Giveaway: New West KnifeWorks Chef’s Knife

Fusionwood 2.0 chef's knife

A couple of years ago, I got an email from the folks at New West KnifeWorks, asking if I’d be interested in trying out a couple of their knives. Because I’m always on the look-out for the perfect kitchen knife, I said yes. They sent me a chef’s knife and a paring knife from their original Fusionwood line.

Over time, I found that while I really liked the paring knife, the chef’s knife felt a little clunky in my hand. That had, in large part, to do with the blade. It was really heavy and thick. I found that while it was great for whacking through dense things, but it was just too darn hefty for daily chopping.

in action

Isn’t Scott a good hand model?

Recently, I heard from New West KnifeWorks again. They were writing to say that they’ve redesigned their knives to use a “super steel*” that allows the blades to be both thinner and stronger than the previous version and would I be interested in trying one out. I said yes again (I can’t resist kitchenware).

The Fusionwood 2.0 eight-inch chef’s knife arrived a couple weeks back now and it has rapidly become one of my favorite things in my kitchen. That gorgeous grip feels quite natural in my hand, the blade is much lighter and appears to be holding its edge quite well. I’ve been using it everyday and I’m not noticing a diminishment in performance as of yet.

I also really like the shape of the blade. It’s a little narrower than traditional for a chef’s knife and I’m find that to be a positive feature. When chopping dense vegetables like carrots and potatoes, the pieces fall off the blade easily instead of clinging to its surface. A very useful thing as we head into the season of root vegetables and holiday cooking.

on the cutting board

I also like the fact that New West KnifeWorks strives to be aΒ conscientious company. Their knives are made in Wyoming and the factory is run on power generated by theirΒ own hydropower plant. What’s more, all the knives have a lifetime guarantee for non-commercial use. If you’re unhappy with it, they will replace it. And, if you break a knife through mistreatment (though I can’t imagine any of you responsible Food in Jars readers doing such a thing), they will replace it at half price. In these days disposal everything, it’s truly lovely to see a company making good stuff and standing by.

New West KnifeWorks has given me a second Fusionwood 2.0 eight-inch chef’s knife to giveaway to one of my readers. Here’s what to do to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post. Tell me one thing you’re doing this week to get ready for Thanksgiving (getting your knives sharpened is always good in preparation for a days of cooking).
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, November 16, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post. I do not accept submissions via email.

But wait, there’s more! New West is also giving away a four-piece set of their knives on Facebook. Click here to visit the entry page and throw your hat into the ring for that contest as well!

*The official name isΒ S35VN Powderized Steel.

Disclosure: New West KnifeWorks provided me one of their Fusionwood 2.0 eight-inch chef’s knives for review and photography purposes at no cost to me. They’ve also provided the giveaway unit at no cost to me. However, they did not pay me to run this post or say nice things about them. I did that simply because I liked the product. My opinions are independently mine.Β 

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1,030 responses to “Giveaway: New West KnifeWorks Chef’s Knife”

  1. We’re actually just now thinking about the *what* of what we’re doing for thanksgiving. Previous years were big family get togethers, but this year we will only be hosting two other people. We’re thinking of cornish hens and some other non-traditional but close to Thanksgiving style dishes. The big goal is to have everything but the meat cooked the day before!

  2. I’m scouring recipes for pumpkin bread pudding with salted caramel sauce. And eating brussels sprouts like its going out of style!

  3. We are getting ready for thanksgiven we are cooking turkey and ham and a lots and lots af desserts and giving thanks for be reunited with the family

  4. getting ready for Thanksgiving is long over here in Canada – I have been getting ready vegetables to roast for dinner though, sweet potato, brussel sprouts and carrots – a better knife would have helped for sure!

  5. This knife is so beautiful! I’m going apple picking and berry picking tomorrow for Thanksgiving pies! Have I said how beautiful this knife is?? !

  6. Hello! I LOVE this knife- it matches the colors for my wedding next July! I would love to win this for my fiance (he’s a big time knife collector/enthusiast).
    To prepare for my mom and sister visiting for Thanksgiving, I am making vegan side dishes, and teaching myself to make gnocchi, one of my my mom’s favorite dishes. I have a pasta maker at home that I’m becoming familiar with. So much fun!

  7. Wow- gorgeous knife! I actually just completed sent an email to my local co-op asking about when the knife sharpening guy will be there so I can stop by and get my knife collection in working order for the upcoming week! I’ve also got plans to order a pie today from the farm stand up the road since I refuse to bake. πŸ™‚

  8. I’m cleaning out the pantry…all outdated, not wanted goods are out…& making a list of what is needed for the Holidays & Winterfoods.

  9. Last year we invited a lot of folks over, the best way to have T-Day. This year we may go to a friend’s house, but I’m kinda keen on going up to the mountains for an outing. Our preperation is to consider a new T-Day paradigm,

  10. This week, to prepare for both the Thanksgiving dinner I will be attending on that day, and the one that I am hosting myself over the weekend, I am roasting pumpkins, to puree & for pumpkin bread, pie, and butter…. mmmm

  11. I’m sitting down with a friend this week to plan the menu for Thanksgiving. Dinner is at her house this year but I told her I’d make pies and macaroni and cheese.

  12. Wow, that knife is stunning and I like the review you gave for it. This year I don’t know what I’ll be making but I would love to try my hand at sweet potatoes or homemade stuffing. However, every year I always make my homemade apple pie! That knife would slice through those pounds of apples like butter!

  13. Other than cleaning and shopping for my own festivities next week, I am actually cooking 3 turkeys this week for preschool Thanksgiving. This knife is absolutely stunning!

  14. This week I am testing recipes! A turnip casserole from my grandmother’s recipe file and a new kind of stuffing. One of those beautiful knives would make my work so much easier.

  15. I actually am getting my knives sharpened to cut into some duck and goose breast given to me, but more importantly preparing for the arrival of my son (due the day before Thanksgiving!) and for that I’m most grateful! Thanks.

  16. What a great opportunity. My chef’s knife I’ve had over 20 years, and I managed to nick the tip off a few weeks ago. A new chef’s knife is on my Christmas wishlist!

    I ordered our pumpkin pie Saturday, and in the next couple days I’ll talk to my mother to finish planning the meal. I know we’ll bring mashed potatoes but I want to create something else as well.

  17. I am house sitting for a friend. Well actually, the dog sitting is the more important part. I am gathering recipies I want to can while at his much nicer kitchen. Yea, counter space.

  18. Baby bother sharpened my knives two weeks ago. This week, I’m searching for the perfect pork roast, collecting ingredients for the 5 generation bread recipe, and finalizing the menu and head count.

  19. I am also cleaning out the pantry, checking to make sure I have enough on-hand supplies for any guests and cleaning all my linens/house. I don’t host thanksgiving, but this time of year there are so many family members and friends around that it’s good to be prepared for anything. πŸ™‚

  20. We’ll be traveling, so I’m getting that ready. I also making a list of last minute things to pick up at the store for my family’s Thanksgiving feast at my destination. It is so strange to not be cooking!

  21. Today I am making cranberry sauce for the first time! I absolutely love the canned stuff (I have been known to eat it straight out of the can with a spoon) but its time give the good stuff a try!

  22. I am seriously in need of new knives! I’m learning a lot about nutrition and whole/real foods and feeding my family is top priority – a sharp (and beautiful!) knife would make that process so much easier!

  23. These knives are gorgeous! I’m gathering up recipes I want to make when I have some time to be in the kitchen. I have a couple different dessert recipes I want to try out this year at Thanksgiving!

  24. Making my shopping lists. I have a variety of dietary requests, so there will be some traditional items as well as plenty of vegetarian options. I hate those last minute runs to the grocery store (with about a billion other people all doing the same thing!).


    We’re having Thanksgiving on Saturday with my parents as that’s the only day we all have off this week (the bro’s gf is a new-ish nurse so she’s getting stuck with the wonky Turkey Day shift). So to prep for it I’m convincing my mother to try brining the turkey (we always have issues with the turkey… it’s so painful). I’m also hitting the farmers market as it’s my responsibility to bring a soup (cream of ‘shroom) and a slaw (bnut squash+apple+cranberry) and the rolls.

  26. Well I have Thanksgiving with a very large group of friends. I’ve been trying to figure out what to make. So yesterday I decided to make some pickled veggies for an appetizer plate. Pickled turnips and radishes, beets, carrots, and kohlrabi.

  27. Love that knife!

    Usually, I do the holiday cooking but this year the MIL wants to do it so I’m getting ready by not getting ready. Not sure I like it though. πŸ™‚

  28. I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving by exercising a lot and getting ahead on my “take-home” work in order to be able to relax for the maximum amount of time over the holiday weekend.

