Giveaway: Purple Heritage Collection Jars

January 20, 2015

purple pints and quarts

Two years ago, Ball Canning released a limited run of Heritage Collection blue pint jars. Last season, the Heritage Collection featured green jars, in both regular mouth pints and wide mouth quarts. This year brings the final installment in the Heritage series and the jars are purple. PURPLE!

holding purple jar

They are available in regular mouth pints and wide mouth quarts and they are glorious. I’ve had a case (six jars per case) of each in my possession for the last week and occasionally walk over to the boxes just to pick one up and gaze at it in delight.

Like the previous Heritage jars, these are safe for canning and all manner of food storage. They even have a dark enough tint that you could stash herbs and other foods that lose their color in them for a little extra light protection.

three purple jars

Just so you know, these jars are only available from the Fresh Preserving storefront right now. Amazon has them listed as currently unavailable and I’ve not seen them in any bricks and mortar stores yet. I hear that as we head into the spring canning season, they will become more readily available.

Thanks to the nice folks at Ball Canning, I have two sets of these jars to give away. The two winners will each get a case of pints and a case of quarts. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about an experience you’ve had with a jar from the Heritage Collection. Did you serve drinks in the blue ones at your wedding? Give holiday gifts in the green ones? Or just looked longingly at them at the store?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, January 24, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by Sunday, January 25, 2015.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry!).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: The folks at Ball Canning sent me the jars you see pictured above and they are providing the jars for the giveaway. However, rest assured that I will be buying more with my own money, because I love them. 

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1,245 thoughts on "Giveaway: Purple Heritage Collection Jars"

  • I just look longingly…lol
    I know I would use them for everything if I had some.
    Thanks for the chance and Happy New Year!

  • Love this colour it is my absolute favourite so want these, i have so e plain ones i use for storing spices and food items in my pantry so much better than plastic goodbye tupperware

  • I have just made the switch to glass this year, with just some jam and applesauce under my belt so most of my glass experience up until now has been drooling longingly. Purple may just put me over the edge!!!!

  • I used the blue ones to preserve a lot of fruit in syrups (cherries, peaches, etc.). They just looked so fun in blue! I hope to do the same with the purple ones.

  • My only interaction was drinking homemade strawberry lemonade this past summer out of a blue one that was gifted to me 🙂

  • I’ve never seen or heard of these jars before, but they are wonderful! I’s love to have some for my own. This is a very interesting web site. Glad I found it.

  • I’ve been reduced to staring longingly at the jars in store windows when I visit the US, because when I’m flying, it doesn’t seem practical to buy a case of jars to bring home LOL

  • I have a green antique Ball canning jar that I treasure. I love the purple! I can think of so many crafty uses for them!

  • i have different colored ones throughout my whole house. i love using them for crafting and using them as our day to day drinkware.

  • My mom gave me a box of the blue pints for my birthday the year they came out. Now I’ve got the Ball plastic lids with straws so I can use them for drinks (I just don’t like drinking out of jars-the threads get in the way-so the lids/straws are essential).

  • I use a certain *Good Mom*-brand jelly jar as my “regular” drinking glasses, and to up my quirky game, chose the green Bell jars for “fancy” occasions, would love to expand the motif with the purple!

  • I LOVE the Ball heritage jars. I’ve wanted to buy them for a long time, and my fiance and I decided to use them as drinking glasses in our upcoming July wedding! I’d love to have some PURPLE

  • I love this purple. We use the blue & green ones instead of glasses at our house. I’m sad that this is the last in the series though. I was hoping there would be a new color each year… I’d love to have a whole rainbow of Ball Jars!

  • I have not had a chance to use any of the Heritage collection. They are gorgeous! I would find a way… Perhaps for my daughter’s wedding–when ever she decides to schedule it. 🙂

  • I’ve been actively canning in both the green and blue jars. Lots of applesauce. I did notice though that tomato salsa looks kinda gross in the blue jars. 🙂
    So, so excited about the purple jars!! I can’t wait to get some…not that I really need anymore jars.

  • I have not bought any yet, but have gotten some with gifts. I have been concerned about how food looks in them, but am getting used to the idea. The purple ones look amazing though and could be better for temporary food storage rather than traditional canning. However, I do produce a lot of blue and black berry jam over the summer… purple could really compliment those preserves.

  • I looked at the green ones at the store and wondered if they’d be better at preserving food, because the glass is tinted and might keep out more light.

  • I decorated my kitchen with the Blue Ball jars, and my husband bought me two sets of the Ball mason jar mugs. I love them! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  • I bought blue and green pints just for storage in the pantry. They are so pretty! My Quart stash is getting low now – might have to pick up pretty colored Quarts too!

