Giveaway: New Heritage Collection Blue Jars from Ball

Ball Heritage Jars

In the last few years, many of my favorite things that were once rare and only available in thrift stores and junk shops have been reissued. First there were the Pint & Half jars that came back last winter. Then Dansk from back their classic Kobenstyle cookware (according to The Kitchn, there’s more to come in that product line this season!). Now Ball has brought back blue glass canning jars. Be still my heart!

heritage jars from above

These Heritage Collection Pints are a limited edition jar, that has been issued to mark the 100th anniversary of the Perfect Mason, the original jar designed and produced by the Ball brothers. They’re not exact reproductions of those first jars, but do a lovely job at evoking an earlier age of home food preservation.

New and Old Jars

The shape of these new jars is identical to the regular mouth Ball pint jars currently on the market. They have measure marks along the sides in both cups and milliliters, come in sets of six, and are absolutely safe for home canning. As you can see from the photo above, the color is not an exact match to the jars of yesteryear, but it’s quite close. They also have a little commemorative note embossed on the back.

Vintage-style Jars, front and back

One thing to note about these jars is that they truly are limited. When they’re gone, they’re gone. If you want to add these to your pantry, make sure to pick some up sooner rather than later. You can currently order them from Fillmore Container. The Fresh Preserving Store and Amazon have them available for pre-order and should be fulfilling orders soon. I’ve not seen them in the wild yet, but I’ve heard that they will be stocked in brick and mortar stores.

Thanks to the nice folks at Ball, I have one box of these pretty jars to give away to a lucky Food in Jars reader (make sure to follow the Ball Facebook page and Pinterest account to be the first to know about future limited edition jars). If you want to enter, here’s what to do:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share a blue glass jar memory or experience. If you don’t have any fond remembrances about blue glass jars, share how you’d use these new jars in your home.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, March 15, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents only (so sorry, my further-flung readers).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: The publicist for Jarden Home Brands gave me a box of these jars to review and is providing a second box for the giveaway. They did not pay for inclusion on the blog and my opinions remain entirely my own. 

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1,382 responses to “Giveaway: New Heritage Collection Blue Jars from Ball”

  1. i have 3 or 4 vintage blue jars that i picked up at a garage sale way back when, before i knew anything about canning. the rims are a bit chipped, so i don’t use them for anything but decoration (one holds coffee beans quite nicely), but i would really love to have some i *could* can with, because they really are gorgeous.

  2. I remember my grandma having the old blue jars; what a nice idea to bring them back. I would love to win them!!

  3. I LOVE these jars! I always look for the old ones in thrift shops and have the worst time finding them. They make such a beautiful addition to my kitchen filled with so many clear jars! I would love these!!

  4. I picked up a few at local garage sales that are no longer suited for food, but I love to put them in my windowsills with seedlings in them and let the sun warm their roots. I would LOVE to can in them though – I have a lot of great recipes that would look incredible in blue.

  5. My great-great aunt Katie used these jars for everything… unfortunately, they were all disposed of in a fit of cleaning.

  6. I love the blue jars I have 2 old ones, and since my kitchen is vinage and blue they would be a grat addition. Needless to say they will NOT be “gifted” with canned foods to anyone that wouldn’t give them back, the regular jars will just fine for that purpose

  7. I remember blue glass jars like these in the farmhouse that my great grandparents built and my parents later bought. When we moved cross country they along with everything else were sold at auction. I am learning to can and would love to have these jars as a “little touch of my childhood home.”

  8. I spent a few summers in Minnesota on a farm in Worthington with my stepmama’s aunt. Being a bratty teen didn’t allow me to find comfort in the sort of classical american place and time, it wasn’t until a few years ago when Joyce passed away that i could appreciate the simple beauty of small-town minnesota-farm-life. I didn’t know Joyce all that well, but I do have a few of her blue vintage ball jars to keep my seashells in and remind me of her.

  9. Unfortunately, I do not have a fond memory of the blue jars, but would like to create a few. I love my clear glass Ball jars and use them for everything from canning to dry storage to drinkware. These special edition jars are truly lovely!

  10. Water from these jars was coldest because it was icy blue! Why *do* we buy drinking glasses? Because they stopped making the blue Ball jars!

  11. I am so excited for the come back if the blue jars! They remind me of my grandma who is no longer with us. She had lots of these jars she used for canning. Unfortunately, I did not inherit any when she passed. I would use these for storing dry goods in my pantry as well as displaying in my kitchen.

  12. I can’t enter because I’m in Canada (sad face). Might you have any information on where these might be gotten in Canada?

  13. I just used two dozen of these for my stepdaughter’s bat mitzvah centerpieces (thanks to my mom’s sleuth-work; she also made the paper flowers to fill them). Now I’m wondering what would look great in them — perhaps they will become our new drinking glasses, or crafty supplies, or..?

  14. I remember going into my grandmother’s basement to get a jar of green beans usually off the shelf. There in the light of the bulb you would see the hue of all the blue jars mixed in with the clear. What a happy memory thinking of those times. Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. Ohhhhh I’m drooling. I first remember seeing Ball blue jars at a flea market and instantly falling in love with them. I don’t think I would use these to can – they’re too precious. I see using them around the house as mini-vases and votive holders.

  16. I have two vintage blue canning jars at my house. I got them at a garage sale for $1.00. They became my husband’s favorite drinking glasses and he has used them for a couple of years. If I won more blue canning jars, I would actually can something and use them and give them as gifts!

  17. I found my first blue jar at an estate sale this summer. It’s the big half gallon size and I’ve been loving using it to hold my iced tea.

  18. My Gramma still had a shelf full of these in her kitchen when she died in 1987 at the age of 99 years. My mother and I parceled them out to family and friends in her memory; I used to put little votive candles in mine. I remember eating her homemade pickled plums out of them when I was a very little girl, I’d love to make a batch of my own in the new ones!

  19. My mom has a couple of jars that belonged to her mother. Mom filled one jar with buttons and another she stock her knitting needles in. I would love to have these blue jars to actually use and put jams into or use as drinking glasses

  20. Well, I have these memories: My grandparents used Fiestaware. They went through a lot of dishes, because during their heated arguments, the plates would fly. Fiestaware was cheap. I favored the turquoise blue bowls for the chocolate chip ice cream that was featured for dessert at every holiday meal.

    Anyway, in their tiny kitchen, there were shelves over the sink. On one shelf, were glasses. And way in the back, were a couple of blue glass Mason jars. I was too short to reach them, so I never saw them up close. But, I coveted them, and held them in my imagination. At times, I thought I’d invented them.

    But…here they are. Great Gosh on a Fiestaware plate! They are HERE!

  21. I adore these! While I don’t have any remembrances of the blue jars, I would use these to store my vintage notions on my studio windowsill! How great would lace and glass buttons look in these, shimmering in the sun?!

  22. I’ve got one very old blue glass quart jar with a zinc lid from my late mother-in-law. I use it only for decoration because I’m too afraid to use it as a canning jar! It would be nice to be able to finally use new blue jars to put up food from my garden. 🙂

  23. I have an obsession with blue glass in general and only have one blue glass jar that I keep in my kitchen window ceil! I have a large variety of various blue glass pieces and would love to have a set of these awesome blue glass jars!

  24. I have two old blue canning jars at my house. I got them at a flea market for $1.00. They became my husband’s favorite drinking glasses and he has used them for a couple of years. If I won more blue canning jars, I would actually use them to can something and give them as gifts!

  25. I remember My grandmother using blue jars for her jams and jellys and after we ate all the jam we would use them to drink from.My grandmother has long passed (and so have the jars)and now i am canning myself.I would love to pass it on to my grandchildren so they may have the same fond memories of me and my blue jars. 🙂

  26. I recently saw my first blue jar in a museum, Heritage Square in Los Angeles. Oh the peppers I would can in those blue jars…

  27. I remember these on my Swedish grandma’s windowsill, right over the long, giant ceramic sink, filled with garden flowers. Racks of home canned food were in the basement.

  28. These remind me of my Nana, and learning to put up food in her small kitchen when I was young. Love them.

  29. I’ve never seen a vintage jar. I’m looking forward to thinking of something creative to use these with. I’m a co-owner of Tipsy Cellars Gourmet Jellies (on Facebook) and
    would love to use these as a special edition item. We currently make and sell wine jellies. This would be fantastic for spring or perhaps a special Father’s Day release.

  30. when i visit my mom, we go to an antique store near her house that has the most amazing collection of vintage blue glass jars. I’ll buy one or two and pack them home in my suit case, and then when I use them when I get home it reminds me of my family.

  31. Here on the farm we still use all of our old jars, blue or not. Even if we cannot can in them anymore, they get repurposed to use to store dry beans, grains, sugars, flours, corn meal and herbs. They hold up after all these years! In our home, we are still using my Grandma and Mema’s old blue mason jars…..they have to be 60 years old but are still going strong! There is no two ways about it- Ball makes a quality product and the Ball Blue Book for Canning is like the Bible on our farm! It is Ball or nothing!!!!

  32. I love the soothing color of these jars! It reminds me of looking for sea glass at the beach! I would use these as my go to glass for refreshing lemonade and ice tea in the summer!

  33. I did not encounter blue jars until I was in my 30s. I had been living the city life in Columbus, Ohio, but was looking for a change, and ended up in rural west Kentucky on a farm. I was just learning how to can pickles and relishes when I was called to help my uncle clean out my grandmothers house (she had died a few years prior). I found boxes of jars in the garage, and I knew that she had used them for canning, but I think at some point she stopped. I am not sure if she stopped because she felt like they didn’t need to because of financial security, or if she felt like it was not the modern thing to do. I know she grew up on a farm in Michigan, and of course she grew up canning food. I am sad that I did not learn to do this from her, but am now learning from my girlfriend’s family, and I would put those jars to good use. I would perhaps use one for my county fair entry this year!

  34. My grandma had a few of these, but as she didn’t use them anymore, she gave them away to a friend. I would use one for a vase to display wildflowers and lilacs that grow in the backyard. Flowers would be so pretty in a blue mason jar!

  35. I have never used them but I would love them to store my dehydrated goodies in. The blue tint would be great in reducing light.

  36. when I see jars, I always know something wonderful is waiting within; from jams to cookie mixes to pickles to other tasty treasures, ball jars have come and gone as homemade gifts from the heart over the years; I just started collecting blue jars (of all sorts) fun to find these!

  37. My husband and I love canning, we made marmalade on our third date! Of course our wedding incorporated blue jars in the details. Now, when I see them I’m reminded of our wedding day. <3

  38. I absolutely love vintage blue jars, and I’ve found several here and there at yard sales and thrift stores. I even have a few wire-topped jars with the separate glass lids. I love all jars, but blue ones especially make my heart go pitter-pat. I would love a set of new blue jars!!

  39. I remember my grandmother always having a jar of jam or jelly on the table, canning jar for every day, and a fancy bowl for special occasions. I remember seeing the blue jars for her “special jams.”

  40. I have just learned to love mason jars this last year, and don’t have many yet. I have some that I am using for food storage, but haven’t gotten up the nerve to actually can, yet. Most of my kitchen is blue – dishes, a lot of my food storage – and these would blend the two perfectly!

  41. I love the old jars. I have about 6, a few pint and a few quarts. My mom collected them from garage sales and she shared them with her children. I keep wild dried mint and nettles in them.

  42. I have some of the really old blue jars – with the wire harness closing thingy that holds the lids down. They are used for storing herbs & spices.

    With these beautiful babies, I think I’d use your method ( for preserving limes in one or two, lemons in another one or two and here is where I throw caution to the wind and see if I can’t adapt that method to preserving grapefruit in one more. All of this would be accomplished whist drinking a salty dog from the last jar!!

    Wanna come help me?!? 😉

  43. Squeeeeeee!!!!! I love them…I don’t remember blue jars from Granny’s canning but its possible she had some. Law but she had lots of jars. Some years we’d take what seemed like the whole pickup bed full of of old full jars down to the ravine to dump them out. Oh the smell, we’d have rags tied over our Then back to the house with them into wash tubs full of the hottest water we could stand. It seemed I always got to wash them with my little hands…Would love to win these, would make jelly look mighty fine! I’ll def have to keep my eyes out for these in the wild!

  44. Oh, I think I would need to use these for blackberry lemonade the first year before I could can in them. So pretty. They may just have to be stored in the kitchen window so I could look at them in sunlight all summer long.

  45. I don’t have any lovely memories of Ball Blue Jars either, but I would certainly love to add one or two to my vintage canning display that I am building. I recently obtained a vintage Ball zinc canning lid with white interior that I am told went with the blue canning jars. I developed my love of home canning from my great grandmother and my grandmother and this is a display I can pass down to future generations.

  46. My grandmother kept them so the light coming through the kitchen window would pass through them. I have them now and fill them with flowers for the table for family holidays and sit them so they catch the light.

