Giveaway: T-fal Clipso Pressure Cooker

T-fal Clipso pressure cooker box

Update: There’s been a bit of confusion and so to clarify, this is a pressure cooker, not a pressure canner. This is not a device in which you can pressure can. It is only good for pressure cooking.

In the early days of this blog, I was a pressure cooking and canning neophyte. Because of a family legacy of pressure cooking disasters, I was just weeks shy of my 30th birthday before I gathered my courage and tried cooking under pressure for the first time.

T-fal Clipso pressure cooker box top

After that maiden voyage with my pressure cooker (documented here), I was a quick convert to its many uses. I often use my pot for quickly cooking dried beans, braising chicken thighs, or making small batches of highly concentrated chicken stock.

T-fal Clipso pressure cooker

Earlier in the summer, I got an email asking if I might be interesting in trying the new Clipso Pressure Cooker from T-fal. Its defining feature is that instead of having a lid that turns to lock into place, you place the lid on the pot (no need to line it up with the handles) and press the button on the top of the pot. One-handed closure magic!

T-fal Clipso lid lock button

Once you’ve locked the lid in place, you toggle the valve to the cook setting (the other setting is the steam release, which we’ll talk about in just a second), set the pot on the heat and start building up a head of steam. The safety button will wiggle into place (making it impossible to open the pot while the contents are under pressure) and eventually some steam will start to escape through the valve.

T-fal Clipso mechanism

Once the steam starts to escape, you reduce the heat to a medium level. I’m always amazing by how relatively little heat you need to maintain pressure for cooking and canning.

When the cooking time is up, you pull the pot off the heat. Because the valve is built in, this doesn’t produce the same amount of uncertain jiggling that you get with a more traditional pot (which I really appreciate).

Locked T-fal pot

To release the pressure, you can either let it cool slowly and drop naturally, or you carefully turn the control valve to allow the steam to escape. I highly prefer this method to rapidly cooling a pot by running it under cool running water. Finally, to remove the lid, you press the button on the side of the lid handle to release the locking mechanism. So easy.

chickpeas in cooker

The first thing I made in my very sturdy Clipso was a batch of garlicky garbanzo beans. I went from dry beans to soft, tender ones in just half an hour (and if your beans were fresher than mine, it might take even less time!). I combined 2 cups of garbanzo beans in the pot with 8 cups of water, 1 teaspoon of salt and 5 smashed garlic cloves. It’s hummus time!

T-fal max fill line

Because the folks at T-fal want to share the pressure cooker love with you guys, they’ve given me one Clipso Pressure Cooker to give away! Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share a pressure cooking tale. Have you done it and love it? Or are you scared? Perhaps you’re somewhere in between.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, September 26, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, September 27, 2015.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (and is void where prohibited).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: T-fal sent me the Clipso you see pictured here and are providing a second unit for this giveaway. No additional compensation was provided and all opinions remain my own. 

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426 responses to “Giveaway: T-fal Clipso Pressure Cooker”

  1. I’ve only tried pressure cooking once because I’ve heard enough tales to be intimidated. This pot sounds like it takes some of the uncertainty out of it? Do you think you could use it for canning as well as cooking?

  2. I love my small pressure cooker, but have never tried canning with it. I have Lorna Sas’ book, Cooking Under Pressure, and have enjoyed the ease and speed of cooking this way.

  3. Really, really want to learn how to use a pressure cooker but admit to being scared to death of the process. Your explanation has (somewhat) reduced my fear!

  4. I’ve never had a pressure cooker, but I’ve wanted one ever since my parents took in a Brazilian exchange student who brought his own pressure cooker with him to America! Apparently they are very commonly used there, but my family has never had one. Looks like fun!

  5. I’ve never tried pressure cooking or canning because of the disaster tales I’d heard. This one and your description make it sound so do-able that I’d love to give it a try.

  6. I have never used a pressure cooker but I want to buy a small one. When I was 7 or so, my gramma was making some chicken thingie and the pressure cooker blew up. There was chicken parts hanging from the ceiling! It was disgusting! It was also then I decided to go veg. I was not gonna eat a chicken ever again. We lived part time on gramma’s farm, and there are really bad cooking nightmares for me from those days.

  7. I have only used a pressure cooker to do roasts. It’s a little scary but the possibilities are exciting! I’d love to start making my own stocks!

  8. I’m mostly scared because of my mom’s horror stories involving green beans on the ceiling, but I’m ready to give this a shot.

  9. I personally have never used a pressure cooker but my mother and mother-in-law both had.
    I remember one time my mother-in-law was doing green beans on the stove in her basement when all of a sudden there was this loud explosion. (actually, I think she was canning green beans at the time). She went down to see, only to find green beans on the ceiling, the walls; basically all over the place. Oh, what a mess.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity.
    If I should happen to be the winner; this is one item I can cross off my Christmas wish list. Got my fingers crossed

  10. It sounds like a lot of people have the type of memories that I do! When my mother was using her pressure cooker, we were not allowed in the kitchen. I would love to replace those memories with delicious ones!

  11. I’ve used a pressure cooker, mostly for artichokes and corn on the cob.

    My Mother is the one with the pressure cooker story. She was cooking lentils in it. Not sure what she did but the safety valve blew and she had lentils all over the ceiling, walls and floor. She’s never cooked beans in a pressure cooker again. That sorta scared me off beans in a pressure cooker.

  12. A number of years ago, I had a small pressure cooker that I used mainly for chicken and beef. The cooker was passed onto one of our children after they were married. I use a pressure canner and fill quite comfortable with this type of cooking.

  13. I have been using a pressure cooker since I was a teenager. I love making tough cuts of meat turn fork tender and infused with a great deal of flavor. It also makes quick work of stubborn beans and vegetable soups.
    While watching Wolfgang Puck on HSN one evening, I purchased his electric pressure cooker that furthered my love of pressure cooking. I just set it and forget it, no adjusting the stove temperature to get the juggler to calm down or speed up plus it has a timer to set the proper cook time. Don’t know what I’d do without them.

  14. OMG…super afraid….but also intrigued! I have memories of the ancient avocado-colored pressure cooker that my mother used (to make absolutely horrible food, btw) with the weird metal valve thingy that would spin like crazy. I truly thought (and still do think to some extent) that it was going to explode! Hoping to get up the courage to try a pressure cooker and make better memories with better food!

  15. I’ve only used one once, and had difficulty keeping the pressure consistent. I’d love to have any easier one, for canning and for cooking!

  16. I have use my pressure canner for years. Having low water issues I prefer it to water bath and trust it more as far as food safety. Never have cooked in it. This pressure canner looks very easy.

    My only canning story is one time packing too many jars in, resulting in pressure canning in cider rather than just water. Some jars survived. It wasn’t pretty.

  17. I’m sort of a beginner with pressure cooking. I mostly use it for cooking less-tender cuts of meat. I really need to do more with it – especially cooking beans.

  18. I have not used a pressure cooker, but I’d like to give it a try! My brother’s ceiling was once covered in peas due to a pressure cooker mishap.

  19. I have only pressure canned. It was my new adventure this year to seal up home made chili goodness for all the fellas to take along on hunting or family camping trips. It’s intimidating at first but turns out to be really easy. I have been wanting to get a little pressure cooker since i m trying to cook more beans (high protein and fiber so can’t beat that), but i seem to always forget to put them in the crockpot the night before since that’s my lazy way of doing them. I hear they are great for making any cut of meat tender too so that seems worth the “risk” to me!

  20. I am somewhere in between. I grew up watching my parents pressure can tomatoes and green beans. My husband and I can tomato soup and apple sauce, but he does all the pressure cooking parts!

