Giveaway: Orchard Road Mason Jars

stack of Orchard Road jars

In the five and a half years that I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve been asked nearly every canning-related question in the book. One that comes my way a lot is people wondering if there are options beyond traditional Ball jars.

Orchard Road jar line up

Sometimes they want a more affordable option. Other times they’re interested in jars that will give their preserves a different look from everything else out there. And once in a while, they just want a jar that will take a label nicely.

Orchard Road quarts

Happily, there’s a new player in the jar marketplace that can address these wants and needs. Called Orchard Road, they are selling lovely, simple mason jars in three sizes. The quarts and pints come in both regular and wide mouth versions, and the half pint jars come in just the regular mouth variety.

Orchard Road pint jars

All the Orchard Road jars are sold in packs of six and come in sturdy boxes that fully contain the jars. For those of you who like to store your finished jars in a box that will keep the jars out of the light, these boxes will be a godsend for you.

Orchard Road half pint

One thing to note is that Orchard Road sells their jars without lids or rings. For those of us that have giant bags full of rings and a stash of lids, this is a great blessing. If you don’t have an equally hefty collection, you can buy the lids and rings together in boxes of six.

Orchard Road lids

I’ve done a good bit of canning in Orchard Road’s jars now and really like them. The flexibility of the lids is slightly different from those made by Ball, so they don’t make the same satisfying ping noise as they seal. However, they make up for it by having a ton of open real estate so that you can scrawl the contents of the jar across the top with a Sharpie. As long as a jar has that, I’m happy.

Orchard Road used lid

Currently, Orchard Road jars have limited availability. I spotted them at the Goods Store out in Lancaster a couple weeks ago and I know that Fillmore Container has them in stock (and, they’ll be giving some away at my demo out there on Friday!).

Additionally, the nice folks at Orchard Road are sponsoring a giveaway. They’ve offered up three cases of jars and a set of matching lids. Winners get to choose the size jar. Many will enter, three will win.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell meΒ about your most recent canning project.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Sunday, August 10, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Monday, August 11, 2014.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Orchard Road sent me some jars and lids for testing and photography purposes for free. They are also are providing the jars for the giveaway winners at no cost to me. Still, all opinions expressed are mine alone.Β 

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697 responses to “Giveaway: Orchard Road Mason Jars”

  1. My always-most-recent canning project is a quick jam from whatever fruit is left over after my son waylays the most recent grocery run. Just finished up a strawberry jam w/ lime zest (going for a strawberry-limeade sort of flavor).

  2. I am new at canning. Just got done with pickles and salsa. Didn’t turn out to bad. I don’t have many jars.
    Will you email the winner? Cause i will forget to check back. Thank you

  3. I made some pear chutney in the late spring. It was yummy, but my first experience at making chutney. Unfortunately, it was also my first experience at going “Let’s make something to can….. Hey, where did all the jars go????”. Mental note: check jar stash first, then decide on a project. So, I have a project in mind, I just need some jars…. *hint, hint* πŸ™‚

  4. This past weekend I put up 120 pounds of peaches given to me from a neighbor that were ripening faster then he could eat them… sliced peaches, peach salsa, peach chutney, peach jam, salted peach brown sugar jam (from your book), etc. I was scouring my canning cookbooks and the internet for good recipes. I think the salsa turned out the best!

  5. …I promise I’m not the same Joy as comment #7!

    Most recent project was a cherry rhubarb jam. Might do something with blueberries next; picked 3.5 lbs the other weekend, and still have 2 lbs in the freezer, waiting for attention.

  6. Spicy Peach Chutney from a pickling book brought back from New Zealand. Have to let it “mellow” for a couple of months so the cayenne calms down. Next is Fig a Chutney.

  7. My garden in Arizona is overflowing with cucumbers. This past weekend I made sweet pickle relish and bread and butter pickles, both my favorite recipes from my grandma. I am anxious to try them in a couple weeks and see if I am close to the taste I remember.

  8. I missed out on all the berry picking so far this summer (hoping to catch the fall raspberries!), but I’ve got some pickles fermenting at the moment!

  9. I love canning, and am constantly looking for tips and ideas. Right now I’m trying to keep up with the abundance of tomatoes coming from the garden.

  10. My granddaughter & I canned mixed berry jam together, using blackberries, red raspberries, red currant juice, white currant juice & gooseberry puree in an attempt to create “fake mulberry jam” – her favorite. The mulberry crop this year was non-existent where she lives, so grandma tried to come to the rescue. Granddaughter said it tasted just like mulberries!

  11. Cucumber dills using your recipe. Keep making these two pints at a time (as my cucumbers come in). I mess with the recipe a bit–this time cutting back on red pepper flakes (just a touch) and adding a small bay leaf. Oh. And I finally found dill seed (supermarkets round here don’t carry it!), had to use leaf from my garden before. Yay. *\o/* I loovvve summer.

  12. Pears were on sale this week, 3lbs for $1, so I went a little nutso – gingered pear butter, pear honey, and rosemary pear preserves. I’m a little sad the sale week is over – I forgot to do pie filling!

  13. The last thing I canned was your cherry butter recipe, but with Rainier cherries from a friend’s tree. Made a cherry barbecue sauce with it tonight–so yummy!

  14. I have been using recipes from your book (a birthday gift from my fiance) to make jams for our wedding reception! We are serving buttermilk biscuits during the brunch “cocktail hour” and using my jams!

  15. Garlic dill baby heirloom carrots. Tomato jam. Pork carnitias. Dill pickles. Potatoes. Guess I have been on a bit of a roll! LOL! Next up; nectarines and more tomatoes!

  16. While I have been eating fresh fruits and veggies with great abandon, I have yet to can anything. However the summer will not end without putting up bread and butter pickles, tomatoes, and elderberry jelly!

  17. Tonight I made a fig jam, featuring the figs from our backyard tree. Eating the leftovers now with some yogurt and granola.

  18. Blackberries are totally abundant right now so I should be doing something with them… Maybe this weekend!

  19. Just canned for the first time earlier tonight. My husband and I canned jalapenos and pickles(cucumbers) from our vegetable garden. Super excited to start canning everything. Tomorrow green beans are on the agenda. Thank you for your site , it has so much info.

  20. I just made a batch of the Peach Jam with Siracha from “Preserving the Pint,” it was awesome! The jam was so great I was afraid adding the siracha would ruin it, but it just made it more awesome!

  21. Most recent canning adventure: Peach Salsa.

    Most favorite Food in Jars canning adventure (to date): Tomato Jam. Truly unbelievable how quickly an addiction can develop for a food I’d never even eaten before. Want tomatoes to be back in season now. Want to can them in pretty Orchard Road jars! *wink*

  22. Due to moving I did not do any canning this year but we did two big batches of preserves last year. No matter how much you make, somehow it runs out faster than you think πŸ™‚

  23. I’ve been putting up classic dill pickles with fresh from the garden cukes. Perfect work week canning as the steps can be broken up over multiple nights

  24. I just did a whole bunch of canning this past weekend. I made ketchup for the first time (it didn’t thicken quite as much as I thought it would after it cooled, so it’s still a bit runny, but it will still be fine spread on a burger bun or what have you. It just won’t really work for french fries. Live and learn). I also made apricot butter and relish (the CSA was rather hefty this week).

  25. My most recent canning project has been looking all over town for enough jars for my daughter in law, who lives in a very small town and can’t find enough of the pint sized blue ones that are replicas of older jars. I found her 11 boxes so far. I know that isn’t what you want at this point but I can’t wait for what she is making.

  26. I just canned some fig jam (vanilla fig jam, and fig jam with thyme from Preserving by the Pint!) the other night, with green figs that I got from a coworker–I had never seen non-black figs before, either.

  27. This past week has been Jam Camp with my kids. We’ve made black raspberry jam, peach blueberry jam and peach cranberry jam. Would love to try these new jars! Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. Wow, I hit this just right.

    Came across your blog looking to see if I messed up my tomatoes. (I didn’t but will still use those jars first.

    I’ve already done apricots (with bourbon), strawberries (with Marsala wine) and nectarines.

    I’ve still got figs, blueberries and grapes to go.

    And I’m sure more tomatoes and possibly strawberries.

    I did cranberries last fall and am thinking about giving currents a try.

    I’ll be stopping by regularly now that I’ve found you.

    Please enter me in the contest.

    My latests interest is what booze and spices/herbs to pair with what fruit when I make jam. So far my biggest success is a spiced apricot bourbon jam.

    My next project is jams that pair with cheeses, mostly using balsamic vinegar.

  29. It’s 4AM! I am awash in cucumbers and Chinese long beans and have plans tonight, so it’s early
    morning canning,- no one is up, the kitchen is quiet and there are few distractions. Dill garlic pickles and pickled Chinese long beans. It’s a bumper crop in the garden this year and I’m now in vegetable and fruit canning mode through September!

