Giveaway: Mrs. Wages Pickle Mix Basket

Mrs. Wages Pickle Mixes

For the last three years, I’ve been lucky enough to work with Mrs. Wages (more about the real Mrs. Wages here), writing recipes and little ditties about seasonal canning for their newsletter.Β They’re a company based down south that is devoted to creating spice mixes, pectins, vinegars, and other useful canning products. I’ve used a number of their mixes in the past and have always been quite happy with the results.

This summer, I’m teaming up with Mrs. Wages for two separate giveaways (keep your eyes peeled for second basket of goodies in early August). For this first one, we’re featuring the many different pickling mixes and products that Mrs. Wages makes, along with a home canning guide, all tucked into a cute little basket. If you’re interest in entering, here’s what to do…

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your favorite thing about the start of canning season. Do you look forward to strawberry jam? Homemade pickles? The canning parties you throw with friends?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, June 7, 2013. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog soon after.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents only (so sorry, further-flung friends).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: Mrs. Wages compensates me for the writing I do for their newsletter. They have provided the basket of goodies you see above at no cost to me. However, no additional money changed hands in order to make this post and giveway happen and, as always, my thoughts, opinions and commentary are unadulterated and are all my own.

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281 responses to “Giveaway: Mrs. Wages Pickle Mix Basket”

  1. I do a lot of canning myself, but my favorite thing about canning season is my Bubbe’s homemade raspberry jam. She makes it from raspberries picked from her own garden. Best. Jam. Ever.

  2. my favorite thing about the start of canning season is that I know that fresh tomatoes from my garden are coming very soon!! Can’t wait!! πŸ™‚ I love to can with my husband and children. And I love to see the bottles lined up on the shelf!! πŸ™‚

  3. I am SO EXCITED about pickles this year. Last year was the summer of Jalapenos. This year I’m all about pickles. I planted LOTS of cucumber plants and I’m going to pickle ALL THE THINGS.

  4. I’m excited to start canning at all! First season for me. I’m waiting for some of the local you-pick sites to open up so I can get some blueberries and raspberries to experiment with. First up: raspberry preserves?

  5. I just love watching my pantry go from empty glass to filled colorful glass. Makes me so thankful as I anticipate the long nights of winter!

  6. My favorite time is dilly beans time – they’re my favorite to can as well as eat which is a good thing!

  7. My favorite thing about the start of canning season is imagining all the things I will can this summer! I let my mind run wild with all the options, and I that love this blog feeds my imagination.

  8. i look forward to all sorts of things during canning season, but my favorite is getting inspiration from the farmers markets and then finding recipes that highlight what’s in season!

  9. I am spending today making strawberry rhubarb jam and dill pickles!

    The thing I’m looking forward to most this canning season is giving away jars of goodies to family and friends. It’s such a wonderful feeling to share with them.

  10. I just made two batches of Strawberry freezer jam! Am anxious to make pickles and salsa this summer.

  11. Yay! Thanks for sharing! I haven’t tried their pickling mixes yet…will have to do a couple of small batches just to try them this year!

  12. Favorites—-The beautiful jewel-like colors of jelly. The rich complex flavors of marmalade. The silky smoothness of fruit butter.

  13. I’ve already made 2 batches of strawberry jam, and with the way my 2.5 year old gobbled down bread and butter pickles at a restaurant the other day, I’m looking forward to making pickles soon! πŸ™‚

  14. Bread and butter pickles are my all-time favorite thing to can. I can’t wait until the Kirby’s hit the local farmer’s stand.

  15. I got hit hard with powdery mildew on my cucumbers last year and didn’t get enough to pickle. So this year I am looking forward to putting up a lot!

  16. My favorite thing, other than the end products, of course, are being able to teach my children how to can. They are 9 and 13 and are really enjoying working with me in the kitchen – they don’t seem to realize (or don’t care) that they get a math lesson and a history lesson every time we can something new….gotta love that!!!

  17. Pickled Seckel Pears are my favorite thing about canning season, but I also find something terribly motivating and calming about canning tomatoes, I love the whole process!

  18. It’s definitely a tie between my new love (rhubarb ginger jam) and my old love (pickled green beans). This canning season, I’m getting excited to make dilly beans, because I’ve never actually made pickled green beans *with* fresh dill before… not sure how I let that get by me in past summers.

