Giveaway: New West KnifeWorks Santoku

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This week’s giveaway comes from new Food in Jars sponsor New West KnifeWorks. They make some of the most gloriously beautiful kitchen knives you can find. The handles are crafted from layers of colored hardwood that are treated to be incredibly sturdy and easy to hold.

The blades are made from domestic steel and are fabricated in Massachusetts (in a facility run entirely on green hydro-power). Truly, a great gift for someone who loves to cook and is dedicated to supporting environmentally friendly US industry.

The winner of this giveaway will get a New West KnifeWorks Santoku Chef Knife with a Fusionwood 2.0. handle. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share something you love about this time of year.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, December 14, 2013. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday.
  3. Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post. I can not accept submissions via email.

sewing seasons winner 150 Disclosure: New West KnifeWorks is a sponsor of this site. However, all opinions expressed here remain my own. I’ve used their knives since 2010 and find them to be well-made, useful tools.Β 

One more thing. The winner of the Sewing for all Seasons giveaway is #281, Michelle. She said, “I like to make my own cloth coffee filters.” Β Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter that flash giveaway! I so enjoyed reading about all your crafty, handmade ways.

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1,104 responses to “Giveaway: New West KnifeWorks Santoku”

  1. I love the energy in the house, everyone enjoying the time spent together, and acting on all the random holiday traditions that have formed over the years!

  2. I love making gifts – this year I’m canning apple pie filling accompanied by grandma’s pie crust recipe and a pretty pie plate!

  3. I love the smells of holidays, from the tree to the baking to the cold winter evenings. And, especially the winter sky – so clear and crisp. .

  4. I love walking home in the frosty winter evenings, then curling up with a big blanket, a cup of tea, a cat, and of course a good book.

  5. The thing I love most about this time of the year is seeing/sharing in the wonder of the season with my children! Not the monetary type/hype of things, but the tradition- the simple things that make this time of the year warm/happy! Sharing with others!!! πŸ™‚

  6. I love the family meals when we are all together eating food we all helped prepare. I love walking in the cold outside air. Well, cold for central California.

  7. Having my honey around to cook for me! He works in a restaurant so I always have to hear about the great food he makes for everyone else. The holidays are the only time he’s home and rested enough to gimme the good stuff!

  8. My favorite FAVORITE thing about this time of year is that my house always smells wonderful because there is always something warm, hearty and comforting bubbling away in the kitchen. <3

  9. Oh there is nothing better than a good sharp chef’s knife. They are so helpful this time of year with all the cooking for the festivities. What I love best this time of year is the cooking of all the holiday treats, the candies, fudge and divinity are my downfalls, the cookies, and the big prime rib for christmas dinner, You need a good knife to prep all the items you will need,

  10. I love the weather change and spending time with my wife and girls. Watching them get ready for the holidays making gifts for family.

  11. This time of year, I love snuggling up under blankets with hot chocolate or tea. I also love figuring out gifts for my family, although I tend to be rather awful about timing on that one (almost always down to the wire!). πŸ™‚

  12. My husband and I always pack everything up (including the dog!) and drive to my parents’s house for brunch, then we proceed to prepare the holiday dinner for the whole family – such a full, busy day for all of us!

  13. I just love spending time with family & friends. Today my 2 year old & her friends made handprint ornaments & had a ton of fun. Holiday treats are great too!

  14. I am so grateful for my family and friends. We take the time to get together and do things that make fabulous memories. For instance, my daughter and I making tamales together for New Years…this year to be joined by her 6 yr. old son that wants in on the action.

  15. I love watching the robins eat the beautiful yellow fruit on our Golden Rain crab apple trees and get a kick out of the hummingbirds that flash bright jewel-like colors when protecting ‘their’ feeders from intruders.

  16. How can I choose just one favorite thing? Christmas time is my favorite time of year. Spending time and making memories with my family. Decorating the tree, watching Christmas movies, snuggling with homemade blankets while drinking apple cider. Writing and receiving cards. Singing Christmas carols. Christmas baking and candy making. Driving around to see the lights. There’s so many things!!!

  17. The best party of this time of the year is after all the parties I prep, cool, and serve countless people, I get the 25th off, only to turn around a do one great big party one week after!

  18. This time of year I love crafting while wearing my Labrador “blanket” or “slippers” 85 lbs of lap dog with a fire and a record on while making things for the people I love. Doesn’t get much better than that.

