Giveaway: Orchard Road Decorative Series One-Piece Lids

May 7, 2015

Orchard Road Decorative Series

Before I start talking about these lids, I want to say thanks. I so appreciate your patience with me during the last few weeks, when finishing the book draft made it so hard for me to show up here. I turned the manuscript in last night, so we can now turn our attention to more important things, like mason jar lids with whimsical prints!

Last summer, a new mason jar company entered the canning market. Called Orchard Road, they offered five sizes of jars as well as lids and rings (I first wrote about them here). In the last year, I have the chance to use their jars and lids a number of times and they have performed well and given me absolutely no grief.

Orchard Road lid patterns

This summer, Orchard Road has brought out a line of Decorative One-Piece Lids. They recall the old gingham and flowered lids that Ball used to make back in the day and have been a really fun addition to my canning process. They are one-piece lids, which means that they need to be handled a bit differently than the two-piece lids most of us regularly used. Happily, I have an entire blog post devoted to that topic that you can find right here.

marmalade lids

The nice folks at Orchard Road have offered three sets of their new lids for a giveaway. Each of the three winners will get a one box of each of the new designs (fruit, purple gingham, and daisies). Additionally, for those of you who don’t want to take your chances on a giveaway, you can use the code “DECO25” for 25% off your order over at Orchard Road. As long as you buy at least one box of lids, it will take 25% off your entire order, including the jars!

To enter the giveaway, here’s what you do:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share something new to you that you’re hoping to can this season.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Tuesday, May 12, 2015. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog soon thereafter.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only. Void where prohibited.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: The folks at Orchard Road sent me the lids you see here so that I could try them and take some pictures. They are also providing the giveaway units. They have been site sponsors in the past, but are not at this time. No additional compensation has been provided for this post. All my opinions remain my own. 

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322 thoughts on "Giveaway: Orchard Road Decorative Series One-Piece Lids"

  • I’m hoping to try canning relishes and more various types of pickles this summer. I’ve only done your sweet-hot pickles and I want to branch out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • It’s not new, but new-to-me: I can’t WAIT to make as many batches of tomato jam as I can manage. I’m pretty sure I could eat a pint a week…

  • As long as all the flowers on my strawberry plants actually develop to fruition….strawberry jam, strawberry jelly, strawberry syrup…..(you get the idea!). Fingers crossed!!

  • Something new this season? Maybe a quick marmalade. (I finally made a traditional marmalade in Feb and it is amazing.) Also, maybe get a crew together and go for a really huge batch of salsa & tomato sauce. The lids are adorable! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I moved my strawberry plants, so I am hoping they will grow better in their new spot. Fingers crossed for strawberry jam.

  • Oh dear, what have I not canned? Possibly looking into making some simple syrups for mixed drinks this year. I have an over load of marmalades, jams, jellies, butters & plain and spiced fruits.

  • I was able to get my hands on alot of apricots, so have grand plans of making jam and canning then by themselves and maybe even a pie filling!

  • I did canning when I was a kid with my mom and grandmother, but am looking forward to trying it this summer since we’ve joined a CSA and I don’t want anything to go to waste.

  • Would love to get a pressure canner to do more canning! But I loved the sweet jalapeรฑos I canned last year!

  • I’m hoping to get my hands on some great peaches this year for canning (and also fresh eating of course!) We did a cross-country move in the middle of peach season last year and pretty much missed out on everything! ๐Ÿ™

    Good luck to everyone! These lids are so fun!

  • I have never tried to can using one piece lids. I have used the standard two piece lids and that is what I use when I teach food preservation classes, so I would like to try these lids and have some Master Food Preservers that volunteer and help me out a great deal in getting information out to home preservers to see what they think of them. We have tried the Tattler lids but they are totally different. I know that we will can some berries or Colorado peaches for sure.

  • It’s not new, but I haven’t canned it in ages so it will seem new – corn relish! I’d also like to can tomato sauce that doesn’t come out watery. That would totally be new to me, since I can’t ever seem to achieve it!

    Oh, and something 100% new would be fermented hot sauce. I don’t think it’s a canned item, but still a preserve. Every year I say I’m going to try it and I don’t. This will be the year!

  • Last summer was my first canning, and I learned a lot over the course of the season. Sadly, the first preserve I made was also my favorite (strawberry jam), but since it was my first, I completely messed it up, putting in way too much pectin so the finished product was gummy and bland. This year I’m skipping the pectin, and hopefully I’ll get it right!

  • Last summer was my first canning, and I learned a lot over the course of the season. Sadly, the first preserve I made was also my favorite (strawberry jam), but since it was my first, I completely messed it up, putting in way too much pectin so the finished product was gummy and bland. This year I’m skipping the pectin, and hopefully I’ll get it right! I also want to put up at least twice as many tomatoes as I did last year – it was definitely not enough to last through the winter.