  21. When I was growing up, there was a time when someone was cooking soybeans (I believe the recommendation now would be to NOT cook them in a pressure cooker!) and the top blew off the cooker, leaving the entire kitchen dripping in soybeans (cabinets, floor, ceiling…).

    However, that incident didn’t scar me for life and I have my own cooker and canner and happily use them regularly. I’d love to try this one, it seems like a great piece to have and use!

  22. I tried a pressure cooker once – 40 years ago, as a new bride who had no idea how to cook anything. I didn’t even know enough to be afraid of pressure cookers, It didn’t blow up or explode, but the roast was really vile and my face was red for a long time (from the steam burns).

    I should probably try again, now that I am a confident and good cook.

  23. Ooo, I’m a scardy cat for sure. But I used to help out at a friend’s small cafe and she used one frequently, so I know it *can* be done… I’d like to try!

  24. I have cooked both beans and potatoes in my pressure cooker, but I am always terrified the kid is going to blow off. Haha. I would love this new pot, especially the ability to easily and quickly let off the excess steam.

  25. I have an older pressure cooker and it’s my favorite way to cook a whole chicken and make broth.
    My son loves loves loves loves chicken broth (he calls it chicken tea), and we use the meat in burritos, sandwiches, salads, etc all week!

    Thanks for the giveaway

  26. I admit, I am still haunted by dinner exploding memories of my mother’s pressure cooker, but I do want to try my hand at it. I love the idea of half hour beans!

  27. My mom used to use a pressure cooker to make dinner a few nights a week. I have yet to own a pressure cooker. I imagine I would love having a pressure cooker at my disposal as much as I love my pressure canner!

  28. I’ve never pressure cooked anything, I think it’s terrifying. However there are so many recipes I’ve wanted to try that need (or at least could be really helped by) the use of a pressure cooker. It might be time to take the next step!

  29. My mom and sister are always using their pressure cookers, but I have been reluctant to make the jump. I have no reason to support to my apprehension; I am, however, curious.

  30. I have been scared to use a pressure cooker since I was a little girl. I was helping my Aunts and Grandma with canning. The pressure cooker was on the stove and it exploded!! It was the most terrifying ordeal that has stuck with me since I was 8 years old. I am 49!!! I SOOO want to use a pressure cooker…. This one looks like the PERFECT one for me to start out on!! BEANS here I come!

  31. I have always wanted to try a pressure cooker but I have heard the horror stories and I am a little scared. This one looks pretty foolproof.

  32. I’ve never used one, but I’ve been curious about trying one since I heard a podcast (the bbc 4 food podcast) last year. I think I’d mostly use it for beans, but since my husband is newly vegetarian I would also like to learn more about using them for hearty greens, root vegetables and things like that that require a long simmer.

  33. In my first years of marriage I used my pressure cooker at least once a week. I don’t remember why I stopped cooking with my presto pot but now that I am retired I am renewing my love of all techniques of cooking.

  34. Hello, My mother had a pressure cooker. I can still hear it whistling. She used it to cook kidney beans for kidney bean soup. She always cooked her potatoes in it and many other things. She used it all the time. I am some what leary of a pressure cooker but with the proper instruction would use it. I would love to try it as I know it would come in handy.

  35. I don’t have a pressure cooker story because I’ve never tried one. I’ve been considering getting one recently, so this giveaway is perfectly timed.

    • I am quite interested in using a pressure cooker, reason number one, my curiosity and desire to adding this method of food preserving to my new found love of canning , and two to show my “don’t get one of these, you’ll blow up the house” statements my mother made in the past. That PC is safe, effective and fun.

  36. I’ve been wanting to try using a pressure cooker, but have been a bit intimidated. My mother always disliked them, and told me how dangerous they were, so I have been reluctant to try one. This might be simple enough for me to dare trying.

  37. I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable with the idea of a pressure cooker, but I love the possibility of canning certain things in one that you can’t do in a regular water bath canner. If put that thing to work 😉

  38. I have never used one, mostly because I have been afraid. My mother used to use one and after many mishaps, I decided it wasn’t for me. But with recent improvements would like to give it a try.

  39. I have an old aluminum pressure cooker I got when I married that has been collecting dust for a while. I would love to try this shiny new stainless steel one to give new life to my weeknight dinners.

  40. I have been dying to own a pressure cooker and use it for EVERYthing, but simply do not own one. The Clipso looks fantastic!

  41. I have to say I don’t have a pressure cooking story! I’ve never seen anyone use a pressure cooker and have never used one myself. BUT- I am a busy homeschooling mom and anything that reduces the amount of time I spend in the kitchen would be a huge help and blessing. Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. My mother was strictly a canner and never used a pressure cooker. I have always wanted to try pressure cooking dried beans and turkey stock.

  43. I have not used a pressure cooker,but I would love to. I can remember my grandmother using one when I was young, and my grandfather would always tell her she was going to make the house explode, and I believed it! Ha ha! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  44. My mother used a pressure cooker but I’ve not – I’m curious to use one because of my dog! You shouldn’t give dogs bones from meat unless they’ve been pressure cooked. Now that my kids are grown, I lavish my attention on my dog – even make dehydrated chicken treats. I’d love to graduate to pressure cooking bones…..and recipes for my husband and I too, of course!

  45. My mother had a big yellow pressure canner that she used to can green beans and such. I was always leery about it when I saw it out. I should just get over it and try it.

  46. I keep flirting with the idea of a pressure cooker, but I am one of those who has been too scared to try! With high-acid foods I feel very safe. Before I did the research, I was afraid of canning jams and pickles, too, so I know it’s all proper preparation, but a pressure cooker feels like a big step to me!

  47. I miss pressure cooking! I loved it for the speed and energy savings, especially for cooking dried beans. About 2 years ago, I put the wrong weight on my old jiggle-top pressure cooker and it exploded. Fortunately no one was hurt, there was just some beans/water to clean off of the wall and ceiling. I have been looking for a good deal on a pressure cooker ever since.

  48. My mother-in-law is the queen of the pressure cooker, and I have always envied her ability to make amazing home-made bean dishes from scratch. Feeling sad, as ever, in Canada, that I can’t win this amazing item (dang those postal rates, and duty, and….) 🙂

  49. The best way to cook dried beans! That’s primarily what I’ve used them for before but would love to venture out and try new things if I had one!

  50. I have a pressure canner, but not a pressure cooker. It would be great for cooking those though cuts of meat that need a little more help.

  51. I’ve never used a pressure cooker because I’ve always been terrified of them. Usually, whenever I’ve asked someone if they’ve used a pressure cooker they’ve almost always said “no” and then made a face. I know in the past they’ve been kind of sketchy and a little dangerous and they’ve come along way. I think I’m finally up to giving pressure cookers a try!

  52. I was very intimidated by pressure canning to begin. I had an old one with the weighted top that seemed like it would launch itself through the kitchen roof. I finally started using it because I had recipes that required pressure. Unfortunately, the gasket failed on a huge batch of ranchero sauce and I have yet to replace it. The T-Fal looks much less cumbersome than my ancient pressure canner.

  53. I love pressure canning! I’ve never tried pressure cooking though. We eat a TON of beans in my household, so I know I should hurry up and get into it already!

  54. A LONG time ago I had a small pressure cooker, but getting the lid off was such a challenge that I was never sure if I was going to get my dinner out of it. I sold it at a yard sale. The next one was when you posted about pressure canning beans and I bought the one you showed, using your link. I have canned lots of beans and chicken in it since then, things I always wanted to can but couldn’t in a water bath. That’s it–would love to try a “dinner pressure cooker” again, and one that looks fool-proof.

  55. Pressure cooking and canning scare the bejezus out of me. This looks like a great pot to try for my first go-round. I would love to try it out!

