Giveaway: Round Collection Elite Jam Jars (sponsored by Fillmore Container)

Round Jam Jars Tower Fillmore - Food in Jars

Happy March 22, everyone! For most of you, this is just another ordinary Tuesday, but for me, it’s the official publication day for my new book-baby, Naturally Sweet Food in Jars (I know, it’s been shipping for the last two weeks. But now, there’s no denying it. The book is out there).

In celebration, I’ve teamed up with my friends at Fillmore Container for a little pub day giveaway. I’m hosting a giveaway over here and they’re also hosting another giveaway over on their blog (along with a sneak peek at one of the recipes from the new book).

Three Round Jam Jars Fillmore - Food in Jars

Last week, when I gave away that giant bundle of Ball Canning gear, many of you mentioned how happy you were to see that they’d brought back the classic, rounded half pint jam jar. These fruit embossed jars are often a favorite with long-time canners and it was popular demand that’s brought them back into production.

I had a feeling that these jars would tickle your collective fancy and so when Fillmore asked me what I thought my giveaway should include, I just knew that these were the ones to feature.

Round Jam Jars Fillmore - Food in Jars

These round jam jars hold 8 ounces and are the perfect vessel for jams, relishes, chutneys, and truly any preserve that you want to dress up a little bit more. This week, I have three boxes of these jars to give away to three winners (each box contains four jars). Over on the Fillmore Container blog, one lucky winner will get a copy of my new book, 2 cases of Orchard Road (both pints and half pints), a case of fruited jam jars, 2 Storage iLIDS, 2 reCap Flip Caps, 2 Packs of Pomona’s Pectin. It’s quite a prize package!

Here’s how to enter my end of the giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what your favorite preserve of 2015 was.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, March 26, 2016. A winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, March 27, 2016.
  3. Giveaway open to United States only (so sorry!). Void where prohibited.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Click here to enter the Fillmore Container giveaway! 

Disclosure: Fillmore Container is the sponsor of this giveaway. They provided the jam jars you see pictured above, and are also providing the ones for the giveaway, both at no cost to me. They are a Food in Jars sponsor, so they contribute to the upkeep and maintenance of this site. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. 

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525 responses to “Giveaway: Round Collection Elite Jam Jars (sponsored by Fillmore Container)”

  1. I had a baby in 2015, thus I didn’t do a lot of canning. (Oh and the house we bought has a glass top stove and apparently I’m not supposed to put the big canner on it!). So the only thing I preserved was asparagus pickles in 2015. This year I hope to diversify again. We have a ton of raspberries in the back yard so maybe I’ll try some jam!

  2. The chunky applesauce I make every autumn is a household favorite right through the spring (or as long as it lasts!)

  3. The jam I made out of a failed fruit salad from my kid’s cooking class, with nectarines, grapes, apples, strawberries and pears with lime and ginger. That’s probably one of my favorites from last year.

    Congratulations on the new book! I’ve been looking forward to it!

  4. I finally got a Meyer lemon tree this year! So, my favorite preserve was probably my Meyer lemon marmalade, with Meyer limoncello a close second. 🙂

  5. I didn’t can as much as I should have last year, but I did replace the necessities… tomato jam and dill pickle relish. This year, I need to make strawberry jam since my almost-4-year-old is powered by PB&J most days.

  6. My favorite preserve of 2015 was easily a vanilla raspberry jam, from berries I grew in my own garden (first time)!!

  7. My favorite preserve of 2015 was a grape-cranberry preserve. I loved the flavor combo and loved that no pectin was needed.

  8. Congrats!!! I hope you are also feeling better.
    My favorite canning project from 2015 was my fruit honey (combo of pear and pineapple). Yum!

  9. I made a spiced plum jam that was amazing! It tasted like Christmas in a jar. I am so glad they have reissued these little jars. I love them!

  10. Plum Sauce – recreation of the game sauce from What Mrs. Fisher Knows about Old Southern Cooking, 1881. Great on all types of meat!

  11. My favorite preserve of last season was also one of the first ones I made – your spicy peach preserves. They’ve been a hit with everyone I’ve gifted them too and I can’t wait to make another batch this summer!

  12. Strawberry jam is always a favorite. It signifies spring and the start of summer, and I really enjoy the entire process. We go to a u-pick farm and gather (almost literally) tons of fresh berries, which I think really makes the jam taste so much sweeter. Congratulations on book baby launch day! Will you be doing an East Coast tour at all?