  47. I got two when my stepfather’s grandmother died. She made her own noodles, had chickens in her yard that ate grapes off of the fence, and a giant, magical mulberry tree with a little stone wall around it to walk on for picking. Her kitchen was so efficient and beautiful. Everyone saw how much I loved it as a young woman and gave me her kitchen tools when she passed, including some of her old canning things and those two, blue jars with lids that had glass in the tops. I tucked it all into her old suitcase to carry it home. I keep cotton balls in one and cat nip in the other! They are much loved as they bring back sweet memories of good times. New blues? Jam, ginger carrots, kefir, kombucha. So fun!

  48. i don’t have any memory of these blue jars, but i would certainly love to add them to my collection of “special” jars–mainly my wecks. there is something so great about having jam in a pretty jar!

  49. I’m brought back to memories of childhood and the spicy pickles my grandmother used to make that she put by in her blue jars… I would love to make her pickle recipe in these ‘new’ old jars as a tribute to her!

  50. Summer weekends with cheesecloth sacks of berries hanging about the kitchen, with my mother, father, sister and I all fully emmersed in raspberry, blackberry, and black raspberry jams and jellys… A perfect memory of childhood—family, sweet smells, stained fingers, full bellies, blue jars, and lots of laughter.

  51. I’ve been collecting masons since before I can remember. My grandmother taught me how to can jam and pickles and had a great collection of the blue masons. After she passed, my father made me a chandelier using all of my grandmother’s blue masons – to this day it remains one of my most prized possessions

  52. I grew up on a farm in Alabama, and I spent the fall canning with my mom. We used several colored canning jars. These jars bring back lots of those old memories. When the jars were opened and used, they would end up as drinking glasses, until the next canning session rolled around, when they would be collected and cleaned to be used yet again. These are lovely.

  53. I could use them for so many things…… to drink out of, a vase for flowers, canning food, storing anything small. I don’t own any Mason jars but my grandmother had lots of them! She never had any blue ones but I love the blue!! They bring back good childhood memories.

  54. I don’t have any memories of these, unfortunately, but I do just think they’re so cool! I’ve tried some canning in the past, and will pick it up again this summer (after my teaching year ends) – in which case, I’d like to be able to use some nifty pretty new jars. (I do love the rustic-ness of them, too, though, so some of them might become vases!)

  55. I have a south facing window that I would like to line with colored glass jars to make my kitchen someplace pretty that I would like to spend more time in!

  56. i have one vintage blue jar that has in it a rock, dried flower, and shell from lake superior. it was given to me as a going away gift when we moved. so special to me. i would use these new jars as drinking glasses. they’re so lovely that i’d want them on my table every night! 🙂

  57. I love them. My youngest daughter is now pregnant with her first child. She’s fallen in love with them, too. I would share them with her.

  58. I have a few old blue jars that were my grandmothers. I keep dried pasta and beans in them. My daughters-in-law asked for a few for their kitchens too.

  59. I don’t think my grandparents ever had blue jars…mostly just quart jars in plain clear. I have picked up a couple blue bail top jars though, including one without the lid or bail which holds my beach glass collection. I am super excited about these jars. Hoping Target does indeed get them so I can nab some with my discount.

  60. I love collecting the vintage blue jars! My husband humors me and takes me to antique stores on dates to see if I can score some more! 🙂

  61. I love the vintage blue jars! I have a few of them in different sizes. I have a really tall one that I use as a vase all summer long. I would love to have a set for canning veggies from my new garden!

  62. These jars are just beautiful. They remind me of the old ones I found in the barn of a place we used to live many years ago. I still have those old blue Mason jars to this day. They are just too pretty to part with. I’d love to have some new ones to can with!!!

  63. Digging through my grandparent’s basement looking for treasures and coming across my Nana’s blue jars full of seashells she had collected over the years.

  64. I’d love them! I have been watching for some in my area. There is so many different things on pinterest I would do with them! Vases, I saw soap dispensers made with them for the bathroom. So many different ideas i’d one day love to give a try! Thank you! I hope they come to a store near me!

  65. Oh my gosh… I love those blue glass jars. My Grandma used to can in them. she always made the best foods. I have so many memories of those jars in her canning shed. Recently when I started to can again a friend and I went in search of those jars from the past. I had no Idea they are available again… I am gonna have such a great time canning this year. Filled with memories Of my Grandma Amalie and using these blue jars… I can’t hardly wait! 🙂

  66. I purchased some from an antique store years ago they were wonderful but when I moved up state the mover did them in along with some other wonderful antique items I once owned. Just goes to show no matter how great you pack something if something real heavy falls on the box say good by my old friends. Would be great to replace them again.

  67. I love the blue jars. I would use them to store my chia seeds, my herb tea blend, pumpkin seeds and dry fruit. Maybe later on, I would can some fruit in them 🙂

  68. Honestly hadn’t ever heard of the blue jars until the other day (novice canner here). I would use these for things I WILL NOT SHARE! No one will get my pretty blue jars!

  69. I have so many fond memories of Ball Jars…I have managed to scavenge two blue jars over the years, looking in second hand stores. They are a way to connect to my great-grandmother and grandmother, who have already passed away…but I had the privelage of knowing them very well, and participate in “putting away” food from a very early age. My first memory of canning is seeing my mom pulling the jars from the canner and telling me they were very hot. Ah, whenever I see a blue Ball jar, loving memories flood my mind. I love those jars!

  70. Wow – I’ve never seen blue glass jars before but they look pretty neat. My apricot jam would look good in them – or maybe I should do something better?

  71. Like countless others, my grandmother taught me how to can. Every time I open the cupboard door I see her blue Ball jars, now filled with my dry beans and grains, and I get a gentle tug on my heart because it’s like she’s still here with me.

  72. Count me in! I’m the gal that tweeted you end of December about these guys, I can’t find them anywhere here in Washington state! I’m super, super excited about the possibilities, food and craft-wise. I’m completely in love with the old blue jars. They are a piece of American history! I use them to decorate in almost every room. There’s just nothing like them 🙂

  73. My favorite blue jar experience is finding a near perfect one with the glass hinge-type lid in a thrift store this past fall for crazy cheap! I have it on my counter next to a clear one of the same type, also vintage, and sometimes I put flowers in them.

  74. I would use them for my kids’ bits and bobs…marbles, shells, 3D puzzles…I use clear ones now; these blue ones would make their little collections even more lovely!

  75. Oh how I would love to become the owner of these jars! I have never seen one of these in blue! I have no experiences to comment on because I don’t have any experiences. I have only seen these gorgeous jars in the recent pics on the net. I would just love to own them so I could look at them every day!!

  76. I grew up eating nothing except “food” from boxes and bags (everything processed, nothing fresh). I hope to change those habits and feed my own children with things grown from the earth. Some new canning jars would be a great start!

  77. Growing up my mom had a shelf that went all the way around the kitchen near the ceiling. She had an amazing mix of kitchenware from our family in the past. She displayed everything from old spice tins to an egg collecting basket made out of wire in the shape of a rooster. Some of those blue ball jars were in the mix for sure.

  78. I would LOVE to have some of these beautiful jars at home to use for special canning projects. I haven’t yet been able to find any real vintage blue jars in the wild so these would be a great addition to my canning jar collection =)

  79. blue sea glass has always been a rare treasure that my father and i always searched for when i was a kid. so blue glass is pretty special. a blue ball jar-holy moly. that would be amazing! i’d probably use them for storage of grains and pickling but couldn’t resist using one for flowers once the weather turns nice.

  80. I think classic sweet bread and butter chips would be perfectly pickled in these lovely jars. Please oh please, I want some! 🙂

  81. Oh My- I love these so much! I have an old blue with the twist lid that sits on my counter. Sadly, it’s chipped so I’ve never been able to preserve anything in it. I can’t wait for these “new” one’s to hit the shelves so I can fill them up with something yummy 🙂

  82. These jars are so beautiful that I don’t think I could do just one thing! One would most definitely be a drinking jar and the arts and crafts I could do with them would be amazing however canning my moms fresh vegetables would be first.

  83. I cofounder my first blue jar in an old abandoned shack walking with my grandfather and father. We took it home to my grandmother. She kept it on her kitchen counter with treats for us grandkids until the day she “went home”. I have always loved blue glass but especially that blue Ball jar.

  84. I’m a jar hoarder. I love jars. Can’t get enough-all shapes and sizes! I decorate with them, drink from them, use them for storing food and non-food items, my daughter uses them in her pretend play (most recently, she put a fish pet-shop toy in a jar for her pretend aquarium. I love this girl), and of course for canning. I think these blue jars would have a special place in my pantry- for the finer things. They will likely become my wine glasses! 🙂

  85. I don’t have any fond memories of these beautiful jars but I’d like to make some with my babies. I’m learning to ferment food and can now and these would be wonderfully useful to me!

  86. I’ve always wanted one : ) They are so beautiful. I’d love to put Roses in one for my daughter to admire. A memory maker for sure!

  87. I love these vintage blue Ball jars! The blue is soooo pretty and I would love to can anything in them. These are so pretty I would love to just use them as drinking glasses.

  88. I grew up on a small farm in Michigan back in the 70s when farmers were struggling to make ends meet. There were 8 of us and my mom canned everything we grew & whatever my dad bought home in bushel baskets. We were kids and not that fond of all the work but I do have lots of memories of us kids, & friends we recruited to help, the radio blaring in the kitchen, pitting cherries with hair pins, peeling peaches & apples, cutting up strawberries, mashing & straining grapes, scrubbing cukes to make small dill pickles we all fought over to eat… funny now but not at the time! Fast forward to about 6 years ago when I purchased this house that has a yard full of peach, pear, apple & cherry trees, raspberry bushes, and concord grapes. I am the only one of us kids who has taken up preserving food and I love it. Sometimes I have flashes of memories of things my mom did while canning – very surreal. And everyone who gets my ‘canned’ gifts loves it!

  89. I once stopped at an estate sale on my way home from school drop-off. I had my three-year-old with me, and the woman whom I imagined to be the daughter of the home’s former owner was sure I was up to no good. She followed me, either literally or with her eyes, as I wandered around with my toddler. I picked up an old apron and a few glass jars; some in green and some in blue, and some just normal transparent jars. She gave me the apron for two dollars but said the green and blue jars were $3 a piece, saying it in the tone of, “you can’t afford this.” I didn’t really want to give her the money after her scowling treatment of me, but I really wanted the blue jar, so I bought one. I still wear the apron, and the blue jar holds flowers in my kitchen window, and I think not of the daughter but of the woman I imagine her mother was, looking out her own kitchen window a few miles from my house, putting her hands into her apron pockets as I do in mine, filling her jar with lilacs.

  90. We decorated for Prom with vintage blue mason jars. Placed votive inside to create lanterns on the tables. It was gorgeous.

  91. I have a few old ball jars… One special to me is one that my brother, who never pays attention to what he calls my “fads”, bought me for Christmas this past year. My father passed away on Dec 11, 2013 and my brother is trying to fit a very large pair of shoes. My brother remembered me saying to my parents that there were some blue quart jars at an antique stand at the local farmers market and he made a point to get one for me to use in my blue ball jar centerpiece on my dining room table. It was something my dad was going to get for me.

  92. I just started canning recently and would love these beautiful jars for my first pickling project, asparagus! Thank you for having a giveaway 🙂

  93. I have a vintage blue bell in my bathroom and it’s filled with sand and seashells from the beach I grew up on.

    I’d use these puppies for tomatoes though! Terrified of using canned tomatoes these days. Jars all the way!

  94. The first time I met my Step-Dad’s Mom, she had flowers overflowing a few of these jars on her kitchen counters. Grandma Barbara was the one person who treated my sister and I like we had always been there, and not a new curiosity. She is gone now, but I still remember how much she loved us, even if we weren’t blood.

  95. These are lovely! I have several of the vintage jars and am always looking for more at a decent price. Many of my fondest memories with these jars is simply the finding of them – with an aunt at a flea market, at a garage sale with the sweetest old lady who was so happy they were going to a good home, or with good friends on a thrifting/antiquing weekend.

  96. I just got a blue glass quart jar that had been my grandmother’s. I don’t remember seeing it in her china hutch, but I imagine it was somewhere near the blue glass candy dish and the delftware. I’m planning to use it to display an old photo of my grandparents.

  97. These are so beautiful! Never had blue canning jars, but I remember helping my Grandma pick blackberries and watch her make a beautiful dark purple jam. I would love to continue the tradition with these!

  98. I have never owned a set of these but my grandparents did, unfortunately they had broken before I became old enough to appreciate them. Should I win, I would use them for the jellies, applesauce, and pickles that I love to can. Thanks for the chance!

  99. Those jars are lovely. I would love to put up some pickles, maybe pickled cauliflower. I do think they would be lovely to pass on to my grandchildren.

  100. These are so beautiful! I don’t have any fond memories of blue jars, but would very proudly display these jars for storage on my kitchen counters with the rest of my extensive jar collection 🙂

  101. The Blue jar :
    I use the Jars to hold seed, spices as well as fresh cut lupine and fireweed .
    I remember my mother using the blue jars to ferment her sauerkraut .
    I would love to can my big beautiful beets in those blue jars 🙂

  102. I love blue Ball jars! The color of the blue makes the jar so gorgeous. I am always on the lookout for blue Ball jars so that I can use them as decoration.

