Giveaway: The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving + Mason Jar Lifestyle

The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving

Friends, I had such a good time participating in International Can-It-Forward Day last week! Many thanks to all of you who took the time to tune in to ask questions, leave comments, and otherwise engage with my demo (if you missed it, you can see the video here).

Ball Book of Canning Basic Gear

This week, I’m hoping to keep all that good #CanItForward energy alive with fabulous giveaway. I have three copies of The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving to give away. This wonderful book came out back in May and is such an amazing addition to our collective canning libraries.

Ball Book of Canning Guava Vanilla Bean Jelly

The book features reasonably sized recipes across the food preservation spectrum. It digs into water bath canning, fermentation, pressure canning, freezing, dehydrating, curing, and smoking. Additionally, there is a liberal sprinkling of recipes designed to help you use up what you’ve put up. Oh, and did I mention all the gorgeous, full-color pictures? It’s truly a lovely book.

Ball Book of Canning Honeyed Apricots

In addition to giving away three copies of this book, our friends at Mason Jar Lifestyle also want to help continue the #CanItForward love and so are adding to the goodness. They’ve offered to kick in a set of regular and wide mouth stainless steel mason jar rings for each of the three winners. These rings are great for mason jar fermentation set-ups because they don’t rust.

The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving Back Cover

Want to enter the giveaway? Here’s how to do it.

  1. Leave a comment on this post andΒ tell me what your favorite food preservation method is these days. Are you fermenting more often than you’re pulling out your water bath canner?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, July 30, 2016. The winnerΒ will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, July 31, 2016.
  3. Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents (and is void where prohibited).
  4. One comment per person, please.

PS – Fellow #CanItForward presenter Malia Karlinsky had a bit of trouble with her livestream and so a lot of people missed it. If you want to see her demo as it should have been, watch it here.

Disclosure: I am a compensatedΒ Ball Canning ambassador. However, this blog post is outside our partnership. I’m simply featuring this book because I think my readers will be interested. Additionally, Mason Jar Lifestyle is a Food in Jars sponsor. As always, all opinions remain entirely my own.Β 

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413 responses to “Giveaway: The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving + Mason Jar Lifestyle”

  1. I’m mostly a water bath canner. Jams and jellies. I just had a request from a friend for more raspberry jelly and I can’t wait to get going on it!

  2. I’m actually really in a bean-baking phase right now, which is not really preserving at all, so much as eating up some already preserved/dried heirloom Rancho Gordo beans! BUT, I am considering getting back into making fruit butters. They’re just soooooo good in yogurt!

  3. I am a newbie – took a class three weeks ago and have made jam every weekend since. Such a fun way to connect with local summer fruit while in my tiny urban apartment ! So I guess my favorite preservation method is the only method I know (so far), which is a water bath. P.S. I love Preserving by the Pint – I’m so inspired πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve been playing around with fermentation lately because it doesn’t heat up my kitchen. And I’m learning a bunch – those stainless steel canning rings sound like a good idea! Tonight I tried my fermented dilly beans – one was OK, one had a scary white / clue mold on top. That one I chucked!

  5. Still a water-bath canner here most of the time. Opening the pantry to see all the glass jars gives me a sense of accomplishment!

  6. I’m still mostly on about canning. Pressure canner is my favorite tool. I love preserving meal type things that just need to be heated and maybe dumped over rice. Though I have a set of pickle pipes and fresh garden cucumbers. Probably time to try my hand at fermenting.

  7. Well, to be honest my favorite kind of preservation is water bath canning because it is the only one I do. I’m afraid to ferment and I don’t own a pressure canner.

    But I really love making jams and jellies so that’s OK. Plus I do can tomatoes, nectarines, peaches and apricots if there are enough, which there weren’t this year.

    I’m losing a lot of rings to rust so I will have to look into the stainless steel. I am buying the plastic lids to put over the canning lids so that when I give away jam, I don’t have to give away my rings to keep a lid on once a jam is opened. They look prettier too.

  8. I can a loot of tomatoes every year, and also enjoy my efforts at dilly beans, jams, jellies, and thi year I am making chutney and salsa. My favorite, and only method I have used, is water bath.

  9. I am a jam maker primarily though I have been craving a good, crunchy homemade dill pickle lately and am seriously considering making some. I have been a reader of your blog for a while now and am most intrigued by your low sugar, small batch recipes!

  10. I love canning – my current obsession is sweet and savoury pickled watermelon rinds — I’ve learned to love eating watermelon flesh from a bowl, πŸ™‚ . I’ve also just purchased a dehydrator and am beginning to dabble with that.

  11. I love canning! Pressure canning is my favorite–threre is just something about that sound the weight makes while jiggling that just makes it really fun.

  12. Have blanched green beans and put in freezer but my most of preserving food is water bath canning. I own no pressure canner. In fact I just water bathed and canned 8 – 1/2 pints of Candied Jalapenos yesterday. I recently also done several jars of strawberry freezer sauce.
    Would dearly love to win this book; so Thank You for this giveaway opportunity.

  13. I use my canner to put up tomatoes which are just starting to come in. I don’t have enough for my first batch … Yet!

  14. I love your blog and have learned so much. But I could always learn more about water bath canning and expand on my usual jams and pickles. And not kill my family in the process. (Always a perk.)

  15. I have been dehydrating and water bath canning. I made low sugar, ginger, cinnamon peach
    jam yesterday. I plan to ferment pickles and dry some peaches this weekend.

  16. Still relying on water bath but planted a garden full of ferment able veggies so,this may be the year to,expand my skills!

  17. I am a newbie to canning, and enjoying the pleasures and beauty of food in jars!! πŸ™‚
    I am learning so much from your book and and your website. You are have been an inspiration to this retired single person who needs to can in small batches! We are never to old to learn and new books and information certainly lead the way.I look forward to more adventures in the world of canning!

