Giveaway: Blossom uCap from Spice Ratchet

September 2, 2014

blossom ucaps

For the last few years, my favorite canning rack has been a flexible silicone trivet made by a company called Spice Ratchet. It has always been something of an off-label use though, as I’m fairly certain that they weren’t thinking canning when they made that trivet.

blossom ucap sip

However, the nice folks at Spice Ratchet have recently released a line of silicone lids that are designed specifically for mason jars. These lids come in three different styles, are sold in packs of four, and have a number of applications.

cap n sip

The first style is a sipping cap. The lid snaps snugly onto the top of the jar and allows you to slip a straw into whatever liquid the jar holds. The lid isn’t entirely water tight (because it does have a hole in the top), but would definitely slow the flow if you were to knock it over.

Having spent the weekend with my spill prone nephew, I can see this one coming in very handy for households with kids. This style comes in both regular and wide mouth.

cap n seal

Next is the storage lid. Like the sipping cap, this style snaps tightly onto the top of a mason jar without needing to be screwed down or tightened.

It is leakproof and airtight, which means it is a great solution for both liquids and dry goods, because it will prevent spills and keep moisture out. This one also comes in both regular and wide mouth.

cap n fun

The final style is the flower frog. This jar topper has holes in the lid so you can use it for flower arrangements, clusters of party flags, or even as a cup holder. This lid only comes in a wide mouth version.

top of ucap seal

Spice Ratchet is providing samples for this week’s giveaway. There will be four winners and each one will receive one of each style of Blossom uCap 4-packs in the wide mouth size. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me how you’d use these lids in your home.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, September 6, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, September 7, 2014.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Spice Ratchet is providing the lids for the giveaway. They sent me samples of their lids for review and photography purposes. They are also a Food in Jars sponsor and so do help contribute to the running of this site. And yet, all opinions remain entirely mine. 

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393 thoughts on "Giveaway: Blossom uCap from Spice Ratchet"

  • I’m sure as an owner of these products you would be able to find a variety of uses for them outside of the norm. I would use the flower frog right away to arrange flowers from the cutting garden!

  • I use jars for so many things, storage of food, canning of food, in soap making, dying so a variety of lids is wonderful.

  • I would love to try the sippy style with my kids.
    The flower frog looks cool too. So many uses for all of them!

  • I would love to have the cap and seal storage lid since I’ve just begun to jar everything for preservation and organization. It would be perfect to put on jars that i store my loose leaf tea or spices in. The seal and sip would also be perfect for bringing larger containers of drinks into my car to prevent spills.

  • These are fantastic! Like many canners, I’m addicted to mason jars and use them all around the house. I think a flower-frogged jar full of fresh flowers from the farmer’s market would make me really happy on a Saturday morning.

  • I do a lot of driving and I try to bring a mason jar as my travel mug. I could SO use these lids. What a brilliant idea!

  • My goal is to use canning jars to store everything in my pantry. With these lids I can use canning jars for EVERYTHING…and the colors will match my blue and green special edition Ball jars! Color coordination rules.

  • So many uses, I would definitely use the one for drinks. I also use jars for storage all the time also that would also be ideal.

  • Love these! I need to get rid of all plastic cups, these would be perfect for my daughter. The flower lid is so clever.

  • I can tell you *when* I’d use these lids: All the time!

    I make tea in jars, and I’d use them with a straw to drink the tea right from the jar. I’d use the storage lids on jars that I make salad dressing in, among other things. And I’d use the frog-style lid to use jars as vases for wildflowers.

  • I ride the NYC subways every day, and the sipping cap would be great for taking cold beverages with me. I also take my lunch to work, and I love to put salads in wide-mouthed mason jars, so the storage cap would be perfect. I also love to have a few flowers on my desk, and a mason jar with the flower frog would be just the right size to cheer my up without costing a fortune to fill and overwhelming my workspace.

  • I think the airtight ones would be great! We use the plastic screw on lids all the time on mason jars but they are not airtight! An airtight version to use once we open up our canned product would make it last even longer in the fridge than the plastic screw on one does now.