  103. My mom used to collect these from garage sales when I was a girl, along with blue glass streetlight covers (or some such). Unfortunately, they just sat in yet another box. I always loved them. The color reminds me of tinkling fairies.

  104. These would make great gifts with maybe some pre-mixed dessert bread mix or some such. That way, I’d enjoy mine and my family would enjoy theirs as well.

  105. I grew up with my Mom collecting old jars. The blue ones were always her “prized” ones. Last year for xmas I got ALL my Mom’s old jar collection in the mail. She was tired of cleaning them and knew my passion for collecting had far surpassed hers. I will treasure them forever…

  106. My family’s famous clove sweet pickles came in these jars. When I modernized the recipe I wondered why the color was off from what I remember. Blue jars and no food coloring make a big difference it turns out.

  107. I inherited just one from my Grandmother. It has always been filled with polished stones, and is still regarded as treasure. Now I can as much as possible and am about to make some orange marmalade. <3

  108. I would, of course, use these to preserve delicious things, but it seems to me they would also be lovely with lights inside of them!

  109. My grandmother had some cool old blue ones , I even remember some purple ones too . Whenever I see any old ones for sale I always think of her old jars !

  110. I remember bunches of “snowballs” from the snowball bush, or any other flowers us grand kids could find, filling jars on the sill above the sink ant grandma and grandpa’s. if I had some I would be careful what I put in them. Pickle spears would look nice, but the blue might not go well with some things.

  111. My great grandmother used to can every year right up until she was in her 90s. Everytime I see a Ball jar I remember getting to help her in the kitchen and then carting all of our goodies down to tornado shelter under the house. Canning to me equals love.

  112. I’ve just been collecting these jars for a couple of years now. I always think how pretty they’d be to give away filled with peach jam or jelly but I’ve always been too selfish to give them away! Now, with new ones, I’d love to have some to share.

  113. Mom always did sour cherries in them. They sat waiting to be eaten in the cellar. Oh, how I would love some of those blue ones. i can’t wait until they arrive in stores locally. I really could get an extra case instead of paying for shipping.

  114. I don’t have any blue glass canning jar memories, but I sure would like to! These are gorgeous! I’d probably not use them for canning – I’d find a way to put them on display!

  115. I would LOVE blue glass jars, just for the way they stand out! I use jars to hold many things in my pantry like dried fruit, nuts and different baking ingredients. I have a very visual memory and easily remember in what type of jar I have something stored. If I’m looking for almonds or dried blueberries and know they are in a blue jar, they’d be easily spotted. I love the idea of canning blueberry conserve this summer in blue jars!

  116. I’m pretty sure I dreamed these up when I was a child and now they are reality.
    🙂 kidding.
    My mom used these to teach me how to make applesauce when I was very young. Now, i want to make some for her as well as use these for peaches. 🙂

  117. I would probably use them for flower vases or beverages. I like drinking out of mason jars, and I think they’d look nice on our rustic picnic table outside.

  118. How beautiful. I would love to see veggies or something canned in those that really set the color off.

  119. My Granny taught me to can. We used to pick bushels of blackeyed peas on one day, start shelling them that evening, finish up the next day while watching our “stories”, then up bright and early to get them canned before it got too hot. I sure do miss Granny, especially in the summer @ canning time. Now, I’m teaching my grown kids to can. I think mustang grape jelly would look absolutely beautiful in the blue jars.

  120. When I was a child, my grandmother had a few of these old blue jars that she got as hand-me-downs and used exclusively for canning apple slices in syrup with a half stick of cinnamon. The apples were delicious and seeing these jars makes me want to try to resurrect her recipe. How sweet would it be if I could use these cool retro jars?

  121. I would hoard these and use them for the berry jams I love so much. Then I’d know exactly which jars were mmyyyy precccciousssss…

    Seriously, people are terrible about returning jars, even when they know you’ll refill them!

    • Lol, I’m with you! All of my Kerr wide mouth half pints have mysteriously walked off since sharing brandied cherries with some new friends. The blue jars will not be for sharing, ever! I bet the people making a bundle off of blue jars on ebay are cursing Ball right now. 🙂

  122. Brings back so many memories of canning in the basement with my grandparents. The basement shelves full of so many different treats.

  123. Oh wow .. How amazing! I’d love a set, SO much! I never really did a lot of canning growing up but a neighbor when I was 17 showed me how to make jam and I made SO many jars of apricot and plum ’cause the house I lived in had a tree of each fruit and it was a bumper crop of BOTH! She actually taught me to use wax to seal the jars though this was in 1979 and I’m pretty sure those rubber rings or the Ball tops were around.

    Never canned a thing after that until I moved to El Salvador, a Central American country that has NO tradition of canning anything and the only preserves are of fruit.

    I started going to 2nd hand stores with my now-late hubby, looking for books in English, and found a treasure trove of not-so-antique cooking utensils. AND an entire box of 24, brand new and sealed box, of Ball Mason jars. For $3!

    Then I began seeing BLUE jars, with zinc tops and milk glass inserts .. OMGosh! SO cool. I showed my hubby on eBay how much they were going for and HE started looking for them but I managed to always get them. They just called to me.

    I taught myself to do more “modern” canning using those vintage jars. Everything just looks beautiful in them. Some without lids I covered with some fabric and I keep buttons (also from clothing bought at the 2nd hand stores) and other small items and they also look gorgeous sitting on shelves and desks.

    I’ll be looking out for these jars and I’m hoping my budget will be flexible enough to get at least ONE set ..

    I wish every one of us luck!

  124. I used to have a few of the blue bale style ball jars. I piced them up at yard sales for almost nothing. I liked to keep beans and things in them in the pantry. They were so pretty and evoked images of a time when people prepared more food at home – something I’m happy to see coming back! I also sometimes gave them away with treasures in them as thank you gifts and I’m not sure I have any left.

    I do, however, have lots af the pint & half jars and use them for storing nuts and seeds on the kitchen shelves.

  125. I’e been reading up on pickled watermelon rinds. This will be my first pickling project and these jars will make the extra special!

  126. What a fabulous 311 day! Hiked Lanikai Pillboxes with the pup and now see my coveted blue jars are available. I placed my order on Amazon as soon as I got the email! Amazon charges a dollar more for each set, but they are shipped free with the super saver option. I priced shipping to Hawaii through Ball and had a sad 🙁 .

    I have no previous experience with the blue jars, but am an avid self-taught canner. I’m a military spouse, and we recently moved from the east coast to Hawaii and I canned fresh fruits like mad so that I would be able to savor sour cherries and peaches in our new home. The movers were certainly less than thrilled, but we’ll always carry the canning array wherever we go. Now I get to can exotic fruits like rambutan and dragonfruit and love the experience.

  127. I have a teal theme going in my room so I think I would find a way to put them on display there. Maybe to hold paintbrushes, or my key collection, or some flowers in the window sill.

  128. I have jars that were my grandmothers and my great grandmothers and the blue ones always were used to can fruits in. I am almost 60 and still have my grandmothers special blue jar that always sat on the kitchen counter at her house as does on my own always filled with some type of hard tasty candy. These new blue jars would be beautiful with canned fruits in them to keep passing on a tradition of memories.

  129. I would love these to keep my home made yogurt – I make a batch every two weeks . These would be perfect and look great. 🙂

  130. After my amish grandma died we cleaned out her house and had an estate sale. Down in the basement we found this box of old blue ball mason jars. From the looks of the box, it looked like it had been packed away in a corner for quite some years. I made sure I bought that box at the sale. I cleaned up the jars but they’re too precious to me to use – I keep them on display on the top of my kitchen cabinets. They’re a memory of my grandma that I’ll always treasure!

  131. I have several original blue glass jars with either zinc or glass tops that I take along to Extension canning demos so people get a chance to see them. I love those jars. They are beautiful! I use one with a glass top and bail to store happy memories onmy window sill. 🙂

  132. Oh my! Of all things retro! This is so exciting! How will my canned figs look through blue glass? Maybe strawberry jam would be cool, more purple than red?

  133. I have the fondest memories of going to my great-grandmothers with my grandmother and great-aunts and canning for hours on end. We would have jars of preserves and canned beans on the table, not to mention the sweet iced tea in a mason jar on those hot summer days, swinging in the porch swing! Kids today think they have it great with all the technology and gadgets, but they can’t compare with our childhoods!

  134. My grandmother had one blue jar in her kitchen window specifically for cut flowers from the backyard… They’re so lovely!

  135. I don’t have any blue jar memories, but when I was little I used to love my grandfather’s pickles. He grew tomatoes and cucumbers around the edge of the property near the hedges and in earlier years I remember vaguely a garden. This reminds me to try to get the recipe from my grandmother before it’s lost. These blue jars are gorgeous and they are “my color” that I use throughout my home… They would look lovely full of fresh flowers in my kitchen.

  136. I’d use these jars to store dehydrated spices, vanilla sugar, and dried chilies. My kitchen has blue accents and they would be beautiful in it!

  137. I have fond memories of my granny having the blue jars around her house. She wouldn’t can with them. They were special and contained various knick knacks and treasures. I would love to.start my own collection.

  138. I collect colored glass bowls and dishes. These would be great to go with them, as my new passion is jelly making. They are too big for jelly, but I could even use them as lemonade glasses with some fresh herbs. Would look so nice..

  139. I collect colored glass bowls and dishes. These would be great to go with them, as my new passion is jelly making. They are too big for jelly, but I could even use them as lemonade glasses with some fresh herbs. Would look so nice..

  140. I do not have any jar memories but I remember there being the blue glass (appears to be the same color) insulators for the power and phone lines back in the day around my house when I was growing up. These would be pretty jars to put my homemade body products in.

  141. While I don’t have a particular canning memory, the color always reminds me of my grandparent’s place at the beach and the fish market they owned. It brings to mind a feeling of peace and comfort. I buy them whenever I come across them and use them for everything from a flower vase to coin jars. I just can’t get enough of the blue glass! ;o)

  142. My favorite blue glass jar memory is standing in front of my Mother’s “jar shelf” in the basement. I would stand there gazing at those pretty blue jars, which looked like sparkling jewels next to their traditional counterpart. Love them!

  143. I have one lone Blue Jar sitting on my counter…I keep candy in doesn’t have the screw lid, it used the rubber gaskets. When I got it, it was rusted and looked like it would not be worth saving, but with care it now is my treasure…Sure would love to have this set. They would be my Bread & Butter pickle jars…Tried to buy some, but they are out of stock right now…Have a blessed day.

  144. I was given some jars years ago and one was blue. I use to hold loose change. I would like to have some of the new one to use as gifts.

  145. My great grandmother had some beautiful old canning jars with the fruits and vegetables still in them after she passed away. The food was too old to eat, of course, but still looked good enough. She taught my grandma to can, and grandma talk Mom to can. They both taught me to can. Canning was a big family event. Even the littlest had a job to do. I now do it all by myself, but with very fond memories of grandma and the whole lot of us kids (7) helping out and enjoying it, too.

  146. I have no memories, but FINALLY think I have ‘perfected’ making yogurt and almond milk so would use if to store those!!

  147. One of our old blue Ball jars sits on a dresser in the guest room just looking beautiful, catching the light rays from the sun or lamps.

  148. How beautiful would these be on a Bloody Mary bar with spicy dilly beans and pickles? I don’t have any blue jars and bet that my baby girl would love looking at the sun sparkle through them in our kitchen.

  149. I am relatively new to canning, but would love to use some of these blue jars while canning with my granddaughter to give her some great memories.

  150. My favorite memory is learning to can…by my Grams side! It was with the old wire flip tops…and rubber ring sealed jars. My first ever job of canning was to put the rubber ring on the jars and set the wire in the right position to slide over the glass lid after it was filled. These jars bring back many fun memories..and memories of long days and lots of work getting the garden and even meat put up for the winter. It would be great to share these with my daughters..and as I teach them, tell them stories of my Gram.

  151. I don’t remember blue canning jars,I do remember the blue phone line insulators. I’m not sure what I’d put in them,but it would be fun trying different things to see what would compliment the color. It would also be very hard to give those away. 😉

  152. I don’t have any memories of blue jars, but they are downright lovely. First I would use them to hold the crepe paper flower I am making for my wedding centerpieces. Then they would join my canning jar arsenal – I bet pickled beets would look lovely in them.

  153. I remember my grandmother had a blue jar on her shelf with glass marbles in it. In the afternoon the sunlight would make it sparkle. She gave me the jar and the marbles. During our last move the jar broke. I would use one to replace the broken jar. I would use the rest for canning my jellies and jams I give as gifts. Love the blue glass.

  154. I don’t really have any blue jar memories. I mostly can jams and jellies in half-pint and quarter-pint jars, but my pickled peaches would look especially pretty in these gorgeous vintage-looking jars!