  19. I love canning jams, jellies, and apple butters! Really excited to start some berry jams & jellies here very soon. I enjoy them throughout the year and give them as gifts as well. πŸ™‚ I made bread & butter pickles last year, but didn’t can them. We are growing our own cucumbers this year, so I am planning on making some dill pickles as well as some relish and canning those this year. This giveaway is perfect!

  20. I’m really excited about making jam this year. I’ve never made jam and it scares me, so I’ll have to do that. I also want to try these pickle mixes. I can’t find them locally, and the ones I used last year weren’t the best. <3

  21. I’m new to canning, but pickles are my absolute favorite food in the world so I can’t wait to start experimenting with them and finding the perfect pickle!

  22. I love pickles in general, and homemade are the best. I always have a jar of spicy dill pickles ready to eat

  23. I love finding new things to can and seeing what others are doing, I actually just canned up a bunch of stuff yesterday πŸ™‚ mostly chicken stock and meat πŸ™‚ im dying for cucumbers to come in to make some more sweet dill pickles

  24. The satisfaction I feel when I see all the jars lined up and also knowing where all the fresh produce, fruits and meat came from.

  25. I have loved canning jam. I now have a pressure canner and am looking forward to many different experiments.

  26. I really look forward to researching my recipes and deciding on all the things I want to try in the season. Also PLUM JAM. I cannot live without my plum jam. Yum.

  27. This year, I am looking forward to canning tomato sauce and salsa with tomatoes from my own garden. This is the first year in our new (very old) house and I have a garden for the first time ever. Also, pickles from jalapenos, beans, and cukes!

  28. Every season I’m trying to indoctrinate one more person in canning. Last year it was a recently retired friend. This year (last weekend) it was my 9 y.o. niece and 11 y.o. nephew.

  29. I’ve already made my first batch of pickled asparagus and green beans this canning season, so my favorite thing about canning season is EATING what I preserve! When I first started pickling on my own 20 years ago, I used Mrs. Wages!

  30. I’ve only been canning since December, so I can’t wait for my first year of canning jams from summer fruits, especially strawberries.

  31. Friends introduced me to the wonder and glory of figs last summer, and I’m hooked! I made three batches of fig jam, and a Ronco-sized batch of dried slices that are like candy. Today, I must water my new fig tree while I wait for help from utilities to know where *not* to plant it. πŸ™‚

  32. I love experimenting with new things to can and actually just planted a BUNCH of cukes this morning for all the new pickle recipes I want to try this year.

  33. I can’t wait to make strawberry jam with local strawberries!! This year I want to try strawberry rhubarb jam.

  34. I have two kinds of cucumbers and strawberry plants. I can’t wait for them to start producing! We love pickles and jam!

  35. I am growing my own cucumbers to make pickles with this year. I have never grown my oown or made pickles before. I cannot tell you how I excited I am to start canning them!

  36. We have 10 rows of green beans right now growing…they will all be canned! I canned pickles last year using cucumbers from our garden and loved it. I would love to do more this year. I love Mrs. Wages pickle packets, I was looking at them online this morning.
    Pick me Pick me!! πŸ™‚

  37. I can jams and pickles and anything else in season at the time with my sister about every 2 years and it gives us quality time together.

  38. I always start canning season with strawberry jam and end it with apple butter, with lots in between. The best thing about the start of canning season is the anticipation of restocking the pantry with all the yummy favors from the garden!

  39. My favorite thing about canning season is the pickles!!!! Yummy for the tummy! Would love to win this giveaway!

  40. Already canned 3 types of jams. Look forward to doing pickles this year. Garden is planted so can’t wait to use my own produce this year.

  41. I recently saw her products on display at a store in NJ, and I did pick up a box of pectin. I was curious about the Freezer Jam mix. Have you ever used that?
    I’m looking forward to pickling green beans and jalapeno’s (not necessarily together, but you never know..)

  42. There’s a start of canning season? I’m using my canners all year long. I like canning broths, meats, and jellies in the winter when I want to warm the house up, and I love looking at the end result of all of our garden harvest!