  56. I’ve never used a pressure cooker – probably because my mom nearly blew up her kitchen cooking beans in college! She’s never been keen on them since. However, they seem really useful. I love the idea for quick chicken stock and making other time-intensive projects easier. Can’t wait to try it!

  57. I’ve never used a pressure cooker before. I don’t know anyone who has had an accident with one. I’m not scared. It’s just not anything I’ve ever tried. But I’d certainly like to try!

  58. I’ve never used a pressure cooker myself, but my parents did all the time when I was a kid. They made beef stew or pot roast, usually. No wonder dinner was always ready in half an hour.

  59. I’m not really afraid of this type of pressure cooker. For some illogical reason, I’m afraid of pressure canners. The thought of one exploding, metal and glass shrapnel everywhere….grisly. I wonder if TFal makes a pressure canner. It would take a lot of fear out of it for me!

  60. I have a giant pressure cooker/canner that I have used for canning and cooking large roasts. I would love a smaller one and this one looks so much better than the old style one I have. I got it at a yard sale so it has the old style rocker with weights. I love how it keeps the steam from canning contained. And the roast comes out tender.

  61. great memories of mom using one, remember the sound of it!! have tentatively tried pressure canning but have troulbe figuring out the “jiggle” sounds and counting them. and my arthritic hands make it hard to put the lid on/off so this could be the answer!!

  62. I love pressure cooking! However, I just soon discovered all one can do with a pressure cooker other than just using it to put up green beans. My friend and I last year put up pinto and black beans for food storage and they make the best refried beans, I tell you. I’d love to be able to use a newer, more sophisticated model, thanks for doing this.

  63. I have been wanting to try pressure canning for a while. Have water bath canned for years and am ready to go to the next step. My daughter is a crazy soup lover and would love to put up cans of our yummy homemade soups.

  64. I would Love to win this great looking stainless steel pressure cooker. My old aluminum one is lookin’ bad. I love the look of the lid lock on the T-Fal and love that it doesn’t have a long handle on one side. That sounds silly, but not when it comes to storage.

  65. Lately I’ve been seeing lots of food being cooked in a pressure cooker. The beans in particular fascinate me, as often I am wanting them, but haven’t soaked them overnight. Also being able to cook a tough piece of meat in a shorter time would be great. T=Fal is a reliable name, too, so I wouldn’t be afraid of blowing everything all over the kitchen.

  66. To tell the truth , I’m scared of them ! Way back in the 50’s my mom burned a pot if beans in one. I still remember the smell. I would love to try one and this one seems so much easier to use.

  67. I haven’t tried canning with pressure cooker. I’ve had one for a number of years, but haven’t really done anything creative with it, mostly beans, other vegetables and stews. This pressure cooker looks like it would be very easy to use and I can see trying new things with it.

  68. I pressure can, but have never pressure cooked. I cook beans in a crock pot and am asking myself why am I not pressure cooking them? Thank you for new inspiration!

  69. I have only done pressure cooking a couple of times, once for jam and once for salsa, using a friend’s pot. Then I received a book with pressure canner recipes. It would be super to get to use one.

  70. I made a Brazilian meal with a friend and she used a pressure cooker to make it so quickly. I’ve been wanting a pressure cooker ever since! Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  71. I’m terrified !…..but I love the results.

    Hands down best chicken fricassee in the world, maybe the secret ingredient is the ambient tension….adds to the pressure !

  72. I’m just a little bit leery about using one. Mostly from watching my mother and grandmother use their cookers, with the big, noisy jiggler. On the other hand, the results were delicious.

  73. I have a simple European model, no rubber gasket or rattling pressure disk like my mother’s antique. I have used it for so many things, My favorite is simple boiled (steamed) eggs! done so quickly, no waiting for the water to boil. I wish i had a larger, newer model for canning and easier cleanup.

  74. This is such a timely giveaway! In the fall and winter of the year beans are my main source of protein and I also braise tough greens (collards, anyone?) and sometimes will get the cheapest, toughest cut of beef and make this magical pot roast with a silky somewhat gelatinous gravy while small tender root veggies roast in the oven. I still have the family pressure cooker bought for an aunt when she got married almost 60 years ago (it’s gigantic)! What dangerous little adventures the whole family has had with this thing!

    I heard the tale of my aunt, a fledgling cook at that time, trying to make something in that pressure cooker. She followed the little pamphlet’s instructions on getting up the steam, leaving the valve to jiggle and then cooling with running water. After a few successful tries she got a little cocky one time and tried removing the lid before things had cooled to the safety zone. Once she released a bit of the pressure Mt. Vesuvius sent the lid, the chicken, the veggies and some of the scorching hot juices up to the ceiling!! This took place at a time when children were told to “run, duck and cover” under their desks when bombs might hit (what were they thinking?!). There was, ever after, a large dimple in the ceiling from this incident. This was also the aunt, by way of coincidence, who blew the butt out of a roasting chicken because she sewed up all the openings with stuffing in the chicken! Yes, chicken was her challenge.

    But I’ve learned a great deal from these family stories and have become a better (certainly safer) cook for her experience.

  75. Have always wanted one and this would be a great year with utility costs skyrocketing. I do a lot of canning in summer and fall using a pressure canner so it does not scare me at all.

  76. I love pressure cooking and canning – it’s so efficient! I have a Fissler pressure cooker and several Presto P Canners. Would love to try this new TFal!!!

  77. So many of my friends have one, and they all love them! My mom has one from the ’50s in her basement, but I don’t really want to experiment on that.

  78. They scare me because my Grandmother once told me, while using one that if it is not put together properly the top could explode off and take your head with it if it was near the pot….BUT…. I am wondering if it is the pressure COOKER that you use to pressure CAN, because I want to do that. Also… I have NEVER read a report of anyone losing their head over a pressure cooker. What was wrong with my Grand Mother to share such a macabre tale? (my Mother in Law uses hers all the time.. and I really like the idea of quickly made garbanzo beans….)

  79. When I was a child, I was in a restaurant with my parents when the kitchen’s pressure cooker exploded and the building was evacuated! Scarred me for years. Now, though, I’m an avid canner and would love to win this pressure canner.

  80. I too, have family horror stories of pressure canning mishaps! My Grandmother was the only one who seemed to have command of the equipment, so all of us were in awe of her skills. I learned to can with her with peaches halves and it would be wonderful to use this smaller pressure canner now that my husband has gone back to grad school and we are trying to have even more economical meals that we can prep quickly. Thank you for allowing me(us) the chance to win!

  81. I haven’t tried it! I have wanted to, but a pressure cooker is big investment and part of canning is saving money to me. It would be great to add a pressure cooker to my arsenal!

  82. I’ve used a pressure cooker to speed up cooking time for my pork bbq. It stays juicy and doesn’t make the mess that it used to when cooked in the oven.

  83. I took a class about 6 months ago, at the Macon County Extension Office, here in Tuskegee, Alabama. I successfully made a couple of recipes, during class but I have not been brave enough to venture out purchase one and try it alone. But if I am gifted one from this give away, well pressure cooking, here I come. Thanks, for the shared information in this atmosphere.

  84. I pressure cook leftover chicken and beef for twenty minutes in a tiny quart cooker. I use the fall -off -the -bones leftovers for pot pies.

  85. I love my electric cooker, except it can’t can 🙁 I love making spaghetti squash in my instant pot! Would love a stove top pressure cooker for pressure canning!

  86. I absolutely love using a pressure canner and cooker. I have both. However my cooker needs a new ring. In trying to find it online I found a picture. It is considered a Vintage 1940. I guess I’m considered Vintage also but I have never considered myself such. Anyway, would love to win the new one. Then I would have more time to spend on my craft.

  87. I taught myself to use mine. I was really scared but thought if I followed the instructions every thing would be okay
    It was. I use mine all the time to can.