  155. I have no memories of them but they make me smile when ever I see them! I’ll have to thin of something creative to put in them and then give a couple away as precious gifts!!!!

  156. I do not remember the blue jars when I grew up. Since then though I have come across a few and have them on my shelf. I love the color and the history of them.

  157. I have a few old blue jars (with zinc lids) that I just LOVE! One is a half gallon size (not sure if it’s real or a reproduction) that I use to store my steel cut oats. The others (all pints) are also used for dry food storage. How fun it would be to have some of these for pickles!!! I have my own milestone b’day on Friday, so I may just have to treat myself…

  158. Last summer I went to an ongoing summer long yard sale and the guy had about 30 doz blue jars!!! I couldn’t afford it then but hopefully I can this year!!(if they’re not gone!!)

  159. My Grandma canned everything in those blue jars. My favorite thing was her watermelon pickles. I am now using some of her same jars for my own canning from our garden. I also use a few of her old blue jars and other old wooden kitchen utensils to decorate our kitchen. These new jars would SURE come in handy for our harvest this year.

  160. My first blue jar memory is my son & husband buying one for me as a gift–that started my collecting vintage mason jars as a hobby. : )

  161. So cool! I’m going to have to keep my eyes peeled for these. I remember seeing blue jars growing up (at Grandma’s), but sadly, don’t think anyone realized their significance.

  162. Way back when I was 13, we moved into an old mansion that was built in 1887. The kitchen came with some of those blue, bail-top jars. The gaskets were pretty stiff & many of the lips were chipped, but they sure looked pretty as our dry-good storage!

  163. These would make great gifting jars! Always looking for something different to make home canned goodies even more special.

  164. I have a few old blue jars. My mother-in-law gave them to me. She used them about 40 years ago to make pickles. Now they’re mine and I love to preserve! The new jars are beautiful!

  165. Blue jars and blue glass always remind me of my grandmother, who collected these antiques! I’d love to use them to house fresh flowers all summer long!

  166. My great grandmother had blue ball jars. I think only one or two survived the family fires. Blue jars just bring that comfort feeling of being a child back. I can’t wait to get back to <3 Organic Farm life after being a Marine Corps wife for the past 9 years. I miss a big ole' garden full of goodies to put up every season! If I win these babies will be home to wonderful apple sauces, jellies/jams/preserves and veggies! (of course that means I'll have to get extras!)

  167. I find it strange that I do not have memories of blue jars, I am certainly old enough and my great grandmother and mother canned. Wonder why we did not have blue jars…

  168. I have wonderful memories of my grandmother(s) and great grandmother canning fruits, vegetables, pickles and preserves. Now, as a novice canner, I would love to add these jars to my growing collection!!!!

  169. Blue Mason Jars remind me of my Mom. She had a few in the kitchen and always used to look for blue glass in the ocean. She loves the beach! I would use these blue jars to can some of our harvest this summer and give one to my Mom as a remembrance. :o)

  170. When my grandmother’s farm was being sold at auction years ago, I went to the house to see if there was anything I could salvage before the sale. In the cellar, the shelves were still lined with her canning jars – nearly all of them vintage, many of them blue. I stashed as many of them as my car would hold. Those jars were the beginning of a collection that my husband and I now prominently display on shelves he custom built for me. Ball jars, especially the blue ones, will always hold a special place in my heart.

  171. We went for a walk in the woods at my in-laws house last summer and found a blue jar in perfect condition sticking partly out of the ground. We also found other vintage jars such as brown clorox bottles!

  172. I remember seeing those old blue jars at my great grandparent’s house.

    I would use three of these beautiful jars for canning and put the other three on display. Maybe use one as a flower vase. Win or not, I’m going to try to get my hands on some of these when I have the funds.

  173. These are so beautiful. I have no memories of them, as I am the first to can in my family that I know of. I would probably use some of these for grain storage on the shelves that are in view in my kitchen. The rest would go to peach-maple jam as gifts.

  174. I have one blue jar and I keep homemade granola in it. I would probably use these to store dry goods in so I can use them day to day, and save my clear jars for canning.

  175. I don’t recall any memories of blue jars, but the lid on your original…. *that* I know. I know just how it sounds when you twist it, and how it feels as it grates and shifts (even when it’s not dirty). I’d use the blue jars for pickles like my grandpa used to make. Garlicky and sour.

  176. Love Love Love the blue jars! I own several of the original blues, and use them to decorate.
    The new blue? Oh, how I would love to can some gorgeous sweet corn relish!

  177. I would add one jar to my blue ball jar collection. This would double it! The rest I would use for canning.

  178. My Dad was an amazing canner of tomatoes, pickles of all kinds, smoked fish, homemade chutneys, just about everything! He inspired my canning and had the most amazing collection of jars, including many blues, and bale tops, and sloped shoulders. When he passed and I moved cross country, I brought as many as I could and was happy to share with my wonderful niece, but had to leave some behind, there were sooo many. Now the blues here are precious reminders of my dear father. Would love to have some of the commemorative pints! Thanks for the reminder that they are indeed of limited amount.

  179. Found 2 vintage blue half-gallon jars at a rummage sale a few years back. Those plus a couple of reCap lids and I’m smiling every time I reach for a glass of lemonade. I also found a box of 7 quart blue jars a while ago – paid a bit more than I usually do for used jars, but it was so worth it. Refuse to can in them mainly because I haven’t yet found a recipe truly worthy of my favorite jars!

  180. I have no blue jar memories, but this sure is a pretty color. I think they look great holding something like cherries or a nice blueberry butter. If I had no food to jar at the time, a bouquet of daises would look very cute in its place.

  181. Blue jars remind me of canning with my great grandmother and my grandma and aunts every summer during harvest time. So beautiful.

  182. Oh So Beautiful. I guess I’m just as addicted to Jars as you are! I found a wonderful flavorful hot sauce in Puerto Rico and just itching to try my hand at making it. Funny enough, I believe it is served in a bottle that is quite reminiscent of a gin bottle. So I’m saving all those odd shaped glass bottles right now. I am excited to add to my collection of those antique/vintage jars I currently have! Blue is my Favorite Favorite color And know they will be filled with old spools of thread, buttons, dry goods, cotton balls, anything that needs a handy container! And of course, I couldn’t forget filling them with all those handsome vegetables that come out of the garden!

  183. Although I am sure that I am much older than most of your readers, I do not remember the blue jars. My mother always used the clear ones with the rubber seal and the glass top and bail.
    I would put rice or some other dry good in it and keep it on my counter where the world could see. These are way too pretty to put in a cool dark place on a shelf!

  184. My mom always used (and still does) a couple of the old blue jars to store her buttons. When I was little I used to dump the buttons out regularly and sort them and put them back into the jars regularly.

  185. I’ve actually never seen the blue glass before! It’s beautiful! I do can, however. I’ve had the Ball Blue Book of canning since I first got married and have used it for jams over the years. I would love the blue jars to continue to can and have a bit of a retro flair in my kitchen!

  186. My mom and I have scoured our local antique stores in search of these beautiful blue jars. We both have a few, all different sizes and lid styles (my mom even has one with the wire bail lid). Of course we have tons of vintage clear jars too! I am making my own pickles for the first time this year and would love to can them in these jars!

  187. I still have some of my Granny’s blue Ball jars, which I now just use for Spring hydrangeas or pretty heirloom beans. Oh, how I would love to be able to use the blue ones for canning again. Wouldn’t a rhubarb shrub look divine in them?

  188. These jars are beautiful! I use many of my empty jars for storage of dry goods. It gives the kitchen a kind of homey look and feel. Plus, it’s more economical and environmentally friendly.

  189. We love to use pint jars for drinking glasses. These would be great to put lemon aid or some other beverage in. I do can, but they would be nice to se every day.

  190. i love the blue jars! my grandmothers pantry used to be filled with them! i would lovingly share these jars with my closest friends who also can. that way six of us would be blessed with a blast from the past!! thank you!

  191. I can’t say I have any blue jar memories…but I would like too! They are beautiful! I would love to have them…please and thank you 🙂

  192. I remember my grandma having several of these jars but don’t remember her using them. I myself have several of the original blue Ball jars that I love using for decorating in my kitchen. I would use the new jars for canning things that I give as gifts!!

  193. Love the beautiful blue look a like jars – glad they brought them back! Thanks for telling us and offering the chance to win. Flowers from my garden go in one the original blue jars and sit on dining table quite often in the summer. Oh, so pretty!

  194. I don’t have any memories of these jars (I’m the first canner in my family), but I have been wanting blue jars since I first saw them. Blue is my favorite color and my kitchen is blue, so these are going to look lovely holding all kinds of things on my counters. Oh yeah…I might even can with them! 🙂

  195. Would love to add one of these to blue glass collection and to use the rest for a very special canning, maybe Fig, Bourbon and vanilla bean jam. A special jam for a special jar.

  196. I remember being about 8 years old and helping my mom make centerpieces for a church women’s dinner in the late 70s. She hauled out boxes of her mother’s beautiful blue jars and we filled them with daisies and adorned them with super groovy gingham ribbon. I was in awe – they were so, so beautiful. Funny thing – I was at a wedding last summer and they had done the exact same thing for their tables!

  197. The blue jars remind me of my grandmother’s cellar and her rows of beautiful canned fruits and veggies ready to take home!

  198. I’ve never had blue jars but I think they would make a beautiful candle centerpiece or a delightful host for flours and such on my counter. I’d want to show them off all of the time.

  199. These are absolutely beautiful and fun! I don’t remember my grandmother using them, but I currently have one that holds flour for daily use. I would use them for dry goods storage – pasta, lentils, rice – all things that come in a bag and doesn’t store easily on the shelves. I’m hoping my local store will carry these! Thank you for the opportunity!

  200. I love jars and have been starting to use them in my kitchen to store items in the place of plastic. It looks much nicer and is safer for food. My kitchen is painted blue-green and I have lots of accents in this color. These would fit in perfectly!

  201. I love everything about these blue jars! I didn’t grow up with mason jars or canning, and now that everything I own seems to be in a mason jar, I look forward to using these gorgeous blue jars to make beautiful memories with for my growing family! Thanks!!

  202. My grandmother’s blue jars were always used as vases for the flowers from the garden. And there has been one in my mother’s living room for more than 40 years that is filled with little treasures that we found over the years in the garden at our farm – broken pieces of china, little bits of toys, interesting rocks, or tiny machine parts.

  203. I’m a first generation canner (by the way Thank You for this site). So blue jars are not in my memory. With summer coming I can see those beautiful Blue Mason Jars on my deck, I live at the seashore. With some cold ice tea/lemonade (ok lets get real–vodka would be included) on a warm day! So save the date………

  204. It’s too good to be true…..I’m in love with these. Coming from a farm we had several large ones that were used for meats. Then we were told how unsafe home canning was and should buy all our canned goods from supermarkets. …………Then the “blue light”went on and we knew home canning was a special thing that should not be left behind. My girls now preserve as much as they can and what a thrill it would be to give a few of these to them. Still refuse to do facebook so I’ll have to keep my eye out for these beauties

  205. In the couple years, I have just discover Mason Jars. I fell in love with their versatility and usefulness. Along with canning, we drink from them; pack lunches/soups in them; store leftovers in the fridge; use them for making individual smoothies-they fit in the blender; salt shaker; put the parmesean lid on it and use for spices; toothbrush holder; and the list goes on! I have plans to make soap pumps for my homemade liquid soap to give as gifts and to drill holes in lids for straws so my toddler can drink. I carry a bag of cotton yarn so as I’m waiting, I can crochet Mason Jar covers. Perfect for drinking coffee AND iced tea 🙂 love, love, love! I think the blue ones will go beautifully in my bathroom and kitchen. Can’t wait to get them!

  206. I’ve never owned any of the blue jars but they are beautiful and I would LOVE to add them to my collection of unique jars

  207. I have some of the very old green jars that was my mothers and a dear friend, both have passed. I wouldn’t take nothing for them. I always think back in time when I watched my Mom can her vegetables and fruit in hers. I use them simply as decorative and sometimes put flowers in them in the summer. I am hopeful that I will be able to purchase the new editions of them.

  208. My parents moved into my grandmother’s home after she died in ’88. In 1998 I got married and when moving into my own home I was exploring the house for stuff to help us set-up. I found my grandmother’s stash of blue jars- some with food still in them! We never could resist her sweet pickles and I’ll tell you- they were still good! (Thank goodness!) Love those jars but they are too precious to can in now. They decorate windowsills around my home. Thank you!

  209. I’d love to can something beautiful in these! I don’t have any memories of the Blue Ball Jars for myself, but could see me putting some beautiful pickles or fruits in these. Or maybe I’d use them for dry storage so I would leave them out in the open. The possibilities are endless!

  210. I don’t have any memories of these beautiful jars but I would love to have them in my home. My favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings is to go to our farmer’s market and stock up on fruits, veggies and flowers (when it’s warm enough around here to get them!) These jars would be perfect to put those fresh flowers in all over the house!

