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One of the more interesting preserving trends I’ve noticed in recent years is that of taking sweet jams and jellies and making them spicy. Sure, people have been making pepper jellies for years, but it wasn’t until the last decade did you start to see companies bringing things like sweet cherries preserved with smoked peppers to market.

raspberry jam interior

This week’s giveaway comes to us from PRiMO, a preserves company that specializes and excels in the arena of sweet heat. All their preserves are made by hand in small batches with good ingredients and are designed to be balanced. The goal is not to wipe out your tastebuds with heat, but instead to enhance the flavors of the fruit with complementary chiles.

Primo stamp

The giveaway is one three-pack of preserves to a single, very lucky winner. Winner will get to choose the three preserves from PRiMO’s current stock (I highly recommend the Raspberry Habanero). Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me how you add spice to your preserves. Are you a pepper jelly fan? Do you do apricot with red pepper flakes? Have you tucked ancho chiles into cherries? Inquiring minds want to know.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, July18, 2015. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, July 19, 2015.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Vic from PRiMO sent me the preserves you see pictured above for tasting and photography purposes. No additional compensation was provided for this post and all opinions expressed here are my own. 

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167 responses to “Giveaway: Spicy Preserves from PRiMO”

  1. I mostly use ginger, because I love ginger 😛 But I’ll have to try using something else, perhaps, next time I feel like making a spicy jam!

  2. I haven’t made spicy jams, but I do make my own spicy garlic dill pickles (by adding lots of red pepper flakes)!

  3. Other than pepper jelly, I’ve not added any chiles to jams. I may play a bit with a few jars this year though. I can see a habanero peach being tasty,

  4. Apart from ginger, which I would add to everything if I had the chance, I’m not big on spicing.

    I made a blueberry/cinnamon jam last year which came out very nice. May have been one of your recipes…

  5. I made a strawberry chipotle jam once that was super delicious! Will have to remember that for next year…. And I would love to try some of Primo’s flavor combos!

  6. I’ve actually never added any heat to my jellies, unfortunately my hubby and kiddo are not fans. I am a fan, so having three little jars all to myself would be awesome!

  7. I like to add green chiles to everything, including apricot jam. (Try it with goat cheese on a good multigrain cracker. I really recommend it.)

  8. Sweet heat is the best combo! Pepper jelly is my original jam (pun not intended lol) but I LOVE all chili and fruit combos! My favorite right now is fatalii peach chutney -and an urfa biber BlackBerry preserve 🙂

  9. I’m relatively new to canning but I’ve made ginger peach butter that was really good. I like pepper jelly so I’d be interested in broadening my spicy/sweet horizons!

  10. We’ve been slow to add spiciness to our preserves — we even omit the pepper in Marisa’s Strawberry Basalmic Jam due to a pepper sensitivity in the family . . . but we’re working on it (kids can be taught)! So up ’til now we’ve really just used spices in pie fillings. However, this is bleeding over into spiced (with cinnamon and nutmeg) jams like Ollalieberry Peach-Nectarine.

    This is giving me ideas for my pepper plants 😛

  11. I have yet to make any spicy preserves – I do not have many people in my life who love them like I do – but I enjoy eating them! I think a chipotle cherry jam sounds great, by the way.

  12. I’ve never made a spicy preserve, but I’ve always been intrigued by red pepper jelly. I had only ever eaten it on cheese and crackers until recently. My sister put red pepper jelly on a BLT. Delicious!

  13. Balsamic vinegar and aromatic spices are as far as I’ve personally gone with my preserving, but I’d love to try combos cooked up by the experts at PRiMO.

  14. Two years ago I had a bumper crop of mustard habaneros so I made a pepper jelly with them that we just adored and rationed as long as we could (last year was a terrible year for our hab’s, but we have loads planted this year!). I’ve never thought of adding them to fruit jams, though!!

  15. I am a recent convert to pepper jelly, I was always skeptical of it until I put it onto a breakfast sandwich and the sweet spicy combo won me over!