  88. I have been scared to try pressure cooking and canning but there is so many things in my garden I would love to can that a waterbath canner can’t do. A pressure cooker is too expensive for my family to afford for now. Maybe someday!!

  89. I have a vintage pressure canner, but learning to use a smaller one for cooking my dry beans would certainly be fun. I actually never stopped to think about their practical uses in the preparation of dinner.

  90. I had one adventure cooking beans in an old-school pressure cooker 25+ years ago. I’ll never forget cleaning the kitchen ceiling to floor!

  91. I have used a pressure cooker for years and have an old “jiggle” unit. Works great but I was a late starter also to the pressure cooker world. I have memories of my great aunt cooking with a very old (1920’s model) and one night she did something wrong and the top blew off and we had a terrible mess (and noise) in the kitchen. Hard to overcome that but I did!

  92. I have gotten over my fear of using a pressure canner but I still have a healthy respect for them. I can green beans, and stewed tomatoes using one. so I’m still a newbie you could say. would love to try out the T-fal.

  93. I’ve been shopping for one of these. With a larger garden and me growing more vegetables than ever, this would be an answer to my poor stuffed freezer! I’m nothing but excited to give one of these a try!

  94. I have never used one but have heard the stories of all the contents blowing up from my grandmother. I would love to use the new one it does not look anywhere near as dangerous as the old ones.

  95. I’ve always been scared to try pressure cooking or canning, but this cooker seems a lot less scary than the other ones on the market. I’d love to give it a shot.

  96. I haven’t tried pressure cooking yet, but have just gotten into cooking dry beans instead of canned ones. The flavor and texture are so wonderful. I would love to try pressure cooking!

  97. I had my pressure clean with weight inside of it, ready to put away when I started supper. Dyslexically I turned on the wrong burner and melted the plastic part of the weight:( That couldn’t happen with this one!

  98. People, you dont need to be afraid of a pressure cooker. As long as you are nearby everything should be fine. I use it to cook most any meat in a short time. Great for dried beans too. Its like the microwave of days gone past, only the food turns out much much better!

  99. I have never used one and therefore have never been able to guarantee that the cost can be substantiated with usage…..but for free…

  100. I remember my Grandmother using a Pressure cooker to cook black eye peas. The rubber pressure relief blew and a stream of peas followed. After hitting the ceiling and depositing themselves all over the kitchen she was able to get the pot off the fire. Not a pleasent cleanup!

  101. I’ve always been too scared to use anything but a waterbath canner. I would *loooove* to try using this one if it’s as easy as you say!

  102. I have been wanting to try a pressure cooker, but I have a very small kitchen in my apartment. This looks fairly compact and would be ideal. Then I could can my own chicken stock and stop buying the stuff in the box.

  103. I have pressure cooked chicken stock, but only because I just had to buy a 23qt pressure canner after your how to can beans post. So far I haven’t made the leap to buying a smaller sized pressure cooker, but it’s oh so tempting to know I could theoretically have dinner ready in under 30 minutes. That would make life with a toddler so much easier.

  104. I once had a pressure cooker lid lock itself on and it absolutely would not come off. Finally chucked the whole thing in the trash and bought a new one!

  105. I used a pressure cooker for many years, but have gotten away from it several years ago after I couldn’t find a seal for my very old pressure cooker. It would be great to get back to pressure cooking again.

  106. I’ve been wanting a pressure canner/cooker for a while now. This one looks like it would fit the bill! Very efficient looking!

  107. i used to be terrified but the longer I water bath can the more interested I become. I keep seeing things you can only can w a pressure canner and I want to try it! But then which one do you buy…. This would solve that problem!

  108. I was terrified of my mom’s pressure canner, too. I finally bucked up about four years ago and have never looked back. I just canned some delicious spaghetti sauce in it last night.

  109. My husband loves the pressure cooker! Me – I hate it. He jokes as it starts to build up steam and the little top piece starts rocking “be careful she’s gonna blow!!” Its been a joke our entire married life. That said – it is the fastest way to cook beans and we love chili. Its also a great way to make a fast dinner when we finish outside – we farm so fast, healthy meals are a must. Would love to have a new easy to use pressure cooker – ours is going on 39 years!

  110. My Mother-in-law always pressured cooked. I remember walking in her house and hearing that jingle. Which I now think about and wish I could still hear that old familiar sound. When she passed I got her old presto pressure cooker. It has to be 50 years old. I stopped using it because I just didn’t trust it anymore. I found out that it’s really healthy to pressure cook because it keeps all the nutrients in the food. I would love to start pressure cooking again and think of my mother-in-law and all the good memories I have of her.

  111. As a kid, we had a pressure cooker. The knob on top would spin around and steam would sometimes come out. I kept waiting for it to blow up. It scared me to death. But it looks like the newer ones are safer and all the rage. I must admit that I am intrigued.

  112. I’ve got a Presto pressure canner/cooker, but would love a smaller stainless steel model for cooking actual food in. My canner has seen me through scores of canning projects, but the inside is aluminum and I’d rather not cook with it. Pick me, pick me! 🙂

  113. So cool I still have scars from an older version of my Mom’s that I had tried to use. Lesson learned not all new technology is more complicated

  114. I’ve water bath canned and I’ve pressure cooked, but I’ve never pressure canned! I assume it’s just as wonderful as pressure cooking, and I’d love to try, I just need the pressure canner! Oh man, how I’d love to win this canner!!

  115. I have always been DEATHLY AFRAID of a pressure cooker/canner! I have had the fear of the thing blowing up in my face. Recently on FaceBook there was a picture that showed where a pressure cooker/canner had an accident. the lid was stuck in the ceiling and the stove was “melted” down under the cooker! This could have been a user or a product malfunction, or it could have been “workshopped”. Still scares the be-gee-be’s out of me!

  116. I have never owned a pressure cooker they honestly kind of intimidate me. But I would like to have the ability to can my own chicken stock.

  117. I’ve never pressure cooked or canned, but have always wanted to give it a try! I just don’t have the budget to get a new one right now.

  118. I would love to try this pressure cooker… we had one when I was little but I was never allowed to touch it and I sort of build the fear factor up in my head because I was allowed to use all the other kitchen appliances. Now, though, I feel ready to conquer the fear and make tasty things.

  119. I’ve been wanting a pressure cooker for a long time, but have heard so many horror stories. I e been putting off purchasing one because I was unsure what kind to get. The horror stories made me hesitant, but the tfal sounds great.

  120. my earliest memory of a pressure cooker in the house was of my Great-grandmother, Grace, preparing tamale meat. She was a full-blood Kumeyay Indian (San Diego area) and tamales were considered to be traditional food for our tribe. That pressure cooker was bigger than me and also neared the battle scars of a woman who did not flinch when asked to cook for a group of 200 or more when the tribe needed her skills and sustenance. I think I got my canning/preserving addiction from her – born into poverty, but blessed with mild weather and an abundance of wild orchards and berries, there was no other choice for her but to preserve in order for the family (and tribe) to survive. She gladly gave up quarts of peaches and apple sauce for a little deer meat, rabbit or other hunting game.

    I’m still in awe of that pressure cooker and of the amazing foods my great granny could produce. Maybe someday I can live up to and continue her legacy. Salute to all the grannies out there!

  121. I own a very old pressure cooker that I only use the bottom of to do canning because it truly scares me. I have visions of pea soup or something splattered all over the ceiling and just laughing because what else can you do but laugh at a time like that? This one seems easier and not so explodable.

  122. I don’t have a pressure cooking tale because I don’t have a pressure cooker! My mom does but unfortunately the gasket is bad and she hasn’t found a replacement. That does remind me, we once used it as a water bath canner because we were doing a huge patch of pickled veggies!

