Giveaway: Purple Heritage Collection Jars

January 20, 2015

purple pints and quarts

Two years ago, Ball Canning released a limited run of Heritage Collection blue pint jars. Last season, the Heritage Collection featured green jars, in both regular mouth pints and wide mouth quarts. This year brings the final installment in the Heritage series and the jars are purple. PURPLE!

holding purple jar

They are available in regular mouth pints and wide mouth quarts and they are glorious. I’ve had a case (six jars per case) of each in my possession for the last week and occasionally walk over to the boxes just to pick one up and gaze at it in delight.

Like the previous Heritage jars, these are safe for canning and all manner of food storage. They even have a dark enough tint that you could stash herbs and other foods that lose their color in them for a little extra light protection.

three purple jars

Just so you know, these jars are only available from the Fresh Preserving storefront right now. Amazon has them listed as currently unavailable and I’ve not seen them in any bricks and mortar stores yet. I hear that as we head into the spring canning season, they will become more readily available.

Thanks to the nice folks at Ball Canning, I have two sets of these jars to give away. The two winners will each get a case of pints and a case of quarts. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about an experience you’ve had with a jar from the Heritage Collection. Did you serve drinks in the blue ones at your wedding? Give holiday gifts in the green ones? Or just looked longingly at them at the store?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, January 24, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by Sunday, January 25, 2015.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry!).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: The folks at Ball Canning sent me the jars you see pictured above and they are providing the jars for the giveaway. However, rest assured that I will be buying more with my own money, because I love them. 

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1,245 thoughts on "Giveaway: Purple Heritage Collection Jars"

  • I do not have any of these new colored jars. I love the pictures I see of the purple ones. I have several of the older blue ones and even have the rubbers and lids for some. They were my mothers. I use them to store herbs and dyed food. I cherish them, especially since they were my Mom’s.

  • Purple is my favorite color and I love to drink my protein drinks from Ball glass jars. I can take them to work in my lunch box. I also make blueberry jam and these purple jars would be totally perfect for them,

  • I have looked longingly at the jars in the stores. They are very pretty and I think my favorite so far is the purple ones. I may have to get a set when they come out. I probably wouldn’t can with them but use them as drinking glasses. Thank you for giving us a chance to win them.

  • I’ve never actually had my hands on one of the blue or green jars but I’d love to make tea lights out of them and cast a cool colored light around the room.

  • Nothing like the little unexpected treat of opening a pantry cupboard and finding a green jar winking at you from amongst all its clear-glass brothers and sisters!

    1. I am a jar hoarder. I do use them for many things. I did use the blue Herirage jars at a baby shower this past summer for drinks.

  • i am new to canning. I retired and finally had time to pursue all the domestic arts the eluded me when working. I used the green jars to make my first batch of pickles and wow, I adored the rich green color. The blue i used for blueberry lemon preserves that I gave as gifts. And now purple….. My absolute favorite color. Grape jam in all its grapeyness, pickled beets and eggs, possibilities are endless.

  • Love the purple ones, just have 6 of the green. I can all the time and have not used my green ones yet, but am planning on it soon. The purple ones I want lots of. Think I would store items in them and can in them.

  • Like many of the women from her generation, my grandmother was a major canner. She put up enough food each summer to feed 9 children (7 boys). It was really important to her that her canned items looked as good as they tasted. She always put blue food coloring in her pears to cover any discoloration. So I have been using the blue jars for my pears each year in her honor. They look so pretty and I think she would be proud.

  • I have only just found you! I love mason jars!! I have lots of clear ones and just got a very pretty blue one for Christmas. My favorite color is Purple.. I might just faint if I win!!

  • I’ve used the green one for my pretty jalapeΓ±o jelly and gave as gifts. Everyone loved them and were excited to be able to use them after the jelly was gone. I love the purple, my favorite color! My kitchen colors have this color. I’d use some store dry food in on my counter, they just make me smile πŸ™‚

  • I store dry goods in the blue and green. Just Beautiful. Just can’t bear to give them away as canned goods. (I’m hoarding them). Haha. Looked for the purple today. No luck. πŸ™ Love that color. Thanks so much for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  • I have some of the original blue jars and love them! I don’t really use them for anything, but love to look at them!

  • Every year I try to do something original with the abundance of limes from our tree. It’s tricky because they seem to all ripen at once and do not “keep” very well. This year, I made Lime-flavored simple syrup and gave it as Christmas presents along with a little recipe book. The green Heritage jars could have been created for that project! I just wish I could post a picture.

  • I have blue jars, ive used 1 for an outdoor light=) looks pretty on a summer night and I let my girls (age 2, 5, and 8) use one for catching lightening bugs looks neat in the blue I dont kno if i used the rest=)

  • I have the blue heritage jars and love them, the color is so pretty! I canned salsa in one, which stands out from all the other jars of salsa. They are so pretty, I didn’t want to use them! But I will this summer.