  43. Last summer I used a packet of Mrs. Wages Bread & Butter seasoning to pickle slices of yellow crookneck squash. They looked beautiful in the jars and tasted delicious!

  44. Mmmm, homemade pickles! I just polished off the last jar…already craving more…Funny thing, I’m always canning solo (aside from the cats and the occasional cry to the bf for back up on a dropped lid or two!) Might have to try a canning party this year!

  45. I love it all!!! The possibilities excite me! I have already done rhubarb jam and we are picking strawberries Wednesday!

  46. I love the cooler beginning of canning season. I would really like to try making pickles this year. Raising lots of cukes.

  47. Since this year will be my first canning, I’m not sure what I’m looking forward to. I think just doing it. Being more self sufficient. Knowing that what we’re eating I made. Knowing exactly what is in my jam and pickles and where the ingredients came from.

  48. I just made my first batch of jam for the year out of hand-picked strawberries from a local berry farm! My favorite thing about canning season is realizing how much I have left over from last year, and eating it all to free up the jars!

  49. Every year for the last 40 years I can what ever I am able from our garden. Right now I am watching our cucumber plants starting to climb up and there are even a few small cukes showing already! Then I am also watching my dill plants grow and hoping they mature at the same time. I make around 80 qts of dills every year to sell at our craft fair. I also make relish, sweet pickles, jam etc. Love doing it!

  50. This year daughter and I are gonna make small batches for the first time-together! The baby is over a year so we can have a little more free time. And some yums!

  51. I love canning! I have watched my grandmothers and mother can most of my life but it wasn’t until I had a huge garden that I realized how rewarding it was to put up your own food. I can’t wait to can tomatoes and pepper jelly. Of course pickles are always on the list of items to can, trying new varieties each year. I always try something unusual and different each year to give as gifts during the holidays. In other words, I can’t wait to start canning!!!

  52. What DON’T I love about the start of canning season??? The thing I love best about canning is making jam and how it feels like alchemy. Magic!

    Last year we bought a small refrigerator for the basement so that we could make crunchy dill pickles. Holy smokes are they good! I’d be up for trying some different varieties, though…

  53. i have canned some sweet and dill pickles. sweet is my favorite. always looking for new recipes because i love me some pickles.

  54. It is all about tomatoes! I love what can be done with tomatoes…pickled cherry tomatoes, salsa, tomato jam, tomato chutney, tomato sauce, green tomato relish…and don’t forget pickled okra and brussles sprouts!

  55. I love to try new things and look forward to experimenting. I recently purchased a copy of Food in Jars, so I have lots of new things to try this year!

  56. I just started canning last August. Didn’t make nearly enough. Can’t wait to make more salsa – which was the best ever!

  57. Hmm. Have not done pickles yet. Bet my 7yr old would love them. We keep the pickle containers on the bottom shelf of the fridge door just for him!

  58. I look forward to all the tomato salsas I can make from my garden. I also look forward to freezer strawberry jam that has been passed down from my Grandma.

  59. berry picking for syrups is first… which means peach picking for jam and tomatoes for salsa are not far away!

  60. I tried my hand at canning last summer, but am lookig forward to lots of experimenting this summer! So excited!

  61. I enjoy the process and the accomplishment of canning our own vegetables and fruits. This task was learned with help from family members, internet, and books.

  62. Very excited to do a huge batch of tomato sauce! I ran out way too early this year, so I’m anxious to restock! I’m also just about out of my dill pickles, and that is unacceptable! πŸ™‚

  63. Every summer since we were teenagers, my best friend and I have picked raspberries, gooseberries, and mulberries on her farm and made enough jam for the year. Breaking into one of those jars in the middle of January is one of my very favorite things to do.

  64. Did several versions of homemade maraschino cherries last year, along with jams, preserves, and lots of peaches. Plan to spend some time this year working on a better cocktail cherry, and trying more apricot jam and less blueberry. Doing some strawberry jam and sauce this weekend. I have only been canning for a few years, and the pickles I tried last year were all disappointing – would love to try some different spice mixes.

    We are also addicted to your caramelized red onion relish – made lots of that over the winter when the canning itch needed to be scratched.