  123. My Mom had several disasters with a pressure cooker. My sister uses one infrequently because Mom always comments on the remembered disasters. We would love to do more canning with this new design. Thanks

  124. I grew up with the big scary pressure caners but my boss recently made a risotto in less than 10 minutes in his pressure cooker. I think I could get over my nervousness for that kind of time savings!

  125. My grandmother had two very old, but very well-loved pressure cookers when I was growing up. She helped run a 30-acre farm while working part-time, so the pressure cookers were essential to her lifestyle. She really inspired me to make my own schedule work with cooking for my family, since my work schedule is fairly hectic at times. Glad to see that these haven’t gone out of style!

  126. I’ve only tried pressure canning once and had problems maintaining enough pressure on my gas stove. Every tiny movement caused the flame to flicker and the pressure to drop. But the chili that I canned was awesome – so much better than the chili I froze. I’m hoping to do more pressure canning after I retire the end of this year and this would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen. Thanks for the opportunity T-fal and Marissa.

  127. My mom always made beef stew in the pressure cooker and we canned green beans every summer. No mishaps, but always the threat of possible eruptions! I still have the canner and keep meaning to get it checked out and put to use, but know what? I’m still terrified of ending up with a kitchen full of shrapnel.

  128. I’ve always been too scared!!!! Now that they’re making them a bit more idiot-proof, I would love to give one a try. Speeding up cook time for a few dishes would be absolutely invaluable right now.

  129. I have never used a pressure cooker because my mother would never use one because grandma did and it scared mother every time she used it. My sister has one now, I’d really like to win this one.

  130. I have only used a pressure cooker once or twice, but my Mom used one all the time. It was her version of ding ding (microwave) food.

  131. I have always wanted to try but have been hesitant to cook in pressure cookers.. looks easy with this one 🙂 I have experience using pressure canner though ..:)

  132. I used to have one of those electric ones you see on the infomercials that SAY you can use them for canning but then you get it and read the instructions and that’s only if you’re under 2K feet. I’m about 4500. Anyway I still used it for the bestest quick cook lasagna ever! And sooooooo many hot wings. Add your frozen wings and hot sauce of choice, about 20 min after reaching pressure steaming hot fall off the bone hot wings. My husband used to always beg for them.

  133. My sister swears by her pressure canner,I have always done my canning in a water at canner,but have helped her and it is so much faster that I think it’s time for me to make the switch!

  134. I just started canning on my own, without my mom. And I would love to try pressure canning and cooking.
    My mom does it but I was never involved (like I was in water bath canning) because she said it was dangerous.

  135. I’m scared to death of pressure cookers… and that just has to stop! I used to help my great-grandmother to can and when she used the pressure cooker, after loading it she would actually shout to me, “Run to the living room and stay there. This could blow up!!” Of course she was only trying to protect me but man-oh-man…

    Hoping to take a pressure canning class from Lyn Deardorff this next spring!

  136. I have never had a pressure cooking experience, but I am so eager to learn! I am not afraid, just raised by men! Lol! Now I’m an adult with a child and I totally need to get better at home keeping/cooking/gardening/life. If you send that beautiful machine my way, it will go to good use. 🙂

  137. I don’t have a pressure cooker but would love to cook beans in one. My husband hates hard beans and this would eliminate that

  138. I love canning but am always a little nervous with the pressure cooker. We have lived out of the country for over two years and so now I need to re teach myself the tricks of the trade!

  139. I’ve never used a pressure cooker before because I used to be anti-bean and most of the uses seemed to involve beans. In recent years though, I have dabbled in a lot more beans and a pressure cooker would be great to continue that food exploration.

  140. I have not tried pressure cooking before but would like to learn. Just started learning to can food food and I enjoy it alot. Thank you for the chance to win this amazing prize.

  141. My Mom once forgot to put water in the pressure cooker!!! The pot melted to the stove burner. When it cooled she knocked it off with a hammer and the burner still worked!

  142. I inherited a pressure cooker from my aunt, who thought she would be able to can 8 quart jars in an 8 quart pressure cooker. Not so, and she deemed it too small for her use and gave it to me. I have been quite satisfied up to this point with my water bath canning…but have been toying with the idea of branching out and giving pressure canning a try (and putting the pressure canner to good use). Come to find out that the chicken my husband has been cooking for dinner recently has been done in the pressure cooker! Who knew he was braver than I am!!!??

  143. I received a pressure cooker for a wedding present 34 years ago. Was afraid to use it for ten years. Finally took the challenge and have used it every summer since. Try something new every year.

  144. I have a pressure canner but not a pressure cooker. I was and still am terrified of the pressure canner but at least I have one and will use it. I would love to make some winter stew of sorts in a pressure cooker!

  145. I love pressure cookers. I have used them, especially for beans, for a long time. However, my favorite old timer has recently given up the ghost and the lock became damaged and now it won’t build pressure. So a new one would exactly what I need right now!

  146. Growing up, my mom always cooked her potatoes for mashing with a pressure cooker and they were perfect. I’ve never used one as adult (I’m 64) but am reading to give it a go. Hubby loves bean soup of all kinds, so I imagine I’d be using it frequently for that. Would love to win this beauty!

  147. I have yet to win one of your giveaways—I think this might be one of the one’s I am most hopeful for!

    This year I braved a little pressure canning.
    So far, just stock. I love making homemade stock. And I hate freezing it because I NEVER have enough forethought to pull it out to thaw early, and I hate the wastefulness of thawing with water, or using a microwave. Having beautiful stock just a jar opener away is absolutely delightful!

    That said, I can never get my little weight to tap reliably, and I have just decided to console myself that probably all is well. It would be great to try a different system and see if I can get it to respond better.

  148. I inherited an old-school pressure cooker that had no instructions, and tried using it once. The results were so-so, and I’d really like to try it again using something that seemed safer.

  149. When I was growing up, my mother used a pressure cooker, but I haven’t been brave enough to attempt it. I would love to win this – I see it’s stainless and induction compatible, perfect !!

  150. I have tried pressure canning and LOVE it! I have not done pressure cooking because I don’t want to use my canner as a cooker. But I can’t wait to get a cooker of my own and give it a whirl.

  151. I remember my mother using a pressure cooker to can tomatoes. This was in the 1970’s and the pressure cooker had a weight that used to dance while it was on the stove. It was a scary sight. I’d be interested in trying a modern pressure cooker.

  152. Love my pressure canner and have never wanted to mess it up by using it as a cooker. I’d love to have this one so it can get meals on the table quickly.

  153. I have borrowed my MIL’s pressure cooker for canning. I was nervous at first (and broke a jar oops!) but I LOVE it now! I would love to own my own 🙂

  154. I have always been nervous about pressure cookers. I finally tried pressure canning last year and survived. I would love to try a cooker. I am not organized enough to soak my beans when I need them so this would solve the problem. 🙂

  155. Pressure cooking is something I’ve wanted to try for quite a while, I am already an old hand at pressure canning.
    I like the looks of this and would love to win it!

  156. I’ve been wanting a pressure cooker for making beans forever, but keep putting off the purchase. Would love it if someone would take the decision off my hands!

  157. I have been making lots of chicken and veggie stock and would love to be able to pressure can it rather than taking up my whole freezer with containers. I’m a little scared to try, but this pressure cooker makes it look simple and safe!

  158. I’m one of those folks in te “intimidated to use” camp. I do a ton of canning, And hace even sat in on a pressure canning class. This looks like a really manageable size. I’d love to get over my fear. Thanks for offering!

  159. I’ve never used a pressure cooker because they scare me. I had a roommate who used one all the time, and she once made chicken feet with it. They kinda tasted like feet. But this pressure cooker looks easy enough that I could use it without running from the kitchen. Just not to make chicken feet.

