Giveaway: Blossom uCap from Spice Ratchet

September 2, 2014

blossom ucaps

For the last few years, my favorite canning rack has been a flexible silicone trivet made by a company called Spice Ratchet. It has always been something of an off-label use though, as I’m fairly certain that they weren’t thinking canning when they made that trivet.

blossom ucap sip

However, the nice folks at Spice Ratchet have recently released a line of silicone lids that are designed specifically for mason jars. These lids come in three different styles, are sold in packs of four, and have a number of applications.

cap n sip

The first style is a sipping cap. The lid snaps snugly onto the top of the jar and allows you to slip a straw into whatever liquid the jar holds. The lid isn’t entirely water tight (because it does have a hole in the top), but would definitely slow the flow if you were to knock it over.

Having spent the weekend with my spill prone nephew, I can see this one coming in very handy for households with kids. This style comes in both regular and wide mouth.

cap n seal

Next is the storage lid. Like the sipping cap, this style snaps tightly onto the top of a mason jar without needing to be screwed down or tightened.

It is leakproof and airtight, which means it is a great solution for both liquids and dry goods, because it will prevent spills and keep moisture out. This one also comes in both regular and wide mouth.

cap n fun

The final style is the flower frog. This jar topper has holes in the lid so you can use it for flower arrangements, clusters of party flags, or even as a cup holder. This lid only comes in a wide mouth version.

top of ucap seal

Spice Ratchet is providing samples for this week’s giveaway. There will be four winners and each one will receive one of each style of Blossom uCap 4-packs in the wide mouth size. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me how you’d use these lids in your home.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, September 6, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, September 7, 2014.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Spice Ratchet is providing the lids for the giveaway. They sent me samples of their lids for review and photography purposes. They are also a Food in Jars sponsor and so do help contribute to the running of this site. And yet, all opinions remain entirely mine. 

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393 thoughts on "Giveaway: Blossom uCap from Spice Ratchet"

  • I feel like the storage cap is probably the one I’d find the most useful, but I also really dig the flower arrangement one 😀

  • I bought a couple of those silicone trivets after you talked about using them. I love them, one for doing a small batch of canning and one for the hot pot on the counter. I always drink out of a canning jar and these new lids look pretty great. I like the thought of the leak proof lid. I currently use the white plastic lids for storage in the fridge, but unfortunately they leak a little when they tip over in a lunch box… I’ve learned the hard way!

  • I would love the sippy ones!! Sweet tea or iced coffee, yes please 🙂 And I would use the other just as well, thinking it would be great to have open jars of pickles in the fridge without having to use my jar rings 🙂

  • I would love the Flower Frog for arranging small flowers in my mason jars for my kitchen table! What an excellent idea!

  • I would love the try the sippy tops! (Maybe I’m just getting old…but I’ve had some issues with overtightening on some of the screw-on sippy lids and then just not being able to get them off again!!)

  • I would love these! I’ve been trying to not use bottled water, but the plastic reusable water bottles leave a lot to be desired, including never getting clean enough. These would be great!

  • I would love the sipping cup for my iced coffee – I’ve been trying different methods of bringing my own iced coffee to work to save money and plastic waste!

  • I would totally use these in the car to ensure less spillage as I take the corners on two wheels while my favorite beverages slosh around.

  • I would use the lids that seal on open jars of food that are always in the fridge. The sippy tops would be used daily too!

  • I would love these, I have a spill prone son and a 3 y/o granddaughter that knocks over things. The storage caps would be great to take camping so I could take a smaller amount of things and not worry about being able to get the rings off.

  • What a great idea! I’ll be on the lookout for these so I can try all three.

    The Blossom caps would be handy because after my weekly Ikebana class I have odds and ends of flowers and leaves/branches to take home. Their container always seem to spill in the car as I turn a corner. This would be a great way to not try to turn and catch the jar at the same time!

  • I make refrigerator oatmeal overnight to take to work for lunch. The lid and ring works but is a little cumbersome. I think the storage lid would be great for that purpose. Also, I love the frog lid for flowers.