  211. My grandmother had some, but I have no idea what happened to them. I would definitely use my blue jars for our ‘snack table’ – a portion of the counter that is always stocked with jars of nuts, dried fruit and granolas.

  212. I remember my grandmother’s basement and her favourite thing to can was peaches because she lived in the Niagara region. There were quart blue jars, green jars and just plain clear ones all full of Niagara peaches or her next favourite, in pint jars of the same hues, strawberry jam. Like another reader, when she passed away, there were still jars in the basement full, and those with the empties were ready to be loved and reused. Some have peaches in them again, others have jams or our maple syrup. Others too delicate or chipped have dry beans or baking supplies & the prettiest & most fragile have windowsills to catch the sun through their watercolours of blues and greens while they hold dried flowers.

  213. These are so lovely. Since I ferment everything, when I use jars they are usually sitting out at room temp so I’m always looking for ways to ferment in prettier containers. These would be great for that!

  214. These beautiful jars evoke fond memories of this city girl’s childhood visits to her grandparent’s farm in NC. The long trestle table in the dining room was large enough to accomodate all ten of their children and often held several jars grouped together holding pickles and chutneys as well as beautiful wildflowers the grandkids collected on their adventures in the countryside.

  215. My dad has LOTS of the old blue jars. They sit on top of the mantle. They have been there as long as I can remember. I always look for them when I go in the antique stores and to flea markets, but I haven’t purchased any of my own yet.

  216. Before my grandmother passed away she gave me all of her Blue Ball Canning jars. I keep them close by storing dried beans, fresh cut flowers, and other odds and ends. I will never part with them…we ate many a garlic dill pickles out of them jars growing up! They are a family heirloom!

  217. I remember finding some dusty old blue jars in my grandparent’s garage. They lived out in the country, and we’d use them to catch fireflies on summer nights.

  218. Thanks for the side-by-side comparison! That’s helpful. I’m using vintage ones as centerpieces for my wedding, might use these to supplement if local flea markets don’t pull through in time! Thanks!

  219. I don’t have any memories of these, but I know they’d make beautiful small vases once their contents were eaten!

  220. I have a handful of my great grandmother’s blue jars that came to me from my grandmother, though I don’t remember grandmom canning. I have a few out where they can be seen, usually with home-dried peppers in them. I also love to tie raffia around the neck and use as a vase for wildflowers.

  221. The blue jars remind me of the kind of general stores that we’d stop in on road trips to the NC mountains that sold antiques and button candy.

  222. OH! Blue jars! My grandmother used to use them for peaches. She’d can them and put them up int he pantry. The look of beautiful, bright yellow Jersey peaches sliding into a bowl from a stunning blue jar was magical! That pop of yellow was always a sweet surprise.

  223. My grandmother had so many canning jars when I was little, but my favorite were the blue ones. They didn’t have the separate lids and rings that we have today, just a screw on top. Opening a blue jar of preserves in the middle of winter was like having a piece of summer blue skies with my morning toast.

  224. When I moved into my first apartment my Mother gave me some of her old blue jars to use as containers for my rice, flour, sugar etc. still have them still love the way I remember my Mom every time I use them.

  225. My family didn’t can, so I had never seen the blue jars until I got into canning recently. The color theme of my kitchen is aqua and white, so I’ve been coveting them for their beautiful shade!

  226. No canners in my family but me so no memories of jars of any kind. But I can see putting these to use all summer, actually canning produce in them. I’d be careful to not give these jars away!

  227. I would use these for my dry good storage. I already have a few of the vintage ones pressed into service for that purpose, and it would be nice if they were all that lovely color!

  228. I have no happy memories associated with these blue jars, but I would be more than happy to have some pickles in them! I couldn’t help but save one for flowers as well.

  229. I just started canning a few years ago…. and I love it. I have wanted these. They are so pretty, I think I’d just use them for dry storage… So I can look at them everyday. 🙂

  230. Omy, I <3 these jars! Besides my favorite color being Blue! I do have a memory of going to my nana's and seeing these jars! They are awesome. I would love having these jars in my home. Ive got lots of canning to do 🙂

  231. I am too young to have used blue mason jars on their first go round, but I have acquired many over the years and use them for dry goods to this day. A fella near me has thousands and thousands of them and sells them for a RIDICULOUS good price! I would LOVE to have some of these jars!

  232. Oh, how beautiful. They are so beautiful that they would need to be on display. They would be so perfect with spring flowers on my table!!

  233. My mom had a large blue Mason jar that she kept dried lima beans in. Each of us kids had an empty yogurt container and when we did something “above and beyond,” we got to add a bean to our cup. A full cup could be redeemed for fabulous rewards.

  234. I remember my grandmother using these and I so wish I had some of those old jars to remind me of her. I would love these beauties and would put them on my canning shelves in a place of honor.

  235. My Aunt Rose had some old blue jars that she gave us, along with some colored glasses (colored with lead) and two small aluminum cups. We used the glasses as kids forever. We were afraid to break the blue jars, so they sit in a glass fronted cabinet with their cool looking lids/bands on them.

  236. There were shelves lining the wall along the stairway to the basement of my grandmother’s house back in Pennsylvania. It was always lined with rows of those jars filled with her canned goods. She also had a real Hoosier cabinet in her kitchen and I marveled at how she could sift flour directly into the bowl from the flour bin in that cabinet! We have a small collection of the original blue jars, some hold shells from old family trips to the coast, a couple others hold some of my button collection. We already store all kinds of dry goods from pasta to rice, nuts and chocolate chips, etc. in canning jars – we’d have no problem filling these similarly!

  237. I ordered TONS of seeds for my garden this year and will have TONS more canning to do! I cannot wait, I am really excited! I absolutely LOVE the blue jars!!

  238. I remember going down into my grandmother’s Michigan basement and seeing the shelves lined with jars of all kinds of canned goods and thinking it looked like Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. As a canner myself now I have a much better appreciation of all those floating fruits 🙂

  239. I haven’t encountered these before. I would use them to can some pickles, something where you can see the fruit or veggie whole. Maybe cauliflower. Mmmm, I do have a cauliflower pickle recipe I have been wanting to try.

  240. No memories of blue jars here, but they sure are pretty. I’d use them for centerpieces with flowers or dried grasses.

  241. I have always loved the blue color of the jars. I have 2 old ones that have solar light lids on them that glow at night. Beautiful!

  242. Oh my grandmother used to keep dried flowers in those blue jars! Such a sweet antique feeling that I’d love to bring into my home.

  243. I don’t have any special memories of blue canning jars, but I think they are lovely. I would figure out some use for them! Probably decorative!

  244. I’ve never seen the blue jars before but would love to use them! I use Ball jars for everything and love to use them for leftovers and keeping veggies in the fridge, instead of using plastic. Everything stays fresh longer and these would be so pretty!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  245. Oh! I would put all kinds of goodness in these! My great granny would fill hers with beans from the garden and applebutter and eveything in between. I’d love to keep up her tradition in more ways than just canning!

  246. I think I would just hoard them; take them out and look at them like beautiful jewelry! If pressed, I would make any of your jams in them.

  247. I actually have some of the original ones! 🙂 I would use the new ones, of course..the older ones, I use for display! What a great idea to re-issue them! 🙂 And, I like the idea that they are marked so that a few years from now, I won’t see these going as antiques, like so many other things! Now..just to get them to re-issue the green ones..I have yet to find one of those..but, I am still looking for one of those!

  248. I grew up in Germany with “Weck” jars, so I don’t really have a “blue jar memory”. All I can say is that I adore the old blue jars and whenever I find one, try to buy it. I use them in my pantry to store dry goods.

  249. I have continued the canning tradition in our family and I want my daughter to know the fine art of canning fresh fruits & vegetables for her family. I have a few of the blue jars from my grandmother-they’re a beautiful reminder of days gone by.

  250. I do a good bit of canning and so did my mom, but my greatest source for the old blue glass jars was actually my mother in law, who barely cans at all… I guess that’s why she was willing to part with so many of her beautiful blue jars.

  251. My grandmother had a few……..don’t know where they went to. What a wonderful reminder these would be while I’m canning this year! Beautiful jars………

  252. LOVE these!! I love canning as I am new to it, never had a “grandma” or “mother” to teach, but I learned from watching my friend. I love decorating with jars and am always on the look out for them at thrift stores. Love the blue.

  253. I LOVE these!!!! I used to live near the Indiana Dunes – that where the sand for the blue glass came from (some mineral in the sand made the glass blue).

  254. The first time I saw blue mason jars was at an antique store with my then-fiance. I fell in love, but didn’t have any cash on me. He bought it for me. It sounds like no big deal, but it was the first time I opened up about the idea of sharing finances in a marriage. Not just because he bought me something, but because I knew we were in this together. It sounds hokey, but it’s true.

  255. They are absolutely gorgeous! I can see myself using these to can some of our fresh fruits and veggies that I hope to get out of my ever growing garden this year. Last year we added 5 fruit trees to our garden and I can’t wait for the day that I can pick plums, cherries, peaches and apples straight from my trees … thanks for having this giveaway!

  256. I started collecting blue glass when I was a little girl. My Aunt Helen gave me two little blue glass violins at about age 9. That was in the 60’s and I fell in love with blue glass. I am a nut for jars and had to pack up my house 2 years ago to move and had to let go of most of my jars. I kept the few blue glass ones I had and of course started collecting jars once I moved again. I feed people, share food and use the jars for containers to give food in. Love that Ball is bringing back the blue!

  257. My sister-in-law inherited her grandma’s collection and I was totally smitten. I’ve been on the hunt for them ever since, but with no luck. I’m so looking forward to the re-issue!

  258. I would make blueberry jam…to accentuate their blueness to the top! Also I’d place them on a sunny shelf to watch the sunlight dance through them.

  259. Oh my goodness, these are just beautiful!!! I’ve never seen these in person before, ever! I would use them all over my home! I’d use them in the kitchen, most especially, and use them to store foods, of course. But, they’re so pretty that I might have to use one as a vase and maybe one in my office to hold pens/pencils. Thanks for the chance to win!

  260. I’d like to make some strawberry shortcakes in these for Easter…. pretty and decorative… I can make shortcakes for dessert and tie each one with a ribbon so everyone can take one home 🙂

  261. We had a CSA share at a local farm and the wonderful woman there picked the amazing flower bouquets from her garden each week to include with our vegetables. She placed the bouquets in vintage canning jars (including blue glass Ball jars) and we were kindly asked to return them the following week. I can only hope she got them all back. Sadly for us, the farmers ‘retired’ from 40 years of farming but I will always remember how much we looked forward to our weekly visits with them and their beautiful farm.

  262. When I began home preserving, I had access to my Mother in Law’s extensive jar collection. I instantly gravitated to the blue jars and filled any and all of them that didn’t have bubbles or ripples in them. Some of them are still in my rotation! I use the extremely old ones or those past safe canning stage to store salt on my kitchen windowsill. They just make me happy!

  263. I have no memories of blue mason jars but I’d be happy to create some (hint hint, ha ha). Actually though I’m so glad you spotlighted these because I’d surely have found out after they were sold out. They are lovely! I keep various dry goods in jars in the pantry and these would be so pretty.

    Nice bonus for canning becoming popular–all these Ball reissues!

  264. I remember using the blue jars when canning with my Aunt and grandmother as a little girl. I am the only one in the family who has kept up the home canning tradition and it brings my joy and satisfaction every time i look at my cabinet full of beautiful treasures

  265. Love these blue jars, I plan on using mine to hold solar lights on the porch for one thing, I am also planning on drilling holes in some for solar lights in old chandaliers, will also use some for canning my pear perserves that I give for Christmas presents. Love the blue and so glad they reissued them. The old pints are hard to find.

  266. My grandmother would have loved these. I look forward to canning something (anything) in them just to pretend my grandmother is still here, helping me.

  267. I inherited several blue jars from my husbands grandmother. Have always been to scared to use them. Will definitely look for these in stores this year!

  268. I don’t remember these, but I’m the first to can things since my great-grandmother. I love these though and would use them for display and drinking. I can see one on my table filled with daisies or some other wild flower.

  269. These jars are so beautiful! Several years ago, I found an old blue quart jar at a garage sale. I love putting pretty food items in it and displaying them as storage. Multicolored popcorn is my favorite to far. 🙂

  270. I have some from flea markets and usually use them to hold my sewing notions or some flowers on my kitchen table!

  271. Some of my favorite jars are the old blue ones. most of them have a chip in the top so I use them for decoration or to hold pens/coins. I’d love to have some nice blue jars to can with!

  272. I love blue jars, and I only have a couple from thrift and antique stores. I love them because I root plants in them and keep them on the windowsill and they look so lovely in the sunlight! If I had more blue jars I would probably use them in the kitchen, since the ones I used ones I found were old and kind of dirty, I may use the new squeaky clean ones for storing food or tea! I love the packaging for these new jars, it’s so awesome! Thanks!

