Giveaway: Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker

April 18, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)

Takeya Iced Tea Maker

Recently, the weather has warmed here in Philly and the balmier days have me craving big glasses of iced coffee and tea. I’ve been dashing out to my favorite coffeeshop for the java (I really need to get my cold brew habit restarted) and I’ve been using a Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker for my hit of iced tea.

two packets green tea

The folks at Takeya sent me this iced tea maker month or so back to try out (along with a couple boxes of tea). I’m well and truly smitten with it because it allows me to make iced tea without an overnight wait or extended cooling time in the fridge (and sadly, I rarely have room in my fridge for such things as pitchers of iced tea. It’s a little crammed in there most of the time).

pouring hot water

The way it works is that you load the tea into the infuser and fill the container halfway up with appropriately heated water (temperatures vary for different styles of tea, so it’s always good to consult a tea brewing chart like this one). Once the tea has steeped, you pull the infuser out of the pitcher.

Draining the filter

Then you fill the pitcher up with ice, screw on the lid tightly and shake the whole apparatus to cool down the tea. The lid is designed so that the pitcher should not leak at all (which also means that you can store it on its side, another plus for my overstuffed fridge).

Takeya has put together a really nice line of teas designed to work with these tea makers, as well as recipes to fancy up your basic iced tea.

cooling the tea

You should use more ice than I show here. I just happened to be low on ice at the moment I was making this batch and so skimped a little (such is life). Still, it was quite good with a splash of rhubarb syrup (from a recent batch of this guy) and a little sparkling water.

Thanks to the nice Takeya folks, I have one of these pitchers to give away, along with one packet of tea. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your favorite way cool down in the warmer months.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Sunday, April 21, 2013. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog that evening.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents, only (so sorry, further-flung friends, I’m not in charge of the shipping).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: Takeya USA provided me with a review unit of the Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker, as well as two boxes of tea. They’ve also provided the giveaway unit and tea. No money changed hands and my opinions remain my own. 

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341 thoughts on "Giveaway: Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker"

  • When warm weather rolls around I switch to iced coffee and tea. LOVE the iced tea! This looks like a super fun way to make it!

  • My favorite way has always been to sit on the stairs to my grandma’s root cellar, which is always refreshingly cold in the hottest weather — even with her house un-airconditioned! Since I now live far away in Dallas, though, I’m looking to iced tea as a viable option and this seems like a great accessory to that. I hope I win πŸ™‚

  • Right now, I’m into brewing and consuming insane amounts of sun tea in my Ball half-gallon jars….but during the really hot months I also work iced coffee into my beverage rotation–sipped out of pint jars of course! (Plus, taking the kids to the swimming pool when it opens up runs a close second for staying cool!)

  • I make lots of ice-cream but for drinks an ice cold lemon water or tea. This will be great just for teas. Thanks!

  • My summer cool down method is keeping a jar in the fridge of filtered water with cucumber slices floating around. This seems to refresh beyond just a sip of cool water.

  • i used to cool down on the few hot days here in western wash by sitting in wading pool with my bullies. the only way i could cool them down outside

  • I cold brew iced tea–I try to start enough for the weekend on Thursday night. But I usually run out–am super-curious to try this new gadget!

  • I love iced tea with lemon. Sweet, of course. I have discovered cold brew coffee and it is a close second place in my heart for a good cool down treat. Yum!

  • I’m completely addicted to Iced Tea (with no lemon) and have to drink it every morning when I wake up, even before my coffee!

    As for cooling off in the summer, I love ice cream but I think Popsicles do the trick better, I like ones made from orange juice like my mom did for us when we were little or chocolate pudding for fudge-pops.

  • “Cooling down” isn’t usually needed where I live: the maritime NW. But we still engage in summer-like rituals including peppermint iced tea with floppy hats on and feet in the wading pool. πŸ™‚

  • I love homemade iced tea, Arnold Palmers, or a nice gin and tonic (though I’m off booze until this baby comes). Gotta love Philly in the springtime!

  • Iced Tea, Iced Coffee and Smoothies are my go-to summer cool-downs. Have to say I’m intrigued with this ‘Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker’, and would love one! What a great idea and design πŸ™‚

  • I am looking out my window at over a foot of snow in my backyard, so thinking about being warm and needing to cool down seems very distant. I have faith that warmer weather will eventually come to Colorado. Iced tea is always a favorite, but I make lots and lots of popsicles. Coconut milk mixed with some cocoa powder and sugar makes a nice fudgesicle. My recollections is that it was the original Put ‘Em Up book that had my favorite creamy lime tequila popsicle complete with salted tops. Very tasty for the grown ups!

  • always have 3 big pitches of iced tea in the fridge. One bold and black, one fresh green, and one an herbal conncoction from my garden herbs.

  • Ugh Pennsylvania heat and humidity. My favorite way if staying cool is hibernating in a room with the AC on fill blast and…a lot of iced tea LOL. I go through gallons I it over the summer. And this looks like a great new pitcher I need to own! πŸ™‚

  • One of my favorite ways to cool down include frozen yogurt or smoothies… but after getting my slightly horrific digestive issues diagnosed, I’ve had to give up the milk, fruit, honey, and specific sweeteners that typically go into those treats. *sigh* But cold tea is safe and delicious — actual tea or a boricha-oksusucha blend.

  • I like iced tea. When I lived in the south I got a thing for sweet tea, but all the sugar isn’t so good for me… so a nice iced mint or green is probably the way to go.

  • I like to make a Cuban drink called Bul. It’s beer, gingerale, lime juice and limes in a pitcher of ice. Sounds strange, I know, but it’s sooo good on a hot day!