  18. I would so love to have a copy of this book! I’m canning and quick pickling these days, and want to get more into fermentation.

  19. Doing a lot of water bath canning but more and more fermenting all the time. Then my daughter was just gifted a pressure canner, so might head in that direction too.

  20. I’ve been refrigeratorr canning and freezing a lot. This weekend I made fresh fruit chutney and pesto. I froze the pesto and even though I refrigerated the chutney without waterbathing it, all of the jars set. They will be eaten quickly by my family, so no need to put them up. πŸ™‚

  21. Right now fermentation has taken a bit of a back seat! I’m freezing, dehydrating and canning like crazy as the garden is in swing. So far freezing has probably won, but as soon as tomatoes hit that will change πŸ™‚

  22. I’ve just started canning with water bath this year. Previously, I’ve done some refrigerator pickles, but very little. My goal is to perfect some hot pepper jelly!

  23. #CanItForward -I enjoy the water bath canning more than any of the other putting up processes. It is simple, satisfying and I get a lot done in such a short time! I have dabbled with fermentation and liking the results as well~

  24. I am just trying to keep up with my cucumber plant. I have about 25 of them sitting on my counter waiting for some brine. Water bath canning galor today.

  25. Currently I am pulling out frozen “assets” and making some wonderful fruit jam & jelly combinations with fruit that is in season. It’s a blessing to have two small chest freezers that are almost always full–it’s a “good problem” to have!

  26. I have not tried fermenting yet, but plan too. have a huge garden this year and can’t wait to get started. So far Strawberry Rhubarb Jam that earned 5 stars from my neighbor!

  27. Water bath canning is still my favorite though I have my eye on pressure canning. I live new canning recipe books!

  28. Jamming! Berries and currants from the yard, peaches from the local orchard. Cant’ beat it. Fermentation is a close second!

  29. I’m still water bath canning. Although I have done a few things in the pressure canner. I’m trying out more creative recipes in addition to my tried and true.

  30. I have really been exploring fermenting – love saurkraut and onions, so many things to try
    I love jams and preserves and we do some dehydrating

  31. I’m definitely going the lazy route lately and using the freezer, except that I pulled some figs and strawberries out of the freezer the other day and am going to make your small batch strawberry fig jam today. Don’t ask me what I’m thinking…it is supposed to be 109 today!

  32. I love my pressure canner! I also do quite a bit of water bath as well. I’m currently going through all my canning books-yours included, making my list for the year! Thank you for the chance to win! That book looks wonderful…can never have too many canning resources. ? I’ve never tried stainless lids before either!!

  33. Combination of water bath canning and fridge pickles. But I need to haul out the pressure canner and re-stock some of the basics again too…..

  34. This year I’ve been freezing quite a bit now that I have a chest freezer, but also because this summer has been tremendously busy with a move and house remodel so freezing to do things later has been a much easier solution than trying to find a day to do several water-bath canning recipes at once.

    Looks like my fall will be busy!

  35. I haven’t done any water canning yet this year, but have done 3 different jams. I honestly didn’t realize just how easy it is to make jam, and now i’m addicted! LOL – Strawberry, Apricot and Organice Blueberry. I’m having SO much fun! I really do want to also invest in a pressure canner to see what kind of trouble I can get in with that. There’s a whole world out there waiting for me once I get a pressure canner! Thanks for a great site, you have the best recipes!

  36. i sprung for a mason tops set of pickle pipes and glass weights, and i’m trying my hand at lacto fermentation this season. i have dilly beans and cucumber pickles going right now. for comparison (and because i am already hip-deep in green beans) i did a batch of vinegar pickled water bath canned dilly beans as well.

  37. I’ve tried to make my own sauerkraut, but it didn’t work out . . . so still working on water bath canning or freezer jams. Most recently I made 2 different kiwi lime freezer jams.

  38. I am doing more fermenting, still freezing, thinking about dehydrating but my favorite is water bath canning! I still have my mother’s Ball Blue Book!

  39. I have been canning more than fermenting this year.
    I don’t have a pressure cooker, so I use the water bath.

  40. I’ve been throwing most things in the freezer, but I have a few hot water bath projects on the horizon. This book looks awesome!

  41. I mostly do water bath. I have a friend coming over tomorrow to teach me to make kimchee so I’m going to start with fermentation! I can’t wait!

  42. I’ve done an equal amount of water-bath canning and fermentation this year. I think I’ll ferment this week as its so hot I cannot think of turning on my water bath canner!

  43. This summer has been all water bath canning. My mom and I have used my Dad and his outdoor propane burner for the water bath which keeps the heat out of the house!!!!! It is a great way to spend quality time with my Mom and Dad!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I still love to make refrigerator pickles. They have a great “snap” and last several weeks in the refrig. Recently I found a store that sells very large pots and also an outdoor gas “open air style” burner. It runs on LP gas same type as a barbecue grill. It is very sturdy and would be great for outdoor canning if you don’t want to add all the heat to your house. Nice thing about it is that the burner is larger than most kitchen stoves and you can stand over it when cooking/processing.

  45. I’ve been learning pressure canning recently, but am currently freaked out by the new guideline (at least from my state’s Master Food Preserver hotline) to boil everything that comes out of your pressure canned jars before using it. Does’t bode well for making ketchup, using canned tuna for sandwiches, or half the other things I’d planned to pressure can.

  46. We’ve frozen some things but lately have been making a lot of jam using the water bath pot. Once the tomatoes start coming in, we’ll get out the pressure canner that I inherited from my grandmother. I like the idea of pickles but find that most are way too salty for me. Why can’t pickles be made with less salt?

  47. While I love water-bath canning for things like dilly beans and tomatoes, I’ve been obsessed with refrigerator pickles!

  48. I pretty much stick to water bath or freezing. Been wanting to try pressure cooker, but haven’t taken the leap yet.

  49. Mostly use my water bath canner. I am having a Great year in the garden. Lots of production. This book would be a great addition to my preservi process.

