Giveaway: Mason Jars from Orchard Road

August 15, 2016

Orchard Road pint jars

This week’s giveaway comes from our friends at Orchard Road. They are makers of lovely, simple mason jars in three sizes. The quarts and pints come in both regular and wide mouth versions, and the half pint jars come in just the regular mouth variety. Lids and rings are sold separately, and you can choose between traditional two-piece lids or decorative one-piece lids.

stack of Orchard Road jars

All the Orchard Road jars are sold in packs of six and come in sturdy boxes that fully contain the jars. For those of you who struggle to find closet space for your finished jars, having boxes that keep out the light is such a helpful thing.

Orchard Road lid patterns

I’ve had Orchard Road jars in my canning gear for the better part of two years now and I can report that they are as hardworking and durable as you want your jars to be. Additionally, I’m always happy when I run across an Orchard Road jar when pulling gear for various projects, because I find the minimal embossing and general hand-feel to be particularly pleasing.

peach drizzle in orchard road jars

This week, the Orchard Road giveaway consists of a six-pack of eight ounce jars, the same number of regular mouth pint jars, and sets of both regular lids and bands and decorative caps. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about something you’ve canned recently.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, August 20, 2016. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, August 21, 2016.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Orchard Road is a site sponsor. In the past, they sent me some jars and lids for testing and photography purposes. They are also are providing the jars for the giveaway winners at no cost to me. Still, all opinions expressed are mine alone. 

You can buy Orchard Road jars at various retail locations, or from Fillmore Container or the Orchard Road online shop.

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653 thoughts on "Giveaway: Mason Jars from Orchard Road"

  • We have been blessed with a very productive garden this year, at least in terms of tomatoes and crook neck squash! I have made every squash pickle recipe I can find. My husband’s favorite is the Pickled Zucchini (I sub in the crook necks for the zucchini) from your first book.

    I’ve been canning a lot of tomatoes, including my heirloom Pink Ladies. I’ve just started doing some tomato salsas….

    Canning might have been a little more fun when I didn’t feel the need to keep up with the garden!

  • I haven’t canned anything recently, but once I am done moving I believe I will go blackberry picking and hopefully try out the food mill I bought (never had one before) to make blackberry jam.

  • You are an inspiration to an entire generation who has not been exposed or taught the domestic arts. You make “putting up” hip. Keep on picking and simmering…

  • Salsa yesterday and green beans and spaghetti sauce are on the list for tomorrow. The garden is full, it is a busy time of year!

  • I’ve never canned anything, but the first thing I’m going to try is your dilly beans! I have a huge second harvest of beans ready to pick! 🙂

  • Marisa,
    My daughter is always challenging me mimic and can amazing foods that she has loved at her local restaurants. A couple weeks ago, it was mushroom lentil soup, made with mushrooms, carrots, onion, green lentils, and rosemary in a base beef bone broth and chicken stock. I pressured canned and sent to her. She loved it and asked for more to share. So I have made three batches, 15 pints since.

  • Thank you for the giveaway! We are currently canning our tomatoes – we have at least 100 quarts of just tomatoes and various sizes of pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce and salsas!

  • It’s been so hot this year that I haven’t canned anything- I’ve been freezing instead. I’m glad there’s a few cool days ahead in the forecast though. Tomatoes are starting to get ripe and I want to make some salsa!

  • My canning buddy and I can “Maryanna” (Marinara) sauce (a silly pun on the combination of our names). We get together for a canning weekend and put up stewed tomatoes, garlic tomato soup, and of course our sauce. A lot more fun doing it with a buddy!

  • Yesterday a friend and I and put up about 70lbs of peaches….Hot, tired and very satisfying! The pie filling, fruit cocktail and peaches are going to be wonderful when it is dark and gloomy in a few months.. Tomatoes are next on our list and we are running low on jars…Would love to try yours!!

  • We’ve had so many tomatoes I’m canning everything tomato: salsa, pasta sauce, diced tomatoes, whole tomatoes. Everything. Would love some new jars to fill. Thanks for the chance!

  • Our garden did very well this year. Some things we canned were: potatoes, snap beans, tomatoes, tomato sauce, pickle relish. We, also, have made several varieties of jellies, preserves, etc.

  • We have had a great summer for tomatoes and recently canned 7 quarts of spaghetti sauce (to add to the dozen we already have), a dozen pints of diced, and half a dozen pints of puree. Last week did some peach bourbon BBQ sauce partly inspired by some of your posts. We only have empty half pints left – time for more jars.

  • My tomatoes have come in full blast this Summer and I have already made spaghetti sauce and just preserved tomato dices with herbs several times.

  • Put up a bunch of pickles and okra this week. Working on some peach jam this afternoon. Peaches macerating as I type this!

  • Lately I have done an enormous bunch of canning. I entered 75 classes at my fair. Some of my favorites were the chutneys. I have not made these before and the flavor was out of this world. My favorites were the mango chutney and Rhubarb chutney.

  • This past week was twenty pints of pizza sauce, with the tomatoes from my yard . The week before was pints and quarts of pickles, kosher, dill and spicy hot . This coming eek I will be doing the sweet stuff, black berry , black cherry , and a new recipe fromPomona’s Pectin,

  • My daughter-in-law and I made hot pepper jelly yesterday. This is the third year we have made this and it has been an activity we both look forward to! The jelly is delicious and so pretty. We love to give it as gifts throughout the year. Would love more jars! Thanks!!

  • This past month our family sweet and sour cherry jam and pickled sweet cherries. With tthe amount of rain we have had recently there is going to be a second bumper crop of raspberries. So more raspberry jam will be in the making soon.

  • Last thing canned was cayenne peppers with jalapenos and tomatoes and onion in them. I ended up 28th one quart and five pints. They are hot

  • My counters have been overran with cucumbers. Kosher dill and spicy pickles have been the theme. We use them in so many things and I have to see any produce go to waste.

  • I pickled some jalapeño and banana peppers just tonight! Used your unfancy recipe – now the hard part will be waiting to eat them!

  • I have a couple from yard sales and they do feel really nice. The smooth sides are also good for seeing what’s inside.

  • Marissa, I really enjoy your book! My husband’s Aunt Robin (Ove) gave it to us last year as a Christmas gift.

    We enjoy growing our own food and preserve what we don’t eat or give away. Shortly after receiving the book, I was blessed with a bunch of pears from our Community Garden Co-op we grow most of our food with. I used your recipe for an amazing Pear Butter and treated my very pregnant daughter to hand pies using this very tasty butter.

    This season my husband used the Dilly Bean recipe and I used the Basic Tomato Salsa from your book. I was so inspired, I researched a Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Recipe on your website and used it this afternoon.

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  • I just scored tons of Concord grapes from a local mama for free! I just made 14 jars of grape jelly, and some grape syrup for seltzer. I used only pectins and jars that I had on hand so my only cost was lids. What a mess to make with my 2 and 4 year old, but it came out great!

  • I just put up a jar of pickled jalapenos in the fridge. Between an 18-hour power outage and our fridge dying, I’ve got lots of space in there now, so I’m enjoying being able to make fridge pickles rather than sealing them in a BWB!