  13. My family loved the strawberry limoncello jam the best. Spiced peach was the hands down winner for my tastes. We love us some jam! Pamona’s Pectin revolutionized my jam making. Hope I can win some more of these jars – I cleaned out the supply of the old ones from my parents’ house.

  14. I made peach butter for the first time in 2014. I loved it so much I made it again in 2015, and it looks like I’ll be making more this year!

  15. My favorite was your tomato jam! So many compliments on that one, too. Will have to make several batches this year!

  16. I think it’s a tie between spiced pickled beets and a sour cherry-plum jam. This year I’m looking forward to a soft preserve of the black raspberries from my backyard!

  17. Tomato jam! I’ll never be able to go a year without making it ever again. I gave it away as gifts at Christmas and everyone LOVED it!!!!

  18. I managed to get some local plums this year – on the years I can get these, this is always my favorite jam of the year!

  19. my favorite preserve ended up being my most simple, pickled jalapenos, I use them in so many different recipes and always had a nice heat to whatever dish they find themselves in!

  20. I am always a huge fan of anything apricot. I’ve adapted Simple Bites small batch peach bbq sauce to be made with apricots instead. So so good. I make it every year. It would be beautiful in these jars.

  21. It’s hard to say if my favorite was the Snow Queen white peach jam or the sweet chili garlic sauce or the lemon roasted garlic mustard, but I think maybe the jam. It was so simple and beautiful and perfect.

  22. My favorite jam last year was a Peach/Bourbon/Vanilla Jam. I can get wonder fresh peaches, and last year decided to try a peach jam with a little ectra. This has become an all-time favorite of mine

  23. More of a preserved item than a “preserve,” but I love the tomato juice that I canned last summer – admittedly a small yield for a large amount of work, but tasty enough to do again sometime!

  24. I traded some peach jam for some tomato jam that is life altering. I will be adding that to my canning agenda for the summer. So perfect with some manchego cheese.

  25. I’m almost to the bottom of a pint of Hood strawberry jam with vanilla bean. I think I will be making more this year if possible, it is really amazingly yummy!

  26. In 2015 my major production was a tiny human, but i did manage to make a few batches of your smoky tomato jam, a few jars of pickled banana peppers, and a couple rounds of strawberry jam. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  27. I have to choose one?!?! I was finally really happy with how my blueberry jam turned out this year, but I guess my favorite is always the spiced watermelon rind. We didn’t do applesauce this fall, since we were prepping my grandmother’s house for sale, and I REALLY miss that one now.

  28. YES, I buy these jars at thrift stores when ever I find them. Now I can buy them new. Last year I peach butter and give as Christmas gifts and was very well accepted by all. First time I have ever tried peach butter and will do it again. Thank you

  29. Straight up strawberry preserves. I am usually a pickling and ferment person, but I have so enjoyed that little bit of summer on my toast and in cookies all winter long.

  30. My favorite preserve of 2015 was Tomato and Apple Chutney, but I made/use that in such quantity that the jam jars would be useless. My favorite jam-sized preserve was a Cherry Rhubarb Jam. Or Sour Cherry Jam. One of the two.
    And I LOVE the new book. I can’t wait for my rhubarb to come in so I can make a few things.

  31. Although I previously made freezer jams, 2015 was the first year that I worked up the nerve to attempt canning. It’s hard to pick one favorite, but my caramel apple jam was very well-received by all. Thank you for making the process more accessible (i.e. less scary)!

  32. My favorite jam was a Jalepeno Strawberry jam. I made what I thought was enough jars., but with a large family and a yummy jam recipe…it went fast!

  33. Plum jams/jellies were the best. I used star anise in some ( now I know what the Chinese store smells like) and vanilla and had fun playing with different combos. Looking forward to spring and summer goodies

  34. I was given a bag of yellow plums by a friend quite unexpectedly and the jam I made with them was DIVINE. I’m planning on making much more of it this year!

  35. For the first time I attempted to make seedless blackberry and raspberry jam and it was delicious. I also did your spiced asparagus pickles and everyone loved it, so I made a lot for Christmas gifts. Looking forward for this summers bounty and using those cute jars!