  50. At this point in my ‘preserving career’ I am strictly water bath canning. I’m re-awakening my ‘canning legacy’ having helped a lot as a youngster on my grandmother’s farm. I wish I had more time to do this but retirement is on the horizon and then…watch out! My favorite so far…making apricot jams from my own apricot trees! (yes, you can grow apricots in MN!!)

  51. I’m mostly using my water bath canner for preserving these days – peaches, jam, pickles, and more πŸ™‚

  52. I am a big fan of waterbath canning but am trying to use my dehydrator more these days. I just dehydrated three pineapple….they filled about a sandwich bag. πŸ™ They taste awesome though!

  53. Our dehydrator is definitely a favorite because it is easy. We are just starting in on trying fermenting and look forward to getting the true hang of it. The water bath canning is definately the process we use that captures my favorite outputs. I am a sucker for a good preserve on homemade bread…or straight out of the jar!

  54. Awesome giveaway! I have been freezing some food this year and have plans for canning. I would love to learn more about fermenting.

  55. I’m still a fan of water bath canning. I recently got an instant pot, so I’m going to start experimenting with pressure canning.

  56. I’m strictly a water bath canner girl. I have done a little bit in a pressure canner, but usually it’s the water for my produce. Love your blog and your cookbooks. I’ve learned so much from you, and I’m often singing your praises on my own blog.

  57. I will be using the water bath canning method this year. It will be my first time canning in many years and look forward to trying new recipes.

  58. Water canning is what I do most but I have done pressure canning a couple of times and now not scared of blowing up my house!

  59. I make wine every year so fermenting is generally my game. Currently am making my first batch of vinegar (on purpose). Been doing a lot of water bath canning for jam. I really love your small batch recipes. The variety is plentiful and it is not a huge time commitment. I watched your video and the Ball video. Went home and made apricot lavender jam. Yum! Keep up the videos. I dont have as much time as i like to actually read your blog, but I can listen to your videos like in the car on the way to work or any time i have time my eyes are busy but not my ears. I do have a question, why are tropical fruits not used more often for jam? I rarely see recipes for guava, mango, papaya, Or even wine grape jam recipes. I only ever see concord grape recipes. Gewurtztraminer and mucat grapes are so tasty as table grapes that i want to try a jam, but i never see grape jam recipes either other than concord. Keep up the good work!

  60. I’m loving my fifth burner pot and water bath canning! I purchased it after your demo and book signing at the Warren Newport Library in Gurnee, IL where we met (again!) and it’s so perfect. Wish I had bought it sooner!

  61. Yup – I’ll join the crowds and say I’ve been water bath canning (cucumber pickles, ginger beets, blueberry preserves with local organic blueberries, and other fruit concoctions). Also freezing lots of kale, sliced peaches & berries. Enjoying the bounty of summer in the midst of the incredible heat. Thanks for continuing to inspire and encourage us with your recipes and how-to’s!

  62. Marisa,

    I probably do more hot water bath preserving of jams and veggies than anything else, but I have tried my hand at fermenting sauerkraut (even my german in-laws liked it) using the mason-top fermentation kit I got on their kick-starter project…and also been making kombucha since the spring when I got a scoby gifted to me.

    Almost forgot…I’ve been making buttermilk each week with a heirloom starter from cultures for health.


  63. I tend to shift favorite preservation methods. Last year, it seemed like my favorite was dehydrating foods, while this year, water bath canning is in the fore running.

  64. This time of year I am water bath canning as fast as I can to keep up with the tomatoes and squash – which are growing like mad right now.

    I also have a few ferments in the fridge and one still growing on the counter. Pickles, dilly beans and sauerkraut in the fridge, lemons on the counter.

    In the fall, when I trim up my herbs for the winter, the dehydrator will be going full blast for the marjoram and thyme. Parsley and cilantro go in the freezer.

    In the winter, I will be keeping the crock pot full making various kinds of broth – which I pressure can.

  65. I’ll admit, I’m still hanging in there with water-bath canning, although I’ve made a few batches of refrigerator pickles this year (both dill and bread and butter) which turned out great according to the family. We are still getting lots of tomatoes and fruit in our weekly CSA box, so more jam and marinara sauce is goal for the next couple of weeks.

  66. Just getting started but it looks like I’ll need to pressure can because of what I want to preserve – but freezing and dehydrating as well as water-bath canning will be in the mix as well.

  67. My only method of preserving at this time is Water Bath Canning. I tried pressure canning once and it scared me. I want to learn to do this without fear. My friend has an electric pressure cooker so I might try that process. I would absolutely love to win this book. I love new recipes and I am a jam/jelly maker and a gardener.

  68. I’m still new to canning. Learning new things each time. Lots of trial. I still use the pot method. Would love to learn more.

  69. I am still just a beginner to canning. I’ve only used the water bath method. I enjoy making all kinds of jams from tomato jam to blueberry jam – my favorite!

  70. I use the water bath canning method to preserve the abundant fruits from our white fig trees from Greece. Also, my husband’s garden is prolific with vegetables which are shared with neighbors and also preserved for later use.

  71. I love water bath canning. I am in the middle of processing 24 pounds of tomatoes. Half will be the base for chili and the rest will be spicy garlic marinara.

  72. My favorite method of canning is water bath. Saturday, I had my friend over and we put up 41 half pints of handpicked Blackberry and Peach jam! We had so much fun! This week we are doing Strawberries. Next week I plan to do Corn Salsa! Last week I did Chocolate Raspberry Jam.I’m a little addicted!

  73. Water bath canning is still the route I go but I am starting to experiment with alternative sweeteners and more complex recipes. Yesterday I made a batch of blueberries sweetened with brown sugar and maple syrup and apple peels/core for pectin. Last week I did cherries in light syrup with chocolate mint.

