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May 14, 2014

Joy of Cooking shelf

When it comes to large, all-in-one cookbooks, I will forever be a Joy of Cooking loyalist. It was the book from which I learned the very basics of cooking and is where I turn when I want to make banana bread or crepes, or to determine how long to roast a turkey.

JOY app

I’ve long had six editions of JOY on my shelves and late last week, I excitedly added another version to my collection. Happily, this edition doesn’t take up a lick of space and I can take it anywhere I want. It’s the brand new Joy of Cooking app!

JOY keeping and storing

The new app includes thousands of recipes and all are contained in the app (that means that you don’t need to be connected to the internet in order to access the content). You can mark recipes as favorites so that you can return to different dishes easily. You can set the app so that it prevents your device from going to sleep while you’re cooking. And it’s programmed to include substitutions, so that you can easily swap ingredients with what you currently have in your kitchen.

JOY canning etc

One of the things I love about this app is that it helps bring recipes to my attention that I’ve passed over in the print versions. Every edition of JOY has contained a preserving section, but it wasn’t until exploring the app that I started getting excited about some of the jams and pickles it contains (tart corn relish! curried apricot chutney! golden cherry tomato and ginger jam!).

JOY rhubarb juice

I’ve marked this rhubarb juice recipe to make at some point this season. I love the thought of having a few jars of pink possibility.

This week, I have five downloads from the nice folks at JOY to give away to some lucky Food in Jars readers. Though, if you can’t wait, the Joy of Cooking app is available on the Apple App Store at the discounted price of $5.99 right now (the regular price will be $9.99). It’s great deal and a fabulous resource to carry around with you.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your cookbook habits. Do you use an iPad or other tablet in the kitchen, do you drag a laptop in with you, or are you a cookbook devotee? Or is there some other method that you favor?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, May 17, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, May 18, 2014
  3. Giveaway open to all.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: The people behind the Joy of Cooking app gave me a free download so that I could explore the app and write about it. They are also providing the downloads for the winners. That said, I was mere moments away from buying a copy when I got the email offering me free review access. It is a great product and I’m thrilled that it’s in the world. 

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274 thoughts on "Giveaway: New Joy of Cooking iPad App"

  • I love all my print cookbooks, but my laptop does bear the marks of it’s time in the kitchen!

    1. I fancy a nice paper cookbook, but I do end up using the iPad quite a lot in the kitchen. We even have a stand for it.

  • Hi there, I, too, am a totally Joy of Cooking fan. My Mom had it.. And it was a first Xmas present to my husband.. From me!! When we separated, he wanted to keep the book.. So I had to go out and buy my own copy!!
    Although I have an extensive & varied cookbook collection, I often use the Internet because of the ease of the search capabilities. So this new App sounds wonderful.
    I have tried to cook, just using my iPad .. But I find I like to print out the recipe and work from it… That way I can write notes on it.. And I don’t have worry about getting sticky fingers on my iPad screen!

  • I love all my cookbooks, I use some apps on my iPad, I still love my physical books, and I use kindle books. I’ve even downloaded kindle versions of some books I already own so I would have them available when I’m at the farmers market. If I see some awesome fresh fruit or veggies, I can quickly pull up your book and find a great pickle or jam recipe and know how much I need! Awesomeness!

  • I love love love all my cook books including my ancient hand me down copy of “the joy”, however more and more I find myself using my tablet and iPhone to both share recipes and check myself mid recipe. I’m a die hard paper gal, so I’ll often write recipes down on a small page and then check back online for the specifics of “how to”. Love your new book!

  • Looks great. I see it’s by the same folks who did Bittman’s “Everything,” which I use often in both iPad and hardcover. I’m a masher-upper, so I often have at least one (usually two) cookbooks open — as well as a tab or two on my laptop — while I’m working in the kitchen. On good days, I remember to jot some notes down in my journal. I’m getting better about that, but I still probably only have a 50% hit rate, at best. Thanks for bringing this one to our attention. I’ll definitely check it out.

  • I love my cookbooks. I love the feel of books in my hand, turning the pages. Noting all the posty notes of the favorites, and marking those that I find I want to make. Keeping those that were my Grandmothers sacred. However, my iPad has soon become a top contender, sharing the recipe holder with the books. My cookbooks will always have a place, but the iPad is soon becoming a new favorite, inside the gallon size ziplock bag so I don’t mess it up, as I am one of those messy cooks.