  16. I mostly like sweet but last year ramped it up with star anise and ginger. I made a few peppery hot jams that were well received. Will try and expand my horizons this year

  17. I have never tried to add any spice to anything I have canned because heat scares me! So, I would really like a chance to try one of these! I need to just be brave and try different things!

  18. I like pickling jalapenos so I have them around to throw on nachos, eggs, rice, etc. I’ve also made Hot Fireman’s Pear Jam (recipe in Jam On: The Craft of Canning Fruit by Laena McCarthy), which is pear jam with cinnamon and chipotle. I love a bit of heat with sweet or savory foods.

  19. I do like spicy heat, but I’ve never added any to sweet preserves – these look good, though.
    The hottest preserve I’ve canned was some salsa several years ago that I made with a friend – the recipe called for “dried Chipotle peppers, ground” and we added waaay too much ground chipotle pepper. We had to get more and more tomatoes to tame the heat and make it even edible !!

  20. I make jalapeno pepper jelly every year. I’ve been changing it up by subbing lemon juice for at least half of the vinegar. Love this give-away!

  21. When I’m brining cucumber pickles I’m always afraid I didn’t put in enough dried hot peppers and so I throw a few more in and then they’re much spicier than I intended. But I enjoy them anyway.

  22. Yum! I recently found out you can do “baked” brie on the grill. I’d definitely grill up a wheel of brie and top it with some raspberry habanero spread. There’s nothing better!

  23. Cinnamon and ginger is the most I ever add. I try to keep true to the fruit for the most part. These spicy preserves sound yummy, though 🙂

  24. I haven’t experimented much with adding spice to my preserves yet, but I’m very interested in exploring further. I love reading through these comments for inspiration.

  25. I use a lot of ancho in a corn salsa that is excellent on pork chops. I’ve used a little hot peppers in peach salsa or jam…. I’ve read all kinds of inspiration in the post though! Pretty excited for my chili crop to come in this summer!

  26. I love spicy ANYTHING, but do try to temper myself to preserve everyone else’s more sensitive tongues. I’ve made pepper jelly, and last year I made a bath of your tomato jam with about double the amount of chili flakes. It was soooo good, especially on an egg sandwich in the morning!

  27. I don’t do spicy to much as I can’t take the heat any more.

    But I did make some spicy ginger syrup to make soda out of that was pretty good. I’m thinking it might be a nice base for a lime marmalade. Lime, ginger and red pepper.

  28. Wow, thanks for a neat giveaway, Marisa! I make a lovely bacon jam (pressure canned, of course) that has red pepper flakes. So good!

  29. For an additive, I like cayenne. It gives it heat without altering the flavor much (try in your hot cocoa mix). For heat with flavor, I made some nice candied peppers last year using some hungarian wax peppers that have only gotten better with age. Didn’t think about putting those in with fruit. Yum.

  30. I did make pepper jelly once. I also made an apple jalapeno jam that was pretty mild, but good. And my sweet pickled peppers are very addictive…they aren’t a jam or jelly, but when I put them out at Mom’s nights they disappear pretty quickly!

  31. I’ve only ever made the bell pepper/jalapeno pepper jelly and we all love it. PRiMO’s products sound like a lot of fun combinations.

  32. My mother made pepper jelly when I was a kid, as well as many other jams and jellies. I wouldn’t touch the stuff. She stopped making jam years ago, and now that I am old enough to appreciate pepper jelly, there is none to be had. I am just beginning to make my own jams now, but I haven’t yet ventured into spicy ones. Looking forward to inspiration from you in this venture. I have some Aleppo pepper that I’m like to try out. I like the philosophy of Primo that the pepper isn’t meant to be an initiation rite for your tongue, but an enhancement to the fruit.

  33. Prepare Ritz crackers with a dab of cream cheese. Top with raspberry preserves enhanced with sriracha. Perfect snack!