  273. Our farmhouse, expanded sometime in the 80’s, includes the original house built by local homesteaders in 1922. Other buildings on the property were demolished over the years, including a small adjacent cabin torn down after Hurricane Andrew. For years we have been finding assorted ‘treasures’, from Blue Onion plates to old flatware, ceramic tile chips, pieces of old real linoleoum, and many pieces of blue glass. Some of it was clearly from window-glass, but I always wondered about the curved pieces of blue glass. Now I know! They’re from old blue mason jars! Running a very active, large CSA and tending to a small certified organic farm, I don’t do nearly as much canning as I used to, but I do more fermenting and freezing. I’d LOVE to have a set of these anniversary reproductions! They would be put to good use. Love your blog, too!

  274. I am new to canning and loving it. Have fond memories of canning with my grandmother. Love to have Ball jars sitting around with some old lids I have from my Mom. Would love to use these for jam!

  275. I’ve never seen blue jars before, but they’re such a lovely color-I’d have to try and put something pretty in them. Maybe some preserved cherries for a nice deep purple color?

  276. I just don’t think I ever knew about blue canning jars! I think they would be found all over my house, in various states of display. And some kind of blueberry preserve would have to happen, of course!

  277. Oh my gosh. I remember my mom canning with the old jars and now I use her old canner for my canning and I would LOVE some of these just to commemorate her and all she taught me!

  278. I try to find blue jars at antique shops all over Michigan. I would love to have a box of these jars that I could use 🙂

  279. I have no memories of these beauties but I can appreciate them. I would first use them in centerpieces at a bridal shower I am throwing and then I would use them on all the yummy summer fruits I can get my hand on!

  280. I don’t have any memories of blue jars, but I’d love to make some! These would look awesome displayed, with newly canned veggies or jam.

  281. I didn’t know the old jars were blue! I’d use them for flowers and for making my tea look blue and maybe I would finally make blueberry ginger jam!

  282. When my grandmother died my sister and I found in her house two antique blue glass jars and we each now have one. It is my very favorite vase. I would love some more blue glass jars for canning and storing pretty things!

  283. I had a blue jar, acquired many years ago from my husband’s grandmother’s home after she passed away. I turned it into a lamp with one of those screw-on lamp kit thingys, and filled the jar with marbles for my young son’s bedroom. After he grew up, I ended up selling it at a garage sale, but now wish I had saved the jar.

  284. These blue jars would be a beautiful way to preserve some figs from our fig tree. I don’t have any canning memories from growing up but I am enjoying making them with my kids!

  285. I collected vintage blue mason jars for my wedding! It was like a treasure hunt in antique stores. I can’t wait to get some new ones too! What a treat for a jar junkie!!

  286. I have always admired the beautiful clear blue Mason jars of yesteryear. I imagine using them as a vase for flowers from my garden and special summer canning projects, like berry jams and jellies.

  287. I have to stifle a happy squeal whenever I spy an old blue Ball jar on a distant table at a flea market. I really love the ones with the old tin tops (I don’t use those for canning, but they’re great decorative and storage pieces). It just goes to show that great style stands the test of time.

  288. I remember seeing a wall of old style blue jars in my Grandmother’s basement pantry. It brings back great memories of a time gone past.

  289. I honestly have never seen them before but they are beautiful! Being new to preserving my own food (just started last summer), these would be a perfect way to continue this new tradition of growing and storing good healthy food for my family.

  290. Love those blue canning jar, I remember being at an auction and seeing them….wow….wondering if those jars were really used for canning…they are so pretty. I would love to can with them and I would love to put flowers in them.

  291. I love colored glassware used for everything! I have colored pie pans and I always have to choose the one that is the right color for the filling. I would use these for everything I put up because the beautiful color would whatever was inside look delicious and special.

  292. I remember loving those gorgeous blue jars as a kid, before I had any idea of how to can (or any interest in it, either). It would be such a treat to actually use them in canning now! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  293. I have no memory of using blue jars, but I would use it to make gift for family with the food being grown in our yard as a part of a huge garden project my daughter is doing for school. Canning is going to be a summer activity.

  294. I have no memories of these jars, but would love to create some! I’d love to display them in my home as a vase or for food storage.

  295. I don’t have memories of them but I do have memories of trying to find them at flea markets and garage sales. I think I might use them for storage in the kitchen on a shlef that everyone cansee.

  296. I remember seeing these blue jars in my grandmother’s pantry when I was a child. I have her Maid of Honor canner now but those jars long gone…

  297. I would put applesauce and apple butter in these! And probably some dry pantry items like sunflower seeds and nutritional yeast.

  298. I used some blue canning jars as vases for the centerpieces at our wedding. My hubby and I got married at a friend’s house and tried our hardest to keep everything local. We lucked out and found a flower farmer about 5 miles away. I went to his farm two days before the wedding and picked out flowers from the greenhouse. My girlfriends and I made our bouquets, boutonnieres and created simple centerpieces using the mason jars at vases. We made an all-out effort to round up as many jars as we could. The blue ones were borrowed from my mother-in-law.

  299. Over the years I have inherited many interesting, old canning jars which included some blue ones, some with the separate glass top and bail and various other types. Since I love antiques – especially family heirlooms – I really appreciate being able to store things in these. I use old (and new) jars to store everything from homemade yogurt and sour cream to dog treats, and right now I have one of the 1 1/2 (I think) gallon jars with vinegar and orange peels sitting on top of my Great Grandma Jarlsberg’s pie safe. After sitting for two weeks this is supposed to be an awesome smelling cleaner – found on Pinterest.

  300. I don’t have a blue jar memory, however I think I would reserve these jars for drinking glasses. I have clear jars we use now and have wanted to get more. These are so beautiful and I would love to be able to use them daily.

  301. This is the first time I’ve seen blue mason jars but they are beautiful! I could see putting some yummy preserves in them and I could definitly see putting away my canisters on the counter and use them for decorative storage. They are sooo pretty!

  302. My mom and grandma never seem to have had blue jars. I don’t know why; they are beautiful. I’m not sure what I’d use them for, but I’m sure I’d find many uses – and my 4-year-old just climbed up to share his excitement for them.

  303. While I love canning I have to admit that these beauties would be used for decoration in my home. They look sooooo cool!!!!! TY for the giveaway!

  304. When I was single and had a little extra spending money that didn’t go for household expenses, I used to collect old canning jars. I loved looking for the blue-colored ones at yard sales and thrift shops. You wouldn’t find them very often, but when you did, it was so much fun! They are just so pretty, and not just with food in them! Love to decorate with them, too! So fun that they are bringing them back! 🙂

  305. I have several of the old blues, but am always afraid to can in them, in case I’d break one, so these new ones would be the cat’s meow. They would look beautiful with anything in them.

  306. I’m not sure if it came from my side or my in-laws, but we have one blue jar floating around in our supply. It’s been filled with tomato soup at least twice and I make sure it doesn’t get gifted to anyone so we can keep it.

  307. I have a couple of antique blue jars in my collection and while I wish I could actually can with them, I just can’t bring myself to do it out of fear that I’ll crack one. I have, however, relegated them to dry storage of things like candy and popcorn. Now, I just need a set of shelves in my kitchen so they can be prominently displayed. I love the idea someone mentioned of using them as vases.

    I’m kind of bummed they’re going to be limited run and that I don’t really have a lot of money to stock-up on them. That means I’ll probalby only end-up with a six-pack and will probably refrain from using them for wet canning. Oh well, they’re still awesome and I’m glad to see Ball recognizes the popularity of them! Can’t wait to own a set.

  308. What a beautiful color. There wasn’t any canning in our house growing up but a neighbor used to have some blue jars and I was always drawn to them.

  309. I have a few blue glass jars that I use for storing dry goods. I love how they look. They make beautiful accents when mixed in with other jars.

    My mother loves them as well and uses them for a cabinet top display. She has one blue half gallon that, unfortunately, has a crack that makes it unusable for anything else. But they are definitely unique and lovely.

  310. The blue jars have always been a favorite of mine as they remind me of my grandmother and simpler times in life. I also had the opportunity to grow and provide the flowers for two of my friends last summer. All the centerpieces were a mix of garden bouquets in vintage Ball jars. People loved them. Mason jars are multipurpose and the blue color makes them all the more unique and eyecatching.

  311. Oh dear, these jars are so beautiful! I would use these jars for storage since I couldn’t bear it if one popped in the canner. Yes, I’ve had one jar pop on me in the pressure canner. Freaked me out.

  312. These are lovely! I have no memories of the blue jars (my grandma used clear glass…), but I would use these for storing grains and oh how gorgeous would they look on my shelf 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  313. I just love these jars! I’m so glad they were brought back for the anniversary. To me, they are a must have 😀

  314. I would love to use these. My very first thought was to use them for decoration, maybe as a vase or herb planters in my kitchen. I might use them for canning food too. I’ve loved the blue jars since I first saw them. Oh. I hope I win. I never win anything.

  315. I want to make my pickled green beans in these. Also, if I can some spaghetti sauce, might it look purple? If so, it’s my favorite color!

  316. If I won these beautiful blue jars, I would put them to good use by storing my homemade granola in them while they proudly sit on my counter! They are just lovely.

  317. Love the color of these blue Ball great gran used to can everything…we went there during the summer to visit for a couple of weeks each year….boy did I ever like to go through her pantry and grab some blackberry jam without seeds to see if we could open…I do not remember any blue Ball jars however….I would put some blueberry or blackberry jam inside to make them so much more beautiful.

  318. We very happily used the vintage blue jars as vases for the centerpieces for our outdoor, backyard wedding this past summer!

  319. I love blue glass but this is the first time I’ve seen the ball jars in blue. They are lovely. I can definitely see a nice bouquet of spring flowers, especially daffodils in these! 🙂

  320. I remember learning to can as a young girl with my Mom and Grandmoms’ and they used a lot of Balls Blue Jars, I am tinkled to be able to have my children (All 7 of them) help again with the canning of the garden, I’ll be introducing they to the Blue….. Time for more memories :o)

  321. I have a great love for blue jars. My favorite place to buy them sold them for $5 full of old buttons. I loved coming home and sorting all the buttons and putting some flowers in my new to me blue jar!

  322. I don’t have an experience from the past to share, but I’m a new gardener and would love to can a summer’s worth of vegetables in these jars.

  323. I love the nostalgia associated with these beautiful jars. I am completing my master preserver classes this year and would love to use these jars as a momento to my first canning after the class.

  324. so exciting. cant wait to spend my summer filling these gorgeous things (with blueberry ginger cardamon jam) instead of hunting for them on ebay or thrigt stores. ooh la la!!

  325. love um! Very pretty – I have a couple of the OLD ones from my hubbys grandma, we use them as decoration with flowers etc. on the shelf

  326. I’ve been making yogurt in mason jars recently and it would look amazing in the blue jars. I’d have to use some to store flour and sugar too so I’d get to use them everyday.

  327. My first memory of the blue ball jars was when I was a kid. My grandmother lived in a house, in Louisiana, that was home to a total of 6 generations, herself being the 3rd. My parents, brothers & myself had gone to visit during the summer & were helping my grandmother clean out some of the back rooms of the house, that she used for storage. One of my Aunt’s found over 40 empty jars, all different colors & sizes & some still with the zinc tops. I was enamored with the blue ones. Dirty, dusty and full of stories, I took it upon myself to clean them up. My Aunt wouldn’t let me keep any of them!! She was a HUGE canner & my mother agreed that they should go to her. Had I known what they really were, I wouldn’t have given them up so easily. Some of them still sit up on her cabinet ledge. They were & still are so beautiful.

  328. These jars make my heart skip a beat. I grew up with Grandma’s who canned and used them. Now it’s my turn to keep up the tradition. Although I’ve canned quite a lot into various jars never into a blue one! They are beautiful!

  329. Fun! Too bad the color is a little off. Still pretty! I was always afraid to actually use the really old jars for canning but I love them for decor. I used to have a blue jar with a bail top that we put change in. It disappeared and the only thing I could think of was that I left it at the bank when I used the change machine. Boo!

  330. Beautiful jars! I can many things when my city-farm is going strong, but I admit I would use a couple for a flower arrangement. I could see my sweetpeas being displayed in one!

  331. I don’t remember these in use as a kid because they were “antiques,” and as a result, I’m afraid to use the ones I have now for actual canning, so I would actually use these new blue jars to can!

  332. I didn’tgrow up with canning jars.
    I do now and would like to add these jars to add some more color to my collection

  333. Kind of ironic actually, because just a few months ago I offered to scout up some of the old Blue jars for a friend who couldn’t find any.

  334. These blue jars are gorgeous! I have some from my grandmother but they don’t have lids so have been used to store makeup brushes and such. I would use these for storing dry goods on my open shelving in my kitchen!!

  335. When my husband and I decided to get milk farm fresh we needed half gallon jars. I had none so my mother-in-law offered to give us some of hers. Low and behold they were blue! I love seeing my fresh milk in large blue jars in my fridge.