  • I use all kinds- iPad, handwritten scribbles, books propped up and wedged open with whatever’s handy 🙂

  • I have really begun using my ipad more and more in the kitchen. I have a recipe book app that I can add recipes to, but often lately I find my self just doing a screen shot of the recipe and then just pulling up the photo when I cook.

  • I like to search online for recipes then print them out for use in the kitchen. I also save a lot of recipes In Pocket so I can find them again! Sometimes I use my ipad while cooking but not very often.

  • 8/10 times, I lug my computer into the kitchen. Occasionally, I will use my iPad or print out the recipe.

  • My sister gave me JOC as a Christmas present in 1972. I use it a lot–and the other 100 or more cookbooks in my collection. And I use my iPad in the kitchen. I have all the family recipes saved to the cloud and shared so all the kids can access them.

  • I’ve got a few well-worn cookbook pages, but nowadays I mostly use the ipad or laptop– floury smudgemarks on my electronics to prove it! (oops)

  • I actually use all 3. It really depends on where the the recipe is located. More often than not, it’s an electronic device I use. My laptop has spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen but my iPad is quickly taking the top spot.

  • I use my laptop or iPhone most of the time–but I love my cookbooks and am very happy whenever I take the time to pull one out! My Joy is not as frequently used as I would like–maybe this would help me with that!

  • I use both my iPad and cookbooks. I really like both as resources, depending on my mood! I am so excited about the Joy app!!!!

  • I’m more of a cookbook fan, but I do take the iPad in sometimes, and more and more I am bookmarking recipes to use in the kitchen.

  • I want so badly to be devoted to cookbooks, but I instantly turn to the laptop or iPad, because they’re always with me.

  • Joy of Cooking is a great reference that I have been using for more than 30 years. I love to use my print cookbooks, but I find that I turn to my iPad more and more..

  • the cookbooks have taken over more space than my kitchen has, and they keep coming! i love to look at them, read them, use them. but i use my laptop and my ipad in the kitchen frequently. they are all indispensable.

    btw i love the idea of the family recipes being in the cloud–smart! probably more organized than i’ll ever be, but something to keep in mind.

  • I’m a phone or iPad in the kitchen. It’s usually not books though, so much as blogs. As far as cookbooks, I have a shelf devoted to them right in the kitchen.

  • I have my mother’s Joy of Cooking that was given to her as a wedding present in 1948. I use it frequently. I also just love reading it. I also collect cookbooks. I have about 350 in my little library of cookbooks. There are cookbooks I love cooking from and some I just love reading cover to cover. I have some books on my laptop, some on my ipod, but mostly paper books in the book shelf. It would be a thrill, however, to have a new Joy of Cooking in electronic form.

  • I love cookbooks and have a small collection of vintage books. My mom’s 1959 Betty Crocker is well used. I do love my tablet in the kitchen. The Joy app sounds amazing!

  • I do both! I we been known to drag my laptop into the kitchen, but I also have a ridiculous amount of cookbooks 🙂

  • I’ve been giving away my cookbooks for a while, as I rarely use them. There are so many wonderful blogs online (including yours) that hard-copy cookbooks feel like a waste of space to me!

  • I’ve become Wesley Crusher, going everywhere with my iPad, always dressed in gray :-). Thank heavens for zooming in on the text while cooking, double checking ingredient quantities to save a double batch of preserves.

  • I use a mix of things, I have pepperplate app to gather recipes online but my cookbook collection isn’t going anywhere. I have less books than I used to have and I think long and hard before I buy one.

  • More and more I’m
    using my IPad in the kitchen. However, My kitchen bookshelf will always remain. It holds my well wore copy of the Joy of Cooking that was given to me by my grandmother over 30years ago.

  • I have shelves full of cookbooks (both in my kitchen and in my study) and my Evernote on my iPad is stuffed with digital recipes from all over the internet. I prepare a mealplan every week with recipes from both paper cookbooks and digital ones. So depending on the day I take a specific cookbook from the shelf (the recipe marked with a bit of sticking out washi tape) or I put my trusted iPad and put it against the bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I would love to experience and cook the recipes in this app

  • I couldn’t live without my iPad. It goes everywhere with me. I love my cookbooks too and have a large collection, but recently I’ve noticed I’m buying fewer. I subscribe to quite a few blogs and I find they are a great way to find unusual recipes and techniques. I live in the UK so translating US or Australian recipes is quite important. Because of your book and blog I’m now learning about hot water bath canning, which we don’t do in the UK. I’ve bought three baking apps so far – 2 on scones and 1 on bread making launched for Real Bread week in the UK (which is this week).