  19. Its my first Christmas away from family, friends, and children… I’m feeling its time to start some new traditions. I would love to prepare my Christmas dinner with a knife of this caliber.. Happiest of holidays.

  20. I love cooking and baking for friends this time of year, especially with ingredients that are usually only used or are only available in the winter.

  21. This time of year I especially love being a mother ( I know, I know. so sappy) …. my 4 & 2 y/o’s just kill me with how magical they make everything – the lights, Santa, snow, Christmas tress…. all of it… Children really are the magic of the holidays and I love that my mini minions help me find my “Christmas spirit”.

  22. I’m really curious about this knife. I really like the fact that the company is environmentally responsible. The radius of the blade looks interesting. I’d like to see how it cuts.

  23. It would be wonderful to prepare my dish for Nana’s Christmas celebration with a new knife, really need a great knife in my kitchen.

  24. I love spending quality time with family members that I haven’t seen in a while. Making homemade canned food and giving them away as gifts. I love to give. May God Richly Bless You.

  25. WOW the handle on the knife is beautiful! i bet cutting onions with this would cause no tears to be part of the ingredients

  26. A friend and I spend one weekend in December in a marathon cookie baking extravaganza. For maximum efficiency kids are not allowed until the baking is done and tins are filled. And we always eat super healthy between cookies.

  27. What I love most about this time of year is all the goodwill that abounds. People are full of good cheer and smiles and go the extra mile to brighten someone’s day.

  28. I love experiencing Christmas through children. Their eyes sparkle. Their grins enchanting. Their enthusiasm contagious.

  29. I love freezing our tails off hunting and cutting down our tree…and the incredible scent it brings to the whole house! Grand fir this year – lights are on; now for the decorations!

  30. Very nice knife! My favorite thing about this time of year is having a nice warm bowl of homemade soup for lunch. I make and freeze a bunch of different soups every fall for cold winter days.

  31. My favorite thing about this time of the year is listening to my 2-year-old daughter say “goo-nite kwissmass twee!” every night

  32. I’m all about snowfall! There’s nothing I love more than tromping around the city in a snow storm. Amazing the way those little white flakes can make even the grungiest scene charming!

  33. Favorite thing about this time of year…the food! Love to cook and bake and share what I make! (I cook/bake better than I rhyme)

  34. This time of year I love finally getting a blast of cool air – living in Florida – and a great excuse to share my homemade goodies! (Today I made your cranberry jam! with vanilla beans and added Serrano honey balsamic vinegar. Yum.)

  35. One thing I love about this season is the anticipation. I always get excited and happy when I start planning visits and parties and good times with friends and family.

  36. I will enjoy cooking with this beautiful knife.
    I will use it cutting the oranges and lemons to dehydrate them.
    Thank you for giving me the chance to participate in your give away.

  37. I love the holiday season — cooking, decorating, giving, planning, entertaining. I’m not a big fan of the cold weather, so the holidays make things so much easier because there’s always something fun to do!

  38. I love Christmas! I love the food and the decorations and the lights and being with family and friends and cooking for them! I get a warm feeling inside. (PS, I also love good knives!)

  39. I love the smells and sights…pine, spices, lights, happy faces. I love holiday traditions and feeling connected with the people I love.

  40. While in Mexico, I loved when mandarinas started appearing at the markets. It wasn’t the small and almost pitiable mandarin cuties that you see these days everywhere, but whole robust big mandarins, easy to peel and sweet. I loved opening one and smelling my hands later, just savoring the fragrance.

  41. What I love about this time of year is being with family! Also getting together for making cookies and pies πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas!

  42. Well, we are making bacon tomorrow, so soon the house will be full of the delicious smokey aroma. And speaking of which, sitting by the fireplace may be the best part of winter. The flames are so mesmerizing–better than television!

  43. I love being done with the imperatives of dealing with seasonal produce. I don’t garden beyond herbs, but try to buy all our produce locally. With this year’s farmers markets closed and my freezer stocked full, and my canning shelves arrayed with fruit, I feel more comfortable trying new recipes, picking out veggies just for them. Also, we can focus on chocoate desserts eithout feeling like I am neglecting seasonal fruit. Unless I feel the urge to deal with citrus- not local, but seasonal.

  44. The tree. Going to find one on a small local tree farm. Cut it down with the farm’s homemade saw, which is my job while my husband times me. Then getting it straight in the stand. The yearly rash that covers my hands and arms from putting the lights on. Decorating and talking about all the special ornaments we’ve collected. And then just looking at it each day.