  29. My wife and I are having our first stuffing cook-off this year. She’s going for something gluten free and I’m doing something traditional. I’ll be researching recipes all week to find the perfect ingredients for a great stuffing.

  30. This week I’m cooking a collection of pies to bring to work for our weekly tea. It’s not quite Thanksgiving yet, but it’s close enough.

  31. To get ready for thanksgiving, this week I’m visiting a friend to pick up the turkey she raised for me. That knife sure would come in handy for the rest of the prep!

  32. I am searching pages like yours for something new, creative, and unusual to bring to the family Thanksgiving Supper. Love to surprise them with something new to try at an old tradition. Love that knife!

  33. All I’ll be doing to get ready for Thanksgiving is possibly packing my bags…I’m off to visit relatives this year, and will be flying in Thursday morning and not checking a bag, so no prep for me! πŸ™‚

  34. Thanksgiving is about getting our family together, so I’m cleaning out a room for my brother and his new wife to stay in while they visit.

  35. I actually just bought a new knife sharpener and have been planning out a menu so I’ll be ready for all the shopping. These knives are gorgeous!

  36. Thanksgiving? Honestly, I’m just trying to get through this week. But one thing I’m doing is finalizing the guest list so I know who to ask to bring what! πŸ™‚

  37. Wow, could sure use that knife in my kitchen. I just hate the way my current chef’s knives hold tight to the veggies and onions rather than releasing them when chopping! This week I’ll be hacking into the 21 pound blue pumpkin from our garden and making the first of (probably many) loaves of pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie from it. There are two baby sister pumpkins as well, weighing in at 15 and about 12 pounds! Good thing we love pumpkin!

  38. I’m grocery shopping like mad. Everyone is travelling to our house for Thanksgiving for the third year in a row. Keeping my fingers crossed that once again the weather is beautiful and we can eat outside (quite the novelty for my family from the mid-west).

  39. Beautiful knife! My Mom is doing Thanksgiving this year so I’m not cooking unless I make a dessert but today, I’m roasting sweet potatoes. I love roasted veggies just as a side dish.

  40. I have been making fresh pumpkin puree for pumpkin pies or bread or soup or muffins or……. and storing it away in the freezer! Can’t wait for Thanksgiving!
    Thank you for the give-away!

  41. Honestly, other than planning a very basic menu – not much. Hubby works on Thanksgiving, so we probably won’t celebrate until the next day, and we don’t have anyone come over, so for us it’s about being thankful and just relaxing together for the day πŸ™‚

  42. I’m flying back home for Thanksgiving this year so my planning consists of booking flights and figuring out how to see all my family and friends in a short period of time. I would LOVE to win this knife. I just roasted my first pumpkin and had the hardest time cutting the sucker in half. This knife would make the task 100x easier.

  43. Since I’m traveling from one coast to another and am lucky enough to be a guest at someone else’s home for Thanksgiving dinner, I’m just trying to plan what clothes I want to pack!

  44. I’m getting my recipes ready. Checking which cranberry sauces I’m making. Cranberry sauces, sweet potatoes and the stuffing is my favorite part of Thanksgiving.

  45. Oh man, the holiday’s really snuck up on me this year. I don’t even know if we’re doing anything for it…but I’ll have to pick up a few bags of cranberries, for sure.

  46. To get ready for Thanksgiving I am making lists, cleaning things I should have three months ago and begging the children to stay healthy so I don’t spend the whole break at the doctors this year! LOL! I’m also drooling at that knife, because it’s amazing!

  47. I am canning pomegranate jelly with my neighbors using fruit from their pomegranate tree. Will serve it with brie and crackers for Thanksgiving appetizer.

  48. Thanksgiving is about appreciation. Appreciate of family, friends, and food. I am preparing for Thanksgiving by making sure I appreciate where the food is coming from. We are getting local Oysters from our local oyster farmer. The turkey is coming from a local cage free farm. Veggies from the farmers market. I am preparing by respecting the food that feeds the people I am thankful for.

  49. This week I’m getting the house together for having the family home the next, and gathering foodstuffs for the Main Event next week.

  50. I am making some decorations since we are going out to a restaurant becasue the house is still uninhabitable from Sandy. I will try to make the restaurant feel like home!

  51. For Thanksgiving this year, I’m just sitting around and waiting for my mom to tell me what she needs me to make, while also cutting veggies with a dull knife.

  52. yummy knife!! thanksgiving approaches and with it begins fall cleaning of the house, refelting our lanterns for a walk at night, going through recipes and trying some out, making table decorations

  53. I’m home sick today, so I am looking at recipes and enjoying posts about cooking. These are beautiful knives! I’d love to give them a try.

  54. That is a beautiful knife! I am unfortunately not getting ready for Thanksgiving this year since I will be on the road, but hopefully I will be getting close to home by then.

  55. This year I won’t be able to do any of the Thanksgiving cooking or baking which is a great disappointment to me. I just delivered my 3rd child this morning via c-section and my family is taking over all of my usual duties. Although I will greatly miss the best cooking day of the year, I will enjoy the fruits of everyone else’s labor (and spending time with my beautiful new daughter).

  56. I am putting together my recipe list and grocery list. This year, we decided to stay home and have Thanksgiving with just the 3 of us, so that makes my preparation pretty low key and easy!

  57. The powers that be have decreed that dinner will be catered, but I am still prepping for a cranberry-apricot mold from the pages of Southern Living.

  58. I sharpened knives on Sunday. We will update our order for the dairy this week. Definitely need cream and good buttermilk.

  59. We host thanksgiving and I always like to try something new. We’re almost to the point where someone asks for the same dishes from the past year, so now I need a few little recipes to try. I was on your blog earlier today looking for the pumpkin maple spread and the candies tomatoes.

  60. We are hosting this year. With two felines & a canine, we are trying to begin the cleaning process with the goal of having a house any cat or dog allergic loved one could enjoy without succumbing the unpleasant symptoms of allergies. Here we go!

  61. I’ve planned out the menu, found the recipes I’ll be using, and purchasing the majority of the meal this week. Next week, I’ll be picking up the perishables like herbs, veggies, etc.

  62. I’m in Canada, so we already did our Thanksgiving BUT our friend from Ohio is coming to visit during HIS Thanksgiving, which we think is super special. So I’m planning a gluten-free dinner for us, and I hope it goes well πŸ™‚

  63. wow. that’s a beautiful knife.

    maybe tomorrow, i’ll figure out what to make for thanksgiving. my husband’s ordered the turkey from a small farmer – they’re planning a handoff by the side of the road someplace.

  64. i am doing a trial run of my mom’s stuffing recipe…first time ever cooking thanksgiving:) so i better get it right…practice the stuffing AND eat my fill before i have to share it!:)

  65. ooh how i would love a good knife!! im not making anything for thanksgiving yet, i like to wait til the weekend before

  66. I’m packing in preparation for spending this Thanksgiving with my boyfriend’s family, and I’m trying to find something delicious to bring that can either be prepared 3 days in advance and make a 300 mile car trip or can be prepared in 5 minutes and requires no kitchen.

  67. We’re going to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving, so this week is all about coordinating the menu. πŸ™‚ We have to make sure there are things OTHER than dessert at dinner.

  68. Packing protein/meal-replacement bars to deal with my MIL’s cooking.

    Aww…that’s harsh. Her cooking is good, just very heavy and despite knowing me for 8 years, still forgets I’m a vegetarian (last year: “I made Eggplant Parmesan for you. See? No chicken. I only put sausage in the sauce. Eat up!”).

  69. Our Thanksgiving will be at my sister-in-law’s, so I just have to decide on one dish to bring. That’s probably all I do this week: choose between all the things that I’d like to make.

  70. The only things I’ve done so far is confirm that we will be at my MIL’s for the holiday. Next I’ve got to harass her into letting me bring a few things…it is a fight!

  71. What a beautiful knife! This week I’m pickling grapes for Thanksgiving and pickling the last of this years figs for Christmas. Happy Holidays!

  72. This week, to prepare for Thanksgiving, I’m scanning my favorite books and blogs to find new vegetable side-dish recipes. The main courses (turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes) are not allowed to vary, but I want something different in the green variety.

  73. I love this knife! It would match my knitpicks knitting needles! Getting ready for Thanksgiving will mean a bike ride across the river to the Farmers Market for local cranberries & hopefully some chanterelles and what other local goodies are found there.

  74. This week, we’re packing our bags for cold weather since we’re going to be heading east to PA for Thanksgiving. But, since we’ll be enjoying 2 turkey dinners on our trip, I don’t feel the need to buy a turkey to roast once we get home!