  74. Recently, I’ve been water bath canning. My husband brought home a ton of peaches last week, so I’ve made peaches every way possible. We have so much good produce right now in our CSA basket and At the farmers market that I have done a fair amount of pickling as well.

  75. I am enjoying reading your blog and you are very inspiring. This year I have added fermenting to my preservation jobs due to a huge overload of cucumbers from the garden! I am pickles away to all my friends and neighbors!

  76. To tell the truth, lately it’s been so hot anything I’ve made has been small-batch and eaten (or given away) without hot-water or pressure canning. I haven’t even blanched anything for freezing, though I have a friend with some black raspberry canes that I might freeze some of.

  77. My two methods of food preservation are water bath canning and freezing. I’m interested in trying fermenting soon though!

  78. I seem to be doing it all! But with the tuna now coming into the NW I have been using the pressure cooker to can the beautiful fish for this winter. There is nothing like home canned tuna the brighten a winter day.

  79. I love to use the water bath canner, although I do some fermenting and pressure cooker. Love to do salsa’s, jams, jellies, chutney’s. Now that our kids are all raising their own families I love to can and give them to our families. When you have all the equipment you might as well use it.

  80. I find myself pressure canning a lot. This year, however, I am going to explore fermentation a lot more. I started to learn last year and found myself pleasantly surprised with the taste.

  81. So far this year I’ve used my dehydrator and my water bath canner! My water bath canner is probably my favorite.

  82. I have been doing a lot of water bath canning, but some pressure canning for tomatoes. Due to a lack of space, I haven’t done any pickles yet this year but am getting closer to making that happen.

  83. I have only canned using the water bath method. I am thinking about trying fermenting this time because I love raw sauerkraut and all the variety of flavors that can be created.

  84. Waterbath canning is my favorite, but I finally ordered a pressure canner to try out this summer!! I haven’t dipped into fermenting, but I will!!

  85. I’m still loving my small batch canning. I use either my Fourth burner pit, or my stew pot with a blossom trivet.

  86. I’m absolutely fermenting more, kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles. Having pickle pebbles and pickle pipes helps a TON.

  87. My cukes are just starting to come in so I’ll be fermenting pretty regularly, especially since the entire stone fruit crop was wiped out in my area by a crazy warm winter followed by a late freeze.

  88. Still water bath canning. Waiting till I have a little more room and more counterspace to try fermenting so I don’t have to have jars and crocks all over the house!

  89. I just found a used Excalibur dehydrator for $30 at a Garage Sale (what a killer deal!), so I am busy trying dried things. I can’t wait to try to make jerky. I will always be a faithful water bath canner, but hope to try pressure canning this summer too. Love all of your recipes and own 2 of your books! Thanks for the giveaways!

  90. I’m water bath canning right now – so many pickle recipes to try, and my family loves them. Would love to get a copy of this book. Thanks so much for all the giveaways and your continued blogging. You’re an inspiration!

  91. #canitforward was great!

    I find the dehydrator is my go to since it involves so little prep and babies make prep hard. Although I have been loving yogurt making lately too. One handed prep is okay

  92. Oh…I cannot wait to move into our house and do some summer canning! We moved to a temporary apartment and have been here 2 months. All my canning supplies are in storage! Canning is definitely my favorite food preservation and I can’t wait to get back to it!

  93. I primarily water bath can. Although I freeze stuff when I don’t have time to can, but the intention is to eventually can.

  94. I have started fermenting more in the last two years (and had a great workshop with Sandor Katz that got me enthused to try more variety). I’d like to try some dehydration of vegetables (other than just drying herbs) but would seriously need to get a dehydrator first. I am inspired by some folks who dry their own mirepoix and other blends for soup/stew/casserole seasonings.

    However, water bath canning still remains my top choice. The best for home canned tomatoes – yum! There is so much choice in what can be canned and I love looking at all those jars glistening with a rainbow of colours in pantry. The only problem is that sometimes I enjoy looking at my jars of canning so much that I have to remind myself to USE them.

    The new Ball book sounds like a great resource to try.

  95. I’m a water bath canner, but my son-in-law and I got a pressure canner for Christmas last year, so I’ll try that one of these days.

  96. It’s still water bath canning for me. Though, I did borrow a pressure cooker recently, so I may give pressure canning a try.

  97. I just recently started dipping my toes in the fermentation pool. Waiting on my first brew of kombucha to work its magic right now.

  98. Since I’m now on my own, I don’t can all the fruit & veggies I used to but I still like to pickle & make small batch jams. I gave away most of the 2 quart jars – except the ones I use to pour alcohol over soft fruit, ahem – and now tend to use pints & half pints more often. I do have a couple of large ‘pickle’ jars but everything else is small. Love those fermentation tools!!!

  99. Depends on what I have at the moment. In the last three weeks I have boiling water canned, pressure canned and dehydrated.

  100. Canning, call me a canner! Truth is that though I am fascinated by fermentation I haven’t quite grasped the basics of it, and at 61 years old I might never do so; but Canning – this I understand!

  101. I do the most water bath canning, although someday when I have my own garden I will invest in a pressure canner, as that is what I grew up with.

  102. Water bath canning for me! I can’t wait for a few weeks from now when my garden ripens up and I can get down to business with tomato sauce, pizza sauce and salsa. A new experiment is the batch of jun tea I’m brewing.

  103. Water bath canning! Peaches are coming soon – can’t wait to can them! (When we get good peaches here – its for a VERY short time and I’ll can them for the rest of the year.)

  104. I’ve been doing a lot of water bath canning this year (as usual!)… pickles and jams mostly, but looking forward to tomato season coming up soon.

  105. This is my first year of canning. I’ve only used the water bath method. In the past I have frozen fruit & veggies.

  106. I will be the odd person out. I am freezing a lot of produce. Tomatoes are coming in fast, so starting on salsa and sauces too

  107. At the moment, my new toy is the food dehydrator. My husband and I are having so much fun experimenting with anything that’s in season. Our favorite so far is pineapple and kale chips!

