Giveaway: New Ball Heritage Collection Green Jars

green heritage jars

As you might remember, Ball released a line of limited edition blue glass pint jars last year. It was a fun throwback to canning jars of yore and I enjoyed using them throughout the 2013 canning season (though I will confess, they do make my peaches look a bit little sickly).

This year, Ball is continuing the special edition trend with a limited release of green jars. These jars will be available in both regular mouth pint jars and wide mouth quarts, which is particularly exciting for those of who like to use wide mouth quart jars as drinking glasses (I’ll actually have more about my habit of drinking out of wide mouth quarts later this week). Just like the blue jars, they will be making a finite number, so if you fall in love with this particular look, make sure to stock up sooner rather than later.

green heritage jars in situ

Typically, I don’t like to write about new jars and products without having had a chance to experience them personally, but we had a little shipping snafu and the jars that were coming to me got a bit delayed. However, I promised a good giveaway this week and so made an exception. When I do get these jars into my hot little hands, I’ll be posting a follow-up post and some photos, so that you can get a better idea of what they look like in the real world.

Fillmore Container recently published a post on their blog about these new jars and they have a couple of additional images if you’re interested. They’ll also be taking online orders for them soon.

Now, here’s the giveaway scoop. The nice folks at Ball have given me 10 cases of the green pint jars to give away to 10 lucky winners (each winner will receive one case, which contains 6 jars). Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share how you’d use these new jars in your home.
  2. Comments will close at 12 noon on Sunday, February 2, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog later that day.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents only (so sorry, my further-flung readers).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: The jars for this giveaway have been provided by the manufacturer at no cost to me. However, my opinions remain entirely my own.Β 

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2,936 responses to “Giveaway: New Ball Heritage Collection Green Jars”

  1. Well, these jars look perfect for putting up pickles (heh), but I think my mom would love them as flower vases and her birthday is coming up!

  2. Green! Would look fab on the counter or on shelves. Too pretty to put away in the pantry. I would store dry goods in these beauties!

  3. I’d use the jars for canning salsa, and canning corn. I would like to venture out on even more food this year!! Love the color!

  4. I think I would use them to make salsa or maybe tomato sauce. I think they would be an awesome addition to my canning line.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. I would use them for EVERYTHING! Storage. Drinking (I have sippy cup lids for jars) Mixing and gifting! Please pick me!

  6. I would use them to help replace my stock of jars. I lost a bunch after a house fire a few years ago, and have been trying to slowly bring my numbers back up. So I would use them for all kinds of things, from dry storage to whatever I am canning at the moment πŸ™‚

  7. If I was so lucky to win some of these beautiful jars I would use them for my favorite sweet pickles. I use my grandmother’s recipe and there are no better pickles in the world. Keeping my fingers crossed to be a lucky winner.

  8. I would use them for jams, jellies, preserves or bread & butter pickles. Thank you for offering the jars as a “giveaway” πŸ™‚

  9. I would use them for flower vases, to-go mugs and LOADS of deliciousness canned goods. I canned 98 recipes last year, gave half away… I could definitely use more jars!

  10. I volunteer at our local co op partly because it helps them grow healthy food in our community and partly because I can get good, organic fruits and veggies to put up during the year. They will look lovely in these jars and I will share them with our co op community. Hurray for good eating.

  11. I would use a few jars as vases to put flowers in for my daughter’s first birthday. I would use the rest to can pickles, jam, and anything else my sister and I may try this year. It is our second year of canning, and it has been a blast!

  12. I would use them in the spring first to display fresh cut tulips and daffodils, then end of summer for my honey and gingered carrots! Love these jars!

  13. I would use these beautiful unique jars to make special herb oils and Christmas gifts filled with my favorite canned food . These are super beautiful have to keep most for my self with my blue canning jars I cherish .

  14. I’d give them to my wife so she could make me wonderful food in jars. Not that I couldn’t, she just enjoys it so much and would love the jars.

  15. What a gorgeous shade of green! I think I’d use them for storing rices and pastas so they can be on display on my pantry shelf. Too lovely to shut up in the dark with my canned items.

  16. I will love them and hold them and call them George.(If you don’t know what that’s from I will cry) Then I will fill and empty them many times with good things to eat.

  17. I would love to use these jars to learn to can. I’m trying to learn to take better care of my family. Putting up fresh foods would help a lot.

  18. I would use these beautiful green jars to can okra & pickles.Okra looked beautiful in blue so I know they would look even better in the green.

  19. I love the green color! I could think of a couple uses, either for canning some aronia berry jelly in or for just drinking out of, as you mentioned.

  20. I loved my blue jars and the green is just fabulous ! I use my jars for canning, storing dry goods, dried herbs, dehydrated foods and mostly anything I can think of. I also have a collection of old jars.

  21. These beauties would be the vessel to hold my gorgeous Georgia peaches come summertime. Then in December, after the peaches have been eaten, I would incorporate them in my Christmas decorations.

  22. I’d use the jars to can my apple butter and tomato sauce. I just started canning last year and have been canning on a small scale as I’m still building my collection of jars.

  23. I’ve got a set of blue jars that I filled with coffee grounds and use to hold tea lights. I’ll probably use green jars for bread and butters or maybe or decorations for my sister’s wedding.

