Giveaway: Old Blue Raw Honey

A giveaway of west coast honey from Old Blue Raw Honey. All the pictures in the post are by Camille Storch.

three small bottles of honey

This week’s giveaway comes to us from Old Blue Raw Honey. Old Blue is a family business, owned and operated by Henry and Camille Storch (you might know Camille from her lovely blog, Wayward Spark. She’s also written a couple of honey-based guest posts for me in the past).

Camille and Henry Storch, and their kids

Henry is a beekeeper and farrier, transporting his bees to different locations up and down the west coast as needs and the seasons demand. In his free time, he collects seed from native plants and interesting garden varieties, and he plays Legos with his kids. He also documents his days with the bees on Instagram.

Camille handles marketing, customer service, and order fulfillment for Old Blue Raw Honey, and is the writer and photographer behind all the Old Blue blog posts. In her free time, she cans seasonal produce (with honey!), and runs the trails around their home in Philomath, Oregon. Her Instagram account is also glorious.

a wide mouth quart jar full of honey

One of the things that makes Old Blue Raw Honey so special is that they offer a wide array of unusual, small-batch varietal honeys from their hives only. They honey is never heated over natural hive temperatures (under 100°F), and is minimally filtered, so it includes pollen, small wax particles, and once in a while, a small bee bit.

close up on bees crawling on a honeycomb

Old Blue Raw Honey is available online, at select shops, and on occasion, directly from Camille and Henry at events in Oregon. If you’re looking for a good gift for someone who loves interesting honey, getting them a sampler set from Old Blue would be a very smart thing to do.

Happily, it’s the sample set that I get to share today. Henry and Camille have generously offered up three of their Blackberry, Clary Sage, Coriander Honey Sampler Boxes for today’s giveaway. The honeys are packaged in 8 ounce, BPA-free plastic squeeze bottles and I promise, it will take everything you’ve got to keep from dispensing the honey straight onto your tongue.

Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me how you like to use honey. Do you spoon it into tea? Drizzle it on cornbread? Dollop a little on a sliver of cheese?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, December 19, 2015. A winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, December 20, 2015.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only. Void where prohibited.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Old Blue Raw Honey is providing the honey for this giveaway at no cost to me. They have not paid for placement (though about a year and a half ago, Camille did give me a little bottle of honey). I’m writing this post because their honey is delicious and I want to share its goodness. 

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432 responses to “Giveaway: Old Blue Raw Honey”

  1. I normally use honey for bread making, but wouldn’t waste something this special on a mundane baking task. I’d probably serve it with yogurt or cheese

  2. My favorite way to use honey is in tea, but I’d be a liar if I didn’t say my second favorite way to use honey is having it straight off the spoon instead of putting the spoon in my tea cup.

  3. I love to use honey any way I can. I like to blend it with butter for a honey butter and add some fruit, like cranberries or blueberries for a tasty spread. I love to add it to tea.

  4. In my kitchen, honey is most often used as a cheese accompaniment, spread on bread with butter, or as an addition to tea with lemon whenever my karaoke host partner is experiencing a scratchy throat.

  5. I love using honey in place of sugar in any recipe that I can, I am a first year bee keeper and have just started learning how to harvest my own honey. I would love the opportunity to try other beekeepers honeys and learn more about flavoring honey.

  6. In the summer I love to drizzle it over berries and plain yogurt. I also add it to my tea and I’m using it more in baking instead of other sweetness.

  7. Personally I haven’t ever found a honey I love, my husband on the other hand is a honey nut! Eats the crystallized raw stuff by the spoon!

  8. I love honey, in tea, over oatmeal, yogurt, etc. In the spring I also use it to make your Honey Sweetened Strawberry Jam!

