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September 30, 2014

EcoJarz giveaway products

One of the continuing joys of running this site is having a professional mandate to stay on top of the many different products people are making to work with mason jars. Back when I started writing, you could get screens for seed sprouting in canning jars, but that was about it. Now we live in a time when you can turn jars into travel mugs, cocktail shakers, spice jars, and even nut choppers.

EcoJarz is one company that have been consistently innovating in the area of mason jar attachments and recently they sent me three of their new products to try out.


The first item is a sturdy coiled spring called a Blendit. It’s designed to be popped into a mason jar when you want to shake something up. It’s a useful tool for emulsifying salad dressings or mixing protein powder into liquid.

ecojarz dose

Next up is the EcoJarz Dose. It’s a pour over coffee brewer that attaches snugly to a wide mouth mason. It comes with stainless steel filter, a stamper, a stainless steel flat lid, and a reusable cloth filter. The whole thing packs down to fit into a wide mouth pint jar, so it can go on the road with you.

jarhugger holster

Last up is the JarHugger Holster. It’s a demin cozy (complete with pocket) that helps pad your jars and allows you to take them on the go. It comes with EcoJarz standard drink top converter as well.

The nice folks at EcoJarz have offered up five sets of the products described up above for this week’s giveaway. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what your dream mason jar add-on product would be. Does it already exist? Or do you long to invent something new?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, October 4, 2014. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by the end of the day on Sunday, October 5, 2014.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: EcoJarz sent me the items you see above for testing and photography purposes. They are also providing the prizes for the giveaway. No additional compensation was provided. 

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364 thoughts on "Giveaway: New Products from EcoJarz"

  • I’d love to see a crank-style coffee grinder attachment. Or how about a tea strainer that would be held in place by the jar band? You could flip it upside-down and use it for dusting powdered sugar or flour, or baking soda for scrubbing your bathtub. I’m drinking iced tea out of my jar at the moment.

  • I like the Blossom flower frog. The Ecojarz Dose seems like it would be useful at work and for travel. I agree that the plastic storage caps are very useful. I’ve considered giving one away with each gift of jam so the recipient won’t have to hassle with the lid and screw on band. Now that I know more about silicone, I may buy a few of the silicone caps (but they are considerably more expensive.

  • The coffee filter seems like my next perfect step. We currently us a chorreador for our coffee, and while that is great, this would be more useful on the road.

  • These all look great! There are so many add-ons for jars these days I can’t think of anything that’s obviously missing in the accessory department-but I do wish there was a better way to store the rings off of the jars than just in a pile in a drawer.

  • I love using mason jars as a quick to-go coffee mug, but think an attachment that lets jars stack for storage/aesthetic purposes would be pretty cool.

    There are so many uses for mason jars. It’s crazy!

  • I agree that better ring storage would be a dream and a coffee grinder attachment too….such clever folks on here! I love the old pb lids that screw on to my jars. Cheaper than plastic ones you buy, more colors and sometime I even reuse the green Parmesan cheese lids to have a shaker. Great reuse!

  • Yeay jar accessories. Don’t have another accessory in mind. The pour over coffee might solve my current issues with using an awkward filter and funnel set up to strain my cold brew into jars.

  • I love the idea of the coffee/tea brewer and second the call for better ring storage! I’m also a fan of the cuppow storage cups.

  • I would love to have a mason jar attachment with a tea filter for brewing loose teas. I haven’t seen it anywhere, but maybe it does exist!

  • Something that turns a mason jar into a flour sifter might be cool, or even just a shaker. Pour spout jar tops (yes, I know I can make one from the top of a Morton’s salt container, but how often do I go through those?) seem like a good idea, and I do like the plastic lids 🙂 I like the idea of the cherry pitter attachment, but I don’t pit enough cherries and the reviews make it seem like it’s not as sturdy as one might hope.

  • Wow, the coffee brewer might be it.

    It looks a lot like a Vietnamese one that I have (designed to go over a cup), but that doesn’t have a filter, which might make life a lot easier…

    The nut grinder sounds great, too. Or maybe something to make poppy seed paste — but that seems unlikely to take off.

  • I would love to see them make some kind of washable travel pouch to go along with their stainless steel straws. Could attach to the jar somehow, or standalone. Just so there would be the ability to have a solid cover on the jar (while carrying in the cozy especially) and not have a gross straw with nowhere to put it.

  • I want a mason jar for making salad dressing with the quantities of the ingredients measured out on the side of the jar. And a flip cap on top for drizzling, of course.

  • my grandmother had a nut grinder that screwed onto jars! That was one of my favorite jobs when “helping ” int the kitchen. These days a simple plastic lid is my most used accessory.

  • After pondering for a bit, I think I would love a jewelry organizer insert (probably to fit a wide mouth pint). It should have a set of clear stacking trays (with some divided sections for earrings and rings) that slide over a central core (with a small knob at the top so the unit could be removed). I’d be able to see what was in each jar, and if I was traveling, I could easily pack my jewelry for travel. When I reach my destination, I could remove the insert and have a mini jewelry stand at the ready!

  • A magnetic lid would be a very useful attachment for the smallest mason jars. I could imagine all sorts of craft supplies and/or herbs and spices that would be very easy to store and use if they could be displayed on a stainless wall panel or side of an appliance.

  • So far my favorite to date is the pouring spout lids that I got for pouring Moonshine. Of course they come in handy for pouring any liquid.

  • We use jars for almost everything at our house. I don’t let my kids take them out of the house because I don’t want them broken. The jean cozy is adorable and would be an easy way to protect the jar from breaking.