  • I love all the jars I canned in the blue and green and gave beautiful Christmas gifts I am collecting all of the colored jars for center pieces at my son’s wedding

  • I absolutely love colored glass, as does my daughter, Catherine. We also share a love of freezer jams. Her favorite color is purple and when we first saw these new purple bottles, I just had to get her some. But I then saw the price…there’s no way at this time I can afford some. So, if I win these, they are going to be hers! πŸ™‚

  • i LOVE purple… so much I painted all my backyard furniture purple and planted yellow and purple flowers. Honestly I haven’t thought about purchasing the other color jar. But now I have to get the purple jars to match my garden!

  • I have a set of the blue ones, used them for some lovely jam… so pretty. I would LOVE a set of these purple ones!!

  • Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to work with the Heritage jars in the past, but I have eyed them everytime I see them in the store. I have a wide variety of jars inherited from my mother & grandmother. My son likes to can with me and we always share memories of them when we see the many different types of jars they collected. I’d like to think a few Heritage jars would give him opportunities to tell stories about canning with me to his own kids someday πŸ™‚

  • i have not purchased any of the Heritage Collection, but have seen them in stores. My soon to be daughter-in-law is having purple as one of her colors for her wedding. When I saw these I thought of the wedding instantly. Would love to win some, and I’m sure we will be purchasing some as well.

  • I haven’t used the heritage collection yet. I’d love to use these to hold flower boquets for my wedding in May. I would love to hang them from shepherds hooks lined at the end of the rows at my ceremony. They would match my pink and purple themed wedding. Thank you for allowing the opportunity to win these jars!

  • I keep gazing at the green jars wishing I could buy some. Will have to splurge on the purple ones, which is my favorite color. Strawberry and raspberry jams will be beautiful in the purple jars.

  • I’ve not done anything particularly special with any of the Heritage jars. I did however psych myself COMPLETELY out when one jar of pickles just seemed…. nicer than the rest. Greener, fresher looking. It honestly took me several minutes to figure out it was the green jar, not that the pickles were any different from the rest.

  • My pickles looked awesome in the green jars. The blue jars are so pretty I find just stashing items in them and letting them sit on my counters. With the purple, wow, my mind is working on what would look perfect inside the jars.

  • I’m kinda obsessed with mason jars. I gave some away for Christmas with homemade food inside but couldn’t bear to part with any of my blue or green ones. I made hand soap and dish soap pumps out of the blue and green for my kitchen. The other ones I use for food storage so they are never really out of my sight. I need to add the purple ones to my collection.

  • i was able to get some of the green pints, put my applesauce in them. I’d love to have the purple ones.
    Thanks for the contest.

  • When the heritage jars first came out I went a bit crazy and would snatch them up in the stores every time I saw them! I may have whined at Ball to make the purple ones too and NOW THEY HAVE! I am so excited to get purple!!!

  • LOVE. I love these. Purple is my fave. I love using the heritage blue jars as hurricane lamps. Put a little candle in and enjoy the glow!

  • I’ve just looked in the store and wondered how things look in the colors. If I win these, I’m absolutely giving a full jar to my friend Ruth who is a purple nut.

  • I use the blue ones for vases, pen holders, parfait cups, trifle dishes, glasses and Makeup brush holder. Filled with daffodils I put them on my mantle last year for my spring decorations and got sooo many compliments!!

  • I have just recently become interested in canning and would love to start off with these purple ones. I haven’t seen them in person, but the photos have me wanting them really bad.

  • I lust over these all the time. My sister finally gave me a blue one and I slapped
    a blue lid & ring on it, then displayed it in the garden window. I love all the colors!!

  • I have the green ones and LOVE them!!! use them for everything. They made great gift jars for Christmas cookies. can’t wait to see these – would love to win them!

  • I haven’t used the other Heritage jars, but have had my eye on then, almost purchased the green and blue jars. Purple is my favorite color though and I am planning to purchase these. I use a lot of ball jars for drinks and filing them with special shells I collect on my walks on the beach.

  • I absolutely love the heritage jars-such gorgeous colors. they are my jewels in the pantry. i have the blue and green with matching lids. will wait with wild anticipation for the purple cause i just never seem to have any luck with winning but i DO continue to try. lol i will have purple hmmmm wonder if they will do red? red hat club ya know!

  • I haven’t used the other Heritage jars, but have had my eye on then, almost purchased the green and blue jars. Purple is my favorite color though and I am planning to purchase these. I use a lot of ball jars for drinks and filing them with special shells I collect on my walks on the beach.

  • I have gazed longingly at the blue and green jars, but these purple ones are calling my name! I must have some!

  • Anything I put in my blue ones looks great: canned tomatoes, peaches, applesauce, cut flowers, seashells. Would love to fill some purple jars.

  • I haven’t used the newer versions of the blue or green jars. However I did find a stash of old blue jars when I moved to my husband’s farm a little over a year ago. I use them for decorative accents rather than for canning — the stash included more than enough of clear jars to handle my new passion for canning (so far). I love the look of the new purple jars — they have a charming antique look without being too cutesy.