  24. These look like they would make awesome canning jars for pickles! I like to give them away at Christmas as part of out non-consumer Christmas tradition. The tinted jars would make for cute seasonal packaging!

  25. I love the softness of green glass. These would be great to fill with sand and a candle for pathway markers in the wooden trails,

  26. Terrific! I love my blue jars and would be crazy about scoring some green. They would be perfect for my ferments, kombucha, and virtually anything I produce in the kitchen. Love, love, love! Thanks so much for the chance πŸ™‚

  27. I would use these as storage more than for preserving…probably. They are so pretty, as are the “new” blue ones, but…they aren’t so great for preserves. If the color helped prevent light from affecting the preerves, that would be great. But these jars are too light for that. That’s why I would use these jars for storage other than preserves. Thank you for the opportunity to win these.

  28. I love using these for lunches…I pack my sons juice and milk in them, easy to measure and drink out of. Sometimes thy have fruit or soup (to be heated) in them. They have a lifetime of uses πŸ™‚

  29. Since I’ve started pressure canning this fall for the first time, I’ld use these to put up more chili and meats for me and my daughter. πŸ˜€

  30. I’m single and it is hard to stay motivated to eat well. I have learned to cook healthy foods that I then freeze in Ball Jars for single servings as I want. I have been able to maintain a healthier variety of foods and as a result find myself eating better! Thanks Ball!

  31. These are so pretty! I think I’d use some for shelf storage (grains and legumes), and the rest for the monthly canning projects I committed to for the year (to distinguish them from everyday canning).

  32. What wouldn’t they be used for conventionally and creatively?!! Water, gardening, soups, dehydrated things, emergency preparedness and decorating are only a few of the possibilities! Spouse gets upset if I don’t use things “for their intended purpose”, how boring is that he he!

  33. I would β™‘ to win the beautiful green jars.
    I haven’t done much canning but am looking forward to it this summer.

  34. I would use these beautiful jars for many things! I’d put my cuppow lid on one for my morning smoothie, I would can up some cowboy candy, or use to store beer yeast cultures that could really use a pretty jar!!

  35. This year is going to be my first year canning! I’m so excited and these would be such a blessing! Thank you so much for the giveaway. πŸ™‚

  36. I might actually use these for drinking glasses too. I do love the color…could be perfect for my pickles! Too many options over here!

  37. I would can with them, store dry goods, hold flowers, start sweet potato slips, catch bugs (ok, that one’s my kids’) … pretty much everything I do with the clear ones πŸ™‚

  38. Relish, Bread and Butter Pickles, Dill Pickles….can you sense the theme here? These would go GREAT with my blue ones!

  39. how i would use these jars. hmmm well i am planning to dry my own herbs this year and i have a vacuum sealer that seals canning jars and this would be great storage for my dried herbs.

  40. I’ve recently started my canning venture. I like the ability to prep for emergencies, cost savings, and to teach my kids skills that are being lost in today’s society. One problem I’ve run into is not being able to find jars (other than having them shipped). I would love to have some of these in my stash and to share.

  41. I would love them for vases and can’t help but imagine the unique colors different types of jams and sauces would have in them!
    Lots of green pickles seems like an obvious option as well.

  42. I would use these for pantry storage….althought I am guessing I would leave some on an open shelf because they are so pretty.

  43. I’d put up some bread & butter pickles using my grandmother’s recipe, and remember helping her make them all those many years ago. She’d like that.

  44. I would use these in my craft projects, all around the kitchen for storage AND as drinking glasses! So many amazing uses for the beautiful jar.

  45. I would fill them with dried goods and poor them up on shelves where I could see them and keep my plain boring jars full of canned things in the cupboard.

  46. Shut the front door! Ball has done it again. In addition to preserves, they would make neat floating candle holders, lotion dispensers, solar lights…the possibilities are endless. Thanks for sharing.

  47. These look so cool. I’d love to use them for all kinds of homemade goodness and then give them as gifts. I’d make the gifts even more unique.

  48. The possibilities for these jars are endless……flowers, shells, rocks, jam. I might even fill them with home made kahlua for next years Christmas for family and friends!

  49. I would use these for a couple for drinking out of daily, a couple for homemade gifts and the rest for my juicing~ Love these!

  50. I would love to use these jars to complete my outdoor garden light project I started with the the blue jars from last year!!!!! Or possibly so yummy pepper jelly!!!! Hard decision!!!!

  51. I love to have these are glass is best for storing everything in the pantry and fridge, its safer and healthy and they look so good, easy clean up. I have a case of the blue ones as they are hard to find, just love glass.

  52. I’d use these beautiful jars for pickles and applesauce! I can’t wait for the garden to come to maturity so I can make some yumminess for canning!

  53. The green is pretty! This year I’d use them for canning (relish, maybe?) and then next year I’d use them for floral arrangements for my wedding.

  54. Those jars look amazing! I would make my Grandmothers Dill pickle recipe with little cucumbers, garlic, grape leaves, and heads of dill. Or I might make a Habanero Peach Hot Sauce recipe using Fresh peaches, bright peppers, and sorghum. They would definitely be used for something around our house!