  9. I add it to my tea and coffee, add cinnamon to honey in a jar a
    nd put on toast and coffee, eat with yogurt, add to toast with peanunt butter or toast with butter, late at night for a sweat tooth 3/4 tsp plain with water, yum yum yum

  10. RAW honey is great with peanut butter — 1 slice good whole grain bread – sprinkle layer of cinnamon – cover with good layer of raw honey – let it sink in a minute – seal it all with peanut butter!!!! Very good in all tea’s, & my morning drink of — a couple ounces of parsley water(boil a bunch of parsley 15 min. to half hour – strain & refrigerate) 2 slices cucumber, 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice & some peel, 1/2 to 1 teaspoon raw honey, & 8 to 12 oz. water.!!!!! Very refreshing way to start the day!

  11. Honey…I use it for tea, drizzled on tasty foods, eaten out of the spoon (especially when the kids have coughs), make shrubs with it…there’s not much I DON’T like to do with honey!

  12. Safely and everything. I go through many size jars! Love trying new honeys. I love it on yogurt lahbna in my tea every morning noon and night, I love to roast chicken with it and combine the honey with lavender or lemon I love it in soup with squash or just simply by the spoon!

  13. A hot buttered biscuit is my favorite vehicle for honey. But I like regular honey (varietals are too precious) in my yogurt fruit smoothies.

  14. Mixed in with greek yogurt or drizzled on hot biscuits. Or, sometimes, just a spoonful when I’m in the mood for something sweet!

  15. I am almost finished with my current jar of honey (farmer’s market!) so I am crossing my fingers for this one! I love honey: tea- yes. cornbread- yes. cheese- also yes. As well as yogurt, waffles, smoothies, and a little bit in salad dressing. LOVE honey.

  16. I love honey in all sorts of ways (including making mead) but my favorite thing to do with it is drizzle it on my oatmeal in the morning.

  17. I usually have honey in tea, especially if my throat is a bit scratchy. Would be interested to try coriander honey–I don’t particularly care for the spice but I bet the honey would be lovely. My personal fave so far is fireweed honey.

  18. Oh my gosh, what a great giveaway. I love honey best in fresh homemade yogurt, or on a nice gooey Brie, or over hot biscuits.

  19. First, I have purchased honey from Old Blue and it is amazing. They are just a state south of me. If you won’t win this, seriously buy some! I love honey on homemade buttermilk biscuits hot from the oven. Might not be anything better.

  20. My husband was burned badly on his hand and we opted to use raw honey on it as apposed to what the doctor wanted us to use. We COULD NOT believe the difference in how dramatically it had healed in just two days! Blisters GONE and redness was to a minimum. We are firm believers in using raw honey now on cuts, burns, etc. I also love to put a little bit in my homemade lip balm. 🙂 Mmmm. Of course, homemade granola and protein balls just wouldnt be the same without raw honey in them!

  21. My son keeps bees so I use his raw honey in my tea. I also make some of my jams with it- your classic spicy tomato jam being my favorite way to use it! But I made a honey peach jam and also a honey strawberry jam, as well.

  22. Honey is our go-to sweetener for baking and we also use it on toast and in tea. I haven’t preserving beyond one small batch of honey sweetened, pectin-free organic strawberry jam. It was glorious, but ran $20 for three cups of jam…

  23. I use honey in and on so many things. I put it in my tea yes, but I also can with it, put it in baked goods instead of sugar, put it in my yogurt, make candy with it, and simply put it on toast. I love honey!

  24. Favorite way to consume honey? Wow – any way is just dandy. By the spoonful is probably the most frequent delivery system, if we can be perfectly honest.

    These look wonderful, and remind me just how much I miss my childhood neighbor’s hives. Plenty of raw honey, in every form. Sucking the honey from the comb may be my most fond memory. We just didn’t know how good we had it.

  25. In tea (especially Tupelo Honey), on corn bread, in jams & chutneys, but especially on peanut butter granola & honey sandwiches.

  26. I mix honey and vanilla into butter to make a spread for warm homemade whole wheat bread. Delish! Sometimes I add ground cardamom as well.

  27. I use honey as a sweetener when I don’t have to heat it up. I hate wasting good raw honey in heated food. Stirred into some homemade greek honey is my favorite way to eat it. This honey looks delicious.

  28. I follow Camille on IG and love everything I see. Lately I have been adding honey to my coffee and omitting my usual half and half. It’s delicious!

