Giveaway: Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker

Takeya Iced Tea Maker

Recently, the weather has warmed here in Philly and the balmier days have me craving big glasses of iced coffee and tea. I’ve been dashing out to my favorite coffeeshop for the java (I really need to get my cold brew habit restarted) and I’ve been using a Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker for my hit of iced tea.

two packets green tea

The folks at Takeya sent me this iced tea maker month or so back to try out (along with a couple boxes of tea). I’m well and truly smitten with it because it allows me to make iced tea without an overnight wait or extended cooling time in the fridge (and sadly, I rarely have room in my fridge for such things as pitchers of iced tea. It’s a little crammed in there most of the time).

pouring hot water

The way it works is that you load the tea into the infuser and fill the container halfway up with appropriately heated water (temperatures vary for different styles of tea, so it’s always good to consult a tea brewing chart like this one). Once the tea has steeped, you pull the infuser out of the pitcher.

Draining the filter

Then you fill the pitcher up with ice, screw on the lid tightly and shake the whole apparatus to cool down the tea. The lid is designed so that the pitcher should not leak at all (which also means that you can store it on its side, another plus for my overstuffed fridge).

Takeya has put together a really nice line of teas designed to work with these tea makers, as well as recipes to fancy up your basic iced tea.

cooling the tea

You should use more ice than I show here. I just happened to be low on ice at the moment I was making this batch and so skimped a little (such is life). Still, it was quite good with a splash of rhubarb syrup (from a recent batch of this guy) and a little sparkling water.

Thanks to the nice Takeya folks, I have one of these pitchers to give away, along with one packet of tea. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your favorite way cool down in the warmer months.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Sunday, April 21, 2013. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog that evening.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents, only (so sorry, further-flung friends, I’m not in charge of the shipping).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: Takeya USA provided me with a review unit of the Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker, as well as two boxes of tea. They’ve also provided the giveaway unit and tea. No money changed hands and my opinions remain my own. 

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341 responses to “Giveaway: Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker”

  1. In the summer months, I always keep a gallon jug of water in the fridge. A little splash of lemon juice and a tall glass and it cools me down in a hurry!

  2. I’m a big iced tea drinker in the summer either straight up or 1/2 with lemonade for an Arnie Palmer (do they still call these Arnie Palmers?)

    But my favorite way to cool off in summer (when it finally gets here) is to eat frozen blueberries. Healthy and yummy!

  3. I love cooling down in the warmer months with a blend of Tazo Passion Tea and lemonade. Sweet, fruity, and delightful!

  4. My favorite way to cool down is that kind of insane time when you’re hot and it’s hot out and you drink something hot, and you cool down! Usually I’m opting for ice tea tho, if everyone left me some. This looks like it would help me avoid those sad and frequent times when I’ve made the ice tea and everyone else drank it all.

  5. Iced tea, of course, is my favorite cool down drink. Unsweetened, with a lemon wedge. I’m retired and we spend our summers at a RV park. Our camper has a nice AC unit in it. Unfortunately, my 3 year old son insists on spending all his waking hours outside making me chase his hyper little butt around all day. I’ll need something to cool me off.

  6. I drink iced tea year round. But I am gonna really mess you up when I say, there isn’t any reason for me to cool down. I love the heat and humidity and would want it year round if I could. So anything below 80F is not nice to me. I don’t have air conditioning here in Michigan and I will go running for miles in the heat. Yeah, I am a freak but I am allowed to be at my age.

  7. My husband brews beers so for us it’s the shandy all the way-equal parts beer (preferably a lager, but wheat beer isnt bad) and lemonade (simply lemonade is okay if you don’t have homemade). Limeade is a good twist too.

  8. Iced vanilla chai tea with cream 🙂 I love Oolong hot and this looks like it would be the perfect thing to try for iced oolong tea!

  9. When I was a kid we pretty much spent the entire summer in the river, swimming or boating. I don’t live so close to a river anymore, though, and I no longer know anyone with waterfront property either, so these days I just settle for sitting in the shade with my feet and a bag of ice in a kiddie pool, and keep endless glasses of sekanjabin or sweet tea at my elbow.

  10. Popsicles! I’d like to say only the homemade kind from fruit juice, but I’ll admit there’s usually a box of store-bought in my freezer during the summer.

  11. I love iced tea all year ’round, but especially in summer. I like using flavored teas the most. And a quick cool down is to run cool water over my wrists.