  65. I just started canning mid-season next year so I am looking forward to enjoying the entire season and especially pickling the vegetables in my garden!

  66. I’m just starting out in canning. I’m looking forward to making cucumber pickles and pickling asparagus.

  67. I’m looking forward to zucchini pickles and prickly pear jam. For now, though, I want to make your crock-pot blueberry jam

  68. My favorite part of the canning season is when strawberries and cherries overlap. I make a strawberry cherry vanilla jam that my husband loves. It’s probably my favorite jam too. I’m also super excited that a friend of mine is going to share her mom’s 50 year old family pickle recipe with me. I’m not skilled in the art of pickles yet, and I can’t wait!

  69. Mmm, raspberries. I have a very small raspberry patch in my backyard that usually yield just enough berries for a small batch of something combined with raspberries. Never enough for straight-up raspberry jam, but combined with other things I can usually get a few jars worth canned. So I spend the time leading up to when I can finally pick the berries looking at recipes and trying to decide what to make each year.

  70. This year I’m really looking forward to all the fruit harvests – last year’s crazy early spring followed by a week of hard frosts and then a blistering, dry summer meant almost no fruit but plenty of peppers. Also looking forward to teaching my son to can his first batch of dilly beans straight out of his very own garden!

  71. I love planting the garden and seeing everything start to grow. I love knowing where my food comes from! (I’ve used Mrs. Wages for years and love them!)

  72. I’m a relatively new canner, but I’ve already planned out what jams and sauces I want to make this year as gifts. I can’t wait!

  73. I have fond memories of helping my mom can home grown vegetables and fruits while growing up. Some of my favorites were her bread and butter pickles and pickled beans. She passed away a couple years ago so I’m wanting to try canning these this summer as a tribute to her. I’ve only canned jams and jellies in the past so I’m hoping that I’m able to tackle these recipies.

  74. I love seeing all the jars and hard work at the end of canning season and of course eating all the yummy creations!

  75. I just started canning after finding your blog – looking forward to lots of summer experimentation!

  76. I’ve just started canning more and am really looking forward to my first batch of strawberry jam (new strawberry beds this year) and trying to make seedless black raspberry jam/jelly in a month or so!

  77. I made your rhubarb earl grey vanilla jam today. It turned out better than last year. I love it. I was going to make strawberry jam too, but i ran out of time. There’s always tomorrow!

  78. Just picked 4 quarts of strawberries and cant wait to make strawberry jam tomorrow.
    I also want to make dilly green beans this year.

  79. I’m looking forward to trying all the recipes I have been collecting over the past year – we’re just starting to get rhubarb up here, so I’ve got a new chutney recipe to start the season.

  80. I most look forward to blueberry anything and everything! Your crockpot blueberry butter was actually my very first canning project. πŸ™‚

  81. I look forward to my husband’s sweet pickle relish. I love it in potato salad, tuna salad, on hotdogs… Everyone wants a jar when they visit us. He uses the BBB sweet relish recipe. It’s looks so pretty in the jars with the cucumbers and red and green bell peppers, too.

  82. Anything I can make into a home canned food is a blessing. I love to leave my just canned jars of food on my counter for days just to gaze at before storing in canning cupboard.

  83. this will be my fourth season canning….we have a huge variety of hot peppers and cukes. been trying to perfect the “spicy” pickle for the hubby…maybe Mrs. Wages will be the way to go!

  84. I love canning everything!! I love trying to can new things. Last year my friend and I had canning dates every month to can different things. It was a lot of fun.

  85. I haven’t done pickles yet but it is on my bucket list. We are growing cucumbers in our garden so I hope for an abundant supply. I always start with jam, or mango chutney.

  86. The salsa, the salsa and the salsa! Mrs. Wages Salsa is MY secret recipe! Everyone raves over and clamors for my salsa – in reality it is my homegrown tomatoes and Mrs Wages salsa mix. We’ve been eating it for years – and there’s just no reason to ever buy grocery store salsa . . . no matter how good it is, it can not beat Mrs. Wages! I look forward all summer to the day I can harvest the tomatoes and make salsa for us, and for all our friends!