  55. I would love to use some of these to make my Guinness beer jelly to go with our Irish soda bread that we share with my husbands office. What a presentation that would make! These are so very pretty.

  56. I’d love to use these jars for either canning this year or use them for crafts around the house. love the green tint!

  57. i would jar my homemade salsa, or i would try a do some pickling, i have never done it but really want to try, and they would look pretty in these jars. πŸ™‚

  58. I would put white lights and potpourri in a couple of these jars. I would also save one for fresh flowers! These are so different looking that I wouldn’t want to can in them! πŸ™‚

  59. I will be working with the jars for canning food for my family. Would also love to learn how to grow in those also. It can get quite costly for jars. Good luck everyone!

  60. I am starting all over after getting rid of most everything I had when it went down to just me. Now kids and grandkids have moved in and I have the need to can again. And I do miss it. I can’t help it. This would really help to get me started again. I’m thinking salsa would look beautiful in these. I am so excited to get started!

  61. I would can LOTS of my Grandmas Sweet Pickles, we didn’t have a very good cucumber crop this year and I can’t wait for more!

  62. Great giveaway with awesome potential. I would like to use for spices, fresh flowers w/frog, add to my collection of all sizes and ages of Ball canning jars, luminary or lamp…I can’t stop thinking about these! I love to can so ideas are endless.

  63. I would love to have these jars to preserve my garden harvest! I have some of the blue jars, adding green ones would be so fun!

  64. I’m getting married in June. These would be used at my wedding as hanging candles, drinking jars and vases. Afterward they’d be recycled for fall preserves! I’m thinking lemon lavender.

  65. I am in the process of stocking my pantry with healthy dried fruits, soup mixes, season mixes, baking mixes, and various other mixes. Maybe the different color jars would help my girls want to eat healthier things.

  66. I’d use these jars to make large test batches of fruit and vegetable pickles. Several friends have talked me into writing a cookbook on how to use the preserves and pickles I give as gifts. These jars wpuld be a good reminder and inspiration to finish this project.

  67. For canning things from of the garden. Cranberry Jalapeno Jelly. Apple Butter. Salsa. You name it! Or for buttons. Really, there is no limit to the possibilities.

  68. I would use the jars to can for the first time this year, I’m excited! We are a one income family and this year to lower food cost a garden and canning is the answer.

  69. I would use these jars for jam. I put blackberry jam in my blue ones and it made it a kind of reddish purple. It would be fun to see the jam in the green ones.

  70. I will use them for canning pickles and salsa along with using them for drinking around the house!
    LOVE that color!!
    Thanks!!!!! πŸ™‚

  71. One of them would become my new drinking jar (I have a blue jar as one now). The rest would be for pantry items like popcorn & oats.

  72. Oooh, I would love these for canning. Also, the kids use this size of jars for drinking glasses. They would think the green was very awesome!

  73. WOW!! Love these jars. I think I would use them for pickles or relish and then give them away at Xmas for gifts. Too pretty not to share!!!!!

  74. Right now I’m in the thick of winter citrus, making marmalade πŸ™‚ But I’m thinking beer mugs for our St Paddys Day dinner

  75. Oh my, these are BEAUTIFUL! Would look great with pickles in them and also a bunch of fresh sping flowers and a million other things!

  76. These are beautiful! Besides canning, these would become part of the regular rotation for drinking purposes, along with my Cuppow! lids.

    Great giveaway!

  77. I’d use some for canning veggies and a few for decor. If they are half as gorgeous as the blue ones, and why wouldn’t they be, they will look great as vases in my front window when the afternoon light hits!

  78. So many ways to use them… I think they’d be great as vases (I do that with the blue ones, occasionally). And I’d think pickles would be pretty in them….

  79. I have a small 3 shelf that I have all my flours, sugars and grains in. They are currently in mixed matched jars. how pretty they would look in those beautiful green jazz

  80. I would love these to make accessories for my bathroom! The color would match perfectly, and I already have the soap dispenser and toothbrush holder accessories to make them πŸ™‚

  81. In addition to canning berry preserves, these would look so nice for bulk foods in my pantry especially mixed together with my blue jars from last year!

  82. I would love to have these jars for my pickles that I send to family and friends throughout the summer. They would also be perfect for storing spices and baking items. Oh, and green is my favorite color!

  83. GREEN!!!!!! GREEEEEEN!!!!!
    The color of Kermit and grass and moss! Mason jars in GREEN! That would be ALL of my very favorite things!!!!

  84. These would make awesome drinking glasses!! However, I could see putting some awesome pickled asparagus or green beans in them!

  85. Pickles and corn salsa would be my first picks for green-jar canning- but rainbow carrots or other bright veggies would be fun to experiment with too.

  86. I have never canned tomato sauce,but this is the year…as soon as they hit the farmers market.These green jars are cool!

  87. I would love to have a set of the green ones! I loved the blue ones. I would use these for storage in my pantry as well as flower vases to give away with my home grown cottage flowers.

  88. These green jars will look so nice in the pantry for organizing. They will also look nice sitting in the kitchen after canning tomatoes.

  89. Oh my, the possibilities…pickles, pears, applesauce, display on the shelf maybe filled with some pretty marlbes to catch the light… I love Ball jars!