  • I’m always looking for lids to fit the mason jars when we open them from their sealed state. Having the lids handy means that my family members will use the lids instead of aluminum foil or plastic wrap or the ultimate -putting it in the refrigerator WITHOUT covering it! :::shudders:::

    Thanks for introducing a new little gadget for canning diehards.

  • I would use these with my mason jars that I use for drinking my juices and green smoothies from. I have had weight loss surgery and need to sip all day and these look like they would be perfect.

  • I’d use these with my toddler (and my husband for that matter!) to help prevent the never ending spills in my house!

  • Iced tea, sauces, toothpicks for appetizers, oh my! I love the trivet for canning. It’s so pretty and perfect for my just barely large enough pot.

  • the follower arranger, but they would hold all of my pens that have silk flowers attached to them at my booth at the farmers market.

  • Omg. I would love all of them and I am most diffantily going to look them up. I love my mason jars, I used them for everything. Canning,drinking flower arrangements and I store other dry goods in them. This is a wonderful add on to them thank you so much for posted this info

  • To keep the flies out of my lemonade! As a quick cover for my late-morning green-smoothie. To cover my cut-up salad veggies in a jar.

  • I would use these lids for freezer storage. I want to stop using plastic containers and mason jars is a good replacement. These lids would be great.

  • Having seven grandchildren around the house, this not only helps me, but appeals to those who have outgrown the “sippy cup” phase. 🙂 Great for outdoor picnics (even for flower arrangements!) and travel as well! They make great gifts!!

  • Can’t wait to try these out! My first use would be to top some fabulous drink and look adorably shabby chic while drinking it. 🙂

  • I would use the flower frog to actually arrange my flowers properly instead of having them so messy. I would use the lid with a staw for my morning iced coffee. I have an awesome cozy I use that has a glow in the dark ghost and I’d really be styling with both! 😉

  • The first one would be for my iced coffee, the second one for lunches, and the third one I’m not quite sure yet but it might go as a gift to my sister in law, the florist. (These all look awesome, though).

  • Oh man, I’d love that straw lid for iced coffee! And I store everything in jars, so the storage lid would be great. I love the idea of a lid that you don’t have to tighten. Sometimes I find out the hard way that I didn’t tighten a lid enough… .

  • I love this idea. I would use the airtight one on my home-made jam jars after they’ve been opened for the first time – these will be so much cleaner and easier to use than the screw lids. I’d also use the one for the straw for my morning iced coffee that I make myself. I’m sure I’ll find many uses for these.

  • I love the idea of the flower arranging insert, but the sealing lid would probably be the most used of the products. Even adults are spill-prone.

  • I am newly obsessed with mason jars, for all purposes – storage, canning, as well as decorating. I am particularly excited about the flower frog lid that will let me put my fresh flowers in mason jars around the house, but the sipping lids and storage lids are equally as appealing for my storage needs in the glass cabinets in my country kitchen!

  • I think all of the lids are great, but the first one I’d use these days is the flower frog. Our CSA includes flowers alongside tomatoes and herbs in the cutting garden, and I’ve been enjoying fresh flowers all summer.

  • I think I could find a ton of uses for these! I have a steady stream of kids at my house that are too big for sippy cups, but to small not to spill everywhere, lol.

  • These are so cool! I could see me using the “sippy cup” often. Even my daughter could use it when she gets a tad bit older. And I love decorating with Mason jars. The flower one is such a cool idea. I like the idea of putting flags in it. Storage might be nice for something you’re in and out of a lot. Those 2 piece lids do get a little annoying for me.

    I think these are awesome!

  • The sipping cap would be great for my desk. When someone enters my office, they always have to move my water glass by grabbing it at the top. No matter where it is on the desk. Oh and it does have a handle. Great giveaway

  • I love that you don’t have to use the metal rings with these! Mine always end up getting too rusty for anything but processing. I’d love to try these.

  • Oh, I’ve been wanting silicone jar toppers. The plastic options just don’t do it for me. We use jars for lots of things, and these would be awesome!