  87. The things I love about the start of the ‘canning season’ (I can beans and stock and soup year round in my pressure canner, but canning season is all about the veggies and fruit and pickles) is that the jars start filling up instead of emptying out. There is something so deeply gratifying and peace filling when I see rows and rows of hundreds of FULL jars. Nutrition, security, home grown love, and traditional all wrapped up in a glass jar!

  88. I’m excited about everything this canning season. This is my first summer canning (after a couple of years of hemming and hawing about it) and I just can’t wait to really dive in. My only concern is I’ll end up getting too ambitious, and preserving so much, I won’t be able to eat or give away all of it!

  89. I started canning one year ago with your “Food in Jars Cookbook” and the class you gave at Purcell Murry near San Francisco.
    My first this year will be your Strawberry Vanilla Jam this week-end. love it!

  90. When tomatoes start rolling through, I can’t stop canning them until my husband pulls my tomato stained fingers off my hot canning supplies and tells me gently that it’s time to stop. I can’t stop until I’ve got enough canned tomatoes to last me until the tomatoes start up again the next year. I ran out last week – this means I didn’t make enough and I’ve got to can more..More…MORE this summer!!!!

  91. I think strawberry jam. Our strawberries are just ripening. We picked four pounds over the week-end and it looks like we need to pick again!

  92. I love canning my own jams, but I’m looking forward to trying some veggies this year.
    I’ve made some pickles, but never enough to can for later. Just the refrigerator-pickle variety. =)

  93. Tomatoes are the most satisfying for me to can. I use them all the time when cooking and it feels so rewarding to have jars of my own to use! This year I hope to grow enough where I won’t have to buy any from the farm.

  94. pickling to me has always meant “pickles” but this year I dearly want to try some spice “dilly beans” as well.

  95. Last year I wasn’t a canner, and then suddenly (after reading an article about Food in Jars in The Oregonian) I was. So this is my first season of planning to can. Local strawberries will be delivered June 20. That’ll probably be my first jam of the year.

  96. This is my first year of canning and it’s become a very addictive habit. I can’t seem to stop making strawberry jam!

  97. This will only be my second year of canning but only my first year of canning fruit. I can hardly wait for Rhubarb Strawberry Jam.

  98. My canning love is a tie between strawberries and blueberries. I can never pick or process nearly enough to last the year. Last year I made 28 pints of blueberry line jam and still ran out in January.

  99. I can’t wait to go home in about 3 weeks when the figs will be ripe! I’m told by my Dad I need to hurry up, or the birds will have them eaten up. I’m looking now for different ways to preserve them other than just fig preserves like my Mother has made all my life.

  100. I love pickling creative items with ingredients I find at the produce auction at the local farmers market. Last year I made Indian spiced turnip relish. This summer I started with strawberry balsamic jam with cracked pepper. We picked the strawberries ourselves.

  101. I made my first dill pickles using Mrs. Wages and they were awesome. My son loved them so much eat took the whole jar home with him. So I need to make more pickles I am so excited I found Mrs. Wages.

  102. Tomato sauce, I feel so satisfied when I open a jar in February and know I’m still reaping the benefits of our garden. Pepper relish, it so yummy you could eat in on chips instead of salsa. Strawberry jam, strawberry oatmeal bars usually don’t last more then a few hours in this house. Oh, I have too many favorite things to choose just one!

  103. This year I planted several pickling cucumber plants in hopes of a pickling marathon later in the season – I can’t wait! Other than that, the highlight if my canning is usually making strawberry-rhubarb jam.

  104. I love looking for new recipes. This is only my second year canning, so I’m still looking for my favorite pickle recipes, the best salsa and I already know I have a peach BBQ sauce I love.

  105. I love it all! I love to try new flavor combinations and am always looking for fun recipes. Friends and family particularly enjoy my Thai Pepper Jelly. I started pickling last year in earnest and have really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to a productive summer!

  106. i am waiting with bated breath for tiny kirby pickles to make garlic dills. so is the rest of my family. πŸ™‚

  107. I have canned pickles for years and love Mrs. Wages products. The salsa is wonderful! I am watching my cucumber plants in the garden and hoping for a bountiful crop this year.

  108. Rhubarb Jam! I recently made rhubarb hibiscus jam and 3 rhubarb pies. I love rhubarb! Its the start of canning season to me.