  • I’m a bit ole fashioned here as I don’t have none of them fancy electronic gadgets.
    I love my 300 plus paperback and hardback cookbook library.

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  • Joy of cooking is my main cookbook, it would be wonderful to have
    all the recipes with me on my phone when I want to share one with a
    friend or even cooking at home, I won’t have to keep my cookbook
    out while I’m cooking. This app is a really good thing. I would love to
    have one.

  • I adore my cookbook collection and an constantly looking to expand it. However, using the internet (via iPad or laptop) in the kitchen is often just faster. We even built a mini shelf in our kitchen specifically designed to be a perfect laptop height and size for ease when cooking!

  • I have a large collection of cookbooks which I use, I also have my ipad and my laptop. Various choices for me!

  • I too prefer printed cookbooks, mainly because it’s easier to read them, the screen doesn’t shut off. I save recipes into Evernote either using the web clipper, or emailing them to my account, or taking screen shots of online magazines that I checkout from my library and emailing the picture into Evernote.

    I have a stand from Williams Sonoma that I use to hold ipad for cooking.

  • I hope the stars are lining up: I just bought an ipod touch (mainly to listen to audio books while at the gym, or cooking) ~ the Joy Of Cooking app would be useful!

  • My use of recipes has evolved along with technology. Still have and use large hardbound cookbooks that I have grown to love over the decades. Am also enjoying trying new recipes from great blogs and websites like Gourmet and Epicurious. Would love to have this cookbook as an IPAD app to add to my kitchen tools!

  • I am a recipe omnivore – cookbooks, apps, printed recipe cards, blogs, website. In the kitchen, I access the digital material on my iPad.

  • Betty Crocker (my very first cookbook and so dog-eared) and Fanny Farmer have been my closest friends for years. Lots of new additions since I love reading cookbooks, particularly ones found at flea markets and yard sales. From a very old library sale treasure, I learned to list the good recipes in the front cover pages so as to locate them quickly the next time, and to pass on my experiences in case the book finds its way into new hands.

  • I love using my ipad in the kitchen! I have a recipe database in Evernote (which is wonderful because you can include tags to search through them by cuisine, occasion, ingredients, etc). And my ipad cover’s magnetic closure is strong enough that it will stick right on my microwave or range hood.

  • Yes, I use my IPad in the kitchen and even use paper cookbooks every now and then as well. The Joy os Cooking is also a popular one for me. I would love to win an app for it. I love searching for new (and old) recipes to try.

  • I usually use the books, but now that I have an iPad I would love to try the app. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • I still love cookbooks, and use them
    for most of my cooking. Often I prop
    my laptop on the counter for new recipes.

  • I have a huge collection of cookbooks that I drag into the kitchen with me, but I’ll also prop up my iPad. I use MacGourmet to edit recipes and calculate nutrition information, and those recipes transfer to the iPad as well. Thanks!

  • I use paper, iphone, tablet and have on occasion dragged the laptop in the kitchen. But, primarily I use print. I love cookbooks, I have quite a collection.

  • I love cookbooks, but more frequently I’m bringing my phone into the kitchen, or running back and forth to the office computer. It’s not convenient! This would help.

  • I have a huge collection of print cookbooks that I love. But I also save recipes that I find online to my springpad account. I can open springpad on my ipad in the kitchen and it is easy. I would love to win one of these apps!

  • I use my kindle or my daughters Ipad for online recipes but still use my recipe for everything else.
    Looking for an awesome app so I can get more organized and only use the iPad and kindle

  • Ha!! Cookbook habit??? Try cookbook addiction!! I love collecting cookbooks, especially the older ones. I have quite a diverse collection!

  • Love the physical experience of thumbing through cookbooks and taking notes as I cook, but frequently search online and have my iPad or phone by my side in the kitchen. Joy was probably the first cookbook I bought after leaving home (on the advice of professional chef parents of a friend), back in the 1990s. The app looks great!

  • I too love print cookbooks — for working from as well as for poring over and getting ideas from. I am just now making the transition to the tablet as a reference device in the kitchen — previously, if I found anything interesting on-line, I’d print it out for use in the kitchen.

  • It’s funny…I love to read an physical cookbook…just to read even if I am not likely to ever make anything from it. But I cook mostly from my IPad. A good recipe app lets you keep all your favorites and must tries together, categorized in a way that makes sense to you. It won’t replace any of the cookbooks, recipe apps, or food blogs I love, but it does keep me organized!

  • it all starts with the library. seems I have a constant flow of cookbooks on loan, read them cover to cover, and then buy the ones that I know I’ll come back to again and again.