  45. What I really love is that family members can get together because of the vacations everyone gets! And of course snowy days to go out and play then come back inside and sip some hot tea/cocoa πŸ™‚

  46. My favorite things at this time of year is taking a day or two for the kitchen, making cookies, gingerbread, and edible gifts. I put on Christmas music and movies and just plain enjoy.

  47. This time of the year evokes many memories of snow, carefree parties and good companionship.. I love this time of the year!

  48. This wonderful magical time of
    the year people are focused on how they can help and serve others. Lots of planning, surprises and love.

  49. I love the time with family and friends. This Saturday is cookie baking with 10 friends… we each come ready to bake 2 kinds of cookies and by the end of the day we each have 20 kinds to take home. A friend with double ovens is required:)

  50. I love icy patterns on the windows and the way the snow squeaks when it’s really cold. But mostly I love my fireplace!

  51. I love that everything looks festive even when it’s cold and yucky outside – the lights and the bows and ribbons everywhere make the season feel merry.

  52. I love the dark snowy days punctuated with cheerful holiday lights. In these evenings, standing in the kitchen, I savor cooking hearty stews with a glass of wine or trying out a new baked sweet while watching a holiday classic. Cheers!

  53. i love coming up with a new and different fish dish for christmas eve dinner with my family. this year: garlicky mussels with fregola.

    also too, cool knife. need. that is all.

  54. Hubs and I live at the end of a cul-de-sac and we love looking out our window at all the neighbors beautiful Christmas lights and decorations, among many other things.

  55. I love the abundance of moments in which I feel greatful for the people in my life and the fact that I have many opportunities to share my gratitude.

  56. I love baking! I made your version of chocolate crinkles (from TableMatters) today and prefer it to the version I’ve used for years. The old one used shortening, which I don’t even have in the house and would buy just for this cookie. I also like the instant coffee granules in your version. It’s the new fave!

  57. Some of the best things about the holidays are, that you get quality time with your whole family, you enjoy great foods together. You also get days off work and most people show a lot of love.

  58. The best day this time of year is when it’s snowing the big, fat, flakes, and I’m in front of the fireplace on the couch with a nice hot cup of coffee (or a mocha) spending time with my hubby and daughters. Oh, and I’m crocheting while we watch White Christmas. πŸ™‚
    Last Christmas day was a day like that. Wonderful!!

  59. Being able to share my year’s preservation and infusion efforts with loved ones!

    Also: the snow, holiday music, hot cocoa, and a respite in grading between semesters.

  60. I love the time spent with family and friends on the Christmas Holiday,sharing all the good food and baked goods that was made.

  61. My nieces and nephews are my favorite part of Christmas. 5 happy faces and wrapping paper everywhere, it doesn’t get any better than that.

  62. Great knife! Love this time of year because of how close it brings families and communities. Not enjoying the fridged temps however! ;o)

  63. I love the bright colors and lights and decorations everywhere. I love driving around neighborhoods with my kids and looking at how people have decorated their houses.
    I love how everyone *tries* to pretend they like each other at our family get-togethers, even if just for one day.

  64. When it snows all the world becomes peaceful and I love that the most. (no cars, no honking, sometimes no airplanes)

  65. In my 20s, I kind of shunned Christmas. It was a great time to work extra hours and make holiday pay. Recently, I moved back to my hometown (one of them, at least) with my husband and baby daughter. Being around my family, new and old, reminds me how great it feels to be all together during the holidays. Especially cool this year to see three generations of family.

  66. One thing I love about this time of year is playing the Bah Humbug and buying toys for the toy drives behind peoples back.

  67. I love to curl up in my favorite chair with a good book and a hot cup of tea and get lost in the story. It may be cold & snowy outside, but I’m off in a different world with my book.

  68. Remembering the true meaning of Christmas, saying Merry Christmas instead of happy holidays, and the celebration of Christ with family and friends! I especially love watching my children get excited for Christmas and watching the excitement transpire into the expressions of joy and impatience before opening gifts!

  69. I love the sharing of special holiday foods with family & friends. Holiday meals shared with the whole family are very special to me.

  70. I love the gift giving. Nothing better than making someone happy. Many times it is something simple and inexpensive but always from the heart.

  71. I love having my grown children and their spouses and girlfriends home with us. I love cooking for them and getting time to just hang out together.