  336. I first saw blue jars high on the shelves at my in-laws house, in the kitchen. I’m positive theirs are extremely old, as their family has been canning for ages (unlike mine).

  337. Oh and blue is my favorite color! They are beautiful. Do you suppose if we started a write in campaign we could get them to make more? We live on the old homestead and I have found shards of glass that were the jars that they used to can, would love to have been around to learn their secrets. (oh, wait that would make me a lot older, never

  338. Hi Marisa! Thank you and Ball for this giveaway! The jars are beautiful! They would definitely be displayed in my kitchen with flowers, nuts, or whatever, not tucked in a pantry somewhere! Blessings from Bama!

  339. I have an assortment of old canning jars- I use them to display shells, I lend them for wedding vases, i use them for still life paintings, I put them in a window for color on he floor….they are just a part of my life.

  340. I have a few of the old blue jars. I don’t remember them from when I was a child but my mother found some somewhere and I now have them.
    I think pears would look great on those new blue jars!

  341. they’re almost too pretty to can in! i would treasure them forever for pickles and never let a single one out the door

  342. This jars are so pretty!
    They will look great in my kitchen, even with pickles or little white flowers.
    I hope to win this! =)

  343. I don’t have any memories of the blue jars. But I love having a diversity of jars to can in. Big and small wide mouths, small jelly jars, regular wide mouths (often for my coffee!), etc. Blue jars would be such a pretty addition to all of that!

  344. I. Love. These. I have one blue Ball jar that I found at an antique store, it holds my vintage button collection. With these new ones I’d like to can pretty things for myself. No gifting these jars!

  345. I love, love, love these! When I was living on the east coast, you could scour flee markets and antique shops and find these with decent frequency. But out west they aren’t so easy to come by, and very expensive when you do. A set of these new ones would be such a delight.

  346. These would make beautiful gifts! I can see my homegrown cucumbers transformed into crunchy pickles inside these jars. What a beautiful addition to a Christmas basket for our friends and neighbors!

  347. I have used all sizes of blue canning jars for years and pick them up at yard sales, auctions, etc. They make great vases and storage jars. Have been canning, freezing and preserving for 50+ years.

  348. Perfect size for canned pears to give to a friend who has her own kitchen with a variety of collectible kitchen wares.

  349. I love the blue jars… I have been collecting the old ones for some time now. I use them for decorating and dry food storage.

  350. This may be a bit fussy but, I don’t think a red item like tomatoes would look good in the blue glass so I’d use it for something green – maybe pickles or dilly beans!

  351. My grandmother used to have a bunch of these that sat on the top of her window sill in the kitchen. They used to give off the best patterns on the tile floor when the sun hit them the right way.

  352. Wow- I would use these for so many things, aside from actual function of canning jars (but that would be wonderful- esp for the fruit, jams & jellies with colors that would be complimented by the blue jars!), but for beautiful storage vessels, and flower vases, and more… plus, the lighting piece that I am making for the patio this summer will be so much more fantastic if I use the blue jars… they evoke so many feelings of nostalgia, and a yearning for a more simple way of life… thanks for the chance!

  353. I have no canning memories at all. I think I would use these for storage of edible gifts. And keep some for myself because they are so pretty.

  354. Growing up, my Mom and Grandma always canned…well…everything! I don’t specifically remember blue jars, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Grandma had them. I’m just starting to learn and rekindle the goodness of canning in our family and would love to add these blue beauties to my collection! In addition to preserving food, they would indeed make a beautiful vase for some spring daisies! 🙂

  355. Wow, blue is one of my FAVORITE colors. My mind is going overdrive so many ideas to use them. I have a garden full of herbs and produce for pickling; I love the salad in the jars for picnic; It would be a beautiful showcase for my button collection; It would make gorgeous vases for my flowers, a perfect shade to off-set the hot summer in the Southwest!!!

  356. I don’t have memories of the blue canning jars HOWEVER I think they are lovely. Since I just got my first pressure canner, it would be nice to do an “old fashion” preservation with an older version of jars we utilize today. 🙂

  357. Oh, I’d pickle mushrooms, eggs, beets, cabbage, asparagus, dilly beans, kimchi, artichokes, peppers–the possibilities are endless!! Then I’d jam out like a crazy woman! 😉

  358. I helped mom can all the time as a kid, and one of our favorites was tomato soup. I always thought the blue jars (and there were always a couple in mom’s stash) should NOT be used for the soup, as they made it look purple! The things we worry about when we’re seven… 🙂

  359. I have a two quart blue jar in which I started a cutting from a corn plant (a type of houseplant) several years ago. It looked so pretty in the jar that I never did transplant it into a pot. I just make sure there is always plenty of fresh water in it, and the plant continues to thrive. The blue of the jar makes the water, roots and leaves look like a treasure from the sea!

  360. I would use these for pickling and also to store dry goods, beans, rice, quinoa. I just love them they are such lovely jars.

  361. I’m a canning maniac, and I’m definitely old enough to remember the original jars, but I’ve always wondered why they picked blue. Logic? Beauty? Ah well, I’m glad to see them again!

  362. I do not remember these jars but I have been only canning for about 5 yrs – would love to use them in my sewing room

  363. I remember my grandmother’s shelves full of jars of things she’d grown and canned herself. She always put pears in the blue ones. I have a few of her old blue jars that I use for keeping my own dried herbs. It would be great to keep them all this way.

  364. My husband and I have a small collection of blue ball jars that we have slowly added to over the last few years. We have them filled with our dry goods (rice, nuts, popcorn) on a shelf above our kitchen counter. We built and live in a tiny house (300 sq. ft.) and the lovely color of the jars pairs well with our blue marmoleum floor. In addition to being practical, the blue jars are a lovely addition to our small space. It’s fun to see that there will be a limited edition of new blue ball jars!

  365. Beautiful! I have no memories of such jars in my childhood (my mother did not can & I don’t recall what type of jars my grandmother used), but I’d use the jars for storing my dried herbs and canning items we use when company is over (hot peppers would be nice looking in the blue jars).

  366. My favorite (and strangest) memory of the blue glass jars is finding them on the roof of my last house. Who would leave jars on the roof? How did they not blow off during a storm?

  367. I would use the new blue jars for storage, mostly – beans, lentils, etc. Everything is pretty once you put it into a beautiful jar.

  368. Oooo pretty! I think pickles for sure, and I am pretty generous with my canning , I like to share, but not in these jars!

  369. I came to canning as an adult, so I do not have any memories of these beautiful blue jars. I would use them to can various jams and also as decorative elements in my kitchen for storage.

  370. So pretty! My grandma had a row of blue jars on top of her sideboard in the dining room. They were mostly quarts, but I think she had some larger jars too. It was pretty. 🙂

    I love jars. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  371. My mom used to have a blue swing-top jar that she kept dried butter beans in. We got to take a bean every time we did something especially good, and then trade them in for little presents when we got enough.

  372. I’m too young to remember blue jars, but they are pretty spiffy. And I’m a little alarmed at how excited I am about these…ha ha!
    If I had a set, I would probably try them out in pressure canning.

  373. My grandmother used to have one sitting on her window ledge in the kitchen with some other pretty colored glass bottles and I always admired it. I believe it broke at some point, unfortunately. I came across a bunch the other year at a unique store in Lancaster here and nabbed some (they were very old, chipped a little around the rim), so I use them for storing beans and cane sugar in my pantry. They make everything in them look beautiful. 🙂

  374. I don’t know that I’d do anything special with these jars, except that I would have to be selfish about them and make sure that whatever is in them, I keep for myself. People who get jarred treats from me often give the jars back when they’re done with them (so they can be filled with something new, obviously), but you can’t count on it and I would probably just need to horde these.

  375. being the 8th generation to live on our farm, i’ve found a few precious treasures buried in basements and attics, and i’m always excited to unearth an original blue jar!!! i just have to keep it quiet from my siblings!! 😉

  376. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have these jars in my home. I would probably use them for pantry items. I would hate to put them in boiling water!!

  377. I still have some of the beautiful blue pints my grandma canned in. Mostly green beans b/c she didn’t like pickles.

  378. I remember my Grandma bringing out her famous jams & jellys in those jars. It made me so happy and excited!!! Gosh I must have been 4 or 5 years old. I am 40 now, I can’t believe I can remember that long ago! LOL! I would love these for so many things… Canning my harvest’s, using them in my new bathroom for a decorative way of storing stuff ( cotton balls, Q-Tips, hair barrettes ect.) I would use a couple for a light bulb fixture cover to give that soft blue color in the hall way at night time, and … OH MY… there are so many possibility’s it is almost endless!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

  379. These are pretty and although not typically an aqua fan I find this color especially happy as we wait for spring! I’ve gotten a few blue jars during rummage finds, but often people want so much more that I stick with clear…this would be fun!

  380. So glad to see these jars back in circulation. I have been collecting these for years just for display now I will actually be able to use them for canning and crafting purposes. Thank you!

  381. I have many favorite memories of the Ball canning jars – especially the old blue ones. In fact, I have one of my dear grammas’ jars that I have displayed in my kitchen with a copy of one of her favorite canning recipes. My grandparents had an 80 acre farm s0 they lived off the land. They canned all summer to have food put-up for the cold winter months. Everything was canned from vegetables to sausage! I continue to can to this day. Although – nothing like the magnitude that gramma did.

  382. Awesome! I have no idea how I’d use them, but my grandmother had a bunch of blue Ball jars and my sister got them all…so I’d keep them for myself! HAA! Just kidding, I’d share. 🙂

  383. I have a number of blue canning jars of different sizes with zinc lids. My Granny used them to can everything from pickles to green beans. When she passed away the jars had applesauce from their apples trees in them. Today, I use them to store her wooden thread spools and when I need an odd color thread I head to the Ball canning jars.

  384. What wouldn’t I do with them… Canning special gifts, flower vases, pen holder, maybe even a drinking glass with a nice cuppow on top.

  385. As a lover of any and all containers with a preference to glass, I love mason jars but I’ve never seen a blue one in real life. I would most certainly use some of these jars for decorating and the rest for my absolute favorite recipes!

  386. i’ve only been able to find one lovely blue ball jar on my thift/vintage store hunts, but i treasure it as a decoration and flower vase. i would love to get my hands on some new blue ball jars for preserving whole and sliced fruits!

  387. I love the blue jars. My Grandma and Great-Grandma were farmers’ wives who taught my Mom and in turn me to appreciate canning and cooking for my family. Now my Grandma often passes things down to me and I have a few of her oldest canning jars and even 2 blue ones. But I don’t can with those, I have them on display. I’d love some new ones to can with!

  388. I love these jars! I have tried dying them, but it’s definitely not the same! I would use them for flower vases and a button collection and pantry items! Beautiful!

  389. I don’t have any fond blue jar memories. Yet. None of my family canned before. But using them as drinking glasses would make me very happy!

  390. My grandmother had this half gallon blue jar with glass lid that was always full of refridgerator pickles. I inherited it when she died and it is one of my favorite possessions.

  391. I would use the blue jars to store grains and things so they could always be visible. My filled jars livein a pantry closet but these belong on display!

  392. I think I would use them for dry goods or for something really special that I would not want to give away. Only because it’s hard to get my jars back. 🙂

  393. I remember my mom having a few of my grandmother when I was a little girl. I think I would can some blueberry jam and use them for glasses at a country BBQ…… cute.

    • These are lovely! I have several Blue jars I inherited from my husbands grandmother. I have them on display, and would love a new set to actually use to preserve some of her family favorite recipes. My hubby and kids would love it and the memories of their “Ma-Ma’

  394. I’ve been swooning over blue Ball jars for the past couple of years — found some really fabulous ones at thrift stores, but I’ve been nervous about canning in them for fear they wouldn’t hold up. So wonderful that they’ve brought them back!

  395. I’m excited to make cherry jam again this year and I think the deep red of the jam and the blue of the jar would make a lovely purple color!

  396. I would can blueberries, saskatoon berries, and grapes in these! I bet the blue + purple would make a beautiful color!

  397. I’ve only seen blue jars in ads like on Craig’s list. I don’t know what I’d use them for . . . I’m trying to think of what would look prettiest, set off by the blue glass!

  398. I’d use these for storing dry goods… but during canning season, the dry jars and drinking jars all tend to get recruited at the last second and used for canning, because I never (ever) have enough jars.

  399. Gah! I looooove blue glass jars. I have and cherish a few that are used decoratively in our house. If I had more, they’d find so many uses.

  400. I’ve never used blue glass jars before—or even seen them! I would use them for storing foods (dried porcinis, popcorn kernels, granola, quinoa) on the counter, so they would be decorative as well as functional.

  401. My mother has a blue jar that my grandmother used to use. My mom uses it for blueberry jam and that is what I would use these beautiful jars for also!

  402. My parents bought an old, abandoned farm house when I was in elementary school and restored it as a summer house. As we cleaned up the yard, we found some old, discarded jars, which became part of the decor as they were placed on the window sills to catch the sun.

