickly.

  60. Sweet! This would be perfect for a to-go smoothie. Great idea about not buying coffee out without a cup.

  61. Strawberry lemonade, cherry lime ade, sweet tea, chai, water, anything liquid. I would be so thrilled to have a real cuppow. For my sons 5th birthday party I made redneck cups, by drilling a hole into a wide mouth lid and using it for his birthday party. That was three years ago when I was just problem solving not being able to find cool cups for his birthday party. I would love to be a grown up.

  62. A.M.- coffee for the morning walk to my daughter’s school…
    P.M.- tea for the afternoon pickup and requisite playground time!

  63. Single origin Brazil aero press that my husband roasted for us yesterday!

    Thanks for asking the question, it made me smile to think of such a delight.

  64. In the warmer months, iced coffee from my Keurig….I’m in CA, they’re almost all warmer months 😉 For our month of winter (or in my icebox of an office) hot coffee from the office Keurig, or hot cocoa once I’ve surpassed my maximum caffeine limit for the day.

  65. I’d love to put some hot (or iced!) mint tea in there. I think it would also work nicely as a barrier to the cold!

  66. I’d use my cuppow travel mug set to drink some cold refreshing mango coconut water or get my day started off right with a peanut butter mocha protein shake! Yum yum 😀

  67. I am still on the hot chocolate kick. Temperatures will fall into the low 30’s tonight. Hopefully, next week back to iced coffee.

  68. I would use it for hot tea in the mornings, I work on a farm stand early mornings and it get soooo cold while unpacking cold veggies.this seems like such an easy and helpful solution to over using my coffee mugs, I could always just use different jars!

  69. I’d love to tote my morning tea or smoothie in this, and keep it handy for any on the go coffee cravings that may strike!

  70. I ‘d probably use it most for coffee (to be honest), cuz I usually have to hit the ground running and my car ‘s cup holders are too small for jars, and I can never find the travel mug that does fit (when I need it), and I always have jars, so that’s what I fill with coffee… and then there I am on the highway trying to steer, open the jar, steer, drink coffee, steer, close the jar.
    Give the set to me. The life you save may be your own. 🙂

  71. In our house we’d fill it with whatever juice came out of the juicer that morning. Then rinse it out and fill it up with coffee to go as I head outside to do morning outdoor chores and take the kiddo to school. Thanks for an awesome product!

  72. I would definitely use this all the time, whether for hot tea, my occasional mocha, or iced tea in the summer!

  73. This looks awesome. I’ve never seen the Cuppow coozie before. I would use it for many things, but mostly for coffee or tea, both hot or iced!

  74. I’d put paleo Thai iced tea in my travel mug now that it’s warming up! And in the winter, back to hot rooibos ❤️

  75. This is such a cool kit! It would be perfect for tea in the colder months and lemonade or iced tea in the summer!

  76. The cozy design is elegant, down to how it wraps the bottom of the jar. I’d use it for hot chocolate, tea, soup, or smoothies.

  77. I’ve wished for one of these forevahhhh! I often put an old sock on my mason jar to either help keep my coffee warm or help protect my hand from the heat – this is a kajillion times better! I put everything in my mason jars, smoothies, hot coffee, hot soup, iced coffee, water, and sip them through my Cuppow lids. I’ve given all of my family Cuppow lids and they love them. This is the logical next addition to my life. 🙂

  78. I would make coconut mocha coffee with homemade mocha creamer and add caramel flavored coffee ice cubes for a yummy, summery iced coffee treat!

  79. I walk almost three miles to work every day, and always bring a cup of coffee with me — hot in the winter and iced in the summer. I’ve been in the market for a new travel coffee solution, and this one looks perfect!

  80. tea, tea, tea!!! with honey, lemon and ginger!! the cup I’m using daily now is getting old, so I definitely could use a new one

  81. I’d put my coffee or chai tea in my cuppow travel mug. My daughter loves using my cuppow for ice water. The coozie would come in handy for her also. 🙂

  82. I’d have a cup of full-strength coffee, a rare treat but very necessary sometimes thanks to my energetic toddler and very hungry one-month-old!

  83. I would put my iced pau d’arco & hibiscus tea in the glass travel mug in the summer, and in the winter some hot rooibos vanilla tea.

  84. This is so cool! I’d use it for some of my own chai tea latte blend. I started making my own when the local price went up so much. After some tweaking i think i have the ultimate mix.

  85. I would use it for my morning coffee with vanilla almond milk creamer. Delicious! Thanks for the chance to win this cool product. 🙂

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