  • I’ve been canning for the last three or four years, and I’ve only ever done jams. I really want to try pickles and tomato-based sauces and salsas this year.

  • I would love to can just about anything, but need to get a garden established first. Oh! I know- new prickly pear fruit, aka tunas, should be ripe in a year or so…

  • I hope to get out this weekend to pick more wild dewberries to make my seedless dewberry jam.

  • I’m going to try and make curry bases and can them so when my girls are off to college they can have their favorite curries with them.

  • oh my gosh, these are ADORABLE. I can’t wait to can my own salsa this year, straight from my first ever balcony garden!

  • They’re cute! I remember the Ball lids very well and it’s time for some cute lids again.

    I got the Christine Ferber jam book and she arranges her recipes by season. I’m hoping to have things to can like her Chocolate Banana jam to do all year round.

  • This is the year I am going to focus on ketsups, hot sauces, salsas and all other condiments as well as cordials, liqueurs, and flavored vinegars…along with a few jams, and pickles. Let the season begin!

  • I’m all about new flavor combinations of fruit for jams so I hope to come up with some new variations this summer. Can I just say these lids are completely adorable.

  • I received a pressure canner for Christmas, so I’m excited to can something that I was unable to before, such as chicken stock.

  • I hope to can a lot of fruit- my kids go through it quickly! I just hope the drought doesn’t ruin the canning fun here in CA.

  • This year, I’d like to try canning tomato sauce and maybe some ketchup too. I finally have a pressure cooker to try out.

  • I’d like to try pickling different vegetables. I’ve done cucumbers (sweet and dill), onions and cauliflower, but would like to try a few more vegetables.

  • I would like to make some tomato jam that I have been postponing for so long and also bread and butter pickles from your book.

  • Lavender jelly and pepper jelly that my grandchildren love. I also want to try strawberry jam with vanilla this year.

  • I’m sick of begging the neighbors for more pickles, so I’m going to try canning my own this year!

  • I’m hoping to do green beans this year – last year I never had enough ready at the same time. But this year I really expanded the area in my garden so fingers crossed!

  • Due to circumstances beyond our control we got very behind last year, so most canning will be catching up. But, would like to try some simple fruit and tomato sauces, salsas, or something.

  • I’d like to try my hand at different kinds of salsas this year and branch out into pickling things other than cukes.

  • I’ve never tried canning salsa! I’d like to try it this year, I’m growing a lot of tomatoes!

  • It has been almost 2 years since I canned anything, may have burned myself out with the 250 jars of this and that. This year, I am planning on a lot diced tomatoes as well as tomato sauce as I use both as a staple in my kitchen. May do a bit more salsa as well as that went over well last time.

    1. I have a long list… A couple of recipes with Meyer lemons, some ramp bulb pickles and I’m going to attempt my great aunt Cecillia’s cold mustard pickles.

  • Those lids are so cute! I would love to can peaches this year. My mother canned fruits when I was growing up – peaches and plums, mostly – but I’ve never tried.

  • Pick Me! Pick Me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Planning on trying more kinds of pickles this year. And some crab apple (jelly? Pickles? both?) if I can find the crab apples.

  • This summer I am going to make tomato jam. I first heard about it, I think here.

    I did experiment with sweet onion sage jam and am ready to dip my toe into more savory jams. I will also continue my adventure into boozy jams. Especially those with bourbon.

    But for the lids, I’m afraid I will use them for a more mundane and perhaps amusing purpose.

    My dog is allergic to chicken and so many foods and treats have some sort of chicken product in them that I have started to make my own. My parents gave me their dehydrator, which they never use any more, and I am buying beef liver and beef kidneys, slicing them up and dehydrating them. I keep them in ball jars but the separate rings and lids are becoming annoying. So if I win these lids I’ll designate one for liver, one for kidneys and then maybe venture into something else, like pork rinds. And with the different designed lids I’ll be able to keep the contents identified as dehydrated liver and kidney both tend to look the same.

  • Hi…such cute lids. I’m trying Okra in Oregon this year. Really hoping to do pickled Okra as well as properly canned Tomatillo Salsa.


  • Thank you for the giveaway! I would love to can vanilla pear jam because the last time had it was when I took your class. It was my favorite next to the strawberry jam.

  • We planted rhubarb for the first time last year so we’re hoping to can lots of things using the rhubarb!

  • I’ve got a long list.. Starting with some ramp bulb pickles, a bunch of Meyer lemon goodies, and my great aunt Cecilla’s cold mustard pickles.

  • I’ve done so many jellies, and I’ve just started making wine jellies and they are SOOOOO good. I add juice from fruit and they are by far my faves. I plan on doing more of those!

  • This year I think I want to think outside of the box of fruit preserves, spreads and conserves. I’d like to try mustards, plum sauces,something a little different.