  30. Most recent project: WV Sweet Cherry and Chambourcin Jam — my first attempt. It was lovely.
    Later today: Red Raspberry (fill-in-the-blank) with the 9 quarts of berries I picked yesterday.
    I’m new to this, so jars would be AWEsome!

  31. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity. One thing that I can really use; and that is more jars. My supple is getting low.
    My latest canning projects was making peach jam, hot dog relish and Dilly Green Beans

  32. My most recent canning project was your simple pickled jalapeΓ±os that I’m unreasonably excited about. πŸ™‚ I’m a tex-mex junkie so having my own jalapeΓ±os to top my creations is really fun!

  33. we love chilli so have been canning tomatoes with onion, green pepper, garlic and hot peppers i just put them all in blender and mix dont even peel tomatoes easy and good have some in freezer as my grandsons dog knocked over my last box of jars and alot got broke

  34. I canned dilly beans and bread & butter pickles the last two weekends. I have been eyeing up some picked pepper and onion recipes to try next. I really like the look of these jars- it’s nice to find some different ones!

  35. I did a yummy blueberry jam a few weeks ago from fresh berries and today I am going blackberry picking and will process those and jersey tomatoes this weekend! πŸ™‚

  36. I made some cowboy candy (sugared jalapeΓ±os) for my brother for a birthday surprise. He loved them! The jars are lovely; thanks for the chance to win.

  37. I have been canning pickles, lots and lots of pickles! I have 10 pounds of pickling cucumbers from the garden chilling in ice water for another batch. This batch I’m making hamburger chips, last canning session was dill spears and bread and butter pickles. More jars would be a blessing right now, thanks for the cool giveaway!

  38. After picking 35 lbs of blueberries I decided to try something different from good ol’ blueberry jam. I settled on blueberry barbecue sauce… The results are in: fabulous ! This recipe is definitely going into my list of recipes to can next year too.

  39. Just made fruit cocktail. Great. Nice thing about it you can put in as many maraschino cherries as you want….and they will flavor the syrup wonderfully.

  40. My most recent canning project has been garlic pickles. I live in an apartment and usually have to buy my produce at the local markets, but this year my grandmother downsized her garden and gave me a little section to grow Kirby cucumbers. It took a long time for them to grow (almost gave up hope), but I just harvested my first batch last weekend. Cant wait to try them.

  41. My most recent experience will be waiting for me when we get home from vacation! Blueberry and blackberry jam. πŸ™‚

  42. I’ve got a batch of blueberry refrigerator jam in my fridge right now, along with some zucchini refrigerator pickles. I’d love to be able to can properly, too!

  43. Cherry nectarine jam. With the great cherry sales this year, I have canned all things cherry: jam, chutney, cherries in sherry.

  44. Blueberry jam, apricot-pineapple jam, and hot pepper jam all made with Pomonas Pectin. The hot pepper jam is amazing.

  45. Pickles, pickles and more pickles, up in New England this is a very good year for cucumbers, so I’ve been canning pickles, Bread & Butter, Dill, bread & butter, sweet relish and more bread & butter.

  46. Dilly Beans! And trying some pickled zucchini too. But 4 of my jars just broke in the hot water bath, so I’m in the market for some new ones. Will check out Orchard Road!

  47. I just canned my home grown tomatoes with a “cheater” package of Mrs. wages Pasta Sauce. It was easy, but tasted like commercial spaghetti sauce. I’m not sure if I will do it that way again. But, I love the look of these new jarrs!,

  48. Read about your books on small batch canning. Got them both from Amazon on Friday. Saturday I made Dilly Beans, Bread & Butter Pickles and Refrigerator Dills! Never would have done this 30 years ago!!! Thanks πŸ™‚ Now I would love to explore a new jar!

  49. Last weekend I put up a batch each of apricot and strawberry jam. It was my first ever attempt at jam so I was thrilled when it turned out.

  50. Made a batch of salsa. It turned out very yummy and the batch turned out more pints than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise.

  51. Last weekend was filled with peaches and nectarines: 2 batches salted brown sugar peach jam, peach sriracha jam (amazingly tasty on chicken nuggets per my husband), peach plum ginger jam (this was phenomenally good), oven roasted peach butter, peaches in syrup, lazy peach preserves, mango nectarine habanero sauce, nectarine lime jam and pickled nectarine slices. You opened up a unique world for me last year as I was searching for apple butter recipes as my first foray into canning as an adult. A week and a half will see me in a master food preserver course…..I’m LOVING it, thank you!!

  52. My most recent canning project is low-sugar smooth fig jam. I always set aside some to send to my Dad. It is his favorite. : )

  53. I am making different kinds of pickles, dill and sour so far. But off to the market again on Saturday may have to try another batch, maybe bread and butter.

  54. Last week I put up 10 quarts of tomatoes, nine pints of beets and 7 pickled beets, eight pints of seasoned kale(hope it isn’t too salty!), and 16 pints of green beans. More tomatoes to come, and greenbeans will be made into dilly beans. I sure could use some more jars!

  55. I’ve been making jars of pickled refrigerator zucchini. It’s not canning-canning, but I’m pickling things in jars! And this way I actually eat them!

  56. My most recent canning project has involved pickles…lots and lots of pickles. Something in the weather or the soil has prompted a bumper crop of cucumbers this year. I have been making pickles by the pint and the quart and it looks like it will go on until our first frost. We have classic dill pickles. bread & butter pickles, fridge pickles and Swedish pickles and expect to try a few more types before the season is over.

  57. The last thing I canned was sliced peaches. The last thing I put in a jar was one jar’s worth of peach butter that I made with the left over peaches that didn’t get eaten.

  58. Just finished up a batch of spiced peach jam and peach fruit leather! Going to a local farm to pick more to make this year’s batch of peach salsa!

    Yay for a new jar competitor!

  59. A small batch of pickles, but I’m hopeful the glut is coming…peaches next week, more pickles this one….come on tomatoes!

  60. I’ve always been jelly-impaired. (sigh) No matter what, my jel just won’t jel. Well, this year, I actually made some real jelly! I’m so excited, I’m afraid I may become obsessed!!! cherry is my first attempt.

  61. Very funny, but my most recent canning project was your Spiced Plum Jam from the “Food in Jars” book my son bought from you at the Beaverton Farmers Market. We love plum jam and we love apple butter and this is a great pairing of the best of those two. Another plus is that we are inundated with plums at the moment so I was able to put them to good use.

  62. I just tried pasteurizing some cucumber pickles for the first time this week, and made my first batch of tomato sauce. Next up is some raspberry jam and cranberry ketchup to makes some room in my freezer πŸ™‚ Canning season is starting to build around here!

  63. Most recently, we put up 58 lbs of tomatoes (we’d meant to buy 30, but are bad at estimating weight). We made pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce with meat, and a few jars of whole tomatoes. YUM.

  64. I’ve been making mulberry jam and also some mulberry syrup. yum yum! and the week before that some strawberry-jalapeno jam.

  65. I have just done some jams most recently. I am going to be doing some pickled okra and beans soon so these would be nice! Love this…

  66. Yesterday I left some apple/fennel stalk chutney and blubarb jam at the county fair, and today I’ll find out how they did in the judging.

    Do the Ball lids fit on these jars, then? It’s implied in your post but not stated outright.

  67. Goodness, I haven’t gotten to can anything for a while-I’m in temporary housing in between moves, and all my jars are boxed up somewhere πŸ™ But I’m dreaming of digging out a few to make a rosehip jelly with some of the abundance of wild rosehips around where I am.

  68. Just finished a great Fiesta Salsa. Has some nice heat but not overwhelming and got to use lots of my garden vegetables!

  69. I haven’t had time to get much canning done recently. However, I have a bounty of produce starting to come from my garden, so the weekend looks like it will be a busy one! Pickles, salsa and tomato sauce are on my list!

  70. I made a very small batch of black currant jam with currants from my local winery and a batch of spiced plum jam! It’s going to taste so good during the holidays!

  71. My latest was plain old green beans in a pressure canner. I’d never done them before and I’m not terribly sure about them. The pickled beets, pickle spears, and bread and butter pickles in the cabinet look wonderful though!
    We’re looking forward to when the pears on my grandma’s tree will be ready for us.

  72. I recently made pickles for the first time! It was so easy that I’m not sure why I haven’t ever done it before.

  73. It’s the end of berry season, so I finished up with some jars of addictive Chocolate Raspberry Spread. Peaches are next!

  74. I just canned 14 quarts of tomato sauce. And the week before that I did two bushels of peaches. Blackberry jam this weekend, I think. I love summer canning season!

  75. A friend had given me some blackberries. I wanted to try making blackberry syrup, it ended up being jam but it taste wonderful!!

  76. We’ve moved cross country this summer, so I haven’t canned anything since last fall (a batch of applesauce). I’m itching to get back into it!