  72. I love getting to see all my grandbabies at the same time!

    I love going to Cornish Christmas when it’s snowing! Our town has something called ‘Cornish Christmas’ where the length of one street through town is open to pedestrians only on every Friday night between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are lots of street performers, little shops that stay open for late shopping and many of them are purveyors of handmade things! There is a Cornish Choir that sings, it’s beautiful and sounds amazing! There are horse-drawn wagon rides, an open farmer’s market, and lots of other wonderful things to see, hear and do. Our town is an old mining town, and back in the mid 1800’s, there were an awful lot of people who came here from Cornwall to work in the mines. Their descendants still live here, and our town still follows some of the old Cornish traditions that their ancestors brought with them.

  73. This time of year, I love all the stews and soups we eat. Nary a salad to be seen. Chili, oso buco, chicken adobo, red beans and rice. It’s all about the stews. And they all start with chopping onions. I’d love a new knife!

  74. The anticipation of my children each night as they read the note inside the sock hung for advent. Their excitement as we do that evenings task to prepare for Christmas.

  75. I love the different herbs I tend to use at this time of year than the summer. I love the scents of evergreen and pine..which I get as far as scented candles. I love those ribbon candies and creme de menthe which I enjoy during the holiday.

  76. Baking is my love at this time of year. Tried & true cookies and maybe a new one or two. But always the standbys – Christmas Apples, Cherry Nut Bars, Hopscotch Cookies, Shortbreads & Skorbreads. (Skorbreads are shortbread cookies with Skor toffee bits and baked with a rosebud chocolate on top – mm) Thanks Marisa!
    Mary Ann

  77. I love that people all over are more in the giving spirit. More likely to donate to charities, and more aware of the less fortunate. I also love watching my loved ones opening gifts. And fudge.

  78. I love seeing family and friends and getting together with everyone. I also love dressing up the dogs in fun holiday costumes at the pet rescue I volunteer for.

  79. I love cooking for family and friends, especially when I cook a lovely roast and carve it with a beautiful knife. I also love giving gifts in Mason jars.

  80. I love
    singing Christmas carols as I go about my day, and I love decorating my house! O also enjoy entertaining friends and family and coworkers!

  81. We are dairy farmers…and what I like about this time of year is that our work load is less intense. Yes, we still have to milk and feed the cows several times throughout the day, but we often have some free time in the afternoon to relax. Unless it snows, of course…

  82. The snow. I love winter and it seems it’s celebrated and loved the most before the New Year – afterwhich it becomes tired and mundane (at best) to most people. At least this time of year, everyone’s with me in the snow-lovin’!

  83. One thing i love about this time of year is getting cards from far away friends, and particularly the funny pictures of kids and dogs with Santa.

  84. I live in Oregon and years ago we use to always have a white Christmas (snow), and I can’t seem to remember the last time we really had snow. Well this week we have had the snow, but then of course the ice, but gosh it just makes everything look like a winter wonderland. Got me into the Christmas Spirt.

  85. I love the magic of the season, wrapping presents, seeing the childrens faces when they open their presents on Christmas morn. I love the chill in the air, and hot chocolate.

  86. I love the lights on the houses. I love that everyone is inspired to light up thei homes. Crazy, if you think about it. But so fun!

  87. I love spending the winter at our remote cabin. The wonderful time my DH and I have away from the civilized world is marvelous. This winter DH has be working out of town so we have not been able to visit our winter wilderness home. Maybe in February.

  88. Knowing its an almost guarantee my brother will get to come home from the marines… Otherwise my mother would cry to no end. And no decent southern man, would ever let his momma cry. =D

  89. Making a big pot of chili or soup and eating it up with crusty bread. Even better if I can wrap up in a blanket at the same time.

  90. I love this time of year because things slow down with work, everything is not a hurry anymore and everyone chills out. Somewhat. I also justify having hot chocolate, hot toddy’s and buttered rum in large quantities. I snowboard and ski it all off next month!

  91. Candlelight Christmas Eve services. (I almost said midnight Christmas Eve services, thereby revealing how ancient I am because they haven’t been held at midnight for decades!)

  92. The eagles – they overwinter in my area & I love seeing them perched in my yard in the mornings or as I walk through our woods. They are amazing!

  93. I love the idea of the Solstice being the longest night of the year – the days are already starting to get longer after that point!

  94. I love so many things about this time of year– a few examples: hot eggnog with brandy, and the smell of real pine xmas trees, and all the holiday baking, and coming up with gifts that people will love… and all the giveaways on the blogs that I read! πŸ˜‰

  95. I love being surrounded by my family this time of the year! (and all other times of the year but we are all together more during this time)

  96. what a beautiful knife!
    there are so many favorites this time of year, but one of mine is waking up newly fallen snow and being the first one to walk or drive in it to leave a mark.