  • Thankfully it doesn’t get too hot in Seattle in the summer, but my favorite way to cool down is to lay on my bed with an oscillating fan blowing. So peaceful.

  • I spritz old sheets with water then throw them in the freezer- after about a half hour or so you pull them out, wrap it around you and it is like being in an air conditioned bubble for a little while!

  • Here in south-central Texas, we rely on lazy fans, cold melon, sweet tea, linen clothing, and an occasional balloon fight. Even the grown-ups!

  • It doesn’t get too bad in Portland, either. As you remember, Marisa, we’ll have a week of unpleasantly warm weather and then back to cool and gray. Usually just the fan, a glass of ice tea, a spray bottle if needed… and keeping the cats off!

  • My favorite way to cool down is to find some water to play in (lake, river, ocean, creek, backyard hose…lol!) and have cold drinks and cold watermelon πŸ™‚

  • I love to be hot in the summer! But if it gets too humid, I love to cool down with ice tea more than anything, I love to mix up flavors and syrups (and sometimes I get weird and add seltzer to them)

  • I love making sun tea with fresh herbs. I also have a little hose-run mister that I love to set up on the seriously hot days.

  • Very much like to put out a gallon glass jar filled with water and some teabags and a couple of hours later – sun tea! Yummy good and refreshing. On the really hot muggy days, a damp cloth across the back of the neck does a great job of keeping me cool.

    Have noticed that the gallon of tea is just too much. (How hard is it to just reduce the amount of water and tea? Don’t seem to have figured that out!) This sounds like a nice alternative for a quick fix.

  • A gin and tonic or mojito on a late Saturday afternoon after a day of outdoor work is one of my favorite refreshers in the summer.

  • Swimming is hands down my favorite activity in the summer, followed by a close second of enjoying a tall glass of sweet iced tea!

  • Ooh, looks like a neat little gadget. My husband loves iced tea so I’m entering for his benefit. I tend to go for iced coffee (a relatively new discovery) or just a lot of water with a touch of lemon juice.

  • Faintly flavored ice cubes (w/ a splash of fresh juice or herbs) are fantastic to add to a glass of water or, if small enough, to just pop in your mouth to cool down in the heat of summer. Would love to add a couple to ice tea from this brilliant steeper/pitcher!

  • My husband is from the South, and as a result, he and my older daughter LOVE sweet iced tea (the sweeter, the better, often WAY too sweet for my Northern taste buds!). I like water with lots of ice, although we recently purchased a Takeya pitcher with infuser, and I love infusing water with citrus and spearmint. Another pitcher would be wonderful!

  • The second spring hits, my boyfriend and I start making and keeping ice tea on hand. We like all different flavors, all unsweetened, cold brew and hot brew alike. That cute pitcher would also be great in my overstuffed fridge.

  • pickles and watermelon are my go to’s when its too darn hot also a spicy south american oat drink i make does the trick. thanks for the post.

  • Moscow Mules became a staple last summer for chilling out on hot evenings. I’ve been drinking a lot more iced tea lately in trying to cut back on diet soda, and this seems like a very convenient thing to have.

  • Swimming is by far my favorite way to cool down on a hot summer’s day, followed by appetizers and cool drinks on the deck amid the potted plants.

  • In the summer, I like to cool down with smoothies and over-night soaked oatmeal with farmer’s market berries!

  • I probably go through a gallon of iced tea every few days in the summer; I’m not much of a water drinker.

  • Sweet tea and ceiling fans are my go-to cool down techniques! Too-hot is also the only weather that gets me excited to get up in the morning and go to work; the office is air conditioned and my apartment is not.

  • Living in Florida (93.2 @ 5pm) I go through a lot of sun tea. This would be so much easier than making the tea on the patio.

  • I usually drink iced Brazilian mate. It’s rich and simple. Goes well with lemon, with or without sugar.

  • I carry a folding fan with me throughout the summer, in a special fan loop I put on my purses. Makes me channel my inner Karl Lagerfeld and feel fabulous.

    Iced tea when it’s early, Tanqueray and tonic with a lemon and a lime in the later afternoon. Big, cold salads and chilled fruit soups. Swimming, when applicable.

  • I cool off by tossing a bunch of grapes in the freezer for awhile and then lay the bunch on my chest as a lay there eating one grape at a time.

  • Mojitos and whiskey/gingers… good thing it’s not always hot up here, or I’d be drunk all the time…

  • Frozen grapes. I keep a bag of them in the freezer through all of the hot weather and gnaw on them when it gets unbearable.

  • A cool cloth on the back of my neck! I also freeze water bottles and sip on that if I’m outside.

  • Want! Favorite way to cool down is to have the hubs grill out back. My house doesn’t heat up from the cooking, and then we can enjoy a sunset meal!

  • Sitting in the basement and/or in front of the fan, while eating something cold–like an icy smoothie or a popsicle.

  • I am a lizard and prefer the heat….that being said….I drink liquids all day long. Air conditioning doesn’t hurt either.

  • My favorite way to cool down is by drinking mugi-cha (Japanese roasted barley tea). I like to make big pitchers of it during the summer and just keep them in the fridge– this iced tea maker would be perfect!

  • Ice coffee. Or, even better, a swim at the local pool or my family’s lake. But ice tea is another favorite way to keep drinking tea AND cool down.

  • I live in TX, so we have about 9 months of summer. Iced tea is always refreshing, and a great way to cool down…next to the pool!

  • I love iced tea. No sugar, but heavy on the lemon. My husband is a sweet tea drinker, and I don’t get it

  • My favorite way to cool down is to have a simple dinner of watermelon, potato salad.
    and corn on the cob in the evening.