Giveaway: The Preservationist Gift Set from MightyNest

November 28, 2014

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I hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving yesterday! As today marks the traditional beginning of the holiday shopping season, I’m sharing some very fun gift ideas from our friends at MightyNest. They’ve teamed up with four cookbook authors/bloggers to create gift-ready kits for your favorite people.

There’s a Blender Girl set (for your juice and smoothie fans), the Traditionalist set from Jenny at Nourished Kitchen, a Real Foodie set filled with Lisa Leake’s favorites, and the Preservationist set, which includes the 4th burner pot, a case of mini tulip Weck jars, and a copy of Preserving by the Pint.

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The Preservationist set costs just $85.90 and would make a really good gift for someone who wanted to get started with small batch preserving! Another great thing about buying from MightyNest this weekend is that they are giving back 20% of your entire to the school of your choice through Monday, December 1. That means that if you buy the Preservationist set, $17 will go back to whichever school you select.

preservationist set image

And because no Black Friday is complete without a giveaway, the folks at MightyNest have given me one of the Preservationist kits to give away to a Food in Jars reader. Just click on the pledge below to entire. Happy shopping!

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51 thoughts on "Giveaway: The Preservationist Gift Set from MightyNest"

  • Wow, that pot truly is beautiful. And I especially like seeing some european style jars! The ones I’ve got were manufactured approx. 15 yrs before I was born and they work fantastically, though they are not Weck jars but Surte jars. 🙂

  • I had read about the burner pot years ago. Ordered one and have used it for processing small batches and love it for that pot to use for special items. I own Marissa’s book also and am proud to support such a talented young woman. The jars can be used for so many things from preserves to storage of items. What a treasure this gift would be. Appreciated and loved!

  • I’m working on my sister. She has fig and apple trees with way too much fruit to eat. I’ve been preserving them but have given her a copper bowl as a gateway to a copper jam pot. I’ll be passing on to her some of my recipes for apple butter and balsamic fig jams that go great with goat cheese. She likes cheese.

    So little by little, I’m getting her hooked.

    And she can use the jams she makes in her cakes and macarons.

  • t love the jars they would be great to give as gifts with homemade jam in them what a cool pot could sur use it when doing jams

  • I love the pot and the Weck jars are the perfect size for jams. I own the book and I’d love to give the set to my daughter. She’s finally interested in canning and this would be the perfect gift

  • Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity. Lov’n them jars and that pot is awesome as well.
    Hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving

  • Friends – I love canning the fabulous fruits and vegetables found every summer for my family. In September I won Best in Show for my eggplant caponata at the North Haven fair. I was thinking though the caponata is great, the jar is just like everybody else’s. I would love some Weck jars! And the 4th burner pot would be fabulous for the small batches that my garden yields. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Another great giveaway. I already have the cookbook but certainly could give it to somebody. I also just ordered 3 sets of Weck jars from Mighty Nest, loving the extra percentage going to schools this weekend! The 4th burner pit is definitely something I want.

  • I have the same problem with my enameled pot – I’ve been looking for a replacement. This one looks lovely to use and to own! I must admit I’ve been lusting a little after some Weck jars for a while now. I have the book but would love a copy to give to my sister who followed me into home preserving! This is just a great prize all around.

  • I would love to replace my aluminum canning pot with that beautiful stainless steel pot. Those Weck’ s jars are so handsome, too.

  • We have wanted a fourth burner pot since we saw you at the Book Larder in Seattle. And my wife is in love with the Weck jars.

  • I’m new to “really” canning. I’m newly retired creating with food is a new wonderful use of my time. This is. Grand collection for me to keep learning. Thank you

  • I have wanted to use this smaller pot for processing small batches for some time…..I love the cookbook by on making small batches!!!!!

  • Your blog is truly beautiful and inspiring! I’m so glad I found it! I’m brand new to the blog world and this is my first ever blog comment. I’m excited to continue reading your posts and to learn more about preserving foods. Can’t wait!!

  • That pot is something I have wanted to try for awhile. The Weck jars are adorable and I have just tried canning with them a couple times.

  • Love these jars – would be lovely gifts. Since I saw this pot demonstrated by Marisa in San Francisco, I have seen how handy it would be to put up a couple of jars as one makes dinner. What a terrific gift it would be.

  • The 5th burner pot is such a great idea. Beautiful set to introduce a friend to canning. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • What a fantastic package. All that’s needed is produce and ambition. I am working on my SIL to get her more self-sufficient by preserving nature’s bounty.

  • Great giveaway. I have tried several of your recipes and thought they were great. I would love to win your preserving by the pint cookbook. I have had a few wreck jars and enjoyed how elegant they are.

  • I’ve wanted one of your books since I started following this blog but haven’t been able to afford it. I also wanted a fourth burner pot and weck jars but don’t have them yet for the same reason. If I win then that would be fantastic!

  • Love the Preservationist set. I clicked on the pledge; how does it know who I am for the entry?? It didn’t require me to enter my email or any identification…

      1. I had the same issue, I clicked, it said “you’ve been entered!” but I never filled out any identifying details. Does the mightynest widget remember details from previous contests? I disable my adblocker, too.

      2. Marisa, I clicked on the link – it must have my info from previous MightyNest giveaways, because it immediately said I was entered — I didn’t have to enter my email or any other information. I guess that’s from a cookie they’ve left on my computer.

  • What a great giveaway. I have enjoyed making many of your great recipes. Would love to get your book, so that I could try out more. I have had a few wreck jars, they really make whatever you make really elegant.

  • I introduced a friend to small batch canning this week! She was staying with me for the holiday and she expressed interest after seeing my little pantry of jams and pickles. Since I live in Southern California, we picked up some hothouse strawberries from the farm stand and made your strawberry vanilla jam 🙂

  • Love the gift set idea! I really got into canning this year after marrying and moving to my husband’s small farm — the canning was a necessity to use up a lot of the extra produce. Basics of tomatoes, pickles, and relish were followed with more creative challenges of hot pepper jelly, apple and pear butters (cooked in slow cookers before canning), and your recipe for tomato smoked paprika jam (my fave – YUM!!) Decided to try marmalade and told hubby we should get a few oranges…he brought home a case of 4 dozen!! Followed one of your recipes and already have 5 jars…7 down, 41 oranges to go…keep the recipes coming!!

  • What an awesome set…I’ve never seen a small canner like that. I do try and do small batches except for around the holidays since I like to give as gifts. Hoping to make some mixed berry jam in the next week.

  • Ok, that set is perfect. If I don’t win the giveaway, I’m going to have to point out to my husband that somebody kindly put together everything I want in one package. I have the first book, but not the second – and I’ve been eying that pot forever. Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for collecting up a whole batch of what to do with the rest of that giant bag of cranberries in my fridge. . .

  • This is just the thing to get me going! I have wanted to try canning for so long and am just so intimidated! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • I have and use one 4th burner pot and I’d love one to give to my soon-to-be daughter-in-law who likes to “cook big”! The Weck jars are on my bucket list – honestly! I have a cookbook of special regional recipes in mind to begin within a month, and my concoctions would be gorgeous showcased in them! I’d love to add Marisa’s new book to my collection as I’ve followed her blog for ages!