  • I used the blue ones for canning apple butter to give as gifts this holiday season! I also like using them as a vase for fresh cut roses in the summertime.

  • I gave canned food gifts in the blue jars. Love seeing useful ways the jars are being re used in their new homes.

  • I’ve loved purple since I was old enough to say it! (That’s over 40 years, LOL.) I’ve wanted the blue ones (daughter’s favorite color) and green ones (my second favorite color) but never spotted them when I could afford to grab a case. I’m definitely splurging on the purple ones this year, though!!!

  • I used the blue jars for canning peaches last summer. Just peaches in their own juice plus a little bit of lemon juice. I love having this bit of summer as a treat through the winter. The bluse jars are fun to have on the shelf.

  • My niece had a country wedding outside. The seating was done in white wooden chairs and we hung the green ones on the chairs next to the Isle she walked down. We had candles in them and raffia around the top. They were also used in the reception on the tables with candles and raffia. Absolutely beautiful! !

  • The past two summers I have treated myself to a flat or two of the Heritage jars – they’re expensive enough that I’ve not been willing to buy more, but they’re so pretty I can’t not buy them. The first summer, I used 2 flats of the blue pints to put up my applesauce (peeled apples cooked down until the consistency I like, no other processing or additions, so it’s very chunky and thick and amazing). It was so nice during the winter to pull out a pretty blue jar of apple-y goodness, and really brightened up the dreary days. 🙂

  • We have the green ones and the blue ones… blue are for flowers and drinking, mostly, with the green being used for picking!

  • I have the green ones on display in my dining room and have used them for everything from canning to holding flowers from my garden and pens and pencils for art! (not the same jars, of course) =)

  • Used the blue ones for blueberry pie filling 🙂 I use the green for decoration mostly.
    Sad that they are done with “new” designs. 🙁

  • I especially like the green jars as flower vases. Of course,my canned foods look great in them also. I’d sure like to try the new purple ones!

  • When I was a kid, I used to go to the flea market near our lake house with my grandmother and pick out a different blue/green ball jar each time. I collected them over the years, and they still remind me of her every time I see them.

  • I have some pears in green jars, and the kids like having drinks in the blue ones with blue straws and the green ones with green straws. The purple jars will be a beautiful addition to my jar collection.

  • I drink my smoothies out of the blue ones every morning and use them for storage more than canning. The green ones didn’t do it for me so much, not the perfect shade of green I guess? But these purple ones, wow, swoon!

  • My first ever canning jars were the heritage blue jars! They were just so lovely in the box and I wanted them so bad, I took up canning as a result of those jars! First thing I made was garlic dill pickles and they were glorious!

  • I really liked the blue ones. I used all but one for gifts, I kept that one for myself! The purple ones would also make great gifts.

  • I made my first batch of pickles in the blue jars! I really love all these fun colors they’re using. I need to stock up on some green jars too. I love that shade of purple!

  • I just admire then longingly from the internet. I haven’t seen them in stores where I live otherwise they would have come home with me!

  • I love all the colors.Last year I canned my pears and put them in the green jars with a red bow for Christmas presents!

  • I just learned to can last summer and gave many goodies away at Christmas.Oh my what a beautiful thing it would be to see some of my work go into those purple jars.Did I say purple is my favorite color.It would be a sight to behold.I hope I win those Purple Heritage Collection Jars.Thanks

  • I Love the new Purple Heritage Canning Jars! This is my 3rd year growing all of my food and canning and freezing the majority of it! Canning has become my year-long hobby, not just in the summer and fall when our garden is mass producing everything! I would love to see my spiced pears and carrot and pepper relish in these jars!

  • I have often looked at the blue ones (my favorite color!) at my local store but have not been able to purchase any yet. The purple ones are fabulous! I would love to win them!

  • I don’t have a cute story like many. I canned my yellow tomatoes in the blue Heritage jars so my family wouldn’t take & eat them by accident. I wanted them all for myself. It worked. My family never touched what looked like green tomatoes. I might have to camouflage more of my produce this way.

  • I’ve got a case each of the blue and green ones but save them for *very special* preserves that I will eat — not giving them away at this point! I also consider the color of the preserve, don’t want tomatoes in the green jars to give a brown appearance.

  • I love using the blue ones for drinking coffee and tea. I also use them for making overnight refrigerator oatmeal for delicious, easy breakfasts.

  • I learned to can 2 summers ago. I taught my daughter and both of us had a great time together. Her teacher loved what we made as well as her classmates. It will bring many happy memories for years to come.

  • We decorated with them for our late winter early spring wedding, but mostly i keep my dried foods in them on a big shelf in the dining room so i can adore them! Lol

  • I have always loved the Heritage jars. Growing up they were always in the kitchen. Now that I am older and have some time, I would love to have some jars to use in the so many ways they were made for. Maybe think of some new ways to use them. Besides, purple is my favorite color!