  29. I make challah with honey and love making tea with fresh sliced ginger and honey. My husband will simply put a dollop on his finger and eat it plain.

  30. We love honey in our tea, and my daughter gives our granddaughter honey as a cough suppressant. Also, honey in yogurt = delicious!

  31. I love honey! I use it in my breakfast yogurt almost daily. I spoon it into tea. I drizzle it on hot biscuits. I sometimes just eat a spoonful. Yummy 🙂

  32. I use honey most often in oatmeal, put on right at the end. But in winter, I’ll mix honey and vodka, 50/50, for the most amazing winter-time drink.

  33. In our home, we are “honey spoon” eaters – straight from jar to spoon to mouth. I like your delivery method better. It eliminates the middleman ( spoon)!

  34. Lately I like honey in my coffee. Also in hot toddies, tea, and plain yogurt…and in my famous Hobey Hood Strawberry freezer jam.

  35. I use it for baking and soon for canning, just waiting on your new book! My husband is all about peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

  36. I love honey sweetened lemonade, and of course in tea. Also use it often in marinades, sauces and vinaigrettes. My son begs for it straight out of the jar.

  37. We use honey on EVERYTHING! My favorite is honey over hot biscuits but sometimes I love a good bowl of peanut butter with honey drizzled over it. yea I’m a little weird but fresh honey is AMAZING

  38. I love honey in tea, yogurt, cheese, toast w/ tahini….oh the possibilities! I also make that special winter cold remedy – honey, lemon, tumeric, and I think a bit of pepper goes in there as well.

  39. I love honey on my homemade cornbread and my homemade yeast rolls made from my Grandma’s recipe. Thanks for the tip about ordering from this company. Always love having ideas for consumable gifts. Doesn’t matter how ‘fancy’ the holiday dinner, my husband wants the honey bear on the table if we have homemade rolls. 😉

  40. I like it in tea, I like it in our granola recipe, I love it on cornbread, I adore the good stuff on a spoon 🙂 and we also keep buckwheat honey as medicine in our house….we are honey people!

  41. Oh, I so want to win this! I love honey, and it seems like we are always running out of it. We stir it in tea and oatmeal. I put it on bread and use it to make granola. I give a spoonful to anyone with a sore throat in our house.

  42. I add it to smoothies and think it’s pretty fantastic with a lot of cheeses but especially with ricotta (smoked if I can get it).

  43. I love adding different types of honey to my morning oatmeal with different nuts. They can be so different tasting yet so healthy for at the same time!

  44. Biscuits. Definitely biscuits. Butter optional.

    My grandfather kept bees. He sold some of the honey but kept plenty for the family. A typical Southern meal would be fried chicken, corn and green beans from their garden, biscuits, and milk gravy made from the drippings (I mastered milk gravy long before I mastered brown gravy!). Grandpa taught me to pour honey OVER the gravy OVER the biscuits. My husband thinks it’s gross 🙂

  45. I have some acacia honey I am rather fond of.

    I have put it on cornbread, biscuits, english muffins, in tea and on goat cheese.

    I’ve also added it to recipes.

    (Sometimes I just stick the spoon in and lick it.)

  46. I like to use honey in a variety of ways. I use it in my tea and apple cider, I drizzle it on my waffles and over fresh fruit.

  47. Like using honey in some of my favorite recipes and hubby likes to drizzle honey on his chicken strips / nuggets. Also good adding honey to a nice hot cup of tea.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  48. Honey is pure joy in a jar…I am just having a bit on my cornbread with butter. I love it on my morning toast the best as it melts in with the warm toast butter and honey…it is gonna be a great day!

  49. I use honey in my homemade salad dressing recipes! Love to make my own dressings and would love to try this delicious looking honey!!

  50. What wouldn’t I do with this honey?! Pour it in yogurt with fruit, drizzle on pears and goat cheese, on top of biscuits… My mouth is watering already. Most importantly, if I were lucky enough to win this I would hide it from my boys!