  • I’d like to try canning preserves. These tops are so cute! Thank you Orchard Road for the giveaway!

  • I LOVE these! I inherited my Uncles’s canning supplies which included the gingham lids & rings. They are precious to me so I have ONLY used them on jars to store grains. They look so pretty lined up in my pantry. So now with these new & available lids & marching rings….. Hmmm…. I might actually can/preserve with them! We can now coordinate lids/ rings with colored jars!(green, purple, blue)

  • I just did two strawberry jams and a strawberry sauce last,weekend. Next come all thing blueberry and blackberry. Also hoping to can more pickles and pickled veggies this year.

  • Hello, hoping someone can help me.
    Just made strawberry jam for the first time.

    I processed my jams for 10 minutes in boiling water (I live at sea level if it matters) and then turned the heat off and let the jars sit for 5 minutes. When I took the jam out, about 4 or 5 of them popped within a few minutes of sitting on the table so I know about half of the jars sealed fine.

    The other ones did not pop – although I’ve heard they can take a few hours to pop as they cool.

    While the remaining jars were still hot, I pressed down on like 2 of them. There was movement, but now they are flat.

    I’m not sure if these sealed correctly and I just “helped them along” by pressing down or if these did not seal correctly and now, since I finger tested them when they were hot, I’ll have no way of being able to tell if they sealed correctly when they are cool.

    Since half of my jars sealed fine do you guys think the rest would have popped anyways if I hadn’t messed with it, therefore the seal is fine?

    It would be a shame to throw it all away. Is there any other way I can test if it sealed properly?

    1. Sometimes, it happens that you touch the lids right around the time they were going to seal anyway. My bet is that those jars are perfectly fine. But here’s how you test to be sure. After the jars have cooled completely, remove the rings. Gently grab the edges of the lid and lift the jar up off the counter an inch or two. If the lid holds fast, the seals are good.

  • I’m trying to cut back on all the jam I make, but since I give a great deal of it away as gifts, these jar lids are perfect. I’ll definitely make lemon curd, blueberry butter and raspberry jam though–these are the favorites for which I’m known far and wide. -djs

  • I’m planning to try some sugar-free jam and some ketchup that tastes like tomatoes instead of sugar!

  • I want to try more types of jam. I successfully did a peach jam last year. I wonder if I could use grapes. I’m not sure if I’d have to peel them, though.

  • Goji berry jam would be a first for me. The fruits are so tiny and bright red for a very festive jam.

  • My wife is usually the one who does the canning but I am going to assist her with making bull whip kelp pickled with massive amounts of homegrown garlic,ramps included. Only the best from the Oregon coast.

  • I ordered some Orchard Road jars last year, and liked them very much. Also like using one-piece lids for gifts. Looking forward to canning more of your Bourbon Cherries – they were delicious in our winter Manhattans.

  • This year I want to try my hand at making syrups and concentrates for our drinking pleasure. I think my kids will like customizing their flavors.

  • Spaghetti sauce, and lots of it. And asian pears (so amazing!) and dilly beans and peaches and pickled carrots and the list goes on.

  • This summer I am hoping to try canning some new salsa recipes, and find a better Apple pie filling.

  • Those are adorbs!!! I am going to be trying my hand at sour cherry barbecue sauce..I have two beautiful sour cherry trees and want to get away from desserts

  • First up for the year is going to be strawberry jam. I have a long list of things I want to make this year!
    These lids are awesome!

  • We get a bushel of peaches every year. We eat them fresh like crazy and then I usually freeze them.
    I’d like to try making some jam with them this year!

  • ” I spend my life grossly underestimating how long tasks will take me to get done.” <—-this is my favorite thing you have ever said (from the post about the tortillas) because it resonates so deeply. Amen.

    So with that in mind, here's the list in my head that will never get accomplished:

    sour cherry jam (largely not happening because we only get sour cherries every five years or so)
    pickled peaches (might happen once the organic peaches from the East End look good)
    beyond-a-quick-pickle dill pickles, like actually processing them this time instead of just leaving them in the refrigerator and eating them like mad for three weeks or so
    And I may pickle our Jack Russell Terrier if she doesn't stop barking her head off…but I won't use the good lids for that ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I am sure that I have canned everything at least once growing up with my grandparents. Now I’m trying to do it all on my own. So I guess everything is a first for me to do by myself. My husband and I are looking forward to canning pickles, tomatoes(juice, sauce, paste, whole, and diced), salsa, and green beans. Just for starters and anything else that we can think of. Maybe some spaghetti sauce, vegetable soup, and some delicious preserves too! Thank you and I look forward to reading more of this blog!

  • i want to try the Watermelon Pickle recipe that has been kicking around my knitting bag since my mother-in-law pulled the recipe card out of an ancient cookbook of hers for me a couple of years ago.