  • These would be great for my 3 kiddos to drink out of when we sit around the fire or when we are camping…they love drinking out of my mason jars that are packed away in my tent trailer…

  • Oh the fun to be had! Flower arrangements, stylish sippies for adults and children alike and a great solution for opened bottled goods that will be stored in the ‘frig.

  • I’ve been meaning to get away from a plastic reusable cup for iced tea and coffee made at home, and a mason jar is the perfect solution (as it is for so many things)! I would also use the storage cap for pantry, freezer, and fridge storage like I do the plastic storage caps and regular lids. I learned the hard way the standard plastic storage caps for mason jars are not airtight!

  • What a clever invention these are! I’d use the various lids for sipping, for food storage in or out of the refrigerator, and for a casual flower arrangement on the kitchen table!

  • I can see a use for all three items, but I’d start with the sipping cap. DH carries a Mason jar of tea to work every day. I’ll bet he’d love one of these. And the flower arranger top would be really helpful for my mother who’s in rehab after a fall. Gotta have flowers for the patient.

  • Definitely use these to sip on some delicious ice tea, while enjoying the last few weeks of summer, come fall and winter to store all the lovely goodies we made in the spring and summer.

  • Ooo, those storage lids are so cool! I was planning to purchase some plastic screw lids for my jars, but these would be even better! I want to get rid of all of my plastic storage containers and was trying to figure out how to just use Mason jars. These silicone lids would be perfect.

  • I use mason jars to store a lot of things around the house. The storage lids would be great for things I need to get into often. Sipping lids are obvious – I make smoothie for breakfast, and with these I can take then in the car in the jar they were made in! I don’t arrange flowers much, but I could definitely use the flower frog lids to hold up cuttings I am rooting in water, and to hold all my chopsticks so the don’t get lost in the silverware drawer anymore! Great product! I’ll have to go find a few sets.

  • I can always use a new lid for a grown up sippy cup! The flower frog would be wonderful to try – who doesn’t love fresh flowers in the house??

  • These are great. Bought your books and I’m back into canning on a very small scale. It’s fun in small batches and I LOVE mason jars. I froze pesto in them and use them to bring soup to work. Looking forward to serving ice tea vodka’s with pretty pink straws on Saturday!

  • I’d use the lid with a hole for enjoying iced coffee.
    I’d use the flower frog for displaying lollipops and Twizzlers at a birthday party.
    I’d use the regular lids for closing my home canned pickles.

  • I would use the one that takes a straw for taking tea with me to the garden. The intact lid could cover any number of goodies and the frog would be used for arranging our abundance of wildflowers. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I think these are great!!!! I make up my own seasoning mixes, i.e. taco, onion, ranch, etc. It would be great to use these lids for that instead of using rings and lids.

  • I will use the air tight seal lid to cover my salads in jars. Sipping lid for well sipping, and the frog will be great for all kinds of displays. Thanks

  • How cool are these?! Oh, I’d definitely use the storage caps when I’ve opened canning jars. And I love the flower frog. What a terrific way to display/arrange flowers from the garden! And these would make fabulous gifts for home canners and other crafty folks

  • I am thrilled about the storage lids! I love that they are one-piece and rust-proof. If they are dishwasher-safe they will be a dream come true. I’m always on the lookout for lids to use once I’ve opened my jars.

  • A convenient top for all those quarts of trail mix and granola I make as birthday/holiday/house-warming gifts. So much better than a lid and ring.

  • I have canned for 35 years & would LOVE to have fun using these wonderful lids on my jars! The storage lid would work great on a water jar in the car!:)

  • These look amazing…I just started canning this year so I’m building my supplies as I complete more canning recipes. Your blog has been a great help! Thanks

  • I envision using these both in the kitchen and out – yes, there are food storage applications, but also imagine this: a jar full of seaglass topped with a colorful non-metallic lid…my pen jar could be transformed…my husband’s spare change could finally reside in a more decorative container (with easy access to boot!)…

  • I’d be using storage lids too. I make various oatmeal + dairy + spices and/or fruit breakfasts and these would be great. I think I’d get a couple sets to color code mixes for hurried or tired mornings.