  75. The food for the day always seems to come together so this week, I’m taking care of me by eating lots of healthy meals full of great cool weather vegetables. The knife is beautiful and would come in handy for all that veggie chopping :o)

  76. I’ve been combing through recipes for red pepper jelly for my family’s holdiday cheese plate! Other than that, I mostly leave the meat cooking to the grandparents.

  77. I’m a bachelor w/ no family in the area, so I’m already pretty well set up f/ Thanksgiving w/ my turkey and dressing TV dinner, but I do need to start thinking about what side dishes I’ll have along with it.

  78. Our Thanksgiving is a large family affair. We get all the ladies together and go to dinner then everyone picks something from the list to make. I am making mini pies for everyone and homemade rolls. I love cooking and canning and those knives would look good on my wall next to my other knives on my magnetic strip. The grip will make them standout among my plain knives.

  79. Actually, I really do need to get my knives sharpened – they’re overdue! This week I am making my menu and shopping list, and making sure I have everything I need! πŸ™‚

  80. I love the turquoise handle with the beautiful woodwork! For Thanksgiving, we aren’t with family this year πŸ™ but great new friends have asked us over…what to bring?! Hopefully something “chopped”!

  81. I’m not cooking this year, so there’s nothing to prep. Will leave all the cooking to my grandaughter’s boyfriend who is a CIA grad.

  82. I have planned out which new dishes I’ll be making and which favorite dishes I’ll be repeating … and ensured that we have enough oil for our annual deep-fried turkey. I would pretty much trade my soul for that gorgeous knife. Cripes, it’s beautiful!

  83. My parents are doing most of the cooking this year, but Thanksgiving is at my house which we moved in right before Hurricane Sandy. So I guess “furiously unpacking” is my Thanksgiving prep. πŸ™‚

  84. This week I am pouring over recipes in books, magazines, and online to come up with the Thanksgiving menu. Also, we are discussing just what kind of pies to make. And I’m preparing for a canning day right after Thanksgiving to get ready for holiday gift-giving. So much to do!

  85. This week we’re making the t-shirts we will wear Turkey Day. The five of us, all girls, will be wearing t-shirts that say, “Mom likes me best!” Wonder what mom will think?

  86. I’ll be starting to brine my turkey, and also started making some pickles we’ll have on the table beforehand, as appetizers!

  87. I’m finalizing recipe choices and making a shopping list. Since I’m just in charge of dessert, I can afford to be “behind”!

  88. My friends and I are doing a potluck Thanksgiving, so spent this morning pulling together recipes. I’ll probably make the cranberry sauce this week so it has time to build flavor before the big day.

  89. We are planning a trip to New Mexico to spend the holiday in a cozy warm cabin in the mountains! That’s one gorgeous knife, by the way!

  90. This week I am prepping my 4 kiddos for a twelve hour (one way) drive to their aunt, uncle and cousin’s house to spend the holiday. I am certain I will be doing my share of kitchen time once there, with the most wonderful of company all around! I am so thankful!

  91. I worked on several things this week in preparation for T day! Made a rum raisin jam that i’ll use in some sort of desert and made a batch of scotch and cranberry jam that was ultimately too smoky, so i’m using it as a chutney instead.

  92. We go to visit family for thanksgiving so I don’t have much prep, but I am going to use the extra time to can some cranberry chutney to give as a gift!

  93. I’m visiting family in tx and throwing my sister-in-law a baby shower that weekend so that has been my focus. Beautiful knife!

  94. Calling my farmer’s market to place an order for our turkey and seeing what volunteer work can be done/how to make food donations for Hurricane Sandy victims, both now and on Thanksgiving…

  95. That knife is beautiful!
    I’ve got two kids’ birthdays and a sister’s birthday prior to Thanksgiving, so all I’ve done for now is to start sketching out the menu. We’re newly gluten-free so some old favorites will need to change!

  96. I’m sorting apple pie recipes to decide which one is the winner for this year. There may be some advance tasting of cranberry sauce recipes, too.

  97. What a beautiful knife! I am still trying to get my 15 in-laws to commit to plans (!!!). I may just call it all off and do pizza/movie/game night with hubby and kids.

  98. Today I’m picking up a brining kit from my local food co-op. This is the first year I’ve tried brining–I have a huge family, so we normally get a 24/25 lb. fresh turkey to roast; however, we decided to try two smaller turkeys so we can experiment.

  99. This week we are planning our menu! It is the first time that Isabel really wants to be involved in the process so we plan to sit down together on Friday and bang out the menu so that we can hit the grocery sales over the weekend to stock up on what we need.

  100. A gorgeous blade that I would envy carving a turkey with, but my celebration preparation this year will be getting a frozen Turkey TV Dinner for one.

  101. We are having a quiet Thanksgiving this year since no family is close by. Right now we are just gathering recipes and planning the meal. Each of us picks one thing to make so that all of us have a part in the preparations.

  102. I go running everyday. That way, I won’t feel so badly in eating so much. The other thing I do is I check out new holiday recipes. I love looking at leftover recipes to try out the day after or before dinner snacks to eat during the football games.

  103. I will be getting in some extra agility training so that I can bound effortlessly between various family gatherings, although I’m sure there will come a point where bounding will be impossible!

  104. I keep wondering whether I can make sure that at Thanksgiving there will be sweet potato mash without the marshmallow topping.

  105. Just started getting ready yesterday when I found out I was the impromptu coordinator! Lots of calls, texts and an email summary…tonight, grocery list time!!

  106. The last couple of weeks have been very busy for us, so we plan on a small family dinner at home. We will have some traditional favorites, and a new dish or two to try. This week I am anxious to try the cranberry apple jam!

  107. We are home alone with the kids this holiday season, so, I am working on my small kids friendly menu and getting use ready to hike it to the Macy’s day parade the next day!

  108. Well, I’ll be looking for the perfect coffee bean…

    I’ll be making a coffee bean turkey with sweet onion gravy for Thanksgiving this year! How well can the knife cut coffee beans? πŸ˜‰

  109. Those are gorgeous. Aside from deep cleaning the house, I will be canning cranberry sauce soon to enjoy on Thanksgiving and share with family and friends.

  110. Love the neat design on the handle of that knife.

    This week, I’ll probably make a final decision on bird size and get the order placed. Oh, and start cleaing-up the house a bit. πŸ™‚

  111. While grocery shopping the other day my husband reminded me Thanksgiving was a week and a half away and I was cooking the whole meal. We bought thanksgiving groceries! I’m also working on gathering everyone’s favorite recipes so we can have a little bit of something (since cooking at home is a new tradition for my family this year) for every individual to enjoy.

  112. This week I’ll be finalizing our travel arrangements to take our 7 year old son to Disney two days after Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving dinner itself? Haven’t even thought of that yet!

  113. What a gorgeous knife!

    I’m still looking for a reasonably priced organic turkey for Thanksgiving, but I do have my supplies for pie. I’ve also been browsing blogs and cookbooks for new recipes to try.

  114. This week will be making cornbread and letting it dry, getting all the recipes together and then making sure I have all the food bought. Turkey is already purchased….just needs to be “harvested” and picked up next week πŸ™‚

  115. I’m trying to remember all the things that I love but the rest of my family doesn’t care for, so I can make sure to have a section of the dinner table that’s all for me!

  116. That is a beautiful handle on that knife! I’d love to add it to my small collection. I won’t be doing much this week in preparation for the holidays (except maybe saving $) but sharpening my knives should probably be added to that list!

  117. I am making out my last minute shopping list as I type this. Mostly produce and perishables but I do need to get my knives sharpened as well. Thanks for the reminder!

  118. We are having a neighborhood Thanksgiving a week early, my job is the dressing so I pick up the oysters tomorrow for a nice Florida oyster dressing.

  119. I cooked the turkey already, we had a regular Thanksgiving meal yesterday. Now I plan to pressure can most of the turkey and cook another.

  120. I’m preparing my new house for the holidays. This year Thanksgivkng is extra special because we’re sharing it with our happy baby boy, Monty. Buying a house and having a baby was a crazy experience! Finally, the dust is settling a bit. I would love this beautiful knife to make this Thanksging extra special and to kick off the holiday joy (…and to help decorate my bare kitchen)!! πŸ™‚
    Cheers, Bethany

  121. Iam pressing the tablecloth and making shure I have enouf china and silverwere for the whole family.There will be 16 of us! Yikes.

  122. I’m moving the week after Thanksgiving into my first home! So I’m busy packing and getting ready. I’ll be helping my mom out with Thanksgiving at their place this year.