  97. Every year my husband and I reread a Christmas Carol, just like my family always did when I was growing up. It’s one of my favorite traditions!

  98. I like seeing all the decorations, especially the lights. Also the cold weather is a nice excuse to make mulled wine.

    I was very happy to see this give away. I have looked at their knives before but have yet to buy one.

  99. I love the snow. I know, here in Philly, we have gotten about 15 inches this week, and everyone is complaining, but I love it *ducks head, to avoid getting something thrown at her*

  100. I love the first big snowfall here in Wisconsin. Everything is adorned for Christmas and the beauty is emphasised by the snow.

  101. Normally it’s all the Christmas baking and bringing back family traditions… but this year we’re anxiously awaiting our first baby!

  102. I used to dislike this season. All the “I wants” and commercialization really started to bother me. Now I make all my gifts with my own two hands. More than 90% is products grown in my garden and canned in my kitchen. Now all my friends and family can’t wait to see what’s in their basket every year and I love coming up with new ideas. It has rejuvenated my Christmas spirit.

  103. I love snow! Yes, it is a pain to shovel, but other than that I love it. I love going out and walking in it, snowball fights, sledding, and curling up with a good book because it’s too cold to go out. I wish it would snow more…

  104. While I don’t enjoy the cold weather, I do enjoy the cozy aspects of being inside – hot cocoa, big pots of soup and chili, and bundling up in warm clothes.

  105. I love going overboard with christmas cookies, I mailed 8 boxes across the country this year, not to mention all that went to my coworkers and family.

  106. Cookies! I love the cookies we make each December to give away to friends. All of them are old fashioned, butter-filled, long-storing cookies. So delicious!

  107. I love to get together with my friends and bake and decorate Christmas cookies! This is also the time of year one one very busy with our church’s community Family Shelter. I appreciate each year how very blessed we are and to share with those in need.

  108. I love collecting all the baking and candy recipes I intend to make during these cold months that I’m not working in the garden.

  109. My favorite part of the holidays is the planning. I don’t always get it all done, but I love to come up with new ideas for menus, decorations and gifts. Thanks for the giveaway!

  110. My favorite thing this time of year is family and opening up a jar of “sunshine” that I canned this fall and sharing it!!! Thank you for a chance …….Merry Christmas from Montana!!

  111. Love the sense of anticipation around Christmas and New Year’s. the promise of reunion, renewal. And of second (or third) chances.

  112. I love seeing Christmas through my 3 year old granddaughters eyes… each Monday we have a new adventure…next week it will be decorating sugar cookies

  113. I love the time I get to spend with my family and the excuse to make some wonderful dishes that just don’t seem to work any other time of the year.

  114. I love that any day now, we just might be able to go skiing.

    I love that I know that underneath the frozen ground garlic and flowers are waiting for spring.

    I love an excuse to bake and send tasty things to other people, packages of goodness in the mail.

  115. Plotting my holiday baking. Puttering around the kitchen on a cold morning using any excuse to turn on the oven to help warm the kitchen. Wonderful and delicious things tend to happen. πŸ˜‰

  116. I love the long, cozy evenings with candles, firelight, and a twinkly tree, and the time to savor the ending of a year in the midst of the celebration of Christ’s birth. The simplicity and humility of this time of year is probably what I like best.

  117. I love the first snow fall of the year. It’s peaceful to me and reminds me of how beautiful living in a place with four true seasons is!

  118. I love riding my bike home in the evening through lightly falling snow – so pretty, peaceful and tranquil!

    (These knives are beautiful! Fell in love when you posted a photo in your sponsors post last week.)

  119. I love eating the first piece of Dresdner Stolllen that I made weeks earlier. After waiting all that time the flavor is always a treat. Thanks for the giveaway!

  120. Baking sweets! Not that I don’t do that all year, but there’s something special about doing so much holiday baking during the first of the cold weather–turning on the oven, cozying in the kitchen to enjoy the heat and the aromas…

  121. I love the hummingbirds who live by our house all year buzzing round my head during this icy cold snap to remind me to keep the hummingbird feeder thawed out.

  122. I enjoy a lot of things about this time of year, but particularly the knowledge that with the long, dark, and often very, very cold nights come longer, warmer days in the coming months. That, and the food and drinks. There’s nothing like a long, cold winter to encourage you to eat up and drink a little bit extra to offset the hibernation desire.

