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November 12, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)

Fusionwood 2.0 chef's knife

A couple of years ago, I got an email from the folks at New West KnifeWorks, asking if I’d be interested in trying out a couple of their knives. Because I’m always on the look-out for the perfect kitchen knife, I said yes. They sent me a chef’s knife and a paring knife from their original Fusionwood line.

Over time, I found that while I really liked the paring knife, the chef’s knife felt a little clunky in my hand. That had, in large part, to do with the blade. It was really heavy and thick. I found that while it was great for whacking through dense things, but it was just too darn hefty for daily chopping.

in action

Isn’t Scott a good hand model?

Recently, I heard from New West KnifeWorks again. They were writing to say that they’ve redesigned their knives to use a “super steel*” that allows the blades to be both thinner and stronger than the previous version and would I be interested in trying one out. I said yes again (I can’t resist kitchenware).

The Fusionwood 2.0 eight-inch chef’s knife arrived a couple weeks back now and it has rapidly become one of my favorite things in my kitchen. That gorgeous grip feels quite natural in my hand, the blade is much lighter and appears to be holding its edge quite well. I’ve been using it everyday and I’m not noticing a diminishment in performance as of yet.

I also really like the shape of the blade. It’s a little narrower than traditional for a chef’s knife and I’m find that to be a positive feature. When chopping dense vegetables like carrots and potatoes, the pieces fall off the blade easily instead of clinging to its surface. A very useful thing as we head into the season of root vegetables and holiday cooking.

on the cutting board

I also like the fact that New West KnifeWorks strives to be a conscientious company. Their knives are made in Wyoming and the factory is run on power generated by their own hydropower plant. What’s more, all the knives have a lifetime guarantee for non-commercial use. If you’re unhappy with it, they will replace it. And, if you break a knife through mistreatment (though I can’t imagine any of you responsible Food in Jars readers doing such a thing), they will replace it at half price. In these days disposal everything, it’s truly lovely to see a company making good stuff and standing by.

New West KnifeWorks has given me a second Fusionwood 2.0 eight-inch chef’s knife to giveaway to one of my readers. Here’s what to do to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post. Tell me one thing you’re doing this week to get ready for Thanksgiving (getting your knives sharpened is always good in preparation for a days of cooking).
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, November 16, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post. I do not accept submissions via email.

But wait, there’s more! New West is also giving away a four-piece set of their knives on Facebook. Click here to visit the entry page and throw your hat into the ring for that contest as well!

*The official name is S35VN Powderized Steel.

Disclosure: New West KnifeWorks provided me one of their Fusionwood 2.0 eight-inch chef’s knives for review and photography purposes at no cost to me. They’ve also provided the giveaway unit at no cost to me. However, they did not pay me to run this post or say nice things about them. I did that simply because I liked the product. My opinions are independently mine. 

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  • I am preparing my calendar for traveling to multiple family homes. Scheduling it down to the minute of leaving and arriving so we have enought time to be truly thankful with each family before running off for our wedding!

  • I’m actually spending Thanksgiving on vacation in Hawaii. (I live in Alaska, so I need to THAW). So, we’re not having the traditional thanksgiving. To prepare, I’m packing up Alaskan salmon from the freezer to serve for Thanksgiving dinner! 🙂

  • Cleaning out the fridge for all the leftovers of course! Woohoo 9pm Thanksgiving night turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce, here I come!

  • Wow, such a beautiful knife handle. The colors are so vivid in your pictures. Great job! I get off easy for Turkey day…will be making dessert. Thought Hubby would want Pecan pie, but he suggested something “chocolate”. Go figure! LOL So I will be making a chocolate torte that I haven’t made in 20+ years. It calls for 3 raw eggs, which we thought nothing of eating back then, however I’m a bit leary of serving them today, so I found a Company that makes pasturized eggs. Not sure what they will cost me a dozen, but I’m gonna try and find them…at least my concious will be at ease! 🙂 May you and your family have a great, safe, happy, thankful Thanksgiving!

  • I have already purchased the non perishable items. On Sunday, I will purchase the perishable food items and fresh produce. On Monday, I plan to freshen up the guest room.

  • I’ve purchased fresh cranberries for Thanksgiving and have also sharpened my favorite chefs knife. I love the beautiful workmanship on the New West Knifeworks line of knives, and would like to try them out on my fruits and veggies.

  • Wow, what gorgeous knives! I wonder if they could rival the place in my heart that is reserved for the ancient Sabatier carbon steel knife we inherited from my husband’s grandmother. 60 years of use and still going strong, although I do worry about the longevity of the wooden handle. I am getting ready for Thanksgiving by making my pie crust in advance. Since I make five pies (for eight people, two of whom are children … too many?) this is a crucial step!

  • That knife is gorgeous! We’re doing Thanksgiving at our friends’ house this weekend, instead of next week, so we don’t have to do much prep at our own house. I’ve mostly been dreaming about stuffing and gravy to prepare myself. 🙂

  • Getting ready for Thanksgiving is one of my favorite things to do. Cleaning and shopping and organizing my recipes is my pleasure.

  • i have to come up with a menu for my family of 30+. We’ll have the usual fixings, mashed potatoes, green beans, potatoes au gratin… i try a new dish every year and i’m excited to try out a butternut squash soup this year.

  • Love the knife.
    I am spending Thanksgiving with my parents who are coming up to see me. Following day, working black Friday (eekk!)

  • Looking at cranberry sauce recipes, actually–last year was my first year trying to make cranberry sauce from scratch, and while it was decent, I ended up with WAY too much and I perhaps would like to figure out a way to make it a little more in between jelly and chunky (I made chunky last time). Maybe if I tried to partially strain it or something.

  • I’ll be making a trip to the farmer’s market tomorrow. Although we go weekly, this one will include a lot more fall fruit as my daughter & I will be making a “turkey” fruit platter 🙂

  • Last week I made cornbread and let it go a little stale before crumbling and freezing it for stuffing. I’m going to start shopping this weekend, and I’m running a 5k Thanksgiving morning to burn some extra calories 😉

  • We’ve been testing different batches of cookies to achieve perfect texture. We’re somehow new to Thxgiving but quickly adapting. Also canned a classic Italian favorite for the meal. It’s cherry peppers stuffed with tuna, capers, anchovies and breadcrumbs – preserved under oil. I believe they’ll bring something new to the table.

  • I’ll be canning another batch of your pickled cranberries and gathering goodies to take on our drive to see my husband’s family.

    Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to all who’ll be venturing forth.

  • I am digging through my recipe box for two recipes from my mom- her sweet potato rolls and her cranberry-orange relish. They must be in here somewhere:) I am also setting aside jars of the Green Tomato Chutney I made from your Food in Jars cookbook to share with family- the chutney is absolutely perfect for turkey sandwiches the day after Thanksgiving.