  12. I like you rarly have room for iced tea but do love it so much but right now on a kick of iced water with a True Lemon flavor in it. Usually that would be True Orange but all have a place in a holder on the table. At least it is getting me to drink 4 to 5 glasses of water a day and I can resist the horrible weigh gaining cola.

  13. Ice tea is my go-to drink year-round. Seriously, it is always in the fridge, which from your description bears a striking resemblance to yours. Most of the time it’s not fancy tea, just plain old tea. It’s my house wine.

  14. Huge ice tea fan here! Although last year I really got into making many varieties of homemade lemonade flavored with many things. I would love to try this out – it looks like it would be great for *hot* or *iced* tea!

  15. I love hibiscus Ice tea in the summer to cool off. It has a naturally cooling affect much like watermelon. Oh, watermelon, I just have to remember it will be warm soon.

  16. I tend to be a beer guy, but we always have a jug of tea in the fridge for the wife’s motorcycle riding friends that stop by.

  17. I didn’t even know something like this existed! Ice tea & me. That’s the most satisfying summer cool down equation.

  18. I like to have iced cold water from my Artesian well in the fridge at all times. It makes the best tasting tea, too.

  19. I would love to win thanks for the chance.
    One of my favorite drinks is ice tea. My family drinks it most of the year. This would be great to have

  20. I love iced tea, though I murder mine by using the leftovers from the morning pot and adding in some lemon juice to brighten the bitterness away. This pitcher would be ideal!

  21. Swimming! Lakes/ponds are a big reason I moved out of the city. But I also like to make iced tea to encourage myself to stay hydrated at work–I’m just so much more likely to drink iced tea than water.

  22. Oh my! Iced tea is my all time favorite way to cool down & quench my thirst in the summer and even in winter, as well! Fresh brewed is easy and awesome and I’ve been addicted for years! The size of this would be wonderful to pack in my lunch bag every day!

  23. I’m not really entering the give away. I’m just wondering – is there some other way to make iced tea than to brew tea and then pour it over ice (or add ice to the pitcher/glass)? Why would someone need a “special” pitcher for that that would otherwise be taking up space in the kitchen?

  24. I love to cool off with hibiscus, mint tea! The occasional snow cone and swimming in Cypress Creek! Can’t make it through a Texas Spring, Summer or Fall without those 3 things!

  25. We don’t have air conditioning, so I usually find excuses to visit friends when it gets too hot – most of them have cool homes!

  26. I LOVE iced tea! I stopped drinking soda many years ago and iced tea is the best stand in. This brewer looks like a great option for the workplace as well. Thank you.

  27. I love to grab a cool drink, go to the back porch and catch the evening breeze as I read. It is hard to find anything more enjoyable than this.

  28. I’m a big fan of simple, slightly sweetened tea with lemon… the proportions are my mom’s concoction and it’s fabulous.

  29. My favorite way to cool down is eat (multiple) Popsicles on the porch. Also? Pimm’s Cup is super refreshing and delicious in the summer. Once I even made Pimm’s Cup Popsicles. It was perfect and needs repeating.

  30. I keep water infused with fruit and herbs in the fridge. It is cool, delicious, and makes me feel like I am at a spa.

  31. I wish I could say a chilly treat would cool me down! I sweat like a pig so I need to have the a.c. cranking! I have been known to stick my head on the freezer. Does that count? I do enjoy and ice cream everyonce in a while. Tahiti vanilla bean, please!

  32. Ice cream. Too bad I can’t indulge as much as I like. So then I turn to popsicles. I particularly like the red, white and blue ones.

  33. My favorite way is with iced tea! Yes. it is so good and being from the south, it has to be sweet! Lots of ice too. Thanks

  34. warmer weather, I bring out lots of ice and the ice crusher to make lots of frozen drinks!, made out of almost anyting I have in jars, the freezer off the counter that is fruity and a little sweet!

  35. I never drink iced tea, for the reasons you mentioned, but I LOVE IT! This is a great invention, and thank you for the giveaway!

  36. My mom did this for me when I was little, and now I do it for my kids…. I put their pillows in the freezer about 1/2 an hour before they go to bed on hot summer nights.

  37. I think this year I’m going to try to make yogurt popsicles for breakfast, cool and fun. But right now I’m just excited to open all my windows and let some fresh air in.