  77. Oooo! The last thing I made was Plum jelly made with the wild plums that are so abundant here in the Willamette Valley. It was my very first attempt at jelly and it turned out cloudy, bubbly, and didn’t set quite enough. But its tasty! Need more jars to practice with….

  78. Last year, I made my first grape jelly from my own grapes… It was such a great experience that I am trying other jams this year. Right now, I have Missouri peaches waiting for me… what a great day I have ahead of me. I just found this blog yesterday while looking for some good recipes. Wonderful ideas are here!

  79. I have not done any canning this season–yet. But I have made fresh cherry chutney and a cherry rum infusion with blue curacao. Made it a beautiful purple color. My tomatoes are just ripening so I am looking forward to canning some soon!

  80. I’m still enjoying a few stray jars from last year. One of my favorites is the husk cherry jam! Only one jar left! Looking forward to canning more tomatoes for the winter!

  81. I recently bought a 1/2 peck (and then some!) of squash and zucchini at my local farmers market on a Saturday morning with the goal to recreate the first batch of “pickles” I had canned in a farming class about 4 years ago. I could not find the recipe so I relied on the trove of books I have collected on preserving (read: I desperately want to be a canning genious, but because I am terrified I just keep reading about it to prepare!). I was in completely over my head with what seemed like mountains of sliced squash and zucchini. I packed my jars two tight on a few and the pickling liquid didn’t make it throughout! But, I did prevail, with about a dozen, successfully sealed jars and I think they taste pretty good. I am looking forward to more and am considering blueberry jam after reading your blog post about it being a good starter jam!

  82. It is all about salsa at my house right now. We are enjoying the first tomatoes from our garden and we ran out of the salsa I made last year about 2 months ago. I need to make a few more this year. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. I’ve been wanting to start canning for some time. My mom will be sharing some of her supplies & recipes. I can’t wait to get started.

  84. A small batch of sweet pickles – the kind that take all week in the pickle crock. Drain, boil, repeat. And this weekend? Why, FIJ’s Roasted Corn Salsa, of course!

  85. Between the toddler, the new puppy, and renovating a new house, I haven’t had much time for anything, let alone canning. I do need to make a batch of tomato jam this year, though.

  86. Black currant jam was the last ‘canned’ project. But I am already on a second set of half sours and the pickled turnips just went into the refrigerator.

  87. I am just beginning my adventures in canning. I’ve made several happy batches of pickles and am ready to move on to jam. Hoping to make one with ground cherries in the next week or two.

  88. I recently made a small batch of plum preserves and will be making pickles very soon. I’m interested in different jars, are these freezer worthy?

    Oh, and pick me!

  89. My 12 year old daughter and I made jelly. She found a recipe for sweet honey and lemon jelly she was dying to try for entry in the Oley fair in September.

  90. I recently made a small batch (4 pints, 1 quart and 1 half gallon) of refrigerator pickles, which are my all time favorite. I really need to get in the kitchen and can some pickles before all of the cucumbers are gone for the summer, but I need to pick up some jars first. So, this giveaway is perfect timing. Thanks!

  91. I just put up some summer squash pickles. They are a sweeter pickle with turmeric in them. I really like them on white rice for a quick dinner. πŸ™‚

  92. My last canning project was a mix of blackberries and raspberries from the garden. I made berry syrup and jam. πŸ™‚

    My next projects are honey bourbon blueberry preserves, pickled onions, and canned tomatoes!

  93. My first ever try, just last week, is making Raw Sauerkraut! Keeping fingers crossed that it is a delicious as it was when I put it in the jars! πŸ™‚ Next I’d love to try canning a mixed berry jelly with fresh, local berries πŸ™‚

  94. I wait for organic fruit so I recently made the star anise plum jam. Just harvested Meyer lemons from my three trees and I plan to make the Candied Meyer Lemon Slices in Syrup. These would look gorgeous in the Orchard jars. Love the smooth sides of these jars.

  95. I’m going to say my mom’s yearly batch of raspberry jam, even though my contribution was more in the eating department.

  96. Last week I made sweet pickle relish, but tomorrow I’m planning on putting together some maple Bourbon pickles and maybe some lemon, garlic, tarragon pickles! Yum.

  97. I recently canned my first ever batch of blueberries! I’ve been canning for a few years, but this one was new to me, and turned out surprisingly good! I can’t wait for my fall crop of peas to come in so I can try my luck at that!

  98. A single(!) jar to pepper jelly that used every single pepper that was on our pepper plants at first frost last year. I am hoping to can something over Labor Day.

  99. Well this is wonderful as I seem to promise myself I will not give way my jars. I do though and am always searching for more cheap. Craigs list, yard sales, thrift shop. I did see ball quilted 8 oz on sale t target last week for $5.68 a 12 pkg. I bought some.
    Hope I win. I use jarred food a lot for the convenience and having something good to always have handy to give as a gift. Most important to me is if I get a lot of vegetables I can extra.A good meat ssale, you know the drill.

  100. pickles….
    I love this time of year and canning, I actually get a little anxious at times that I will miss certain fresh veggies and fruits. I’m a little obsessed with canning I think. haha
    hubby built me beautiful shelves in our basement last year because I just couldn’t stop canning.
    I’m still upset I didn’t buy more rhubarb this season.
    happy canning to all……

  101. It has been far too long since I canned anything (February, I think) but just last night started thinking about a salsa day – that will be coming up soon!

  102. Oh Yay! Hurray! Gorgeous new jars! Yesterday, two jams from produce from my little yard that is becoming wildly productive. First apple butter. Cooking the apples down in my slow cooker is pure magic, Genius even! No sticking, no mess, just wonderful. Second jam made the old school way, a rhubarb fig jam with lemon zest and a little fresh ginger. Every thing from my garden except the ginger and sugar. I’ve got some pomegranates and persimmons that won’t be ready til late fall, but imagine them in Orchard Farm jars and the jewel like tones. Just perfect.

  103. Hello, I am very new to canning and am loving it so far! My most recent canning project is pizza sauce. Trying the results out with homemade pizza tonight, so we will see how it went! I would love these canning jars!


  104. Last project, strawberry jam. (Only a small batch, but I’m hoarding it for winter…) Next, I’m thinking tomato jam or peach preserves, whatever looks good at the market!

  105. This past Tuesday saw me making a double batch of the chopped tomatoes from Food in Jars. So delicious in January!

  106. So far this week I’ve canned Spiced Yellow Plum Jam and Apple Maple Jam. These will be Christmas gifts for friends and family.

  107. My last project was Marissa’s mixed stone fruit jam, which is my new favorite.
    The second time I’ve made it this summer and always turns out great.

  108. Most recently I made fig preserves from my fig trees. Lately I’ve taken to stashing my preserves in the fridge rather than processing them in a hot water bath.

  109. I have been canning for 35 years, the thoughts of a new jar to play with sounds wonderful. I just made tomato jam for the first time this year. It turned out better than I had imagined. I plan to give away jars of this wonderful jam for Christmas. Thanks for your great blog.

  110. I stayed up late last night to pull 6 quarts of green beans out of the canner! πŸ™‚ Today: zucchini and cucumber pickles (separate, not together).

  111. My most recent canning project was salted caramel peach jam. I’m looking forward to giving it away during the holidays (and keeping a jar for myself!)

  112. I made jam with some wild black caps we found in the woods. Realized I had no pectin when I was getting ready to start making the jam, so it was my first experience making jam sans pectin πŸ™‚

  113. I am making zucchini relish today. A good way to use up zucchinis that grew too big when your back was turned. Honestly they seem to grow that fast.

  114. You made me laugh re: lid real estate! I can relate to that πŸ˜‰ Always nice to hear about new products and it’s nice to support the smaller players. Thanks!

  115. My 14 yr old grandson spent 2 months with us this summer (we are taking him home to NC as I write this). He wanted to make blackberry jam to sell at the local farmers market so he & I went berry picking and I taught him the basics of canning jams & jellies. He earned $40 on this p rodent. So proud of him.

  116. My last project was a happy Saturday afternoon stirring my very first attempt at tomato ketchup from your first book!

  117. The latest canning project was actually three small batches on one day. Pickled beets for my dad, picketed onions for the most delicious tacos, and a tiny batch of fig, balsamic, and rosemary jam.

  118. Just got done with 30 quarts of pickles, bring us to 80 quarts so far! I think we have enough!! Next up is salsa then some more jellies!

  119. My last canning adventure was: tomato sauce, roasted pepper and tomato spread, and peach jalapeΓ±o jam. The peach jalapeΓ±o jam was a miss for me even though it sounded really good. I will be making some peach butter when my peaches ripen a bit more.

  120. I just made black currant jam on Tuesday night. Next up I’m planning a blueberry and black currant jam- can you tell I was able to get several pounds of black currants from a local farmer?