  90. These are simply beautiful. I am a sucker for color. Between the blue and now green. It would be a inspiring photo to share with friends of all the possibilities if canning. I would like to do pickles, three bean salads, pickled eggs in these jars. Great addition for anyone.

  91. I use canning jars to give away my homemade vermouth. The green glass would have a little more of an adult beverage feeling…

  92. These would make such cute christmas gifts with some homemade lemon soap. Or to go with the blue ones I have for drinking glasses…. I JUST CAN’T DECIDE!

  93. Well green is the best color in the world. I would use them to drink out of at meals. I would use them for flowers or centerpieces at holidays. I would use them to can pickles, relish. I would also use them to store kale chips. I would also probably put one or two on my desk to hold pens, pencils and scissors. Put my homemade mouthwash, toothpaste and ‘no poo’. They are green, where wouldn’t I use them!?!

  94. Love the green! I would have to put aside at least a couple for flower arrangements. One of my favorite hostess gifts is a bundle of fresh-cut herbs in a mason jar with raffia tied around the top.

  95. I would use these for my now-famous bread and butter pickles. Also, I think dilly beans would look great in the green jars.

  96. I think pickles and sauerkraut would look lovely in the green jars (and peaches would fare better than in the blue ones). Then, when they’re empty, drinking glasses until next canning chapter rolls around!

  97. Yes! I am a fan of most things green! I would can in them, for sure, but would have to use at least one of them for fresh cut flowers. Canning jars are one of my favorite summer time flower vases!

  98. I would use them for so many things including canning, I don’t know where to begin. Green is my favorite color and I’m thinking these would look lovely with the blue jars on my bakers rack.

  99. Let’s see, drinking water all year round, lemonade in the summer, pickle relish, salsa, left-overs to put in the fridge and since my grains are now stored in blue jars in my pantry, I would use the blue jars for dry storing beans!

  100. I am so excited they are coming out with green jars! My favorite color! I think my green juices and smoothies would look even more vibrant in these beauties! πŸ™‚

  101. I think my summer squash and also the green beans will look wowsa! in these babies! And you know I WILL be drinking tea out of ’em.


  102. These jars are so pretty. I would use a couple for packing my lunch. I work twelve hour shift at a hospital, so I fill them with salad, soup, or even layer rice and veggies and have enough food. And they don’t leak in the crowded fridge. The others I would use to can, because my buddy just taught me how! Thanks!!

  103. I’d say just about anything would look great in those! πŸ™‚ Maybe i could “color code” a few things for easier grabbing!

  104. Canning – Peaches, pears, salsa, tomato soup, cherries, whole tomatoes… Would be lovely to add into the rotation of three-generation-old canning jars!

  105. Green is my favorite color! I would use them for so many things: As drinking jars, for dry storage, parfaits, salads (veggie and fruit), as vases, as smoothie shakers, leftover storage, etc… Our family loves food in jars, especially in Ball jars, because that means it was homemade.

  106. I love these jars, I bought two cases of the blue ones for my daughter and one for me. We are gona use these beautiful jars to serv beverages or as a flower vases for our dinner table or store food in them in the refrigerator.

  107. I almost ALWAYS use pint jars for my canning because there are only 2 in our household and quarts are just too much. I mainly can salsa and pasta sauce. As a matter of fact, later this week I will be canning some pasta sauce from some frozen prepared tomatoes that came out my garden. I also use them for Jala-beans (spicy green beans for bloody mary’s) & pickled jalapenos. I am going to try to can some fresh corn this next season. Thanks for having give a ways like this! Really appreciate it!

  108. I used the blue jars to make ‘blessing jar’ gifts for close friends. I’d love to do that with the green! I’d also use them for canning, they’d look great with pickles or jalapenos out other naturally green foods inside!

  109. Love these!! I have to many uses Lol, drinking glasses, cute jelly jars, vases for flowers, make cute little country candle holder or lamp base, dehydrated goods, Christmas canned goods πŸ™‚ excited to buy some of these!

  110. I would drink out of them, store food in them, use them as a vase well pretty much anything besides use them to can. I mean come on the colored glass is just too pretty to stow away in a cabinet somewhere!!

  111. I would re initiate the art of canning with these lovely jars with my upcoming crop of a zillion organic cherry tomatoes that I did not know what to do with.

  112. I would have to use a couple for pickles, a couple for salsa and a couple for bath salts that would have to be green! Loved my blue jars and would think getting green jars would be awesome!

  113. I know they are for food, but wouldn’t these look pretty on the table with a bunch of white flowers in them. That’s what I would use them for.

  114. Ooh! Love,l love, love these! I would definitely can in them, would make gifts in jars with them & would use them as fun drinking glasses! Smoothies wouldn’t only look fabulous in these, I’m sure they would taste great based on the beauty the jar would add. πŸ™‚

  115. Awesome! I always need more jars, and they’d be great to fill with anything, and give as Christmas gifts! Little ribbon in bright color wrapped around the rim, and they’re already green…how could you go wrong?

  116. I have been crazy for jars lately..I have all shapes and sizes, old ones and new ones, but I don’t have green ones. I use them for anything and everything. From table decorations to canning jelly. Really hope to win.