  • I still love my cookbooks. Tattered, falling to bits, tabbed, dog eared, mixture stained. I have my grandmothers books and she cut recipes out of the newspaper, magazines and scrawled them down from friends. The iPad will never replace that hand me down legacy. The iPads instancy I love. The quick searching and printing beats finding a recipe hands down. But when I want the nostalgia and have time my cookbook library is where I go.

  • I had a dedicated bookshelf custom built when we renovated our kitchen. The bottom shelf has the frequently used books, the top, the ones that only get pulled out a couple times a year. Then there are the ones that come home for a visit from the library, and my iPad when I find some delicious recipe that begs to be tried.

  • I use the IPad for almost everything anymore including in the kitchen. Love the convenience of having everything a swipe or click away.

  • I often take my ipad to the kitchen, but I am a HUGE cookbook fanatic. I love looking at the pictures and reading the recipes. I wish I had the time to make everything I have marked in my books.

  • I love looking through my shelves of cookbooks. I also occasionally print out a recipe from the internet when I’m cooking. We just got an iPad for Christmas, and I haven’t tried any cooking apps yet. I’d love to try this app! Thank you for the opportunity.

  • We have a binder full of printed out & magazine recipes that is a stand by. I like using my iPad, but my husband does most of the cooking so he just likes me to read out the ingredients & instructions to him from whatever the source is. It’s a nice time to work together & catch up on our days.

  • Ooo, now i have to get this! I used to look up recipes on-line before, but since we got an iPad a few years ago, I find myself doing this more and more. It’s faster/easier than sorting through the entire bookcase of cookbooks. I bought a screen cover from W-S to take the iPad into the kitchen like cookbooks, and I’ll browse both just sitting. It would be great to have all my cookbooks indexed together so I could use them more, but really, JoC (only 2 editions here) is the go-to for most things except more recent world cuisines!

  • I don’t have a house, my car is 16 years old, and I don’t have a tv. Instead, I collect dishes that strike my fancy, jars, and cookbooks.

    I’m really trying hard to slow down the collection of glass, but occasionally something pretty and unusual comes along where I just can’t say no. The same thing happens with books. Like many others, The Joy of Cooking did, and still has, held a prominent spot on the bookshelf for decades. Along with Chez Panisse, La Varenne, Tartine Bread, The Art of Mexican Cooking, On Food and Cooking, America’s Test Kitchen, and The Mary Moore Cookbook, the pages of these books are stained, dogeared, bookmarked, pencil scribed with notes, and some of the spines held together with duct tape from years of love and spills.

    It would be wonderful to try out the Joy of Cooking app.

  • I love Joy of Cooking and sometimes find myself perusing the older editions for pleasure reading. The conversational headers before the recipe are range from delightful to strange but always make for a good time. The time I find myself abandoning my cookbook shelf in favor of my iPhone is when I have a specific dish I want to try (or think I have the ingredients for…or need to use up the ingredients for!) but don’t know what the best recipe is. One example: chicken shawarma. I love to eat it but didn’t think my old Joy of Cooking would have the recipe, and, since I’d never made it before, I had no concept of the ingredients, cooking technique, etc., so I wanted to read several recipes to get a sense of range and quality. Kitchen iPhone it was! Weirdly enough, I never find myself bringing my laptop into the kitchen. If I take the time to do the reading and research online, I’m much more likely to print the recipe and take it with me.

  • I’ve used the Joy of Cooking ever since I started cooking, but lately I’ve been using internet recipes. I generally run back and forth between my computer and the stove so this solution sounds good to me.

  • I moved and gave away all my cookbooks because we simply didn’t think we had room. Sadly, that was the worst decision I have made in my life. I love cookbooks and this would certainly fit the bill.


  • I LOVE cookbooks but since I got my ipad I am just as likely to look up a recipe there rather than pour through my books. Cookbook apps make so much sense to me– the very best of both worlds!

  • I read cookbooks like novels. I check them out from the library, several a week, and buy the ones I really think I’ll cook from over and over. I also collect recipes from random sources on my blog and print them out to put in a binder with sheet protectors (to prevent splattering). I put some recipes on my kindle and prop it ip in the kitchen, and cook from Pinterest on my iPad, but the trouble is that my kitchen is tiny and I’m a klutzy cook, so it’s hard to keep my devices safely out of the Splatter Zone. For real cookbooks, I have a stand with a clear plastic shield. It works great until you need to turn the page…
    The recipes I use the most, I write out on cards and tape them up inside the doors of my kitchen cabinets, with conversions for different size batches. That’s something I learned from my mom.

