Giveaway: Mrs. Wages Pickling Spices and Starters

July 28, 2014

Mrs. Wages Pickle Pack giveaway

I’ve been doing a bit of work with the nice folks from Mrs. Wages for at least four summers now. One element of our annual partnership is that they always offer up one or two awesome baskets of their mixes, spices, and starters for me to give away to my equally awesome Food in Jars readers. This summer is no exception!

This week, I am giving away a massive basket of Mrs. Wages pickle spices, mixes, and starters, as well as copy of Mrs. Wages Canning Cookbook. Here’s how to enter!

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your current favorite pickle. Whether it’s one you make, one your mom always has in her fridge, or just your favorite local brand, I want to hear about it.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, August 2, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, August 3, 2014.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Mrs. Wages is providing the basket for the giveaway. They are also a Food in Jars sponsor and so do help contribute to the running of this site. 

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602 thoughts on "Giveaway: Mrs. Wages Pickling Spices and Starters"

  • My new favorites are the zucchini pickles and dilly beans from your book. They are easy to make and even easier to eat! I love having them in my fridge at all times so I can add them to my salads or grab a quick snack.

  • My favorite pickle is the spicy pickled carrots I created last year. Don’t get me wrong, I love dill pickled carrots, but mmmm adding thai peppers and lemongrass to them was just amazing!!!! (also really REALLY love dilly beans as a garnish for a Caesar!)

  • I made some pickled beets for the first time a couple weeks ago. They should be just ready to crack open.

  • All time favorite pickled recipe would have to be the Zucchini Pepper relish recipe I found this year
    through this website. I have made 10 pints so far hoping to have enough to last until next summer.
    My 9 year old tasted some from my first batch and loved it. When she was asked what we should
    have for dinner that night she said without hesitation, “Relish!”.
    Love this site!!

  • I can’t get favorite pickle out here in Chicago (Nalley Baby Dills – my mom always has a jar in her fridge) so I make do with the Boars Head brand. They are equally delicious, and probably more high end, but lack the sentimental “mom” effect.

  • My dad isn’t really a pickle guy, but he makes the most amazing spicy, Chinese-inspired, pickled cucumbers. They’re easily my favorite pickles, though they frequently need to be toned down for company.

  • My favorite is the Bread & Butter pickle recipe from the Food in Jars cookbook. I never seem to make enough!

  • My favorite pickle is a half-sour pickle that I have eaten and made since I was five years old. Started buying them out of a pickle barrel and then learned how to make them from my grandmother. 60 years and I am still looking forward to making them this summer.

  • I’m currently madly in love with Vietnamese daikon and carrot pickles. Makes such a good sandwich addition!

  • I’m making my own refrigerator pickle … a little sweet … a little sour. I just can’t get up enough courage to try a lacto-fermented or full-on brined yet!

  • I just completed my first pickling ever and it was a Kosher Garlic Dill recipe. I’ve already got more cucumbers to do another batch this week. Hoping to try it with other veggies soon.

  • Was too lazy to do a canning batch, but I had several cukes needing processed. I found a recipe on Martha Stewart that is an Asian Pickle. It involves soy sauce and sesame oil….very nice!

  • My spicy dills with jalapenos are popular – in our family, we definitely
    have both pickle and pepper fans, so everything gets eaten!

  • Awesome giveaway! Currently, we are out of pickles, as we are eating everything down due to a move on Friday. That said, Summer=refrigerator pickles that I make in a large, gallon sized glass jar. Kind of a crisp bread and butter type. Bonus is that the brine can be reused.

  • My favorite pickle remains Lemony Pickled Cauliflower. I can’t get enough of it’s crispy, briny goodness!

  • I have made a bunch of different pickles lately, but my current favorite is pickled asparagus.

    I’ve also done Brussels sprouts, dilly beans and garlic scapes this year.

  • Dilly beans! Easy and delicious. Though, I rarely ever get to put any up for the winter because my household goes through the refrigerator jars so fast!

  • Currently crunching on some pickled shallots I made with a mix of white wine and cider vinegars, crushed red pepper, and some whole peppercorns.

  • I love dill pickles, especially the crispy ones my grandmother always made and canned. With little specks of peppers, they were the best!

  • Love making Bread and Butter pickles. There also a big fave with friends and family. (I like to add sweet red peppers along with the cukes and onions.

    Anybody know how they got their name? I know, I’ve read the ‘During the Depression, they were as frequently on the dinner table as bread and butter….” But honestly, as an origin story, that’s pretty dull.