  109. Last summer I was totally addicted to making your tomato jam recipe. I made a bit of salsa and have to say that it will be what I focus on this year!

  110. Well, I just tried canning for the first time, so I’m going to say I most look forward to doing it again–picking my backyard rhubarb and making more strawberry-rhubarb jam to share with friends! Also, I can’t wait until my garden is overflowing and ready to be pickled and preserved!

  111. I think what I like best about the beginning of the canning season is the hope and possibilities that lie ahead. I never know what produce I’ll encounter that needs to be “put up.”

  112. I love making pickles. I haven’t found the “secret” YET to making mine crispy, however, they do have a wonderful taste!!!

  113. I always look forward to trying new recipes, depending on what is fresh and easy to obtain. My favorite is tomatoes, though!

  114. I’ve been canning for years and still get excited when it’s time to start again! Already have four batches of strawberry-rhubarb jam done and the little cucumber plants are starting to grow, ready for jars and jars of pickles.

  115. I love looking thorough all my canning cookbooks and marking the new recipes I want to try each year. This year I marked about 6 recipes from your book!

  116. I just made some watermelon rind pickles this weekend, very anxious to open them in 6 weeks & see how they turned out!

  117. Canned tomatoes! I thought I canned too many last year but realized by December that I didn’t can near enough. I also love your nectarine lime jam. What a winner!

  118. My favorite start to canning season is making strawberry jam and I can’t wait for peaches to be in season because I’m all out of peach jam and desperately want more! I have also decided to try making pickles this year.

  119. Hi I just made 2 batches of jam last week …. Cherry Brandy Jam (yum) and a glorious Peach Jam…. I’m in California, so our trees are already going off !!!! Yea for summer !!!

  120. I found this product three years ago and just love it for small batches of preserves. Love the salsas, pickles and other products.

  121. Canning fills the same need as baking….only with canning the consumption can be spread out throughout the year. Started the spring with Rhubarb Vanilla jam from the Food in Jars book.

  122. Canning goes hand in hand with harvest season. It starts with the rhubarb, then the strawberries, then the raspberries and so on all summer long. It finally winds down with the apples in the fall. Saturdays are spent collecting the harvest and Sundays are spent processing. Happiness is taking my canning equipment off the shelf in the spring.

  123. I love to can up the goodness of the garden. I am looking forward to canning more sweet and hot jalepenos. These are a family favorite. They make everything taste soooo good.

  124. I love so many things about canning! I really like having the control over what ingredients are in my preserves as well as the SUPERIOR flavor! I also like that I have difficult to find items like groundcherry preserves because I grow them in my community garden plot.

  125. Honestly, I’m never sure how the canning season will go, so it’s the most fun for me to see what I end up with!

  126. I love canning jams and pickles – and just made my first two batches of strawberry grand marnier jam of the season. Would love the pickle basket – use Mrs. Wages B&B mix but dying to try the Spicy mix!

  127. Strawberry jam is always the start of my canning season and I so look forward to it! I get excited when the strawberries start appearing at the farmer’s market and can’t wait to start making jam.

  128. This will only be my second year canning/preserving. I started already with strawberry rhubarb jam. I can’t WAIT for garlic scapes. They are my favorite!

  129. Last year was my first attempt at canning. I started with your strawberry vanilla jam and have not stopped since. Just started making jam again as the strawberries in California have been juicy and abundant. Can’t wait to try pickling with your bag of “goodies.”

  130. Hubby and I look forward to making a huge batch of slow cooker Peach Butter! Last year we processed over 40 pounds of peaches into butter, jam and salsa!

  131. This will be my second year of canning, and I really want to expand what I do. And I love your book; the recipe for tomato sauce is the best. I have to make a lot more this summer so I won’t have to ration it over the next year!

  132. I’m looking forward to trying all of the local Colorado fruit this year, I recently moved here, and am excited to see all of the new things that I can get here to can.

  133. We make TONS of dilly beans! When we made the first batch a few weeks ago (as well as a couple of variations on strawberry-rhubarb jam) it hit me how much I had missed hanging out with my girlfriends and canning over the long cold winter.

  134. So far this spring/summer I was crazy excited to make hot pickled radishes and carrots with jalapeno; it was fantastic!