  51. I want this prize!! I was introduced to Old Blue Raw Honey through your blog — but haven’t got round to ordering any yet. I love honey — I put it in Greek yogurt; make a honey cake that is fab; bottle fruits with it (using not-as-nice-as-this honey); eat a tiny dab on cheese; whatever I can think of. Yum!

  52. I like to eat a spoonful of honey for dessert. Of course, on toast with butter is wonderful for breakfast or in a smoothie for lunch.

  53. I have been a honey since I was a wee gal. I have it in my tea each morning, like it drizzled on toast and as a sweetener in homemade granola.

  54. I use honey on almost everything, but I especially love a hot cup of (homegrown) peppermint tea with a large dollop of honey. It melts stress like nothing else. I helped a friend with her bees this year, and = got to try some of her propolis ointment. And oh my, I’m a believer. I love our friends, the bees, and am grateful for the honey and propolis they bless us with! What lovely little ladies… <3

  55. We mix honey and lemon juice as a cough suppressant and for sore throats, we put it in our tea, on toast and dinner rolls, on baked or fried chicken – i even drizzle some in my chicken gravy. We use it as a sweetener for certain fruits we can. A teaspoon of honey every day starting at the beginning of spring keeps me free of allergies from outdoor plants. What a wonderful nutritious tasty food.

  56. I like to mix a bit of honey with a bit of my homemade peanut butter and schmear it on some toasted homemade honey wheat bread. I’ll also add a drizzle into my tea.

  57. I use it to honey roast almonds for my vegan rocky road cookies. My husband and occasionally my kids take a spoonful a day to keep the allergies away or the girls sometimes put it in tea.

  58. I love honey in tea! It is also my go to remedy for my kids ailments. Cough, sore throat, feeling sad?…here have a spoonful of honey.

  59. I put honey in my tea with lemon every morning. I enjoy honey with peanut butter. I am also experimenting with using honey when I bake bread.

  60. I love honey in my yogurt, and my family uses it in cereal and on toast. I heard you and Joy talk about this honey on Local Mouthful, and I was so excited to see this giveaway!

  61. I follow Camille on her blog, and I am in love with Old Blue from the pictures alone! I have yet to try any of it, but if I don’t win here I’m thinking a holiday gift for myself might be in order 🙂 We use a lot of honey for baking and in coffee, so I tend to buy it by the tub. I love supporting beekeepers!

  62. I prefer honey to sugar for nearly everything; particularly, I love the challenge of preserving with honey and making jams and jellies with it.

  63. I love to drizzle a spoon of raw honey over cut pineapple topped with chia seeds, coconut, carob chips, cacao nibs, and any dried berries 🙂 We love buckwheat honey by the spoonful to stop coughs, and on scrapes and also to moisturize the face…just a dab, watered down, patted onto your skin for 30 minutes or more…amazing!

  64. Lately I’ve been on a kick of making my own teriyaki marinade for chicken and fish. I simply combine honey and soy sauce, add some scallions and mix well. When the meat is done I add sesame seeds and my hubby thinks I’m a genius in the kitchen!

  65. I make this awesome honey gingerbread cookie that’s to due for. I also use honey in homemade liqueurs where honey’s flavor shines.

  66. What lovely looking honey! I typically use honey drizzled into tea, or on good homemade bread spread thick with butter and gilded with some liquid gold. My dad’s uncle used to raise bees when I was growing up and one of our Christmas presents before his health turned and he passed away was a GALLON jar of raw honey. It was always such a special treat that had to last the whole year. Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. I have a jar in frig with thin sliced fresh lemon and fresh ginger and honey. When anyone is feeling the lest bit under the weather i pull the jar out and mix a giant spoonful with hot water. So soothing on throats and great to un-stuff noses. Keeps forever, just add more ingredients. Yummy even in a cup of warm tea anytime. Thanks for the offer.

  68. I have green tea every day with raw honey. I use honey a lot, on top of my oatmeal or to sweeten my plain yogurt. I make a dressing for broccoli slaw using honey which we just had the other night. My husband likes it in his coffee. The list goes on. We love our raw honey. <3

  69. I raised bees for a short time and think they are amazing little creatures. I love using honey in place of sugar in my baking.