  36. We moved across the country this past summer and had stuff in storage as we were staying in a temporary location (and without much kitchen access), so I didn’t get anything preserved other than freezing some corn. The year before though, we found someone in MT growing concord grapes and I canned grape jelly for the first time- it was so good!

  37. As a new pressure can-ist (and relatively new canner) my favorite was anything and everything I did. I loved being able to can my favorite pear butter, applesauce, beets, and soup! All done for the first time. I’m still working on jellies and jams as I have not fared so well there. I need your book, for sure!

  38. Stumbled on on-the-verge-of-going-bad incredible peaches…and with some friends turned them into the best peach vanilla jam I’ve ever had!

  39. My favorite preserve of 2015 was dried president plums – so sweet-tart. In terms of jars, the plum jam was pretty amazing, too.

  40. Embarrassed to admit I did no canning last year, because I was so busy freezing. Which is also “preserving,” I suppose, but I don’t know if it will disqualify me from your drawing!
    Congrats on your new book…I am really looking forward to having it in hand 🙂

  41. My favorite for 2015 was a batch of wild grape jelly. We have a cabin in northern Minnesota and wild grapes grow in the slash ways. I rarely beat the birds and squirrels to these little gems but last year I harvested a bumper crop. Wild grapes are full of seeds and only the size of a pencil eraser, they are TONS of extra work. They also taste much more “grapey”! LOL I ended up with 8 half pints of jelly and it was fabulous.

  42. In 2015, my favorite preserve to eat was strawberry and figs, it was so good. But the one I really liked making has to be the blood orange marmalade. 🙂

  43. Hmm, it has to be either the smoky tomato jam or the strawberry balsamic jam. I’ve made your regular tomato jam for years but the smoky version blew my mind.

  44. I have so many favorites it would be hard to choose. Anything strawberry, peach, and apricot would be high on my list. But I also love citrus and tomato jams as well.

  45. My favorite preserve of 2015, hands down, was your pickled cherries. I still have two pint jars left to tide me over until cherry season 2016!

  46. Applesauce! Mainly because it has also been so useful since we can feed it to our 5 month old baby when we are too tired to make her something fresh. Each year I have to make a big batch of your strawberry perserves as that is our family’s favorite spread (we did lots of trials to determine that too, thank you for the winning recipe!). It has been especially useful this year too because our toddler has finally discovered a love of pb and j. Obviously I have a practical strain when it comes to canning…it is a burden when I see so many yummy sounding recipes that would be fun to try!

  47. I opened a jar from my first ever batch of dilly beans last night. I grew the beans in my garden last summer. They were great (Marisa’s recipe of course)! They are now a priority for this years harvest.

  48. I know it’s not a preserve but I made a ton of awesome relishes this year. My Inidian Pickle was by far my favorite. Eaten as a snack on Papadum chips – yum!

  49. I think my favorite was the Apricot Rosemary Jam, I use it on pork all the time, a great way to make basic pork chops seem so fancy!

  50. My absolute favorite is the Strawberry Lemon Marmalade. But I am a bit torn, because I made your Pickled Zucchini recipe because my husband refused to eat another bite of zucchini and I had some that I needed to use. He has gone through those pickles in record time and is asking for more. I think the cumin flavor is great – and is the key for him. He is actually watching zucchini prices at the supermarket.

  51. Oh, it has to be the damson plums my brother-in-law preserved for us. They were picked right from his back yard right before he came to visit us in July. They were so delicious!

  52. Last year our “ornamental” plum dropped a half a bushel of little purple plums all over the lawn. They were so super sweet we didn’t need any additional sugar and it was so yummy on crackers with brie cheese!

  53. My favorite preserve I made last year was the Marryin’ Barry marionberry jam I made to celebrate the passing of law in favor of Gay Marriage in Ireland. It was a huge hit both at home (Oregon! home of the marionberry!) and with friends in Ireland (yay gay marriage in Ireland!).

  54. I had a tomato jam recipe at a preserving class in Atlanta. It was not something that I thought would like but it was excellent. I can’t wait until my garden starts producing so can try to make my own.

  55. My favorite preserve of 2015 was made this month – Meyer lemon Apricot jam with frozen apricots. Thank you for that recipe!!! It turned my little kids into apricot jam lovers and has me scouting for an apricot tree to add to our yard.

  56. I made Hopping Frog jam (jalapenos, fig, raspberries, orange, ginger) this year and it is my favorite so far, although citrus pear honey was a close second.