  121. My latest canning project was YOUR pizza sauce from the second book and a batch of salsa. Next up: the last of the peaches, which I MUST snag a box of and make jam. I’d love to try these new canning jars! Thank you for the chance to win. πŸ™‚

  122. This was my first year growing daikon. I had intended it to be more of a permaculture plant to break up the soil, but it did so well that I pulled three out last night and started fermenting them in a pint jar. Radish pickles are my greatest discovery of 2014 and I’m hoping the daikon turn out as satisfying as the rest!

  123. Made plum jam this weekend, and have a case of peaches on my kitchen floor just waiting to be turned into jam, pie filling, and canned halves. And I’m getting figs and strawberries this weekend from my co-op to try out your recipe for strawberry fig jam. can’t wait!

  124. I made a “peck” of pickled peppers and some pickled Okra. Have more fresh produce to can!! Tomatoes, peaches, peppers and more okra. Love this time of year!!

  125. I like the simple design of these jars! The wide mouth pints would be most useful for me to can peaches soon! Thanks for generous giveaways!!

  126. Last thing I made was refrigerator dill pickles but I’m going to pick something up, probably fruit, at the farmers market on Friday to can

  127. I am making peach butter today! I was researching recipes on your site and came across this. I love the name and the simplicity of the jars.

  128. I just made the blueberry maple jam from Preserving by the Pint. It is great, and I was happy to see the original inspiration recipe on Well Preserved made with wild blueberries, since that’s what I had.

    Next project: mustard! I love mustard, and I’m excited to try my hand at making it.

  129. I have really gotten into small batch canning thanks to your new book! My most recent project was marionberry-habanero jam. Tastes great with goat cheese.

  130. Last weekend I made Apple Butter. I’ve been turning over the contents of my freezer and had an abundance ao apple, so Apple Butter it was.

  131. I did ginger pickled beets couple weeks ago. I just opened the first jar and they disappeared fast. They were so good. I’ve got peaches and tomatoes now that I need to can up fast, so I’ll be busy this weekend.

  132. I made a batch of your strawberry vanilla jam earlier this summer when my strawberry patch was going gangbusters! I ended up putting it in some of the blue anniversary Bell jars because they were all I had free at the time. It also ended up incredibly thick… still trying to get the hang of jams and jellies and find the sweet spot between way too think and too loose.

  133. I made two batches of raspberry jam without pectin the other night. The second batch a removed the seeds and added lemon zest. Much better without the seeds!

  134. I canned pickles last. They barely fit in the jars! I weighed them first and found them to be more tricky than making jam. I had extras. My recipe said use whole pickling cucumbers, but maybe I should have sliced them. I’m new to pickles.

  135. This week I made 35 jars of Ollalieberry jam. That was a lot for me in one day! Need 150 jars for my sons wedding favors though – so I still have a lot of batches to go. Hope the berries in my freezer are enough!

  136. Cherries are still readily available where I am, so I made a cherry chocolate coconut jam. It is even better than it sounds! Very intrigued by these new jars!

  137. I just put up 12 qts. of chicken stock and now I’m heading out to pick some blackberries to make some jam to can next. Waiting on some cucumbers and some more beans to ripen too.

  138. I just finished up a large batch of cucumber relish and on Saturday we start applesauce with the early apples on our tree.

  139. Cherry Chipotle Jam – my annual favorite. (Sweet cherries, following the Pamona’s recipe with the least amount of sugar, plus a few canned chipotles for heat & smoke – divine on a cheese platter!) Pickles are coming up next, though!

  140. I bought a ton of peaches last weekend and made 9 jars of peach salsa from Put ‘Em Up and three jars of peach barbecue sauce from your latest book. It was delicious!

  141. I just started water bath canning this year and have had great success. A few bumps in the road here and there but sites like this and my Ball recipe book have been great for problem solving. My favorite creation so far has been Jalapeno Jam…wow what a treat. I have also made different fruit jams, squash relish, the tomato jam recipe on this site….all have been tasty and fun to make. Looking forward to making salsa this weekend.

  142. I’ve been canning lots and lots of peaches! My boyfriend devoured a pint of peach salsa last night. Looks like I’ll need to can a ton more based on how quickly he went thru the first pint!

  143. Just finished canning a shelf load of peaches in light syrup and a dozen jars of peach jam (no more room on the shelf, so the jam is still on the counter!). Nothing lifts your spirits in the dark days of January like a home canned peach – it’s like a taste of summer.

  144. Recently just been trying to keep up with my tomatoes. Been saucing pureeing, making marinara. Going to try my hand at canning them whole.

  145. Most recently I made some basic refrigerator pickles. But as my fridge, counters, cupboards, and dining table are all overflowing, I have big BIG plans for this weekend.

  146. We’re in the process of moving right now so I’m limited in what I can do but we ran out of jam and figs were lovely at the market last week. So I made a small batch fig and honey preserve. It is wonderful!

  147. Two batches each of bread/butter pickles and dills. This week will be zucchini BbQ relish which is to die for! Cannot tell it’s zucchini..always a hit:)

  148. My British Mum just sent me her fabulous pickled onions and also jars of pickled cabbage. I’d love to return the favor by having her try out these new jars. They look wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  149. My most recent project is roasting and purΓ©eing my “crop” of sugar pie pumpkins to freeze for later. They came out small, and each one neatly fills a pint jar. I’m running out of those and could use another case.

  150. My most recent project was a batch of mixed berry jam (blackberry and blueberry) last weekend. Yummy! My next project will be salsa and tomato sauce.

  151. My latest canning project was peaches. This weekend it is going to be tomatoes. Love the fresh produce this time of year!

  152. I got carried away buying pickling cucumbers this year and just finished putting up 12+ quarts of refrigerator dills (plus 4 qts I made with my own garden cukes earlier this summer).
    Do you have to use the Orchard Road lids with Orchard Road jars, or can you use Bell brand?

  153. I’ve been canning LOTS this summer, but most recently, I canned some venison with onions and sweet peppers in hot broth. It will be perfect for a quick dinner after a long day of work this fall/winter. πŸ™‚ Today, I’m headed to the farmers market for more local sweet corn, so I can make a batch of corn-and-bean salsa. It’s one of my favorite summertime canning recipes!

  154. Prior to going on vacation I made salsa (had an abundance of tomatoes in my garden) and also I canned some cherries from a tree in my son’s backyard. Peaches are this weekend. Yummy time of the year!

  155. I’ve just started on the cucumbers in the home garden. I also need to find a good water-bath canning ketchup recipe quick because we’re almost out, and I’d like to not have to freeze the next batch. I’ll also probably dehydrate our onions as they’re coming due all about the same time, and they’re not a storage variety, but then that’s not quite canning, even though they go in the jars like everything else.

  156. Full-on canning? I canned small batches of blueberry thyme and blackberry-blueberry (black and blue) with ginger jams. Last week I think.

    Refrigerator canning: I made two near-pints of sweet pickles with three little pickling cucumbers from my weekly produce box.

  157. I recently made some peach vanilla jam as well as pickled beets and, a first for me, pickled turnips. Up next are Maria’s cherry preserves and blueberry lime jam. I’d also like to make ajvar. You can never have too many jars.

  158. Just last night, i made a batch of ginger pickled cucumbers and also ginger pickled jalapenos. With all the great seasonl veggies and fruit in season right now, i find myself pickling one week and jamming the next, so im quickly running out of jars. I welcome the opportunity to expand my jar collection with some new options from orchard road

  159. I’ve been canning like crazy this summer, but most recently I made a couple of jars of dilly beans just to get the beans in jars before they spoiled. They’re not ready yet, but I can’t wait to crack one open!

  160. This summer I’ve canned peach jam and strawberry jam. Next will be grape jelly, made from my neighbor’s concord grapes. So delicious!

  161. The last thing I preserved was banana peppers, garlic pickles and dilly beans! I also made 4 different kinds of jam this summer (nectarine vanilla, blueberry, mixed berry, and strawberry kiwi)!

  162. This Summer I have canned double batches of Strawberry and Raspberry Jam. I have also made a triple batch of bread & butter pickles. I just made refrigerator pickles last night and am getting ready to do something with all the peaches and blackberries I picked from my own yard.

    • So sorry to hear that your yield was far less. Yields vary depending on the water and sugar content in the fruit, the length of the cooking time, and even the amount of humidity in the air. I do my best to test and retest so that my yields are true, but I just can’t control every aspect of the home cook’s experience.

  163. The most recent thing I made was Aprium(65% apricot 35% plum) jam. 4 batches! SOOOOOO yummy and such a beautiful color.

  164. this morning i was canning mandarin orange slices. earlier this week it was pickles, pickled asparagus, and peach salsa.
    just bought both of your books and can’t wait to try some of the recipes!

  165. Strawberry Jam! My husband and I have been away for most of the summer, and will be back home in a week, when the peaches are ripe. I see peach jam and salsa in my near future!