  123. That is a pretty knife- function and form all in one!
    This week I am working on a framed fabric/quilted tree that we will each write our blessing on (one per person per year) that I hope will become a family heirloom. And in the cooking/food prep world i have just talked my bff into dropping off one of her world famous pecan pies at my house on her way out of town to celebrate with her family. Gotta love the bffs of the world!!

  124. Yes, just ordered the turkey and I just called about getting my knives sharpened. Come to find out thatmy local sharpening place closed up shop. I’m so sad. I will have to find another place and soon. These knives look lovely, thanks for the giveaway.

  125. What a gorgeous knife!! I’m starting with the non-food prep – getting the house cleaned top to bottom, and preparing our small house for overnight guests. The cooking begins next week!

  126. I just finished the one thing I will be doing this week to prepare for Thanksgiving, and that was sending an email to my sisters. We are coordinating efforts to put on the show this year. Everything else Thanksgiving related is going to take place next week. Thanks for the giveaway!

  127. I am getting ready for Thanksgiving by creating the menu! I like to send it out to my family before the big day – the get their stomachs ready for great food! I also send out invites on Facebook to the family where we keep each other updated on dinner times/issues and what my family members want to bring for the big day.

    I love Thanksgiving!

  128. Oh that knife is beautiful. My husband is a knife sharpening fiend so my knives are ALWAYS perfectly sharp. However, I do need to test out that gf df pie crust I made last year and try and tweak it just a bit πŸ™‚

  129. Today I’ll be roasting, pureeing, and freezing my pie pumpkins for (obviously) Thanksgiving pie and (more importantly) Christmas day pumpkin ravioli.

  130. We’re flying to celebrate Thanksgiving with family for the first time in 20 years. I’m shipping a half case of wine since I’m limited in what I can bring in carry-on luggage.

  131. Gorgeous knife! Wouldn’t that be a joy to use everyday! We had a trial run “fakesgiving” last night with friends. Very fun, but now I need to prep for the 20 family members who will be joining us for the big feast. Lists is where I am at now!

  132. I baked a cake yesterday–pumpkin pear cranberry cake. And since I don’t actually have an oven right now, it was a challenge! We are homesteading and saving up money to build a house (with a kitchen.) For now, I cook out of a little camper and outdoors. We had slices after dinner and the rest was wrapped and frozen for next week.

  133. That knife is beautiful! This year I’m actually starting Thanksgiving cooking early (instead of my usual mad-dash to cook everything for 40 people starting on Tuesday morning!) so I’ll be making and freezing pie dough and cranberry sauce.

  134. Today is round 1 of grocery shopping! Getting all of the things I can done – cranberry sauce, stuffing ingredients…very excited!

  135. I’m prepping my shopping list and getting organized. I always take the day off work before Thanksgiving so I have the house to myself and to clean and start cooking prep. I love the rush of going to the grocery store for that one forgotten item!

  136. Getting ready to pick up the turkey next week that we’ve ordered from a nearby farmer. Can’t wait to drive into my family’s traditional PA Dutch potato filling too! Beats mashed potatoes any day πŸ™‚

  137. Making pickled cranberries- ever since I started reading your blog & got your book & followed links to other preserving blogs, I can’t stop! Also making lists for Christmas baking AND working on my second batch of fruitcake (soaking the fruit in rum) after making a whole batch for my son in Maryland last week. I’m exhausted just reading all of these comments! New knives would perk me right up. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  138. I made 2 quarts of Turkey Stock over the weekend. Getting ready for gravy and soup! Also making pastry dough and picking up all the non perishable goods this week. Next up – cleaning!

  139. I am a “prepper” so I am not only cooking for Thanksgiving, I am checking and re-checking my supplies and canned food rations. For every meal I make, I will be chopping and storing additional food. Also, this will be the first Thanksgiving since my mother-in-law lost her battle with breast cancer, so everything must be perfect. I have no fear. With my new angel and the right tools on my side, everything is going to be just fine.

  140. What a gorgeous knife! I have some knitting needles made out a laminated wood like that. I love things that are both very beautiful and very functional!

    I just ordered our fresh turkey… now sitting down to plan the rest of the menu and make up my massive shopping list!

  141. I’m getting together with my sisters to find out which of us will be making what side dish or dessert for the family dinner. I’ve been hunting down recipes, so there is much to choose from!

  142. This knife looks amazing. Thanks for the chance to win one. I am shopping shopping shopping. Planning meals out (we have friends staying with us for a week). I am also making pie filling and cookies to stick in the freezer. Yum!

  143. I will be stocking up on all of the ingredients that will be needed for the big Turkey Day! Sweet potato, stuffing, pumpkin pie, oh my!

  144. Besides finishing up my grocery list, I’ve decided to make my gravy ahead & freese it. (Talked about on The Chew last week)

  145. I’m testing out yummy veggie entrees to make for my vegetarian baby sister next week! our best knife mysteriously disappeared a few weeks ago, and I have really been missing it! this give away has me pretty excited!!

  146. I am still menu planning, AHH!!!! We’re keeping it small this year though, so less stress. I would love love this knife, thank you for the opportunity πŸ™‚

  147. Planning what delicious vegetarian entree to contribute to T-giving dinner with my new husband’s family! (stuffed squash? beans and greens? brussel sprouts stir fried with apples? how to choose!?)

  148. To get ready for Thanksgiving, I’m clearing out my fridge to make sure I have room for the food that will be going in there. πŸ™‚

  149. We are having Thanksgiving with relatives that live 3 days drive away, so I won’t be taking any food with me. I do hope to be a help in the kitchen at the other end. My husband and I are herbivores, so I’m sure I’ll be making some veggie dishes to go along with the rest of the meal. A good knife is VITAL in my kitchen as I do LOTS of chopping. We had a big garden for the first time this year, and I have chopped and chopped. What a joy it would be to have a wonderful AMERICAN made knife. I do so appreciate learning about companies that still manufacture HERE in the USA. Thanks to them. I will be checking out their products.

  150. I’m not actually making any preparations for the big meal, besides considering what Indian takeout places will be open on Thanksgiving day. If I end up invited somewhere, I will make a pie probably. But I have too much going on this year and we’re not traveling to see family, so I’m mostly looking forward to a relaxing day off.

  151. Since we will be traveling to visit family, leaving this Friday, my prep involves going through my recipe binder to pick out the ones that might come in handy – either for weekday meals we could make for our hosts, or sides/desserts we might contribute to the overall effort on the day itself (other family members have already laid claim to the bird, potatoes & stuffing).

  152. Perusing my canning pantry to see what I can use as an appetizer on Thanksgiving. Lavender Pear Preserves over brie, maybe. Or maybe a non-traditional Madras Pickled Eggplant with hummus and pita.

    This year I’ve vowed to use up all the things I’ve preserved.

  153. I’m cooking up all things unrelated to Thanksgiving, as i’m going out of town on black Fri. The Mr. will need nourishment while i’m gone, so i’m working on vegetarian lasagne, bean soup and dog biscuits for the fur babies.
    Thanks for the chance to win; i could use a good,(not second hand), knife!

  154. I am making some Apple Cranberry Jam today for Thanksgiving and some preserved lemons (which I’ve always wanted to make!). The preserved lemons will be my Christmas presents this year πŸ™‚

  155. That is a very lovely knife. I come to prefer santoku style but with this being thinner and lighter it sounds like a possible alternative.
    As to my Thanksgiving prep… this year we are running away and NOT cooking. It will be a nice change (but we will probably just rnd up making the traditional dinner the following weekend anyway as we love the food too much πŸ™‚

  156. Woah! Cool giveaway.

    My Thanksgiving prep involves working up an appetite, since I’ve been invited to the home of some friends for Thanksgiving meal. Someday, though, I’ll get to do cooking prep myself. : )

  157. Like you, I am *always* looking for the perfect knife. Still haven’t found one, so this would be great!

    For Thanksgiving, I’ll be getting all of my apples to make a salted caramel apple mosaic tart and our turkey is being delivered this week. This will be my first year to make Thanksgiving dinner, so I’m excited and nervous!

  158. I am driving six hours to have a meal with family, so what I’m doing to prepare is getting my car tuned up and ready for winter weather!

  159. It’s my job to bring the sweet potatoes to our extra-large family gathering. Every year, I’ve done something different. This week, I’ll be researchign recipes, both sweet and savory, and making some decisions about what to bring. Maybe I’ll research a starter too… oh, and pick up my wine shipments. Lots of Pinots!

