Giveaway: Strainer Lids for Mason Jars

July 21, 2015

four strainer lids

Sometimes, someone will email me to tell me about a new mason jar product that they’ve designed and I’ll think, “Yes! I’ve always wanted that!” Such is the case with these stainless steel wire mesh lids. So often, I’ve wished for an easy way to strain from a jar, or a quick way to turn a small mason jar into a parmesan cheese shaker for parties, and now, here it is!

angle view of lids

Other ideas for these lids include using them to sprout beans and seeds, or any time you want an easy way to soak and then strain things (prepping small amounts of beans for adding to soup springs immediately to mind). I’m really curious though, how could you see something like this being useful in your life?

strainer lid on jar

For this week’s giveaway, I have ten (yep, ten!) of these lids to share with you guys. Here’s how to enter!

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me how you would use one of these lids in your kitchen.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, July 25, 2015. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, July 26, 2015.
  3. Giveaway open to United States and Canadian residents. Void where prohibited.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: The nice woman who produces these lids sent me some for testing, photography, and giveaway purposes. No additional compensation was provided for this post and all opinions expressed here are my own. 

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430 thoughts on "Giveaway: Strainer Lids for Mason Jars"

  • I would totally use them for our new discovery – rosemary infused gin! Hmm – or any of the shrubs we are planning on making this summer!

  • I would use them for sprouting jars for healthy grains for meals. So easy to wash and drain the sprouts as they grow.

  • Awesome product! i would use this for draining my canned goods when needed, or for homemade teas or to use as a shaker top for my spices. The possibilities are endless.

  • Dusting powdered sugar ad flour. Straining infused drinks. Making flavored oils and vinegars.

  • Cinnamon sugar comes to mind, first. I think it would work well for baking soda in the fridge. I’m constantly amazed at the new products for canning jars and can’t wait to see what someone will come up with next!

  • Flour shaker, powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, homemade spice blends and dry rubs. I also use baking soda pretty frequently in my house cleaning and this would be good for shaking on a nice even layer.

  • I make single servings of things so I’d be using this to rinse and strain beans, rice and quinoa.

    1. I would use them for soaking and straining almonds to make my homemade almond milk. This would make it easier because I can make big batches directly in the mason jars and then store them. I would also use them for my kids fruits and veggies to strain after I clean them.

  • My top two would definitely be straining things I’ve steeped or soaked (tea, dried items, etc) and rinsing rice/barley that is hard to work with in a colander. I’ve been debating purchasing a mesh strainer but for 95% of my tasks these would work so much better.

  • All of the comments on how to use this lid strainer product are all great. I would use it for dehydrated products that I preserve to allow me to shake out over a pizza, stew, soup, etc. Great tool for so many things!

  • Just found your book! It’s been helping thru my first ever summer of canning. Love these mesh lids. Would use them to strain fresh fruit sauces.

  • Straining my canned peaches and also for sprinkling powdered sugar. A great idea and product. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I make lots of herbal tinctures and these lids would be GREAT for a first step straining- out thru the mesh, thru the cheesecloth, and I wouldn’t dump any on the counter!

  • Ooh, I hope I win one! I’d use it mainly for straining things like beans.

    This past week I was on vacation and I made the slow cooker blueberry butter from your first book – it was good!

  • I’m doing the Canadian happy dance here! 2 things come to mind right away. 1) for shaking maple sugar onto yogourt/oatmeal etc. 2) when making different fruit soda concentrates, for helping strain out solids! Such a cool idea!

  • I would use this as a flour shaker for sprinkling on to countertops before rolling out pastry, and for straining coffee grounds when I make cold brew coffee!

  • These would be so perfect for my iced tea! I could stop trying to carry one of those silly ball strainers that always get crushed in my bag!

  • I would definitely use them as a shaker for powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, etc, but I love to bring in flowers from the garden. I might sacrifice on and make the holes bigger to use it to hold up a bouquet of flowers that is not big enough to hold up itself. Like an upside down “frog”. It is brilliant, so thanks for sharing them with us.

