Giveaway: Mason Jars from Orchard Road

August 15, 2016

Orchard Road pint jars

This week’s giveaway comes from our friends at Orchard Road. They are makers of lovely, simple mason jars in three sizes. The quarts and pints come in both regular and wide mouth versions, and the half pint jars come in just the regular mouth variety. Lids and rings are sold separately, and you can choose between traditional two-piece lids or decorative one-piece lids.

stack of Orchard Road jars

All the Orchard Road jars are sold in packs of six and come in sturdy boxes that fully contain the jars. For those of you who struggle to find closet space for your finished jars, having boxes that keep out the light is such a helpful thing.

Orchard Road lid patterns

I’ve had Orchard Road jars in my canning gear for the better part of two years now and I can report that they are as hardworking and durable as you want your jars to be. Additionally, I’m always happy when I run across an Orchard Road jar when pulling gear for various projects, because I find the minimal embossing and general hand-feel to be particularly pleasing.

peach drizzle in orchard road jars

This week, the Orchard Road giveaway consists of a six-pack of eight ounce jars, the same number of regular mouth pint jars, and sets of both regular lids and bands and decorative caps. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about something you’ve canned recently.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, August 20, 2016. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, August 21, 2016.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Orchard Road is a site sponsor. In the past, they sent me some jars and lids for testing and photography purposes. They are also are providing the jars for the giveaway winners at no cost to me. Still, all opinions expressed are mine alone. 

You can buy Orchard Road jars at various retail locations, or from Fillmore Container or the Orchard Road online shop.

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653 thoughts on "Giveaway: Mason Jars from Orchard Road"

  • The last thing I canned was your rhubarb parsley syrup from your new book. It was surprisingly amazing!!! My three year old was drinking it out of the refrigerator jar! Up next are all things tomato…

    1. Last canned blackberry jam from my mothers garden so her grandsons could have some of her berries, made her so happy.

  • I have been happily buried in my annual summer canning frenzy! Last weekend was my first batch of salsa and bread n’ butter pickles. Plans for peach salsa are currently in progress.

  • I’m new at canning. Pressure canning is my favorite. My garden produced next to nothing this year and what did come up fed the birds.

    I still have cucumbers coming in at about 6-8 a day. Not practical to water bath one or two jars of pickles.

    …Oh wait! About a month ago, I was introduced to a steam canner. Now, I can a jar or two of dill pickles almost every other day, and I do it before I go to work. This is a very addicting habit. Is there rehab for canners?

  • I made fig preserves, hot pepper jelly, refrigerator dill pickles and your sweet cherry BBQ sauce. Bread and butter pickles are next. I’d love to have some of these jars for my next preserving projects.

  • I just canned delicious Nectarine jam and red grape jam last week! I love your articles and your recipes!

  • In the last month, I’ve made tomato sauce (and pizza sauce), canned lemonade concentrate, walnut ketchup, and citrus jelly. Hoping to make some pickles before the summer is over.

  • The last time I canned it was a strawberry-fest. Strawberry Jelly, your recipe for Strawberry Vanilla Jam, and a Strawberry Balsamic jam all in one day!

  • I do a lot of canning. I love it, to me it’s relaxing to know I have healthy food to eat over the winter. I have recently canned pickles, dill, sweet gherkins and bread and butter. Also, salsa and last night I canned my homemade spaghetti sauce. Tonight I’m going to start on my stewed tomatoes. I’m running out of jars!!

  • Pickles, pickles, pickles! Always pickles. I can’t get enough. Pickled cucumbers, pickled turnips, and pickled berries (good on salads!)

  • I just made 9 jams including: raspberry, raspberry chipotle, strawberry, roasted strawberry and ginger, blueberry, blueberry and lemon verbena, blackberry and blackberry basil.

  • I just canned your mustardy rhubard chutney and I can’t wait to eat it over the holidays!!!! It’s simply fantastic!!

  • I canned your cherry BBQ sauce. What a surprise how GREAT it was. Just the right amount of sweetness. I’m making this again next year for sure!

  • I just canned a batch of sweet and sour plum sauce by myself as well as a batch of your peach jam with my mom.