  160. I’m not doing anything this week! We travel to my husband’s grandmother’s house (400 miles away) for Thanksgiving, so I don’t have any cooking to do. We have to pack, and drive, but that’s not until next week.
    I *am* doing some gift-making to prepare for my daughter’s birthday just after Thanksgiving. Hopefully I will get it all done in time… xo

  161. I’m trying to decide which of the new recipes that I’ve accumulated in the past year or two to try out this year! Sifting through recipes . . .

  162. I’ll be hitting up the farmer’s market for my T-day necessities (yams, chestnuts, yams, some veggies for stuffing, and more yams). Bonus: avoiding the supermarket, which will be a zoo this weekend!

  163. I am getting ready to travel to my sons’ house…….they are doing all the cooking!! This year I am relaxing!! I did can cranberry/pear to give to all my friends and relatives for their Thanksgiving though!!

  164. I’m traveling out of state to visit my parents, so I’ll be packing this week. I’m bringing some jams and pickles and plan on exchanging them for freshly laid eggs from their free range chickens!

  165. We spend Thanksgiving every year with my Indian in-laws. So, though I won’t be doing any of the cooking, I am readying our (almost-year-old) son for the trip and I will be in charge of grocery shopping. We live close to many wonderful South Asian grocery stores and always bring the required fixings to my husband’s parents who don’t have an Indian grocery store in sight!
    When we get home, however, I could definitely use a new chef’s knife. All ours have gotten so dull, and I have been too busy to find anywhere to have them properly sharpened!

  166. I am doing some recipe testing since I wanted to try some new things for our meal this year. And I hate to admit it but mostly cleaning up my seemingly always way too cluttered kitchen. I am going to need all the space I can get!

  167. Getting together the ingredients for date nut bread – I’m going to my sister’s, and the date nut bread (and wild rice) are my responsibility. They are also traditional family essentials for the meal, almost more important than the turkey! Them and the olives. πŸ™‚

  168. I am trying desperately to put together a kitchen in my new house…we’re rehabbing and the rest be dammed, I NEED my kitchen before Thanksgiving!

  169. I’m looking up a recipe for mashed potatoes that I can make ahead! PS – I have a West Knifeworks Santuko knife – it’s my fav! I’d love the chef’s knife to go along with it!!

  170. Well i do live in Canada so my Thanksgiving was a while back . I did of corse have a host of vegetables to chop and prepare and a huge bird and a ham to slice up. This is where my big strong man came into play. He always sharpens the knives for such occasions . We do have a shun and it is a very valuable tool in my kitchen . It is years old and still works very good. I would love to have another addition to this knives family with one of these gorgeous knives . So if your so inclined think of this girl way up in Chilliwack Canada : )

  171. We raise pastured turkeys. They arrive at the farm in spring as day old plots, and we grow them all spring, summer and fall until full sized turkeys. Our preparation for Thanksgiving includes getting turkeys ready for hundreds of eaters!

  172. To get ready for Thanksgiving I’m mentally preparing myself for our traffic-ladden 7+ hour drive, it really is the worst. Such a pretty knife handle!

  173. I am wrapping Christmas presents! We visit family for Thanksgiving that we won’t see for Christmas so every year we deliver gifts. Of course, some of those include home made jam, relish, dehydrated fruit goodies, etc.

  174. looking for my favorite knife… a wusthoff… which one of our boys thinks may have accidentally been put in the goodwill donation box. No one was scolded, no tears were spilled in public, all was forgiven as it was an honest mistake… it was setting near a bunch of items to be donated and we think it was accidentally mixed in…. the box was taken in already. (sigh) aside from that, just trying to decide what to make because we have teenagers who will be working on thanksgiving.

  175. I’m going to be studying for midterms and writing papers, to be honest πŸ˜€
    But after that I will definitely be making a pumpkin soup for myself, since it will be the only vegan item in the Thanksgiving dinner I can eat!

  176. Really just started getting the menu together. Hoping to get some pickled cranberries done before then. So good with poultry!! Will have family and friends here to celebrate the day.

  177. I don’t even know if I’m hosting Thanksgiving or not yet. If people aren’t coming, then I’m packing up my husband and running away to camp with soup.

  178. I will be doing an 8 hour drive through (hopefully very little) ice and snow to get to my mamma’s house. Once we get there thankfully it will be warm California weather! I’ll also be doing a fair bit of cooking once I’m there and a new knife would make it ever so much brighter! Thanks!

  179. I’m more of a last minute menu, meal prep person. So much could happen this week and through off my plans. However, we did check the oil in the turkey fryer to see if we needs more or needs to be replaced. I guess that would count as Thanksgiving prep as we deep fry our turkey every year.

    If you’ve nev

  180. I’m more of a last minute menu, meal prep person. So much could happen this week and through off my plans. However, we did check the oil in the turkey fryer to see if we needs more or needs to be replaced. I guess that would count as Thanksgiving prep as we deep fry our turkey every year.

    If you’ve never deep fried your turkey, you have to try it. You may never go back to oven roasted again.

  181. I have a 6 inch chef’s knife but I’ve been wondering how I’d like an 8 inch blade. This would be a good way to try it.
    Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday even though I love to cook. As for getting ready, well, I’ve made reservations this year — does that count?

  182. I am going to pick up some pecans for pies and cakes. I’ve also thought about getting some cranberries for juice and saucing.

  183. Looking through all my fall-centric recipes to pick a turkey alternative for the vegetarians among us! So excited for Thanksgiving, it’s my very favorite holiday.

  184. My family and a few friends are coming for the feast, so I have to stock up on occasion dishes. I thrifted a cute gold-on-white fleur-de-lis/wheat sheaf patterned flatware set and colored cut-glass serving bowls. Now on to the tablecloth (and the goose!).

  185. I’m baking pies, making petit fours, decorating cookies, and of course, sharpening my poor old knives to make Thanksgiving preparations easier.

  186. I’m working on roasted butternut squash and chestnut soup to freeze ahead. Roasted, shelled and peeled 3 dozen chestnuts yesterday. Fingers are sore today — may wait till tomorrow to finish the soup πŸ™‚

  187. I’m roasting and freezing the last of my pumpkins and squash this week (although I’ll keep a bit out for pumpkin cupcakes). I’m also trying to get ahead in my classes so that I’ll have the whole holiday week off.

  188. Cleaning! And putting away the stuff unusually keep on the counters so I have more space. Awesome giveaway – it’s so hard to find a good knife- a really good one.

  189. My family is covering the bulk of the Thanksgiving prep, so my primary responsibility this year is making sure that the dogs have all of their winter gear ready to go for the trip out!

  190. This weekend I plan to make maple apple cranberry sauce, pop it into the freezer for a week, and cross one thing off my Thanksgiving to-do list! While this recipe may not necessitate a snazzy new knife, plenty of things on my list for next week will!

  191. I am making ice cream after work tonight. This weekend will be the big push, I am doing all of the cooking but at my Mom’s so I don’t have to clean! Hooray!

  192. Planning great things for our annual celebration with our chosen family of old friends…all foodies who love to cook and eat! I have quinces ripening in a bowl, and every time I walk by, their aroma entices me to look up ways to share them next week. That lovely knife looks like the perfect size for me…my husband’s favorite chef’s knife is just too darn big and heavy for me to use comfortably.

  193. Food-wise, I’m gathering menu requests so nobody misses out on their favorite must-haves. Thanksgiving-wise, we write down something we’re thankful for and add it to our Turkey-Day garland. Um, and now thanks to the reminder, I’m taking the knives to get sharpened tonight…

  194. Extra-Chocolate Cheesecake is made and in the freezer–ready to unthaw on Thanksgiving. I’ll be whipping cream, and chopping mint to go with it…what a fun time I’d have with this beautiful knife and the mint!

  195. It’s good to know that these knives are made in the USA rather than somewhere else. Im like you that is always looking for better knives. I’m getting ready making pie crusts and pumpkin bread for thanksgiving.

  196. I’ve just finished making my Thanksgiving to do list and schedule. Saturday clean house, Sunday make roll dough and pie dough, Monday…etc. you get the picture! It make the holiday so much more enjoyable if you can spread out the work through the whole week rather than doing everything Wednesday and Thursday. Especially since we are making most of the food as well as 8 homemade pies! I good sharp knife would certainly by a big help with all that prep work.

  197. Picking and packing veggies for all our loyal customers at the Easton and Headhouse farmer’s markets to make sure they all have a happy, healthy, and local Thanksgiving feast.

  198. Thanksgiving will be at my folk’s home this year. I will mostly be assigned something easy to make. I am, however, starting to make the most adorable felt food set for my three-year old granddaughter P!