  34. Habanero sin peach jam and wasabi in lemon Ginger marmalade. Very different “heats” but both really work!

  35. I’m not a big fan of spicy heat, but I have had requests this year for some of the spicy salsa’s I made a couple of years ago. Chances are those cast iron stomachs would like the pepper jellies as well; I’m just not well versed in cooking with peppers since I don’t care for them myself. Although I did learn to use gloves are one mishap…

  36. I make jalapeno jelly and jalapeno strawberry jam, going to try hot peppers in my tomato jam and raspberry jam. I love the taste and putting the spiced jams over cream cheese to serve with crackers is delish. They taste good with almost any meat you fix.

  37. I have not explored too much – chipotle with blueberries and cherries, jalapeno with peaches
    Thanks so much for your blog!

  38. I haven’t explored too much yet. Red pepper with peach and chipotle pepper with tomato is about it so far. The raspberry sounds great, too bad we don’t get local red raspberries or I might try to make some.

  39. Hubby really doesn’t like anything too spice and hot tasting, so I haven’t really experimented using spice in my home canning preserves.
    Myself, I do like just a little heat in homemade salsa.
    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity

  40. I love these combos, but have only attempted to make jalapeno pepper jam once, and my recipe didn’t come close to what we were able to buy on the west coast. The cherry/chipotle jam sounds wonderful!

  41. Oh my glob. I am all over this, because this is what I DO.

    Before I even ever considered canning, my sister sent me a jar of the Cranberry Habanero Jam from the Pomona’s Pectin cookbook. That jam was my husband’s favorite for on his standard breakfast sandwich (half an everything bagel, toasted, topped with jam, ham, tomato slice, and scrambled egg with some habanero flakes in it).

    And then last year, I started canning. Fun, spicy jams are my jam. (Pun totally intended.)

    In the past year I have made:
    – Habanero Gold Jam, from the Ball Complete Book of Food Preservation (not the Blue Book): dried apricots, red onion and habaneros
    – Strawberry and jalapeno jam
    – Pickled sweet cherries with peppers
    – Pickled pineapple with red pepper flake (just add a healthy 1/4-1/2 tsp. pepper flake to each jar before putting in the pineapple and brine. It’s so darn good added to stir fry or as a side to grilled fish/chicken/pork.)
    – Cranberry Raspberry Habanero Jam
    – Cranberry Blueberry Hot Pepper Jam (made off-season, using frozen berries and peppers)
    – Peppered Apple Cranberry Chutney (based on your Pear Cranberry Chutney from Preserving by the Pint, with apples instead of pears and 1/2 cup of chopped hot peppers added)
    – Cherry Serrano Jam
    – Mixed Fruit jam with habaneros (this was clear out the fruit drawer day: blackberries, strawberries, plums, blueberries, sweet cherries, pineapple, pears and habaneros)

    And just today, I’m making some of the Cherry Rhubarb Jam you posted a few days ago. I thought seriously for about 10 minutes about adding 1/2 cup of chopped jalapeños (and a tiny glug of lemon juice for the acid) to it.

  42. I use alleppo pepper. It’s not too hot, it has a great bite, and even kids like the preserves I put them in.

  43. I make a hot pepper jam. In it I use about 10 different kinds of hot peppers from jalapeno to habenaro to caribe peppers! I then use my jam on sammies, BBQ sauce, or just about anything that needs a kick!

  44. I always make red pepper jelly but a friend gave me a jar of hot peach jam and that was really good on a ham sandwich.

  45. I love love love hot pepper jelly. Might have to try some spicy jam recipes too. I’ve never been bold enough to try it before in my canning although I do things like that in my cooking all the time.

  46. I love hot pepper jellies with fruit! My latest creation is a Carolina Reaper pepper & raspberry jelly. My farmers market customers who are real pepper heads love this sweet heat!

  47. Hot pepper jelly is a must on my canning menu but I might just have to try making that raspberry ha habenero. That sounds amazing!

  48. I haven’t made any of my own yet but I love a raspberry hot pepper jam i buy at our local farmers market. Maybe this summer I’ll try making my own!

