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December 15, 2014

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It used to be that when I traveled for the holidays, I would always take care to pack a sharp knife or two into my checked luggage. No matter where I was spending Christmas, I knew I’d end up doing some cooking and would inevitably be frustrated by their array of slicers and choppers.

Thankfully, I don’t have to chance my favorite knives to the whims of TSA anymore, because a few years back, I started a personal campaign to improve the situation in my parents’ and sister’s kitchens. That way, when I go to visit them, I don’t end up moved to tears by the state of their cutlery.

NewWest paring knife

If you find yourself in similar straits when traveling to visit family, consider doing your part to improve the state of their knife drawer. If they’ve got good knives gone dull, a simple sharpener like this one will help save you from frustration.

If their knives are just plain lousy, consider giving them one well-made knife. You’ll save your own sanity and take care of the gift list in a single swoop.

NewWest handle

One such maker of beautiful, present-appropriate knives is New West Knife Works. Their blades are light, strong, and hold an edge. The Fusionwood handles are lovely to look at and to hold (do know that the factory that made their handles burnt down earlier this year, so if you like the looks of the Fusionwood, make sure to get one soon as inventory is low).

Because it’s the holiday season, I have one Fusionwood paring knife to give away to one of my readers. This is the last giveaway of 2014, and I’m so happy to be able to offer such a good one! Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your favorite holiday and/or end of year tradition. Do you make the same cookie each year? Do the latkes get cooked in the same pan? Is there a solstice ceremony you particularly love? Do you gather with the same people to watch football on New Year’s Day?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, December 20, 2014. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by Sunday, December 21, 2014.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry!).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: New West Knife Works is the sponsor of this giveaway and they have provided two paring knives. One for me for photography purposes and another for the winner. Additionally, they are currently a Food in Jars sponsor. However, all opinions expressed in this post remain entirely mine. 

One last thing! The folks at New West Knife Works have a sister brand called MTN Man Toy Shop. If you are still looking for the perfect gift for the mountain man in your life, it’s worth a gander.

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489 thoughts on "Giveaway: New West Knife Works Paring Knife"

  • We always have cheese fondue for dinner and chocolate fondue for dessert on Solstice Eve 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway! A new knife would definitely help with fondue prep!

  • We decide which cookies to make, we assemble ingredients, then we make the cookies, we give the cookies, we eat the cookies, we can’t wait until next year to do it all over again. We really love cookies all year round, but Christmas cookies are special.

  • We always gather some friends and family and break a pinata on the Solstice. Filled with candy and little unbreakable stocking stuffers.

  • In addition to whatever plans we have with the families every year, we also hold Roommate Thanksgiving and Roommate Christmas gatherings with two of our former roommates who now live together. Most years we host a big Thanksgiving dinner for the four of us and then we go out for drinks or happy hour for Roommate Christmas.

  • Spending the week between Christmas and New years in the little Bavarian Christmas town of Leavenworth Washington!

  • Every year since the age of 4 (I’m 41 now), my family has had cheese fondue for Christmas Eve. We all know the recipe by heart, but part of the tradition is pulling out the maize colored, tattered Betty Crocker cookbook to take a look. There is also always a fight to see who can make someone lose a piece of bread first because the victor gets a wish for the coming year.

  • We’re a young family just making traditions, but my husband and children and I really look forward to cutting our tree every year at the local farm. We’re on our 5th year! Definitely a start to a great tradition.

  • My mother made monster cookies every year and gave them to neighbors and co-workers. When we moved back home, my husband helped her make them. When my mom passed away, my husband and I continued to make the cookies and pass them out to the neighbors in her honor.

  • On Christmas day we eat lefsa and lutifisk. I pretty much just eat lefsa. Then we play cards together until it’s time to open presents. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love a new knife. A good knife is very important for a canner:)

  • Every holiday season i make a bunch of goodie bags usually filled with some kind of cookies and candies to share with friends, family, and co-workers.

  • My sons and I light candles for solstice and open our gifts to each other. This has become our special thing as the years have gone by. My oldest was born on Christmas and it also helps separate all the other festivities going on this time of year.

  • ive never had a christmas tradition with family, but this year my boyfriend and I are starting one, sharing gifts and homemade cookies with our sweet dogs on xmas eve.

  • A couple of friends and we always go to our favorite Asian restaurant and pig out on Christmas Day. This year there are a couple of family issues which may mean that we must change the day, but we will still share the dining experience.

  • We always watch the Muppet Christmas Carol together as a family at christmas time! we know all the lines and all the songs. 🙂

  • Even though all the “kids” in my family are now adults, we still get new pajamas on Christmas Eve and wear them while watching It’s A Wonderful Life and having cocoa and my Aunt’s famous gingerbread cookies.

  • What a beautiful knife!

    My favorite tradition is an ornament ball that holds jewelry that my sister and I pass back and forth each year. My mom gave them to us originally, and each year we pick a theme, whether it be a type of jewelry, or a vintage find, or this year, something made locally! It’s so fun, I hope to start something similar with my daughters!

  • On Christmas Eve every year, my entire family goes to our old next door neighbor’s home and have a traditional Swedish meal (they are Swedish, obviously). It’s always a special treat to end the year with Swedish delicacies.

  • A holiday tradition at my house is roasting chestnuts. I love the smell of them cooking and the taste is so sweet and nutty and delicious. It takes a little more work than some other foods but is so worth the effort.