  • My favorite pickle is the standard cucumber fridge pickles. I just love the dill and how crisp they stay!

  • I’m in love with your dilly bean recipe. I made some a few months ago, they were a huge success at our family 4th of July BBQ. Thanks!

  • My favorite actual pickle is a lime pickle. If we’re talking pickled thing, then the dilled asparagus I made this spring is my current obsession.

  • I never liked pickles until I tasted my sister-in-law Lynette’s 18-day pickles. I was HOOKED! So much so that I learned how to make them, and they gave me my own pickle crock for Christmas. Score!!

  • Refrigerated homemade dill pickles that we put up all summer are fantastic. We like them so much that we bought a small refrigerator for the basement to hold them all! No water bath, because they lose their crispiness.

    Second favorite is your dilly beans. They retain the snappy crisp regardless of the bath! (And don’t require a fridge.)

  • My grandma Antonia made the BEST spicy pickles ever! I wish I had learned it from her before she passed. Every jar I make is a nod to her, though my pickles will never be quite as good 🙂

  • I love garlic dills, but a close second is a sweet, spicy radish pickle I stumbled upon recently.

  • I’ve been loving both the classic dill pickles and bread and butter pickles, but made with zucchini instead of cucumbers!My cucumbers never really grew, but my zucchinis are out of control. They come out really good, I was inspired after seeing the bread and butter zucchini pickle recipe in Preserving by the Pint!

  • I love my homemade pickles! I just cracked open a jar I made 3+ weeks ago and had to restrain myself from eating the entire jar. I would like to try and make them a little more spicy. Maybe add more red pepper flakes or jalapenos.

  • My favorite cucumber pickle was made by my mother, heavy on garlic and mustard seed. But I love Indian achar, key lime pickle is so flavorful!

  • My favorite pickle of the moment is pickled in season veggies from a local restaurant called Garbo’s. Last week they added a bit of peach, and they come standard with all the sandwiches. Delicious! I’m new to the pickling craze but looking forward to learning more.

  • My husband and I have been loving pickled asparagus lately – a delicious way to extend the short asparagus season.

  • I’ve always loved zesty dills . My mom used to give me one in a napkin and I’d just sit and munch on it happily.

  • My favorite is 14 day fermented sweet pickles that my mom and great-aunt used to can. Wish I could find that exact recipe. I can remember when they bought the stoneware crocks from a roadside stand that sold bird baths etc. First the cucumbers were fermented in brine…how the crocks were kept in the cool basement until the day when the pickling spice mixture was cooked up and then the heat of the canning began…I still have one of the crocks I use today…some 50+ years later.

  • We love our pickles lol! They are hot pickles. Dill with hot peppers in them and whatever else we are getting out to the garden at the time. The longer they set the hotter they get! We currently have 50 quarts and will be doing another batch this week! They are popular with family and friends!

  • I love the zucchini bread and butter as well as pepper pickles that I love to slather on any sandwich.

  • I love a good dill pickle but lately I have been experimenting with pickling fruit. I just made a pickled apricot with some cardamom. It was delish.

  • I love Mrs. Wages Bread and Butter Pickles been making them for many years now. but I also like a refrigerator bread and butter recipe that I found on pinterest.

  • Dill pickles are my favorite but I’m intrigued by all of the comments about dilly beans. I’m going to have to try those.

  • My friend’s mom’s recipe she got out of he Oregonian years ago, called something like “damn good dills”. They are!

  • A garlic dill made from whole little cukes–they keep their crunch better than any others I’ve made. Just made seven quarts and I’m not sure that will get us through to the next pickling season. Last year we ran out in January!

  • I can’t turn down a home made delicious dill pickle. Right now I’m in the midst of canning 200 jars of dill pickles for my best friend’s wedding. They will be her favors at her wedding!

  • Favorite pickle these days…the pickled beets from your cookbook! incredibly delicious! I love you book (food in jars), my husband and I can so many things every year form it!

  • I don’t know how they are made, but I grew up eating half pickled pickles. A tasty combo of cucumbers and pickles!

  • My grandma’s pickled beets are my absolute favorite. She alway had a jar in her fridge, and now that she’s shared her recipe I do too!

  • My favorite pickle is a good ol’ dill pickle. when I was little, I used to beg my grandma for jars of them. Now that she’s stopped canning, I make them.

  • I just used Mrs. Wages Bread & butter mix last week! It was one of the best batches I’ve ever made! I had to open a jar and try them as soon as it was cool enough. They were amazing with the red peppers & the onions I added.

  • Anything spicy will do the trick for me. I currently have a jar of spicy giardiniera in my fridge. OMG, love!