  70. and what’s wrong with dispensing honey directly onto your tongue? 🙂 we love local honey, and have a collection the way other folks have a wine bar. i use it on toast and in preserves, and hubby uses it in tea and oatmeal.

  71. I use honey in my tea, my yogurt, on my biscuits, mixed with butter & smeared on anything out of the oven, you name it & it probably gets drizzled!

  72. Honey plays a special role during the Jewish High Holy Days celebrated in the fall each year. We welcome the Jewish New Year with sliced apples dipped in honey, eaten after reciting a special blessing. Apples are the new fruit of the season – a key component of the blessing. We especially enjoy providing a variety of honeys for this ritual, so that we can sample and enjoy different flavors. This allows us to really savor the unique taste of each honey. For this holiday I also bake honey cake, made with local honey, dried apricots and sliced almonds.

  73. I drizzle raw honey over fresh fruit as well as to sweeten my tea. Also, warm tea with honey and lemon is wonderfully soothing for a sore throat. Honey is natures elixir.

  74. I love honey in my daily tea and oatmeal. I am trying to use it more in cooking and just got a book about using honey to preserve food. I take a teaspoon at the start of a scratchy throat and it takes it right away!

  75. i love honey! i have been using it in a winter concoction that I currently make. Fresh Ginger, fresh lemon boiled in water. honey added at the end. a great antioxidant mix!

  76. I like honey on cornbread. I like to squeeze it over ice cream, where it hardens into soft candy. I like it in oatmeal where it melts into the cereal.

  77. Honey – a GOOD honey is a must on cornbread! Biscuits, on toast with peanut butter, in special recipes where the honey taste is important – and local honey is best – best for our health.

  78. honeyhoneyhoneyhoneyhoneyhoneyhoneyhoneyhoney Love the stuff! I am interested in beekeeping myself. It is on my someday list. Raw honey is so healthy and beneficial too; local helps with seasonal allergies.

    I love using honey in my granola bars, a cup of tea, homemade bread but my favorite way to eat it is right off the spoon!

  79. A sore throat remedy large tablespoon of raw honey with pinch of cayenne pepper and two thin slices of ginger. Repeat 3 times daily. Thanks

  80. I use honey in my tea every morning. We have transitioned to a whole-foods, plant-based diet and I am trying to shift to using honey in my baking and canning as well, when possible. I would love to try using this Oregon honey!

  81. Every morning I have a spoonful of honey mixed up with cinnamon and ginger. I’m convinced it has kept me healthy so far this year!

  82. I love honey in mint or chai tea, slippery elm for our family’s tummy aches, drizzled on warm bread, over blue or Gorgonzola cheeses, or right out of the spoon!

  83. We are always looking for local honey when we travel & I love the different flavors every bottle has! Honey on toast is the best, but I also use it on anything that I want to add a bit of sweetness to or extra richness-cornbread is a must!

  84. I’m a honey freak. I have it in my tea, coffee, on fruit, toast, etc. I just bought a jar of Hawaiian creamy honey that is so good.

  85. I use honey in everything from baking my double chocolate brownie cookies to adding it to salad dressings. Honey is a daily part of my morning cup of coffee. Honey is a must for my glazed carrots.

  86. I’ve been transitioning to honey for the past couple of years, substituting it for other sweeteners where ever I can get away with it. Last night I made a glaze for carrots using honey, pomegranate juice, fresh thyme and a pinch of sea salt. I cooked it down to a syrup and then stirred the steamed carrot sticks into it. Heaven!

  87. We use honey on everything that needs sweetners (when I can convince my kids not to use brown sugar). It’s best in oatmeal, of course. We moved, under protest, from the Willamette Valley to California’s Central Valley a couple of years ago and I love to support anything Oregon – especially the Willamette Valley.

