The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving

July 26, 2016(updated on June 13, 2022)
The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving

Friends, I had such a good time participating in International Can-It-Forward Day last week! Many thanks to all of you who took the time to tune in to ask questions, leave comments, and otherwise engage with my demo (if you missed it, you can see the video here).

Ball Book of Canning Basic Gear

This week, I want to share The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving. It features reasonably sized recipes across the food preservation spectrum. It digs into water bath canning, fermentation, pressure canning, freezing, dehydrating, curing, and smoking. Additionally, there is a liberal sprinkling of recipes designed to help you use up what you’ve put up. Oh, and did I mention all the gorgeous, full-color pictures? It’s truly a lovely book.

The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving Back Cover

Disclosure: I am a compensated Ball Canning ambassador. However, this blog post is outside our partnership. I’m simply featuring this book because I think my readers will be interested. As always, all opinions remain entirely my own. 

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416 thoughts on "The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving"

  • This is my first year of canning. I’ve only used the water bath method. In the past I have frozen fruit & veggies.

  • I will be the odd person out. I am freezing a lot of produce. Tomatoes are coming in fast, so starting on salsa and sauces too

  • At the moment, my new toy is the food dehydrator. My husband and I are having so much fun experimenting with anything that’s in season. Our favorite so far is pineapple and kale chips!

  • I do water bath during fruit season (spring and early summer). It’s starting to evolve into pickle time, which for me is usually refrigerator pickles so I don’t have to wait as long!

  • I am fermenting more than canning now due to heat and available produce. I am done with canning until apple butter season this year!

  • Water bath canning -never tried fermenting. Just finished a batch of zucchini pickles this week. Looking to do hot pepper relish this weekend.

  • Water-bath canning and freezing. Sometimes both – freezing the huge quantities of cheap berries until I can get around to canning them.

  • I’ve been fermenting like there’s no tomorrow with my new MasonTops tools. This post must have been fate because I just had a few rings rust from my MasonTops setup, and I was lamenting about losing rings to rust. I feel like a winner already just because of that link to stainless rings!

  • With the summer heatwaves in NY, I’ve been freezing more than canning these days. I’m a huge fan of stashing summer produce in the freezer to be cooked into jams and chutneys once the weather cools off…

  • I haven’t tried fermenting yet, I do make refrigerator pickled items (jalapenos, carrots, Kirby cucumbers, etc). I’m water bath canning the red currant jelly right now. I am doing black currant jelly tomorrow.

  • Water bath canning. Froze some of my strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries so I can do it a bit at a time.

  • I’m canning and drying right now. Working up my courage to try fermenting. My first effort failed so I’ve been doing more research…

  • With 2 kids under 2 years old, lately I’ve been exclusively water bath canning. I put up 4 pints of tomato sauce today during nap time!

  • Dabbling in fermenting, but still BWB canning and looking forward to getting a steam canner to save energy!

  • My favorite method is dehydrating. I have yet to can anything, although I did pick up your new book. Hoping to give it a try soon.

  • I seem to do water bath canning (jams, fruits, and pickles) and freezing (just about everything) most. I’d love to try some new methods and recipes. Thanks!

  • Whoa! I still think I’m addicted to my water bath canner, but I also use a pressure canner to can foods that are low acid. My favourite pressure canner products are squash and beans because my dogs love them. Therefore they get to benefit from my obsession with food preservation. Second to canning would be dehydrating. I’ve just finished a load of plums, but my favourite dried fruit is Asian pears. They are very sweet.

  • Water bath canning tomatoes and freezing corn are about the extent of my canning experience. I have an older Ball book – would love to win an up to date version and try out some new stuff. Especially with my bumper crop of Zucchini. I have also been making zuke bread and freezing small loaves. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • I have been doing lots of jams and jellies with our summer fruits. In the fall, it will be applesauce, apple juice, and tomato products of all sorts (Sauce, salsa, pizza sauce, jam…)

  • After canning 100 pounds of tomatoes and 40 pounds of tart cherries in a water bath canner during a heat wave, I think I’m favoring cool, minimal-maintenance fermentation for a bit, now 😀

  • After several failed attempts, I’ve finally gotten some great fermentation results. Still, a summer will never pass without canning pounds and pounds of tomato and peach.