  • I so gratefully learning how to can about two years ago from my mother in law and great
    aunts. What a gift they gave me by doing so! Most recently I have canned red hot applesauce (YUMMY!), apple pie filling for when we have a craving this fall, plum jam straight from our garden and peaches from our local farmers market! I have a few more items that I hope to squeeze in before we change seasons.

  • For years, I have stood on the sidelines every summer and wished that I had the nerve to try canning. Finally, I threw my hat in the ring this year. I started very simply, but pickling onions from my CSA. I moved on to make a blackberry jalapeno jam, but the batch was not large enough to put up for months to come. So, my hope to gain confidence and make even more as the summer ends and be able to enjoy all winter long. Wish me luck!

  • I’m a farmer, so I’ve been trying to squeeze preserving in amongst the craziness of summer!! This last week I canned batches of zucchini pickles, pickled shallots, peach jam, dill pickles, and hoping to make blueberry jam today!

  • Canning season is just starting here, we are just barely starting to get garden goodies, but the little ones have been busily picking berries and we plan on making some tri-berry jam this weekend (blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries, with a couple of handfuls of elderberries thrown in for good measure). It’s a recipe we created by accident one year when we didn’t have enough of any of the three berries left for a batch, but wanted to use them up so we decided to see what would happen if we threw them in together. Magic, magic is what happened 🙂

  • Last week I made nectarine/plum ketchup. After the jars were filled, my little sister scraped the pot clean, so I guess it was a successful recipe. This week I want to make dilly beans with the green beans from my garden.

  • I have been making refrigerator pickles. Everything has tasted great, except brussel sprouts (they got hard). My next venture is kraut.

  • My mom has a peach tree that has small but tasty fruit, I just made salted brown sugar peach jam, vanilla peach jam, and plain peach jam– they look amazing. Next week when the plums ripen, Inplan to make a batch of the damson jam!

  • Peaches in a light syrup, honey lemon marmalade. Is what I’ve been canning thus far. Tomato sauce is reducing as I type.

  • I just finished making a batch of strawberry vanilla jam. I don’t think it will last long it is so delicious.

  • I canned 23 pints of Adobo/Chipotle/Garden Salsa!! Mostly all shared with my co-workers at the VA in Kenosha, WI. They told me it was EPIC & are asking for more!! They all work so hard & deserve it. So, it’s back to the kitchen for me!!

  • The last thing I canned was the low-sugar apricot strawberry jam you posted earlier this summer…I was traveling to Europe and wanted to bring some nice gifts for our hosts. I think it’s one of my new favorite jams–I loved it!

  • I have been canning everything! Yard-long beans, bush beans, pickled beets, Kosher pickles, bread-and-butter pickles, sweet pickles, sweet relish, bread-and-butter relish, Kosher relish, cherry, strawberry, and black cherry beet jelly, potatoes, carrots, tomato sauce, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, hot salsa, and mild salsa. I have grapes, blackberries, and strawberries to make into jam, and are still over-run with beans, potatoes, and tomatoes!

  • I just canned 12 – 1/2 pint jars of peach jam. Not only was it my first time canning jam, it was the first time picking peaches from our very own peach tree!!

  • At age 72 I have finally braved canning projects. For me, small batch makes the difference between do-able and impossible. Just finished canning several small batches of Fig/Orange/Mexican Lime/Kumquat/Lemon Marmalades – most with clove,ginger,cinnamon spicing. Started with 3 cups of fruit and did all cooking in the microwave in a large Pyrex pitcher. I always use the base of orange and orange zest and have been experimenting with the other citrus peels and juice. My husband prefers heavy on the peel no matter what citrus I put in so even though the major base is fig I’m calling them marmalade. I’m trying a small batch, 3 8 oz. jars, today with just fig and Mexican lime but no spice. I also made two batches of Kumquat/orange marmalade – one with a spice bag with cardamom, cinnamon sticks and cloves the other without the spices but with about a tablespoon of fresh grated ginger. Consensus is – the (almost) plain kumquat is the best.
    Happy today to find your site on small batch canning and this opportunity to win canning jars. How nice!

  • Today I canned 9 jars of organic chunky applesauce with ginger, cinnamon and cardamom. Yesterday was 8 jars of organic diced tomatoes.