  166. Hi! I would love these jars! I’m just starting out and just made the butter pickle recipe last night!!! So excited to can all that I can πŸ˜‰

  167. Right now I am making BBQ/Dipping sauces. I had plums show up on my porch and made those into Plum Ginger Garlic Chile Sauce. Then my pluot tree came ripe and they went into the same kind of sauce. They are so good on chicken and pork on the grill. They are equally good to dip your potstickers or egg rolls into.

  168. My latest canning project was your Honeyed Apricots! I am saving them for winter but not sure they will actually make it that long. They are so pretty in their jars, sitting there in the pantry, calling to me…

    My next project will be canning broth. You have given me the courage to try it! It would look lovely in these Orchard Road jars, I think.

  169. Ooh! I for one am very excited to hear that these come without lids & rings, because the the sheer mass of canning rings in my kitchen is already pretty overwhelming. And I never use more than six at a time! I’ve been doing a lot of refrigerator pickles instead of actual canning this summer, but as soon as the cheap tomatoes start showing up…there’s going to be some sauce. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  170. I made strawberry rhubarb jam at the beginning of the summer, but have been on a hiatus. I’m excited to make apricot jam this weekend, though πŸ™‚

  171. Most recently I made lemon curd and pickles: daikon radish and rainbow carrot (they look lovely in the jar!) –djs

  172. I had to put out one of my tomato plants early, since it had a nasty fungus I didn’t want to spread to the other plants. Sooooo I made my green tomato salsa that seems to be a hit with all that have tasted it.

  173. My last canning was yellow plum jam..I took the time to stone the plums this year and the jam was much brighter in plum taste. They are very small plums so I generally strain the pulp off the stones after cooking…
    it’s just not as fresh tasting as stoning them before the boil.

  174. Sadly I haven’t gotten any canning done in recent history, but my two flats of organic blueberries are coming on Friday! Time to make jam!

  175. recently, I managed to (finally) can my 10 lbs of kirks (soon to be dill and B&B pickles!)…otherwise I’m itching to get my tomatoes so I can start on my sauce!

  176. This year I planted all heirloom tomatoes – 8 varieties. They are doing well. The past 2 years I have really gotten into “small batch preserving” which works well for me and our family of two. Yesterday I put up 8 pints of Basic Pasta Sauce. Love it!

  177. Just yesterday I canned my very first batch of sour cherry pie filling! My boyfriend and I just started canning this year.

  178. My recent canning experience was your recipe for peaches and then lots of tomatoes!!! So good in the winter. Would love new jars!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  179. I just got finished with some homemade Bloody Mary Mix that I canned in some Quattro Stagioni jars. They look great! Next, crushed tomatoes.

  180. My husband and I just finished canning a large batch of both sweet and tart cherries. We made cherry butter, cherry preserves and conserves and cherry pie filling! We also canned green beans. It was a long day but a lot of fun!

  181. Just in time! I used up most of my jars making strawberry jams (strawberry vanilla & strawberry basil), and I’m getting ready to do blackberry & peach jams & peach pie filling!

  182. Apricot jam, sour cherry jam, dill pickles, dilly beans ~ that’s this week. More of the same next week, plus freestone peaches should be coming in soon!

    Question: do the Orchard Road jars not fit Ball or Kerr lids and rings?

  183. Fridge pickles, if that counts as canning. πŸ™‚ Hoping to try fermented dilly beans after getting back from vacation.

  184. I actually came to your website today to look for any updates on the Tomato Jam recipe. I printed it 3 years ago and made it 2 years ago. I really enjoyed it once I started thinking of it like ketchup last summer. Now I am getting ready to make another batch.

  185. Last canning project was tomato sauce on Friday evening. We have had alot of tomatoes this year – and I do believer I have canned most of them! Whew!

  186. I really enjoy reading your blog as well as making your small batch recipes!

    Recently, I’ve been making dill pickles, using the recipe from your book. I made some spears over the weekend, but, had a few left over kirbies, so I used my fancy-schmancy crinkle-cutter to make for the first time…a quart batch of pickle chips with added jalepeno rings!

    It was different doing chips. Spears fit so neat and even into the jars, but, even though there were only five kirbies, once they were all cut up, it was hard to pack them all into the jar! I had to eat a few straglers!! I think the next time I do chips, I will use jars without shoulders.

    Happy Canning!

  187. I am glad to see another brand of canning jars. And these Orchard Road jars are awesome! Loads of space on the jars as well as the lids. Win Win!

  188. My most recent canning project was also my first time canning solo…cherries in a simple syrup! I’m new to the canning world and have slowly been accumulating the required accessories. The little canning I’ve done has always been with my preserving queen sister-in-law, and we’ve used your recipes and tips quite frequently. Last Friday I finally attempted something on my own and was so pleased it all worked out. New jars in a sturdy box would be a most-welcome addition to a newbie’s pantry like my own. Thanks so much!

  189. I live in the Phx Arizona area, so earlier this year when lemons were harvested, I made your Lemon Curd – wow!!! That is the most delicious, decadent concoction ever. I will be making it yearly and hope to actually freeze it this year. Thanks for your wonderful recipe books!!!

  190. My most recent canning was apricot-rainier cherry jam and strawberry lemonade concentrate. Prepped in the fridge I have a rainier cherry vanilla jam and a strawberry rainier cherry jam. πŸ™‚

  191. Just yesterday I canned a whole mess of green beans, and made your pickled hot pepper rings recipe, too. Thanks!

  192. I made two types of fig jam/spread last weekend. Fig with Amaretto and Fig with Ouzo. The Fig with Ouzo is the best but not really suitable for your morning toast.

  193. If my neighbors were up early enough this morning (thank goodness they weren’t) they would have gotten a view of me picking cucumbers in my bathrobe for the second batch of refridg pickles to be made later today. I couldn’t help myself. Cucumbers are one of those things that if you pick one you’re forced to pick the entire row regardless of your clothing attire.

  194. Dilly beans! Using FIJ’s recipe no less (well, except for the last two jars where I ran out of dill seeds and decided those would be mustard beans).

    Hoping to get to Suncrest peaches soon.

  195. No canning done yet. Have raspberries to be made into jam. Dilly Beans are next. Can’t wait for the blackberries!

  196. With lots of tomatoes this year from my first attempt at grafted tomato plants, I’ve put up a luscious tomato sauce with peppers from the garden, celery, carrots and garlic, not from the garden.

  197. I have been working my way through 125 pounds of peaches. I’ve canned peaches in syrup, peach pie filling, peach jelly, peach lemonade concentrate to start. Coming up: peach jam and pickled peaches.

  198. I am making dill pickles as I write. Bread and Butter pickles are on deck. Love the Orchard Road jars. They would be a neat change of pace. Who knows, maybe I’ll like them so much I’ll forget about those “other” jars.

  199. I’ve just recently started dragging luring initiating inviting friends to can with me. It’s been a lot of fun teaching what I know, and discovering I knew more than I thought I did in the process! A few weeks ago we canned several types of blackberry jam, and next week we’re going to make fig preserves.

  200. Most recently, I picked up a half-bushel box of Kirby cucumbers at my local CSA and spent last weekend making pickles! Spears, chips, sandwich slices and relish–16 quarts in all! That should last me a little while, right? But now my problem is…I’m out of quart and pint jars. I hope I win, because I’ll be putting up tomatoes soon!

  201. Just this past week I made a batch of relish from your book. This is the third time I’ve made it. The recipe is fantastic and we’ve been known to put it in or on all kinds of things. We might have even just eaten a spoonful by itself! I’m planning on using some in a tuna salad later for lunches. Again, awesome recipe!

  202. I have not found a homemade pickle that I really like. I made my first attempt at dill pickles and to say it was a failure is putting it mildly. Still looking for my fav!

  203. I just got into the canning world and my most recent project was setting up our downstairs kitchen (we have a mother in law basement apartment) as my canning cave! I have the stove, all my supplies in the cupboard, and recipes taped to the cupboards. I’m hoping to do my first batch of canning this weekend! Yay!

  204. Just put up your dilly bean recipe this past weekend. Letting then wait the “required” 2 weeks for the flavors to blend. Excited about trying them out shortly!

  205. My latest canning project was another batch of tomato jam. My dear husband was very hesitant when I said I wanted to make tomato jam with our garden tomatoes, so I made a half batch and he loved it! Insisted I make more tomato jam instead of the pizza sauce I was intending!

  206. So far I’ve only made your refrigerator pickles this summer, but it was a double batch as we have so many cucumbers. I’ve been stashing raspberries from our garden in the freezer to make jam in the fall. And today we pick up a 30 lb. flat of blueberries from ME. I see lots of jam in our future.

  207. I just recently made two of your fantastic peach canning recipes. I made the peach chutney and honey vanilla and peach jam. I doubled both recipes and am almost out already. The jars have been devoured. I thought I would be able to store them in the pantry for a few months but doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

  208. I just did peaches and sour cherry jam last weekend and I’ve been putting up a batch of whole tomatoes almost every night with the amount of tomatoes coming out of my garden this year.