  199. Oh my, what a GORGEOUS knife!! Just today I roasted a pumpkin to start readying myself for the holiday to come. Speaking of which, now that it’s cooled, I need to skin it and puree’ it and put it away. I also need to roast the tasty seeds (sprinkling them with smoked salt, too!). YUM!

  200. Non-traditional this year. Paul brought home an elk and we will be using some of the meat for one of the main dishes this year. Just trying to figure out what I will make. Love the knife and after butchering this huge elk, a good knife(s) are always a must!

  201. Planning the menu for Thanksgiving. This year we’re having a brunch instead of dinner, which has opened us up to all sorts of fun, non-traditional menu suggestions.

  202. I’m trying to come up with a menu that will satisfy both meat eaters and vegetarians without having a cooking marathon.

  203. Researching recipes for sides. I know that some people believe you shouldn’t experiment on Thanksgiving, but I am not one of them.

  204. Really just love that knife!!!! O the chopping I would do! However right now am making pickled cranberries like crazy…..just love to mix it in something fizzy – seltzer or champagne or mash it as a spread.

  205. I am looking for ingenious, unique, tasty recipes on the easier side to make a dish or two to take to my daughters thanksgiving feast to share. So far I like carrot curd, or flan cupcakes. I prefer to stick with savory dishes but maybe I’ll make both.

  206. I’ve emailed and called family members, planned the meal with help from family, ordered a local turkey and am trying to figure out which parts I can make in advance. My son is great at sharpening knives, so I’ll be sure to ask him to do it this weekend.

    One bonus to that knife: it’s very attractive and would be easy to find in a cluttered drawer/kitchen/counter.

  207. I’m packing as well. Will take some roasted pumpkin puree from which to make pies. Perhaps that last jar of lemon curd from last year’s freezer batch to brighten up oatmeal.

  208. Since I have to fly to Thanksgiving my preparations are mainly drooling over recipes and finding one I can make last minute in someone else’s kitchen with as little disruption to them as possible.

  209. Trying to decide which invitation to dinner to accept! Oh, and figuring out what wine to bring! One of these days we’ll actually host.

  210. I am joining my fiancee’s family for my second Thanksgiving with them and I am still negotiating my place within their traditional cooking order – what can I cook without stepping on anyone’s toes?! I’m sifting through my family’s traditional recipes to see what I can easily share, and testing some to make sure they’re as good as I remembered: spiced pecans, chocolate pie, cranberry-orange sauce.

  211. I’m still looking for the lucky bird! Was too slow to reserve in advance at the farmers’ market, so I’ll need to scour the local co-ops to see if there’s anything more local than a butterball. Next year I’ll just grow my own…

  212. Of all the ridiculous things to do, I am making cranberry vodka. I have jars full of cranberries cooked with ginger and nutmeg and cloves soaking in vodka to become delicious pre-dinner cocktails.

  213. Tonight I’m pressure canning chicken stock to use on stuffing and gravy. Also made some cranberry ketchup this weekend, holy cats is that good stuff–can’t wait for turkey sandwiches!

  214. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already here. So much to do! Cleaning is my top priority right now. My final menu won’t even be certain until my CSA pick up on the Tuesday before. This knife is gorgeous. My husband and my son both have knives that work for them. They are both a little heavy for me, this looks great.

  215. Sadly, I work retail and have an overnight shift on Thanksgiving (and a second shift Black Friday). So, I’m sleeping. A lot. And applying elsewhere with more verve than usual.
    That’s a gorgeous knife, btw.

  216. I’m getting my gear around for a Thanksgiving weekend hike! Not exactly kitchen related, I admit, but it does encompass all those I consider family that live close by. Even if I don’t need such a beautiful knife for Turkey Day, I can’t help but admire how gorgeous it is. What a lovely giveaway gift for someone!

  217. Leading the list is to clean the dining room! No more bikes in the dining room!!! After that I’ll be polishing some silver and taking inventory of my favorite serving dishes.

  218. I am preparing for the holidays by doing a dry run of the turkey (making a roasted chicken and pretending its turkey today) and making my own cranberry sauce. This is the first time I have cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving and I am giving it a shot. I would LOVE that wonderful knife. My knives are in a sad state.

  219. Find someone to take care of kitty so I can go to Marfa, TX with doggies for a fantastic Thanksgiving in the center of the universe ….

  220. What a beautiful knife! I’m hosting Thanksgiving for the first time this year so I’m setting out linens, whipping up rolls ahead of time to freeze, and preparing our menu!

  221. I don’t know that I am doing anything this week to prepare for Thankgiving, but would sure love to win this knife. My chefs knife gave up the ghost at the end of summer, and I am yet to replace it. This one is gorgeous!

  222. Wow, looks like a great knife. I could use one to help with my Thanksgiving prep. Going through all my recipes (and there are many) to see what to bring to my brother’s.

  223. I work in a pie bakery, so I think what I’ll be doing this week to get ready for Thanksgiving is making gallons upon gallons of pie filling: apple, pumpkin, pecan, chocolate, mixed berry…

  224. I’ve already bought all of my ingredients (sans the fresh stuff) to avoid last minute supermarket brawls! Now I’m planning my timeline…

  225. Making arrangements with friends! I’m attending a potluck and bringing a homegrown heritage turkey, weighs about 10#, just the right size. Would love a new chef’s knife, thanks.

  226. This week is firm up the menu, choose the serving pieces (pining for that serving platter down at “Passionflower” in Eugene)wash and press table linens, hmm looks like a better sit down and pen my todo list! Probably most importantly, go get the home grown hog (my son’s 4H project) from the custom meat processor!

  227. I am drying bread for my stuffing. I make a wonderful recipe and have adapted it over the years. It is my favorite thing to make all year. Crockpot Stuffing. MMMMM good

  228. Planning the meal and doing some shopping! I still haven’t decided what I’ll be making for Thanksgiving yet, but I have time…. right?

  229. I’m thinking about ways to make it fun for my kids to help with the cooking and/or decorating. It’d be great to be in the kitchen together getting ready to celebrate all that we’re thankful for.

  230. This week I put all of my dried herbs in jars (tons of sage this year for stuffing!) and will be roasting sugar pumpkins to puree and freeze for pies. And that knife makes me weak in the knees…oh my.

  231. I signed up for knife skills class at the Pantry at Delancey’s in Seattle. My plan is to figure out how to carve a turkey and chop an onion well, so that by Thanksgiving, I’ll be ready to go. I’ve never purchased a knife for myself before and in preparation for the class, I’ve been looking around for a good chef knife. It’s amazing how many are designed by men and therefore large hands.

  232. I am trying to restrain myself, actually. This past weekend I put together a huge cheese tasting night which ate up any extra grocery money I would’ve had for Thanksgiving.

    So this year I’m contributing a jar of last year’s canned cranberry and quince relish and I might whip up a pumpkin butter to go with the rolls.

  233. Actually, this year I don’t have to do a lot of work. I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with lots of family and it’s sort of a pot luck thing……………but, I definitely will need a good knife for Christmas dinner!

  234. Thanksgiving prep is the beginning of the big push for Christmas. Presents to be made, menus to be planned, shopping lists to be written. A great knife would be helpful when there’s a ton of work to be done

  235. We are flying to family for the holiday (right before a big Christmas move), so I’m copying recipes and making shopping lists so I can feed my veg*n family in a land of carnivores! πŸ™‚

  236. I’m looking up pecan pie recipes and also trying to be thankful everyday with our family on our “thankful tree”. Today I was truly thankful for ice cold water, no joke.

  237. Lovely knives! My plans this week are to finalize the menu and print out copies of everything — so much easier than flipping between 15 different cookbooks and websites.

  238. i’ll be up to my eyeballs in lentil balls and pesto. we are bringing them to three different dinners. thanks for the great blog.

  239. We’re still tweaking the list of side dishes. We’ll be traveling to Wisconsin to meet up with all the family and not everyone’s dishes will fit in the one oven. (We will be deep frying the turkeys to free up oven space but it will still take some careful planning.)

  240. Decide which recipes must make a return appearance and which must take a year off so we can try something new. Greek Stuffing and mushrooms au gratin have made the must keep list. Mashed sweet potatoes are on the chopping block, but roasted sweet potatoes with bacon and scallions just might make the list! Decisions, decisions…

  241. What a gorgeous knife!! I’ve been poring over cookbooks and recipes online, making my menu, and got as much of the shopping as possible done today.

  242. This week I’m pondering recipes… last week I cut myself with my recently professionally sharpened knife! Thanks for the chance to add this beauty to my block!