  49. I just made my very first batch of blueberry jam and it was a success. I now have a canning bug. I bought more jars yesterday now that I know I can do it. Looking forward to it all. I do enjoy a bit of spice in my life.

  50. Boring old pepper jelly. But these look amazing! I think they’ve inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try something with jalepenos (baby steps).

  51. I love to add cinnamon. I personally don’t like pepper jelly, but I make it and my family loves it. I think I might try Blackberry Jalapeno, I have some blackberries in the freezer right now!

  52. I have not tried any of the hot pepper jellies or spicy varieties of preserves but would love to try these.

  53. I haven’t become too adventureous in my canning. I guess the most I’ve done so far is Brandied Peaches which I used as gifts. I would imagine these jellies would be great for a party served over either a block of cream cheese or Brie, perhaps even warmed a bit and then served with crackers.

  54. Jalapeno jelly is always a hit – I make red and green for Christmas appies. Home made salsa with is my fav.
    Love your blog – it is my go to place for recipes.

  55. Jalopeno jelly and cream cheese on a toasted bagel is the best! Would love to try some fruit added in for sweetness.

  56. I have not made any spicy preserves yet but I have plans to. In my garden I have traditional jalapeños, purple and red jalapeños (seeds I acquired from a Facebook friend in Guam and Fresno chilies. I want to make unique pepper jellies but also add some heat to my fruit preserves. I would love the chance to taste the flavors of another sweet heat preserve maker.

  57. I must admit I’ve never considered putting peppers in my fruit jams. But now I see all kinds of possibilities. I often make glazes for pork chops/roast from jams and jellies. I’m thinking a nice mixed-stone-fruit and jalapeno would be great for glazes.

  58. I have not made any spicy preserves. I would LOVE to try them, though!! It gives me ideas and inspiration to “experiment.”

  59. I’m a spice virgin when it comes to sweet things. I have never strayed from the basic jam and jelly recipes, but I’d like to try it!

  60. I’ve been making pepper jellies for years! Started with jalepenos now use a mix of whatever is in the garden! Mostly can’t make the same thing twice!

  61. Some of the suggestions on the other posts look fabulous. For me it’s either a little jalapeno or red pepper flakes.

  62. I make a spicy banana chutney and a pepper mango sauce that I can each year. Both are great on grilled meat or veggies.

  63. i haven’t been too adventurous yet. Nothing more than adding a little too much ginger to peach ginger jam. But, my husband loves spicy food and I’d like to get a better idea of what we like before making my own.

  64. I like spicy and fruity. We grew up with chutney on the table, so fruits like peaches with spices are a combination I am fond of. Recently I have been making peach and jalapeño salsa, with cilantro, lime juice and white onion. That’s been great as a condiment for fish and chicken and makes a change from tomato.

  65. I don’t do a lot of preserves. But I would like to do more. So I’m not sure what kinds of spices I would add…

  66. The spiciest I have done is dilly beans and pickled asparagus, haven’t tried making a sweet and spicy combo yet…

  67. I’m a big fan of pepper jelly. Last year I made strawberry-chipotle, but didn’t car for it. Since then I stick with the pepper jelly.

  68. My family looks forward to my hot pepper jelly every year. I need to spread my wings & try more spicy combos.

  69. I love pepper jellys and can never have too many. The hotter the better. I like apricot habanero a lot. I add my own home grown peppers to my jelly when I’m making it.

  70. Last year was the first time I made a spicy jelly: habanero cranberry jelly. I’ve also tried spicy & sweet pickled carrots which I really do like. They’re the perfect way of using up a too large bag of those baby carrots. (Think Costco sized.) I have been learning though that one package of red pepper flakes can be substantially different from another!

  71. Ginger usually provides the spice to preserves when I use a spicy element, but I’m excited to try making a hot pepper jelly with apricots or peaches this summer!

  72. Citrus + cayenne. Not in the crazy, hating myself, master cleanse sort of way; more of a marmalade with a tingle on the forefront… then a lot of heat.