  135. This is my first year canning. I’m loving everything about it and can’t wait to try anything and everything!

  136. Dill pickles! Last year I had four cucumber plants that produced enough for 27 pints of pickles. This year I have 8 plants. I’m a little scared. πŸ™‚

  137. Dill pickles! Last year I had four cucumber plants that produced enough for 27 pints of pickles. This year I have 8 plants. I’m a little scared. πŸ™‚

  138. With all the fresh herbs in abundance as well as jalapenos, I am definitely psyched to make batches of harissa. It is delicious and can add a kick to any dish!

  139. new to canning late last summer…I LOVE canning it all, I’m so excited to try new things, already canned up some asparagus and rhubarb. Chucky applesauce and peaches were my favs from last season….

  140. I’m a jammer only as of right now, but I want to try pickling this year! I think my favorite thing about canning season is giving my friends jars of homemade stuff πŸ™‚

  141. My favorite part of canning season is pickles — not just cucumbers, but really anything that can be soaked in a brine. I just made a few jars of pickled beets and have plans to pickle just about anything that will hold still long enough. It’s a good thing that I have wiggly children!

  142. My favorite part of canning season is going to the farm to get produce! Here in Portland, I go to Sauvie Island. It’s beautiful and my guy and I usually pack a picnic and make a day of it. The rest of the day is spent processing and listening to music in the kitchen. It’s lovely!

  143. I just put up my first ever canned food – vanilla spice plum jam – two weekends ago. The recipe I used came out a tad sweet, but it set and my jars sealed! I’m so excited!

  144. My favorite part about canning is spending the time with my Mom. At 72, she is still going strong and I cherish every recipe we attempt together!

  145. This is my second year canning. Last year I did mostly jams and gave them as gifts at Christmas. This year I’m pickling everything (and making a few jams). The beginning of canning season now makes grocery shopping an adventure in creativity that will last the year! This is fun!

  146. I think my favorite part of canning is the transformation part – tart rhubarb into delicious rhubarb jelly, tomatoes when canned that turn into dinners that will last us all winter long. It’s magical.

  147. Definitely the strawberry-rhubarb jam sourced from the backyard!! Strawberries are allllllmost ready…can’t wait!

  148. Wild blackberries start my canning season. They are viciously thorny, but few delights can compare to the scent of wild honeysuckles in the early morning while the birds sing and I breakfast on berries fresh from the vine.

  149. I was finally able to get my garden planted last weekend and am excited to restock my pickle supply. Also, I cannot wait for the strawberries to be ready in western NY since I am on my last jar of jam from last season.

  150. my favorite thing at the start of canning season is strawberry jam! It puts the store-bought stuff to shame!

  151. MMMmmm… The start of the season for me is my absolute favorite. Strawberry jam! It gets inhaled and I have to make a second batch before the end of March every time. I <3 strawberry jam.

  152. This year I’m looking forward to canning (strawberries initially–but hopefully that will branch out!) with my 8 year old! She’s just discovered that we can make strawberry jam from the berries picked out of our backyard patch!! Yeah!! I’m passing along the canning bug to at least one of my offspring…..!!

  153. I LOVE dilly beans! And bread & butter pickles! Looking forward to getting a couple batches of both done this year!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! My fingers are crossed!

  154. I look forward to putting up hot sauce and salsa most, this year. I have a garden full of pepper and tomato plants, hopefully they’ll make plenty for me to can!

  155. I’ve never heard of Mrs. Wages. These mixes sound delicious! My husband and I are huge pickle fans and are greatly looking forward to this summer’s batches of green bean pickles and zucchini pickles πŸ™‚

  156. HMMMM! Let’s see rhubarb, no peach butter, no wait, Mrs. Wages Pasta sauce. How can you choose when there is an abundance of fruits and veggies out there?

  157. I really don’t do a lot of canning and preserving but my Aunt does. She likes to do jelly she has done some pickling. She use to can a lot for her family and also for friends.

  158. I usually just can jams during the summer, and am looking forward to trying new variations/combinations this year. Have decided to start canning some pickles (other than your green tomato pickles!) this summer, and broaden out. πŸ™‚

  159. I am look forward to fresh jams and one of my favorite things is making big batches and then trading with friends for their canned goods. I get to try new things and have a variety of yummy treats but not all the work of canning all those delights myself. Perfect!