  57. I made a bluebarb jam (low sugar w/ Pomona’s) that was awesome! Even my friend who isn’t a big blueberry fan liked it.

  58. Sincethe deadline, Mar 26 is my bday and I love these jars so much, I’ll give this a go. So many 2015 favorites to choose from…I’ll go with Honey Sweetened Plum Pear Jam, thank you very much!

  59. it’s so difficult to choose, but I think I’ll go with the jam my cousin gave to me when we visited last August, she grew up on a farm in Hillsdale, Michigan and her mom (my aunt) was an amazing cook/baker & ice cream maker & canner. I loved her Pepper Jam, it was actually filled with chopped red pepper, onion and carrots

  60. We got boxes & boxes of local, fresh off the tree apples and had so much fun experimenting with them. Our favorite preserve from that experiment was a highly spiced apple butter. Extra cinnamon, fresh nutmeg, and cloves. SO good!

  61. My favorite preserve for 2015 was persimmon jam. I’m not a huge fan of persimmons, so I made it just to get rid of some I’d gotten in my co-op, planning to give them away for Christmas gifts, but surprisingly ended up really liking the result!

  62. My dad decided that my apricot jam was the best thing ever, so I made as much as I possibly could. It’s a low sugar, lemony version that I love. It’s like sunshine on toast in the gray, damp, Pacific Northwest. I went to the farmer’s market twice a week for apricots and canned like a maniac all summer long. The good news: I’m only about halfway through my total output, so I think we’ll make it!

  63. I think my favorite was the Mango Banana Jam. We have a ton of nieces and nephews and I love making them new and different options!

  64. My favorite preserve was green bean refrigerator pickles that were inspired by the pickling class. I used ginger, garlic, cilantro and honey.

    My second favorite was plum and star anise jam from Preserving by the Pint.

  65. The cherry almond pie filling my friends and I threw together! Good enough to eat out of the jar, pie not necessary.

  66. It’s a tossup between the tomato jam (I use it on toast with avocado) and the honey sweetened peach chutney (most often eaten directly from the jar with a spoon).

  67. Your spiced half moon apple slices. I used Honey Crisp apples. They were so delicious and I even canned the extra brine/syrup and have used it mixed with diet lemon lime soda. I think it would be wonderful in a cocktail too.

  68. My best discovery was blackberry-rhubarb jam that I made on a whim. The next best was your strawberry vanilla. I still have a tiny jar of each, and it’s almost time to make some more.

  69. 2015 was the first year in a long time when I didn’t can a thing…so I guess my answer is the pounds and pounds of lowbush blueberries in my freezer!

  70. I made a strawberry rhubarb jam twice this year and we ran out so quickly. It’s fabulous stirred into Greek yogurt. I’d love to put my spring batches in those round jars, but I’m going to double my recipes!

  71. Okay, look. LOOK, BALL. Now you’re just capitalizing on your jar addiction! That hardly seems fair.

    … ahem. In 2015 I discovered Marisa’s large(ish)-batch Strawberry Jam with just a hint of vanilla bean in it. I can make 10 pints at a time and everyone I know loves it. When I need to put up a few dozen jars for my gift supply*, this is a recipe I adore – and the taste is fabulous.

    *sadly, I’ve found my friends and family aren’t as adventurous about trying unusual jams as I am about making them! Fine with me – I’ll eat the unusual things myself. :9

  72. We have been enjoying a batch of smoked paprika tomato jam I made. It’s is fabulous as a glaze on pork loin or roasts. We use it in place of catsup on meats or eggs.

  73. My favorite preserve of 2015 was the cherry and lemon zest jam I made in the summer when I had a bunch of cherries looking a little sad.

  74. I don’t remember as I did bookmark quite a few. I do remember one that involved Italian plums and star anise and another with special oranges.

    What I am commencing to do on Thursday is make strawberry rose geranium jam.

    My rose geraniums are blooming and will be ready to harvest enough blooms by Thursday. So I bought strawberries today plus some Gladware to help with maceration. I use the Blue Chair Jam cookbook.

    I love these jars so much I’ll need to make the rounds tomorrow to see if there are any in the local stores. I got a lot at Target one year so I’ll go there tomorrow and see if they have them. If they do I’m buying quite a few, Maybe some pretty lids if they have them. I remember they used to sell the lids with the fruit screen printed on top. Loved those.