  • I never throw a jar away and I’m always scrounging around for a good lid. These would be perfect.
    The sippy lid is such a good idea as is the frog top. I always have flowers on my table whenever I
    can get them, both of them are really good ideas.

  • A great travel mug. Good for leftovers. Flower arranging. My friend needs these when she feeds a sick friend to avoid spillage and choking.

  • I am always using my jars as glasses, so the sippy seals would be great. These lids will be great addition to my kitchen

  • You can never go wrong using a mason jar and these lids would be a great help. I think I’d probably use the sipping cap first. Great way to enjoy a drink outside at night without worrying about bugs getting into your drink.

  • I would use the sipping cap and storage lids daily. I do a lot of work on the road. I can put the storage cap on my mason jar drink (probably iced green tea) while I’m driving, and then use the sipping cap when I’m ready to drink my tea.

  • I take drinks to work often, so I’m sure they could be used for my morning caffinated beverages. And the flower frog is a great idea!

  • I am remodeling my kitchen and using lots of canning jars for accent pieces. These caps would add so much to my display. What great ideas and solutions to everyday problems.

  • My daughter would confiscate the sip lid, I would use the other lids for scented flowers and covering partially used canned items.

  • I would love to win these silicone lids, although it is now all the rage to drink from mason jars I have had a set for the past 30 years and I love to use them. When I unpacked them after I got married my husband scoffed at them and told me they were antiquated and no one would want to drink from those. Well now not only are my “antiquated glasses” the biggest hit but I think they would be spectacular with these lovely lids. Gilding the Lily to me.

    Also have your new book and I love it and have already made several recipes. Just waiting for my spice order to make the tomato jam with smoked Paprika in it.

  • What clever ideas! I use canning jars or just about everything. The drinking lids will make it so much easier to take along the kid’s favorite drinks when we travel,or just out on the porch. No more rewashing cups because we don’t know which belongs to who!

  • What wouldn’t I use them for? I am always in search if kids for the fridge and other storage needs. And the straw top ones would be great for drinks on the go. 🙂

  • I have used glass jars for years to store pantry and fridge items. The 2-piece lids are not practical when storing opened jars of yummy homemade jams and jellies, not to mention mustards. I’ve always used the white plastic screw-on lids, but these are so much prettier.

  • I am a bit of a skeptic. Don’t know about my spelling either! I just can’t imagine putting one of these items on a canning jar as an easy thing to do. I live in rural America so probably wont see anything like it around here. Thanks for a new idea as I love Ball canning jars.

  • I would love to use these for flower arrangements as it is so hard to keep the blossoms where you want without something. I currently use floral tape. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I know it’s too late for the drawing, but I was struck at how perfect these lids would be for fermenting! The sour-dill pickles, sauerkraut, and kimchee that I make in small batches have healed my digestion, and mostly fixed my multiple chemical sensitivity.

  • I have a friend who uses Mason jars instead of glasses. I see one on her desk at work each day and wonder if today will be the day her keyboard bites the dust when the jar goes over. These would be the perfect gift for her!

  • Maybe I missed it, but can the storage lids be used for actual canning? Or just for closing already canned – in use or dry goods in jars?

  • Oh goodness! 383 entries in! Whew. I’m really pushing the laws of probability here…BUT, I love the lids. I have 1000 ideas for the storage lid. We purchase most of our dry goods in bulk and store them in glass. These widemouth lids would be very, very handy!

  • We have some handled drinking mason jars, so the straw lids would be great. I like the idea of the snap-on silicone lid for refrigerator storage, too.

  • I store EVERYTHING in jars and these lids look like a perfect (and colorful) option to use instead of old canning lids.

  • I love the idea of using a top with an opening for a straw on a mason jar. They would be handy for my older kid and fun for adults too.

  • Love these! Sippers, lids when I pop open jars in the fridge, pretty blooms on my countertop – ai’m so excited!

  • I would love these for my iced coffee! I would use be solid lids for canning jars to be refrigerated and I could use the frog to top my room freshner jars (baking soda and essential oils) !!