Giveaway: Blossom uCap from Spice Ratchet

September 2, 2014

blossom ucaps

For the last few years, my favorite canning rack has been a flexible silicone trivet made by a company called Spice Ratchet. It has always been something of an off-label use though, as I’m fairly certain that they weren’t thinking canning when they made that trivet.

blossom ucap sip

However, the nice folks at Spice Ratchet have recently released a line of silicone lids that are designed specifically for mason jars. These lids come in three different styles, are sold in packs of four, and have a number of applications.

cap n sip

The first style is a sipping cap. The lid snaps snugly onto the top of the jar and allows you to slip a straw into whatever liquid the jar holds. The lid isn’t entirely water tight (because it does have a hole in the top), but would definitely slow the flow if you were to knock it over.

Having spent the weekend with my spill prone nephew, I can see this one coming in very handy for households with kids. This style comes in both regular and wide mouth.

cap n seal

Next is the storage lid. Like the sipping cap, this style snaps tightly onto the top of a mason jar without needing to be screwed down or tightened.

It is leakproof and airtight, which means it is a great solution for both liquids and dry goods, because it will prevent spills and keep moisture out. This one also comes in both regular and wide mouth.

cap n fun

The final style is the flower frog. This jar topper has holes in the lid so you can use it for flower arrangements, clusters of party flags, or even as a cup holder. This lid only comes in a wide mouth version.

top of ucap seal

Spice Ratchet is providing samples for this week’s giveaway. There will be four winners and each one will receive one of each style of Blossom uCap 4-packs in the wide mouth size. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me how you’d use these lids in your home.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, September 6, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, September 7, 2014.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Spice Ratchet is providing the lids for the giveaway. They sent me samples of their lids for review and photography purposes. They are also a Food in Jars sponsor and so do help contribute to the running of this site. And yet, all opinions remain entirely mine. 

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393 thoughts on "Giveaway: Blossom uCap from Spice Ratchet"

  • Oooooh! These look wonderful!! And soooo useful, for all sorts of things. Although, the one for flower arranging looks most immediately useful here – have nothing which works that way, except a small piece of chicken wire bent over a jar.

  • I’m newly pregnant and have started hoarding silicone tops for my mason jars as I plan on using them for all the baby food I plan on making. My husband is concerned I’m going to be completely out of control when the nesting kicks in.

  • I would use the solid one for dry storage in my cupboard. I’d use the one with the straw hole by my computer while I’m working for my ice water. I don’t arrange flowers very often, but occasionally a bouquet comes into my life, so I’d use it to make a nice display for the kitchen counter and use the flower top.

  • It would be an easy solution for having family members to have drinks out with lids on while doing homework. Storage lids would be awesome as we make lots of salad dressings and small batches of soup.

  • All of these would come in handy! I especially like the idea of the flower one though as it would make arranging top heavy blooms like lilacs so much easier!

  • Definitely for food storage. I now use my extra canning jars for storage, in my refrigerator as well as pantry and these would certainly look nicer and probably be easier to use and store.

  • Oh, wow, how great would a flower frog be with one of those lovely blue Ball jars? Or the green ones from this year, since it’s green.

  • I often find myself dehydrated at my desk at work. I much prefer drinking through a straw I’ve come to realize, so one of the sip lids would go immediately to that purpose! Very exciting new products 🙂

  • How WOULDN’T I use these lids? 🙂 The frogs would be great for bringing more flowers from the garden into my home, the sipping lids would work nicely with our metal straws, and the storage lids would make my jars even more useful for keeping leftovers in the fridge.

  • I’m really interested in the flower frog lid. We have so many jars of wildflowers around and it would make it a bit easier for the cat not to tip them over and spill water everywhere.

  • I use a wide mouth jar lid to cover the cat food can. I only use a little at a time. The silicone would be more perfect for that use.

  • I really like the storage lid – I can see me using this if I opened a jar & had some left over to put in the fridge. I’d love to try it!

  • Finally a great lid for all the stuff I store in mason jars in my fridge! It should definitely help keep spills to a minimum…

  • I like the storage lid. I use a few jars for syrups, dressings, and drinks and the storage lid would save me from storing close/looking for bands and lids. No rusting either!

  • I love the idea of the sipping cap (for my kids who are obsessed with using straws) and the storage one for my many jars in the fridge (with canned peaches, pears, apples, and the fabulous “food in jars” tomato jam I made last year!

  • I think the storage lid would be the most useful for me. I love making my own vinaigrette dressings in mason jars, and this would be the perfect lid for them.

  • I would use the storage lid for all the mason jars I have in the fridge with their contents in various stages of consumption.
    And the drink lid would be great for bringing iced chai tea with me to work with me.

  • These lids look so useful! I take my lunch to work in a mason jar almost every day. I’m sure these would be very helpful for that.

  • I am very happy to hear about the lid that seals in liquid. I would use it to take liquids to work with me – coffee, yogurt, pickles…

  • I use Mason jars for EVERYTHING — freezing fruits and veggies, storing leftovers in the fridge, making my breakfast oatmeal overnight in the fridge. Would love to try these tops! Thanks for the chance.

  • this looks awesome! i use jars for literally everything, so i can imagine it for so much! dahlias! ah! salad dressing! lunch! perfecto!

  • I prefer to store in glass rather than plastic for health reasons…and those to do with visibility. Such simple storage solutions (snapping a lid on the glass jar that’s right at hand) deeply appeals!

  • I like the idea of a silicon lid for the jars of sun tea that I’ve been making this summer (and fall). Sometimes a little dribble can start to corrode my metal bands – I wouldn’t have to be as careful with these lids!