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  38. My favorite way to cool down is to lie on the cement floor of my workplace and whine that I’m hot! LOL, not really, though I have threatened to do that when it gets over 100. I usually grab lemonade or flavored waters when it’s hot and majorly ice them down. So it isn’t watered down I use flavored water or lemonade to make the ice.

  39. I LOVE iced tea and make it all year round, on the reg. I love infusing tea with fresh herbs. Mmm, lemon balm iced tea! My honey has a sweet tooth, so we regularly play around with simple syrups to sweeten his tea up. In addition to drinking iced tea by the bucket full in the summertime, we love to cool down with a green tea mist. Brew weak green tea, chill it in the fridge and spritz it over your face. Cools you down AND green tea is great for your skin. Win win.

  40. I was just looking at something like this the other day! I make iced tea all the time and only have loose tea in my house anymore. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Super neat! I love summer, I don’t need much cooling down! But when I do, jumping in the ocean in Maine usually does it. 🙂

  42. Nothing beats a glass of sweet iced tea in the summertime. I’ve heard some people (friends of mine) call it the house wine of the South.

  43. ah, I’ve been wanting one of these!

    In the summer, I like to make a big pitcher of roasted barley tea and keep it in the fridge. It’s very refreshing, especially when you’re a die-hard tea drinker like myself.

  44. I like making a good switchel or just bruising a bunch of various herbs and steeping them overnight in cold water in the fridge.

  45. That thing looks amazing! I’m a cheapskate, so I don’t like spending a lot of money on air conditioning… I end up drinking a lot of water, not cooking (we eat a lot of homemade popsicles, and not just sweet ones, but savory too – I freeze cream soups in popsicle molds too!), and wetting some cheap tshirts and putting them in the fridge or freezer for a while. I actually have a plastic tub that’s just for this purpose in my fridge starting late-June or so 🙂

  46. a bike ride to the river so that i can wade around while drinking an ice cold beer cools me right down in the summer! i cant wait!
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  47. ICED COFFEE. I start that up in, oh, March, hoping for the warm weather to arrive sooner… then by July, I’m over it and can’t wait for fall. Figures.

  48. So cool!!!!My favorite way to cool down in summer – ice tea of course (I am a southern girl) and homemade popsicles!!!!

  49. I saw this product at Costco! Definitely something I would use daily as we drink lots of sun tea during the summer months (green tea for me).

  50. I keep several slushy mugs in the freezer so that any drink can become a slushy that will cool me down instantly! In Florida’s summer heat and humidity, this is a big bonus! Slushy sweet tea is mah-vel-ous, dahling! It gives me an instant energy boost!

  51. I live in western Washington so we only need to cool down a couple of days a year 🙂
    Re- rhubarb syrup… Can you water bath it? I think this would be great to have on hand in off rhubarb months. If not, I will plan freezer space. Thanks

  52. I really like to add fruit and/or mint to plain water and let it steep overnight. Pineapple ( a great use for the core) and watermelon are my favorites.

  53. Definitely sun tea and peach or honeydew popsicles. I’m a cheapskate like Lynne, too–windows open, fans on, cold noodles and salad. Down here in Florida it’s already 90 degrees out.

  54. I’m a cold-brew coffee girl all the way, but I really should get in the habit of drinking more tea instead. I have a Takeya water bottle that I love!

  55. When warm weather rolls around I switch to iced coffee and tea. LOVE the iced tea! This looks like a super fun way to make it!

  56. My favorite way has always been to sit on the stairs to my grandma’s root cellar, which is always refreshingly cold in the hottest weather — even with her house un-airconditioned! Since I now live far away in Dallas, though, I’m looking to iced tea as a viable option and this seems like a great accessory to that. I hope I win 🙂

  57. Right now, I’m into brewing and consuming insane amounts of sun tea in my Ball half-gallon jars….but during the really hot months I also work iced coffee into my beverage rotation–sipped out of pint jars of course! (Plus, taking the kids to the swimming pool when it opens up runs a close second for staying cool!)

  58. My summer cool down method is keeping a jar in the fridge of filtered water with cucumber slices floating around. This seems to refresh beyond just a sip of cool water.

  59. I cold brew iced tea–I try to start enough for the weekend on Thursday night. But I usually run out–am super-curious to try this new gadget!

  60. I love iced tea with lemon. Sweet, of course. I have discovered cold brew coffee and it is a close second place in my heart for a good cool down treat. Yum!