    But I am making jam!

  75. I was very pleased with my first ever batch of dill pickles! My relish and raspberry jam turned out particularly well.

  76. I have made a lot of jams this past year, so it is hard to choose just one, but I think it might be the Cranberry Christmas Jam. My family also loves the Apricot-Pineapple Jam.

  77. That low sugar apple ginger butter was amazing! It was my first try on preserving and it made me hooked! Love your blog 🙂

  78. Your spiced apple half moons was my favorite this past year. I am making a small batch for Easter dinner this weekend

  79. Favorite;……… Honeysuckle Jelly
    Love them cute little jars. Thank You for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  80. Cardamom cherry. Im one of those people who was lucky enough to find these jars in an attic at a friends new home. I love the way the look and I’ll be glad to win a few.

  81. A strawberry spice jam was my favorite last year. It would look great in one of these cute jars. Happy publishing day! I love the new book.

  82. My favorite was meyer lemon marmalade. I was blessed with a huge crop of meyer lemons and, of course, what do you do when life gives you lemons? You make marmalade. It was your recipe, Marissa. Delicious!

  83. Just getting started making jams and such. So far our favorite has been grape jelly, but strawberry jam is definitely on the “to make” list– especially if we can avoid adding sugar!

  84. By far, your Pear Vanilla Jam. I made it last Fall to add to my jam lineup I was selling at a local farmer’s market. I made more for Christmas gifts. Everyone in my family requested that flavor over all my others. I am secretly hiding two 8oz jars in the very back of my pantry for my use only. In 2016, I plan to try your honey sweetened version.

  85. Apricot raspberry jam made for the first time was a big hit at my house. I would love to have the new cute little jars for gift giving!

  86. The blueberry lime jam I just used in a batch of jam bars was a huge hit! Also the mulberry black cap jam went really fast! Congrats on the book…I’m first in line on a copy at the library 🙂

  87. I made a zucchini relish last year for the first time. I absolutely love it. I like to add a scoop of it along with half an avocado and a can of tuna and call it lunch! Problem is, I don’t remember exactly where I got the recipe. I don’t stray to far when looking for my canning recipes though, they are mostly from Food in Jars or the Ball Canning book.

  88. My favorite jam in 2015 was fig jam combinations–fig & raspberry, fig & plum, fig & apple and the classic fig & strawberry.

  89. Once again, I made jars of etrog marmalade after the Sukkot holiday. I wish more of my friends liked marmalade or weren’t cutting back on sugar. Last year, I finished up the last jar of etrog marmalade just in time to make more.

  90. Tough to decide. But my husband loves the blueberry & I prefer the apricot. Lucky to have both, plus a variety of others!

  91. favorite preserve turned out to be tomato paste – the depth of flavor is amazing, and it was totally worth the effort (granted, mostly hands off as the paste cooked down).

  92. Raspberry preserves were by far my family’s favorite this year. We’re waiting anxiously for raspberry season here!

  93. My very favorite jam of 2015 was your recipe for tomato jam! Everyone I gave it to loved it and I loved how easy it was to make!

  94. I made your tomatillo salsa after purchasing several pounds on a whim and it was one of my best food decisions last year!

  95. Strawberry and Blueberry Jams are the favorites of my family. Make them every year. I’m fond of apple and pear butters.

  96. 2015 was my start into the Canning World at 50 years old! Black raspberry jam with rosemary and red wine, tomato sauce, chicken stock and peach mostarda to start my journey! I experimented with some other flavors for Christmas gifts, but would have to say that the black raspberry with rosemary and red wine is my hands-down favorite. Maybe because it was my first batch of jam ever, but it also sings in your mouth when paired with some lovely cheese!

  97. My favorite…that’s like asking me which of my children is my favorite! My favorite new jam was Honey Ginger Pear.

  98. Congratulations on the new book. I am so glad they started making these jars again, I have some from years ago that I have been hoarding. And I make my Guava jelly in them.

  99. Cucumber pepper relish was the best one we made in 2015 – oru cucumbers had gone crazy, and that relish is delicious in so many ways!

  100. Last summer I did bread and butter pickles because I LOVE bread and butter pickles. Although we typically do several different types of pickles, everyone said at the time, “EWWW, we don’t like bread and butter pickles!” Well, guess which pickles I’m having to resort to hiding because everyone wants them? Yep, the bread and butter pickles.