  • I just learned I can’t have dairy anymore so I was looking into making nut milks and oat milks. These lids would be perfect for soaking the oats and then straining the liquid out.

  • Sprouting is the first thing that comes to mind. Then so-many-others that I won’t try to list them. AND I’ve gotten even more ideas from everyone else’s comments.

  • I make marshmallows and store the coating (cornstarch and powdered sugar) in a mason jar, would love to have a strainer top to make it into a shaker jar!

  • Tea, using loose tea. The built in strainer would allow me to use loose tea leaves and then pour directly from the jar to a glass with ice or a tea cup for hot tea.

  • I have not done sprouting in years (too cumbersome!) but this looks ideal for small batch sprouting!

  • These would be wonderful for sifting powdered sugar, sifting flour, and sprinkling sesame or poppy seeds on my bread and buns! Also straining things like macerated strawberries would be helpful, so the syrup can be added to my homemade ice cream base, like I did today with a messy strainer!

    I strain many jars of orange peels and other things when I make my extracts and liqueurs, and having one of these beauties on each jar would sure make it easy for me!

    Soaking beans overnight, then straining the water from a mason jar makes it more pleasant!

    Straining fruit when I make shrubs, which I am CRAZY about!

    I love this new product, and appreciate you sponsoring a giveaway! Thanks!

  • Ooh, I can think of a number of things to use this for! Tea or other infusions, a shaker for flour or powdered sugar, or a fermentation cover to keep flies out. So many uses!

  • This would be perfect for shaking flour out on the cutting board and bannetons during my weekly bread baking.

  • I think first straining steeped herbs, but also to have a powdered sugar shaker when i am baking (which I do a lot). Like you I thought ‘brilliant’ (!) when i saw these. They should make a domed one too.

  • For sprinkling powdered sugar, and or cinnamon sugar on toast. I also think it would be great to use outside of the kitchen with baking soda and essential oils, for mattresses, carpets, etc…

  • I would use the tops on my herbs that I have dried. It would allow the air to circulate, but keep out any critters.

  • Dry as well as wet applications. Powdered sugar shaker? Sprinkle of corn meal or flour? Why not!

  • I am going to be completely unoriginal from the previous commenter. I would use them for sprouts. What I like about sprouting in jars is I can see the process. The straining lid would make it easier to do.

  • Spice shaker, cinnamon sugar shaker in the kitchen. I’d also use it in the bathroom for my baking soda/essential oil deodorant.

  • this seems like one of the neater (as in less messy) ways to dust something with powdered sugar – which i generally do with a hand-held sifter, and it gets all over the place.

  • It’s about time!!! I have the old plastic sprouting lids but they’re no good for finely grated cheese or other nifty things we put in jars. I would use them for shaking tapioca starch into my liquids, sprouting fine seeds like radish & cabbage, shaking baking soda onto my surfaces to be cleaned, shaking powdered sugar onto cookies, I could go on & on. I could use a dozen of those lids.

  • I would use mine for baking with flour and powdered sugar! I would also do small batches of sprouts for myself and my parrots! lastly at this time I would strain the liquid in my own already canned mason jars of fruits and other foods! Thanks for having the give away!

  • Definitely a powdered sugar shaker. We love to dust corn/blueberry pancakes with powdered sugar – a favorite summer breakfast!

  • I make homemade Greek Yogurt every weekend and these would be perfect for draining the whey. Afterwards just pop on a regular lid and you have yogurt to go…..soooo cool!

  • It would definitely work for dusting desserts with powdered sugar. My first thought though, was straining the juice off my canned tuna. Do these come in just regular, or also wide-mouth?

  • Great idea! The mesh lids would be a tremendous help when making tinctures and even pourig off brine to get the last of the pickles out of a quart jar. The list could go on.

  • I think I’d use it as a shaker for toppings and seasonings, like cinnamon sugar or flavored salts.

  • Awesome! I would use for straining herbal tinctures, sprouting seeds, and powdered sugar. I could use several.

  • nice! sprouting, maybe to cover making small batches of apple cider vinegar or saurkraut if the mesh is fine enough to keep out bugs

  • A useful thing! I’d use one to make a flour sifter, and to make a powdered sugar sifter, neither of which I have.