  • only water bath canning this season so far (garlic scapes), everything’s late, but fermenting red cabbage starts this weekend, with pressure canning tomato sauce later in the season if the tomatoes ever turn red. My favorite? Whatever’s easiest and best for the food.

  • Actually I am really getting into infusing flavors for my canning so this book sounds very interesting! I would donate it to our local canning co-op so we could all learn safe new ways for canning!!!

  • Depends on the season. I do mostly water bath in the summer, fermenting and pressure canning other times.

  • Water bath canning, although once it cools down slightly, I want to try fermenting. Already bought a sauerkraut crock! Just canned spiced plum jam last week!

  • I’m still making a lot of different jams but fermenting more and more, sauerkraut, pickles, Kim chi.

  • Still using my trusty water bath canner (with my grandma’s address label still on it – memories!). I made pizza sauce just this weekend.

  • I just moved into a new house with an electric stove top, so after some research it looks like I am going to have to do some fermenting until I figure out a solution to water bath canning on this stove!

  • I recently bought a 12 qt pressure canner from Granite Ware so pressure canning is my favorite method at the moment. This book has several pressure canning recipes I’d like to try.

  • I love fermenting. I have a microbiology lab in my kitchen! Experimenting with jamming in electric pressure cooker too.

  • Mississippi here- in the throes of canning (boiling water and pressure canning) my own produce after work and on weekends. With better rain this year than last, I’m stashing full jars in every available space and still bringing in the tomatoes, several pounds a day. It’s too humid to dehydrate and a bit hot for fermentation. A new Ball book would be great.

  • Water bath canning is b what I use most often. But I love pressure canning for b allowing me to have home made stock ready to use anytime

  • First, Can It Forward was awesome! Enjoyed it all SO much 🙂
    Right now my dehydrator, water bath canner, and freezer are getting a work out. Love them all!

  • Boy, how to choose…I love to freeze fresh fruit individually on cookie sheets then transfer to ziploc for winter desserts, smoothies, etc… Also love making jam with plenty of fresh lemon zest added to whatever fruit I’m canning.

  • I am using my oven to make dried tomatoes that are covered in oregano and tiny specs of garlic. I love how intense the flavor is and they last all winter.

  • My mom is trying to teach me all that she knows about preserving so we are using almost everything in the kitchen including the Tulakivi.

  • An electric waterbath canner has been on my Christmas “want list” for several years now but to no avail. I am sure you can guess what I am using instead 🙂

  • I am making jams and jellies (mostly berry combinations) this week and can’t wait to try one of the new resealable lids. I also have a Kraut Source lid to put on a Mason Jar to make sauerkraut.

  • Water bath canning is my current favourite… because I JUST learned (and it’s the only thing I know)!

    Already so excited about canning 🙂

  • I’ve been doing water bath canning, freezing, and quick pickling pretty much equally at the moment. I’ll be doing much more canning when the weather cools a bit. For jams, I’m actually freezing the items and then I’ll get to them when it’s in the 80’s or so. I’ve been doing my tomatoes a bit differently this year. I’ve been roasting them with garlic, olive oil and basil stems, then removing the skins and pureeing. I freeze them as I’m unsure about canning as to the oil. If you have any tips on canning oven roasted tomatoes with a little olive oil I’d sure appreciate the help. The sauce comes out so sweet and deeply flavored this way. I’ve been canning my zucchini pickles, just because I will put up with the heat knowing I’m going to have those in store 🙂

  • I am a beginner in the canning world…love your posts! The things that I will be able to do! Just need the boost of confidence that I can do it and it’s not that hard 🙂

  • I’ve been doing a lot of freezer jams and refrigerator pickling this year. It’s just too hot to water bath preserve! I’m also hoping that by the end of the year, I’ll have tried my hand at fermentation. Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂

  • Definitely waterbath canning! Would love to be able to win the Ball book of Canning, for sure! Thanks.

  • Canning is my main preservation method right now. I am enjoying grilling vegetables like beets, carrots, or cucumbers prior to pickling.

  • I’ve only ever tried waterbath for pickling, so that would have to be my favourite! This year though I’ve bought your naturally sweet book so I’m going to try Jam! and we’re also hoping to get a dehydrator to preserve game meat 🙂

  • I’ve actually never done anything other than water bath canning so by default it is my favorite! But I would definitely like to try fermentation.