  88. My husband and I take a trip every year for our anniversary. On these “honeymoon” trips, I look for local honey and buy a jar to commemorate that year’s trip. I admit I keep those as mementos and eat honey local to where we live. We use honey on lots of stuff: a light drizzle on pancakes or french toast with a dash of cinnamon, in tea, in coffee, making bread, mixed with lime juice and dill over salmon, drizzled over fresh fruit salad, and on and on.

  89. I just saw and talked with Old Blue at an event in Portland this weekend! Their honey is DELICIOUS. I tried their Meadowfoam honey that had a slight marshmallow flavor- I’d love to infuse that with marshmallow root and really bring out that flavor. I’ve been using honey like crazy for cordials, syrups and just good infused honey.

  90. There is nothing that doesn’t taste better with a little honey drizzled on it. I love honey with goat cheese and also in salad dressing.

  91. Raw honey is indeed the BOMB! I have burned myself (3rd degree) and healed up so well that I don’t even remember sometimes which hand it was! Cuts, sore throats, soft (but sticky for just a bit) hair and skin…the list goes on and on! That is not to mention it’s lovely taste and all the subtleties of each variety next to the others. I am making jams (from frozen fruit) with it as my only sweetener for Christmas gifts. Can you tell yet how much I love the stuff???

  92. I love raw honey right off the spoon! Or on toast, in tea, for elderberry syrup, used it on the skin, the list goes on. 🙂

  93. I LOVE honey – it’s my go to sweetener for everything from my morning coffee to salad dressings. I’ve definitely been known to eat it off of a spoon when I’m craving something sweet.

  94. We use honey for everything! Our kids are very sensitive to sugar, but do fine with honey, so we use it on sandwiches, in baking, to sweeten drinks. We use it on burns, bee stings and sore throats AND I love it in my coffee with a little cream!

  95. I have been buying honey from a neighbor. Can’t get more local than that. Honey is excellent in challah and on challah. A necessity for the Jewish New Year!

  96. I use honey in tea. I also use it in canning — works well with lots of Pomona’s Pectin recipes. Thank you for the giveaway!

  97. I always use honey in place of sugar for my breakfast muffins. We eat them all week long, and I don’t have to worry about spiking our insulin with white sugar.

  98. We use a lot of honey around here, it’s the main sweetener in our household. We have a jar of honey and cinnamon that we take twice a day for allergies. Honey is part of our emergency kit for wound care. We also use it for general skin care, hair care, and it’s an ingredient in our homemade cold & flu remedy. Plus, it’s delicious on toast, in tea, etc…YUM!

  99. Honey is a wonderful substance made by interesting insects. It has so many health benefits . I use honey for sweetening homemade breads for moistness and rich color. I put it on my face with yogurt as a moisturizing facial. I make lip balm to share with family and friends with honey as a necessary ingredient. It is wonderful on splinters and cuts because of antibacterial properties. Add it to a bit of apple cider vinegar and it can help balance your body. If you wish a treat drizzle over feta cheese that is upon warm bread. If you are getting a cold or have a sore throat the old “lemon and honey” warm drink always soothes. We would be much poorer if we allowed these beings to disappear out apathy.
    Their work provides so many rewards that we take for granted. I always look for the first bees in the garden and thank them for being there. My fasvorite picture is of crocus with a bees in the newly opened flower.
    Honey, delicious warm fluid magic !

  100. We love honey and appreciate all the hard work it takes to make it! We eat it by the spoonful, and use it in tea, oatmeal, salad dressing, and in baking.

  101. I use honey as often as possible to sweeten my baking and on my toast. Thank you for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway!

  102. With tea or as a cafe blanco (with orange blossom water). Of course, sometimes I just eat a spoonful of honey straight up… ^^;;

  103. I use honey in so many recipes at my bed & breakfast… I mix it with a bit of orange juice to drizzle over fresh fruit. A bit of honey dissolved in water is a nice alternative to lemon juice if you want to prevent sliced apples, pears or bananas from turning brown. I add a tablespoon of honey to my chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies to make them chewy instead of crispy. And I use honey instead of sugar in many of my bread recipes… especially the “seedy” dark breads.
    Every time I use honey I’m reminded of my grandfather who was a beekeeper. Ice cream at his house was a special treat because we always drizzled fresh honey on top.