  243. Gosh – this week I’m mostly doing homework so I can actually relax over the short break! I will also be preparing some mini pumpkin and apple pies to bring home with me, so I could definitely use that knife for chopping!

  244. I’ve convinced my boyfriend to go camping at Pinnacles National Forest for Thanksgiving, so I am preparing a Thanksgiving feast that we can cook over a fire! Origination and a beautiful sharp knife would be key!

  245. I’m not hosting Thanksgiving, so this week I’m reading recipes to find the perfect side dish recipe to bring to my mom’s house!

  246. We’re still trying to figure out who’s coming — but I’ve picked a couple of semi-traditional/non-traditional desserts: a ginger snap pumpkin tart and apple dumplings with bourbon hard sauce. Can’t wait for dessert!

  247. I am going to make my own pumpkin puree for the very first time! (And find out for myself if it is indeed better than the canned variety.)

  248. Since this year we have rented a beach house for the week, mostly we are writing long, long lists. No, we have nwver done something like this, but I want this year to be especially memorable for everyone.

  249. I’m pickling spicy Okra as a palate refresher and ordering fresh oysters to be delivered and finishing my timeline as well as trying to figure out what everyone else should bring.

  250. I’m preparing for Thanksgiving by testing a new dessert recipe – the dacquoise from the new Cook’s Illustrated. And by cooking and pureeing a bunch of winter squash, I’m sure.

  251. Deciding what appetizer I want to bring to my families get together. And now I can add drooling over that knife to the list of things I’m doing this week.

  252. I’m packing for my Thanksgiving travels-off to my Aunt and Uncle’s house! I’ve even set out the empty jars I have to return to my Aunt from the jams and pickles she gave me last year, so I won’t forget to bring them back πŸ™‚

  253. We aren’t hosting Thanksgiving at our house, and Jake is traveling to Arizona to celebrate with his family, so I’ve been doing his laundry in preparation for his 2 week trip. In addition to that, I’ve been pulling jars of cranberry sauce I canned last winter out of the back of the pantry to give to friends to enjoy with their beautiful turkeys. Those knives are beautiful. I need to find a second job again so I can afford gorgeous pieces for my kitchen, like those knives and le creuset pots.

  254. I am sitting here drooling over that knife! The handle is gorgeous. Thanksgiving is in limbo until my darling children get around to telling me if they are coming or not. But hubby will get fed. Probably not turkey but he won’t complain.

  255. The menu has been decided and a bit of apartment tidying up has begun. Albeit very slowly. This year I am very excited to make cranberry sauce from scratch, but that will have to wait until the weekend before Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing your experience with what looks like a beautiful knife! I have been using the inexpensive knives I bought in college for a while now, but now I’m very tempted to replace them.

  256. This week I am finishing the menu’s, shopping lists and trying a new appetizer!

    Let the fun begin. Would be nicer with a new knife!

  257. We are traveling for the Holiday- so not too much prep here….. I still need to make about 8 pumpkin rolls for friends before we leave though!

  258. Having a few people over for turkey day and going to try and make it as simple as possible with great tasting food. I also need to get knives sharpened as soon as possible. Love turkey day as it is a holiday that only requires people loving people and being thankful for one another !! Simply pure !

  259. Those knives are gorgeous!
    To prepare for Thanksgiving this week I’m going to plan my menu contribution and make out a shopping list. The actual shopping will come later!

  260. I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year, so I have to plan packable and portable (and low carb!) side dishes and a dessert. I’m internet surfing, menu planning, and shopping list writing this week.

  261. I am planning a schedule (with my friend) of how we are going to stagger the cooking over several days and how we are going to get everything done. I love logistical challenges!

  262. Just today, I ordered a lovely red ceramic pie plate to bake an apple pie….at my Mother-in-law’s house out of town! Say a little prayer that I don’t mess it up!

  263. Looks like I’ll be working out the final touches of the menu and creating a shopping list this week in order for Thanksgiving preparation.

  264. Ooooh, I’m glad to see this. I had a similar experience, and my New West chef’s knife went back to them, despite its gorgeousness: it was thick and heavy and I couldn’t get it sharp enough. But I’d love to give the new one a try.

    What am I doing to get ready for Thanksgiving? Trying to catch up from Sandy-induced craziness before we head off to Maine! And probably baking a pie to bring, among other goodies.

  265. I need to start planning with my sister for who will make what for Thanksgiving. I prefer making fresh cranberry sauce and pies. I might make pie dough ahead of time and freeze it to bring.

  266. I am getting ready by hosting a fresh local apple pie ale to fund youth summer camps. Gearing up to make Dutch apple and traditional double crust Saturday morning. Hopefully when all sales are in, we’ll have 100.

  267. I’ll be 39 weeks pregnant on Thanksgiving, so I don’t think my sweet mother in law is going to let me cook. I might just have to be sneaky and make some homemade cranberry sauce, though.

  268. I’m looking for a gluten-free pie crust recipe to accommodate my sister-in-law. I’m also looking at that really cool knife! The handle is just beautiful, & the blade looks like it would be really good to slice root vegetables.

  269. I told my dad I would eat a turkey. This is his yearly question ever since the ONE year that we made another meat. Then we planned the menu with my mom.

  270. As the family pie maker, I am avoiding sweets this week but reading about pies like no tomorrow. People always want the same types, but I like to throw in a new one every year. I am thinking some type of pear pie this year. . . .

  271. Holy cheap! Thanksgiving! Lol. I always handle the bread and sweet potato dishes. I guess I should bring home a bunch of sweet potatoes. And I’m getting more flour too.

  272. Beautiful knife. Cleaning the house comes first. I hate having to clean in between cooking in the final days before a feast.

  273. We will be joining some extended family for Thanksgiving this year, so I’m preparing by trying to decide what we can contribute and how in the heck we’re going to bring it 4 states away with us!

  274. I’m figuring out what I want to do for Thanksgiving! I think this year it will just be my husband, me, and our 14-month old. Maybe we’ll do the Turkey Trot? Maybe we’ll have Cornish Hens? Or maybe we’ll just enjoy the four-day weekend!

    Thanks for the chance to win! That’s a beautiful knife!

  275. gorgeous knives!

    this week, i’m getting ready for thanksgiving by talking with my new in-laws that i’ll be flying to visit. while i may not be helping to choose recipes (they have this all set!), i am learning about how their family does thanksgiving and i’m prepping myself for the huge meals and volume of wine that they tell me will be consumed over the four days!

  276. We will actually be celebrating Thanksgiving on Friday with my husband’s family. Much of the Sammel Clan has discovered that gluten-free is really helping what ails them, so I have been on the hunt for the perfect G-F pie crust (we usually make about six pies for the annual festivities). Not much to do with knives, except to say that I am also in charge of carving the turkey. This is quite a privilege considering my fairly recent arrival to the family (five years now). Or not, depending on how you look at it… lol

  277. Hmm…not doing anything yet. Haven’t even decided what will happen for Thanksgiving. But I am contemplating an attempt at your Cranberry jelly in a can, regardless. Incidentally, are the colors on that knife really as gorgeous as they look in the picture?

  278. I’ll be baking so we can use homemade bread in our stuffing. Much closer to Thanksgiving itself, I’ll be making baked sweet potatoes (NOT yams!) and making something dessertish with pumpkin in it. Haven’t decided yet if it’ll be pie, pudding or cheesecake.

  279. I’m preparing by working as many hours as possible. I’m glad my job as a barista and a cook gives me the holiday off, but I will miss the hours on my paycheck!

  280. I’ve had a blessed year, so I will be recounting those blessings as the time draws near and our big family meets again for a magical few days.

  281. I had a blessed year, so I will be recounting those blessing as the time draws near and my big family meets for a magical few days.

  282. For Thanksgiving prep- mostly I’m working out a schedule so everything will be done on time without making my crazy-nuts! I’m also feeding and revving up my sourdough starter.

  283. I don’t have to cook for Thanksgiving this year, for the first time since I was 12. So I’m having Friendsgiving the day after and cooking my face off πŸ™‚

  284. This week I’m making pie dough for the freezer. It makes pie-baking go so much faster to have the crusts mixed up ahead of time. And for some reason, the dough seems flakier if I freeze it first. Would LOVE this knife!

  285. I’m watercoloring placemats…having 4 guests plus family. I try to do something different each year. Dinner is all planned. Thanks!

  286. For next week, i am preparing myself by making fresh bread doughs, baking and then freezing them, just to have fast homemade warm bread when company arrives!!!

  287. We’re figuring out what’s the largest turkey we can fit in the smallish oven and how to cook the second turkey in a pizza oven.