  123. I love the lights and the trees – I know it’s kind of cheesy, but everything just seems so magical when it’s all lit up!

  124. For me this time of year is best suited to cozy family gatherings. Knitting or crocheting something to keep people I love warm. And trying all those wonderful recipes I’ve collected over the warmer months. I love spending time with my family.

  125. what i totally love about this time of year?
    sparkly snow and heating my kitchen via baking (as opposed to the summertime less optimal heating my kitchen while baking!)

  126. the gingerbread latte in not my scene but i love to decorate a gingerbread cookie with any youngsters i can find! Fresh minced ginger in my recipe πŸ™‚ That calls for a good knife πŸ™‚

  127. I really enjoy getting my daughters exited for the holidays with their advent calendars. Each morning the anticipation of what treat or clue they’ll find can be seen in their whole body’s. Pure joy!

  128. I love snow and the fireplace. Love seeing the littlest children in wonderment. Love the true meaning of the season. And the way mankind changes for this period of time.

  129. easy – snow! being from colorado originally, i’ve always had a love of snow. now that i’ve learned to snowboard, i look forward to it even more.

  130. I love that we all have extra time off of work and school and have time to be together in a cozy house, fire going, me puttering in the kitchen, my husband reading a book and the kids in between us both.

  131. I love this time of year because it gives me a chance to look back on my past and reflect. Also, I love this time of year because I have an 11 year old daughter. I don’t think it would be as fun, if she weren’t in my life. What a blessing. Thank you!

  132. Twinkle lights. They make everything better.

    Plus getting to see friends and family that I usually only see once a year. It’s nice to take a break for just personal reasons. πŸ™‚

  133. I love the absolutely mad rush I get making so many things. Cooking, gifts, decorating the house. It makes me feel all cheerful (and exhausted). Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  134. I love baking goodies for my friends and family! I even send baked good out of country to friends πŸ™‚ That and the smell of pine trees <3

  135. I love the lights! And the fact that my house smells like baking… And tucking canning into baking baskets… Oh! And the music! Love this season! πŸ™‚

  136. I love that my wife and I have always been too broke to buy each other Christmas gifts, but we don’t care because we are happy and the kids are cute.

  137. My daughter teaches Spanish in Middle school (Georgia). She says that the school is made up of mid-high risk kids, many are poor and feel excluded because their parent(s) are out of work and know the struggle of their moms and/or dads to make ends meet. Their Christmas will not be a merry one. My daughter came up with an idea for our family: to buy gifts for those kids this year instead of buying gifts for each other. I am so proud of my daughter for this kind thought. It makes me feel really good. This has caused me to rethink what giving is all about!

  138. I love the frost in the air when I first walk out of the house i the morning. Even though I shiver bitterly once the North Wind kicks in, I secretly enjoy the first bit of chill.

  139. I usually love this time of year for the whacky gifts I manage to come up with and I totally love the evilness in the air in regards to my neice’s gifts. They are finally at the age where they give as good as they get and to me, that’s great as it creates a shared experience that I can look back on and revel in!

  140. Making food gifts for friends and family. Yesterday, I made the jams and over the next couple of weeks I’ll bake the breads to accompany them.

  141. I love having the colder weather, the yummy comfort foods, curling up in bed with a good book, and enjoying the yummy things canned during the hot weather!

  142. I love bright red berries against white snow and red velvet ribbons against dark green leaves. I love the sound of ancient traditional carols. I love fresh-baked shortbread and homemade eggnog and Rare Who Roast Beast.

  143. I love wrapping presents. Each year I have a theme, brown paper with some sort of color coded ribbon/decoration and tissue paper. I never write my name on the gifts, so my family has learned that if it’s wrapped up fancy in brown paper, it’s from me.

  144. Homemade chocolate truffles! I make them for family and friends (and myself!) every year. They are incredibly time consuming so I can only justify it in the holiday season.

  145. I love the family get togethers, the Christmas cheer, smiling faces, the baking, giving, Florida’s cool weather. This is the best time of year.

  146. This time of year is magical! We have a big Christmas party every year… family, friends, neighbors to “turn on” our display. Than, Santa visits our house and says hello to all the children. Adult activities? Jam tasting of course! I work so hard preserving all summer and fall, and this is the moment of glory. I get to see who likes which flavor, which a jar of then becomes their Christmas present. The winner this year? The Tomato Jam from this website! (And I have the book). They were scraping the sides for the last drop. Thank you for all the great recipes and tips!