  104. What an awesome giveaway! I use honey in many ways. Raw honey helps with a sore throat and with my grandson who always has seasonal allergies. It helps boost his immune system. I love it also on some warm French bread and in a cup of tea as well.

  105. I like to use honey when I make wheat bread. It adds a nice sweetness to the taste. I also use honey in tea with lemon, when my throat is feeling sore and raw.

  106. Honey on homemade biscuits immediately transports me back to my childhood in my grandmother’s kitchen. Honey with a nice Parmesan cheese is an indulgence I’ve discovered in adulthood.

  107. I use honey in all the usual ways, but also to wash my face! Just dab a little on forehead, chin, and cheeks, then moisten your fingers and spread it around. You can leave it on for a bit as a mini masque, or wash right off by splashing with cool water. It leaves your skin clean but hydrated, and not greasy.

  108. My favorite way to have honey is the way my mother fed it to me as a girl. Butter and warm honey on a toasted English muffin, melting together to form a loose, golden nectar.

  109. In all of my preserves. I buy from a local apiary by the 5 pound bucket! We just got a new house and I am hoping to find a beekeeper to help us foster a hive. And I should probably mention that my kids think honey sticks are the best treat in the world!

  110. Raw honey is the best! It’s my favorite to enhance the taste of so many foods from vegetables and fruits to baked goods, sauces and salad dressings….Just as important, honey boosts my immunity when I add it to holy basil, green or herbal teas. My go-to cold fighter— grapefruit segments dipped lightly in honey, sooo delicious and beneficial as my evening snack!!
    Thank you much for all the good ideas in your previous comments! I think I’ll try them, too 🙂

  111. On toasted bread, on toasted bagels, on biscuits, and on cornbread. Only occasionally in tea, I usually prefer tea with no sweetener.

  112. I use it in dressings or marinades for vegetables. In larger quantities, I make mead. It’s amazing how different the varieties of honey can taste.

  113. Generally, my honey goes straight into tea. But recently, I’ve made the switch from using sugar to honey in baked goods. This year, it will also be featured in Christmas stocking gifts for my family!

  114. Honeyed bread and butter pickles, on cornbread and biscuits, on yogurt, in tea, with peanut butter on a sandwich and many more ways too!

  115. With peanut butter on homemade sourdough, in tea and lately tossed in a pan with a slice of leftover ham so it carmelizes for breakfast!

  116. These honeys sound amazing. I use honey many ways, but my favorite is on top of a great plain yogurt with some salted nuts.

  117. Honey is just amazing. I enjoy it almost every way from drizzled over a chunk of blue cheese to topping anything I spread butter on. Thank you bees!!

  118. In tea. By the spoonfull to cure hiccups. On hot cereal. On toast. In cookies. & salad dressings. Honey cake!
    Everyday we thank the bees & the trees.

  119. I have a recipe for Greek cookies baked with lots of oil. They come out very crispy and are then soaked in a mixture of honey, sugar and water, and sprinkled with walnuts. They end up soft and sweet. A wonderful way to let the honey’s special taste shine through.

  120. I use honey in everything! On toast, in my coffee, in my salad dressings, in my whole wheat breads… you name it. And I love eating spoonfuls straight from the jar!

  121. I like honey in tea, on my PB & Honey sandwich, and used in recipes that I try. Thanks for this chance. This honey sounds divine!

  122. I have distinct memories as a little girl of taking a pill in a spoon of honey. I don’t do that now, but it was a nice way to have to do something unpleasant.

    Right now, I put it in tea or in hot water with ACV when I’m feeling a little under the weather.

    My third daughter’s middle name is Tupelo after Van Morrison’s song “Tupelo Honey” so I have a soft spot in my heart for good honey 🙂

  123. Peanut butter and honey on waffles! Over my sprouted grain cereals! In my quick oats! Best of all, half a grapefruit with sliced bananas on top, drizzled with honey and baked for 15 minutes! I could go on and on…we always have fresh local honey on hand….I would,love to try some Old Blue varieties!

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