  108. I do water bath during fruit season (spring and early summer). It’s starting to evolve into pickle time, which for me is usually refrigerator pickles so I don’t have to wait as long!

  109. I am fermenting more than canning now due to heat and available produce. I am done with canning until apple butter season this year!

  110. Water bath canning -never tried fermenting. Just finished a batch of zucchini pickles this week. Looking to do hot pepper relish this weekend.

  111. Water-bath canning and freezing. Sometimes both – freezing the huge quantities of cheap berries until I can get around to canning them.

  112. I’ve been fermenting like there’s no tomorrow with my new MasonTops tools. This post must have been fate because I just had a few rings rust from my MasonTops setup, and I was lamenting about losing rings to rust. I feel like a winner already just because of that link to stainless rings!

  113. With the summer heatwaves in NY, I’ve been freezing more than canning these days. I’m a huge fan of stashing summer produce in the freezer to be cooked into jams and chutneys once the weather cools off…

  114. I haven’t tried fermenting yet, I do make refrigerator pickled items (jalapenos, carrots, Kirby cucumbers, etc). I’m water bath canning the red currant jelly right now. I am doing black currant jelly tomorrow.

  115. Water bath canning. Froze some of my strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries so I can do it a bit at a time.

  116. I’m canning and drying right now. Working up my courage to try fermenting. My first effort failed so I’ve been doing more research…

  117. My favorite method is dehydrating. I have yet to can anything, although I did pick up your new book. Hoping to give it a try soon.

  118. I seem to do water bath canning (jams, fruits, and pickles) and freezing (just about everything) most. I’d love to try some new methods and recipes. Thanks!

  119. Whoa! I still think I’m addicted to my water bath canner, but I also use a pressure canner to can foods that are low acid. My favourite pressure canner products are squash and beans because my dogs love them. Therefore they get to benefit from my obsession with food preservation. Second to canning would be dehydrating. I’ve just finished a load of plums, but my favourite dried fruit is Asian pears. They are very sweet.

  120. Water bath canning tomatoes and freezing corn are about the extent of my canning experience. I have an older Ball book – would love to win an up to date version and try out some new stuff. Especially with my bumper crop of Zucchini. I have also been making zuke bread and freezing small loaves. Thank you for the chance to win!

  121. I have been doing lots of jams and jellies with our summer fruits. In the fall, it will be applesauce, apple juice, and tomato products of all sorts (Sauce, salsa, pizza sauce, jam…)

  122. After canning 100 pounds of tomatoes and 40 pounds of tart cherries in a water bath canner during a heat wave, I think I’m favoring cool, minimal-maintenance fermentation for a bit, now πŸ˜€

  123. After several failed attempts, I’ve finally gotten some great fermentation results. Still, a summer will never pass without canning pounds and pounds of tomato and peach.

  124. only water bath canning this season so far (garlic scapes), everything’s late, but fermenting red cabbage starts this weekend, with pressure canning tomato sauce later in the season if the tomatoes ever turn red. My favorite? Whatever’s easiest and best for the food.

  125. Actually I am really getting into infusing flavors for my canning so this book sounds very interesting! I would donate it to our local canning co-op so we could all learn safe new ways for canning!!!

  126. Water bath canning, although once it cools down slightly, I want to try fermenting. Already bought a sauerkraut crock! Just canned spiced plum jam last week!

  127. Still using my trusty water bath canner (with my grandma’s address label still on it – memories!). I made pizza sauce just this weekend.

  128. I just moved into a new house with an electric stove top, so after some research it looks like I am going to have to do some fermenting until I figure out a solution to water bath canning on this stove!

  129. I recently bought a 12 qt pressure canner from Granite Ware so pressure canning is my favorite method at the moment. This book has several pressure canning recipes I’d like to try.

  130. I love fermenting. I have a microbiology lab in my kitchen! Experimenting with jamming in electric pressure cooker too.

  131. Mississippi here- in the throes of canning (boiling water and pressure canning) my own produce after work and on weekends. With better rain this year than last, I’m stashing full jars in every available space and still bringing in the tomatoes, several pounds a day. It’s too humid to dehydrate and a bit hot for fermentation. A new Ball book would be great.

  132. Water bath canning is b what I use most often. But I love pressure canning for b allowing me to have home made stock ready to use anytime

  133. First, Can It Forward was awesome! Enjoyed it all SO much πŸ™‚
    Right now my dehydrator, water bath canner, and freezer are getting a work out. Love them all!

  134. Boy, how to choose…I love to freeze fresh fruit individually on cookie sheets then transfer to ziploc for winter desserts, smoothies, etc… Also love making jam with plenty of fresh lemon zest added to whatever fruit I’m canning.

  135. I am using my oven to make dried tomatoes that are covered in oregano and tiny specs of garlic. I love how intense the flavor is and they last all winter.

  136. My mom is trying to teach me all that she knows about preserving so we are using almost everything in the kitchen including the Tulakivi.

  137. An electric waterbath canner has been on my Christmas “want list” for several years now but to no avail. I am sure you can guess what I am using instead πŸ™‚

  138. I am making jams and jellies (mostly berry combinations) this week and can’t wait to try one of the new resealable lids. I also have a Kraut Source lid to put on a Mason Jar to make sauerkraut.