  117. Since I have a green kitchen I would actually put dry goods into them and leave them on the counter. I can’t wait until they come into the stores. I WANT THEM!!!! πŸ˜‰

  118. Freshly made dill pickles or some beautiful wild flowers from my garden. My kitchen is red and green and dining room is hunter green. So many ideas for the jars

  119. They’re lovely! We’re new to canning so I love that they’re making green in wide mouthed also. We use to freeze, smoothies, and my water to work everyday.

  120. I would use them to can all of the fresh veggies that will be available here in just a few short months and to house the chocolate coconut sugar scrub my ladies’ group is going to make at one of our events!

  121. I don’t have enough light in my kitchen so I use the blue canning jars by lining them up on the window ledge (I used 12 jars) and I run a set of white Christmas lights from one end to the other where there is a handy outlet.
    I stuff about 10 lights in each jar. The green jars would be so pretty. The extra light is a real blessing too.

  122. Love canning with my girls, Every year we chop, dice, grind, out alot of tomatoes for winter time eating and sharing. thank you for your time to read this.

  123. I seen a wall display made out of wood & mason jars to hold q-tips, make-up brushes, ect…. in the bathroom to conserve space!! And the green would look really neat in my bathroom!!

  124. We are working through our summer bounty in this super-cold winter, which is preventing us from extra trips into the grocery! I am hoping to get more out of our garden this summer, and I could really use more jars to store all of the tomatoes I am hoping to plant!

  125. Storage! I prefer to do my canning in clear but love to use jars for bulk storage in my pantry and also for storing my knitting supplies.

  126. I would love to use these for canning pickles and pears, maybe potatoes! Definitely for storage and to drink from. Can’t wait to get some.

  127. I have the blue ones and love them. I love drinking my morning coffee out if these jars. I’m new at pickling and fermentation, I’m looking forward to this new adventure. These green jars are beautiful!

  128. I’d definitely use them for jam…. Maybe applesauce would be fun in the green jars for the kids :). Oh, and some of them would end up with flowers for sure!

  129. I love that they have released the green! I have the blue ones too πŸ™‚ I would use them to help me store my garden, year round. The seeds will fill them until I plant, and when harvest time comes, I shall fill them with the fruitfulness of their seeds. <3 Ball! <3 Food in Jars!!

  130. I will hoard them. I will fill them with beautiful yummy things like pickes or green beans, but never share them for fear of losing just one pretty jar!

  131. I’d use the jars for storage in my pantry. Also, I’d use them for my homemade sugar body scrub and give them out to friends.

  132. Love, love, love! the green jars!!! I would use them for jams, relish, salsa, as drinking glasses, flower vase … you name it! The possibilities are endless. Thank you for the chance to win these fabulous jars!

  133. I would use these for canning, especially pickles. I have also started to use jars for some meal leftovers – easy to see the contents and these would be a nice pick-me-up to my leftover lunch during the work day!

  134. I want to say I would can in them but the green is so pretty that I might use them for decorative purposes. (Or why not both?!) And I like the thought someone else mentioned of smoothies. Green smoothies would look even more green! (Or you know the ones that aren’t so green… you could pretend more readily they are…)

  135. I think I’d use them for drinking glasses and vases. I’d probably use them with my foodsaver too, for dehydrated/dry goods.

  136. We dont use plastic storage in our home. I will use these to hold all my dry food goods, in my green kitchen! The jars are great for left overs and the green would be really pretty with the white BPA free lids. I love how bright and friendly they look! I cant wait for them to come into the stores! So exciting! We use the blue jars now for table glasses, but I think its time to make a change.

  137. I love to can. I live in California’s Central Valley where there is an abundance of fresh fruit. I would use the jars to can peaches.

  138. Fairly new to canning but love the vintage look! Will use them for canning and can’t wait for my grandmother who is 102 and still helps with the canning sees them!

  139. Pickles and pickled scapes, maybe! I’ll relegate the blue jars for vases and whatnot, because they don’t do canned stuff any favors, visually.

  140. I would use these jars to can my box of oranges that were just given to me from a relative in CA. I’m new to canning, but hope to become experienced after starting a green house this spring. I think I CAN, I think I CAN!

  141. Pickles? Dilly beans? Mint scented candles or laundry soap? I have no idea, but they’ll be full of something spring-timey, that’s for sure

  142. I love these jars and would can my salsa in them…would also use as a vase when my beautiful perrineals bloom. Thank you for the chance to win them

  143. I’d use the green ones similar to the blue ones, I use them to store herbs, flowers, and salts. But it might also be fun to do some pickles and green beans in them.

  144. I would use them for preserved lemons, and for canning real butter! Would also possibly use them for Pickled Asparagus for gift giving!

  145. I watched my grandmother canning many years ago, I am just venturing in for the first time on my own, SO excited. Sauces, veggies, fruit…where to start? Oh my!

  146. Green beans! Such a simple thing to can but I never have enough left over between our family and the backyard bunnies! I’d have to plant more, but would gladly do it!

  147. Most would go in my pantry because I absolutely love using the glass jars for my dry goods, herbs, spices and dehydrated fruits and veggies. I might even give a few away with some of my grandchildren’s favorite treats and some Cake In A Cup mix.

