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September 30, 2014

EcoJarz giveaway products

One of the continuing joys of running this site is having a professional mandate to stay on top of the many different products people are making to work with mason jars. Back when I started writing, you could get screens for seed sprouting in canning jars, but that was about it. Now we live in a time when you can turn jars into travel mugs, cocktail shakers, spice jars, and even nut choppers.

EcoJarz is one company that have been consistently innovating in the area of mason jar attachments and recently they sent me three of their new products to try out.


The first item is a sturdy coiled spring called a Blendit. It’s designed to be popped into a mason jar when you want to shake something up. It’s a useful tool for emulsifying salad dressings or mixing protein powder into liquid.

ecojarz dose

Next up is the EcoJarz Dose. It’s a pour over coffee brewer that attaches snugly to a wide mouth mason. It comes with stainless steel filter, a stamper, a stainless steel flat lid, and a reusable cloth filter. The whole thing packs down to fit into a wide mouth pint jar, so it can go on the road with you.

jarhugger holster

Last up is the JarHugger Holster. It’s a demin cozy (complete with pocket) that helps pad your jars and allows you to take them on the go. It comes with EcoJarz standard drink top converter as well.

The nice folks at EcoJarz have offered up five sets of the products described up above for this week’s giveaway. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what your dream mason jar add-on product would be. Does it already exist? Or do you long to invent something new?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, October 4, 2014. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by the end of the day on Sunday, October 5, 2014.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: EcoJarz sent me the items you see above for testing and photography purposes. They are also providing the prizes for the giveaway. No additional compensation was provided. 

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364 thoughts on "Giveaway: New Products from EcoJarz"

  • I would very much appreciate a lid that would let me store and pour honey from a jar without drips. Every type of honey pourer that I’ve tried is flawed in one way or another, and I end up with a sticky mess. I buy local honey in big ten-pound jars, so I keep some in a pint jar for everyday use, but it’s messy to pour it out over yogurt or oatmeal or whatever.

  • I’m thinking some sort of jar ring with a carabiner clip would be nice. That way I could easily attach a jar of snacks or something to my bag strap, or belt.

  • I think a great adaptation would be a lid with a pump spout (like on hand soap dispensers). It would be great for dispensing sauces, syrups, ketchup, or anything else that you only wanted to use a little of instead of the entire jar. Then it wouldn’t drip down the outside of the jar when you pour it.

  • I wish there was a holder for the normal squarish jars both quart & pint that would not only protect the jar but also be very heat resistant, I like drinking coffee out of my quart jars but I always have to wrap a silicone pot holder around it & that’s rather awkward to walk around with.

  • there have been so many cool inventions for mason jars already! I love the drink tops and wish for a sleeve of some sort that has a handle. I’m not a big fan of the built in glass handled jars. I’m always afraid the handles are going to break off.

  • I LOVE the coffee pour-over! But, I would love a non-metallic mesh strainer that would fit over the top of a jar so that I could easily strain my homemade kefir products without having to take the grains out of the jar. I could strain and then just add the next batch of liquid!

  • I love the sippy cup drink lids, but would love to see something with a pour spout (like the salt box style) that also seals. I store small grains-quinoa, barley, wheat- in jars and it would be so convenient to just pour them out into a measuring cup.

  • I would love mason jar with a pour spout. It would be awesome for oils, vinegars and salad dressings. I also wonder is someone makes mason jar cannister sets for storing flour, sugar, etc.

  • I already love everything JAR!! The tops with the straws are awesome for my smoothies. The jean cozy is cool.

  • A snap top lid that would mean you could chug your drink that is in your jar with a snug snap top to prevent leaking, think ice cold smoothies whilst driving to work

  • A jar with a lid that when turned, opens a pouring spout. This way, you could keep the jar sealed, not having to remove the entire lid to pour

  • I love the maon jars with lids that straws can go through as i have lots of mason jars on hand and love that they can double as a to go cup!! now i just need shorter straws for my little ones to use the half pint sized ones for thier to go cups!! Also love that a mason jar can convert over to a sippy cup!!

  • I love seeing all the fun and useful things people are making to make mason jars more useful.
    I’d like to have one piece lids for fridge and cupboard storage that aren’t made of plastic. Also useful, would be a spice jar type lid that adjusts from closed to smalls holes to one large hole (like the lids on the old kraft parmesan tubs).

  • I like to make vinaigrettes so I appreciate the plastic lids. The metal ones will leave a metallic taste if left on more than a day or two.

  • A non-drip spout for pouring fruit syrups onto pancakes would be great! That is so practical that somebody has probably already manufactured it, but I just haven’t run across it.

  • oh my my! the coffee brewer would be my what could make a mason jar better vote!

    love the denim coozie. The strap’s cute too but only if you’ve got a good seal on your jar.
    I use a soft 12 oz can or bottle coozie with mine. a few years back I crocheted a water bottle holder
    using nylon cord…… hmmm. Think it might be time to make one mason jar sized. : )
    Thanks for the great giveaway and site.

  • I would like a jar-carrier or tote for four to six jars, for when I take a sampling to a friend’s house. Currently I use a wine tote but quart jars are a tight fit.