  • We took plastic lids and drilled holes in them for straws to use with the kids. We LOVE them!! 🙂

  • Each one of these products sound great. I have been using jars for everyday use sense before I was married 28 years ago. But the new ad-ons are just wonderful.

  • I’m not very creative when it comes to this kind of thing. But, I like the drop-in-whisk shown in your post!

  • I use my jars for making overnight oatmeal to take to work, love it. I’m a tea drinker so a tea strainer would be nice.

  • As a crafter I would light to see a lid with an oil lamp wick and “dial” to expose more as needed for a vintage look oil lamp.

  • The coffee brewer might just be the accessory that I’d most like. Can’t wait to see it and try it.

    +1 for the ring and jar storage requests. We use mason jars instead of plasticware and would love a nifty storage solution.

  • I like the Blendit. I make my own salad dressing so it would be perfect for that. I could also use it for mixing instant pudding.

  • I love the denim cover! I take my jars everywhere for all kinds of purposes and this would be perfect to insulate and protect from breakage!

  • A pour spout top would be nice, especially for salad dressings. A ‘travel mug’ lid, with a flip tab to drink from that seals when closed, so you don’t have to worry about it spilling would be very cool.

    Love the spray bottle idea, as well as magnetic lids! So many great ideas listed here.

  • It would be nice to have an heavier insulated/protective cover for the jar itself. I’m always worried about whacking a jar and breaking it. Being a denim loving person I do have to say I like the jar hugger you’ve shown today.

  • I like the Blendit very very much. I always have powdered mix left at the bottom of my jar and this will sure help.
    I’d like to have a topper that turns my jar into a shaker for powdered sugar, flour, corn starch etc…is there one out there already?

  • These are all great products! So many uses and earth friendly. Wow, EcoJarz your amazing! I like the way the mason jar has come full circle. I remember in the 70s watching my aunts can and lately have picked it up myself. Maybe more jar hugger options with different materials, an insulator for taking a healthy smoothy to work and still have it chilled when I get to my desk would be wonderful. ;o)

  • dream add-on would be something that gets you that one extra ounce of room when you’re filling jars; that way my fridge wouldn’t be filled with teeny little tupperware. 🙂 hubby is very excited about the pour-over – that may be our next addition to our camping ware.

  • Since I use mason jars daily for ice water, I would like an insulated cover to keep it cold longer and absorb condensation.

  • Mason jars ar my favorite way to store…everything. Maybe some kind of add on to make it possible store spices in small jars and shaker tops?

  • I love my drinking lid, but would like to try one that isn’t plastic! Mostly, I like the idea of using my jars as lunch tubs… or cocktail shakers! Thanks for the opportunity, these products look swell.

  • I long for a drink attachment that has a retractable mouth spout/straw that would tuck away to keep clean. I constant catch and knock my drink containers over with the petruding spouts. I’m luvin’ that Blendit ball whisk!

  • Love all these ideas. Pour over probably my favorite. Would work great for loose teas as well for the all the gourmet tea drinkers out there!!

  • We use mason jars for EVERYTHING. I’d love to see STAINLESS STEEL RINGS for using all the fun, new add-ons without rust! We’ve floated the idea of drilling out holes in our white plastic lids, but I keep putting it off in the hopes I won’t need to!…

  • What a great giveaway! I’m not very savvy when it comes to this kinds of things. I’m happy with the ecojarz lid attachment so I can drink my coffee in the car.

  • Love the idea of the pour over…I’ve been looking for a good option for this! But that handy little shaker would likely get just as much use in my kitchen too!

  • I just love the coffee brewing idea, very clever. I also like the shaker pour spout (for olive oil and dressings). The new one I would like to see is a strainer top.

  • A drink spout that has a cover to make it relatively leak proof when (inadvertently) knocked over…..
    Also, something that the 1 1/2 pint jars could be set into to give the bottom a bid more width…..I drink from them the most because I like the volume they hold, but they are also the most topheavy!

  • I had a pour over right after college and it didn’t make the move. That’s something that I’d really enjoy having in the office for that 3 oclock pick me up. That and the mason jars would be super easy to clean. Great idea.

  • I love the drinking lids, and the coffee attachment looks awesome. Maybe someone could invent something to hold a spoon or fork on the side of the jar for lunch box use.

  • I love the pour over coffee brewer… would really like to see a drink top that seals up because spilling would cause a real problem at my desk!

  • I would definitely use the Blendit…I make a ton of homemade salad dressings and it would come in super handy. Although I’m not a coffee-drinker, I would be interested to know if you could use the EcoJarz Dose for loose tea…hmmm….

  • I use my empty mason jars for hot and cold items a lot (like bringing coffee to work in my backpack so it doesn’t spill). Sometimes, I put the jar in a wool sock to keep it warm, but I’d love to have a classier option for insulation.

  • I LOVE the denim holster. I find myself using mason jars more and more and I love all things denim. so happy to see all the add-ons that are coming out.

  • I didn’t know it till I saw it- but that pour over coffee attachment is now officially my dream jar accessory. how clever!

  • There are o many neat new ideas out there it is hard to pick just one. I really like the denim carrier. I would love to see a mason jar coffee grinder. 🙂

  • I think the coffee pour over is genius! I love all of them and I can see using all of them. I think a pour spout would be next on the list.

  • I really want a “bouncer” skin for larger mason jars – so they’re less likely to break if bumped/dropped and to provide less-slick hand grip when removing from fridge (darn large pickle jars + humidity!)

  • I really like the sling idea, and I would also like to see some shaker lids…. I’m sure they are out there.