  • The best part of the holiday season for me is simply taking time off work to spend with my family. I look forward to that time all year!

  • My family is Dutch so every year my grandma bakes banket (it’s basically buttery, flaky dough wrapped around sugary almond paste). Christmas would not be the same without it!

  • I have a lovely neighbor with a gorgeous kitchen. We like to research cookie recipes, make several choices some of which are for traditional European cookies and bake them together in her kitchen. We also like to go all out with the packaging. We use tins, beautiful ribbon and sparkle-dusted sprigs. Then we gift the results.

  • Although no one in my family is English, we always have a particularly English meal on Christmas Even — standing rib roast, yorkshire pudding, peas, and creamed onions. Mmm…

  • Each year I make Christmas dinner for my family with a different theme. A few years ago it was Brazilian, this year is Southern. We explore different cuisines and customs this way.

  • My favorite tradition is dungeness crab for Christmas Eve. The tradition started in the San Fransisco Bay area but has since traveled to the Rocky Mountains. It’s a little more difficult to maintain now but still worth the effort.

  • My husband enjoys eating a cheese ball around the holidays. I also make some kind of crab dish, either crab stew or crab dip to celebrate the season.

  • Cheese Fondue on Christmas Eve! Now that my parents having been spending Christmas at our house I think Santa is getting us a fondue set this year so they don’t have to lug it back and forth 🙂

  • Christmas morning brunch! I love taking the morning slow, cozying up with a mug of coffee, flipping pancakes, and enjoying a brunch meal together as a family while we read the Christmas story.

  • My favorite tradition is making Hungarian Kiflis (cookies) with my Hungarian father in the days leading up to Christmas. He’s been telling me how to make them my entire life, but I still love to let him tell me.

  • We have sausage and bell peppers every Christmas eve with some yummy hoagie rolls. So easy to make and filling. Happy Holidays

  • I have begun a tradition of making egg nog each year, and for the first time, I have turned some of it into egg nog marshmallows!

  • We spend the solstice at a friend’s house in the country, with a potluck dinner, a bonfire by the pond, lots of singing, and a barn dance.

  • I always go within and evaluate my year, my lifestyle, my future, etc. I take a day and just clean out everything around the house and then decide how I want to live in the coming year.

  • For the past ten years We make between 5-25 pounds of golden caramels. I have been told by several family members that I am not welcome at Christmas dinner if I do not bring the caramels.

  • Our new annual tradition is to come up with something other than a fir tree to decorate as our “tree”. This year is a drum set stacked and strung with Christmas lights. It looks great and we don’t have to compost it when the season is over.

  • My favorite holiday cookie is Orange Jumbles – a basic sugar cookie dough made with fresh OJ & orange zest, then frosted with orange-flavored buttercream. Yum! NOW it’s a holiday!

  • Press cookies. My mom used to make them for the family and then passed the press on to me when she decided she was too old to deal with it. So now I wage a small battle against the press every year and make the cookies for the whole family.

  • It’s more of a beginning-of-the-new-year tradition, but on New Years Day, my husband and I get together with some of our best friends and we watch the NHL Winter Classic, and eat whatever the traditional foods from the home cities of the two teams are.

  • My Boyfriend and I have a rather new tradition we’ve started over the past few years.
    Pretzel Pizzas on christmas. Unconventional but totally tasty. : )

  • We don’t particularly have traditions, it’s more about doing simple things together.. walking the dogs, cooking…spending time with each other and being happy. If I feel like it I make shortbread. Spouse likes to make a big pot of gumbo.. sometimes we visit friends for part of the day.

  • On New Year’s Eve, our snack is always cheese. As soon as the clock strikes twelve, I say “rabbit, rabbit” — a trick my friend’s grandmother taught me that brings luck to the new year. I then head outside for a wild midnight romp in the snow with my dog and all our friends from the neighborhood.

  • We would always wait until late Christmas Eve to wrap our presents for the family and set them out in the middle of the night when the house is quiet and dark. The goal being to be the last person setting out the gifts so the others couldn’t guess.

  • Our favorite Christmas Eve tradition is monkey bread after Mass – if you set it on the last rise just before you leave for choir rehearsal, it’s just right to pop into the oven when you get home. By the time everyone has gotten out of church clothes and done the inevitable last minute wrapping, it’s ready to eat – all gooey and yummy.

  • Christmas eve night my husband and I enjoy eggnog, roasted chestnuts and spritz cookies in the ambience of our lovely lit Christmas tree.

  • Despite having adult children who no longer live nearby, I still enjoy baking Christmas cookies to bring to book clubs, friends, and for my husband to enjoy. Some are traditions, but I also like to find new recipes. 2 years ago I made an Austrian cookie, and a friend from one of my book clubs now makes it every year since her mother grew up there. Though she has passed on, my friend says it brings back memories of the stories her mother and aunt told about growing up in the mountains there, churning butter, etc. Just knowing how meaningful that has been for her has really touched me.

  • Every year I make cream of wheat cake. (essentially just honey cake layered with cream of wheat that’s thickened and sweetened) It’s not Christmas without it!

  • Every Christmas Eve my entire extended family gets together to enjoy each others company. It is something I look forward to every year.

  • My favorite holiday tradition is buying or making a new meaningful ornament for the tree. That is the most beautiful paring knife I have ever seen. Wow.

  • In the past few years we’ve gone to Christmas Mass with my in-laws and the priest sings “Joseph’s Lullaby” so beautifully and in just the right manner that the words come alive.