  101. Your low-sugar pear-cranberry jam was a winner for me! I’m always looking for low/no sugar recipes and am SO excited about your Naturally Sweet Food In Jars! I pre-ordered and can’t wait to delve into bushels of produce and can them up with honey!

  102. Classic blueberry jam. Everyone, especially my grandson, loves it with PB sandwiches. It also makes a lovely almond crostata – a hit at every party/potluck. When I give the recipe to friends, I also tell them to start making their own jam. It makes such a difference.

  103. Wow, what cute jars! My favorite from last year was my spiced plum butter. Turned out excellent.
    Please add my name to the give a way. Thanks !

  104. I love buying Kumquats but never know how to make the most of them when they’re in season. Because they’re only available for a short time in our local grocery store, the Small Batch Kumquat Marmalade was a real no-brainer! I made a couple of batches and have used it over ice cream and as a topping for a cheesecake, as well as spreading it on my morning toast.

  105. I took a class with the extension service and got some new hints, made some jelly from juice, did some cold packing and hot packing of green beans in a pressure canner. I was so inspired I went home and made strawberry jam. I used a low sugar recipe and I wasn’t thrilled how it turned out. But over the last week I ate my strawberries in jello on homemade bread. Sorry friends, Nothing to share. It’s fruit time in Louisiana, so I’m thinking, peaches, mayhaws, strawberries and fruit blends and of course pepper jelly. I may even try some with some crawfish spices…mmm I need jars, I will be busy this summer! Thanks for the inspiration and congrats on the new book. Mine is on order…

  106. We love strawberry jam and I love these cute jars, your blog and books! Thanks for all you do for all of us who love to can!

  107. My favorite preserve was a prune plum jam – oh so tasty! I’m so excited about this giveaway. Those jars are fabulous!

  108. Congratulations on your book!! Last year was some of the best salsa I’ve ever made. Heirloom maters make all the difference and I roasted all of the ingredients.

  109. My favorite is Pomegranate Jelly. I make it from juicing the fruit I grow. How can it not be my favorite!

  110. My favorite was a brown sugar pear buttter I made in the slow cooker. Not only did it taste great, but my house smelled wonderful

  111. My favorite jam from last year was a soft, vanilla cinnamon jam. Its fantastic in my yogurt for breakfast (plus its lower in sugar since I made it soft set!)

  112. Tough choice between rosemary peach jam or the vanilla peach. I am really looking forward to this summer’s batch of CSA peaches!

  113. My favorite was the strawberry syrup with vanilla bean from the Preserving by the Pint cookbook! It was delicious, a hit with my friends and the two little jars I gave away were highly coveted.

  114. Slow cooker butters are being pulled out the most with an infant who is just starting solids. The lower sugared butters are my go-Tis for sweetening plain yogurt for him and my toddler.

  115. Ooooo just love these jars! My favorite canning item this year was making Peacharita Jam. tastes like a peach Margarita. Tastes wonderful in yoghurt.

  116. My favorite preserve from 2015 (and a favorite of many of my friends) is a tomato, apple, lemon jam. Great for toast and with cheese and crackers. I also love those jars, perfect for carrying soup or oatmeal.

  117. My favorite preserve last year was a peach salsa… Yum! I want to experiment with more salsas this year for sure.

    Can’t wait for gardening and preserving season — It’s almost here!

  118. That’s a tough call. It would be between the nectarine-lime jam (my new favorite!), or cherry jam (that’s because my boyfriend and his cousin helped with the pitting of the cherries, and now refer to themselves as the “Pit Crew”). However, I also made salsa for the first time, and am absolutely in love with it – no more store-bought salsa for me!

  119. My favorite preserve last year was some delicious peach jam that I made without pectin because I learned how to do that on your blog.

  120. I think my best & favourite preserve this year was Apricot Rosemary Jam. I did two versions, one with honey and one with sugar. Soooo good with chicken.

  121. Hands down the dark chocolate strawberry jam with orange flower essence ruled over the other jams this summer, though the strawberry rhubarb has a special place in my heart. It was my grandfather’s favorite and the first time I’ve made it since he passed.

  122. Favorite preserve of 2015? Probably your salted peach jam. Though tomato jam remains a perennial favorite. I love those giveaway jars!!! Thank you.

  123. Not to sound like I am trying to curry favor, but your honey sweetened Meyer Lemon jam has worked it’s way to the top of the list!!