  147. I love decorating the Christmas tree and house while we have eggnog with a little
    booze in it. Baking cookies, making candied orange peel and toy shopping for my

  148. I love the Christmas Wishes I get to pick a less fortunate family and buy a gift/s for one of their children. This year my “family” asked for warm winter boots and socks for their daughter.
    I also love spending time with family and all of the fairs.

  149. I love decorating….and listening to Christmas music. I teach High School Food Prep and take a good amount of time discussing knives with students..I have recently added this knife to the types of knives we discuss.

  150. Time off work at this time of year enables me to tackle large canning projects that I don’t normally have time for. Time to take things out of hibernation (the freezer) to prepare for the coming glut of spring/summer fruit/vegetables.

  151. My daughter, who lives in The Nederlands, flies home for an extended stay and we visit as much family as possible! ❀

  152. Enjoy sending Christmas cards. We make a photo card with some pictures taken during the year and a little note highlighting a few of our adventures.

  153. I love the actual feeling of Christmas. We do not have a lot but at this time of year always fills our home with Hope & Joy! The laughter seems happier and the smiles more genuine! It’s the Miracle of the season thats most important:)

  154. We have an advent calendar that we fill with family activities- simple things like
    ‘Cocoa and cookies’ or more elaborate, Concerts or movies- it’s the highlight of our year.

  155. There are so many things I love about this season. Right now I’m figuring out what to put in my neighbors’ gift baskets. I of course put in home canned items like jam. I’m thinking about making mustard. Maybe some granola. And some doggy treats for those with dogs. And as always fudge. It wouldn’t be Christmas without fudge.

  156. I like the fact that the “holiday” is almost over! It started on Nov 1, and it will be completely forgotten on December 26.
    Seriously, I do like baking some nice things for my extended family–they love my homemade breads.

  157. I love so many things about this time of year! My children’s excitement, baking, giving homemade gifts and keeping Jesus the center of our celebration!

  158. People are always in a giviing spirit this time of year, there are so many good deeds and pay it forwards happening. I love giving gifts and celebrating with my family and all of my dearest friends!

  159. I love an excuse to get family together and cook a big, fun, wonderful meal for everyone. This is the best gift I can give those I love.

  160. I love spending long hours carefully contemplating each of my friends and family in great depth and trying to figure out a gift that they will actually enjoy. And holiday lights. I LOVE holiday lights.

  161. The best things about this time of year? Long, slow braises — and opening up all those beautiful jars I slaved over last summer!

  162. I love Christmas lights. It makes my commute much cheerier! Singing Christmas carols also is a favorite, along with making (and eating!) Christmas cookies!

  163. I love making cookies with my mom every year at christmas. We don’t make your typical chocolate chips style cookies but more fun ones like melting moments and rugalach’s. We also have to make a minimum of 20 different kinds with at least 4 dozen each…

  164. There are so many things I love about this time of year, the best is getting all of the family together for dinner. Nothing ever beats moms cooking.

  165. I adore Christmas lights and Christmas trees. I love a living room lit but tiny colored bulbs. I can relax in that glow for hours.

  166. These knives are gorgeous! I was eyeing their website the other day.

    My favorite thing about this time of year, hands-down, is getting to put a live tree in my living room. If I had a good excuse, I’d keep one all year long… but I think people would look at me funny.

  167. The smell of a tree in your house-woodsy, pinesy mixed with cinnamon, cloves and oranges. I string cinnamon sticks on the tree and have orange poms with cloves to bring in the sweet smell. Thanks

  168. I love the smell of a fresh snow. I have always enjoyed snow and they way it makes the holidays feel. A blanket of new white over the trees and buildings always adds a little holiday feel to the city.

  169. Beautiful knife.
    What I most love about this season is the generosity I see in the small things people do for one another.
    A close second is the lovely snow!

  170. I love cooking for my extended family and having them all at our house for a day or more! The rush of the season, church and the relaxation with oved ones.

  171. I love this time of year, I always take my vacation around this time so I can spend quality time with friends and family.

  172. I love all the lights, the quiet that newly fallen snow brings, the way the snow blankets the trees and bushes and this year I’m enjoying watching my girls play in the snow!

  173. I love an excuse to bake for weeks…giving away boxes of cookies and sharing jars of canned goodness from the years harvest is wonderful!

  174. My favorite thing this time of year is smells. Of things baking & simmering, and the greenery of course, but also just cold air and fireplaces and snow . . .