  • The cap n seal lids are a great idea. They will be put to good use in lunches and storing leftovers. No more double lid to fuss with.

  • I would love to try the sippy style with my kids. The flower frog looks awesome too. I always use my jars for vases so this would be great!

  • I’d use the storage lids the most I think! But I can see giving the sipping lids in Christmas stockings this year too!

  • The sipping cap would be perfect for my granddaughter — it sure would cut down on spills & leaks. The cap n seal lids would make it possible for me to use my jars for storage, especially after I use the 2-part lid because there are times when I’v thrown away the flat part & don’t want the metallic screw-on lid to come into contact with the contents of the jar. These are such great ideas!

  • I have a toddler who is casual about her sippy cup use. I try not to use plastic sippies but most mason jar sippy lids leak if they are tipped even a little. I could use a better seal!

  • I would use the Cap n Seal for when I make yogurt. It would be easier for the kids to get them on and off the big jars.

  • The storage lid would be so handy for jams once they have been opened. I would also love to use these when I refrigerate wine. The air tight lid would slow down the oxidation and the leftover wine would last longer.

  • These are so functional and cute! I would love to use the flower blossom for floral arrangements from my garden, and the sippy cup for iced tea and coffee. What great ideas!

  • Love the idea of having one to store foods… but then… wouldn’t it be nice to have the straw version for around the house when my husband is working in the garage or I am in the garden (or canning)… but then again… the flower frog would be fun too. Who could pick just one?

  • These would be great for the various jobs that Mason jars fulfill around my house. Straw caps for smoothies, storage lids for soups and leftovers and the flower top for enjoying the last flowers of summer and fall. What a great give away.

  • I’m always cutting flowers out of the garden and putting them in jars over the summer, but I’m not very good at arranging, so maybe that lid would help!

  • I would love to use these lids for my jars of dehydrated fruits and veggies. If the lids truly have a great seal, then they would work perfectly.

  • I love the flower frog. I always use the canning jars for flowers. The storage lids would be great especially when I make dressing, no leaks when you shake it up. The drinking lids would be great for taking it along wherever you go.

  • I would love to use them all. I really want to try the flower frog with an arrangement. Later I will have to invest in the trivets!

  • I will be looking for all of these, because all my refrigerator storage consists of jars, both canning and repurposed food types. My entertaining is always on the screen porch, where cute casual is always the style so the sipper lids would be perfect, and flowers in jars are adorable! With young grandchildren, spills are always likely, and having something to help contain the damage is so very welcome!

  • We would make great use of these in our house, as we drink cold brewed tea from mason jars. With these lids, we’d be lots less likely to make messes. I love to use jars for flowers and food storage, so all sets would get lots of use!

  • The frog one sounds perfect for flowers! We have tons of sunflowers and cosmos and I love how they look in mason jars.

  • Wow! All of these are great and super cute. I’d love the fresh flower one because whose day isn’t made when the see fresh flowers. Though I could always use the expat lids since you’ve influenced me down the homemade yogurt path. 😀

    On a side note, you use the blossom trivet in the canning pot. It handles the extended heat?

  • The flower frog would be great for displaying flowers at my farm mkt stand and the others would be wonderful for storage.

  • My son and his family would be able to use them while they’re off to work, daycare, running errands and having fun … also, when they come to visit me, Grandma!!! 🙂

  • These would be great for refrigerator pickles. The ones for drinks would be great around here, since mason jars are traditionally used for all sorts of beverages 🙂

  • the silicon lids would be awesome for storing just that little bit of jam leftover that doesn’t quite fill the last jar!

  • The sippy top would help keep the bees from getting into my ice tea when I’m on the deck. The storage lid would be great for the homemade salad dressings and the flower frog would be great for decorating the kitchen or table.

  • The storage caps sound so perfect for a quick lid solution when I’m packing my lunch in a mason jar. I’d also be a frequent user of the flower frog. So many gorgeous bouquets at the farmers’ market that would look even prettier in a mason jar on my dresser!

  • Just found this website today doing a search for water bath canning. Now I get a chance to win something, too? Pretty cool!