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May 19, 2015

omnimount box

For the last couple years, my husband and I have had an iPad that lived in our kitchen. It was a first generation device and it had a number of our favorite recipes bookmarked for easy access. However, one day I had it wedged between a bottle of olive oil and a jar of mustard when I knocked into the counter hard enough to upset my make-do stand and it fell to the floor. No more kitchen iPad.

vertical omnimount

Since then, I’ve been bringing my real iPad into the kitchen with me when I needed to access online recipes. I’ve been incredibly careful to ensure that it doesn’t meet the same fate as that other much-missed tablet, but I’m always a little nervous that something is going to happen to it.

omnimount stand

Knowing all this, you’re sure to understand that when a rep from OmniMount got in touch, asking if I might like to try out one of their iPad mounts, I said yes. What’s so cool about theses products is that they can either be freestanding holders or you can mount them to a wall or underneath a cabinet.

back of omnimount

I’ve been using the OmniMount as a stand for my iPad Air for at least six weeks and I love it. It keeps the iPad securely at an accessible and readable angle, while ensuring that it stays out of the puddle of water that collects next to the sink.

We were going to mount it on the wall next to the primary work surface in our kitchen, but we’ve been doing some tentative house hunting and so decided that it was best to hold off on installation until we have a better idea as to how life will unfold.

iPad on omnimount

Here’s the fun part for you guys. I have two of these OmniMounts to give away. One holds an iPad Air and the other holds an iPad Mini. So, here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your kitchen technology habits. Do you use an iPad or other tablet while cooking? Do you stick with your phone? Or do you print recipes you find online?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, May 24, 2015. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog soon thereafter.
  3. Giveaway open to United States and Canadian residents. Void where prohibited.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: OmniMount sent me one of their iPad mounts for photography and review purposes. They are also providing the units for this giveaway. All opinions remain entirely my own. 

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142 thoughts on "Giveaway: OmniMount iPad Case and Adjustable Stand"

  • Technology-wise I most often use my phone in the kitchen, but sometimes I bring my laptop in. I never print recipes to cook from — they’re either in a book or on a screen!

  • I use a tablet or my phone in the kitchen to view recipes. I almost never print the recipe out.

  • Usually I just stick to my phone, ’cause 1. I can prop it somewhere safe-ish and 2. I have a backup phone. I don’t feel quite as comfortable having a tablet in the kitchen, for splatter reasons. I don’t remember the last time I printed a recipe…

  • I constantly use my iPad in the kitchen when I’m not using a book (NEVER print, sometimes on my phone), I have a current stand that really just isn’t cutting the mustard anymore. I love the idea that you can mount this one to the wall to keep it up off your work surface, very smart.

  • I typically use my phone in the kitchen, but have been known to print out recipes with multiple steps.

  • i use my phone or our iPad for recipes in the kitchen. My mom puts her iPad in a gallon sized ziploc bag when she uses it in the kitchen to keep it safe from spills.

  • I rarely bring my phone, or iPad, into the kitchen. I’m always afraid of getting it too dirty! I usually write out the ingredient list with quick directions in the margins and tape it to a cupboard. Most of my go-to recipes are really ingredient lists 🙂

  • We’ve put all the family recipes into Microsoft OneNote, stored on the cloud. All the adult children have access to them electronically, so we each have an iPad or phone or computer in the kitchen. It gives me great pleasure to know how easy it is for each of them to find a grandmother’s recipe, or the latest great idea one of us has seen on a favorite website like Food In Jars.

  • I frequently use my ipad in the kitchen in order to follow recipes! Something like this would be quite handy!

  • I use my iPhone in the kitchen a lot(Pinterest!!!!!!) but I prefer the iPad minis larger screen. Easier to read. I’ve been considering getting a stand or holder for it, but we have all open shelving and I hate having stuff on the counter. Most of the cabinet mount holders have this huge contraption that’s supposed to be hidden behind the cabinet trim.

  • I often use my ipad but sometimes I just drag in my laptop, which takes up quite a bit of counter space! A stand for the ipad would convince me to use it more often!

  • I print my recipes…always! I am such a messy cook that my poor ipad would be done after one weekend of experimenting with my latest finds. This stand would be so handy.

  • Hubby and I both use our iPhones when we try out a new recipe. We also use cookbooks but they are constantly being moved that we end up snapping a picture of the recipe in the book and look at it on our phones. Also, our iPads are also in the kitchen but on the kitchen table playing an episode of Sophia the First or Daniel Tiger to captivate our kids for the 20 minutes needed to cook!