  148. My kitchen is green, so these beauties will not only be used for canning, but for so many other things outside of the pantry!

  149. Green is my favorite color! This year I’m going to teach my 7 year old niece how to garden and can the harvest. Looking forward to our time together and beautiful filled green jars on the shelves!

  150. I make a number of homemade items that I love to gift to friends, however the green I will probably hoard them with last years blue collection!

    They are also the color of my birthstone, so that would make them extra special to me.

  151. We have jars hanging up over the bar between our kitchen/dining room as lights! They are clear jars with long thin edison bulbs inside. I would love to be able to give the light in our space a little more color with this beautiful green glass. Not to mention they would go perfectly with our avocado green walls.

    I also think preserved lemons would look stunning behind green glass.

    And lastly, I accidentally bought the non-wide-mouth jars last and have yet to get rid of/give them all away (full of edible treasures, of course). These green glass jars would be cherished for multiple reasons πŸ™‚

  152. We are very excited to be planning our garden. Busy with preparations and anticipation of the next chapter. We started small last year and added a flock of chickens, this year we want to have more natural less processed diets and what better way than to can what we grow? We have previously canned on a small scale and are looking forward to growing our garden and our pantry!

  153. I don’t think I can pick one thing to us these jars for – they are so pretty, I’d use them for everything like I did/do with the blue ones. Canning, storage, decoration….love them!

  154. I love green and it’s a color I don’t see alot of in AZ, so I would keep them for drink glasses, vases and the like. Eventually I would use them to can.

  155. I would put them in my open pantry – ok it’s not really a pantry it’s my hallway but the green glass jars will make it look even better πŸ™‚

  156. The wide mouth jars would be great for soups, and pie fillings.Salsa, and lots of veggies would be good in the pint jars.

  157. So many garden vegetables to can… salsa, pickles, corn, beets and my favorite; flavorful marinara sauce! I scoop up all my friends and neighbors extra jars and fill them with goodies and love giving them as gifts so
    I am forever using up all the jars available and looking for more.

  158. Where to start, mint jelly, pineapple jell, pickles definitely pickles, these in the green jars will be awesome, oh and defiantly, a change jar on the washer, and fresh lilacs in the sprin.
    Thank you

  159. Oh, so lovely! And so many uses! Canning, holding tealights in the trees for the spring (before the garden gives up its bounty for canning), canning, canning and then some more canning (but of course!)

  160. We are relocating to Texas and looking forward to gardening. I would use the jars as gifts to send to our friends and family back home and as a pay it forward opportunity since Ball was nice enough to share these lovely jars.

  161. I would use these lovely jars to put my Limoncello in for friends. I have a few different variations in progress including a blood orange version. I think that color would look amazing in these jars.

  162. I use Ball jars for everything , from canning , candle making and decorating at home and as well as gifts to others. I would use these for the exact same reasons . I do a lot of canning and I could really use these about now for sure. I would love to have these ,I just love the color.

  163. How would I use these pretty green jars? In too many ways to mention but one way for sure would be for my youngest grandson to drink from….he loves drinking from jars. I didn’t know that blue jars were released last year, it makes me sad that I didn’t get any of those πŸ™

  164. Ooh these are so pretty!! I LOVE my mason jars and never have enough. I’d use these for making big batches (to keep and share) of bone broth, homemade marinara, jams, pre mixed GF cookie mixes, fermented foods, crafts, salad jars, holistic and natural spa products, and gifts for family and friends. The list is absolutely endless what you can do with these jars and only limited By your imagination. Would so love to win. Thanks for the chance!

  165. They are so lovely! a flower vase for daffodils, one to hold my knitting needles, a give-away filled with soup for a sick friend, one to store left overs in, and one to drink from. There! I used all 6!

  166. I was given a pressure canner for Christmas so I am on a role with broths, sauces, and other things that I was never able to do before. Oh and pickled radishes would look great in these.

  167. With the latest round of sub zero temps and blankets of ice I think we all need a little sunshine. So I’ll use these jars to create some Jar Shine for my friends & neighbors – as a way of bringing a little light into our days through good old fashion comfort food:)

  168. I will use these beautiful jars to infuse my herbs/oils; the color will keep them from getting direct sunlight:) I can never have enough Mason Jars:)

  169. Jellies and jams, salsas, ketchup, spicy pickles.. The possibilities are ENDLESS!! Ooooo… Lotions and tonics.. Homemade extracts.. My mind is reeling with ideas now!

  170. We live in the woods. As you may know it is very hard to grow a garden with little sun, but we have, by trial and error, learned what works best in the garden and also what works best on the deck in any container we can plant in that we can locate into a sunny location. Thankfully, even being a city girl, my grandmother taught me well, and I have taken to making the most of our crop. We Can what we sow, using it for our family or giving it to friends that don’t know how to Can. I have seen the green before at my grandparents, and I would love to have them now.

  171. Salsa and blackberry jam from Grandpa’s garden fresh fruits and veggies! Yummo. That would make this preggy mama very happy πŸ™‚

  172. I would use half as candleholders to go with the vintage blue jars I already have in my beachy-themed sunroom. The other half I’ll use to can either pickles or beans, which would look wonderful in these jars.