  139. I’ve been doing water bath canning, freezing, and quick pickling pretty much equally at the moment. I’ll be doing much more canning when the weather cools a bit. For jams, I’m actually freezing the items and then I’ll get to them when it’s in the 80’s or so. I’ve been doing my tomatoes a bit differently this year. I’ve been roasting them with garlic, olive oil and basil stems, then removing the skins and pureeing. I freeze them as I’m unsure about canning as to the oil. If you have any tips on canning oven roasted tomatoes with a little olive oil I’d sure appreciate the help. The sauce comes out so sweet and deeply flavored this way. I’ve been canning my zucchini pickles, just because I will put up with the heat knowing I’m going to have those in store πŸ™‚

  140. I am a beginner in the canning world…love your posts! The things that I will be able to do! Just need the boost of confidence that I can do it and it’s not that hard πŸ™‚

  141. I’ve been doing a lot of freezer jams and refrigerator pickling this year. It’s just too hot to water bath preserve! I’m also hoping that by the end of the year, I’ll have tried my hand at fermentation. Thank you for the chance to win. πŸ™‚

  142. Canning is my main preservation method right now. I am enjoying grilling vegetables like beets, carrots, or cucumbers prior to pickling.

  143. I’ve only ever tried waterbath for pickling, so that would have to be my favourite! This year though I’ve bought your naturally sweet book so I’m going to try Jam! and we’re also hoping to get a dehydrator to preserve game meat πŸ™‚

  144. I’ve actually never done anything other than water bath canning so by default it is my favorite! But I would definitely like to try fermentation.

  145. Water bath canning still reigns supreme at our house. We have been known to dehydrate, pressure can smoked trout, and we’re trying our hand at fermentation this year as well.

  146. lost the weights to my big pressure canner so had to blanch and freeze my green beans instead. I have to find them or buy new ones before my husband comes home with a whole salmon, I have to pressure can that. I water bathed my spicy apple butter and am in the process of making blackberry jam. Waiting for pears to ripen so I can can those. Mainly Water bath most things except low acid veggies and meat Then have to pressure can those. I’m in a rut with recipes and would welcome the book and canning lids.

  147. Water-bath canning is still my most used way of canning. Although I would really like to get into fermentation!

  148. It’s currently a toss-up between jamming (strawberry right now — peaches and plums soon!) and pickling (making more of your fabulous garlic dills!!) in my water bath canner and pressure canning chicken and vegetable stock. Replenishing the pantry feels SO good!

  149. I am still making jams via water bath canning but have recently started to move into fermentation. However, not sure I am doing it all correctly as mostly my ferments taste too salty!

  150. I’ve just started canning and totally love it! Now I’m learning all new methods for how to make jams and pickles and it’s really fun. My husband is a chemist so he is enjoying the science behind the process as well. We are hoping to get into fermentation soon – in fact we picked up about 30 pounds of cucumbers from a local farm yesterday to start the process and experimentation!

  151. I used to think canning was only for old people or Mennonites (I live in a highly mennonite populated area). But have come to realize that it’s amaze balls! I can everything that I can for my brother-in-law who has severe eating challenges, so this takes some of the prep away from his visits.

  152. I don’t have much room for storing preserving equipment, so I’ve been water bath canning and quick pickling. I’m about to start doing some herb preservation, probably in the form of salts, sugars, and vinegars.

  153. Water bath canning with the Ball FreshTec Canner. Mostly recently made mango raspberry jam, ginger melon jam and rosemary jelly.

  154. I like water bath the best, although I am doing some pressure canning after reading your article about canning dry beans several years ago.

  155. Water bath canning is what I enjoy the most. I’ve been kept busy this summer canning lots of jars of tomatoes from my garden and making jams from my boysenberry vines!

  156. Just started canning last year with many jams and sauces. This year I have discovered the joys of pickling. It’s warm outside, but still using water bath method for canning.

  157. Water bath canning is my preferred method. I’ve done peaches this summer and hope to have enough tomatoes for canning and to make juice that I’ll can also.

  158. Frankly, I am just diversifying my preservation styles more and more. I used to only water-bath can. Then I started dabbling in freezing things, then drying them, then infusing oils and vinegars. Last year we got a pressure canner and started experimenting with that. I’ve only made a few baby steps into fermenting. I love how they all have their pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses. I’m super excited about this new Ball book.

  159. I love making wonderful jams and preserves with my water canner, but I’m discovering fermenting lately. I have jars of strange and wonderful things lurking in my kitchen these days: sourdough starter, kombucha scoby, kefir grains, and a ginger ‘bug’!!

  160. Waterbath canning is my primary method of canning because it doesn’t require as much special equipment. One of these days, when I work up my courage and find a great recipe, I’d like to try pressure canning.

  161. I still, after many years, am doing waterbath and pressure canning. I would like to try fermentation, especially as some of our family are experiencing digestive issues and I have read that fermented veggies are easier to digest.

  162. Sorry to say I’ve been doing very little canning due to moving my mom. I would love to do some freezing so it doesn’t heat things up so much.

  163. Water bath canned 5 different jams, 2 different chutneys and put up pints of strawberry sauce, cherries and blueberries.

    In between canning sessions I’ve fermented a couple of quarts of kimchi, carrot sticks, pickles and asparagus.

    Froze some wild black raspberries that I picked to make a syrup once the hot weather moderates. Eventually the dehydrator and pressure canner will be hard at work.

  164. Water bath is where it’s at…at least in my kitchen. I have been monkeying around with a Craigslist Excalibur dehydrator, but all my “Christmas Shopping” happens in the water bath.

    Ball Blue Book is my go to reference for all sorts of questions.

  165. I do water-bath canning, mostly for tomatoes every August. But nothing beats the freezer for sheer ease and versatility.

  166. I’m still intimidated by canning. I just finished my first round of fermented cukes and bought probably too many cucumber seconds for more fermented pickles. I hope to use the garlic scared lurking in my fridge and the 5 dill heads on my deck dill plants.

  167. Regular water bath canning is my method of choice right now. I’d love to try pressure canning someday soon though.

  168. I enjoy water bath canning for most of my preservation. I do a little dehydrating (apples and jerky mostly) and I’d love to try some fermenting!

  169. Just started water bath canning AND got a dehydrator this year! I still tend to go for the freezer often though, it’s just so easy.

  170. Water bath canning and fermentation. It’s a draw. I’m still a wee tad scared of pressure without my mom or mother-in-law around.