  61. I’m completely addicted to Iced Tea (with no lemon) and have to drink it every morning when I wake up, even before my coffee!

    As for cooling off in the summer, I love ice cream but I think Popsicles do the trick better, I like ones made from orange juice like my mom did for us when we were little or chocolate pudding for fudge-pops.

  62. “Cooling down” isn’t usually needed where I live: the maritime NW. But we still engage in summer-like rituals including peppermint iced tea with floppy hats on and feet in the wading pool. 🙂

  63. I love homemade iced tea, Arnold Palmers, or a nice gin and tonic (though I’m off booze until this baby comes). Gotta love Philly in the springtime!

  64. Iced Tea, Iced Coffee and Smoothies are my go-to summer cool-downs. Have to say I’m intrigued with this ‘Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker’, and would love one! What a great idea and design 🙂

  65. I am looking out my window at over a foot of snow in my backyard, so thinking about being warm and needing to cool down seems very distant. I have faith that warmer weather will eventually come to Colorado. Iced tea is always a favorite, but I make lots and lots of popsicles. Coconut milk mixed with some cocoa powder and sugar makes a nice fudgesicle. My recollections is that it was the original Put ‘Em Up book that had my favorite creamy lime tequila popsicle complete with salted tops. Very tasty for the grown ups!

  66. always have 3 big pitches of iced tea in the fridge. One bold and black, one fresh green, and one an herbal conncoction from my garden herbs.

  67. Ugh Pennsylvania heat and humidity. My favorite way if staying cool is hibernating in a room with the AC on fill blast and…a lot of iced tea LOL. I go through gallons I it over the summer. And this looks like a great new pitcher I need to own! 🙂

  68. One of my favorite ways to cool down include frozen yogurt or smoothies… but after getting my slightly horrific digestive issues diagnosed, I’ve had to give up the milk, fruit, honey, and specific sweeteners that typically go into those treats. *sigh* But cold tea is safe and delicious — actual tea or a boricha-oksusucha blend.

  69. I like iced tea. When I lived in the south I got a thing for sweet tea, but all the sugar isn’t so good for me… so a nice iced mint or green is probably the way to go.

  70. I like to make a Cuban drink called Bul. It’s beer, gingerale, lime juice and limes in a pitcher of ice. Sounds strange, I know, but it’s sooo good on a hot day!

  71. Thankfully it doesn’t get too hot in Seattle in the summer, but my favorite way to cool down is to lay on my bed with an oscillating fan blowing. So peaceful.

  72. I spritz old sheets with water then throw them in the freezer- after about a half hour or so you pull them out, wrap it around you and it is like being in an air conditioned bubble for a little while!

  73. Here in south-central Texas, we rely on lazy fans, cold melon, sweet tea, linen clothing, and an occasional balloon fight. Even the grown-ups!

  74. It doesn’t get too bad in Portland, either. As you remember, Marisa, we’ll have a week of unpleasantly warm weather and then back to cool and gray. Usually just the fan, a glass of ice tea, a spray bottle if needed… and keeping the cats off!

  75. My favorite way to cool down is to find some water to play in (lake, river, ocean, creek, backyard hose…lol!) and have cold drinks and cold watermelon 🙂

  76. I love to be hot in the summer! But if it gets too humid, I love to cool down with ice tea more than anything, I love to mix up flavors and syrups (and sometimes I get weird and add seltzer to them)

  77. Very much like to put out a gallon glass jar filled with water and some teabags and a couple of hours later – sun tea! Yummy good and refreshing. On the really hot muggy days, a damp cloth across the back of the neck does a great job of keeping me cool.

    Have noticed that the gallon of tea is just too much. (How hard is it to just reduce the amount of water and tea? Don’t seem to have figured that out!) This sounds like a nice alternative for a quick fix.

  78. Swimming is hands down my favorite activity in the summer, followed by a close second of enjoying a tall glass of sweet iced tea!

  79. Ooh, looks like a neat little gadget. My husband loves iced tea so I’m entering for his benefit. I tend to go for iced coffee (a relatively new discovery) or just a lot of water with a touch of lemon juice.

  80. Faintly flavored ice cubes (w/ a splash of fresh juice or herbs) are fantastic to add to a glass of water or, if small enough, to just pop in your mouth to cool down in the heat of summer. Would love to add a couple to ice tea from this brilliant steeper/pitcher!