  • If I send my husband alone to pick up our CSA he always comes home with flats and/or bushels of fruit for preserving! This weekend was no exception – we had blackberry jam, blackberry liquor syrup, blueberry jam, peach butter, frozen peaches…and tonight I need to tackle some plums.

  • Last weekend I canned salsa verde and fig preserves! I call them preserves but I used the chunky fig jam recipe from your book; I made it last year with brown turkey figs, and tried black mission figs this year, supplemented by five or so small Celeste figs from our baby fig tree.

  • I recently made refrigerator zucchini pickles for the first time, and am so happy to have another use for the mountains of summer zucchini! (OK, so not strictly canning, but it was the last “jarred” item I made…)

  • Just canned 25pounds of Georgia peaches. Given about 20pounds of tomatoes made salsa, pepper tomato jam and spaghetti sauce

  • i just put up some jars of ground cherry preserves, the new recipe for this year. i’ve also canned spiced apricots. am waiting for freestone peaches

  • I am just beginning to start to pickles, salsa and new to my “must have” canning collection is the Zucchini relish found in the “Preserving in Small Batches Year Round”. I’m so excited canning season is here!

  • This week bought 1/2 bushel cucumbers and 1/2 bushel hot cherry peppers! From pickles to cherry pepper relish. Even had a bunch a zucchini and yellow squash that made a great relish and pickles also. Love canning season!

  • Hi Marissa, I missed you last year (?) in the Bay Area but will try to catch you in Pacific Grove @Happy Girl.
    I was given about 20 lbs of organic pears a few weeks back and don’t you know they all ripened at once.
    I made Pear Butter in a crockpot and Pear Ginger Ginger Jam, only to discover I had no labels. I have a
    small cottage food business named Soulful Preserves here in Watsonville, CA. I love the look of these jars.
    We don’t have these out here but I shall look into it. Hope to meet you in September.

  • August 14 I made Fennel with Orange for the first time. I love how it looks. Hope it tatses as good.

  • i did a quick pickle of japanese cucumbers, yum and so refreshing! my tomatoes are coming in and i can’t wait to can them! your site is very helpful and inspiring! love it! thanks for all the good info!

  • I made some sriracha peach jam (I think I found it from one of your link posts) that my family adores. It’s just now Palisade peach time and I can’t wait to make more peach things (checking out the peach butter and peach almond bread links!).

  • I have recently canned your Tomato Jam with Honey, a chilli sauce from an old local farm recipe and our particular favorite, hot pepper jelly. Next I am going to try your Spicy Tomato Eggplant Spread.

  • This summer, I did not plan well and timed my order for 100 pounds of tomatoes to come in the same week as my order for 40 pounds of sour cherries. The same week that we had an awful heat wave with humidity and temps in the upper 90’s, in a house where the kitchen half is not air-conditioned. This was a bad idea…
    However, I got tons of mileage out of the fact that my cherry bucket came with a drowning warning. What a way to go!

  • I just recently canned some stone fruit chia seed jam! Popped those puppies in the freezer, too hot here for water bath canning anyway!

  • Just this week, I canned up a dozen quarts of corn relish, as I am currently teaching my daughter how to can up the produce from her first garden. Last week I did up bread and butter pickles, green beans, summer squash, strawberry jam, and turnips. I love gardening and get such a joy and sense of accomplishment when I see it all in the pantry!

  • mmmmm, summer fruit! I just made a small batch of strawberry, vanilla bean, bourbon jam. Ill admit, I was eating off the spoon ha.

    I now have a large box of heirloom tomatoes to make into pasta sauce and bbq sauce with ollaberries.

  • My son and I canned 7 quarts of sliced apples two days ago, to use later as pie filling. The apples were free and left over from a lunch served at a big local event. We had a real challenge with these apples having discolored/brown areas under the skin, but no bruising, and also sponginess in those area. We are thinking that they came out of cold storage and are from last year (we are in WA). What do you think?

  • I canned the Lazy Peach Preserves on your website. I love that recipe! So easy not having to peel the peaches!

  • I canned a few of your recipes this week: spiced plum jam, and plums in honey syrup. Thanks for the inspiration to make tasty things!