  171. I’m used to water bath canning but just moved to a place that will have a good pear crop. I haven’t pressured canned in years, but want to can those yummy pears when they are ripe.

  172. Whenever we went camping as a young boy, without any refrigeration available, we would resort to how the early pioneers preserved their own food. We would camp near a cold water stream & place our milk, soft drinks, tea and other perishables in a loose-knit bag & place the bag into the stream to keep the items cool.
    Also with our fresh eggs, we would coat each egg in warm mineral oil & rub a film of oil to cover each egg completely & place them back into the protective carton. We would place the eggs into a pail of water to confirm they were not spoiled before eating them. A bad egg will float, while good eggs sink. This is because bad eggs have oxidized due to the shells letting oxygen thru them over time. When you coat the eggshell with mineral oil, the thin oil coating blocks or delays the absorption of oxygen into the egg. Try it sometime ! It works !

  173. Mostly water bath canning, but I’ve recently returned to pressure canning for broth, etc. I didn’t know stainless steel rings existed. They’d be wonderful for fermenting.

  174. We purchased a pressure canner 5 years ago, used it one year and it’s sat in the box ever since. But the green beans are coming in beautifully this year, so I guess it’s time to pull the pressure canner out again! I love freezing for the ease, but our electricity isn’t the most reliable here, so it’s back to shelf stable green beans!

  175. My wife says I would can her if she slipped into a jar lol. I can everything from veggies and salsa to fish and venison . I grew up canning with my grandmother and now I’m passing it on to my children and stepchildren. Its a great way to bond over good food and preserve or heritage as americans

  176. What a truly lovely looking new book! Yep, need it, need it, WANT it!

    Doing pretty much only water bath stuff at the moment. Too many other things going on right now. Friends and neighbors have been so helpful that I do make them some jam from time to time. Can’t wait to get back to dehydrating and pressure canning.

  177. Hi, I would love to have a copy of The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving! I live on a small ocean island where we have the opportunity to revel in the bounty of land and sea. I can and preserve from the garden and orchard. What is left over I either ferment or dehydrate and with the availability of farm, fish, and game I would love to learn how to smoke and cure too! If Ball can help me improve what I do and learn to do more, better, different I would be ecstatic!

  178. Aside from one dabble in making preserved lemons, I still haven’t moved away from water bath canning, which is the first preservation method I’ve learned. There is just so much still to do! Due to space, I have a feeling it will be my method until we move to a bigger place and I can start branching out with new things.

  179. It’s all freezing this year since I had shoulder surgery and can’t can. But I’ll be back at it next year!

  180. I mostly just use a water bath. I considered making pickles by fermenting, but then I found a great refrigerated pickle!

  181. I just finished for the day about 12# of Georgia peaches. I will be finishing up by Friday. Everything I did today was water bath style.

  182. I live for my water bath canner. Actually bought an oversized Martha Stewart pot, and found a trivet for the bottom. Fits 8-12 jars in at a time, and makes the process SO much faster. I’m starting in on salsa, peach jam, and baby applesauce tomorrow!

  183. Hi! Love your blog and book! My favorite is water bath canning! I haven’t tried fermenting yet!!! #canningadventures

  184. All of my canning is done by water bath. My grandmother used to pressure can but I’m too afraid to attempt! I am growing more and more interested in experimenting with fermentation….maybe sometime soon!

  185. I still love water bath canning! We have a few ferments as well but it isn’t nearly as fun as hearing all those little pops when the can seals.

  186. Don’t ask me to choose a favourite… That’s like asking me if I have a favourite child! So far this summer I’ve done water bath canning of jams an pickles, fermented some sauerkraut, dried berries in my dehydrator and frozen many others in the form of ice cream:)

  187. I’ve been water bath canning, but I think I’m going to do a batch of dried fruits since the hubs and I are trying to snack cleaner!

  188. I’m planning on doing my first water bath canning this weekend. The peaches at the market have been so glorious, I can’t imagine wasting the precious bounty. I used to keep kefir, but found the feeding to be too demanding. The only animals I feed now are my sourdough and toddler πŸ™‚

  189. I’m a long time preserver – jams, jellies, pickles, relishes, freezer, dryer, water bath, pressure canner, you name it. In fact I had to expand my deep freeze capacity to meet this year’s gardening needs. But this may be the year of fermentation. I’m taking Linda Z at her word and brining widely (and probably wildly). Sitting on my kitchen counter are crocks of gloriously golden sauerkraut, cucumber kimchi, cucs that will be turned into brined sweet chips, and spicy dilled green tomatoes. The next picking of cucs has been ear marked for Linda Z’s Russian dills, which are amazing.

    Bring on the veggies and fruits! This may be the best season yet. ?

  190. Honestly, I’m taking a little break from water bath preserving and focusing on freezing jam and vegetables. I have given up on canned pickles and am enjoying refrigerator ones instead. I know I need to take the plunge into fermentation but I just keep hesitating!

  191. I’m still a rookie at canning , but it”s becoming a passion I use water bath . Food In Jars has inspired me. absolutely LOVE tomato jam, easy and yummy on so many things,even hot dogs. Try mixing with sauteed zuchinni, even your kids will like it!

  192. Water bath canning is still my favorite method. Though I am doing a lot more small batch canning, only making a couple of small jars at a time. It’s much quicker, and I can process the jars in a regular stockpot, instead of heating up my giant canning pot.

  193. Waterbath canning for sure, but I’ve dabbled in making vinegar and preserved lemons. I really like trying new things with jams and jellies – different flavors, varying sweetness, with pectin and without. I would love to add this book to my growing library (including your Food in Jars).

  194. Water bath canning is pretty much all I do.

    That recipe for Tart Cherries in Ginger Syrup is making me drool.

  195. I’m just learning to can, that’s why I’m excited about this giveaway. Currently, I just cook down my fruits and may add a little honey if it’s not sweet. It’s delicious, but I really want to learn to can other things.