  173. Oh for sure I’d use them for canning! We’re planting our first garden this year and there’s going to be a LOT of canning! Lol I’m so excited to get started!!

  174. They’d look nice with pickles in them, but I’d probably mostly enjoy drinking out of them, or other non-canning uses. Most of the foods I can wouldn’t look good with a green tinge, but they’d be lovely on the table.

  175. I would use these as vases for my fall farm wedding so I can keep my clear jars full of my garden bounty! Then, I’d probably just use them to can more πŸ™‚

  176. I would love to have some of these jars. I would use them to make oil candles. I would drill a hole in the top and put in a fiber glass wick with olive oil. I would give as gifts to friends for birthdays.
    I would also use them to store some of my button collection I received from my darling Mom. she is no longer with me but I have her buttons. I remember different pieces of clothing with some of the buttons. Please pick me. I would love to have some of these jars.
    God bless.

  177. My wife and I would use these for food storage from our garden. Maybe pickles, relish, salsa, apple pie filling or whatever else we may need to harvest/can.

  178. I would probably use some as drinking glasses, as green is the wife’s favorite color. Then we would use the rest for our normal canning needs!

  179. Holy moly frijoles! I would love love love some of these! What would I do with them?? I would make some pickles and possibly some relish. Or perhaps whatever happens to be ready for canning when I run out of jars and I am forces to use these. Yes, please!!

  180. Tonight I just found this little mason jar topper wire thing that would make it super sime to do floral arrangements and I think the green would be awesome!

    And of course drinking jars, jars of good fats, jars of bone broth, jars of screws etc.
    And of course put up my food!

  181. They’re so lovely! I’d definitely use them for canning… Probably for gifts. And a harbor two for storage or displaying spring tulips πŸ™‚

  182. These are beautiful. Is kill for them to put out a set of colored pint and halfs! I’ll use these for canning, cases and water jars. πŸ™‚

  183. My son has several food allergies. I would love to be able to can some of his
    Favorite foods from our garden, like corn, strawberries and pickles. These special jars would make him feel special too!!!!

  184. Love glass canning jars! We use for drinking glasses, canning, measuring cups, dry storage, flower vases, the list goes on and on!

  185. I cannot wait to get my pickled veggies in these. The blues felt more like “fruit” jars. These are definitely for veggies πŸ™‚

  186. I would love to win these jars. I have never won anything. So this would be amazing. I also would give them a good forever home. I think they would look great with green beans or pickles in them!! Good luck to all…

  187. I would use them for many things… canning, storing leftovers, drinking from, storing homemade syrups or jams in. They would be put to good use around here! With our expanded garden this year, we’re going to need all the jars we can get!

  188. They are so pretty…I would use them for storage and decoration and maybe canning if I get more than 1 case when they come out.

  189. These will be used over and over in my canning adventures! They will also look stunning with fresh flowers from my back yard! Drinking glasses.. a wide mouth quartis a favorite here! These clors are great. Imagine all the possibilities!

  190. I have recently moved up into the mountains and have been learning more about home steading.. I have slowly gotten rid of all things plastic… And can think of a million uses. for some beautiful green mason jars. My first garden will be this spring ..
    And if spring actually ever comes they would make beautiful little vases for some wildflowers!.

  191. Thanks for the give away!

    I will use them to can in and also one or two as votive holder for my canning room windows. πŸ˜‰

  192. My niece is getting married this summer & she is going with a country farmhouse theme. She has been searching thrift stores for months. I would lend them to her for her decor, then upon the returnto me, I will fill them with Fresh Oregon Blueberries! Oh so delicious!

  193. I use the jars for canning, but also for silverware holders (limited drawer space), and my favorite use is as flower vases and small containers for potted plants. Green is my favorite color, and I know they’ll look good with flowers.

  194. Green is my favorite color since I was a baby! Green makes me happy! Waiting for sunshine and my garden to start canning. I want to do more meat this year… LOVE THEM~so purdy.

  195. Loved the blue ones, but could not figure out what would look good in them. For the green ones… pickles and garlic and salsa and whatever else I attempt this year!

  196. Love the color! These would be perfect for canning my chicken! Or my other veggies especially green beans! So fun to change it up!

  197. Those jars are so cool. I just started canning in September and I would love to experiment and see what canned goods look best in them πŸ™‚

  198. I Love Colored jars! I would can just about anything in those jars! Or make some new laundry detergent or dish washing detergent in them and give them away as gifts to friends and family!

  199. They are totally awesome looking. I would use these for canning, dry food storage, and crafting. Hope I get a case. Hope to make it to your wholesale shop. Thanks

  200. Oh these are pretty. I really liked the blue ones I picked up. I’d used them in my every day canning as well as flower vases. I think the color would be a great accent in some of rooms.

  201. I’d definitely use and reuse these over and over for canning tomato sauce and strawberry jam. They are so pretty that I’d have to keep one for as a kitchen soap dispenser. Love the green!

  202. I can see these darling vessels holding my flowers that will adorn my tables at my upcoming Valentine’s Tea Party. Some red, white and pink roses with some baby’s breath and greens with gold ribbon around the top!