  • Omg the color is beautiful. My sister in law has turned me on to canning and decorated my sister wedding this year with the green jars and sunflowers. It’s was so pretty. My plan was to keep all the jars but people admire them so much I head to ley them go. I would like to have any color jars. Thanks for sharing and good luck everyone.

  • I have the blue and green. Right now there are picked yellow tomatoes in the blue and pickled green tomatoes in the green. Only very trustworthy people that I know will return them receive treats in my colorful jars.

  • I just look at them in the stores and want them. Can’t afford them right now, especially when I still have plenty of regular canning jars at home.

  • Purple is my favorite! I have only ever canned in the boring clear ones. I would love to try these and it might help my kids eat what is in it!

  • I bought a case of the blue jars for a friend because they sold out near her. She repaid me with one filled with rye seed. πŸ™‚

  • My grandmother loved blue glass. I would have to say although I have started canning much yet With these jars I will be excited to can and make more sugar rubs.

  • I don’t have any of your heritage jars, but would love to have them for my collection of ball jars, I use them for drinks, storing beans and left over food, better than plastic. I also fill them with special shells I find on my beach walks. Purple is my favorite color πŸ™‚ and was planning to purchase these.

  • I have just discovered the jars come in the color blue yesterday. Today I discovered they also come in purple too. So far, I’ve use the clear jars as containers for spiced nuts. My plan is to start canning soon and now I have to choose which color jar to use.

  • I love the color purple. I am so glad that the Ball company has added this color. So many things could be displayed in the jar for your bathroom or bedroom. Even the kitchen–the possible combinations are limitless. The pictures you posted in the window were beautiful. I would love to win them. Think how pretty they would look with tiny lights in them.

  • Beautiful!! I’ve mostly just looked at these longingly and wished they would make them in the 1/2-pint size. πŸ™‚ But we are planning to do our centerpieces at our wedding with the green ones

  • I used my blue pints for my peach preserves. (Recipe from foodinjars). I found some blue jars with the glass tops that my grandmother had and guess what? She had peach preserves in her’s also.

  • Love the colored jars. I use my blue jars for dried beans and the Green jars for brown rices. Hmmm..purple…can t wait till they speak to me. Love the purple since I work at LSU…can imagine filling the with those salad recipes for jars for a team building event.

  • I received a green mason jar filled with homegrown chocolate mint a few months ago. I’d love to return the favor with my own blackberry jam in a purple mason jar!

  • I too love gazing at my jars!!! I use my heritage collection (blue) for canning with my 5 yr old daughter. The colors make it that much more fun for us! Currently they are filled with veggies πŸ™‚

  • I had my doubts about the Heritage jars, but then I received as a gift a jar of applesauce in one of the green jars and realized how attractive the colored glass can make an otherwise bland-looking preserve. Now I’m sold!

  • Have a set of the blue and green, and all of the old colors, would love to win the new the color though!

  • I can’t wait for the purple to come out! I bought a blue one to store my magnesium oil for my sore muscles so I wouldn’t grab the wrong jar in the fridge. I just bought a set of green to can black beans. Now, I’m waiting for summer to stock up on purple.

  • I visited a store with my niece and seen the green jars and fell in love with them. I couldn’t afford them so when we left she handed me the green jars and said Happy Birthday! Boy was I surprised. When I seen the Purple ones on FB I really fell in love because purple is my favorite color. So would love to win these.

  • I keep hoping they release a variety pack with the blue, green, purple and 3 future colors. They would look beautiful as decoration and of course filled with food. In the meantime, I use them to drink out of daily for a pop of color.

  • We don’t have any Heritage jars but have plenty of other jars with metal and glass tops for canning and food storage. This would be a perfect addition to our shelves! Love the color!

  • I’m another one who’s only seen the green and blue ones in stores. From the pix, I think the purple ones are the best color–how wonderful they’d look on the open shelves in our kitchen!

  • I recently added a new bathroom and reworked an old bathroom and am using beautiful blue jars as toothbrush holders. Makes me smile each time I make my smile nice. The rest of the jars in the pack got filled with applesauce.

  • I love this. I have seen the blue ones at the stores but not the green. I own two very old blue jars with the one piece twist tops from my grandmother’s house. They sit on the counter in my bathroom so I can see them everyday. I hope I win!

  • I have been longing to buy some of the lovely green ones. Starring at them every time I am at a store that has them. If I don’t win this I will have to go out and find some both for me and my purple loving friend Jenn!

  • I made a soap dispenser for my kitchen with one of the blue jars. The rest of the colored jars I use for canning because they are so pretty on the shelf. I can’t wait to get some of the purple ones!

  • would love to give these to mom n dads 50th wedding anniversary
    as purple is her favorite color
    thanks for the consideration

  • Ii am super excited for the purple jars this year. A little bumbed this will be the last year though. I was hoping they would continue with colors.

  • I’ve looked longingly, especially at the green ones. They remind me of some of my Grandma’s glassware from when I was growing up.