Giveaway: New Blue and Green Lids From Ball

February 26, 2014

boxes of lids

Several years back, I had a small stash of red and white checked lids and rings that I’d picked up at a close-out sale. I rationed them carefully, using them on preserves I planned on giving as gifts or featuring her on the blog. Every time I posted a picture, someone would comment to ask where I’d gotten then. I hated always having to disappoint people by telling them that they weren’t available anymore.

colored lids

Happily, Ball recently released a new option for those canners who are itching to dress their jars up with something other than a basic silver lid. Called the Design Series, these new lids come in either metallic blue or green and are sold with matching rings. They come in boxes of six and currently retail for $5.95. Just like their silver siblings, they are BPA-free and are good for a single trip through the canner.

colored rings

I realize that these lids and rings are a bit pricier than the regular ones. If you can many hundreds of jars a year, they might not be the ones you reach for. What they are is a fun option for people who focus on small batches, are canning for an event (a wedding, perhaps?), or just want to give a few select jars a little extra sparkle. They also match up really nicely with the limited edition blue and green jars.

lids on colored jars

Thanks to the nice folks at Ball, I have five sets of these lids to give away. Each winner will get one of the green ones and one of the blue (each box holds six lids and rings, so each winner will receive a dozen lids and rings in total). Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me one thing you’re looking forward to canning this season.
  2. Comments will close at 12 noon on Sunday, March 2, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog later that day.
  3. Giveaway open to US and Canadian residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Ball gave me a set of these lids for photography purposes and are providing the giveaway units as well. No money has changed hands and my opinions are, as always, my own. 

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802 thoughts on "Giveaway: New Blue and Green Lids From Ball"

  • I am looking forward to my FIRST season of canning – to learning how to use all the wonderful produce in South Carolina, the different methods of canning, and sharing the results with friends and family! It’s never to late to learn something new!

  • I’ve got a community garden plot this year, so I’m excited just to get and eat my own fresh veggies. I’m hoping to get enough tomatoes out of my crop to make some sauce.

  • I’m thinking about joining a CSA, so I’m sure I will have plenty to can. I’m looking forward to canning some strawberry/rhubarb jam. I’m also looking for a great recipe for salsa.

  • I can’t wait to make spiced peach butter and bread and butter pickles. I have the blue and green jars and I think they’re just gorgeous. I bought them to gift my canned goods to people but I don’t think I can part with them!

  • We have nearly cleared the strawberry jam, so I can’t wait to can some more (and this time, I’m adding some vanilla bean). We’ve also joined a CSA this year, so I’m anxious to eat things I don’t grow, and try to can some new things!

  • I’m looking forward in trying a new recipe for canning. I love making jelly but would like to try BBQ sauce or something different.

  • I just canned some cauliflower pickles and am planning on doing a batch of sweet mixed pickles as soon as I can get some fresh vegetables. Can’t wait until my garden gets some but I’ll can more than too.

  • I just finished canning a whole mess of Marmalade, so I’m not really sure what will come next. Maybe some sort of spring vegetable, but more likely it’ll be a summer fruit. I have to empty some jars before I can re-fill them!

  • Oh, these are so pretty! I will give me an excuse to splurge on the colored jars. I’m super excited for garlic scape pickles as well as marionberry and huckleberry jam.

  • I’m on my very last jar of tomato sauce and last three jars of whole tomatoes. I’m not looking forward to using the commercially-canned ones until August when I can replenish my supply. We did a hundred pounds last year and it last until March, so I think I need to increase production — can’t wait!!!

  • Gotta make strawberry jam to keep my fiancee happy, but also looking forward to making blueberry jam as we’re moving to the Northeast soon.

  • I was surprised to find I was out of canned dried beans last week. I’ve already picked up the organic dry beans in several varieties and am looking forward to jarring them up next week.

  • Salsa!!!! I came up with the most delicious salsa last year and ended up with about eight jars of it which unfortunately ran out about a month ago :-(. This year I’ll make even more and give it away as gifts, it was soooo good!

  • Our first foray into canning this yr will be the bone broth in the fridge right now. Then some blackberry-something jelly or jam 🙂 I haven’t decided what to do with last yrs blackberries yet but they are super tart and I want to mix them with something 🙂

  • I love pressure canning soups of all kinds. This has stood me well this winter. So more soups!

    I’m also looking forward to blackberry shrub.

  • I am looking forward to canning everything I possibly can this year… My best friend and I are planning a few canning parties. Our canned things were both a huge hit with our families and friends at Christmas.

  • I’m really looking forward to putting up damson plums. My friend has a tree that produces so much fruit I got a 5 gallon bucket last year!

  • I look forward to making violet jelly in May, because I’m sooo tired of the cold and snow. And I love to see the tincture change color when adding the lemon juice.

  • We inhaled the salsa verde I made last summer, and it’s easy to make, so that’s the one I’m most excited about making!

  • I look forward to canning my spicy peach preserves, as well as green beans, pickles, sauerkraut, bean soup, apple pie filling, cherry jam, and beef stew. And I LOVE the color GREEN.

  • Everything asparagus! It went on sale at Sprouts so we bought 5 lbs. The stringy bottoms will be broken down and made into cream of asparagus soup. The middles will end us as asparagus pesto. The tender tips will be brined in lemon and salt and then packed away in olive oil.

  • i am looking forward to canning green beans,tomatos, and learning from my frreind how to finally make jelly come out thick instead of like syrup!!:)

  • This will be our first summer to start the garden at our new home, and I hope we get lots of tomatoes to make into sauces!

  • I’m inspired by the February Can Jam anything carrot topic. Perhaps carrot apple chile chutney? or carrot rhubarb jam? Now if I can just find the time…

  • Last summer was my first go at canning, and we have been slowly rationing the applesauce and apple butter because it is so much between than anything in the store…I can’t wait to can lots more!

  • Looking forward to canning fruit butters, more jam, green beans and plenty of tomato based products! (Sorry, I couldn’t limit myself to just one thing!)

  • I am looking forward to canning what my 4 yr old son calls, “Strawberry Smooch Jam,” which uses maple syrup from our local farm as a sweetener. He says it tastes like you are getting a smooch from a strawberry. We canned 2 dozen pints last year and still ran out by January.

  • Love the new colors. In addition to all my standard canning, I want to try meals in jars this year.

  • I’d like to explore other than jam items such as candy and jellied fruit. They are an excellent present. In fact I’m in a process of making candied orange sticks. All they need at this stage is some chocolate dip – something fun to do with my children. Meanwhile I made three kinds of marmalade just recently, but not the blood orange. I still need to get to that one!

  • Last week between my husband, myself, and YouTube, we successfully learned to can the proper way. We were each taught a different way and finally decided to do it right! We scored a case of sauce tomatoes for $3 and he’s been making “Dad’s Famous” pasta sauce and canning it all week to give away to each of our children. We are looking forward to canning more sauce, roasted red peppers, and carrot cake jam. I’m also looking forward to experimenting with cranberry, white pine, and cinnamon shrubs.

  • I am such an addict, I can’t wait to can EVERYTHING, but most of all, I’m looking forward to canning some Amaretto Peach Butter (a.k.a. to our family and friends as Barbie and Kitty’s Boozy Peach Butter) with my best friend.

  • I’m looking forward to the wonderful aroma of each batch of roasted garlic pasta sauce, ketchup, jam, apple pie filling, etc…wafting through the house during canning season. Nothing beats opening up a jar of food you’ve put up during the dead of winter.

  • I am doing a garden for the first time this year and cannot wait to can some of the tomatoes and green beans that I’m growing!