  • These are great! I want to get all three….

    I make smoothies to go in my little one’s lunch. I would love to put the top with a hole it in in her lunch box so that she could put it on after she opens her smoothie – less spills. (As it is, I have the screw top on the jar and then include a makeshift metal lid with a hole in it for when she’s ready to drink).

    I’m wondering if the flower top version could also hold certain herbs in the fridge? When you get down to the end of the bunch, it’s hard to keep them upright in the jar.

    The storage lid is awesome too – no more rust stains on my counter from wet metal lids 🙂

  • I would use the sipping lid at work. The storage caps are great – I store leftovers in mason jars and love the idea that they don’t rust.

  • I have bought screw-on plastic covers for canning jars (both wide-mouth and regular) on Amazon and They are wonderful. These covers trump those in appearance. They are pretty and come in more than one style & color.

  • I’d use the storage lid for my maple pecan granola I am now hooked on making. I’d also love to use the flower frog for the flowers I grow in my garden. It would make displaying them so much nicer.

  • I use my mason jars to store stuff in my pantry, these lids would be perfect, also for covering opened jarss in my fridge.

  • I use mason jars for storing sauces and dressings in the fridge, and love the idea of these caps. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Oooh! Instant sippy cup! I would use the flower frog ALL THE TIME too–arranging flowers is really hard without something like that.

  • Hey! These look very handy. I currently use the ball screw on caps, but they’re not really water-tight; these would be much better for taking my lunch to work in. Sign me up!

  • With kids in the house, the caps that seal would be wonderful! It is amazing how full the fridge can become with half-a-jar of this, and a quarter-jar of that, all with the rings still on them! Maybe something like this will help free up some of them!

  • I’ve tried other lids when using my canning jars for non-canning activities and haven’t been super happy with the results so I’m excited to hear about a new option. I would use the sipping top for my extra large morning chai on cold mornings and the flower frog would be wonderful for the tulips I hope to grow at my new house. The seal would be great for my many gluten free flours that I store in quart mason jars.

  • My sweet 15 year old daughter loves to drink from mason jars, so I’d love to surprise her with some sipping lids.

    And I make homemade vinaigrette…what great covers for the leftovers in the jar!

  • The intended uses would have a place in my kitchen, with the flower one being especially intriguing. The sippy cup ones I might try with fermented vegetables, which are still alive when refrigerated and need to burp sometimes.

  • I love the idea of using the one for flowers. We’re always sending cut flowers from our garden to friends and teachers, so having one that keeps the water in better would be great – especially for my little guy to carry.

  • I can imagine all sorts of uses for the silicone lid: have eaten cans of dog food, leftover drinks. Even if I don’t win, I’ll place an order for these.

  • I like that flower lid! I’m not very good at arranging flowers and I think it would be helpful when I bring in dahlias from outside.

  • Perfect lids for sipping a homemade chai latte on the way to work, and for sealing up yogurt for a mid-morning snack! Hope they’re BPA free!

  • These are great! I always have a fluctuating supply of mason jars and recently gave up my old drinking glasses to save space and fully utlilize extra jars. These lids seem like a great way to turn the jars into even better multi-taskers.

  • My kids would totally dig these. We use mason jars for everything (and all drinks) and this would help prevent at least 99% of spills. Right?! I need it : )

  • Storage lids! Drink lids! What useful and fun ways to bring my lunch to school! Other teachers would all want to have one for their own!

  • These would be great for work lunches and also for refrigerator storage. Plus, if we could do flower arrangements to boot, that would be awesome.

  • I would love the lid for the straw. I drink a lot of water and I have to be constantly refilling my glass. I could have a whole quart of water with me at all times!

  • I could really use the flower frog to help my pitiful flower arranging! And more mason cap lids are always helpful since they’re my main storage and drink containers.

  • Wow! Fabulous idea. I can imagine using them for drinks around the house and on the go. And taking lunch to work.

  • With three teenagers plus friends in this house the drinking lids will be great for capping the smoothies and frappuccinos we make daily. Thrilled to think of the flowers that’ll be brought in from the yard and housed in mason jar vases!

  • Love the idea of a frog to help with flower arranging. Also love the idea of using it to store wet and dry goods in the pantry.

  • I’m currently stuck in the recliner with a bandaged foot – and wowzers, could I use the zippy lid! It’s been hard to abandon my typical mason jar drink holder for a clunky old travel mug.

  • I’d use them for flower arrangements. And for drinking water (maybe at the computer, where I don’t want to spill). Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Oh my, flower arranging, beverages and more. I love to pour smoothies into canning jars, but the lids I have leak! These would be so nice nice for lunches.

  • I would love the drink lids for my afternoon homemade coffee granitas, and the jar lids for storing leftovers in the fridge.

  • I don’t actually have these. But what a gift this would be….I have several grandchildren. Certainly will not go to waste .

  • So excited to see another awesome product from Spice Ratchet, a fellow Anchorage gal ! It’s hard to list the number of ways I would use this product, so many options!

  • I would use these to cover jar cups for my kiddos to use! I much prefer to use glass, but sometimes I get tired of all the spills!

  • I’d use the lids for dry goods storage in my cupboards and for taking lunch to work. The frogs would also come in handy when I bring in flowers from the yard and have not quite enough to plump out the vase properly.

  • I love them! I would use them for leftovers, caps on my smoothies, storing excess brining liquid until the next batch of cucumbers gets made into pickles, etc!

  • Great for families with kids! I’d use them to store little bits of food and drinks — without all the yucky plastic.