  81. My husband is from the South, and as a result, he and my older daughter LOVE sweet iced tea (the sweeter, the better, often WAY too sweet for my Northern taste buds!). I like water with lots of ice, although we recently purchased a Takeya pitcher with infuser, and I love infusing water with citrus and spearmint. Another pitcher would be wonderful!

  82. The second spring hits, my boyfriend and I start making and keeping ice tea on hand. We like all different flavors, all unsweetened, cold brew and hot brew alike. That cute pitcher would also be great in my overstuffed fridge.

  83. Moscow Mules became a staple last summer for chilling out on hot evenings. I’ve been drinking a lot more iced tea lately in trying to cut back on diet soda, and this seems like a very convenient thing to have.

  84. Swimming is by far my favorite way to cool down on a hot summer’s day, followed by appetizers and cool drinks on the deck amid the potted plants.

  85. Sweet tea and ceiling fans are my go-to cool down techniques! Too-hot is also the only weather that gets me excited to get up in the morning and go to work; the office is air conditioned and my apartment is not.

  86. Living in Florida (93.2 @ 5pm) I go through a lot of sun tea. This would be so much easier than making the tea on the patio.

  87. I carry a folding fan with me throughout the summer, in a special fan loop I put on my purses. Makes me channel my inner Karl Lagerfeld and feel fabulous.

    Iced tea when it’s early, Tanqueray and tonic with a lemon and a lime in the later afternoon. Big, cold salads and chilled fruit soups. Swimming, when applicable.

  88. I cool off by tossing a bunch of grapes in the freezer for awhile and then lay the bunch on my chest as a lay there eating one grape at a time.

  89. Sitting in the basement and/or in front of the fan, while eating something cold–like an icy smoothie or a popsicle.

  90. I am a lizard and prefer the heat….that being said….I drink liquids all day long. Air conditioning doesn’t hurt either.

  91. Ice coffee. Or, even better, a swim at the local pool or my family’s lake. But ice tea is another favorite way to keep drinking tea AND cool down.

  92. I live in TX, so we have about 9 months of summer. Iced tea is always refreshing, and a great way to cool down…next to the pool!

  93. My favorite way to cool down is to have a simple dinner of watermelon, potato salad.
    and corn on the cob in the evening.

  94. oh man, I hate hot weather. cold fancy drinks certainly help. as does staying inside and doing art with the kiddos. this iced tea maker looks great!

  95. An ice cold glass of homemade Sima (Lemon Mead). Love iced tea, but am never patient enough so this would be great!

  96. Not being a fan of the heat, my favorite way to cool off is in the shade with a huge glass of sweet tea. This tea maker sure would make the whole sweet tea making process a little easier!

  97. Iced tea ofcourse! We have a great local tea shop here in Tampa (Tebella) where I love to get my loose tea. My 2 year old even loves going in there and smelling the tea and helping me pick some out.

  98. Fresh lemonade and iced sun tea are my favorite cool drinks. That along with a float in the water is summer paradise for me.

  99. Honestly, my favorite way to cool down is to stay in the AC – sad I know. I make two to three pitcher of sweet southern iced tea every day to every other day in the summer. I family loves it.I’d love to win this & try it with some of my favorite flavored iced teas.

  100. When the weather is hot….my favorite way to cool down is to jump in to a friend’s pool. Fortunately, she lives right down the street from the high school where I teach summer school (with no AC)…..

  101. I love to sit out in my shady back yard with a good book and sun tea. I would love to win this tea maker to speed up the tea making process.
    I love your blog and thank you for all the great giveaways.

  102. My favorite way to cool off is to wear a wet bandanna around my head or neck as I’m working around the house or yard. As it dries out I just rewet it. Only on the most humid-hot days is it not effective and then I’ll admit to taking several cold showers a day!

    I never drink cold drinks (I like mine hot or room temp), but my husband loves his iced tea. This would be great for him!

  103. I like to cool down with fruit. But my husband is a big tea drinker. This would be much easier then boiling it on the stove. which we always let boil over .

  104. Summer is short here in Portland (as you well know) but for the few days that it’s too hot we sit in the shady part of the yard at a table and play board games and make homemade ice cream. Later in the afternoon when it’s too hot for that, we head down to the basement and continue the board games. Then the heat wave passes and it’s lovely again.

  105. I recently got a soda water maker and have been having a ball with making my own syrups and low-sugar sodas, especially on hots days. Maybe I’ll be making my own teas soon too!