  124. Is zucchini relish and zucchini pickles considered a preserve? If so, they’re on the top of my list at the moment. For sweet preserve it’s habanero jam.

  125. My fave recipe from 2015 has to be the Salsa.. I love those little jars too as they would be right size to can more and give as gifts.. glad to see they are back as I only have 2.

  126. Your slow cooker blueberry butter is a favorite in my home. Both of my kids gobble it up on pancakes (your recipe as well 😉

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  127. Honey Sweetened Wineberry Jam and Honey Sweetened Vanilla Strawberry Jam. So excited that your book is finally out!

  128. I’ve been so inspired – I even went to a canning class put on by our cooperative extension ladies. I made a low sugar strawberry jam – I’m going back to sugar – but as fruit season dawns here in the deep south – I’m dreaming of all my future concocotions. Love the retro jars in all the old colors, but for giveing to friends, I use clear jars. Thanks for the inspiration and congrats on the new book!

  129. My blueberry jam was perfect this year–great flavor, perfect set. I’ve had some canning fails, but this was a winning moment.

  130. My favorite jam of 2015 was pear-chocolate jam! It is AMAZING on toast and I even ate it straight out of the jar when I needed a bite of chocolate 🙂 I gave it away as gifts for Christmas and it was a huge hit! I can’t wait to try strawberry-chocolate this spring!

  131. my favorite this year was a hot pepper jelly called Not your Mama’s Hot Pepper Jelly. It turned out burning hot with just enough sweet. Wish I had made more!

  132. My favorite preserve is organic Raspberry Jam where I made 125 jars for my sons wedding as a party favor. Awesome!

  133. Congratulations on your new book! How exciting to see all of your hard work end in book form! I entered to win it over on Fillmore’s site. Low or no sugar jellies and preserves (that taste good) will be a much appreciated addition to our family’s canning recipes. We are still new to the experience. My all time favorite preserve is jalapeno pepper jelly. Thank you for the contest opportunity.

  134. My favorite preserve this last year was theme on curd I made! My kids loved it and theses jars are the perfect small size for the curd!

  135. The best of 2015 was a gift from home- my mother sent a surprise package filled with pear, raspberry, cherry, grape, and other jams she had been quietly putting together after I moved 1000 miles away. Priceless.

  136. I think my favorite this year was pickled green tomatoes. Delicious and easy way to preserve all of those end of the season tomatoes!

  137. My favorite of 2015 was a seedless gooseberry jam with no added pectin. My son said ground cherry jam and my daughter said strawberry jam.

  138. A favorite … oh so many choices. I did some fun things with the many plums I was gifted with over the summer. A low sugar spiced plum sauce was particularly delicious.

  139. Hands down, my favorite jam I made in 2015 was Huckleberry Jam. I live in California, but traveled to Oregon and found a few quarts at a local co-op (kept it in a cooler all the way home). Its so dang good. If you have the opportunity to find huckleberries and make this jam, do it :)!!!!

  140. My favorite preserve creation of 2015? One winner, hands down: Raspberry Rhubarb Rose Jam, a recipe created by my very creative cousin, Lorelei. Can you think of anything that condenses spring any better than this combination?

    I added several handfuls of red rose petals (unsprayed, of course) to the jam, and I did not need to even add rose flower water. It had just a subtle hint of the rose, which propelled it into the stratosphere.

    If you are going to try this at home, don’t skip the step of passing it through a food mill to get rid of the raspberry seeds. Trust me, it is worth the effort.

    My second favorite was Marisa’s Strawberry Meyer Lemon Marmalade, which I will be making again next week. As we are lucky enough to live in California, and lucky enough to have a Meyer Lemon tree on the other side of my kitchen window, and lucky enough to have a banner year crop of citrus this year, this marmalade recipe is the perfect one.

  141. My favorite is the Smoky, Spicy, Skillet Tomato Jam … and I’m looking forward to the birds not getting my tomatoes this year so that I can make some! I need to try to devise a way to cover my tomato area with bird netting…

  142. We made some lovely apricot jam this year. Such a treat to open the bright orange goodness in the dark days of winter.

  143. Hands down, my favorite preserve I made last year was your blueberry butter recipe! We’ve been eating it all year long with yogurt. Can’t wait to make more again this year, and thinking of trying a version with orange zest and fresh ginger.