  160. I’m looking forward to doing more canning, period! I did my first ever canning last year (tomato) and am so excited to can more this year. Jam, pickles, more tomatoes, you name it, I’m excited for it!

  161. This is going to be my third summer canning. I love giving my preserves to family and friends as gifts the most πŸ™‚

  162. I live in the beautiful mountains of Colorado and look forward to picking all the wild berries and making jellies. I give them away at Christmas time and I’ve sold them at local flea markets. The thrill of hearing that little “ping” when the jars seal makes it all worth while.

  163. Here in Chicago, my first canning of the season involves rhubarb. This year its rhubarb & mint syrup (a bit is amazingly refreshing mixed with seltzer), rhubarb butter, and — a first for me — pickled rhubarb. Let the canning begin!

  164. I’m waiting for strawberries to come into season ways up here in New Hampshire so I can have wonderful jam again.

  165. As a new “canner”, I look forward to each session! I learn little tips and tricks with every batch. My pantry has been transformed by all my canning! I love being able share homemade gifts, made with love.

  166. One of my favorite things about the arrival of canning season is that I feel like it gives me permission to use all the frozen fruit I’ve been hoarding in the freezer! Silly, I know, I should use it during the winter instead. Someday I’ll get there.

  167. Canning the first wild harvest of the season tonight, fiddleheads into fiddle-dillys! But my favorite are the wild currents come August… can’t wait for this years jam!

  168. I was just thinking that next year I really want to grow cucumbers and try pickling them. My kids love pickles.
    Probably what I look forward to canning the most is salsa!

  169. I’ve never heard of Mrs. Wages – I’d love to try their products!
    Even though jams are my favorite to eat, I most look forward to making pickles, especially the long-term recipes, when I set up the Red Wing crock on the counter and babysit the baby cukes for a week.

  170. Mrs. Wages was my gateway to the joy of canning. It began 2 years ago with a mountain of heirloom tomatoes and no possible way to consume them all. I had never canned before and was quite intimidated by the process. My mother-in-law suggested making salsa, using Mrs. Wages delightful little packets to assist with the ph balance woes. My first canning attempt was a complete success and we’ve been using Mrs. Wages for pickles and salsa ever since!

  171. I look forward to all the fresh produce — for jams and pickles. Even in winter I can, using things like bananas. Since we do not grow these here I don’t have to wait for the summer to roll around.

  172. I think I look forward to canning pickles the most, I rarely bought pickles before I started canning, but now I have pickles all the time and all sorts of varieties that I wouldn’t spring for at the store.

  173. My coworkers wait and wait for my pickles! Personally, I look forward to blueberry jam πŸ™‚ And dill sandwich slices!

  174. I don’t have any favorites about the beginning of canning season…yet…as I’ve never canned anything before. My interest was sparked pretty recently while eating street tacos that had been catered for a friend’s wedding. They tacos were good, but they had these amazing pickled onions for a condiment. The onions literally changed the meal! I’m not a great cook, but thought that I might be able to figure those onions out. And if I did, I have a culinary secret weapon at my disposal :-). I did some digging, found your blog (which bolstered my courage) and also some recipes to cut my teeth on! Wish me luck!

  175. I look forward to cucumber pickles the most. I use my Grandma’s recipe and it makes me feel so much closer to her. Also, his Mom’s pickles make my Dad beam.

  176. This year we moved to a place warm enough to grow okra. We are growing a Thai variety with orange pods, and I am looking forward to pickling them!

  177. I just found your Fij book as I was walking through my local library and I am so pumped to start canning! It’s going to be great! I look forward to reading your blog and keeping up with the latest info.

  178. Love to can with friends and introduce new friends to canning! I’ve used mrs wages on your recommendation for the last two years. Love the way the pickles turn out!

  179. I have been using my Mom’s Mrs. Wages recipes canning book for 34 years and never had a bad results. I always go to it first when looking up recipes. The order blank in back is 25 cents for shipping and mailing $2.00 for a new book . I wish I could find this again.

    Thanks for all my success in our local fair canning divison.

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