  73. I recently put up a batch of habanero jelly that used dried apricots, habanero peppers, red bell peppers and red onions. It is the most gorgeous color and the apricots and red bell peppers show up as tiny flecks of color suspended in the jelly. And it tastes great.

  74. I haven’t ventured into adding peppers yet, but I’ve experimented quite successfully with ginger and cinnamon!

  75. My most popular preserve is an apricot habanero jam. Also the one with the most sugar! I’m very interested in the raspberry habanero one!

  76. I’m ALL About the spicy, and I love these people’s products. Love it to kick up cheese platters, or as a glaze for meats, or just on a PB & J.

  77. As a garlic-farmer selling at a Saturday market, I have developed a white grape salsa with varietal garlics, cumin, white and red grapes, and green chili which is well-liked.

  78. Pepper jelly…love it! I am of the opinion that just about any dish is better with some heat. Sriracha in spaghetti sauce? Yes, please.

  79. I’ve experimented a little bit with Thai chile peppers in raspberry jam, but I need to work on the proportions a little more. I think spicy jams go fabulous as a part of a cheese plate.

  80. I’m still a relative canning newbie (this is only my second summer), so I haven’t really started adding spice yet. I can’t wait to try it though – these all sound so delicious!

  81. I’ve tried my hand a “Pepper Jelly” one of my nephews tried to talk me into opening a store so he could work there. My oldest grandson has always referred to my “Corn Relish” as “Killer Relish”. Sweet peppery jelly are my favorites. Would love to try yours!

  82. I love cherry pie filling with minced jalapeno peppers in it to put over roasted chicken. Good company meal. Apricot jam with hot Coleman powdered mustard and vinegar for dipping sauce for egg roles.

  83. I’m partial to the cranberry mustard and Scarlett Red pepper jam recipes in Diana Henry’s sugar salt smoke cookbook.

  84. The closest I’ve come so far was adding black pepper to strawberry preserves. Yummy, but not really spicy. I got a terrific mango-habanero jam from a farmers market last year and aspire to make my own version one of these days.

  85. Have been making a straight hot pepper jelly for a lot of years – usually based upon whatever did ell in the garden that year. Much prefer using red chiles. Have tried adding apricot, and sort of like it that way. But yes, have always enjoyed adding some home grown dried chiles in other canning projects.

  86. Have yet to try much in the way of pepper jellies, but as I adore savory/sweet combinations, I’d probably enjoy them

  87. I love aleppo pepper and small dried chilis like chili de arbol in pickles. I’m also starting to experiment with super hot fresh chilis like Thai bird.

  88. I do like pepper jellies but haven’t made any yet.
    I add ginger to some of my fruit jams like peach and plum. That does give them a bit of a punch!

  89. I have been enjoying red pepper flakes in my pickles. I also planted 4 jalapeno plants in my garden so I could make pepper jelly later this year.

  90. Haven’t been adding heat to jam until this year. Love the sweet and spicy combination of mango and pepper flakes.

  91. I’ve never added heat, but now that you ask, I’m thinking maybe a little spice in my apple butter this year. I’m growing lots of italian roaster peppers I could use.

  92. I just buy Vic’s spicy preserves. I never would have thought to add heat to a preserve. Before I tried Primo’s products, I didn’t keep jam or spreads in the house. Now, it’s a must.

  93. I make a spicy peach barbecue sauce that pairs peaches with red pepper flakes – I love it!
    These all look so good but I bet the red cherry one would be good on grilled pork chops.

  94. I have a recipe for habanero jelly that my family devours. My father even suggested mass producing it for sale…it’s great. I’m a fan of the heat. That being said, I don’t add it to much other than pickles unless it’s just for my consumption.

  95. Oh I love, love, LOVE my hot pepper jelly. Cream cheese and crackers is yummy but I also love it on pork or chicken.

    I am anxious to try the strawberry jalapeno you linked to a few days ago. I’d love to try the Primo jams!

  96. Yum! The Blueberry Jalapeno sounds great too! I’ve only made a jalapeno jam. Haven’t tried mixing with fruit yet.

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