  • I think I want silicone lids. Like a snap on lid, but that will stay on pretty well — then can be just put in the top of the dishwasher. I use my jars for other things, but when I do, I don’t want to use the coated lids – or sometimes even a metal lid imparts a taste (like if you are storing salad dressing in it). Metal lids are a must for traveling around with a jar, but if I’m just using them in the fridge, I would love to swap out the metal lids for the ease of silicone.

  • There are some great ideas here! I would love a closeable pour spout or a closeable drinking lid. The new items from Ecojarz are great. Thank you!

  • okay, the pour-over coffee attachment is *it*. it can’t get better than that. especially the it where it packs down inside; this is what i am taking camping from now on.

  • I want an affordable mason jar french press top. I love my french press but the glass is delicate and a mason jar would be much more durable. I know of at least one mason jar french press but it’s really expensive.

  • This set is perfect. I use mason jars for everything. This would be great for packing lunch and brewing coffee on the go. Luv it !!!

  • I woud love to see a pint jar specifically for tea, one with a handle that doent get too warm and a lid to keep it warm so that I can easily take it on the go. It would be the cutest thing.

  • Honestly, the jar lid from Cuppow is probably my favorite. Makes drinking hot coffee out of my wide mouth pint jar a whole lot nicer.

  • I love the denim cover. I drink all my green juices and smoothies from my jars and I’m always trying to find a slightly padded easy to carry cover for the jars. I also would love some sort of drinking spout with a cover. I like to keep my drinks covered in between sips.

  • A great new product would be a hand-pump that fit on a wide-mouth mason jar to produce a vacuum seal for storing dehydrated foods. The only ones available now are attachments to appliances like the Food Saver.

  • I want a single-jar or two-jar canning-bot. I want to be able to make a small batch of something, put it in a small machine (size…maybe about the size of my rice cooker or smaller?), add water to the machine, close the lid, program my processing time and just walk away. The machine would bring the water up to boiling temp, start the timer at that point, process my stuff for the correct time, then cool down and bingo! I’d have a perfectly processed jar (or two!) of the good stuff without having to be there watching the pot. It’s like the crock-pot of canning. Set it and forget it.

  • I thought I was going to be very clever with my idea of a jar lid that would allow the contents to pour out without making a mess, but I see that many other commenters have the same thought. Seems like there’s a need for a way to easily and neatly dispense salad dressing, syrup, or whatever other pourable things we’re storing in our beloved jars.

    1. Recap has them! Wide mouth and small mouth with a flip lid. We use them for our half gallon jars with raw milk, salad dressing and everything.

  • The DOSE just about rounds out my mason jar add-on wishlist! Just one other idea: I like to use jars for everyday drinking glasses, but there are always drips if I don’t drink from the little flat spot next to where the threading starts near the lip. So some sort of ring to go over the threading? Come to think, maybe a regular old ring would do the trick here…

  • I love the colored mason jars I’ve seen lately- I would love to see a greater variety of colors, though! That or reusable lids!

  • I LOVE mason jars. You can use them for almost anything. I would like to see a lid with a pour spout. Great for dressing, oil, cream and so on. I would also like to see a metal carrier for 4 to 6 jars.

  • I opened up the questions to my kids and my 9 year old daughter had a great idea. She would love to be able to turn a mason jar into a quick home for a caterpillar. So, a screen top would be a delightful invention.

  • Ooooh!!! The coffee brewer! I’ve thought often how nice one would be, but didn’t know it existed until you posted it! I would modify it a bit to do espresso/lattes. ❤️

  • I would love to have a mason jar lid that was a fine (I mean superfine) mesh like a coffe filter. That way I could use it for topping my jar of sourdough starter and avoiding the fruit flies that do seem to love it so… It would also be useful for kombucha and keifer making.


  • I love the zippy cup tops for my kids, and the ones that fit a straw through too. Would love to try the denim cozy for my drinks on-the-go!

  • Wow, so many people seem to want plastic lids, and here I was wondering if anyone make full metal lids. I’d like to be able to oven-sterilize them along with the jars and caps. (Maybe I’ve just spent too much time cleaning glassware in a bio lab!)

  • I would like something which would allow me to drink from Mason jars outside the home, without fear of breakage or leaking.

  • A salad dressing topper would be great…something that helps you emulsify and has a pour spout. I don’t know if it already exists, but if it does, I need one!

  • My dream mason jar add-on already exists! My dear friend makes Mug Monsters, insulated mason jar carriers with a carry strap….. In the cutest pre-made and custom-made designs! (

  • A mason jar cap with a pour spout that would also not leak. I made salad dressings regularly in my mason jars (besides the usual canning) and would like to be able to pour a thick dressing without the last little bit making a mess on the side of the jar.

  • I love that jar holster, tho insulated might be better. It would make taking my green smoothies to work much easier.

  • I would love a sippy top with a straw hole to sip from that accommodates even a glass straw….and has a closeable hole to shake things up in my jar, too.

  • I would like a lid with a spout so that I could pour or drizzle things like chocolate sauce. I don’t know if it already exists. I should research this one.

  • Once I have opened a jar of homemade jelly, I would love to replace the top with one that pops open so I could easily spoon some out.

  • I would like a washable, insulative mason jar sleeve that has a sturdy handle. I feel like I can get one or the other but not both. Also, I’d really like a car with cup holders that can accommodate something larger than a jelly jar!

  • I would love to have a pepper mill add on. I think it would be so wonderful to store a pretty melange in a mason jar, and have it right next to my stove for a freshly ground spice.