  209. Right now I am building up for some summer squash pickles with garlic and squash from my garden. Earlier in summer it was berry jams.

  210. Using my jars for lactofermented vegetables, and freezing stocks right now. Not “canning” right now technically but making good use of jars in these other ways.

  211. Yesterday- I made 5 pints of tomato jam. It’s really good savory – I hate calling it jam because it’s better than that. Maybe a tomato chutney is a better description.

    Would love to try their jars.

  212. I picked up a flat of blueberries and made jam last weekend. Used the recipe from your first book, but with half the cinnamon. Yum.

  213. I just made my second batch of jam, Blackberry! It is also my second canning batch ever so I need more jars! It was so fun and I love these jars!

  214. Black/Blue berry jam and pickled strawberry jam. It was my first time trying to use 8oz jars in my pressure canner. It didn’t work out too well. It was my first major jar failure where the contents of one leaked out of the top and one jar didn’t seal πŸ™

  215. We have so much leftover from last year that I have not canned much this summer. Plus everything is 2-3 weeks early here and that has thrown me off. Add being pregnant and I have not canned since making strawberry freezer jam and strawberry balesmic black pepper 6 or 7 weeks ago. I have plans this weekend to do honey peaches and pickles and maybe FOJ cherry chutney (we picked cheeries, but just froze them).

  216. I am a newbie to canning this year….ok well I have been “collecting” canning supplies for years and helped others can stuff but never at home with my own supplies =) Recently canned apple butters, peaches, green beans and pickles. Only broke one batch of jars…SO FAR that is πŸ˜‰ Love the new jars you posted and would love to try them out canning my very own garden harvest =)

    Thanks for the blog and recipes….LOVE them!!’


  217. I’m new to canning and just canned my first jam two weeks ago. I’m already hooked! I made blueberry jam with fresh blueberries from a local farmer’s market. It actually turned out pretty good! I’m itching to make more. It’s just my husband and me at home and I don’t want to be making big batches of stuff so I just bought your new book Preserving by the Pint this past weekend and I’m loving it! So excited to continue canning! Thank you for the chance to win these lovely jars!

  218. I’ve had access to an abundance of fruity goodness this summer! Most recently a friend gave me about 20# of plums! I put up the first batch of jelly last weekend and the next batch is on slate for tomorrow. I COULD USE MORE JARS!

  219. My last canning project was slow cooker blueberry butter, which is one of my all all time favorites for preserving blueberries!!!

  220. I just canned some garlic dill pickled zucchini, according to your garlic dill pickle recipe. I bought 10lbs of zucchini…none remain!

  221. Today is my second attempt at Small Batch Stone Fruit Jam, using Shiro plums from a friend’s tree plus a couple of old peaches. I tried to make it with some red plums a few weeks ago but wasn’t paying attention & burned it. Oops. I canned it anyway and ended up with hard little globs of ick.

  222. My most recent canning project was black beans. I got a pressure canner this year and can finally can things like that!

  223. We most recently made apricot jam and I’m searching out good hiding places so there’s some left in the dark days of winter. πŸ™‚

  224. I am crazy about raspberry jam. I’ve made lots of bottles ready to give during the holidays and this giveaway will surely come in handy.

  225. I made some pickled beets for my sweetie a few days ago.. Now these arent the Spiced Pickled Beets..but pickled in Garlic Dill pickle juice… Thats what he loves.. so thats what he gets. πŸ™‚

  226. not much, didn’t get a garden plot this year and not enough sun on
    my porch for much besides herbs & a tomato plant that’s not getting
    enough hours of sunlight. Would like to make some pickles and salsa before
    the seasons over.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  227. I got a fairly decent load of peaches this year, so I made a lovely ginger peach jam, and with the leftover peaches, I brandied them and will have them over ice cream sometime when peaches aren’t in season.

  228. This week I made one batch of peach vanilla jam and then made one unplanned batch of peach strawberry to use up some super ripe fruit.

  229. My most recent project was canning four pints of marinara sauce from our CSA tomatoes. I’ve got a lot of tomatoes so I think I’ll prepare at least another 4 pints this weekend as well.

  230. My garden is ripening on the late side this year – late spring and lots of rain contribute to that. So – canning is not yet in full swing for me. However, my most recent canning project was making BBQ sauce from ketchup that I made last fall.

  231. I made a small batch of Christine Ferber’s Strawberry-Raspberry Black Pepper Balsamic Vinegar jam last week. It is the best thing I’ve ever tasted and it’s SO pretty! So, I promptly found a copy of her cookbook, Mes Confitures, and will be trying some more types soon!

  232. This past weekend 3 quarts of blueberries were jammed! Some with honey, anise, and juniper and the rest with Fernet Branca and ginger. Yum!

  233. Last weekend I water bath canned my first batch of pickled ginger. Previously I’ve only done this as a fridge pickle, so it was a bit of an adventure. I fortified the rice vinegar with white vinegar to bring up the acidity, and salted the ginger like you do with cucumbers for pickles.

  234. The nectraines were beautiful in California so I up up 5 batches of nectarine preserves for Christmas!

  235. Most recently I made your blueberry ginger jam, garlic dill pickles and a small batch of strawberry rhubarb jam. All delicious!!

  236. Most recently I realized beautiful yellow fruits I had were going to go bad so I made a mellow yellow jam. I used up a nectarine, a peach, sweet orange heirloom tomatoes and a ton of ground cherries (cape gooseberries). Nothing went to waste and my breakfast was a lot sweeter! I shared some with the whole family!

  237. I was given some peaches by a sweet couple that frequent the public library where I work. My intention was making peach freezer jam, but ended up with peach freezer syrup, instead. Works for me. **grin**

  238. Awesome jars! My most recent canning project includes 8 quarts of hand-picked blueberries and 20lbs of cucumbers. It may not be fancy, but those are our favorites. And I sure could use some more jars!

  239. Just canned a small batch of Peach Jam, my first ever canning attempt. Peaches were fresh from the tree in the backyard (it was a good year, we never get this many!).

  240. I’ve been working my way through preserving by the pint :). my last canning project was the two blueberry recipes

  241. I am new to canning, so my most recent endeavor was a simple one: berry jam. I am so excited by your site and by all of the possibilities. I would love to win a couple of cases of jars to continue my projects!

  242. My most recent canning project was pickled cherries, pickled beets, dill pickles and pickled zucchini. I may be making blueberry jam tomorrow, and this weekend, watermelon pickles, watermelon jelly, pickled beets, more blueberry preserves and Rotel-style tomatoes are scheduled. And, then, early next week, more pickled beets!

  243. New jars, I love them and the boxes are pretty neat. I made Guava jelly that turned out this time. It takes just the right amount of ripe and unripe fruit so sometimes I have to do it over.

  244. I just uncovered my mother’s pressure cooker and jars and was looking for lids when I stumbled onto this site. Perfect timing! Have not canned yet, but can’t wait to start.

  245. My most recent project was making peach preserves, and spiced peaches. I think I am going to need another batch of those for winter! πŸ™‚

  246. I feel a little boring after reading some others’ projects! I just canned some bread and butter pickles – tried some carrot slices for variety too.

  247. just finished up with 14 quarts of mixed veigies for stews and soups this winter. i also love the naked sides of jars for labels. hope to win these beauts. or will have to wait for them to reach this neck of the woods.

  248. Oh wow – I really love the look of these jars. Great to see some competition in the canning world.

    My garden was super late getting in so not a lot done. I just made some super secret recipe pickled beets.

  249. Well as luck would have it Monday I canned cherry/blueberry/cranberry pie filling I know it sounds kind of strange but I did not have as many cherries as I wanted so I added some frozen blueberries and some dried cranberries and it turned out fabulous. Then on Tuesday I canned up chicken stock I made from bones and such I have been saving in the freezer and yesterday I canned black beans because I use them a lot and really like having them handy. Not canning today have been trying to catch up on the housework.

  250. Most recently I made the Cherries in Red Wine Syrup from your first book. They are pretty awesome! This weekend I’m doing Peach Jam.

  251. I have been canning Roma tomatoes. This is the first year since I moved into this house 7 years ago that my tomato plants have produced anything. I love putting them up for use later.

  252. Bread and butter pickles from the Ball guide to preserving. I used red onion instead of yellow onion, and the purple color combined with the turmeric made for some pretty jars. πŸ™‚

  253. I made some blackberry and vanilla jam a couple of days ago, I didn’t open any yet but it looks absolutely perfect!

  254. Cherry Almond jam is my latest. Accompanied by much ‘eewww–cherries’ from 2 out of 3 grandchildren πŸ˜‰

  255. The blackberries are now ripe and free for the picking in my neck of the woods! – froze half and canned the other half (blackberry jam)!