  403. My great grandmother had a few of these but my favorite memory is of my sister’s wedding: long communal tables dotted with the vintage jars, filled with garden flowers. Lovely!

  404. My grandmother’s blue jars line my kitchen window like sun catchers. I can’t wait to be able to actually can in some!

  405. Yahooooo! I love da blue!! I use these jars for everything! I collect the vintage jars for storage, beans, rice, cereal.Rubber bands, corks EVERYTHING. Glass only for my homemade yogurt, butter jams n jellies. All my herb, in glass jars. Water by my bed, in glass jars.Homemade dish soap, bath salts all in glass ball jars….can you tell I am trying to leave all plastic in the stores and not on our shores as waste?lol

  406. Good Morning,

    When I was a little girl my grandmother would can all summer long.
    I remember seeing casses if fruit all over the place. All I could think of was how am I going to get a fresh juicy peach out of one of those boxes and into my hands without getting caught. Now my little girl is doing the same thing as I did when I was younger.

    I have very happy memories of those day. However, my grandmother passed away before she was ever able to teach me the fine art of canning. Acouple years back a girlfriend of mine at church taught me to can and I fell in love all over again. A flood of memories came back to me like a wave crashing against a mountain of rocks.

    I am so very grateful for that afternoon my very close friend not only taught me this beaitiful art of perserving food for my family but for helping me recall all those wonderful memories of my childhood.

    The question of what I would do with these beautiful vintage blue jars. I would split the case with my girlfriend to let her know how much I truly appreciate her for all she has done for me and my family.

  407. I actually found an old version of these jars in my grandmother’s antique jar collection and I cherish it. It’s actually on display at all times in a glass cabinet. I’d love to have this new version to use as vases for flowers or other non-canning uses just because I love their blue color.

  408. OH! those blue jars. I grew up with them in my home. Everyone I am related to has a set of 5 that go from 1/2 pint to gallon with the swing top lids. I have them in my house with different kinds of items inside to show case them as containers. The biggest has tiny christmas ornaments in them for my tiny xmas tree.

  409. Our family canned everything in the blue jars…. fruit, veggies, meats, soups…..
    also used it for dry food storage to keep out the bugs and rodents. Occassionaly they got used for science experiments, and of course…for flowers.

  410. I first encountered these beautiful blue jars in flea markets and thrift stores… I would love to can some beautiful jams or pickles in them for Christmas gifts.

  411. These are so beautiful! I would use them to finally toss out my plastic drinking glasses because guests could use these.

  412. I love these! They remind me of grandma and jam and sunny fall harvest times. I can see them with jam in them,on the breakfast or tea time table….

  413. These are lovely! I have several Blue jars I inherited from my husbands grandmother. I have them on display, and would love a new set to actually use to preserve some of her family favorite recipes. My hubby and kids would love it and the memories of their “Ma-Ma’

  414. I have some of the original blue canning jars, and I absolutely love them as containers. Nothing says summer more than daisy’s, cut from the garden, gracing our dinner table with the blue jar as the vase. Got to love it!

  415. I’m still fairly new to canning. So having fun blue glass would be neat to use! I like to make apple butter. But…it probably wouldn’t look great in the blue so I’d try something different. I like the idea of canning anything red so the jar looks purple!

  416. I’ve never had a blue jar but have more recently been collecting. These would be a great overall addition! And I’m sure some kind of food or syrup would end up in them 😉

  417. These are beautiful! They’d be beautiful to use as a vase, but I’d probably use them to make something for gifts!

  418. I’ve decorated my living room with blue glass, so these would fit right in. I would love to can some blueberry jam in them though – so pretty.

  419. I keep my bulk oatmeal in one of these vintage blue jars… it makes me happy every morning when I open the cupboard to make breakfast!

  420. Lined up in a row in my pantry, I can see it now. Or in the glass front cupboards in my farm kitchen. filled with dry goods, spices, and pretty jams and pickles. Thank you Ball!

  421. Slightly bigger blue jars of that type held the flower arrangements at a friend’s wedding a few years ago. One came home with me and now holds beans and grains.

  422. These jars are beautiful. I have a few of the vintage blue jars and made a dish soap dispenser out of one. I would love to use a few of these new ones to hold things on my counter or in the pantry.

  423. These are so pretty! I don’t recall seeing these growing up, but I do quite a bit of canning (pickles, tomato sauce, green beans, jam) — so I think these would be wonderful to win!

  424. I love the blue jars. I have several that I found at a yard sale many years ago, and I use them to hold paint brushes and pens in my studio.

  425. The only Blue Jar I remember seeing as a child was one that held pennies at my granny’s house. If I had some of these jars they would be on display (with contents) on my kitchen shelf! The blue is perfect for my home:) Love that you have these!

  426. I love the look of blue jars for certain uses, but clearly remember a cousin reminding me that even delicious homemade applesauce doesn’t seem appetizing in blue jars! So I use them mostly for dry goods storage, for vases, and to give away filled with tasty treats that are meant to be enjoyed sooner rather than later.

  427. I have a few things I like to store on the counter. I currently have one awesome vintage green glass jar but the rest are in plain clear jars. I’d definitely switch them out for blue in a heartbeat!

  428. I don’t remember blue jars and my mother canned a lot back in the day! But they look beautiful. In addition to canning, I like to use the pint jars for vases and storing things in the fridge. I think the blue ones would be beautiful filled with flowers.

  429. My memories are of my Grandmother in Missouri and her canning in these jars too many years ago for me to tell you. Also, I have large blue jars that I use to store dry goods on my countertop. They add a nice pop of color to my otherwise white kitchen. Love ’em!

  430. When I moved back to my hometown of St. Louis from the Bay Area recently, my beloved friend Joanna sent me a watercolor in the mail that she felt “just screamed my name” — a blue Ball jar but in place of the “Ball” it says “Bay Area” in the same font. Lovely! A perfect housewarming present as I was missing all my homesteading and canning activities in Oakland. I collect these blue jars and use them most prominently to hold my homemade granola, which means I get the pleasure of interacting with them every morning at breakfast.

  431. I collect vintage jars, especially the blue ones, and have many of them – holding food, mostly – displayed throughout my house. I never have enough of them, however!

  432. Blue is my favorite color! I don’t remember these growing up, but I do remember canning apricots, peaches, beans and tomatoes with my Mom.

  433. Oh, the possibilities are endless!!! Dry goods, beans, rice, flour, flowers, sugar, all mentioned in previous posts. But what about blueberry jam in a blue jar??? Or a blueberry muffin mix in a blue jar for a cute housewarming gift. How fun!! Cannot wait to play with these!

  434. My friend in Vermont makes these great soap dispensers with the blue Ball jars. When I see one in my kitchen, it reminds me of home!

  435. These were the candy jars at my grandmothers growing up. Any time we would see a blue jar we knew something tasty was inside.

  436. I can remember my grandmother having blue canning jars…I wish I had those, but her home burned to the ground a few years ago. 🙁
    I snatch them up at garage sales whenever I can.

  437. I don’t have any memories of blue glass. I’m thinking these would rock the pantry for blueberry syrup, though. And some blueberry preserves. (I’m all about the color coordination!) Thanks so much for running this contest. How fun! 🙂

  438. These are gorgeous! I didn’t have any of them in my childhood, but I’d definitely use them for canning nice, light colored things to highlight the color – maybe peach jelly? Mmmm. :0)

  439. These are gorgeous. I have some old blue jars that I have found at yard sales and thrift shops, but I would never use them for canning. It would be terrific to have new ones for canning. Thank you for this give away.

  440. When I was a girl, just learning to can and in love with all things vintage, we moved to a house out in the country. My Dad and I went down into the old, dirt floor basement and there, to my delight, was shelving filled with old canning jars…vintage blue, with zinc lids or glass hinge lids. It was a dream come true. I am excited to see Ball bringing out the anniversary jars but what is more exciting is that canning is back in style and young women and men are discovering its rewards!

  441. I have one if the original blue Ball Perfect Mason jars! It was found at a thrift store. I use it as a utensil holder on my counter because I love the blue!!

  442. I don’t have a Blue Jar memory, but I Love the color and look! I want to fill one of these beautiful Blue Jars with my favorite drink (hot chocolate or tea)–and, top with my Cuppow! 🙂

  443. I don’t have any memories, but have started using the jars for storage in my pantry to keep bugs out of things and to make things look pretty. These blue jars are absolutely beautiful and I would really love to add them to my pantry storage (or maybe on the counter since so pretty).

  444. I have no memories of blue jars, but I can pretty much everything around here =) I’d love to put some watermelon pickles in there!

  445. Growing up in Michigan we would run across these jars every where. My mom would can in them, but she also had them sitting around as decor. I would love some of these for my pantry.

  446. I love finding the old blue jars at yard sales. I won’t pay antique store prices for them, so it’s wonderful to get them cheap – usually with no lids, but that’s fine. I have some in my kitchen window and some on top of the china cabinet. I use them for flowers and to keep fresh herbs all summer.

  447. I used to have a roommate that loved blue glass and had it in her window, and then she noticed the lady across the drive had blue glass in her window too. It was like they were blue glass twins. I think these would be lovely for summer drinks or holding flowers around the house.

  448. I remember my grandmother canning in blue jars. She made the very best current jelly! and sweet pickles!! That is where I got my love of canning!

  449. I Loved the History of the Blue Jars. Hand Blown and numbered with the Blowers number to identify his work to get paid for the Day!

  450. I love the colored jars and always look for them at thrift stores and have never found a single one. I’d love to have a set.

  451. Passed through the family, my children and I now use the blue glass for dry good and spice storage in our pantry, our fav is when we have a zinc lid to match!! We plan to continue to pass these (& preserving skills) through the generations of our family.

  452. I do not have any of my own. I saw some at a flea market once and didn’t have the money to buy them. I kicked myself when I returned later and they were gone. I would love to display them in my kitchen.

  453. I don’t have a current Blue Jar memory but the one I always wanted to make was catching fireflies in a Blue Mason Jar. Until now, I thought that could only be a pipe-dream.
    I also want to use them for lights like on the Pintrest Board for Ball.
    Caning Dilly Beans – make them look greener =D

  454. These are beautiful! I have some of the older blue jars & I love them. Iuse those for dry good storge & decoration. flowers. Thank you for the giveaway.

  455. I will always remember when we were living on a farm in Iowa and the little old man who lived down the road brought us some of the canned goods from his wife’s pantry in pretty blue jars. Bless his heart! He’d been a widow for a LONG time and I wouldn’t even guess how old that food was! We just smiled, thanked him and pitched them as soon as he was gone… I always hoped he wasn’t eating it himself!

  456. maybe make candles. or some other odds and ends to make gifts for friends and neighbors!
    and of course can fruits and veggies!!!!

  457. I don’t have any memories about these jars but I would love to make some! I do lots of canning and just love these! 🙂

  458. I remember my grandmas both storing things in these jars. I now have them in use in my kitchen. I would love, love, love to can in these

  459. When an aunt of mine passed away, I was asked if there was anything in particular I wanted from the house that she had lived in for more than 40 years. I immediately said “look for old canning jars”. I’m now the proud owner of several pint and quart bail style jars, two of which have the blue color. LOVE them.

  460. I have one that belonged to my great grandmother. It even has the old style zinc top that my grandmother dug out of the old “dump” on their farm. I am going to have to get some of these. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the turquoise-blue color!

  461. I love these blue jars, I have several old ones that I have picked up in various places, I would love these new ones. I think canned fruit in them would be wonderful.

  462. I love these! My mother always loved blue glass and I was just looking in to getting some Ball jars for homemade dressing. This would be perfect both to fit a specific purpose and to bring my mother close.

  463. I don’t have memories of these as I am a first-generation canner. However, I have been picking these up from thrift and antique stores for YEARS and use them for everything from cute storage in my bathroom to storing pantry essentials such as honey, salt, and homemade seasoning mixes. I my laundry room, I have several of these blue canning jars filled with nature items – rocks and small pinecones – lined up along a window. If I won these, I would be in canning and decorating heaven, as they are so versatile and beautiful!

  464. I found a large blue jar filled with metal charms at a thrift store once. It’s one of my all time favorite thrift store finds!

  465. These are beautiful. I’d use a couple for decoration at home, flowers and tea lights along the counter in between my kitchen and living room

  466. I buy up the vintage blue glass jars every chance I get. I keep dry goods in them and have a couple of the more unusual looking ones as decorations. I love how they look. I would love to have some of these new ones that I could can in! I am thinking they would look lovely with some fruit canned in them. 🙂

  467. I would use them for everything from storing granola or homemade soup to holding a flower arrangement on my table….very appealing to me!!

  468. I would use them for everything from storing granola or homemade soup to holding a flower arrangement on my table….very appealing to me!!

  469. I found a big, big blue glass jar at goodwill years ago, and I remember thinking, these are a thing, right? I use it all the time to hold cut flowers in the summer. :). I’d love some that are canning size!