  106. I am part Scandinavian, so I tend to overheat at the slightest temperature change. During the warm Southern California summer, I always freeze water bottles so most of the day I have ice cold water on hand.

  107. As Crystal (#224) has already said – heat waves are short in the PNWet. I usually drink my green tea @ room temp, but on the 3 days a year that room temp is warmer than body temp, I have been known to ice it down. I use a wet bandana around my neck and make smart remarks about the drip pattern it leaves on my shirt.

    This pitcher looks very handy. Thanks for introducing me to so many new products via your posts and giveaways.

  108. In the south a good glass of ice tea on a sweltering summer day is worth it’s weight in gold! Nothing beats sitting on the veranda with a good book and an ice cold glass of sweet tea!

  109. Here in the south a good glass of ice tea on a sweltering summer day is worth its weight in gold. Nothing beats sitting on the veranda with a good book and an ice cold glass of sweet tea!

  110. Sitting on the deck with friends, good music, and a pitcher of cool drinks is the best way to stay comfortable in the warmer weather – iced tea, mojitos, sangria, etc!

  111. I love a tall glass of water with fresh picked mint and cucumber…my husband loves fresh brewed iced tea!

  112. Drink loads of buttermilk thinned down with water sometime with crushed cumin or curry leaves or crushed ginger..this is what we love in India 🙂

  113. My favorite summertime beverage is half/half tea. I’m quite addicted to it. Thanks for the chance to win a Flash tea maker to support my addiction.

  114. Here in Fairbanks Alaska we tend to think that anything over 78 degrees is sweltering. On those days, I like to ice my pulse points to cool off and relax in the breeze of a fan. 80 degree summer days or 40 below winter days I still must have my tea, both iced and hot depending upon my mood. I would love to have this pitcher to speed up the ice tea process.

    Thanks for your great ideas,

  115. On hot summer days we love to fill up jugs of iced tea, grab our giant inflatable raft, and float down the Brandywine River 🙂

  116. In South Carolina, we say that one should “get naked and throw ice water” to stay cool in the summer. I can’t say that I’ve tried it, though.

  117. I love hot weather, but I have a feeling that being in my last trimester of pregnancy will change my feelings toward the heat this year!

  118. For cooling down in hot weather we head to the river or woods or (our favourite but a farther trek) the coast 🙂
    Hibiscus coolers with frozen berries and limeades made with honey are favourite drinks around here.

  119. My favorite way is the local italian ice shop, but switching to fancy flavors of iced tea would save both money and calories. 🙂

  120. I’m always cold, so at our altitude (9200 ft) getting warm is my problem. But, my husband drinks gallons of iced tea in the summer and would love this iced tea maker.

  121. We bought a sprinkler-like device at a little rural hardware store years ago, a “Cobra”. It is a rigid, snake-looking thing you attach to your hose. It has micro-holes along it’s coils. Perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day. You may walk by it and be lightly misted, or set it up near your lawn chair for a nice continuous mist. Lovely!

    And lovely describes this tea maker-decanter as well. Might be a new addiction. I’ll look for one at my favorite two-story huge rambling hardware/home goods store, which carries all the trendy stuff.

  122. oh how I love the warm weather…
    sitting on my front porch or back deck with peppermint ice tea is the way I keep cool

  123. I love mojitos. The flavor is great. I make virgin drinks to enjoy threw out the day using mint tea with club soda.

  124. Definitely sweet iced tea. I make it in the sun during our hot New Mexico days and drink a lot of it – a new tea infuser would be great.

  125. When I was little, both my mother and great grandmother made mint tea. My great grandmother had a huge patch of spearmint growing in her back yard, and they’d crush the leaves and put those in with the ice tea as it steeped. It is my FAVORITE in the hot weather!

  126. I love lemonade or limeade with mint during the summer! (okay so i love it all year round but i really enjoy it over the summer! easy on the sugar… tart and refreshing!)

  127. fellow philadelphian here… iced coffee and a stock tank pool (usually for our pup) really does the trick when july rolls around. fingers crossed i win-we share an affinity for iced tea and a lack of fridge space to cool it down!

  128. Nothing beats a cold beverage on the beach or patio! I love running into the ocean (which is cold) and quickly running back out 🙂

  129. During the week nothing beats a big glass of iced green tea with just a little bit of mint. On the weekends, ice-cold hard cider quenches my thirst.