  • I don’t bring my iPad mini into the kitchen much, I generally copy out the recipe by hand. That way I don’t risk messing up my pad, and if it’s a “keeper”, I can file the hard copy.

  • I use my iPad most frequently, followed by cookbooks, and occasionally my laptop (I know, I know) when my iPad is out of battery life!

  • I use a combination of printed recipes, iPad, and phone. I try to keep the iPad away from the mess, but it isn’t always easy. This stand would be great!

  • I use my chromebook for recipes that I’m too lazy to copy and put in my old fashioned recipe box. You are right, there is the issue of being up on a high counter and near moisture. If I won, I’d share this with a friend with an iPad.

  • I am sorry about your ipad! Honestly I usually print the recipe…. but a stand would change my habits.

  • Generally I print out recipes for future use, but when I want to make something I see, right now, I will set up my ipad Mini. I can’t handle working off my phone – so prefer the mini when cooking. I would love to have a stand that works well!

  • I prefer to print but sometimes use my iPad. I have an old book stand that I use for propping it up, but it doesn’t fit well. I need a better proper upper

  • I’m awful – I use my whole laptop in the kitchen! I stream Netflix while checking the recipe as I go.

  • i seem to have the same habit as most people: propping my iPad (mostly) out of harm’s way. That generally means on top of the toaster. In a pinch, I have also copied a recipe down on a post it and stuck that right to the cabinet at eye level.

  • I use my ipad all the time in the kitchen, but I’m so paranoid that I’ll spill something on it that I keep it on a distant counter from where I’m working… which is pretty inconvenient, so I’m definitely going to check out this stand!

  • i use my iPad for recipes all the time, unless I want to watch Netflix while I cook; those times, I print the recipe.

  • I named my husband’s iPad the Food in Jars Machine because I started using it in the kitchen following your recipes during canning season this past year. It gets propped up on a shelf above the stove where it is safe from spills.

  • I usually bring my phone into the kitchen. I don’t have an iPad just yet, but my phone will display recipes and let me listen to NPR while I bake. It works!

  • I tend to switch between printing a recipe and using an iPad. I rarely cook with a recipe solely on my phone, because I’m a bit paranoid about spilling anything on it.

  • I use the phone for trying out new recipes, but I copy down anything I’ll use more than once onto recipe cards.

  • I am thinking that I should get an ipad mini (the justification is that it is for work!) and then i could use that instead of my computer. Makes me nervous – using my computer. I cover the keyboard with a teatowel and hope for the best!

  • I use the Zest app on my iPad mini for recipes I find online, but I still have a fair number of print cookbooks I use regularly. Sometimes I even remember to cover my cookbook with plastic wrap for protection.

  • I’m a bit skittish about bringing my iPad into the kitchen when cooking. This looks like a great option!

  • I’m old school and use copies printed from the internet or cookbooks. I’m afraid to use my iPad for the very reason you described. This looks so cool and would be perfect in my craft studio also.

  • I do both…old school cookbooks for some things and iPad for newer recipes. Plus I appreciate the iPad’s ability to make a larger font! I prop it up away from the cooking which means a lot more steps back and forth!

  • I use both my iPad and printed recipes, but I keep forgetting to chance the setting on the iPad so it doesn’t go to sleep too quickly!

  • my iPad primarily and occasionally a cookbook. Love my Paprika app for storing recipes it is easy to use and to customize. I use a cookbook stand for my iPad but worry about spills. This stand was reviewed recently and had excellent reviews.

  • I use my years-old laptop in the kitchen. Since it’s so old, I don’t have to worry about getting the keys floury or smudges of sauce on the screen.

  • I used to use my phone but I recently got an iPad so now I just use that…and end up covering it in fingerprints as I try to “refresh” the screen so I know what I am doing!!

  • I use my phone mainly, which is a hassle and not the most sanitary! It would be great to have it attached to a mount and not have to touch it so much!

  • With the great assortment of recipe and cooking Apps, websites and blogs, the iPad is a must in our kitchen! Surprisingly, when crystal wine glass from drying mat meets iPad screen, the crystal glass wins!

  • I have to have a printed version. Then I can make notes, comment on changes I would make and after I am finished…..I decide if the recipe will be filed or thrown away!

  • I have an ancient ipad that’s starting to die and we have an under cabinet mount for it that’s very handy when the ipad actually works! We’re planning on getting a new ipad soon, so this would be perfect!