  175. I love those cold winter nights when I can snuggle up by the lighted Christmas tree with an awesome cup of very chocolate hot chocolate and a good read or a classic Christmas movie!

  176. I love being able to gift special people our home canned pepper relish, jams, and preserves. They know the gift comes from the heart. And I really like the “good mood” most people seem to be in-holding doors open,saying “thank you” and speaking a “good morning”. Sometimes those niceties are absent during other times of the year.

  177. I love the lights, the smell of pine after we cut our tree at the place we go every year, planning traditional menus with great new dishes, and the feeling of holding my breath before the new year.

  178. This time of year I love going into my pantry and opening a jar of summer! All of my hard work is rewarded in winter.

  179. My favourite preserves to make always end up being the ones best served with cheese, to which I am allergic. So the best part of the holiday for me is serving up to my family a big platter of cheese with my beloved jalapeΓ±o jelly, onion jam, and kiwi chutney that I otherwise don’t have much opportunity to use but can’t seem to stop making.

  180. I love sitting in a fire-warmed room with the glow of the Christmas tree, listening to my favorite Christmas songs. Best done in post-Christmas bliss.

  181. I love the fresh smell of pine, baking cookies and roasts that keep the house warm, and admiring my neighbor’s Christmas lights!

  182. I love watching the way people relax into the holidays. People say this is the most stressful time of the year (other than tax season) but I think that means you can really see when someone takes pause: with a gift, with a cup of hot tea or cider, or just by laughing with a friend.

  183. I love the chance to take things slow during the holidays. There is a propensity to be busy with parties and shopping and hosting, etc., but I relish any chance I get to sit on the couch and look at twinkling lights or to light a candle, sip some tea and read a book. There is something about the season that just makes me want to slow down and savor the beauty.

  184. There’s so many things to love about the holidays, but I especially enjoy spending time with my family, baking without a guilty conscious, watching all my favorite holiday movies (“The Grinch,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Santa Claus” and so many others!) and driving around our town to look at Christmas lights :).

  185. As someone with a penchant for rank-ordering I love the end-of-year lists: best-ofs, gift guides, retrospectives. I can’t get enough!

  186. Listening to people say “It just doesn’t feel like Christmas” – having lived in Florida since childhood it feels exactly like Christmas!

  187. I love the crispness of the air….the gorgeous sunrises….and that all I drink is a variation on a hot beverage…black tea, nettle tea, ginger hot water, mint hot water, etc….

  188. Beautiful knife! I have so many favorites this time of year because this IS my favorite time of year. We love making a big pot of chili on cool winter days. Also I love baking cookies and decorating gingerbread houses with the family.

  189. Only one thing? Hmm. All of it together is my favorite thing, I suppose. The singing, the shared greetings, the kindnesses, the lights.

  190. I love watching The Wrath of Khan and eating Chinese food on Christmas Eve. While everyone under the sun is experiencing significant holiday stress……..I am on Ceti Alpha Five with some Orange Chicken. That’s what I love about this time of year – peace on my Earth!

  191. I love taking my daughter out shopping for gifts for foster children through local social service agency to help them have a better Christmas.

  192. Right now, especially with the snow we have, I love hanging out in The GrownUp Room by the fire with my kids, reading and listening to Charlie Brown Christmas music.

  193. I love when I finally finish all of my project gifts, generally around half-past midnight on christmas eve. Still on the to do list: Fresh pastas, about 24 jars of marmalade, sea salt caramels, and chocolate covered everything. And I’m still supposed to find time to go bake with my mother in law. Yikes.

  194. My favorite thing about this time of year is the light! Lights on the tree, lights on houses, fireplaces, and candles & lamps throughout the house. Even though it’s dark early outside, there’s plenty of warmth inside!

  195. I love the lights – the smell of evergreen – and the feeling of hope – I love the corny traditions and baking and more baking!

  196. I love just about everything! I’d give up the below zero windchills though πŸ™‚ Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year…someone should right a song about that!

  197. I love connecting with old friends, family and loved ones. The days spent at home with my kids before and after Christmas is also a favorite!

  198. i like that people tend to behave more friendly during the xmas season, more smiling at strangers, holding doors, etc. i also love doing all the baking and decorating.

  199. I love that this time of the year I can bake & cook to my heart’s content without my husband complaining that it is too hot to turn the oven on!

  200. I love all the wonderful smells I can create while baking in the kitchen . . . Yeast breads, warm and spicy sweet breads, buttery cookies . . . all the colored lights and old Christmas carols put me right in the mood for an old fashioned Christmas!