  • I generally water bath…was all my mother did! Am itching to start fermentation, but a bit nervous……

  • Water bath canning still reigns supreme at our house. We have been known to dehydrate, pressure can smoked trout, and we’re trying our hand at fermentation this year as well.

  • lost the weights to my big pressure canner so had to blanch and freeze my green beans instead. I have to find them or buy new ones before my husband comes home with a whole salmon, I have to pressure can that. I water bathed my spicy apple butter and am in the process of making blackberry jam. Waiting for pears to ripen so I can can those. Mainly Water bath most things except low acid veggies and meat Then have to pressure can those. I’m in a rut with recipes and would welcome the book and canning lids.

  • Water-bath canning is still my most used way of canning. Although I would really like to get into fermentation!

  • It’s currently a toss-up between jamming (strawberry right now — peaches and plums soon!) and pickling (making more of your fabulous garlic dills!!) in my water bath canner and pressure canning chicken and vegetable stock. Replenishing the pantry feels SO good!

  • I am still making jams via water bath canning but have recently started to move into fermentation. However, not sure I am doing it all correctly as mostly my ferments taste too salty!

  • I’ve just started canning and totally love it! Now I’m learning all new methods for how to make jams and pickles and it’s really fun. My husband is a chemist so he is enjoying the science behind the process as well. We are hoping to get into fermentation soon – in fact we picked up about 30 pounds of cucumbers from a local farm yesterday to start the process and experimentation!

  • I used to think canning was only for old people or Mennonites (I live in a highly mennonite populated area). But have come to realize that it’s amaze balls! I can everything that I can for my brother-in-law who has severe eating challenges, so this takes some of the prep away from his visits.

  • I don’t have much room for storing preserving equipment, so I’ve been water bath canning and quick pickling. I’m about to start doing some herb preservation, probably in the form of salts, sugars, and vinegars.

  • Water bath canning with the Ball FreshTec Canner. Mostly recently made mango raspberry jam, ginger melon jam and rosemary jelly.

  • I like water bath the best, although I am doing some pressure canning after reading your article about canning dry beans several years ago.

  • Water bath canning is what I enjoy the most. I’ve been kept busy this summer canning lots of jars of tomatoes from my garden and making jams from my boysenberry vines!

  • still canning. and sweating! but still canning in the hot, humid, swampy, but produce-rich midwest. 🙂

  • Just started canning last year with many jams and sauces. This year I have discovered the joys of pickling. It’s warm outside, but still using water bath method for canning.

  • Water bath canning is my preferred method. I’ve done peaches this summer and hope to have enough tomatoes for canning and to make juice that I’ll can also.

  • Frankly, I am just diversifying my preservation styles more and more. I used to only water-bath can. Then I started dabbling in freezing things, then drying them, then infusing oils and vinegars. Last year we got a pressure canner and started experimenting with that. I’ve only made a few baby steps into fermenting. I love how they all have their pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses. I’m super excited about this new Ball book.

  • I love making wonderful jams and preserves with my water canner, but I’m discovering fermenting lately. I have jars of strange and wonderful things lurking in my kitchen these days: sourdough starter, kombucha scoby, kefir grains, and a ginger ‘bug’!!

  • Waterbath canning is my primary method of canning because it doesn’t require as much special equipment. One of these days, when I work up my courage and find a great recipe, I’d like to try pressure canning.

  • I still, after many years, am doing waterbath and pressure canning. I would like to try fermentation, especially as some of our family are experiencing digestive issues and I have read that fermented veggies are easier to digest.

  • Sorry to say I’ve been doing very little canning due to moving my mom. I would love to do some freezing so it doesn’t heat things up so much.

  • Water bath canned 5 different jams, 2 different chutneys and put up pints of strawberry sauce, cherries and blueberries.

    In between canning sessions I’ve fermented a couple of quarts of kimchi, carrot sticks, pickles and asparagus.

    Froze some wild black raspberries that I picked to make a syrup once the hot weather moderates. Eventually the dehydrator and pressure canner will be hard at work.

  • Water bath is where it’s at…at least in my kitchen. I have been monkeying around with a Craigslist Excalibur dehydrator, but all my “Christmas Shopping” happens in the water bath.

    Ball Blue Book is my go to reference for all sorts of questions.

  • I do water-bath canning, mostly for tomatoes every August. But nothing beats the freezer for sheer ease and versatility.

  • Water bath canning most of the time. I did few batches of fruit this year and waiting to work on tomatoes