  • We used the blue ones at my sisters wedding this past summer for drinking glasses and vases. I also use them at home a lot for coffee and tea and some preserving. So lovely! The purple are awesome too!

  • I love these jars with lovely color tints and use them for drinking out of at family dinners. LOVE THESE!!!!!

  • I just spotted the blue ones in my boyfriend’s kitchen today. they must be his roommate’s. I don’t know why they seem so much better than the regular jars. but they do!

  • I’ve loved seeing the blue and green jars, but I never knew there were purple ones! I love purple, especially in the kitchen. Would love these!

  • I canned all last year’s peaches in the blue jars. This year I’m doing pickles in green, and pears and –of course — jam in purple! Love ’em.

  • I have both the green and the blue jars. So far they’ve just been used for canning, but I am particular about what goes in them – it has to be a color that will work well with the jar. Spiced Plum Jam in the blue jars is lovely!

  • Love the fact that Ball is doing the wide and regular again this year. LOVED my green ones, but this purple is fabulous. It will be the perfect color for berry jams and pies…plus a couple of drinking glasses. These heritage colors really brighten up the kitchen!

  • everytime I see the blue jars in the store I’ve been sorely tempted but have been trying to come up with a good reason to buy them, so far I haven’t. Not at the same time I have the money. These purple one won’t need a good reason. They will be coming home with me!

  • Hello,

    My Mom always searches for vintage jars to give me on my birthday. Last year she gave me some blue ones. I learned how to preserve from her and my grandma.

  • I haven’t got any of these jars, but would love to win the purple ones. I could put my pickled peppers in them and always be able to find them in my overflowing fridge.

  • We were married in a snow storm in a private ceremony at my sister’s house in Maine. No other Family or friends except my sister her husband the officiant and her husband.

    Nine months later we decided to have a celebration in Pennsylvaniaand invite our friends and family to celebrate our marriage.

    We used the blue jars as centerpieces with flowers and then tied helium balloons that had snowflakes on them on the jars and then gave them away at the end of the celebration. I love all the colors but the purple just blew me away I can’t wait to try them out.

  • So far I’ve only admired them from afar but I think I’ll definitely pick some up for this year’s canning of gift items (ok, and maybe some for me too)

  • My grandmother had the original green jars when I was a child. I purchased a set of the pint Heritage jars in green and use them to store pantry items. I think of her every time I see them.

  • Mostly I just long for them at the store. I use ones that have been handed down from my mother. But my favorite memories are using them to capture the magic of fireflies when I was little.

  • I looked and looked at the blue ones and never did get any. Then the green ones came and I treated myself to a box of pint sized ones. Their first job was to house some chicken and broth. Next, I think I will save them for some pineapple or pears. They’re just so pretty. I wish all my jars were pretty colors!

  • I love these bad boys and can’t wait to stock up! I canned pickles & pasta sauce in the blue and used the green for food storage. Never did make pickles last year (sigh). Who knows what the purple will become, but I love ’em!!!!

  • We moved to New Mexico two years ago and are still in a yucky rental house, so much of my kitchen is still in boxes…but I saw the blue jars last year and HAD to have them…they are currently tucked away with my boxes, waiting for us to find a permanent home. They are like a gift in waiting!

  • I used my green heritage jars to make a flower holder for my half bathroom! I stained a piece of wood, then attached ring brackets to hold three of the smaller green jars on! I switch the flowers out all the time! I love it!!!

  • I have only one blue jar, it sits in my kitchen window with some sand, seashells and an air plant inside, it’s so pretty and colorful.

  • This is the first that I’ve seen of the collection . A friend of mine sent me this like. I LOVE PURPLE !!!!!!! I can’t wait til these hit the stores so I can buy some !!!!!

  • did not get the other two colors but when I saw PURPLE was going to be coming out I AM VERY EXCITED! I love purple got my money tucked away to purchase some (winning some would be awesome)

  • I’ve only looked longingly at these jars. I love these purple ones, my favorite color! I’m picturing them filled with blueberry jam

  • I used the blue ones with blue lids to can your peachs with bourbon recipe. I got the green ones for Xmas & have not decided what to can in them. Carrots? Giardinara? Will look for green lids. I found the blue ones at Target. I have them out so I can see them! And the purple! LOVE this the best. I think I’ll get quart ones to hold my grown & dried herbs & the bulk beans & grains I buy and redo the clear jars now sitting on my pantry shelfs on wall of stairs. So when. I go up & down I can see them! Purple lids: I hope they do them too.

  • I don’t have any of these heritage jars, so I don’t have a story about them. But I fell like I do need a bunch!