  • I am an avid cook. I make everything from scratch and just recently started canning everything from my garden. I love trying new recipies. My husband bought me an ipad for Christmas so I can use it in the kitchen to look up recipies on the internet. It is my passion to serve my family the best
    Food possible and to use as little processed foods as I can.

  • I have been known to drag a laptop, phone or tablet into the kitchen. The only cookbook I use consistently is one from the church my husband grew up in because it’s full of his favorite recipes.

  • I would like to get this app for my 13 yo son, who loves to cook and dreams of owning his own restaurant some day. He uses my cookbooks sometimes, including The Joy of Cooking, but mostly finds recipes on food blogs and prints them out. We do have an ipad, though, and he uses it in the kitchen at times. I think he’d use it more with it app like this.

  • I use an actual cookbook 90% of the time – it’s always an adventure trying to keep whatever I’m baking off of the pages :o)

  • I have a handful of cookbooks that live in the kitchen and I’m also a print and save recipe maker. I print out something I’ve pinned or found on a website. If we like it, it goes into a binder of recipes. Works well with my cooking magazines too.

  • I have lots of post-its sticking out of my cookbooks though I’ve been slowly moving all of my recipes into my Evernote app for easier searching and portability.

  • That sounds like a great app- and the ability to deactivate sleep mode is key. It’s annoying to have to use floured fingers or knuckles to keep swiping iPad to keep it awake.

    I’m a Joy of Cooking cookbook devotee. I use it for the most fundamental of recipes- proper proportions to make things like simple syrup or cinnamon sugar, internal temperatures for various meats, proper quiche lorraine. The app would provide easier browsing. I rarely look through cookbooks for inspiration- I’m specifically looking for one thing. It would be great to browse based on course or ingredient.

  • I rely on an iPad/iPhone/Mac app called Paprika. It’s great and makes collecting recipes from my favourite sites really easy. But it does mean I have to hunt down my own recipes, so a good and extensive set of recipes would be great to have in an app.

  • I definitely use cookbooks to get me started, but I usually add my own touch as well. Except when I’m doing something tricky!! Yesterday I used “Joy” to bake a high altitude angel cake and oh yum!!!!! It was delish!

    Thanks for the entry & good luck everyone!

  • I love cookbooks and I always have one near me when I cook. Unless I’ve dragged my tablet into the kitchen… This sounds like the perfect combination of both. Thanks for the chance!

  • I used to browse the web on my laptop. But it died 4 years ago. I don’t have an iPad but I may steal my husbands for this app. Right now I use my cookbooks and my large messy stack of printed recipes. My husband would be thrilled if I started cooking again 😛

  • I use all! I mainly use tried and true cookbooks wherein I have favorite recipes, as well as my laptop when I’m experimenting with new recipes. I use my iPad, in the kitchen, less, since I got the iPad mini, but used it more when I had the larger model.

  • I buy cookbooks – love them! but I often find myself using my iPad more & more in the kitchen.

  • I use timeless cookbooks, my laptop, and iPhone, and create my own recipes based off of those I find from my searches of all three. The iPhone is great while shopping, as you can pull up recipes in the grocery store to make sure you have all the ingredients, particularly if you spontaneously decide to ‘create’ something while grocery shopping.

  • All cookbooks should have wide margins. I always need room for notes and alterations and tweaks.

  • I have a library of cookbooks, including Joy, that I love to browse. But when I’m looking for a specific recipe I’m more likely to look online. Having an entire cookbook on my iPad would be really useful and fun.

  • I love cookbooks!! I have far too many and like you said, they take up a lot of space!! I also like to tear recipes out of magazines, print them out, etc. My kitchen tends to look a little cluttered with all of the books and papers on the “cookbook shelf”. It’s overflowing! I’d love to try this app and see if I can’t get a wee bit more organized 🙂

  • I have a whole collection of cookbooks but since buying my ipad I now use it through the Evernote app and downloaded cookbooks.

  • I use a mixture of sources for cooking. Sometimes its a recipe on the ipad, sometimes its a cook book, a page pulled from a magazine or a print out.

    It just depends on what source I found the recipe from.

  • I love cookbooks. I only have a couple digitally. I love collecting them and looking through them. I don’t cook out of all of them but I have some treasures for sure

  • Love cookbooks! I have an entire bookcase full. I also can be found hovering over my laptop in the kitchen 🙂

  • I love cookbooks but find myself turning to google more often. this app would be a perfect bridge between my two methods of finding recipes!