  256. I actually haven’t done any canning yet, I’ve only just started gathering recipes, but I would love to do my first batch in these jars!

  257. Boohoo. I’ve barely canned anything this season. The last thing I canned was strawberry jam. I made about 12 pints, so I guess that was plenty πŸ™‚

  258. Salted brown sugar peach jam. It’s not a spoon in a the jar jam (a little too this, a little too that) but it’s definitely great on toast and I could see it being a new condiment for burgers πŸ™‚

  259. I just recently did my first ever canning project! I made homemade apple sauce. I had a bunch of apples from the local market, Booth’s Corner, and wanted to make a unsweetened, spicy apple sauce. It came out great and every jar pinged. I was doing a happy dance all over the house!

  260. blueberry pie filling, blueberry jam, strawberry rhubarb jam, peaches halved or quartered, salted brown sugar peach jam, peach honey vanilla jam, and oven-roasted rhubarb compote.

  261. just made dill pickle chips. one jar blew out the bottom and I had cucs floating in the kettle but 5 more successful jars to cure til next weekend. then we can start eating them. yum!

  262. I’ve yet to truly can stuff, but I freeze in my jars all the time – I just made 3.5 qts of chicken stock today and last month was strawberry jam πŸ™‚

  263. Oooh, these are so nice! I’ve been making tiny batches of jam with my csa fruit, the latest being a blueberry apricot jam.

  264. My garden is producing scads of cucumbers. I’m trying out ever pickles recipe I can find. Last Sunday I canned dills, bread and butter, and sweet relish (with apricot butter thrown in for good measure).

  265. I’ve been making jams a ton this summer, from blueberry, black raspberry, strawberry, and red raspberry. If it grows Have also been wanting to try out pickles!

  266. I made picked cherries. I was thinking they would be a holiday gift but not sure they are going to make it until then. AMAZING with cheese!

  267. I’ve been making jams a ton this summer, from blueberry, black raspberry, strawberry, and red raspberry. *It seems like if it grows, it’s being canned! Have also been wanting to try out pickles!

  268. Peach jam with peaches from my neighbor’s yard. Also made 3 pies, a crisp, 2 jars of peach pie filling and froze 6 pints of peaches. There were a LOT of peaches πŸ˜‰

  269. A canning day with a friend: salsa verde, tomato sauce, apricot jam, blueberry-raspberry jam, and sweet jalapeno pepper jam!

  270. Every year I try to can something different. This year it is going to be pluot jam or plumcot jam depending on which store you buy them from . This year my trees gave me pluots so I am doubly happy. If I win new jars I will be triply happy;-)

  271. The heirloom tomatoes are getting ripe so a large put of sauce will be canned with lots of fresh basil and extra garlic

  272. I just made twelve quarts of kosher dill pickles and I’m planning on making tomato sauce as soon as my garden gives up enough tomatoes! I can always use extra jars around the house

  273. I have jars of peach preserves on my countertop from last weekend. I came across you blog when researching crock pot fruit butters — going to try that with the peaches since they didn’t set πŸ™

  274. this week i have made tomato jam and really worked it so much better than 2013’s. i learned to be patient and let the jam cook way down. despite getting many ‘jammy burn kisses’ (what i call spitting bubbles of jam near the end of cooking) i keep the heat going until all the water has cooked out. My 8 jars are a beautiful thing!

  275. Last thing I preserved was bone broth from my brother’s elk. Next up will be peaches and pickles – maybe even pickled peaches. ;>

  276. I made raspberry jam, blueberry butter in the slow cooker (I added lemon jest and ginger for a bit more kick), and I tried your salted brown butter peach jam recipe. Wonderful summer fruits! A question: my wooden spoon is stained blue from the berries. Does
    that fade or is it now my new blue spoon?

  277. I haven’t canned anything this season, still waiting for the return of the jars from the batch last year. But I think the last thing I canned was cranberry apple marmalade.

  278. I just put up 20 jars of dill pickles three days ago and now will make our blackberry
    jam for this year. I only have one jar left from last year. After that I will pick the jalapeno
    peppers from my garden and can them in a mild pickling sauce.

  279. I helped my sister can some blueberry jam last night using your recipe that uses honey as a sweetener in a small batch. Looking forward to trying it again for myself. I have not canned before so a box of jars would be very helpful.

  280. Last weekend I put up some blueberry butter. I got a little ambitious and decided to try a couple new canning recipes so I gave pickled sweet cherries and honey pickled radishes a try!

  281. I am hopeful to get some dilly beans canned this weekend. Would like to follow it with some freezer jam if all goes well.

  282. Well. My latest canning project was rudely interrupted by a broken wrist. So that free box of apples partially processed into lovely caramel apple jam, apple juice, and whatever else resulted from the successful maiden voyage of the steam juicer isn’t happening. Most of the pulp and juice is safely holding in the refrig and freezer for consideration another day. At least there is a half gallon and a few pints of apple juice which DID can beautifully.

    These jars look wonderful!

  283. My most recent canning project was zucchini marmalade I made yesterday. Tomorrow I am canning pickled three bean salad.

  284. I am making your dilly beans for the first time today. I hope they turn out ok! (Monday also happens to be my 13th Wedding Anniversary–wink wink:)

  285. dilly beans last night! i made a pretty combo of yellow wax & green string beans, with the preserving by the pint recipe πŸ˜€ and had a ton more beans than brine, so i refrigerator-pickled the extras while the jars set.

  286. My last canning project was a small batch of peach-sugar plum jam. More peaches and nectarines are next up, with some crystallized ginger…

  287. I’d live to win these! My most recent canning project was plum-berry jam. I have several more waiting in the wings for me. πŸ™‚

  288. My most recent canning project was fermented dill pickles, which were so much better to any dills I have made before. The fermentation added a layer of flavor that I can’t seem to get with basic pickling.

  289. Pickles, pickles, and more pickles! We’re running a little behind on our growing season thanks to an unusually cool summer – great for the lettuce & radishes, not so great for the tomatoes. I’ve seen these jars at Farm & Fleet recently but wanted to read a review or 2 before I trusted them. Might have to go out & get a few boxes next week!

  290. It’s my first season canning and I am making good use of the pounds and pounds of tomatoes coming out of my garden. Tomato sauce yesterday, tomato jam today.

  291. Our garden has been generously supplying tomatoes, so I recently made a small batch of tomato sauce, which will be followed by tomato paste this weekend.

  292. My most recent canning project was blueberry ginger jam, which I overcooked a little. On the upside, perfect on cookies! πŸ™‚

  293. I’ll be canning up a tomato jam recipe as soon as I find one. Over 7 pounds of tomatoes from my CSA yesterday – tomato time was late this year, but it is making up for it. And while it isn’t canning, I’ve got watermelon to make a watermelon ale! I might pickle the rinds to serve with the beer.

  294. I just made honeyed apricots recipe from food in jars preserving in small batches year round. would love to win these jars x

  295. I made 10 pints of chili. Somehow it only took me (2 pints) and my husband (8 pints) about a week to finish it off. Next time I’m going to have to make 3 batches just to keep us for a few months! Of course, it doesn’t help that I hadn’t been grocery shopping in a looooong while.

  296. After not canning for probably 35 years, I rediscovered it this summer. I have canned, frozen and dehydrated anything and everything this summer and it’s only half over! The most recent was corn salsa using Colorado Olathe corn from the farmers market! This weekend is peach weekend πŸ™‚ Palisade Colorado peaches – planning on getting 2 cases. Still trying to decide besides freezing for pies what I’ll be canning (that’s why I’m here!)

  297. My last few attempts at fermentation have failed, so the last thing I was successful at was monkey butter. (it’s perfect on peanut butter toast)

  298. I am walking out the door right now to get ingredients for your Sweet Cherry Plum Jam! Although I have tart cherries and pluots…. we’ll see what happens!

  299. We just got our 6th flat of blueberries from our CSA in as many weeks. Blueberry butter and a cinnamon maple blueberry jam were the most recent canning adventures.

  300. Blackberry jelly, blackberry shrub, and blackberry-basil shrub. Why yes, I am in the land of invasive (but tasty) Himalayan blackberries!

  301. Cherry lime jam–it didn’t really set the way I was hoping it would, but it seems to taste pretty good πŸ™‚ I’m trying to branch out to more fruit than strawberries, which have been my main jamming fruit.

  302. Funny you should ask…My most recent canning project was to pressure can black beans with a friend who soaked way too many to eat. I usually steer clear of pressure canning because it makes me nervous but the looming expiration date on those beans kicked me into gear and voila, 75 minutes in the canner and out came 9 beautifully sealed black bean jars. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  303. Sighhh… Canning season is passing me by due to a move in the middle of garden season. On a good note, our new house is next to a field of blackberries! I will be picking to my hearts content this weekend and stashing some in the freezer for canning this winter πŸ™‚

  304. I made spiced tomato jam for the first time today and I’m positively in love with it- now I need more jars so I can make more!