  203. Olives, sun dried tomatoes, really anything that is canned/pickled whole. I like to put the more “potion-looking” jars in front of the cabinets for when my Harry Potter-obsessed nieces and nephews visit and the green tint would make the effect even better.

  204. I would love to can banana pepper in them. Hot pepper or cucumbers would also be pretty in them. I love canning but have never seen any green jars, however I would love to have some.

  205. I would use the to can food in just like they were intended to be used. πŸ™‚ Pickles would look wonderful in them and I have blueberry bushes so some blueberry butter would look turquoise in them

  206. My 9 year old is going to live with my in-laws in Europe for a few months. I am heart sick, so I am thinking that I will can up a storm of things while he is gone so when he returns he can taste all the things he missed!

  207. I will use the pint jars for hand soap and green or white preserves and the quart size for vases and green or white preserves. Pickled green beans, onions, etc.

  208. Ball has always been about canning with many fond memories canning with my Mom. I would use them to give away to friends and family filled with my Tomato Jam.

  209. What beauties they are! Green is my favorite color. My dried chamomile, lavender or bergamot would be nice in these jars. How about cool sweet, chamomile or mint tea on a hot summer day? Epsom salts with herbs or candies filled for a nice christmas gift. Patio votive lights that have copper wires made to fit the jars so they may be hung. The uses for these emerald green jars are endless.

  210. I love these jars. I ferment a lot of foods and I’m always in need of more glass jars. These are fun; being decorative and functional make these oh, so desirable! πŸ˜‰

  211. I would love these to start canning sugar free jams next season. I am diabetic and miss some good jams and jellies that I can enjoy.

  212. Holy cow those are beautiful! Where to begin? I’d love to use them for pickling, I want to do a few different kinds of pickles this year – pretty much anything that will take to brine! When they aren’t full of canned goodness I think they would make amazing drinking glasses and vases!

  213. I love these even more than the blue! I would use 4 as glasses and make the rest for brightly colored things, like preserved lemons or pickled beets.

  214. I would fill these with my homemade salsa and give them as gifts for the holidays. I think the color combination of the red salsa and green jars would be very festive.

  215. I am a photographer and I would like to take the jars, along with some of the blue ones from last year, fill them with crystals or other types of filler, add lights either inside or out and photograph them. After they are finished posing I would either use them for drinking glasses, storage, and probably can in them as well.

  216. I’d use them for taking lunch to work! I use canning jars to take soup and/or salad to work almost every day of the week. I always pack them a few days ahead so that putting my lunch together in the mornings is quick. Green jars would make my lunch feel even more special.

  217. Oh! I love green! I am going to use the quarts as my new drinking glasses. Then, I am going to use them for peach lemonade concentrate! Then, I am just going to buy a bunch because I live green!

  218. I would love to use these to drink out of! I also love using ball jars for hot and cold water! I have a case of blue that I love! These green ones look beautiful too! They’d also be cool for using as a vase for some flowers or also to keep cool sewing/crafting supplies.

  219. Those look great! I’d use them for pantry storage, I need more jars for some of the whole grain flours I’ve acquired recently.

  220. I use Ball Jars for everything. I love my blue ones. Also love my clear ones in every size. I juice a lot and do smoothies. I put my juices in them. I make applesauce and apple juice and freeze in them as well. I would love to have green ones. So pretty. I attempted to purchase some 1/2 gallon blue jars but not buying them for $12 each. Noppa Noppa. I also drink water from the jars. Kinda makes you feel like it is long ago when you were little. Put premade salads in them. Also store my Almond Flour, Coconut Flour, Chia seeds, etc in them. Keep them on the counter love the look.

  221. I would use them for canning yummy goodies with recipes from your blog/book I would also save one just as a decorative storage bit of loveliness. Thanks for the giveaway!

  222. I would use them for my tea until I ran out of jars for processing next summer’s harvest, then they’d have to be borrowed till winter!

  223. I started canning for my family in the late 70’s. These new green jars remind me of the old green jars my Nana used. She taught me everything I know and I have passed it on to my 3 daughters. If you can, you always need jars.

  224. I just love these color collection jars! It brightens up the kitchen and makes planning for summer pickles even that much more fun! I will put my Grandmother’s Dill Pickles in these:)

  225. I can’t wait to see these jar in a store. Green is my favorite color. I sure hope these jars aren’t as hard to find as the new blue ones were. I’m excited to find these. Thank you for making the different colors.

  226. Just before I go to bed I saw your post and it made my heart skip a beat. Green is my favorite color and I love the blue jars you advertised last year and now these are my new favorite! I would love to win some! thanks so much for doing this give-away.

  227. I would can dry goods in them in the oven that will allow those goods to last more than years. I would put other things in them too, they would look great in my log home. My kids also can so I would share with them too. I would appreciate winning them.

  228. Would love to have these, I have many vintage blue Ball Mason jars in my kitchen and they are just beautiful. The green would be a neat accent with stuff in them too πŸ™‚

  229. Oh yay, I love this! I was very much in love with the blue ones this past year and this I need the greens to add to my collection. I use them daily to drink out of but also use them as storage in the kitchen & craft room.