  160. I pressure can but still feel scared while I’m doing it. I’d love to gain enough confidence and wisdom to eventually can meats.

  161. I remember watching my grandmother’s pressure cooker steam and bubble and it seemed so scary! I admit I’m a little intimidated but have been considering getting one, this one looks a lot less scary than Nana’s.

  162. I’ve always been a bit scared to use a pressure cooker, but my Sister-in-Law loves hers so I think I’m ready to take the plunge. Would love to win this one! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  163. I’ve only pressure canned, not cooked. I have a cookbook for pressure cooking, but have been undecided on which pressure cooker to purchase. This one looks amazing!

  164. I’ve never used a pressure cooker. My aunt is French and she uses one all the time. I’m anxious to try it. I can remember as a girl that my grandmother had one with a weight that rattled around on top.

  165. I have always used a pressure cooker for soups of all kinds. Mine is quite elderly and not designed with
    many safety features. I need a new gasket, but my hardware store doesn’t carry the parts anymore. I would love to try the Te-fal. It would be great not asking that everyone stay out of the kitchen while I am using it!

  166. I’ve never tried it, but would love to. My mother in law gave me a very old pressure cooker that had been in her garage for 30 years, but I was too afraid to use it, figuring I might blow up the kitchen. A new one would be awesome!

  167. Oh man, I’ve never done pressure cooking because I am also afraid, and I’m not vegetarian so it’s not like eat beans all that often. Making stock very quickly does sound quite appealing though.

  168. So, so scared. But I have been considering getting one specifically to use for canning, so a reliably safe and easy to use one would be just the ticket!

  169. My pressure cooker is ancient! This one would be great. I have a lifelong goal of teaching my two children to cook in many styles and with many kitchen gadgets. They didn’t get to see me use one yet!

  170. Pressure canning scares me so much, I remember as a kid my grammar’s pressure cooker exploding! I bought one at a yafdsale without a gauge, I look forward to canning meat etc for my family. Now that I have mastered pickles. Love makin pickles!

  171. I’ve never used a pressure cooker before, nor have I ever lived in a house that had one–so I’m a tiny bit afraid of them. However, my boyfriend comes from an East Indian home and has been keen on buying one for a while. He’d love this!

  172. I’ve heard so many great things about pressure cooking, but am nervous to try as I do not want beets all over my kitchen as happened to a friend! My MIL makes the most amazing red cabbage in her pressure cooker, and I’d love to be able to make it for my hubby! Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway!

  173. We just started to pressure can, I have to say I was a little scared of it. I waited for my husband to come home come from driving truck all week to try it out the first time.

  174. I have done water bath canning but never pressure cooker/canning. I am nervous, but would love to learn. so much more that I can do. and so many options available with a pressure cooker.

  175. I started boiling water bath canning last summer, and fell fast in love! But prior to that, I was really intimidated by any type of canning. I’ve not yet tried pressure canning, and I can say that I feel very nervous about something exploding in my kitchen. But based on past experience, I am hopeful that I could easily love pressure canning too… once I try it 🙂

  176. I’ve been intimidated to try this, but having conquered my fear of canning this summer, I’d like to keep the progress going!

  177. My mother-in-law taught me his to pressure cook and can. Although she had one lid blow off, my experience with pressure cooking/canning has been great.

  178. i really want to can, but have been too scared and too short of funds to try. My freezer is full of stuff I could be canning. Frustrated with both my situation and myself. Usually not afraid to try things.

  179. I recently started using my pressure cooker again!! I’m in love!! Beans and soups in no time!! I’m currently doing Dr Fuhrmans Eat to Live program from his reverse diabetes book… I’m having beans and bean soups twice a day, but with the ease of the pressure cooker I can crank out so much variety and leftovers that I’m really enjoying my food. I’m also loving Lorna Sass’ Vegetarian pressure cooker book.

    I’d love this new pressure cooker… Hope I win!

  180. I have a pressure canner which I just used yesterday for stewed tomatoes! I also have a pressure cooker, which I mainly use in the winter. My mom is an avid pressure cooker user and I learned from her!

  181. We started a vegetable garden this year and a pressure cooker is another item on our list. We had so much fun with the children this year making blackberry jam already.

  182. Never used a pressure cooker personally. My Mother used one often when I was a kid, but I never went out and got one myself. The locking mechanism on this one is quite interesting.

  183. I love cooking with a pressure cooker! But mine got lost when the garage got rearranged (l kept it there when not using it due to limited kitchen space).

  184. When I first started canning, I didn’t think I’d ever be interested in using a pressure canner. Sure, they made me a little nervous, but mostly I was happy enough doing the things I could do in a waterbath canner. But the longer I can, the more curious I become about pressure canning. I want to try my hand at soups, beans, pasta sauces, corn, stock… 🙂

  185. My mom always used a pressure cooking while growing up…but only for potatoes! It was only as an adult that I realized they were more versatile than that haha, but the thought intimidated me so I never ended up buying one. Am interested, albeit nervous, in trying one!

  186. I love pressure cooking! Soups, stews, chilis, and beans that uses to take forever can instead be made quickly. At first it did make me nervous, but I’ve never had a problem. And now if I win one, I can quit borrowing my dad’s 🙂

  187. I love pressure cooking! I made pressure cooker mexican pulled pork for dinner last night in 90 minutes. It was great. I also love making applesauce (5 minutes!) in a pressure cooker and I always make bone broth in the pressure cooker (I go for about 2 hours to really concentrate it).

  188. My Mom always used a pressure cooker to get dinner on the table quickly after she got home from working all day. I am apprehensive and have never used one.

  189. First, I’m a true convert to your blog and cookbooks – I just made the spicy peach preserves and they are to die for!

    I’m sort of terrified of pressure cooking, but I’ve seen it done so many times in all the celebrity chef shows. I’d love to give it a try and I’m sure I’d do it often once I learned the tricks!

  190. I want to try pressure cooking, but I’m confused as to how you know when the cooking is done. It’s not like you can lift the lid and check! Some guidance here?

  191. I too have memories of pressure cooker failure. I have had good luck pressure canning but haven’t tried cooking with one yet.

  192. I’ve never had a pressure cooker, so I’ve never pressure-cooked anything before. Like Karen, I am curious how you tell when things are done since you can’t open it to check and the lid is opaque…

  193. I have had a pressure cooker for years, it make life so much easier. I love how you can cook a pot of beans in no time! I never had anyone scare me with their story before I started, and did not know I should be scared. But I read the directions and went from there.

  194. I have seen pressure cooker recipes and want to try them. Have heard some crazy stories with pressure cookers but none personally. I would like to start cooking with one,

  195. Have never used a pressure cooker before…but would certainly like to give a try! I’ve heard they just like a crock pot but quicker..but a crock pot has a glass lid that you can see through so I too am curious how you tell when things are done since you can’t open it to check and the lid is opaque… isn’t there the chance of over-cooking til it turns to mush ?

  196. I’ve been wanting a pressure cooker for quite a while. this one looks petite, and looks like it would not be a problem for my ceramic cooktop, which is always a consideration…

  197. I have been pressure canning for 3 decades. I enjoy it very much. This year I switched to the plastic reusable lids. What a headache. I love canning so much I even collect old canning jars.

  198. My mom made the best stews in her pressure cooker, but I’ve never gotten around to getting one, as I had a glass topped stove for years.

    But I don’t have it now, and I’d love to be able to save energy when I cook!

  199. My mom had a pressure cooker that was new in the box when I was young but she didn’t use it very much so she gave it away and now I wish she hadn’t. I cook for 12 everyday and anything that would save me time in the kitchen would be great.