  • I mostly use my IPad. I do have some old tried and true recipes that I haven’t converted to digital yet. I have a wonderful app that allows me to download from the Internet as well as add recipes manually. This has been a life saver.

  • I need this so I can tell my husband I need a kitchen iPad! I do use my phone often, and it’s small and annoying but the easiest way to access recipes. Sometimes I’ll print something out at work, but usually forget the paper on my printer and end up using my phone anyway.

  • I almost always have the ipad or my phone in the kitchen for recipes. We’ve been diligently putting new recipes into Paprika, so we have access to them at the grocery store or while traveling. So far no major accidents, but I live in fear!

  • I have recently started saving recipes on my iPad. Having a reliable stand for use in the kitchen would be a great help for both easy access and disaster prevention.

  • I always use my iPad/iPhone in the kitchen. What a fantastic giveaway! Randomizer, pick me please.

  • I use my ipad in the kitchen constantly – It’s my recipe book! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  • This is so great! I am constantly using my iPad in the kitchen, either for recipes I have bookmarked, or to have some movie entertainment while working on a big project. I rarely print recipes, so having ready access to the iPad is a must. I love that this mount keeps the iPad so far off of the counter. Thank you for introducing me to this one!

  • I usually print the recipes, since I don’t have a stand. I will look into this one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Hello from Montreal. Quebec!

    This is definirely one handy little device. I have an ancient ipad that I use for a lot for my cooking/baking. It’s can be difficult to keep it away from the counter mess.

    Great blog by the way! I’ve been following it for a while now (you’re a regular site in my Feedly app updates). I was happy to see your recent post about the Preservation Society here in Montreal. They make incredible jams!

    All the best! Alicia

  • I often print or (more likely) hand write recipes that I just have to try. I’m doing more of the ipad or laptop in the kitchen stuff, but like you I worry that it will get spilled on or dropped or just abused. Since the ipad is for my husband to use in his business I worry I’ll destory it and that would be bad!

  • I always print online recipes. But I recently bought an iPad and now get some cooking magazine on the iPad. This stand looks like it would be great for cooking straight from the magazines.

  • Well to be honest, I only just got a smart phone about a month ago. So mostly I just reference printouts for internet recipes. Though I have started looking things up on my phone now. My Mom however, is a die-hard ipad user, and would probably love to have a mount to keep hers safe in the kitchen.

  • I’ve got a nice clear plastic cookbook stand/protector, but web recipes are printed out, and usually end up being held up with a refrigerator magnet stuck onto one of the racks in my (small) vertical storage space between cabinets. It’s between the stove and sink, so it’s pretty handy, if makeshift.

  • Right now the only technology in the kitchen is a microwave. I’ve even got a vintage stove with a constant pilot because it was before the electronic ignition pilots.

    I finally got my first smartphone (iPhone) last September and am still learning how to use it.

    I don’t currently own an iPad but I want to get one for my retirement, coming up in just 19 work days; June 17, 2015. Since I don’t own one yet it doesn’t really matter which one I win. (hint hint)

    Currently I either print out recipes from the internet, save them to a file or just bookmark them. And boy, do I have a LOT.

    But I still like the tried and true hard copy print. My two current most favorite cookbooks are both Blue Chair. The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook and Blue Chair Cooks with Jams. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a cook book out of which I make so many recipes. Haven’t found a dud yet.

  • What a great idea! I always have my iPad with me in the kitchen, but the protective case I have has suede-like backing so it doesn’t slip. In most situations, that’s a great feature. But NOT when making sticky things like jams!

  • I’ve used the Plan to Eat website for years to manage all my recipes so I always have my tablet in the kitchen when cooking. I discovered that the bottom half of an egg carton is a perfect tablet stand. It’s free when you buy a dozen eggs, recyclable, and keeps the tablet out of any mess on the counter.

  • Hi Marissa,

    My tech in the kitchen runs the gambit from iPad to printed sheet off the Internet. I saw recently on a cooking show that placing an iPad in a see-through plastic sleeve works as well as any iPad holder. I’ve tried it – – with the sheet–and I can’t agree! When I am in the middle of trying a new recipe, I want to not to have to touch my iPad with my finger, so I often tape the printed recipe at eye level to my kitchen cupboard! Whatever works (in the kitchen) is my motto! My smart phone is a bit tiny, so it is iPad or nothing when it comes to tech

  • We have been using a laptop in the kitchen for a while now. However, a few months ago, I got an ipad and we have tried it out a few times. Very rarely will we use a phone as the primary source since the screen is so small, but I have done it. The phone is most often used to compile shopping lists.

