Giveaway: Purple Heritage Collection Jars

January 20, 2015

purple pints and quarts

Two years ago, Ball Canning released a limited run of Heritage Collection blue pint jars. Last season, the Heritage Collection featured green jars, in both regular mouth pints and wide mouth quarts. This year brings the final installment in the Heritage series and the jars are purple. PURPLE!

holding purple jar

They are available in regular mouth pints and wide mouth quarts and they are glorious. I’ve had a case (six jars per case) of each in my possession for the last week and occasionally walk over to the boxes just to pick one up and gaze at it in delight.

Like the previous Heritage jars, these are safe for canning and all manner of food storage. They even have a dark enough tint that you could stash herbs and other foods that lose their color in them for a little extra light protection.

three purple jars

Just so you know, these jars are only available from the Fresh Preserving storefront right now. Amazon has them listed as currently unavailable and I’ve not seen them in any bricks and mortar stores yet. I hear that as we head into the spring canning season, they will become more readily available.

Thanks to the nice folks at Ball Canning, I have two sets of these jars to give away. The two winners will each get a case of pints and a case of quarts. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about an experience you’ve had with a jar from the Heritage Collection. Did you serve drinks in the blue ones at your wedding? Give holiday gifts in the green ones? Or just looked longingly at them at the store?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, January 24, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by Sunday, January 25, 2015.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry!).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: The folks at Ball Canning sent me the jars you see pictured above and they are providing the jars for the giveaway. However, rest assured that I will be buying more with my own money, because I love them. 

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1,245 thoughts on "Giveaway: Purple Heritage Collection Jars"

  • Ooohhhh ohhhh I love these in all colors, get them when I see them, use for a country table setting in mixed colors, Also clear for wedding glasses and Green for the floral arrangements…. it rocked. Love these. I remember the originals at my grandmothers house.

  • These jars are so pretty. My main experience with them has been gazing at them longingly and wishing they were in my cupboard. 🙂

  • Oooh pretty! I’ve never used anything but plain ol’ regular clear jars, but I do believe I am going to have to change that! Love these, especially because they’re purple!

  • I’ve not used any of the re-issued heritage jars yet. I think the green ones are beautiful, though. I’d love to see these purples in person… great idea about the tint being dark enough to store herbs, etc.

  • My gardening/canning budget is TINY (as in, digging old jars out of an old lady’s root cellar last weekend) so I’ve not had the pleasure of getting any of the heritage collection. I’ve mentioned them to my husband and I’m really hoping these purples will make their way to me as a mother’s day gift this year…unless I get lucky and win these from you!

  • I usually prefer the simplicity of clear jars – what we put in them is usually often too beautiful to tint with color, and I’m usually just scrounging to get whatever jars I can, but purple is my weakness, and I am gazing longingly at these. Plus, it would be a perfect birthday gift for me (since my birthday is the same day as the drawing :-).)

  • I, like so many others, used the green jars for gift giving. Gifts that are home made from the heart are always so much appreciated by others. I loved the GREEN. I bet PURPLE would be a HUGE hit too!

  • I canned ginger Seckel pears in the blue heritage jars and gave them as gifts last year – huge hit. 🙂 (And, I think in part because of their surprising color, the “non-canners” gave the jars back to be refilled!) The purple jars look lovely.

  • Sadly, I have only looked longingly at them in the store. I worked at a kitchen store that sold the blue ones and the green ones AND the matching lids, and I never got to bring any of them home.

  • Every time I see the blue ones at the store I look at them longingly. However, with how much I can (and how much cheaper the regular ones are), I can never quite justify the price.

  • When the blue jars came out, I confess I went a little nuts. I have plenty, sealed still in their plastic wrapper should some future great-grandchild need some canning jars. 🙂 (Only one of mine sons is remotely near the age where they might consider having a child in the future.) Some of them became part of our everyday drinking glasses because teenage son just have big hands and big thirsts.

    When the green ones came out, I was more restrained. As a 4-H leader, I dreamed of many cute green / 4-H tie-ins but I made pickles in them. 🙂

    Purple canning jars will definitely go to my sister-in-law who adores purple. I’m sure I’ll be either canning something she doesn’t make (and she’s so good at canning!) or making some other treat for her in the new jars.

  • I have 18 of the blue pints. I used them for drinks at the lake. Can’t wait for the summer to use them again.

  • I stare longingly at all the heritage jars in the store… and dream of having a beautiful pantry (not the broom closet currently used as a pantry) filled with colored jars.

  • I have some of the blue ones and put solar lights in them. They were fantastic for a summer weekend at a cabin with friends, and lit up our tent just enough to give it a gentle glow.

  • I bought the blue jars 2 years ago at Ace Hardware and have stashed them away. I’m thinking I might use them to make a light fixture!

  • I have purchased way too many of these and stare longingly at them when I go to my basement. I always save them for something special–and have to fight the urge to buy more!

  • These are lovely. These are wonderful to use for gifts. We also used Ball jars at my daughter’s outdoor wedding to hold the candles. Verry pretty.

  • I’ve looked longingly at the heritage collection jars, and saw a lot of blue jars when I went thift store exploring with my mom over the Christmas holiday. Unfortunately, I as not able to buy and transport the jars we saw in a number of stores since I was traveling. The blue ones remind me of my grandmother’s root cellar which was a miraculous place when I was growing up- walls of garden food lined up and ready to eat all year long! I would love these jars in any color!

  • These are lovely. They are wonderful to use for gifts. We also used Ball jars at my daughter’s wedding to hold the candles.Very pretty

  • I have the blue jars from the Heritage Collection and we use them everyday in our home! Would love the purple jars to add to our collection!! Thank you!

  • I loved putting all of my pickles in the blue jars, the beets were just incredible! I only bought one set of the green jars last year, but my dills looked great in them! Purple is such a fun color for jars!!

  • Love to collect these jars for me and my sons, who love to can too !.
    Been canning for years always use the clear ones and charish the colored ones.
    Got to make a point of searchinfg for the purple ones though,
    since my birthday is on Valentine’s Day.They will add more beauty to my collection !

  • I did buy the blue pint-sized heritage jars. We’ve used them for drinking glasses – because I can’t bring myself to can something in them and then tuck them away in the downstairs pantry! My daughter would love it if I got some of the purple ones (and so would I).