  288. Sigh…I used to get my knives sharpened every year before Thanksgiving, but the knife sharpening place closed and now I’m not sure what to do. But in more positive news, I am digging up ideas for a Southwestern-themed Thanksgiving menu, because my sister just moved to New Mexico and our entire family is joining her there. Fun!

  289. I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I will be bringing to various family affairs including apple pie, apple cranberry jam (from your cookbook!) and some sort of warm green vegetable. Mmmmm can’t wait!

  290. That’s one gorgeous knife! My part of TDay family dinner is noodles, rolls and Iced Sweet Tea. I’d like to get the noodles made this weekend and the rolls in the freezer.

  291. I just canned my cranberry sauce with oranges, froze my pumpkin puree and am going to make bread for the stuffing. An Amish turkey will be ordered tomorrow and the rest….will have to wait until next week. Yummy dinner on the way!

  292. I am in charge of desserts this year. I am making pumpkin bread this week since it freezes beautifully. I will also get a head start on the pies by making and freezing the crust.

  293. Thanksgiving prep for me is getting all the studying done for this next week so that I can fully enjoy the thanksgiving holiday with my sibs in LA. Truth be told though ~ i will be making my favorite thing to get my hands in ~ pie! Pumpkin pie with coconut milk and maybe a marionberry pie!

  294. I’m Preparing to make a couple food stuffs to bring to moms, but the most significant thing I’m doing this week is finishing a painting for my niece, whom I only see once each year on Thanksgiving.

  295. I live as an expat, so I have already made the rounds to find a new butcher who can get me a turkey. Plus, the butcher shop offered to sharpen my cooking knives when I pick up the bird!

  296. Thanksgiving is sneaking up on me this year, but I’m thinking of revisiting a menu I did in grad school – Indian themed with sweet potato samosas, cranberry chutney, curried corn casserole, sage scented nan and turkey biryani. We did something similar in grad school as a sort of pun – where Columbus thought he would be landing, and it was so much fun. And a new chef’s knife would be such a lovely early stocking stuffer!

  297. I still need to do most of my shopping to get ready for thanksgiving. However, I already have most of the canned goods that I need.

  298. Roasting my squashes ahead of time for the pies.Also making vegetarian thanksgiving and freezing to make life easier too!!!

  299. I’m painting our spare bedroom to make sure it’s in tip-top shape for guests. Then I have to figure out how to get the new paint smell out of the room so the guests think we didn’t go to any extra trouble just for them!!

  300. This year I am making pies and rolls. I think I will make a different roll than my usual mashed potato wonderfulness. So I am perusing my bread recipes and making a decision.

  301. This weekend I am baking beer bread and freezing it. This will later become stuffing for Thanksgiving.

    I am also trying to find an interesting cranberry canning recipe. I’ve seen so many unique recipes that I’m having trouble deciding! I’m thinking either cranberry Orange marmalade, cranberry butter, or making a cranberry-fig-strawberry jam.

  302. I teach FCS and I spend a lot of time on Knife Skills. When I am at home there is always one knife I go to….but I would be willing to make a trade for this beautiful knife!!

  303. Experimenting with things I think will be an added attraction. Trying a butternut squash tart of thinly sliced squash roasted with brown sugar on a filo dough base

  304. I’m prepping this week. Making pumpkin purΓ©e, dicing veggies, making cookies. They will be frozen and thawed out next Wed. Any time saved is a bonus.

  305. I have been making lists. Lists of what I am having and what ingredients I need to get. I do need my knives sharpened though. Thank you for the giveaway!

  306. I’m gathering my ingredients. Every trip to the store yields something set aside for the big feast. Am I the only one who dreams about cranberries this time of year??? : )

  307. This week all I need to do is collect some ingredients – most of the work will be done next week (in a panicked rush). I’m the desserts!

  308. What a beautiful knife!!! At the moment, I’m not doing much to get ready for Thanksgiving – I am more of a last minute kind of person! πŸ™

  309. I am going to my grandmother’s house this year, and all she will. Let me bring is pie. Probably a good thing, I cook all day at my restaurant anyways πŸ™‚

  310. “1.Leave a comment on this post. Tell me one thing you’re doing this week to get ready for Thanksgiving (getting your knives sharpened is always good in preparation for a days of cooking).”

    …. too funny as that’s exactly what I need to try and do this week, sharpen my knives!!! lol I don’t have a great set but you do the best you can right? :o) That knife is a beaut!! Cheers, Bethβ™₯
    (unsure if my original post went through, sorry if it comes through twice!)

  311. I don’t have to do anything. Sons are grown up and spending Thanksgiving with spouses families. Hubby can’t eat turkey because of gout, so-o-o, he’s taking me out to fine dine on Thanksgiving. Woo-hoo!!! First year I don’t have to cook in ages. I’m really going to enjoy this one.

  312. To get ready for Thanksgiving I’m going home! Friday I make the 9.5 hour drive from PA to NH. I can’t wait, though I’ll miss my kitties.

  313. This week I will try to get as much of my ingredient shopping done as possible… I’ve been in the grocery store the Wednesday before, and it’s not something I ever want to repeat!

  314. We’ll be packing up the dog and my mother-in-law and heading for my parents’ house – I’m in charge of sweet potato casserole and, possibly, a pie. Apple? Grape? Who knows? Maybe I’ll make some rolls, too.

  315. Cleaning out the fridge to make room for the ingredients I will be buying to put together the meal. That knife looks really cool!

  316. Sadly I missed our local knife sharpening workshop (and my knives are in desperate need!) so instead I made and canned my own cranberry sauce. I can’t wait for my family and friends to try it.

  317. Since we’re going to be out of town from Friday until Wednesday then hosting two sets of family for Thanksgiving dinner, I’m doing quite a bit ahead of time. Yesterday was shopping day (a pound of semi-sweet chocolate, two quarts of half & half! – good desserts to come …) and I’m working on scheduling out how to get everything cooked in about 24 hours.

  318. This week my preparation for Thanksgiving is to get some Foie Gras. My partner and I don’t do traditional Thanksgiving turkey meals anymore, not since I had horrible food poisoning from a raw oyster that was bound for the stuffing. So, I picked up an Elk tenderloin and am going to make Elk Wellington. πŸ™‚

  319. We’re getting ready to cull our 2 backyard turkeys! Plus, we’re most likely moving to Wyoming in February, so having a beautiful knife made from there would be a huge bonus!

  320. For the first time, my daughter is hosting Thanksgiving – I’m a guest! But the one thing she asked me to bring on our 8 hour drive is the knife sharpener – I’ve trained her well!
    We love a sharp knife.

  321. I am thinking about what type of candy to get for gingerbread houses. We make them the weekend after Thanksgiving.
    Your comment about food not sticking to the blade of this knife perked up my ears. That is always a problem with my knives.

  322. We aren’t doing family Thanksgiving until the weekend, so I’m planning to have a nice simple fall meal on Thursday, and I’m currently selecting my menu! My goal is to keep the fall theme, without any of our traditional thanksgiving foods.

  323. I will try my best to replicate my Grandmother’s fresh Cranberry Relish, and also some sweet & spicy nuts πŸ™‚
    Happy Thanksgiving! Stacy N.

  324. I’m taking inventory of my freezer and canned goods in order to make a menu using what I already have first and buying the rest as I go. So far so good! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  325. CLEANING is at the top of my list! Ugh!
    Then, some menu planning. I want to make clam chowder this year and am looking for a great recipe.
    I’m also going to make some “Pickled Cranberries” from “Serious Eats”.
    They were a big hit last year!
    Gosh, these knives look AMAZING!!!!! Sigh…..

  326. Since this will be the last Thanksgiving my son gets to spend with us (he’s leaving for Basic Military Training with the USAF in a few weeks), I’m planning on doing the prep work this weekend to celebrate one of his favorite holidays. First, I’ll need to buy the turkey though and get that ready to thaw! So, buying the turkey is on my list this weekend!

  327. I’m trying to bake up some pies ahead of time, but they aren’t quite behaving! I’ve had several run ins with failed pies thus far, but I intend to persevere.

  328. One of the things I’m doing for my Turkey day is gathering the ingredients for a new recipe I’m going to try for stuffing. Back to the store one more time.

  329. I’m packing my suitcase and furiously trying to finish knitting a sweater that I plan on wearing to Thanksgiving dinner. Not the same as most people’s prep, but I’m not the one cooking – I’m flying to see my boyfriend for the long weekend πŸ™‚ (okay, I’ll be cooking – a lot – once I get there… I refill his freezer every time I visit!)

  330. I’m buying hostess gifts as I’ve got two invites to eat elsewhare because we are in the middle of a kitchen rennovations