  • I’ve used my husband’s iPad, my Nook (now a new Samsung Nook 4) and my phone – I don’t print if I can avoid it. Most often, it’s the Nook leaning against my cookbook stand.

  • We use an iPad intermittently since we don’t have a good place to keep it. A stand like this would be very helpful.

  • I use th iPad or my phone or print. It just depends on how forward thinking I have been and how charged the devices are. During the holidays or cooking with the kiddo, I try to print recipes out

  • I print out most of my recipes and keep them in a binder in plastic sleeves. It helps keep them organized, clean and accessible.

  • I usually just print a recipe or use my phone or laptop, but since I just got an ipad I think I’ll be using that more often.

  • I prop up my iPad and pray it doesn’t slide off the counter! And I still use actual cookbooks – also propped up on the counter.

  • I have an old 1st gen iPad in the kitchen, but unfortunately, ALL it does is play Pandora. If you ask it to do anything else, it crashes, so we just treat it like a one-trick pony. When I need a recipe, I bring my “real” ipad into the kitchen and like you, treat it like it’s a precious treasure. This stand would be such a help!

  • I print my recipes since I have access to a printer. I also like to use cookbooks and hope it does not get stained along the way.

  • if it’s not on the inside of the cupboard door, or scribbled into our family cookbook, the we use the iPad in a gallon size ziplock bag that we keep with the cookbooks just for this purpose.

  • I prefer to work with paper. I print recipes on the reverse side of all the paper my husband’s home office throws away. Then I file them in binders. I can make notes on the printed copies too. I still cut out recipes from the newspaper and organize them on “magnetic” photo album pages. A printed copy prevents the problem of the smart phone closing the page so frequently. And I always end up with a greasy phone screen!

  • Finally I find a wonderful solution to my cooking woes. I use my ipad mini to do my recipe step by step from blogs and find it so awkward to keep tilting it or lifting it with my cooking hands fumbling away and ultimately coat my ipad in food as well!

  • I use a combination of all three methods. But I like to scribble notes on my recipes of what I actually did, since I rarely follow a recipe as written.

  • Hoo boy. I think this article was speaking directly to my iPad trying to get to me to get a stand so it’s not stained and weathered like my printed recipes. So, to answer the question, I use both. I find that I print some recipes – especially from sites I don’t often go to – but go to the websites for recipes found in sites that I frequently visit.

  • I use a tablet several times a week while I’m cooking, cleaning the kitchen or doing dishes. I have both an iPad and a Microsoft Surface Pro 2. Sometimes I use one, sometimes the other. It’s good for recipes for sure (which I store in evernote) but it’s also great for watching a show while you do the dishes. 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • That looks like a great product. Right now I use my iphone which involves looking for my reading glasses which are usually on top of my head…so a stand for my ipad mini would be a great tool.

  • I use my ipad for recipes and food blogs, preferring it over recipe books – and like you, fear that will kill the poor thing one day! I would love to safeguard my beloved pad with something like this and will have to buy one if I don’t win it here. Thanks!

  • What a lifesaver! I too use my iPad in the kitchen constantly. And always try to be super careful just where I set it down for the least possibility of disaster.

  • I often end up using my laptop when I’m cooking, but I MUCH prefer using my iPad mini. Having a stand for it would to very useful. Plus, my birthday is this weekend, so winning something would be a nice little gift!

  • Oh, I need this! I organize all my recioes on evernote, and my iPad mini sits on the counter…in the path if splashes of all sorts…while I create wonderful things in the kitchen.

  • I have an IPad Air, and it’s in the kitchen not just for online recipes, but I also have my recipe book on there too! If I’m cooking, the iPad is most likely right there with me.

  • I usually print a recipe out because I don’t want to get laptop or iPad soiled. This stand is a perfect solution. Thank you for the review and offer 🙂

  • I haven’t brought my iPad Air into the kitchen for fear of having exactly what happened to you, happen to me. I have brought my laptop into the kitchen but generally find that printing recipes out works best for me. I can wedge a recipe into the frame of my kitchen cabinets right above where I’m working. I also find it easier to annotate any changes I make to the recipe if I can just grab a pen which doesn’t care how dirty/messy my hands are.