  130. As a resident of Portland, OR, I head to either the mountains or the beach, generally accompanied by a cold beer.

  131. I was just talking to a friend about cold brew coffee last night–I should really give this a try 😛 I’m normally a tea person, and a warm tea person at that (even in summer, ha), but the iced tea maker has me intrigued as well…

  132. Tepid sponge bath, and dusting-powder made from equal parts baking soda and cornstarch or arrowroot, if it’s really unbearable. Next best is stand-in-a-breeze, or drink cold water, plain or with lime juice. I’m normally a hot-tea person, even in the summer, due to early reading about the British Raj – if hot tea worked for the English in India, I figure it’ll work for me. I like cold herbal teas – Celestial Seasonings’ “Zinger” styles are nice. I don’t care much for iced black tea (which is practically sacrilege, in Texas . . . you even get iced tea, unless you specifically ask for hot, in some Chinese restaurants!!), except for chai. I’ll drink chai (made with rice or almond milk, not dairy) at any temperature. Well, it’s sweet, what can I say . . . . I like my coffee hot, too.
    I do a cold-brew tea (like sun-tea only in the fridge)when I know I’ll need to serve guests, after reading lots of warnings about bacterial growth in actual sun-tea – 3-4 teabags in a washed-out 2-quart juice bottle in the fridge for 24 hours. This is much prettier.

  133. Staying in the shade. Or if it’s really hot I just crank up the AC 🙂

    And what is up with fridges only have a tiny bit of tall stuff space? Do they really think everything I want cold is less then six inches high?

  134. This looks super neat! I would love to start a chilled tea habit…if just the weather would decide to cooperate.

  135. I love making different iced tea variations : red zinger, Arnold palmers, iced ginger/ rose petal tea with honey or peppermint hibiscus tea.

  136. My favorite way to stay cool in the warm weather has nothing to do with food or drink. When I got pregnant, I was living in Holland. I was not worried about hot weather since summers were mild. Of course, that summer was the hottest on record. I lived in a house without AC and there were no screens on the windows. I had indoor cats so I could not even open the windows. I came up with an idea. I wet paper towels, laid them flat on parchment, stacked them, and froze them. Then I would sit in front of the fan and cover myself in the frozen paper towels. It helped!!! 🙂

  137. LOVE sitting at the beach on a warm summer day with a good book and a tall glass of sweet ice tea or lemonade. Perfect day.

  138. I cool down with iced mint tea most days, but for some thing really special, I love watermelon soaked in tequila! Yum!

  139. My favorite way to cool off… sit in front of the air conditioner! A glass of lemonaide or iced tea doesn’t hurt either.

  140. Love a nice cool glass of iced tea or water with a slice of lime, sit on my screened in porch and look at my gardens!

  141. I drink a lot of tea and water, especially when it’s warm. I really like it fresh brewed with a slice of lemon or lime. No sweetener for me! If I won this I would definitely use it all the time.

  142. I’m constantly making iced tea, my family goes through at least a gallon a day. This Takeya iced tea maker would be a wonderful tool to have.

  143. It’s fantastic to cool down on a warm summer night with a tall glass of iced tea in front of the fire pit. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long hot day.

  144. I love the cold coffee method you posted before, it’s wonderful! This looks like a great way to make it also.

  145. I plop my feet in the wading pool with the kids and golden retrievers. I only put my feet in because the dogs and kids end up splashing me anyway.

  146. Spring has been so slow to come here and just the other day I was dreaming about iced tea on the back deck. I love to read a magazine in the sun while the kids play in the yard. Sigh….

  147. I’m from Texas….when the temperature busts 100, water-wter-water is the answer. Drink water, play in the water, sweat out gallons of water.

  148. fresh iced tea with lemon is a great way!!! also me & the kids spend a lot of time at the lake…thank goodness it is only a mile away!

  149. My favorite way to cool down is to use the flash chill maker. I just bought one and love the speed at which you chill out. I want to win one for my daughter to give her a great summer

  150. My favorite way to cool off is iced chai tea or water with so much lemon, it is practically unsweetened lemonade.

  151. A mojito. Or a green smoothie. Or a peel lemon/lime + ice + sugar blender treat. Shade from a big tree and a good book help, too.

  152. Iced coldbrew coffee with sweetened condensed milk for hot days inside, and a reused glass juice bottle full of lime slices and mint leaves with water and ice when I’m working in the fields or greenhouse.

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