  • My Dad took over canning when my Mom longer could. Their regular dill pickles or his spicy dill pickles.

  • Since discovering them in Greepoint Bk, I’d say pickled Patty Pan Squash. So yum! But if I confine my choice to stuff I’ve grown in my garden, the award goes to your Dilly Beans recipe! I love dill!


  • Yum. Aunt Donna’s Pickles are the best! I’ve got her recipe, but they are just not the same. They are dill pickles with a hot pepper kick. I’m drooling as I type!

  • Lebanese-style pickled turnips (with a slice of beet in the bottom to turn them an electrified pink) are my secret obsession. The brine is utterly transformative and will turn even the most vociferous of turnip haters. And so necessary for the perfect falafel sandwich, shwarma dinner or appetizer/snack plate.

  • It is hard to choose my favorite pickle. It depends on what kind of mood that I am in. I love the bread and butter pickles, but if I am serving sandwiches or pork barbeque, there is nothing like a Kosher Dill to complete the meal. I am just learning the art of pickling this year, so I have been experimenting, and my family have not complained a bit about taste testing! They do all agree that a pickle needs a bit of a spicy bite, so I try my best to accommodate them no matter what kind I try to create!

  • My favorite are Polish dill pickles my mom made in a crock every summer!
    I’m trying to recreate those and the Vlassic kosher dills which my husband loves

  • My grandmother’s pickled beets. Or maybe pickled watermelon rinds. Although your recipe for pickled carrot and diakon is addictive… we used a mix of carrots, diakon, kohlrabi, and spring turnip – crunch crunch crunch!!

  • I love Danish cucumbers, which are cucumbers that have been sliced thin and pickled in a white vinegar/sugar brine. They’ve been my favorite since I was a child, and I love them on their own, or with Swedish meatballs to layering sandwiches.

  • Oddly enough, after multiple pickle attempts and scribbling notes in a notebook to compare comments, the best dill pickle recipe came from an Iowa State University Extension Office publication. Really didn’t expect that, but enjoyed the product of that recipe!

  • My favorite pickles are the delicious sour garlic pickles you find at a good Jewish deli that make your face pucker up when you eat them. YUM!

  • My grandma shared her recipe for refrigerator dills, which are my favorite, but mine never turn out as good as hers.

  • I’m a fan of sweet pickles. I just started canning and am excited to try pickles, I’m think I might pickle some cherries first!

  • I love bread and butter pickles, with thin slices of onion. They’re great with sharp cheese!

  • My favorite pickle is a garlic dill that I make, it is my own recipe and took about 4 years of trial and error to get the flavor I was seeking! Also I love Mrs. Wages mixes, I actually am using one of their mixes rightnow in the salsa I have in the cooker.

  • my favorite store brand is Claussen Dills. I found a recipe on the Internet for a home made Claussen pickle. Made a batch and tried them 10 days later. Delish!!

  • Pickled daikon… I often cook Korean, my children were born there. Homemade pickled daikon is the perfect addition.

  • I just finished a dozen jars of bread and butter pickles and am waiting anxiously for more cucumbers to grow. Love them!

    I was just looking at Mrs. Wages spices at our local IGA for making some dill pickles. So nice of them to do a sampling giveaway. 🙂 They offer such a nice array of mixes, spices and starters. It takes a lot of headache out of picking through the spice jars and would be a great money saver too!

  • Hands down: my grandmother’s cucumber pickles. When I asked her for her recipe, she just said, “Follow the directions from Mrs. Wages.”

  • Right now it’s half sour dills with jalapeno, but last week was pickled red onions and the week before were pickled garlic scapes, next week will probably be pickled beans with lemon and bay

  • Mine would have to be Bar Tartine’s lacto-fermented carrots that I found via The Kitchn. Turmeric and chiles make for a hot-sweet brine that went so well with fresh carrots.

  • I love most pickles but can finish off a jar of bread & butter pickles faster than most. And I use the juice, every drop. 😉

  • The dill pickles from your first book are ALWAYS in my pantry now. I did also make your pickled cherries a couple weeks ago – so yummy.

  • The current favorite pickle is bell pepper strips in brine & olive oil. But only until I work out a winning pickled garlic recipe!

  • I’ve been pickling sliced jalapenos recently. Great on a bagel with sour cream. Great in eggs. Great in sandwiches.

  • Made my second batch of your garlic pickles recipe as refrigerator pickles. I used mustard seed instead of chili flakes though and dill fronds and green garlic from my CSA. First batch is nearly gone. They are amazing!