  200. That looks like a great pressure cooker. I have an old pressure cooker that about 1/4 of the time won’t seal properly, but they are expensive so I haven’t tried to replace it. I’d love to have a new one. *fingers crossed*

  201. I just used my pressure canner for the first time with mixed results. Only 5 of the 7 jars of tomato soup sealed. 🙁 I think a separate pressure cooker for things like stock would be nice as the canner has an odd finish I don’t think I’d like to cook with.

  202. I have never used a pressure canner, kind of just by circumstance. It is cheap enough to invest in a canning pot, but I have not yet upgraded to give pressure canning a try. Crossing my fingers on this one!!!

  203. I love pressure canning. This one looks awesome. I really want to introduce my adult daughters to pressure canning. They both work and could use the SPEED to prepare meals for their families. I was thinking Christmas gifts!

  204. I am interested but a little scared. I want to expand and improve my go-to dishes. This sounds like it will help with decreasing cook time.

  205. My first and last time using a pressure cooker resulted in a Jackson Pollack-esque bean design on my kitchen ceiling. That was about 30 years ago and I haven’t had the nerve to try again. But this one looks promising.

  206. I’ve never used a pressure cooker. I have to admit I’m really intimidated by it. I remember the stories of my grandmother painting the ceiling with pea soup.

  207. My mother had a big old pressure cooker she would make boiled dinners in – they were so good! Those were some of my favorite meals as a child. They were better than the crockpot she switched to later. Would love to try to recreate those memories!

  208. I loved watching my Aunt cook with her pressure cooker … but I was always scared that it would blow up, so I’ve never done it myself. I’d love a new pressure cooker so I wouldn’t be afraid!

  209. I have generally been wary of pressure cookers, but I have heard good things lately! I would love to use it quickly cook dried beans and also to make shredded chicken or pork quickly.

  210. I have always been interested in the pressure cooker- specifically I want to try making bone broth in one. I had read about some people who follow the gaps diet doing it and thinking it turned out well.

  211. I’ve been wanting a pressure cooker for the longest time, but have never had the gumption to get one because honestly, they do scare me a bit. But it would be awesome to finally use one!!

  212. I still have a vivid memory of my mama in tears and food “remains” on the ceiling of our kitchen many years ago! Mom’s pressure cooker going nuts ! Have always feared them but think these new ones are pretty much idiot proof. Would love to try one. Love the blog!

  213. I started pressure cooking with a Presto Model 40 that was given to us by a grandmother-in-law. I don’t have that one any longer. A pressure cooker is the only way to cook beans or brown rice.

  214. I am a little scared to use the pressure cooker. My in-laws make the best corned beef in a pressure cooker so I am motivated to try it!

  215. I’ve pressure canned many times, but never pressure cooked. I have wanted to try it but wasn’t sure if I wanted to make the investment in another pot!

  216. My Mom always cooked roast and veggies in a pressure cooker. As a child I was always thinking it would explode, it never did of course. I pressure can in the summer, but have never pressure cooked.
    Would love to give it a try. Love your blog.

  217. I love pressure cooking! Mine is worn out because I’ve used it so much. I have to work on the handle everytime I use it. Would love to have this one!!!!

  218. I have used a pressure cooker, but I use my pressure canner more. I also grew up afraid of these pieces of equipment because my mother had a canner blow a pressure stem when I was a child. It was a scary experience. I like the ones that don’t have the jigglers! 😉

  219. I have 2 (a large and a small) old fashioned pressure cookers that have the jiggly counter weight that makes so much noise all the neighbors know when you are cooking with it. I would love to own one of the modern versions that is more efficient and a bit quieter.

  220. I love to cook under pressure. I’ve been using a hand-me-down presto pressure cooker for years. Don’t be scared of it. It saves tons of time and makes the best beef stew.

  221. I have an old pressure cooker that has never been used. Kind of afraid of blowing up the house! Really need to get a NEW one, and just DO IT!

  222. I have a hand-me-down pressure canner that I am scared to try! In fact I am illiterate enough about this process that I don’t even know if i a pressure cooker and canner are the same thing or not. I need an excuse to learn more!

  223. Would love to try pressure canning and pressure cooking. I have been dairy, soy and gluten free for a year and I would love to can my own soup but I need a pressure cooker for so many of the recipes.

  224. Got a pressure cooker a couple of years ago. Really wanted to give it a try but am a little intimidated. This looks like a great model! Want to try some soups, squashes and beans.

  225. Never cooked in a pressure cooker before… my mom always canned with one though… one of the main things I remember is her going on and on about how careful you had to be because it could be dangerous… but ah the smells of food that would emanate out of the kitchen. And the lovely lovely jars sitting on a towel… and the game of count the pops as they each sealed up… lots of good memories that I would love to bring to our home!

  226. Pressure cooking is GREAT… save time and energy. The T-Fel pressure cooker sure would make things easier for me in the kitchen. Thank you for sharing all the information.

  227. I’m fairly terrified of pressure cookers; I’ve never owned one to try, and neither has my mom (which is surprising since she owns just about every piece of kitchen equipment known to man). The most experience I have with pressure cookers is watching the pros use them on competition shows like Top Chef and Iron Chef, and sometimes then it even seems like they have trouble using them! I’d definitely love to try them for beans, great idea 🙂

  228. Every fall I go through a must-cook-everything phase, but I’ve never jumped into pressure canning for fear of the unknown. Maybe 2015 is my year?

  229. I’ve been pressure cooking for decades . . . and my pressure cookers are that old! They still work fine, but this one has some nice bells and whistles.

  230. I used to use a pressure cooker. It became lost during one of our many moves. I would love to have one again to cook beans and other long cook items.

  231. Yes, I pressure can (and cook). I have a canning kitchen in the garage that I’m still not used to (just moved here 1.5 yrs ago). Last year had put my pressure canner (fully loaded) on to vent and went into the house to do stuff. Got on the computer, then the phone and almost two hours later remembered the canner. I ran, pell mell, out there and pulled it off of the stove. I couldn’t open it but thankfully my hubby was just returning home. Water was completely gone but everything else was ok. If I leave the garage again I now set a timer in the kitchen.

  232. My neighbor gave me a pressure cooker becasue they were scared to use it. After about 5 years a friend finally gave me the courage to try it out. Wow beans are so much better home made. I am still a bit scared, but I would like to get used to using it more frequenly and with differnat recipies!

  233. I am a big fan of Lorna Sass’ cookbooks, and she likes to use a pressure cooker. I’ve been wanting to try one for ages….still saving my pennies! It would be amazing to win one!

  234. My most common fail is to have the jar lids not seal and have to process a second time. In regular water bath canning, I rarely have this problem.
    However, in one more recent experience, we had a jar bottom pop off and lost a whole quart jar of roasted tomatoes. It was so sad. Not that the pressure canner is to blame. I am bad about not keeping my storage and canning jars separate. Lesson learned.

  235. I’ve never used a pressure cooker, and have always been a wee bit scared if them. My best friend cooks with hers on a weekly basis and loves it, so when I do decide to try it out, I have a teacher!

  236. **not an entry**

    I’m not entering because I have a T-Fal Pressure Cooker just like that (and how rude and selfish would it be to win another one!).

    I just wanted to tell you that I use it to make beans every single week. Like this: First soak some beans for (only!) 3 hrs, then put them in the steamer basket on top of the stand, add salt, pepper, onion powder & butter. Fill pressure cooker with cold water to max line and clamp lid shut with the release valve in the food position. Heat on high until the red dot pops and pressure is established (steam will be spewing loudly out of the release valve). Reduce heat to medium and cook for 35 minutes (while a now smaller stream of steam constantly pours from the release valve). Remove from heat source and allow to cool for one hour (don’t open it until then, no matter what!). Strain those lovely beans reserving some of that nice peppery buttery water which you might mix into what you are making or not. It’s particularly important to save a fair amount of it if you are making smashed up or ‘refried’ type beans, you’ll need it. This works with any bean, though chickpeas take twice as long.