  196. I just made quick pickled blueberries. As much as I love making jam, cooking down fruit and then pulling out the water bath is a lot of effort!

  197. I just tried water bath canning for the first time and I think I might become quickly addicted to having summer produce available in the middle of winter in my kitchen.

    • I have been water bath canning fruit preserves. Normally we would be fermenting a lot more now, but groundhogs and rabbits have been grabbing the cucumbers and beans before we can!

  198. I’ve just started canning again after a 20 year hiatus. I’m amazed at how much recipes have changed – so many new variations to try!

  199. I have a pressure canner but am much more comfortable with my tried and true water bath canner for my pickles.

  200. I water bath can my jams and jellies but also do salsa, tomato juice, tomato sauce and bread and butter pickles water bath method. Is is safe to do salsa, pickles and tomatoes this way? How about green beans? I do not own a pressure cooker. Thanks so much!

  201. Fermenting! So much quicker and less messy than canning in the highest heat of the summer. I’ve got dill pickles, sauerkraut and the fixings for hot sauce bubbling away right now.

  202. Water bath is what I do mostly but this year I have also used the dehydrator as well. Dried sour cherries for the middle of winter, beet chips for a change and next is zucchini. It has been fun!

  203. Water bath canning. Also just made an excellent no-cook apricot shrub. Cracked the seeds out of the kernels and let them soak in the vinegar with the fruit. Smells faintly of almond extract. Pretty awesome.

  204. This is the year that I’m going to try fermenting! Have been sticking to water bath canning to date but am up for the challenge πŸ™‚

  205. I do a lot of water bath canning lately with pickles and jellies.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  206. I am still mostly water bath canning these days, as my true love is jamming and preserving fruits, either plain as you have done with your apricots, or inventing interesting flavours. But I am now smoking salmon I was gifted from a local First Nations family for preserving in oil, and I am making a foray into fermenting sauerkraut and trying out different flavours. I aim hoping for a dehydrator for my birthday, though……
    Thanks for the contest! It’s not often that Canadians get to participate in contests.

  207. I still primarily water bath can, or freeze. My CSA makes better sauerkraut and kimchi than I can :-). And I can buy it a jar at a time.

    Tomato sauce is easier than ever after buying the Weston tomato strainer that was reviewed here a few years ago. I waited a year before I could justify it to myself, but then I did an ROI and got it. It’s great!

    Between that and the Ball FreshTech electric water bath canner I got last year, the larger batch canning got so much easier and faster!

  208. Fermentation. Because I ferment a lot of different foods, I feel most comfortable with it. But I finally purchased everything I need to water bath can and I’m planning to experiment with it this weekend.

  209. Jam making. Saw my mother doing it growing up and have done it ever since. It is easy and the jam tastes so much better than store bought ones.

  210. My sisters helped me can a few bushels of tomatoes last summer and now I’m hooked on canning. We made tomato jam, salsa, chutney, and myriad other concoctions. I was so proud of all our hard work and the fact that our family hasn’t bought a single bottled sauce from the grocery store since. This year I’m going wild with stone-fruit jams and chutneys, and a nectarine-plum ketchup. Jams and jellies are my favorite though, and I will definitely try your apricot jam recipe. Apricot is heavenly! Besides canning, I also ferment homemade Bulgarian and Piima yoghurt, and sauerkraut.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful books! Your enthusiasm and creative flavor combinations are so inspiring.

  211. Since coming across your books, water bath canning has become a regular part of my life! I have a “canning goals” checklist, and I’m determined to check every recipe off before the growing season is over (sadly too early in my part of Canada). That being said, I do enjoy the rewards of fermenting my own kimchi!

  212. It’s been water-bath canning for me these days. I was recently visiting a friend in Portland and went berry picking. I realized two things: 1) I really like picking berries and 2) I had no plan for all these berries. So I bought some jars, and to my hosts astonishment and amusement, ended up supplying all her possible blackberry jam needs and then some. A bit of repayment for being a great host and letting me use her conditioner.

  213. Since we have pear tree’s, most of my canning right now is pears that I can in apple juice with cinnamon, pear butter, and my favorite jelly which is an autumn cranberry pear jam that is awesome!

  214. New to preserves, so I’ve started with fermenting, and simple preserves that we eat pretty much right away. Excited to try new methods of stretching the harvest into winter!

  215. Water bath canning remains my favorite. I’ve yet to adventure into fermenting, even though I bought that little fermenting cap thing from a Kickstarter you mentioned a while back.
    I made pickled strawberries this week for the first time, and we are loving them on summer salads. It is a nice bright way to add some kick to an otherwise hot, hot, Arizona meal.

  216. Still mainly waterbath canning…this is my first summer with two little ones underfoot, so the familiar is helpful. As always, the old knife, ZipLoc and freezer trio are running back-up for me!

  217. What’s fermenting? I don’t know anything about canning…..I’m teaching myself this year. I believe I’ll start with the water bath method. My idea is too start with pickling some cauliflower first. Then make salsa. ?

  218. Hi, I met you at the Beaverton , Oregon farmers market and you encouraged me to try dilly beans after a less that stellar attempt at pickles. They were a success! Thank you so much for sharing your passion
    New to canning, I’ve only done water bath canning.

  219. Right now I am canning habanero fig preserves bit I really like to pressure can chicken, venison and seafood. Saves so much space in the freezer.

  220. I was doing water bath canning, but I’m moving soon, so the only thing I’ve done this summer is dehydrate some cherries. I’m getting into camping and hiking, so dehydrating backpacking meals may be in my future.

  221. We still mostly just do water bath but have dabbled in fermentation. It’s a time issue for us but I am getting more and more efficient at it. Thanks for your awesome recipes; every one we’ve made has been a winner!!

  222. Since moving to our new house I’ve been exclusively freezing produce because I now have a glass top stove on which I’m not supposed to can. It’s been a real bummer, actually.

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