  305. I’ve always wondered why jars aren’t sold without lids or rings! These look great. I’m gearing up for peaches – that’s the only thing I really can in vast amounts. I’m also being reminded by those who love it that more strawberry sauce would be appreciated next year.

  306. Hi. My last canning project was apricot jam. I felt like I scored when I found that a local organic orchard was selling little canning apricots for $1 a pound. These Orchard Road jars look very nice.

  307. I picked the last of our red currants ( best year ever ) and last of the rasberries ( ditto ) and found some leftover Meyer lemon juice and frozen blackberries in the freezer. Sterilized two half pint jars in our Breville tea kettle, and made jam. It turned only a little dark with the blackberries but set well. The majority of our red currants are still extracting into the vodka for our holiday tipple. They await the ripe plums a few weeks away yet. Dig your site.

    Best wishes,


  308. I recently received a small amount of yellow plums from my CSA and I ended up making a very small batch of yellow plum jam. Delicious!

  309. Unfortunately, my most recent was Vanilla Rhubarb Jam. Unfortunate because it was so long ago (May, I believe? April?), and not because of the quality of the product. It was sooooooo good! The recipe came from your second book, of course. =] I had to take a hiatus because I was moving, but now that I’m all settled in, I think it’s time to do dilly beans and some black beans.

  310. I just made a batch of Hibiscus sabdariffa jelly; the plant is also known as roselle, Florida cranberry, or Thai hibiscus. This is the plant that gives Red Zinger tea its zing! A gentleman at a local farmer’s market sells bags of the fresh calyx/seed pods. I got the recipe from a USDA bulletin issued in 1937. I love that the government has put so many of these publications online.

  311. Just yesterday my friend and I canned fresh pears picked from her parents orchard with cinnamon, allspice, and cloves. We also went berry picking and made blackberry jam!

  312. Slow cooker peach butter with black cardamon and cinnamon. So lazy to make, but we practically ate it with a spoon.

  313. Wow. It’s been a while since I last canned–it was strawberry vanilla jam back in June! TIme to get back into it.

  314. I went nuts last weekend and bought 55# of tomatoes. So I made 6 batches of salsa, 2 batches of pastas sauce, and a large batch of sauce to freeze. Phew. That was a lot of work.

  315. My latest project was peach and nectarine jams. Our local farmstand store had some fruit with a beautiful blush that turned the jam reddish-gold. Lovely!

  316. today i canned tomatoes from my garden and made pickled hot peppers using your recipe on serious eats… the red wine vinegar in this recipe is awesome! πŸ™‚

  317. My much sought after apricot jam.The first thing I ever learned to can from my Grandma and the one thing everyone in my family always asks for again and again!

  318. i came back from a beach vacation with 10lbs of red delicious apples that were a little to ripe for eating but perfect for applesauce!

  319. My berry bushes are producing the second crop ( raspberries) and the local market had tons of blueberries, so I will be making jam this weekend. I sure could use those jars!

  320. After raspberry picking with my family, we came back and make Raspberry Jam and Chocolate Jaspberry jam. devine… I’m afraid to open the jars for fear of us devouring them all in one sitting.

  321. In the last week, I’ve canned dilly beans, pickled beets, whole tomatoes, and, best of all, your recipe for peach sriracha jam!

  322. My latest canning project hasn’t started yet. I want to start soon, but with school starting up, spending on kitchen utensils seems unnecessary. Maybe if I win these jars, that will get that first canning party started!

  323. Strawberry jam was my last canning project, but peaches are waiting for me as I type! Love the jars! Thank you for a chance at them.

  324. It’s been too long since I’ve canned (last summer I was pregnant and not hungry for anything…canned things included, but now I regret that as a spring with no dilly beans was awful!). But, the summer before we made ketchup! SOOOOOOOO good – sweet, smoky and spicy.

  325. My 2 year old peach tree gave its first harvest this year, with over 75 medium sized peaches! This week I made peach chutney, 6 jars in total. The garden is going crazy with cucumbers and tomatoes too, so tonight its canning cucumbers, and tomatoes tomorrow. In July I canned 4 jars of garlic scapes and 6 jars of pickled beets. Thanks for all the great advice!

  326. my most recent canning project was cardamom plum jam. I just ordered tomatoes from my CSA to can/freeze this week! Love your site.

  327. Last weekend, my son and I went raspberry-picking at a local farm. (We just moved to Ann Arbor, and finding a berry farm 20 minutes from us was amazing!) We “smashed” the raspberries as soon as we came home, then made three pints of jam. My husband made a raspberry tart with the “leftovers”!

  328. latest canning projects: corn salsa and dilled relish. two of the jars of salsa have already been consumed. i suspect i’ll be making more of that, soon.

  329. Tomato Heaven here…stewed tomatoes, homemade V-8, puree,plain topped off with bacon tomato sandwiches for dinner. August has arrived!!!

  330. despite most of my canning dreams falling prey to summer time-sucks, i did manage to make some apricot syrup a month ago. it was A+ over vanilla ice cream or mixed into Greek yogurt. i’m hoping to get some pickled cherries made this weekend.

  331. Made a spinoff of your mint-lime syrup by replacing the mint with basil- a big hit with the family this weekend! Most recent in a jar is plum jam. These Orchard Road jars look perfect for making more!

  332. This is my first season for canning and in the past two days I’ve added to my pantry 4 pints of bread and butter pickles, 8 pints of chow chow, and 9 pints of pickled yellow squash that is absolutely beautiful in the jars with red and green bell pepper. I’ve been limited to canning in pint and half pint jars since I’m using my 11 quart stockpot for water bath canning. I’m looking forward to purchasing a pressure canner and adding some quart jars of summer fruit and vegetables to my pantry stock!

  333. My most recent canning experience was making apple butter for family and friends. I had a surplus of apples from another friend and with that and a family recipe, I made many homemade gifts.

    I love these jars! As a user and collector of jars of all shapes and sizes, I have many, many jars. I have never seen these and love how much space their is for labeling.

    Thank you for your inspirational site!

  334. I work nights and decided that I had time before work to can some peach slices in honey syrup. You name it, I spilled it that day! I made a huge mess before finally deciding to get ready for work. I know the peaches will be wonderful this fall/winter and that rewarding “ping” made the mess worth it!

  335. My most recent canning project was this week in my garden! I picked the last of the tomatillos and made the simmer sauce in Preserving By The Pint, and picked a bunch of tomatoes and made basil balsamic sauce. Yum!

  336. My most recent canning project was the blueberry jam from your book – yum! I’m going to try the yellow plum and vanilla jam from your book tomorrow.

  337. Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten to can this year! A late frost took out our berries and our peaches. We may be canning apples and pears later in the season, though!!

  338. I moved out of state this summer, so I had vowed to not can anything else this year until after the move Moving full canning jars is not fun–we have about 2-3 boxes sitting in my parents’ basement waiting until we can pick them up. But then the cherries hit, and I was seduced by the thought of cherry jam. Oh well, my parent’s have lots of room in that basement!

  339. It’s been many years since I’ve canned but I’ve got the itch to fill my pantry with my own canned goods this season. I’m brushing up on the basics again thru your site which is excellent – thanks for all the great info and a chance to win new jars.

  340. I picked up a 1/2 bushel of peaches from my local orchard. Yesterday I made vanilla ginger peach preserves. Today I hope to make a spicy jalapeΓ±o peach jam and a peach jam with a little lemon zest.
    Yesterday’s batch was canned in the orchard road jars. I was surprised by the solid clunk the lids made when sealed. I feel like those jars would be able to survive a tornado.

  341. I did 4 pints of dilly beans yesterday afternoon. They are so popular in my family that I need to do more – but it is a start.

  342. My latest canning projects have been pickled yellow peppers, dilly beans and pickled green tomatoes……i simply cannot wait to start trying my new batches.

  343. I haven’t canned in a couple months. My last canning project was to make strawberry jam, and we’re still enjoying that. I’m preparing for canning tomatoes in a week or two, and I’m canning your cantaloupe jam tomorrow with a friend. I’m really looking forward to that!

  344. I just made my first batch of freezer jam, spiced peach jam, on July 31. I had a slight mistake where I didn’t let it set up long enough and it’s a little thin, but good news it still tastes delicious! I’m ready to try again with a cherry jam recipe and hopes that I’ve learned from my mistake.

  345. My last canning project was packing up all of my jars and putting them in storage at my parents’ house — I just moved cross-country and 12-15 dozen jars were just not going to fit in my subcompact car. So, I need to restart my jar collection, but I have started to stockpile frozen fruit (sour cherries and blueberries, so far) in my new home for the eventual canning days ahead.

  346. I just canned 16 half pints of albacore tuna and 14 half pints of strawberry jam. Mmmmmm! Tomatoes are coming fast!! Can’t wait!