  237. My parents have forewarned me against cooking beans in a pressure cooker as the skins clog the steam valve. I have been wanting to forego their warning because making beans on the stove on a weekly basis takes up too much time!

  238. The day I really knew I was an adult? Was the day that I drove home from college, hoping for a case of Blue Lake beans canned by mom and grandma. What I got instead was grandma’s gigantic pressure canner, a kiss on the cheek and told that I could start canning my own green beans now, thankyouverymuch.

  239. I have used my pressure cooker for about 30 years and have loved it since Day One. I think I’ve replaced the gasket 3-4 times?

    I had a roommate try to use it one time w/ a pork butt w/ lots of achiote paste. I came home to find the kitchen COVERED in bright orange grease. He simply didn’t know how to use it correctly and it exploded.
    At one point he resorted to mopping the ceiling w/ a sponge mop!

    I was just thinking the other day about turning my pressure cooker over to my 19 year old daughter – it would sure be nice to get a new one and then we’d both be able to enjoy pressure cooking.

  240. I love pressure cooking. I have been pressure cooking for years. At least once a week, sometimes more. T-fal is the only brand I use & would be lost without it. That being said, it would be great to have this as an addition to my kitchen usages.

  241. My mother used to use a pressure cooker when me and my sister were younger, but it made a terrible loud clanging noise. We were always a little scared of it, and there was a piece of metal on the top that always seemed like it was going to pop off!

    Now that I have my own kitchen, I’ve considered revisiting the pressure cooker, since it’s so much faster to cook beans in!

  242. I was just talking with my neighbor (who is from Nepal) about some of her cooking methods and favorite foods from her home country. She said she uses a pressure cooker often, and I might be wanting one after a cooking session or two with her!

  243. My grandmother was always using the pressure cooker when I was young, but she always said “stay away from it, don’t go in there (kitchen), its dangerous!”. So when I grew up and wanted to start using one I realized I was terrified, she had drilled the “danger” into me so hard! It took many attempts and a friend to basically hold my hand through it, but now I’m past the fear and LOVE my pressure cooker!

  244. I too grew up terrified of pressure cookers. Strangely enough I just saw an electric one not too long ago that would be perfect for my niece as she is pregnant and going through an adoption, so cooking would be a snap with this and easy on her swollen ankles. So if I win, she can have the electric one, this one is mine!

  245. I would love to have this pressure cooker. I started saving food by canning and dehydrating this year and excited to learn how to do more.

  246. I remember my grandma having one but haven’t taken the leap for this larger purchase………….would be a great addition to the kitchen! I remember my grandmother always telling the grandkids to stay away from the pot.

  247. I wish i had a tale to tell. My mother-in-law has used one for years, and after 32 yrs. of marriage, i’d like to try using one. Thanks.

  248. I’ve never tried a pressure cooker, but I’d love to! No one in my family used one but it sounds like a great tool for the kitchen.

  249. I have never used a pressure cooker. It would be very interesting to learn to cook with. Thank you for the opportunity to win one. 🙂

  250. I am 39 about to turn 40 and while I have cooked many wonderful things in amazing ways over my life I have never used a pressure cooker. Now I have a 1 year old who loves hummus and lived garlic and I NEED to try your recipe for him. So here I am entering the contest!

  251. I haven’t used a pressure cooker in years. Had it as a wedding gift in the 70s. Was always afraid of it. Would love to try one again. Thanks for chance to win.

  252. My mom gave me a lot of warnings growing up, like “don’t eat toadstools, they will kill you!” And “Never use a pressure cooker, it will explode!” So far, I have gotten the guts to pick and eat toadstools (some call them chanterelles–but they’re still toadstools to my mom) but I have yet to try a pressure cooker. I’m feeling brave though–if I had one, I would use it!

  253. I love pressure cooking- great for an impatient cook who loves braised dishes! Sadly, the release broke on mine a year ago. My favorite dishes to make we’re a Cuban pulled pork shoulder and braised short ribs. I’d love the chance to make them again!

  254. I’m in the nervous camp also! But I’d love to try it out. Posts like this from you and others make me think it isn’t so scary after all 🙂

  255. I’ve actually never tried pressure cooking. It has always kind of scared me. My mother has told me some tales, lol. Would love to try this because it is from a brand a trust. Thanks for the chance!

  256. I have never tried to pressure cook anything, but I have a husband who loves to cook and I’ve always denied buying another kitchen gadget…what a tremendous surprise if I handed one to him! I’ll hide in the other room while he uses it! 🙂

  257. My mom does lots of pressure cooking. Mostly beans and soup. I haven’t only because I don’t have one, but my husband I were just talking about getting one the other night. Even if I don’t win, I might have to check this model out when we go to purchase.
    Looking forward to making lots of beans this winter without having to be home all day to keep an eye on them.

  258. I am a little scared but would LOVE to cook our meals faster. We live at an elevation of over 6K so all of our cooking takes a long time. I am assuming this would help.

  259. Pressure cookers are great! I actually started using one for cooking my jam – 5 min in the pressure cooker, than reduce to finish. I’d love to give a cooker to my mom!

  260. Growing up I heard my mother’s horror stories of the disasters she had with some but lately I’ve been thinking about getting brave and trying one for myself. I hear so MANY good things about them and I’m sure they’re much better now than they were in the 1960s.

  261. I’d say I’m partly scared and partly intrigued by pressure cooking. I’d really like to try it, but I’ve been to confused about what pressure cooker to buy! This one looks like an easy cooker to start with.

  262. My mom talked about how she should get one the last time she made beef stew, because when we were ready to eat, the meat wasn’t!

  263. Honestly I have been quite nervous to use a pressure cooker but I have just not bought one. I really want a pressure cooker for using my dried garbanzo beans for hummus. Of course pressure canning stock, bone broth and veggies would really help my freezer situation. I would love to have one so I could just get on with it and stop procrastinating.

  264. I admit that I am terrified of all types of pressure cooking–my husband mans the pressure canner when we can green beans. That said, I think a pressure cooker would be really handy to have to make beans and such.

  265. I’ve always wanted to try a pressure cooker. I had one about thirty years ago, an inheritance from my uncle, but it had no instructions, and in those pre-internet days, I had no way to learn to use it. It frightened me, and I ended up giving it away. I understand that today’s pressure cookers are much safer and less scary, and I’d love to cook with one, especially a beauty like the Clipso.

  266. I’ve been wanting to try pressure canning soups and broths for a long time but have been a little scared of the whole process. This looks like a much simpler system than what I remember from my younger days!

  267. i remember when I was younger and my mom would pressure can. When she had issues with her second hand canner she would send my sister and I outside until she remedied the situation and got the pressure under control.

  268. My mom was always scared of pressure cooking and canning but I’m not so sure why anymore. It seems like these things just keep getting safer. It’s not like it will be deep frying a turkey or anything….I want to try pressure cooking to expand my cooking horizons!

  269. I have been pressure canning for 20 + years, but never pressure cooked. I have no idea why. Time to change that. Cooking dried beans is one of the first things I would like to try. Oh man that would be handy.

  270. My mother used one of those old screaming pressure cookers when I was a kid & did so as a bundle of nerves! I have never used one due to the fear instilled in me by other people’s epic fails. So I’m bucking up and going to try it if I win. You took my canning fears away & I do that safely now, so this ought to be fearless as well!

  271. I have just started getting back into pressure cooking. I’m not afraid of it – just didn’t have the time to play with it before.

  272. Pressure canners don’t frighten me, probably becuase i grew up in a household that used them regularly. I would LOVE to have one of my own!

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