  • These would be awesome for making tea in my office. And for sprinkling powdered sugar on berries for the kids

  • Honestly, the biggest use would probably be for my fruit liqueurs. I like to put berries into hard alcohol in small batches and see what flavors I can come up with for my cocktails for the month. This would help me skip a step of straining and then pouring back into the jar, then pouring into the jigger… I also think it would be a great way to pour vegetable juice right onto my potted plants and then use the veggies in my cooking. The juice from canning and steaming your veggies in the kitchen is great fertilizer once it’s cooled down.

  • It would make a great sifter! The one we have is a bowl shaped one and if sifting over a small bowl, powders don’t always fall in the bowl. I often end up with a mess. This would solve my problem!

  • OH My Gosh, so many ideas are going through my head..these are SO cool!!

    I would use one in the kitchen for powdered sugar, it would be perfect, I would also use them as gifts to my other mason jar lover friends 🙂

    thanks for an opportunity to win!

  • I would use them for sprouts but I’ve found an amazing variety of other uses to consider in these comments!!

  • I’m loving all the ideas here. I think I might use it mostly for straining small chopped pickles; chasing the remaining bits around in a jars is frustrating!

  • I would definitely use it for sprouting and for soaking my SCOATS over night before cooking them up for breakfast. (SCOATS = Steel Cut OATS!) If I soak them in warm water over night, they will cook up perfectly in about 10 minutes by simmering in just enough milk to cover them. Currently I soak in a mason jar and then have to dump them into a metal strainer to rinse and drain them and then flip that into a pot and hope I don’t accidentally misjudge and throw SCOATS everywhere. Something I actually have done before!

  • I work at the local library, and found your book, food in jars, while shelving. After I ran out of post-it notes to mark recipes I wanted to try, I decided I should order my own copy. I type ‘food in jars’ into the google search bar… and here I am. I have a circle of acquaintances who it seems are always looking for small batch recipes, and having this site as a resource is exactly what the librarian ordered!

    As for the screened jar lid, I store my garlic in a small jar on the counter, and that lid makes the perfect cat-stopper (occasionally, the cat decides to be a little furry jerk, get on the counter and fish cloves out of the jar to play with).

  • The idea of soaking small amounts of beans resonates with me. I’d also like to try sprouting grains, but haven’t found a good setup yet.

  • I make my own mixture of grilling spices; these tops would be great for sprinkling the seasoning mix at the grill. And for sprinkling powdered sugar and a host of other things!

  • These would be great to have! I would have so many uses for them. Like you suggest, soaking beans for soup in the winter would be great, dusting cheese or powdered sugar, straining yogurt as another reader suggested, draining pickles – these would be so useful. I would love to see if straining yogurt would work well with this as I think that would be my favorite way to employ the lids.

  • I would use these in baking to dust a pan with flour, or sift some confectioner’s sugar or cocoa powder onto deserts! It would be nice and easy for the kids to use as well to decorate their own!

  • My first thought is as a “strainer” for rinsing beans or, say, quinoa….but I also like the idea of a shaker for powdered sugar, cocoa powder or cinnamon sugar… Or all three (separate jars, of course) as part of a baking armamentarium. What great lids!!

  • I love the powdered sugar idea. I always like making homemade lemonade, too. This would probably be great for straining the seeds but leaving some of the pulp. 🙂

  • All of the ideas sound wonderful. And because the lid is so easy to put on and take off we could all store more pantry items in jars and just shake out or dust then replace with our storage lid. No need to fuss with transfering.

  • I would use it to strain tea and juices. It looks like a wonderful product. I would love to have one because it is stainless steel and would last a long time.

  • Love these! I would use them for straining my pickled beets because when there is just a few left in the jar, I have to eat them all like candy!!

  • I used to do alfalfa sprouts many years ago – this would have been great for that! Now, I see it as being perfect as a spice shaker – cinnamon, for example – or for powdered sugar. I’m also seeing lots more great ideas in the comments.