  144. ginger pickled peaches. I gave some away as gifts and every one loved them. I will make a larger batch next time.

  145. Love these jars! Favorite preserve was easily mixed berry with some loganberries. Fave overall though was my vanilla cinnamon honeycrisp applesauce!

  146. I love tart cherry jam made with freshly picked tart cherries!
    Yummy! Canning is so much fun, and wonderful to eat the stuff
    you make – especially in the cold, dark winter.

  147. My favorite was Thai Basil Pesto. My plants on the patio were very prolific producers last summer. We visited a couple friends last year and a jar of this made a great “Thank you” gift to them.

  148. After 2 years of no fruit on my fig trees, because of the nasty winter temperatures, I finally got some fruit this past summer. So I made good use of it by making a Fig Strawberry jam. It was very popular with friends and family, so I’m hoping for more figs this summer to make another batch.

  149. This year’s favorites are Kracken Blueberry jam, scuppernong jelly and mixed berry using blueberries, strawberries and blackberries. All in 1/2 pint jars.

  150. Anything pear (pear ginger, ginger a great example) or orange. I only use 1/2 pint jars so I can open several flavors at once. Thank you.

  151. Hmmm. Last year was kinda slow on the canning front, but I did do several batches of a very simple pineapple jam using canned, crushed pineapple. It’s a favorite among our incredible neighbors, so they get plenty made for them. It’s terrific on either ice cream or toast. Yummy stuff.

  152. After making about 15 varieties of jams and jellies, it is difficult to pick a favorite – probably the most surprising was the Vanilla Chai Groundcherry Preserves – the grandkids loved it!

  153. My favorite from last year was my first try with rhubarb. Reminded me of my grandmother’s. So happy that a taste can take you back to a sweet memory.

  154. Low sugar, nearly seedless raspberry jam using raspberries from my yard. I (somehow) managed to reach the perfect balance of sweetness to fruit. Amazing!

  155. I made a lot of lemon curd and I’m going to try the peach bourbon! Thanks for the small batch recipes. I love not having to try and shrink a recipe, or store a billion jars….

  156. A friend of mine had a ton of pears. She brought me a grocery store flats worth. Pear jam, pear preserves, pear syrup and pear butter all were big hits in this house this past spring. I can’t wait to see if we can find that many pears again.

  157. Do I have to have ONE fav? Blood Orenge marmalade with rose water. Or Kadota fig with cinnamon. Both yummy with Greek yogurt. And I just realized that I’m not seeing your Facebook posts or getting blog emails. I need to rectify that!!!

  158. That Meyer Lemon Lavender jam recipe will help me finish off the last of my lemons and excited to try the whole citrus recipe! Thanks.

  159. We had 2 preserves-jams favorites for 2015!
    Both the peaches and strawberries available here were INCREDIBLE! 🙂
    Mine and younger son’s personal Fav was Peach, but most friends and family are still asking for strawberry! I only use Pomona now and Love your books! Thank You!

  160. Cherry-sweet onion chutney was my favorite from the 2015 preserving season (but apricot-golden plum was a very close second) 😉

  161. Strawberry rhubarb it reminds me of my childhood in Michigan. A rhubarb patch grew in our backyard so pie and jam were a regular at our house.

  162. My own concoction of sour cherry and black cap jam. We have lots of wild berry bushes on our property and it’s everyone’s favorite.

  163. I made the star anise plum jam and loved it and will make it again this year. I gave a jar at christmas to a friend and she loved it also. Thanks for all the great recipes.

  164. Cranberry pear jam ……….. MMMMMMM………….
    However a close second is the corn relish. I use it like salsa. And, ITS SO EASY!

  165. Jalapeno Peach Jam, this was the first time i ever tried making any jam or jelly. It turned out great. Friends and family loved it.

  166. Seedless Red Alpine and ‘Jewel’ Strawberry Jam, both grown by me! The Alpine Strawberries add an extra special dimension to the flavor.

  167. Strawberry jam! Reminds me of Summer’s with my granny. After the last giveaway, I bought some of these lovely jars in anticipation of jam. 🙂

  168. My favorite preserve of 2015 was tomato paste – it’s new to my repertoire, and I’m glad I got some done!

    As for sweet/fruity things (which may have been what was meant by “preserve”), I’d have to go with my old standby of Blackberry Cinnamon Jam. 🙂

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